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  1. Mar 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great game until ending.....

    which color do u like? oh, doesn't matter, everybody screwed

    u take nothing back....

    It's only just a lie....

    what's more, they think this is a good idea....
  2. Mar 19, 2012
    While the game is self is everything you expect ME to be - interesting, emotional and engaging all pleasure of playing it is destroyed by horribly done ending. Not one it invalidates all your efforts and choices, but it although renders replaying 2 older games differently pointless - no matter what you do or done you get the same 3 options and no variations around them to speak of. I can although say that emotionally speaking it is profoundly upsetting without any redeeming qualities or hope for the future, so if you like me play games to have good time and live with good mood afterwards tis is one game you should avoid. Expand
  3. Mar 19, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is nothing less then BioWare and EAs betrayal of their fan base for the sake of making money. Any reviews touting this game as a ten are lies! Im pointing my finger at Game Informer and The Escapist, two sites which I frequent.

    The trilogy once hallmarked an epic story, a story where the players decisions matters, and shape the future of the universe. This has all been
    sacrificed, cut out of the game leaving nothing but a hollow sixty dollar shell of a game, seventy if you bought the DLC, seventy five if you purchased the Collectors Edition.

    The story and writing are an utter wreck, characters you have come to care about are as hollow and lifeless as the rest of the game. Most of the squad mates you grew to know and love as the first two games unfolded make a cameo appearance, become war assets that do nothing come the end of the story. The day 1 DLC is an overpriced joke containing a character that everyone who has played the first two games will want, but in the end shows to be lifeless and lacking dialog. In the end the DLC is worth it, if you want to spend ten dollars on a powerful Assault Rifle. (Its not worth it!)

    Dialog is lifeless, far fewer renegade and paragon options appear during dialog replaced with dialog options that are more reminiscent of games from a decade ago. The Normandy is a wreck remodeled and empty, with a skeleton crew that are essentially skeletons. The ambient dialogs and chatter that filled the halls of your ship are no longer there, most rooms have no purpose whatsoever filled with silent characters that do nothing. The few ambient conversations that take place only serve to remind players of the first two games that this is a very different beast of a game.

    Ever mission, every conversation, every decision is a tortured reminder of how good the first two games were compared to the third. The ending which answers no question, fufills no expectations and does not reward you decisions is the final blow to anyone that loved this franchise.

    Add to that the Gay Romance they have shoehorned into the game. I dont mind homosexuals, I really dont but this character just will not leave me alone. Every time I speak to him it seems I get the opportunity to start a romance with him. I said no on this play through so just stop already, stop asking! Stop trying to make me romance the poor guy BioWare! If you want to make a political statement on gay marriage why shoehorn it into Mass Effect 3? Speaking of that, when did it become legal in Mass Effect 3, and not only that why isnt Ashley furious about it? In the first game shes conservative, xenophobic, she believes in god and BioWare is telling me she wont start a conversation about the gay marriage issue?

    The multiplayer is tacked on and pointless, with one mode to play to gain system control for single player, system control that does not even matter. Spend your time playing a good online game, like World of Tanks, or Call of Duty, or even Dead Space 2s tacked on multiplayer.

    As for the ending of the game, I am going to let someone else rage on that, check out this link.

    The first two games I played non stop until completion, I enjoyed them, even with Mass Effect 2s dumbed down game mechanics I still enjoyed it and played it numerous times as well as purchasing the DLC. With Mass Effect 3 I cant wait to get away from it, to think of what could have been. Play anything else, spend your money elsewhere. Make a statement in the only way you can, DONT BUY THIS GAME. DONT RENT IT! DONT EVEN LOOK AT IT! DONT LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS OF PROFESSIONAL REVIWERS ON SITES LIKE GAME INFORMER AND ESCAPIST, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU TO LINE THEIR POCKETS!

    If you find yourself in the sorry state I am in, having wasted seventy dollars on this game only to be unsatisfied with what you got, keep it in mind for the future. EA and BioWare did this with Dragon Age 2, but even that was better then Mass Effect 3. I will not purchase any more of EAs products, not after they have back stabbed me by ruining the franchise Ive come to know and love. I just wish they had held the same love I had for it, apparently not.
  4. Mar 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amazing game that builds up to what I thought would be an ending where all the big choices I made through the game(s) would come together and decide the outcome of the story. But that's not what happens. In the last 5-10 minutes Bioware manages to not just ruin Mass Effect 3, but the two previous games as well(quite impressive really). Everything you've done through the game is made worthless as this starkid(!) comes out of nowhere and gives me three choices that all have the same outcome, and I have no choice but to accept what he tells me. This feels like a really lazy and cheap ending. It's a 1/10 by me. The first 99% of the trilogy is AMAZING, but when the ending completely destroys everything else that was before it the ending doesn't matter. Expand
  5. Mar 20, 2012
    more then 200 hours of playing just to get this stupid ending, and no, i don't care for closure or happy one, but this one slap in the face. Beside that game was fun, not ME2 fun bu still playable, too combat heavy and not as good as two other parts. In the end frustration and anger forced me to make account on MC just to warn - if u play - stop playing before ending - more fun then watching the real one :/ Expand
  6. Mar 21, 2012
    Before ending 95/100 After ending 0/100 No replay value whatsoever since I played these games for the actual story. I would have been willing to wait longer and pay extra for a garanteed gem. Right now i feel like i wasted both money and time.
  7. Mar 21, 2012
    I was seriously enjoying this game for 95% of the time I played it. In fact, if I could have, I would have given it an 11 out of 10. But then I reached the end. Don't worry, no spoilers, but let's just say the ending seriously leaves something to be desired. The gameplay aspect is just as good as that of Mass Effect 2, and the story itself (except the end) is nearly flawless. Mass Effect 2 is absolutely my favorite game ever played, and Mass Effect 3 (Singleplayer) is a great game with a flawed ending. What bumps this game from the 8/10 I would have given it to the 9/10 I am giving it is the multiplayer. While it isn't the main focus of the game (not for me anyway), I foresee it entertaining me for a while while I rank up all the various classes. In summation, it would be a 10 from me, but the ending was flawed at best, so it's a 9. Expand
  8. Mar 22, 2012
    The game is beautiful and polished, but in no meaningful way do Shepard's actions in previous games impact this game. The only difference between the three endings is the color of an explosion. Yes. You heard me. THE COLOR OF AN EXPLOSION is the fruit of your labor. There is no epilogue. I am angry that I wasted $70 on this game. ME1 and ME2 are still outstanding games, and I do not regret playing them, but I would be happier imagining the ending than being disappointed by the meaninglessness of my actions in ME3. Expand
  9. Mar 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Wow - what can I say about Mass Effect 3? Well simply as the late stand up comedian George Carlin said ' you have to marvel at that level of Bull ****
    This review will take this from a business point of view. I did my MBA in turning around failing software companies back in 2002.
    In 5 minutes Bioware / EA completely destroyed the intellectual property of Mass have to marvel at a feat like that!
    All those 8 years building it up, millions of dollars research, creating, developing and marketing that game.
    For those that don't know, marketing games cost even more than the development itself.....and that's when you're not buying off the critics. Yep; if I was a shareholder I would be really pissed right about now.
    As an investor I would be wondering how to short their share price.
    This game fails on so many levels. All I can say is "Decide what your product is and completely rule out what your product is not". If Mass Effect 3 is a Role Playing Game, then it must by nature involve choice right up till the end.
    This game does not.
    I have heard people speck of the 'indoctrination theory'; frankly, that doesn't matter. Whether or not you are fighting indoctrination or not is irrelevant. The question is, does the game give you choice when it counts? The answer is no.
    Therefore customers, who purchase this game under the illusion that there is choice WHEN IT COUNTS! The customer does not get that choice.
    Choosing what tropical fish to buy is not a real choice; itâ
  10. Lew
    Mar 25, 2012
    The introduction to the game was poorly done and pointless. The first act was somewhat fun but eventually I was just grind thru missions to accumulate items that in the end where meaningless. The next act was more of the same. And finally the end was a huge disappointment nothing in the rest of the series or in the game really impact how it ends.

    The game play was OK but I did not
    enjoy the addition of hand to hand combat. Also, I missed the heavy weapons of ME2.

    The character development was also pointless. I never felt like anything I gave my character was really important.

