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  1. Jun 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My first play-throughs of the game always left me with a sense of emptiness, that my Shepard just spent years and sacrificed everything for nothing. Now with the extended cut I feel satisfied. I also like the added stuff on the run to the beam (I suggest taking your LI with you). Bioware did what many games would not and listened and improved upon the dismal ending. It won't satisfy everyone but it did me.

    Satisfaction is in the eye of the beholder.
  2. Jun 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The extended cut has left me pretty satisfied, although there were a few bits I wished they did. More narration on the slide shows, and on Shepard's companions - like how they did in Baldur's Gate 2. Although the slide shows do give you a good enough impression on certain situations/characters, they don't show all of them.

    But quite honestly this is good enough for me. I said to a friend that after ME3's original ending, I was done with Bioware. I was very reluctant to load up the Extended Cut due to further disappointment, but luckily I was wrong. That said, I won't jump into a Bioware game blindly like I used to, but I won't shy away from them as I would have, if they did not release this extended cut.
    Kudos to the team for making me believe in your work again.
  3. Aug 29, 2012
    It was neccesary, it cleared all my doubts and made the endings make more sense.
    It repaired a lot of damage caused by the horrible endings but many things are still unexplained.
    However, now i don't feel empty anymore and i'm not that angry as i used to be.
    I think they delivered a fantastic content and its well worth playing it.
  4. Jun 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers. Extended Cut delivered what should have been from launch of the game, an actual endings. Even then it's far from being great, but it gives a satisfying conclusion for the most part. Squadmates leaving Shepard is now properly explained and it gives sobbing moments, especially with love interest. Catalyst get's now better explanation. Instead of a brat that you want dead for it's stupidly, now is a flawed design with flawed "solution" of it's creators to deal with wars with synthetics that blew into their faces. And endings are now explained before choosing them as well by Shepard asking questions, so you know what you're dealing with and there's a new Reject ending where Shepard can reject all 3 choices, but ultimately he/she get's killed by a Reapers and cycle is completed with Liara's capsule giving warnings to next species( yagh, raloi). That ending is neat, cause it proves that Reapers can not be beaten conventionally so Crucible is needed. Though, Reject ending is one of the 2 endings that has no serious issue. Other is Control. In that ending, Shepard becomes an new Catalyst by sacrificing his/hers organic being. Then Shepard starts to lead, not control, Reapers to build and guard instead of destroy and kill. Narration of either Mark Meer or Jennifer Hale talking as Shepard Reaper makes it both incredibly sad, and somehow terrifying at same time. And unlike Reject ending, with Control you see what happens to Earth, krogans, quarians, geth, most of your former squadmates and remembering of all squadmates that died. Normandy still crashes, but it get's repaired and launches off planet. Before that, your crew meets at memorial wall with one of them( love interest) putting Commander Shepard on the wall, while Shepard narrates he/she will protect them. This ending is just beautiful, lot's of closure and leaves lot's of room for headcanons and fanfics. Then there is the Destroy ending. While it gives as much closure as Control and it's only one where Shepard can survive, it suffers from a fatal flaw. Geth and EDI will always die from incredibly contrived reason and it's absolutely unnecessary. Control ending already had many advantages to be pick, them dying was just a desperate cop-out move. And reason behind it is because it will kill all synthetics. That might make sense in low EMS ending were barely anyone survives. But in high EMS ending where even Shepard can live, despite depending on synthetics? Makes no damn sense. And then there's a Synthesis. Now, Destroy ending is bad but it's improved from original. Synthesis in other hand only got worse and Bioware just went way out of their way to make it the best one. While I could say all the problems, it's sole existence of that ending is a cancer to ME franchise. ME universe was always pushing that diversity is what makes us great( for example, Protheans failed for not being diverse), but this ending goes against it. It also goes against freedom of choice, since it forces everyone to become a borg. And it effects everyone and everything! Plants, bacterias and damn husks! That's ridiculous! But does the Extended Cut redeems the franchise and Bioware? Franchise? Yes. Bioware? No. Lies are still not forgiven. But I do highly recommend Extended Cut if you are a ME fan. But not everyone will be happy. Collapse

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