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  1. Mar 5, 2013
    I don't know how anyone can say this is "2 hours". The DLC is split into two parts. First part plays out as a combat mission similar to Omega, though much better for a variety of reasons. The story of that part is rather odd (but I certainly wouldn't call it predictable), but I like it because the moral its telling is very fitting. However, after finishing the well done mission section, you have a secondary, more relaxed "party" element which can take just as long (if not longer), which allows you to spend meaningful time with all surviving members of your squad (and even some of those who haven't survived). This part is surprisingly fleshed out and a helluva lot of fun, especially given it takes place in a single apartment. What made ME2 so great was its focus on your squad, and this DLC delivers what ME3 was sorely lacking. You come away from this DLC feeling melancholy, but satisfied. The last line in particular was very moving, because it really folds up the entire trilogy as a whole.
    I was one of those who was sorely disappointed with ME3's ending and not entirely satisfied with the Extended Cut, but for a final DLC, this doesn't disappointed. This is easy ME3's best DLC and worth every penny to a Mass Effect fan. Even if you feel like you want to boycott EA, I would consider this. Unlike Omega or Leviathan, you really can't get everything out of this DLC without playing as your own Shepard.

  2. Mar 6, 2013
    I was one of the ones who did not really have a problem with the ending of ME3 but this DLC is nice, gives you a chance to talk to everyone, have some fun and press the pause button on the end of it all, the combat and new toys are fun but if that is all you get out of this then why bother, it is more about the whole experience.
    Thank you Bioware you did good.
  3. Mar 8, 2013
    A very nice DLC. The plot is very satisfying and you're going to have hilarious moments with your squad and former squad members, which is a really nice way to end the trilogy, even though the new mini-games in the casino and the arcade are pretty dull..
  4. Mar 7, 2013
    Definitely the best DLC for Mass Effect 3, especially for those players who played ME because of the characters and relationship developments with them. The new storyline was short and a bit strange (not really a bad thing) but it was not the main focus of this DLC. Also the soundtrack was really awesome everything from club music to piano tracks. Voice acting is even better than before (and I didn't think it could get any better) especially during the party. I really liked the fact that there was so much humor. Because of this people also shouldn't take this DLC too seriously ME3 had a really dark storyline so this brings something fresh and new. Of course it may seem stupid that the Galaxy is burning and everyone is chilling out, but I think that is realistic 'cause anyone would go insane without any rest from the events that are happening in ME3. Maybe it is a bit like the Mass Effect version of Sims, but it was the perfect way to end this trilogy. Expand
  5. Mar 7, 2013
    A fantastic DLC. it so sad that its the last DLC. I loved Citadel. I never laughed so much here. The humor was fantastic, the comments of my team on the missions was fantastic. The party was totally funny. One of the best parts was the story twist of my arch nemesis and Wrex and Grunt on my party. :D
  6. Mar 16, 2013
    this is what we all needed, even those who were satisfied witht the ending. I mean, I can't say I loved the ending, but I thought it was okay, a bit disappointing, yet, not that bad.