    So mostly the game was unfun and pointless. A terrible way to end 2 previously good games.
  11. Apr 1, 2012
    Im a big fan of the series and like other people i think the ending was incomplete however for me that wasnt the biggest problem. in ME and ME2 there was a connection in story and you can effectively see the actions you make changes galaxy and open up new path , sometimes you even have to sacrifice one path for other. However in ME 3 there are no connection between missons. Even worse at final misson you dont see the effects of your missions. I gathered entire galaxy to help world but no interaction with them ? That game seriously broke my faith in bioware. I think swtor was lousy too and now this. Funny thing is all the game sites say game is perfect, well it is NOT !!! i dont know how much they pay you to write this but i dont even look at game review pages anymore thanks to your inaccurate fanboy reviews. Games ending was only the part of the problem, this game has lost its soul... Expand
  12. Apr 7, 2012
    As someone who spent over 300 hours playing the first two games in the series, I don't understand how anyone who has played the previous games could possibly have enjoyed an ending full of plot holes, be satisfied with one of "six" possible endings, or the fact that one of the endings seems to be the right one. The limited conversation options and almost complete lack of side missions makes the game feel rushed, to climax with no conclusion. Expand
  13. Apr 7, 2012
    This is probably one of the few times I've written my review of a game, and those other few times were games like the original Deus Ex and Red Alert 1 & 2. But this.....this....ending, even a week after finished the game; nay the trilogy, and I've still got a bad taste in my mouth.
    Here I was on Earth with my squad and we just handed another Reaper its ass. And we're hightailing it to that
    transporter up to the Citadel. No clue what was going to be up there. And then one big laser blast from Harbinger......and it was the series finale to the Sopranos all over again.
    The first game was a great sci-fi RPG that introduced us to the universe and laid out the plot, problem, and all the tantalizing little bits and hints of what was to come. Mass Effect 2 was phenominal. I was so drawn into the story, I literally played all weekend until I finished.
    I was stoked for the third game, and while playing it; I was having a blast. I jumped into the multiplayer and had some fun there too. Remember the Reaper on Rinoch and all the choices you made right after that. My choice seriously **** things up and I ended up taking a mulligan! I never took a mulligan like that before; so understandably I was even further stoked as to what the end of the game was gonna entail.
    Yeah, um, Bill Lumburg style, um, yeeeahhh, that ending......
    It sucked. What happened to my squadmates? To Garrus? Tali? Liara? What a letdown. Not to mention that I read what was intended to be the ending that Drew Karpyshyn had drawn up for the series; that the use of the 'Mass Effect' fields was creating a large buildup of dark energy that was going to destroy the galaxy. And the Reapers were creatures that absorbed technologically advanced races and used their genetics in the hopes of finding an answer to stop the dark energy buildup.
    Now that would have been a cool frakking ending!!!!!!

    Not that Sopranos style series finale mess we were left with.
  14. Apr 7, 2012
    Wont even mention the ending since all know it was crappy. But other problems are present too, way too many holes in the plot. Day1 dlc ripoff. And worst of all, forcing to use EA´s totally crappy Origin service. Come on, we got steam already, rly not fun to use another, way crappier service just cos EA is too creedy to pass the opportunitu to make more money.
  15. Apr 8, 2012
    I love the series, but for me the ending just ruins the whole experience. With a better ending the game would be a 10/10 game, but I guess the way a story ends is just so important for me, that a bad ending equals to a bad experience. The ending was full of plot holes and took away all desire to replay the trilogy. None of the choices I made mattered in the end, so what was the point.
  16. Apr 10, 2012
    Im a game developer and i cant believe what i get on ending of ME3. This is clearly unchecked and against the previous experiences (and major fanbase expectations). The only way to repair [some of] this mess is move to indoctrination theory. But.. if indoc is true.. then the ME3 is INCOMPLETE: we dont retake Earth as advertised, not yet.. This is the major destruction of a fanbase in entire game history. Expand
  17. Apr 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Warning Spoilers ahead:

    I must admit I eagerly awaited Mass Effect 3. I was eager to see how all my decision from the previous game carried across. Needless to say I left Mass Effect 3 with some very mixed feelings. However one thing I can say is that 95% of the game is amazing. The story is tight, the characters feel alive, the environment has come to life and the weapons feel unique and powerful. That is to say however until the last 15 minutes of the game.

    At the ending the player is treated to what happens to be a complete mistake. The ending breaks all the rules of narrative coherence, contradicts several plot points, introduces alien concepts and characters and creates several plot holes. Regardless of how you played your Shepard, all are treated to the same lackluster, half-baked, ending. Were this any other company it would be understandable. This being Bioware; an entity that has prided on its writing skills, this is shocking. Its as if someone decided to add random, metaphysical concepts in order to generate pointless speculation. This is NOT how one ends a story. Perhaps the best simile for Mass Effect 3 is that of a five star, three course meal. The appetizers whetted your palate, the main courses were splendid and then it was time for dessert. Unfortunately it would seem that someone dropped the dessert, scraped it back up and then threw some crap on top of it. Sure you'll remember the other four amazing courses, but its the crappy dessert that will stay with you. I would consign this game to the rental or discount bin.
  18. Apr 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. [Note: I originally (and accidentally) posted this under the PS3 version when in fact my review pertains to the PC one. Re-posting here.] The first user review I read was a 10 out of 10 and began, "Do not listen to the people rating this game badly. Mass Effect 3 is utterly amazing..." First of all, I agree that ME3 is utterly amazing. And that's what makes its end all the more disappointing. Consider yourself lucky if the endings of ME3 didn't disappoint you--you've been spared a sense of loss and disappointment that dwarfs any feelings of annoyance you must "suffer" when reading fans' complaints. I loved the first game, actually think ME2 was better (though I initially hated what they did in the opening sequence), but found myself thinking I enjoyed playing ME3 more than either of the first two. It really is a fantastic game that I should be able to love and agree deserves a 9 out of 10 score (endings aside, it still had some flaws). BUT... This game was the end of a trilogy. As such, the ending had to not just provide some level of satisfaction for the particular story that began with Shepard escaping Earth, but also the one that began with Shepard being sent to Eden Prime way back when. In other words, there was a lot riding on the ending of this game. There are several very good articles out there articulating why fans are disappointed with the way ME3 ended and I'm not going to rehash them here. Suffice it to say, the options provided to the player at the end of the game as well as the outcomes and consequences of those options left many long-time fans feeling like their investment in Mass Effect ultimately wasn't respected by the developers in the end. More than not just getting a "happy ending", we're left with what can only be described as a bleak, depressing one, in which no matter what option you choose, no one lives happily ever after. Sure, you saved earth from the Reapers as expected, but at what cost? The universe we're left with is a dismal one (two words: Mass Relays). If you read through all the Harry Potter books and got to final few pages of the series and read that Harry destroys Voldemort, but it costs him his life, and all his friends would be forever trapped in the world of Muggles, cut off from ever using magic again, would you feel entitled to be a little disappointed? No? Great for you. But don't go telling everyone not to listen to those who would. Mass Effect 3 was a 9 out of 10 game until the final few minutes. The turn it takes in those few closing seconds, ruined not only the game, but an entire trilogy because when the credits roll and you ask yourself, "Was the cost of saving the universe from the Reapers worth it?" the haunting answer for many of us was, "I don't know. I really don't know." Expand
  19. Apr 16, 2012
    The Mass Effect series started out with Mass Effect 1 as an interactive science fiction epic, reached middle age with Mass Effect 2 as a solid action game with dialogue options, and with Mass Effect 3, develops Alzheimer's disease and becomes Gears of War + occasional purposeless choice.

    I loved this series; the first game's universe and narrative blew me away, and I had a soft spot for
    Mass Effect 2, even with it's lack of main plot, developed antagonist, or any real sense of purpose. At least Mass Effect 2 was distinguishable from its predecessor. At least Mass Effect 2 introduced and developed a cast of interesting characters. At least Mass Effect 2 didn't *completely* forget the aspects of exploration from Mass Effect 1. I cannot say this much for Mass Effect 3.

    The majority of "player" dialogue in Mass Effect 3 is automatic, and the dialogue wheel *never* has more than 2 options on it, maybe the occasional "inquisitive" option for the rare gamer who wants more than chest-high cover and a big gun. Maybe this would be admissible if the choices had any considerable difference, but typically both options just say the same things in different ways.

    The Citadel in ME3 is much improved over any city in ME2. This struck me as peculiar until I realized that it was literally the *only place* in the entire game where Shepard isn't constantly shooting things (other than the Normandy, of course). It's the only place with stores. The only place that gives nonessential quests, the last remnant of RPG in this series packed into one location.

    The nonessential quests are just insulting. I refuse to dignify them with the title "Side Mission." They are 3 lines of dialogue: (1) "Gee, I wish I had item X," (2) "Here you go," (3) "Thanks." I'm not even exaggerating. Literally 3 lines, every time. You don't even enter into a conversation.

    One impressive feat is that this game manages to find time for all of the immense Mass Effect 2 cast of characters, but these encounters are brief and generally don't provide much closure for the characters (with the notable exceptions of Thane, Mordin, and Legion).

    The combat is an improvement over ME2, that is to say, "it's slightly more like Gears of War." It feels a bit like clunky and you can roll around to your heart's desire. However, it has somehow found a way to be even *more* segregated from the story. You could replace all the combat situations with black screens saying: AND THEN SHEPARD SHOT THE THINGS, and the story would make complete sense. No decisions are made outside of the designated decision-making areas.

    This isn't even touching on the cliched story. After countless generic often-forced self-sacrifice scenes, generic space marine characters, and innumerable poor attempts at adding emotion, the game tries to save itself in the last 15 minutes with a forced twist ending. It'd take over 5000 characters to explain just how many different ways this ending is awful.

    Overall: Lazy game, what little that distinguishes from predecessor is negative, if you liked the previous installments just replay them. Had potential, but extremely poor execution.
  20. Apr 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I cannot tell you how excited I was for ME3. I pre-ordered it back in June (first pre-order ever), and replayed the past two games back-to-back up until release. There were some really good parts (the Krogan subplot and Quarian/Geth subplot,) but there are so many bad aspects I'm having a really hard time finishing my second play-though.

    First off, the journal system is broken. You get a quest, and it shows up, but it never updates. I could be in the middle of a quest, leave, come back, and totally forget where I was. This is the smallest problem I have.

    One of the biggest problems is the amount of automated dialogue. Shepard talks a lot by himself, and I mean A LOT. You have a lot less control over what he says, and when you do you you only get two choices: A - I BE GOOD MAN, and B - I EVIL AND RUTHLESS. There is no option to remain neutral in conversations. Auto-dialogue is also rampant among squad-mates. You rarely engage in conversations where you pick what to say. I'd guess 80% of squad-mate conversations are automated.

    My next problem is the story-flow. It's very linear. You're forced to do the "Priority" missions in a specific order. Allowing you to do the missions in a different order would make the game significantly less linear.

    My last, and biggest problem, with ME3 is of course the ending. You're given absurd logic by a "God Child," and you are unable to tell him to go to hell or shoot him in the face. You're forced to pick one ending that can have 1 of 3 colors: blue, green, or red. None of your choices matter, and nothing in the ending makes sense. The announced Extended Cut is just going to be polishing a giant pile of ****

    ME3 is unfinished. Everything from the ending quality, to the bad side-missions, to the horrible animations and textures just makes it evident EA rushed BioWare to meet a deadline. Again. Letting themselves be bought out was the worst choice BioWare ever made. Their products will continue to decline in quality, and soon all traces of the old BioWare will vanish.

    This is the last game I will buy from EA/BioWare. First DA2, then BF3, and now ME3. EA has totally ruined BioWare.
  21. Apr 19, 2012
    To have spent so much time in the first 2 games, only to discover that everything you did and stood for would'nt change a tiny bit in the closure of Commander Shepards story is just...
  22. Apr 23, 2012
    I never was a Huge fan, but I played the two first and had fun. However ME3 is BARELY a ME game! 1) First is Disregards for announced gameplay: a)Promised closure : -No closure depending on what you did in 3 games. No difference. -Cheap loophole, stuff made before is IRRELEVANT - PERIOD -Old crew is not to be part of new crew so, if they died or not have NO impact beyond some score (20pts on 5000 total, yeah it's that cheap, Miranda is now some points ... )
    -Xenophage or not, end stat, no more
    -Saved council in first one or not ... who cares? Same with Anderson In Council, nope whatever you chose in any games i'ts Udina. Yep, in a way they tell us to shut up and swallow!

    2) Poor quality ending that disregard the working of it's own story mecanics.
    -Deux-Ex writing mecancis ... writer did an asspull in the end. CHEAP ONE TOO!
    -Reaper having circular logics, really they seems to be there because of a simple logic loophole ... but it's even worse than that in term of writng skill!
    -Illogical and inconsistent ... so much stuf going wrong here!

    3) Unacceptable answer from BOTH company. They ignored that we spent OUR money on stuf we THEY promised in their product but did not.

    4) Low quality pre-ordor edition that is NOT worth it!
    -Bad weapon mecanics. Special weapons are all broken. Who need a shotgun with medium damage and pinpoint precision! It got no range too ... jeez. All basic weapons are beter than the 'special' sones.
    -They cna't even be there for the show! You can only see them in single player!

    5) Day one DLC! Enough said

    6) Trough the whole ME3 experience, you feel like a cash cow. and up to the end game. Deep rooted impression that the publisher or makers are pushing too hard on their client wallet.
    -Day one DLC
    -Cheap end game pop up (yeah, they do a 3 line epilogue saying "Game over, shepard is hero and wait for more in DLC).
    -Pre-Order Art book is in fact a DEMO of the "real one". They also advertise it along the way (Do you really think that afther 80$ spend on DIGITAL i'm going to break another leg and buy a 80$ book from these guys?)
    -Their PR keep to the players not as customers but as "emotional fans". Oh, I'm getting emotionnal alright and I'm sure NOT a fan. I'm a human being and i'm spending my FXXXXXXX money on falsely advertised prodcuts! -These guys have NO respect for their clients. I wonder what we are in fact, I cows are at least well cared for so they can be milked for years. Yeah, it's THAT bad ... 7) EA and Bioware Refused to appologise that is/feels sincere. If you read between the lines it says : Shut up whiny kids. Hey i'm over 30 with two kids and i'm not that rich. If I spend 80$ on a product that is badly advertised I'm expecting at least a little respect from those who sold **** to me and called it gold!

    8) The interconnection inbetween game journalism and publisher is not to be dismissed. We all know it, we don't beleive the big review guys anymore. Especially thioses who gave a 10/10. And chowbot, com'on! A journalist should not be part of the story she's reviewing! Imagine if Lucas tell you phantom menace is great, will you beleive him?

    9) One of these mistake in itself would not be too bad. Actually there is a ton of games that have similar or bigger issues. However, it's when you put it ALL together that you get a pile of **** soooo smelly and soo disgusting that you don't want to go trough the ME3 experience. Play 1st and 2nd but don't ever play the THURD one!

    Do they think we are morons? Do they care calling 90% of their client idiots? WE, the hard working players, we don't seem to matter for these guys, In fact, we are less important than the lowest of corporate scumbag at EA.

    Why should I care anyway, i'm not here to help these company, i'm here to tell you guys:


    And if you love ME, Please please , don't finish the game in ANY way. Get your character killed and call-it a day. Avoid the rage. Marauder-shield forever. He tried to warn us :(
  23. Apr 25, 2012
    An all right game, but not really up to the standards we've come to expect from the Mass Effect franchise. My expectations were sky high after getting sucked into the Mass Effect-universe early 2011. I had put in well over a hundred hours in the two earlier games, but this third one turned out to be a massive anticlimax. The game itself is all right, but I was hoping for a more conclusive finish.
  24. Apr 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am so sad I had to do this, I never thought I would have to. Mass Effect WAS an epic series. However I cannot condone what they have done with this game. If you don't buy this game new you will have to pay more to access the tacked on multiplayer. Yea, you heard me. There was Disk Locked Content that you had to pay $10 to unlock, which most people were going to given that the character was a Prothean. They promised you would not need to do multiplayer to get all the endings, however the best ending (a five second scene of Shepard taking a breath) is not possible to obtain without doing the multiplayer currently. Excluding 2 or 3 the side quests are atrocious. The gameplay is improved and the characters are great, Garrus being the stand out, but all this is forgotten as you try to figure out what happened in the last 10 minutes and realized it wasn't written by the same people who did the rest of the game. It's a disaster I won't even bother to go into detail as I'm sure every other review hits on it. This is the single worst ending in the history of gaming. It's like Bioware doesn't want anyone to buy from them again. Giving me a terrible ending and adding the text "Buy more dlc" isn't going to make me happy. Expand
  25. May 4, 2012
    It's BAIT and SWITCH at its lowest, a fun game at its highest. Unfortunately the more invested you are into the story and the universe, the worse off you are for it. If its your first Mass Effect game, you don't read the codex, you don't really care about anything other than how it plays and if its fun, your in for a treat. If you got all the merchandise, books, dlc, and get thoroughly into a game for its world, you may find the ending very off-putting. Its not as bad as MetalGear switching out the main character a quarter of the way, but its 3 quarters of rad-ness followed by an 8th of ferocity, and an 8th of WTF?!!!!!! The gameplay is the same as ME2 but polished, duck-cover shooter but weapons are now far more powerful to the point that you don't require combinations within your team to pass levels (again, power you probably don't have if you haven't xferred experience over from previous games, so more fun if you haven't played before). Spawning mobs comes from dark walled patches like every other game. Side games like hacking consoles, and scouring each planet for resources are gone. Choices don't even offer alternate combat paths like cookie-cutter FPS's do in their single player mode. As a full priced expansion, this would be an 8 in my mind, but as a solid sequel, this game falls far from expanding on its engine and system other than technical mechanics that i'm sure developers and critics are hailing it for. If i were rating a movie where i got to shoot stuff every now and choose which rad decisions the hero made, then the medium itself would warrant a 10. But as a video game this is a 3. Let's save polished remakes for programming school shall we? Expand
  26. May 27, 2012
    I am sorely disappointed by this game. For the past five years, I have enjoyed shaping one of the most engrossing, and exceptionally written Sci-Fi franchise of all time. Not only were each of the individual Mass Effect games exceptional in their own unique ways in terms of gameplay, but they also had an extraordinary storyline that held true to canon even as the player's choices shaped them. This made for an extremely immersive gameplay experience that can be rivaled by few others. This also applies to 99% of the third entry to the Mass Effect series. While I find the first Mass Effect unique because of the sense of discovery and mysteries of the galaxy (much like Star Trek) and the second Mass Effect had a unique focus on the development of your crew and pretty good action; the third Mass Effect was unique because it was a story, an emotional and inspiring story that had been crafted personally to you based off of your actions in the third game. The over-the-top action that would make most third person shooters titles weep was a nice bonus, as well (this is in an RPG to top it off). But, to be honest, I am going to skip past the majority of the details of the game and get right to the part that affected this review's rating the most- the terrible ending. When I heard the game's ending was bad, I could have never imagined as terrible of an ending to a game, let alone the ending of an entire series, especially the Mass Effect series. To avoid spoilers, I won't go into too much detail as to the ending, but it was bad! Plot holes, circular logic, explanations pulled out of thin air and a horrific WTF moment destroy what would have been one of the best games of all times and inadvertently destroy the entire Mass Effect series. The ending doesn't even reflect a single choice you made throughout the series, NOT A SINGLE CHOICE. One could even say that the ending make the events of the first game entirely moot. I didn't want this ending, I wanted closure based off of my decisions throughout the series, you know, like the last two games. In summary, the game was epic, including the final battles. Sure there were flaws here and there, but most of them could be overlooked, up till the last 10-15 minutes of the game of course. I never thought that 15 minutes could dismantle over a hundred hours of gameplay spanning three games, not until I played Mass Effect 3 Expand
  27. Jun 7, 2012
    This game was supposed to be the pinnacle of the Mass Effect series, a glorious conclusion to a great story line. In the end you feel cheated, like nothing even mattered. Don't get me wrong, the game is fun to play, until you end up watching the last 10 minutes being thunder struck at the lack of originality and closure. I've heard that the team's "artistic integrity" has to be preserved, so they won't change the ending, although I did expect a new DLC. There are different problems with this game, starting from its movement away from ME 1 and its RPG style and ending with the numbers to signify your military strength. It just seems boring, Gears of War in space would be a better description. And promising 16 wildly different endings, but only providing 3 with MINOR DIFFERENCES is a goddamn blasphemy. I give it a 4 because it was interesting, but that **** ending about a Jesus space child is so out of context and random that I seriously considered giving this game a 1 and burning my copy of it. Expand
  28. Jun 17, 2012
    The ending honestly just brought anger and depression. It literally ruined the series it was quite terrible. Bioware let down it's fans on this one.
  29. Jun 28, 2012
    Do not believe the negative trolls that have taken over this review site. This is one of the best sci-fi games ever produced and comes to an excellent conclusion. The new extended cut makes it that much better. If you pass this game up because of the negative idiots, you have no one to blame but yourself. Try the game and come to your own conclusion...
  30. Jul 5, 2012
    While I enjoyed the game play on its own, it most definitely was not the Mass Effect I remember. This game is to Mass Effect what a personal plane is to a personal jet, good on its own, but not what you wanted.
  31. Feb 7, 2013
    What to say that has not been said already? Importing your save files from the previous games is a must... Meeting old friends, and doing missions with them was the biggest fun for me. The story was decent, even some characters were total clichés (Kai Leng the Asian space ninja for example...). The combat was slightly improved compared to ME1 and ME2, but the cover system remained a litttle crunchy. RPG elements felt a little less developed than in ME2 (Renegade options for example were pure evil...They could have balanced the reputation system a little more...). Everything else basically remained the same as it were in ME2. I think the developers stayed on a safe ground on purpose. The music and sound effect were really good. Now let's talk about the infamous ending. Well they really screwed this up, and the "Extended cut" did not really makes it much better (When I first finished the ME3 my gaming experience was ruined...They can not make that back anyways with some cheap slide show, sugar coating stuff!) About the indoctrination theory! I think the developers at one point (might ...not sure) wanted to implement it, but they did not....The theory is now refused by Bioware and EA so it is not part of the original Canon. Overall a decent game that stays in the safe path, with a bad ending. Could have been the best science fiction game trilogy ever, but they failed! Expand
  32. Mar 10, 2013
    I strongly disagree with the negative reviews. Originally ending was a bit confusing, although it didn't strike me as a bad one. And now, after the expansion ("extended cut") it has become perfect, no less. Note that Bioware didn't change the ending, they've just expanded it by adding more explanations in longer cutscenes. This is easily the best game in the series.
  33. Apr 30, 2012
    I have but one issue with this game - the writing. I mean really, how hard can it be? ME2 was no freaking masterpiece, but the story was compelling enough to make action meaningful, and occasional stupidities were just something to laugh about and forget. In short, it was fun. I think in general RPG fans (including me) have relatively low standards when it comes to writing, and it's ok. It should be just solid enough so that it doesn't spoil the game.

    Somehow (miraculously) ME3 fails to deliver. Writing-wise it's a non-stop *facepalm*. How hard is it to come up with a response that wouldn't sound dumb or out of place? After first 30min I started to suspect that somewhere between the end of ME2 and the beginning of ME3 commander Sheppard got a lobotomy. Or maybe he is a husk? Or secretly mind-controlled by Cerberus and they *make him* say all these things? That would be a cool plot. I'd play that game. Apparently, ME3 is a different one, and it stinks. Bioware, what the hell!?
  34. Mar 20, 2012
    An absolutely amazing finish to one of the greatest sci-fi trilogy's ever. The game brings all of what makes Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 great and rolls it up into one epic game. For all of you who dont understand the ending you really should open your eyes a bit more. This game was incredible this entire series was amazing and will be lauded for years to come.
  35. Apr 11, 2012
    I think a lot of the user reviews here are unfair. Yes, the game has some surprisingly nasty technical issues. For one mission, Garrus disappeared for about 20-30 minutes. Sadly, he was integral to the mission, so characters kept turning to talk to him, but there was nobody there. Much of the time I couldn't hear what he was supposed to be saying. Also, there are tracking issues during conversations. They tried to make the characters turn to face the current speaker, but this mostly just confuses them when there's more than one speaker. The most hilarious was when Liara's helper bot flew by during a conversation, and Shepard flipped out. He started thrashing about with his eyes rolled back in his head. Reminded me of the Exorcist.

    I'm not convinced the ending was bad, but I don't think it was very explicit about how your choices impacted the ending. Looking around online I found the ending thresholds, so it turns out it does matter what you do. It's just hard to directly see the impacts. The different endings are apparently pretty similar.

    The technical issues are my main gripe. I would say I still liked this better than the first Mass Effect but less than the second. I did not find it as disappointing as Dragon Age 2. I feel like people are comparing Mass Effect 3 to some ideal of what they hoped the game would be instead of comparing the game to its peers. Comparing the game to its peers shows that it some things well. It's a beautiful game graphically, and I enjoyed the cameos from throughout the series and seeing how choices I made came back to affect the third game.
  36. Mar 20, 2012
    To be honest 98% of the game is very good and personally i would place ME3 somewhere between first and second installment of the series. However the last 2% is simply terrible . I don't say ending is bad (I could accept it!) - it simply doesn't fit to the ME universe. It really made me think that i wasted more than 100 hours with trilogy for nothing.
  37. Mar 7, 2012
    This is to all those people who have major concerns regarding Mass Effect 3, especially after Dragon Age 2 since that abomination basically killed the whole series for me. So yes, I was also worried about auto-dialogue and lack of quality textures/animations. When you begin ME3 it's hard not to cringe when Anderson is running in Vancouver.

    +-But at the same time the storytelling feels
    more fluid and immersive. I have to admit that I'm only in the Citadel at this point but no "mission completed" screens so far. Yes, there are less dialogue options but it doesn't really take away from the experience during the opening act. Conversation wheel isn't the most important thing when things are exploding and you are trying to take down enemies but if it continues like this inside hubs...well then it will be really annoying.