    However, a true Mass Effect fan will know to take this as an epilogue as a "goodbye Shepard" and will have enjoyed the rest of this game's DLC, haters hated Leviathan, while I thought it was a bit overpriced,
    yet THE ANSWERS WERE ALL THERE, it was beautiful. An excellent trilogy, an excellent run shepard Expand
  7. Mar 17, 2013
    Great. The best DLC of the saga. I could not stop laughing watching some scenes(specially Grunt and Joker. Garrus Romance and Hammerhead and Mako team Conversations) Great Dialogues done with love for three games fans. They note that it has been done with great care and affection, attention to detail, with humor and sentimentality. With this DLC Bioware I finally made me ​​a good impression. Highly recommended. Expand
  8. Mar 6, 2013
    I don't even want to begin to understand how can people say this was a waste of time Bioware gave the players what they wanted (i'm not talking about the ending it's been a year get over it) the last emotional ride with probably one of the best cast of characters in gaming history. It took me about 5-6 hours (definitely not 2 hours) to complete not skipping anything (because this DLC is mainly about dialogues and interactions with characters and the new story is just a small part). I will admit that the new story was a bit odd, but it was still really enjoyable. And as I said it is not the main point of this DLC. Also I really liked the fact that it served as a comic relief to the dark ME3 storyline. All in all, if people didn't relate to the characters of the franchise then this DLC is definitely not for them (and to be blunt Mass Effect itself is not for them). In my opinion this DLC is a perfect finale to the Mass Effect trilogy that provides real closure for all the characters. Expand
  9. Mar 7, 2013
    Let's be clear on this: this doesn't really fit into the ME3 game. I don't think it's supposed to, and, frankly, I don't think it needs to. And I'm a bit of a fan, so I may be a bit blinded by my childish squeeing.

    The "mission" this game adds does not have the deepest of plot; it's nothing like Omega and Leviathan. And, yes, it's cheesy as hell. But it's *fun* cheesy. Remember those
    times in Mass Effect 2 where Garrus or some other squad member would say something, and then you'd start laughing? The DLC is basically all those kind of moments squished together and rolled out non-stop.

    The fanservice on the DLC is amazing. I was a fan of Wrex, so extra-great for me, but after the main mission ends which is all lovely and meta pretty much every squadmate returns. You have a party, and that's pretty fun. But my main enjoyment lay in inviting them all individually to your apartment or speaking to them in a conversation out in the post-mission area.

    Personally, on the issue of when to play this DLC? If you're like me, you've put down ME3 for a few weeks now, beaten in, and just loaded up your pre-Cerberus HQ and final mission save. That's a great place to play it, at least for me. Listen, I know some people are still aggravating because of the ending; that's understandable. But, this should be viewed as separate to that. Citadel's not another new chapter of ME3 so much as... sort of like that rare 100th anniversary of Christmas special that's actually good.
  10. Mar 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. From other three DLCs, From The Ashes, Leviathan and Omega this one is definitely the best. Its story look a little bit like parody to me, but still. The Armax Arena is a great idea for me, because it allows player to "taste" multiplayer gaming. It's very similar, so. it has some funny quotes, older characters and enemies (Arena)... But still, all 10 by me. Expand
  11. Mar 6, 2013
    Well. This time Bioware DLC gives us a pretty unusual. Clearly an homage and a downright emotional farewell. With this DLC have about 3 hours secured many laughs and emotions. More then a new area of ​​the citadel that looks like a theme park on the amount of things you can do. I particularly liked the combat simulation. Very funny. The story of the DLC? Entertaining, very entertaining. As I said before, a little usually comic style. The dialogues and situations are the most fun. the saga. Special mention to hesitate with the famous "I Should Go" Shepard says at the end of many conversations. I laughed a lot with that. There are a whole host of tributes and references to the whole saga. Just do not expect a deep plot affects the main plot style leviathan or anything. It has nothing to do with the principal. I would consider it a mini spinn-off. Also tell them that there is a pretty big sorpresón. Now the important thing is it worth it for the 15 worth? If you are a big fan and I loved the series as is my case worth. Two glasses you'll need to save but I assure you will not regret. History more entertaining and humorous situations more innovative extras that I keep quiet. Expand
  12. Mar 7, 2013
    I consider this to be the first of the DLC packs that was even close in value to it's actual price; I enjoyed "From Ashes", but clearly NOT worth $10. Leviathan, even better, clearly NOT worth $10. But Citadel was different. Perhaps it helps that I am playing the game through for the first time, and am completely ignorant of this ending that seems to have everyone so cheesed off...but I really, thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of my self with this DLC. Was it fan-servicey? Absolutely, and that is the point. This was fan service in the great tradition of franchises like Farscape and especially Stargate SG-1; Citadel came off as a "100th episode special" written by Joss Whedon, where the writers are allowed to let their hair down and have fun with the characters. The banter was quick and witty, everyone gets some amazing lines (although Shepherd takes the cake) and even the "Big Bad Boss" was a highly amusing take on a classic sci-fi trope (although it made sense on the surface). With riffs on everything from "Oceans 11" to "Kill Bill", Citadel may make the humorless player angry, but those of us who have fallen in love with this cast of characters and want one last time to really interact with them in a casual "fun" setting, before getting back to the gritty darkness of the Galactic War should rush out and buy this immediately. Expand
  13. Mar 13, 2013
    Citadel is a most fitting closure for the Mass Effect trilogy. While the first half of this DLC features a mission with an intriguing story, the second part simply lets you customize your new appartment, interact with your surviving companions from all three Mass Effect episodes, play minigames or practice your combat skills. It is rife with humor, witty dialogues and some very nice touches, such as a group picture of Sheppard and his/her companions. Art direction and voice acting are up to the Mass Effect serie excellent standards. Expand
  14. Apr 3, 2013
    This DLC is without any doubt, THE best DLC.. I have never in my gaming career laughed so much, felt so touched and been so moved by a game.. i am one of the few who liked the original ending.. but this Bioware, This, is perfect!
  15. Mar 8, 2013
    Quite a beautiful DLC that finally is of a decent length and with a feeling of a genuine addition the the franchise. Mass Effect 3, in my opinion, was plagued with the constant feeling of doubt and dread but this DLC brings another side to the Mass effect series that we haven't really seen in quite some time: Joviality and Relaxation, even if cleverly portrayed as having this air of apprehension and guilt at what their doing. It contains some of the best lines heard by any of the characters in some time and brings back old classics that didn't have much screen-time in the main campaign. It is sad to think that this was missing in the main game as it really does add to the game in a way that's different, rather than just adding more of the same as seen in other DLC's such as Omega. If you take your time out to get every scrap of lore, dialogue and witty line, as well as taking time out to do the side activities with crew members and minigames alike, this could stretch out past 5 hours like it did for me. This DLC will make you laugh certainly, but I can say it will put you close to tears at times too. A rollercoaster of a DLC that is well worth the money in comparison to its fellow DLCs. Expand
  16. Oct 20, 2013
    best DLC i played ever it has more laughs than any comedy games i played the story of the dlc is not bad as well i enjoyed this DLC a lot it is just there to give you goose pumps at its end
  17. Apr 29, 2013
    The only con of this game is that it is not infinite, it ends! The story is very involving, the gameplay is awesome, the same goes to graphics and soundtrack.
  18. Mar 19, 2013
    Great Fan service from BioWare. It's a well written DLC with enough action combined with funny moments. Minigames and Combat Simulator are enjoyable add-ons. The party is a nice touch and the locations are great. This is by far the best DLC of ME3.
  19. Mar 8, 2013
    First of all, I was pretty angry at the way ME3 ended, the exteded cut made it ok... But there was something out there, something called the Indoctrination Theory... It was brilliant, awesome and I hoped... I hoped even more when Bioware refused to confirm or deny it... I though the fact spoke from themselved... My hopes got even higher when in the Leviathan DLC, Sheppard mentionned a curious headache at the end of the DLC. I was wrong... It was all false hopes and delusion (unless it was the plan and EA didn't want to put the money to go on this way... I wished they had deny it from the start, I wouldn't feel like a fool today. And I am very pissed off about EA, or Bioware call it as you wish it is the same thing now.

    Then why am I rating this DLC so high? Because it was simply fun to play, fun to interact whit those characters I love sooo much, fun to play whit something that does not have anything to do whit all this about the ending... It gave me hope about mass effect 4... Like in real life, sometime you don't have a thing to say about how things end... And even though the fight was finally about something as stupid as a circular logic bull**** about AI versus Organics, we deffeated the enemy, and life goes on (exept for sheppard).