    ++I also have to say that ME3 is by no means a cakewalk. I'm playing on insanity at the moment and so far the fights have been more challenging than in ME2. The AI has clearly improved.

    ++You also have weapon customization so that's an improvement from ME2.

    -I do dislike how you perform so many actions with only one button (spacebar). Sometimes I'm accidently rolling around like an idiot eventhough I just want to perform a simple action.

    In a nutshell : Gameplay is better and visuals are not great by todays standards (I miss the film grain effect).

    At this point it's a solid 7.5-8 and definitely worth a buy. :)
  38. Mar 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 seems to have a lot of haters. I see no reason to give it a low score for the early DLC and I'm not even going to waste my time explaining why, as for the ending I understand why people are mad about it and it may take off some points, but you can't pretend you didn't enjoy the game over the grudge of not getting the ending you dreamed of. I do however, agree that this was not the best game in the series for the story. It is however a great game overall from the amount of fun I've had playing through it. The action was intense, the story wasn't the greatest but I still enjoyed it, and of course they always fixed the problems with the last game, so overall Mass Effect 3 is a solid shooter RPG and still an essential game to the series. They may have made choice making less noticeable of importance, and of course focused more on the combat rather than the love of the story, which I believe was a big mistake. However, I still enjoyed the game very much and feel that I've gotten a good game for my money. They could have improved on the story, choice making, and of course not done a half ass job on the ending. Though I have to say if anything, this game deserves to be in the green. It's not as amazing as Mass Effect 2, but it's not a failure either. Expand
  39. Mar 12, 2012
    The Good: * The game has the classic Mass Effect play style and combat. The Bad: * They shoe horned multiplayer in and created a reason to make it pertinent. * The equipment (and hair) of the player models is constantly poking through. * 90% of the conversations you have do not offer choices of replies - they don't even bring up the conversation wheel. * Day one DLC which requires one line of code change in order to make it appear and which should have been part of the overall game as it was the one thing that managed to add some depth.
    * Failure to take into account player choices (from ME1, ME2, or ME3) with the ending.
    * Endings which appear to provide a choice, but don't. (What color would you like your universe destroying beam to be in?)
    * No sex scenes, demonstrating EA's editorial control over Bioware productions despite Bioware's claims to the contrary.
    * None of the side quests you complete appears to have any impact other than increasing your forces' strength for the final battle. The narrative that one might expect from Mass Effect for the individual units brought into play is not there.

    As a single game, it's a shallow and fun romp until the very last portion of the game. When you and Anderson are side by side with each other, chatting, stop. Right there is the best ending you can hope for - do NOT continue. Walk away and imagine your ending. You will be happier.

    As a series finale this game does NOT suffice. I don't care what theory you take to - that they wanted to show predestination, that Shepard was indoctrinated, that they're holding the series open for DLC. None of that matters. What matters is that the ending to the game - and the series - brings no closure for the player. NONE.

    People are claiming that those of us who are complaining about the ending are overreacting. I don't think we can overreact. I have spent hundreds of hours of my life playing this game, I overrode my ban on EA games in order to purchase it, I hoped as a property of Bioware that they would treat the series finale properly. All of those hopes were dashed, destroyed, thrown down, stepped on, and ground into tiny pieces.

    Don't buy this game. It's not worth your money. When it's a $5.00 special, it might be worth it. If Bioware rewrites the ending, it might be worth it. Right now? I spent $80.00 on the collector's edition and I wish I could get a refund - of my money, and my play time.

    Between this and Dragon Age 2... well, I'm glad the indie games are ramping up because it's obvious I need to find my Western RPG fix somewhere else.
  40. Mar 11, 2012
    The game is an absolute masterpiece through through the beginning to the climax. However, in the end it becomes apparent that the writers had a vision for a sort of Greek tragedy for the series, complete with a deus ex machina and endings that vary from "really dark" to "kinda dark." There is no happy ending, no real catharsis for Shepard. However, it is not the darkness that bothers me as much as the execution of the resolution. It feels so convoluted and illogical considering the themes and narratives that have taken place through the 3 games. In fact, it would make more sense to me if the so called "resolution" turned out to all be a dream. The game itself is very good. The level design was much improved over previous installments, and storytelling wise they generally did an excellent job creating a story that could account for all the possible Shepards. Not everyone from previous games are available as squadmates, but I felt they generally all got enough screen time to do good by the fans. Overall, it was a very engrossing and enjoyable experience, up until the last 5 minutes or so. Because of that, I have to bump it down from a 10/10 to an 8/10. Expand
  41. Mar 12, 2012
    Im glad i didnt spent cent on this, go to hell bioware with ur employed game designers whom hates gaming and want option to skip combat....

    First ME was awesome to me, second was good too, but this is disgrace!
  42. Apr 4, 2012
    The first half of the game is quite enjoyable as you progress into the second half of the game it is clear that quite a few missions are missing. Developer interviews confirm this(from the Final Hours of ME3 iPad app).

    The most damning indictment about the quality of this title is saved for the ultimate conclusion of the game. The ending does not work, does not make sense, and feels
    like its tacked on from a different universe. It certainly does not feel like it belongs in Mass Effect`s universe.

    Another 6-9 months of development time likely could have fixed the problems, unfortunately that didn`t happen so I would suggest unless this is fixed sometime during 2012 I would recommend skipping this game.

    Perhaps the best thing you can do is to is play Mass Effect 1 and just pretend the whole thing ends right there.
  43. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass effect 3 was fine through the whole game as game play went but the ending was awful to say the least, i was a big fan of the other mass effects this one was ruined by the poor ending being too abstract and poorly executed. the game play was overall fun but the ending... Expand
  44. Apr 15, 2012
    i am still recovering from the shock , the entire game right upto the last ending part was amazing , and then it fails so hard , i don't think there is no excuse for ruining such a awesome game this way , on top of that , they are extending the horrible ending with a dlc nice :X what good is a game if the ending has been a joke
  45. Mar 11, 2012
    Overally an excellent game. The RPG mechanics and combat feel like a synthesis of the best parts of ME1 and 2. The dialog for the most part is well written. Though, there are some cringe worthy dialog sequences. There are numerous animation glitches that can be distracting. Most of the main plot scenes are amazingly well animated. This game has some of the most brilliant fight scenes in the entire series. Truly fantastic. Getting ready for my second playthrough Expand
  46. Jun 7, 2012
    Worst. Ending. In. Video. Gaming. History.
    Exactly what the **** were you thinking Bioware?
    It is hard to imagine that this game was not just a massive troll on everyone who has played these games.
  47. Jul 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Just finished this game. Mostly left feeling upset, frustrated and angry. I found the game to be dark, bleak and a struggle and to make it worth while I would expect a really exciting and fantastic ending which of course I was well aware I wasnt going to get but had hoped with the EC the endings would be at least a little bit uplifting. NOT ONE BIT!!! Two endings left my shep dead and one left her alive on a heap of rubble. No hugs, accolades or joy for us to see and experience.
    Why Bioware shafted us with these endings, why deny their loyal fan base the exciting and triumphant ends that most of us would expect and want after three whole games!

    Okay here are more negatives- The mulitplayer; we should NOT be FORCED to play multiplayer. Space Exploration- This has changed big time from ME1 and was for me nothing short of boring and annoying, especially running out of fuel ALL THE TIME and no signs as to which galaxies had fuel stations.I wasted a lot of time in the beginning looking for galaxies with fuel stations. Day One dlc- I bought it and to me it was so integral to the game, should not have been dlc. That was greediness on behalf of Bioware. Replay Value 0- For me there is abolutely no point in replaying this game, too much misery and no reward at the end. Cannot put myself through that again.

    What did I like? I loved the scenes between Shepherd and her friends, especially Liara, Kaiden and Garrus. The love scenes with Kaiden were very sweet and I loved them. However Bioware dropped the ball when Thane died and Thessia was ravaged and Shep was nearly killed Kaiden was nowhere to be seen. In a game such as this I would expect the love interest who declared his love for her to be beside her comforting her. He weasnt and he didnt. This killed immersion big time. Biware wanted to make a dark game with a lot of fighting and struggles but they should have given the player some hope, some reason to keep playing. They didnt. I loved ME1 but since that game Bioware have taken out every rpg aspect and turned ME into some type of shooter. So my score is going to reflect this and how I am feeling right now. Crappy!
  48. Aug 1, 2012
    I gave the low score to this game because it is not a quality game, it is just a cheap knock off mash up of RPG and 3rd person shooter. Ending story was good except you didn't have any choice, but why complaint, the choice was always just an illusion in this game. You choose something, watch different cinematic and then the game just goes on through the same small linear levels with the repeating boring enemies. There is nothing epic about this game. Mass Effect 3 is just an outdated game with super claustrophobic linear level design with one very very small quest hub called Citadel. There is not much to explore and if you do you just rewarded with missions to defend from the waves of enemies. It is not a triple AAA title if you measure it based on the gameplay, Mass Effect 3 world feels dead and empty, this is a below average game except for a few dialogs. And I bet if it wasn't for Bioware brand on the box it would receive critic average score of 3 out 10 here on metacritic. Next time I will only buy Bioware game if it will receive 800 out of 10 here on metacritic. Expand
  49. Mar 8, 2012
    This is the best game out there at the moment. Great combat mechanics, great story and a ton of choice. Multiplayer is also awesome, graphics and combat animations are amazing. The story has great twist and the game has 16 different endings, yes 16! This game is at least 10 times better than anyother modern RPG out there with the exception of Witcher 2. Definitely worth your time and money. I am getting a huge kick out of multiplayer :D. Expand
  50. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Right up to the end sequence, ME3 was on track to be the BEST GAME SERIES I've ever played from a story perspective. Then the final cutscene played and every single choice made in the game boiled down to 3 identical endings (other than explosion color). Seriously, they really, REALLY screwed the pooch on this one. Now as said, right up to the end sequence, this is the best game story EVER, which makes the FUBAR ending all the more painful. Expand
  51. Mar 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The user score tells it all... The gameplay of the third installment was underwhelming... The series has evolved to a mediocre cover shooter with almost no decent RPG options and even killing its wonderfull Dialogue option from the previous games... Also the ending... We fight 3 games long, get emotionaly envolved with characters, make hard choices... AND at the end, we don't get to see what these choices have done? How is the universe now? How is sheppard honored? we see nothing of this...

    Bioware should look at The Witcher 2 and really study why it is better in all fronts... it's a shame that this series has ended so underwhelming...

    Sure, its very epic and you get goosebumps from time to times... But there was so much more potential...
  52. May 18, 2012
    This is the score the game actually deserves. Now before you down-vote me, you will find if you average around the fifty + critic scores the game received it would be around the 89-93 area. Take off the moronic user score feature metacritic, it is used as a tool by a bunch of forum trolls and butthurt fanboys who really have no clue how to review a game. Of course this review will be down-voted by them, and I'll probably be called a "suck up" to the gaming media, but let's look at the facts first. High expectations almost always lead to disappointment, and those who have insanely high expectations will always be disappointed. This is why when you look at a game objectively, or rather as it is, instead of what you wanted it to be, you would find that it truly is a good game. Whether you disagreed with the ending or had problems because you "Felt" that the choices you made in the previous installments weren't reflected enough, it really doesn't matter. It's no reason to give this game a score below 7, and the fact that this game is rated a 3.9 is really quite pathetic. To even think that this game is only worth a "3.9" you would have to be some grumpy old man living in some old folks home or some kid who stays in his room all day, has no friends and doesn't know how to enjoy quality entertainment. The decisions you made in the previous games do reflect in this one, and yes they matter. Characters that die in ME2 wont be around, characters you saved in ME1 do make an appearance and yes your choices DID have reflect in ME3. Name a game that carries the choices you made from game to game on the same level mass effect has? You cant, there is only stand alone games with choices like the witcher 2, but what game from sequel to sequel to sequel does what the ME series has?. The fact people cry because they feel that their choices never meant anything is LAUGHABLE seeing as how they have nothing to compare it to. Give mass effect some credit, it has done a pretty damned good job. The ending to the series is fine, and honestly it really doesn't matter what bioware did people would have cried and crapped their pants. Everybody has a different idea of how it should have "ended" Bioware cant possibly meet everybody's expectations. The gameplay was much improved from the previous two, they added in some more RPG elements, still not as robust as ME1 but pretty close with the talent choices, weapon mods and tons of armor and loot to find. Mass effect 3 is a good game that sold well and that the majority of people enjoyed playing, don't listen to the vocal minority of idiots on here who probably pirated the game or never even played it at all and are just jumping on the hate bandwagon to hate the game like it's some "fad" to do so or makes them "cool and different" Stfu, sit down and enjoy the game. End of story. and....advice to metacritic......implement a system where people need to enter the serial code of the game they bought in order to actually review it. See how many of these idiots are still around after wont find many. Expand
  53. Mar 7, 2012
    For longtime fans of the series the story doesn't disappoint, regardless of how 'dumbed down' the combat and user-interface has become since Mass Effect 1, for those invested in how there Commander Shepard's story ends, they will not be disappointed!
  54. Feb 14, 2013
    Well. We already know everyone hated the end. Okay, okay, the end is not exciting, but forget about the end, this game is great. End the trilogy in amazing way. The game is short comparing to 1 and 2, that's the only problem. And it's kind linear too. Anyway, it's a closing game, and because of that its great. have the flaws, but yet one of the best experience in 2012. And for being one of the best trilogy ever, deserves a 10 points. I'm expecting games like ME soon, it touched my soul. I miss this games. Expand
  55. Mar 16, 2012
    ** SPOILERS ARE IN THIS REVIEW ** The game was amazing, every story felt tailored to my choices and I felt rewarded when I could chose things others could not due to my diligence in the end of the game. The sound, music, both amazing, and while the graphics seemed a little aged they still worked. (well, bar the random 2D sprites and textures that sometimes popped up which looked like they were done in paint. As of now, I would have put a rating up for 9, or 10 for this game, it was fun, loads of stuff to do, explore, listen to, learn about.. the multi-player is damn addictive and the pokemon trading cards TCG booster pack system is both annoying but addicting. Then comes the bad, the bad that is so bad I am forced to rate this amazing game so low. The bad that is so terrible that it not only ruined ME3 for me, but also made me less likely to ever replay ME1 and ME2. Im sure you all see where I am going, and that is the ending. The endings themselves were weakly explained in story, full of story cannon errors and worse.. but thats not what makes me hate them. The fact is, that no matter what you do, no matter how well you play, no matter if you saved the rachni, made the geth and quarians be at peace.. anything.. Nothing you have done in the past 3 games matters to the ending, you could be good, or evil, and still get the exact damn same choices. The differences between the ending movies are also minor, with a simple colour change being the only thing to stand between controlling them, joining them and destroying them. In all three endings the major transport hubs used by the galaxy are destroyed, meaning that burning civilizations are basically forever alone in the universe and unable to build, travel or anything. A huge fleet of ships is either destroyed, or remains in orbit around earth with no way to get home, and basically all your choices didn't matter since in the end you essentially destroy the universe. Plotholes like my LI who was presumably killed during the final run to the beam mysteriously showing up on the normandy after, the weird joker trying to escape the beam for no reason, The starchild's excuse not mentioning anything to do with the dark energy mentioned all through ME2, or Shepards apparent inability to even question his reasoning. So lets recap why ME3 is good/bad

    - Epic Soundtrack
    - Rewarding to Import Savegames (during game itself)
    - Fun gameplay/combat
    - Improved squad interactions

    Bad - Ending Scenes are identical. - Ending ignors 3 years of your choices, no epilogue or future games possible unless during/in past. - Plotholes all over - Getting 100%, doing everything correctly, still you get punished by dying in all but one ending.

    Overall. Bleh

    Game 10/10
    Sound 10/10
    Ending -20/10
    Total 0/30 :P Seriously, dont pass this game if you want to still love the franchise.
  56. Mar 11, 2012
    The Game was awesome, never played something better or equal before ------ and then i come to the end, now i hate it .... WHY BIOWARE WHY!!!?!?! i dont have the heart do play this a 2nd time :(
  57. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just finished ME3. Overall I'd say ME3 is certainly one of The games in 2012. I imported my character from ME2 and I didn't experience anything ill / illogical (as have been claimed) as a result. Everything felt logical story'wise. When it comes to ME3 itself, there aren't much you can honestly critisize in the game; animation of the characters (especially lip movement / speech sync) isn't exactly great work, and the hunting for artifacts / war assets isn't that exciting (probably the most dull part of game). During the 30 hours I played the game, I didn't experience much any bigger bugs (and zero fatal crashes) - I experienced much more bugs in ME2. In ME3 the main story, missions, characters, dialogs, choices you can make, graphics in general, soundworks ... all in all it creates a truly impressive (and addictive) scifi world that takes you in. It feels like you'd be playing a blockbuster scifi movie. When it comes to the ending of the game, I can't understand all the negative feedback of it. Perhaps it annoys people that the main character "does not always live happily ever after", dunno, but I'll only recommend this game to anyone who likes hardcore scifi. The last time action game felt as much movie'like and entertaining in all aspects to me, was Half-Life 2 and its' episodes. Expand
  58. May 27, 2012
    While I enjoyed playing the first two Mass Effect games this one left me with a disappointing experience. It just wasn't fun anymore. The most this game has to offer is the voice acting but it feels like I've heard it all before. I believe that to get a slightly "richer" experience you'll need all Mass Effect games which I have but also all the downloadable content which is something i'm not willing to pay for. Expand
  59. Mar 7, 2012
    Game is good. Ofcourse it has bad grapics and animations because Bioware didn't give a single **** about it but it's interesting. I don'r remember the last time i was so interested in the game. Plot is **** but good enough to justify it. Characters are neat even if they have so much drama. I liked the game but i don't think it was the best one. ME2 is still the best in the series.
  60. Mar 7, 2012
    The main issue with this game is the story and dialogue has been simplified and it looks exactly like ME2. The choices you make have little to no impact in the future. Although still a solid game and multiplayer is a fun addition.
  61. Mar 22, 2012
    Bioware should be ashamed of themselves. This ending was inexcusable. The Deus ex machina explanation for the Reapers and how the Catalyst justified their desruction as a way to save organic's from their own tendencies of destroying themselves was nothing short of ridiculous. Its circular writing, logic and reasoning wrapped into one.