    I am done hating about what we certainely should have got, and I still think what we got overall was awesome, all about you and your team and some kick ass universe... My score is 9 because my hate for the ending should not impact my judgment, and it is so much better than omega who deserved an average 6.
  20. Aug 16, 2013
    As a huge fan of the Mass Effect series I just had to buy this thing. Hearing that this was the closure DLC to the Shepard storyline I was pumped and going. And as I cruised through this I felt right at home all the time. Spending some time with everyone of the crew members was amazing because of the obvious effort seen in the dialogue. When spending your first night at your *SPOILERS!* new apartment and hearing all of Captain Andersons logs you couldn´t help but smile and get all emotionaly full. And of course hearing the crew interact with each other between missions (especially the last one) was awesome and sometimes hilarious. Speaking of hilarious this DLC is surprisingly packed with funny moments including most times character dialogue. (Look up for pizza scene and especially the thing with the hamster buddy almost at the end haha)
    Next the story: at first it seemed like a generic Shepard adventure, somebody sends some hitmen to kill this dude and he and his crew have to figure out who. But when they show who the evil guy is you start to get more into this story and actually think of how it will turn out and resolve itself! Including an amazing James Bondy casino level the levels in this game a sometimes surprising and totally cool. A highlight is the final battle which includes all of your team members at one point and an awesome finale scenery. Not to mention a nice partnership message that the end scene delivers. :D
    So in the end this DLC is a fine crafted end to the Shepard lore and a fun time to get to know the characters better and to give you a chance to see their chill comical side. I give it a 9 outta 10.
  21. Mar 27, 2013
    Best DLC for Mass Effect games! Fanservice, fanservice, fanservice. Ocean of laugh. When i'm playing this, i look like jester. Joker's story, Grunt's riot, drunken Tali, invisible Kasumi, Shepard's evil double... This DLC give me a lot of fun.
  22. Apr 18, 2013
    Citadel is the best expansion for Mass Effect 3 yet. Adds your own personal apartment, combat arena, casino, arcade and a good story-line filled with new enemy types. Considerably harder than any previous game content aside from maybe the final battle(at least on insanity mode), these new enemies gave me a decent go of it while adding a quality story to follow. The downsides to some might be some shallow subplots and attempts at humor but they are minimal and to be expected in almost every game.

    This DLC pack is worth your money and time.
  23. Mar 9, 2013
    This one is surely the best single player DLC for ME3. It has at least twice more content than Leviathan or Omega. It has both: a new "combat" oriented storyline and a 'social" one, a lot of new dialogues, funny cutscenes, old friends appearances and it has some really relaxed and sentimental feel. Also there are some minigames and one of them is made like a joke of ME3 multiplayer regime. So this one is a really nice final DLC for the game. Collapse
  24. Jun 13, 2013
    This was so fun that I started to laugh out loud at times. Imagine, I was playing at 2 am The amount of humor was welcome and also the "care" you show to your squad was perfect. At times I changed from laughing to almost crying, as it was a "good bye" to the squad.
    The party idea is very good. I would like to see it in other titles also.
    Thank you, Bioware!
  25. Jul 23, 2013
    Great DLC. A huge number of really funny jokes and self-irony. Interesting story. I sincerely advise you to purchase. This is the best DLC in the trilogy and one of the best among all games.
  26. Efa
    Sep 4, 2013
    Well it might not bring the closure to the ending, but it certainly offers the emotional ending that it had been lacking so significantly. A great way to say goodbye, have a few laughs and shed a few tears.
  27. Mar 12, 2014
    Recomendado para jugadores a los que les guste Mass Effect y no estén muy cabreados con el tema de la evolución de la saga, las decisiones que no afectan al final, etc...