    Let me be clear. 99% of this game is an absolute
    masterpiece. But the end was so god awful that it actually undermined the brilliance of the entire series. Two things pissed me off in Mass Effect 3, the non-existant closure of the ending, and non-reveal of Tali's face (there was a photo.. but come on) .

    Both are inexcusable, and the ending is pathetic. Personally, Bioware, and its Reaper puppeteer should give its consumers FREE ENDING DLC to try and redeem themselves. I already paid around $200 for all three Mass Effect games including numerous dlc packages. Bioware and EA owe their consumers a decent ending with some closure to the characters, planets and races I've come into contact these past 5 years. Bioware should ashamed. TO SHAME!!!!
  62. Jul 5, 2012
    The main problem of this game has to be the fact that they left out Drew Karpishyn, the guy who wrote the first two games, I knew right from the beginning, that it didn't feel right, wen I figured out EA put their dirty little hands on everything mass effect, That was the end of it. I invested to much time and money on the series, only for it to be sabotaged by EA and their minions. I loved the mass effect universe, it got me through tough times, it meant a lot to me, I know that sounds gay but its true, The first two games hit the right buttons for me.

    But now I feel worse. The extended cut was the nail on the coffin, and now some **** is already laying out the plans for a mass effect MMO. Extended cut.... More like extended disappointment.. Thats my two cents anyways...
  63. Mar 18, 2012
    Probably the worst ending to a video game series I've ever seen. What happens in the last 15 or so minutes completely contradicts the previous ~150 hours of gameplay for all three games.
  64. Apr 11, 2012
    Wow, Bioware turned my favorite RPG series of all time down to a Gears-of-War-type sci-fi shooter. I'll admit, the combat is 100% better. But Bioware has changed the formula from what made us all love the first two Mass Effect games. The conversations with NPCs were the best part of the first two games -- now they aren't much more than cutscenes. In Mass Effect 3, instead of feeling like you are actually conversing with NPCs, you merely watch Shepard talking to them. Its so frustrating to see "my" Shepard get turned into a cookie-cutter gaming action hero. You get a couple of options every now and then, which I'm not sure even cause differences in the dialog. Contrast this to the first two games, where Shepard didn't say anything without you telling him what to say, and those conversation choices made it feel like you were actually making a difference. Bioware tries really hard to make every cutscene (of which there are way too many) super epic and emotional. It turns out most are just really corny. Its a lot like Gears of War, which I enjoyed. But I'm not looking for Gears of War here, I'm looking for Mass Effect!

    It makes me really sad that somehow, Bioware just isn't the studio they used to be. I feel like they are trying to just appease 8 year olds that just want to play to blow things up.

    I makes me more sad that I can't REALLY continue the amazing experience that was Mass Effect 2. Its their same Dragon Age II mistake, all over again.
  65. Mar 12, 2012
    O jogo é sensacional. História original e interessante. Não é para qualquer um gostar e entender Mass Effect. Apenas para os fortes. Indico. podem comprar que vale a pena
  66. Mar 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'd feel guilty about rating the game a 0 when it is such a good game, if it wasn't for the fact that the ending was purposefully a complete and absolute disaster and the aftermath is just worse. Add to this the reused generic assets (for things like Tali's portrait from Getty pictures and the ending slide with the stargazer from the cover of some power metal band's album) that are just inexcusable for a AAA title. Expand
  67. Mar 31, 2012
    ME3 is a SPECTACULAR GAME with a HORRIBLY AWFUL ENDING. Everything up to the end is superb. The ME trilogy is the best rpg experience I've ever had. However, I do understand the massive disappointment displayed here. It just goes to show just how deeply people care about this franchise, and especially the characters in the game. I can't bring myself to give it less than a 9. It would have been f**king 11 if the ending had rocked. Expand
  68. Mar 16, 2012
    Not only the best Mass effect game of the series by far, but probably the best game of all time.

    You will see lots of whining about the ending of the game. Ignore it. You should play this game, even the cry babies willl agree that 90% of this game is pure undiluted awesome.

    As for the end, judge for yourself, but if you think that a game with an atmosphere of grim dark hopelessness
    is all of a sudden, at the end, going to burst out into a song while Volus dance around a campfire and fireworks go off in the background because shepard beat the reapers, you are deluded. Expand
  69. Nov 22, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 if a good sci-fi RPG, the online mode is fun, good graphics, great musical score, very good story, ME3 still plays well, with some of the best voice acting and performances in a game, while the ending has been updated and expanded making it barely durable, if you own Mass Effect 1&2 you may want to play ME3 for closure, but be prepared for the possibility be put off the franchise
  70. Mar 2, 2013
    Amazing game buy it and don't listen to all those haters. As close to perfection as is possible in this day and age to achieve and worth a lot more than its starting price. Its quite sad to see the low user score this game has received just because the ending wasn't to the liking of all the ADHD fps (I need gratification right away and I wish to engage as few braincells as possible to get there) players. In this case I would suggest listening to the professional video game journalists and put aside the red ink haters... Expand
  71. Mar 16, 2012
    Do not be fooled by any of the negative comments. These people do not know of which they speak. The Mass Effect story is purely amazing. I went and get copy's of all 3 no DLC just the games. I played through all three back to back. This is THE of the most complex and powerful story I have evens seen. It can be seen though the eyes of anyone. Each person will come up with a different meaning. This game has more than earned a 10. This is the pinnacle of all story driven games. I recommend that you get the entire series. Play them back to back, skip the DLC, and really focus on the story. I personally wish to thank Bio Ware for this amazing game. It has been to long since I have had to contemplate the ending to any story. Expand
  72. Apr 18, 2012
    Let's be clear. The game was really fun. At least for me. I loved the comabt, and for thee first time it didn't bore me (like it often did in ME 1 and ME 2). And the story wasn't too bad either, and trying to unite everyone was interesting and Cerberus was also an intriguing part of the story. -1 for even less dialogue choices ( they already started with this in ME 2). Often it didn't feel like an interactive RPG. But I can forgive that, it didn't bother me that much, as there were some great interactions with the characters in this game. And -1 for the ending. It's just stupid that you HAVE to do one of these 2 (or 3?) things, none of which leaves me satisfied. It's not TERRIBLE as many people say, but it's still NOT GOOD. I understand the cycle and everything, but you could have thought of something better Bioware... 8/10 for an overall great and fun game, which could have been ended on a higher note than this. Expand
  73. Apr 23, 2012
    First game was great. Second was even better. So you can assume that third will be the best in the series and again Game of The Year ???. Not in this case. To begin with do you remember how many side quests there were in first game and each of them were interesting in their own way. Second game was little bit different, it tried to be action game with RPG elements so quests weren't that awesome as in first game but still were good. Well in third game there are two types of quests: N7 "missions" and Citadel "missions". First one nothing as N7 missions in previous games. All maps that feature in this "missions" are from multiplayer and tasks are "find and bring something back" or "kill everything". For quests were you need to find something and bring it back you would want a journal so you would know were to go. The "Journal" in ME3 has only description of quest, nothing about were we can find item or were bring it. New Citadel also sucks. It just sucks. Now I would like to skip part about interaction with NPCs and Normandy cause it will take a lots of time. The major problem with game is endings. Remember when developers said that non of the endings will be the same ??? Remember when they said that multiplayer won't be connected to single player ??? Remember when this bastards said that all choices we made in previous games will huge influence on ending ??? Either I play it wrong either developers are really bad liars. To get different endings we need war assets. To get them we need to play multiplayer a lot and a little bit of single player. Then we need to choose between 3 different lights. Light which we choose will be color of explosion. There is some difference like Reapers will destroy Earth or Shepard can survive but you got the point. So what EA did looks like Call of Duty when it was just a baby. With each game it gets worser and worser until they will find another company... Awful quests, ugly locations, f****d up ending, day one DLC and unnecessary interactions make this game worst game of this year. Yes, worser than Amy... Expand
  74. Mar 26, 2012
    I don't understand the negative user reviews for ME III. I think the professional critics are correct to rate it highly. I'm an experienced gamer for RPGs and MMORPGs, and I consider ME III to rate among the highest in emotional impact. The weaknesses I would cite are minor. I would certainly recommend playing the first two episodes in the series because that facilitates understanding the story and developing an emotional attachment to certain NPCs. Episode III has a complex plot in which individual missions can have enough emotional impact that I need to rest between them. It's not primarily a shooter, more an extended drama in which you control the plot dynamics to a respectable degree. I strongly recommend this to grownup gamers who are attracted to space opera. I will agree that the ending was the weakest part of the series. Part of my disappointment relates to the passivity... if I wanted to watch TV I would do that; gaming is better than TV because it makes you active in shaping the dramatic experience. I gather EA is working on improving the ending and I hope they'll find ways to make it snappier! Expand
  75. Mar 30, 2012
    This game could have been a masterpiece but the final result is only a forgettable mix of bugs, holes in a childish plot with the "wish" to be serious, a ton of shadows and emphasis everywhere, no exploration, no puzzles, flat dialogues and the worst ending in videogame history. In certain things it could deserve a 11 but in others not more than a -20 so my balance is 0. Nothing more than a "project" of a game, an interesting project never terminated and poorly done, or at least that's not good to be released like this. Expand
  76. Mar 8, 2012
    I'm really confused by the user reviews here. I am quite a ways through the game and the only thing I have experienced is more of the same from Bioware (which is to say, more gaming greatness). The resolution of plots big and small throughout the series is incredibly satisfying. The combat was a little shaky at first but once I started to grasp the flow of the new combat system it became obvious that Mass Effect 3 would not only overpower its predecessors but my highest expectations as well. Great job Bioware! Expand
  77. Mar 19, 2012
    This is Mass Effect! Still. Aside of all critics.