    Es un DLC bastante simpático y al que se le pueden sacar horas de entretenimiento si se aprovechan todas sus características, además de que permite interactuar un poco más con todos los miembros del grupo (y de los
    grupos de los juegos anteriores, si aún viven) y ofrece algunas nuevas perspectivas sobre ellos. Además, tiene bastantes referencias y diálogos divertidos que permiten que el jugador se olvide un rato del tema de la invasión segadora (que, aunque es lógicamente el tema principal del juego y prácticamente de toda la saga, lo cierto es que acaba cansando un poco).

    En definitiva, le doy un 8 de nota (he puesto un 10 para compensar un poco la mala leche de algunos).
  28. Dec 9, 2013
    I really enjoyed ME3. The entire trilogy really. I had heard about Citadel for several months, waiting for it to drop a little in price. It never did, so finally I had to bite the bullet. I'm glad I did. Citadel try's really hard to be funny, and for the most part they succeed. If a person takes their time and really digs into this DLC they will find 3-4 hours of really solid game play. This is 100% fan service, so if you're lukewarm to the series you may not find it as satisfying as I did, but there's still plenty to enjoy. It ties up some lose ends, explains others in more depth. After 5 years you really felt an attachment to these characters, and it was interesting to see them outside of their combat roles. Citadel augments the ending to the Mass Effect trilogy very well. Expand
  29. Jan 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This DLC is just for the hardcore fans of the ME Trilogy. Do NOT buy it if you're not one. That being sad, Citadel is one of the best parts of the series, and a testament of how we came to love the characters and the ME galaxy.
    It consists of two "halfs": the mission, in which you fight a new threat (and different kinds of enemies too); and the conversations. The action goes as you expect, as does the conversations. The twist is that everybody is actually having fun, and enjoying their time together. The first time you fight with all your squadmates in the same room is a moment you'll never forget. You will have a warm felling when you see Wrex and Tali and Garrus and everyone mock their enemies, or make jokes about the way Shepard talks. The conversations are also great, with new moments with your love interest, funny situations with some of your friends, and a big party where every single character (alive) from the entire series will atend to.
    But there is some flaws. Some of the conversations are not as memorable as others. Also, the level design is not great, and the enemies behave fairly equal to the ones in the main game. Nevertheless, the wrongs should not bother you during the playthrough. There also a lot of jokes A LOT), but I believe this was intentional, not sloppy writing.
    You can see that there was more love and care put into this DLC than in the entire ME3. Every detail, every little piece of dialogue, is about these characters and the travels we made, about honoring the dozens of hours we put on each game. It's Bioware saying "Don't forget about this journey". I for sure won't.
    This is the real ending to the ME series, it's a last goodbye to all the friends we made along the way. It offers everything a fan would want, from great combat, unforgettable dialogue, and even an awesome moment with Garrus (come on, everyone loves Garrus!!!). If you care even a little bit about the ME universe and all its characters, you owe to yourself to play this.
  30. Mar 9, 2013
    This one is surely the best single player DLC for ME3. It has at least twice more content than Leviathan or Omega. It has both: a new "combat" oriented storyline and a 'social" one, a lot of new dialogues, funny cutscenes, old friends appearances and it has some really relaxed and sentimental feel. Also there are some minigames and one of them is made like a joke of ME3 multiplayer regime. So this one is a really nice final DLC for the game. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 8 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
  1. May 13, 2013
    Conversations with your comrades are more meaningful and have a stronger emotional charge than combat or solving problems. Citadel is a great way to bid Commander Shepard good-bye. [CD-Action 06/2013, p.58]
  2. Apr 15, 2013
    A strange mix of a decent side quest and a Mass Effect sketch comedy show. It's nice having the whole crew together for the last time, but the jokes are really not that funny or entertaining. Fan service meets fan fiction meets cheesy writing. [Apr 2013]
  3. Mar 24, 2013
    Funny, touching and full of action and smart in-jokes, Citadel is Mass Effect’s heartwarming last hurrah to its fans.