    The only not_so_good_thing is the ending (logicless and dicsonnected from whole game). My hopes for ending DLC from BW. This ending cannot be the official ending of the trilogy. I can't beleive it.

    But overall (not considering ending) game is another great Mass Effect game.
  78. Mar 7, 2012
    So first off I would like to state my score is more of a 9.8/10, but since I can't do that, I guess I'll stick with a 10.

    So, let me also get out of the way that I am an avid mass effect fan... I've played mass effect 1 and 2 countless times, and love the games to death. They definitely had their flaws, but each had a gripping story and powerful characters. The biggest flaws for me was
    that ME1 had poor shooting mechanics, and ME2 had poor RPG mechanics.

    Mass effect 3 fixed both these issues.
    Now, please disregard all the 1 reviews, and many of the 10 reviews. These people are either trolling or have no idea what they are talking about. The game is NOT a 1/10 (which is the equivalent to a game you cannot play due to bugs such as the DS games that comes out for children based around barbie dolls). If anything, the shooting and RPG mechanics are at their finest, demonstrating a true synergy between the two. It's great fun, but you can definitely choose to focus on not shooting as much, or using abilities as much. The options are readily available to you.

    For me, the game really does ALMOST everything right. All the characters from the past are back, if you import your character choices do matter. Things get very exciting and there are loads of deaths. The soundtrack is awesome, same with the voice acting.

    Now for my two problems with the games (you can assume that everything else other then these points were so irrelevant to me that they fit in to the game well):
    - Auto dialogue: Now I have to say, at the beginning I was really annoyed, and am still kind of SLIGHTLY bummed about it, but when you get 3-5 hours into the game, the choices open up. You don't have as many choices as ME2, but that's because they cut the fat out. No longer do you have 2 choices that are basically the same thing. The illusion of choice has been removed. Maybe that annoys people, but its something you can get over quickly.

    -The endings: Now I won't ruin anything, but I just expected a bit more. I was ready to give the game 10/10 (rather then a 9.8/10), but the ending really detached me from the game... It made me stare at the screen for a bit and think... well... is that it? It slightly ruins the entire experience for me, though the journey was with it, my mind is still getting over whether the destination was worth it.

    Facts for reference:
    22 Hours
    Adept, Hardcore, Imported from ME1. Overall, I loved the game. If you can get past the fact that you don't have a choice about EVERYTHING shepard says, and are ready for endings that may leave something to be desired, then go ahead and buy the game. Its totally worth it and I loved every minute of it. Score: 9.8/10 (Rounded to a 10 for metacritic)
  79. Mar 7, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game. I'm 25 hours in. The negative reviews: I cannot reconcile my own playtime with what's written here. Mostly seems like people are sore over the Day 1 DLC, not getting what they wanted out of the narrative, or giving the game a 1 or 0 because it is 'dumbed down' or some other similarly vague reason. With a smattering of balance issues intermixed. DLC is just how it is going to be going forward. I understand the anger, but a game isn't poor or unenjoyable because it has DLC. ME2 had a huge amount of DLC packs, of varying usefulness, many of which were far, far more important to the plot than From Ashes. It was generally regarded as a great game.

    The game isn't dumbed down. Combat is essentially on terms with ME2 in terms of complexity. Equipment is more complex (in a good way). The narrative is more mature, both in content and writing style.

    Finally, there is no major balance issue. In the many hours of multiplayer I've seen every class be a real asset to the team. Can things be improved? Yes. Is the game devoid of value because of the imperfect balancing? No.

    It is dishonest to give the game a 0 or 1 review. There's not enough different between ME1, 2, and 3 to justify such low scores.


    Story is better than both of the sequels. There's nothing 'dumbed down' here, from how the squad mates interact to how Shepard changes as a character. It works. There are a fewer long, drawn out, conversations with your squad mates while on the Normandy, but that falls under less is more. There is a /lot/ more realism and casual banter. Everyone feels more like a real person.

    For the first 1/3 of the game, there is a bit of a sense that the galaxy isn't paying attention to what's going on. Earth has fallen, but the citadel is, well, the citadel. The reapers, however, continue their advance and everything changes. It is certainly one of the more dynamic single-player worlds I've seen.

    Your former squad mates return in varying capacities. Many have changed, mostly for the better, since you last saw them. Not all can join you, but that's ok. The choices in ME3 are galactic scale. Several times I've had to walk away at a fork in the road to think about it a bit.

    If I were to point out any big change in the way the game feels, it is a lack of formality. In ME1 and 2, both, there was a bit more of a sense of the ship being run military, so to speak. In ME3, everyone is more comfortable with each other. Shepard doesn't lay down the law quite so often -- it just isn't as frequently necessary. That's not to say there are not strong interpersonal conflicts, there are. Shepard, as well, needs more help this time. They are less of an unbreakable rock this go around, the fractures start to show, and the friendships Shepard has (presumably) cultivated helps take off some of the pressure.

    I'd like to gush more about the narrative, but I'll leave it at: if you enjoyed ME1 and 2's story, this will be a pleasant experience. You can't always get what you want, but that's the point. The reaper invasion isn't a picnic. People are going to die.

    Just as an aside, though, if you judge the narrative by the first few hours you are missing out. Gameplay: It is far improved from ME1 and 2. More of an evolution on what ME2 was, if anything. Combat is focused, fast, intense. Battles can turn on a dime if you aren't careful. Easier than ME2 on normal difficulty, I recommend turning it up if you want a challenge. The enemies and settings are far, far, faaar more varied in ME3. I have noticed that squad mates are a bit less useful without direction, though. Which can be an issue in the more difficult fights. Given orders, though, they are just fine.

    I played somewhere around 50 hours of the demo multiplayer in the couple weeks I could. So combat is fun for sure.


    Load times seem improved. No major technical issues I've run into on the PC. Textures are on par with ME2.


    Great game. I'm positive I'll end up replaying it 3-4 times.
  80. Mar 7, 2012
    About 6hrs in I'm enjoying this game. I'm even using a laptop at lower graphic settings and think the graphics are nice. I went for 9-or 10 because the damned spacebar is used for EVERYTHING. On a PC we have a whole keyboard... Couldn't we have different key bindings for cover and jump?

    As to all the user panning: Shooter fans won't like it because it's too RPG, RPG fans will **** because
    it's too shooter and all those with closet issues will balk at the options for gay/lesbian relationships. It's a hybrid so the first two are unavoidable, but with regards to the last one, unless you're twelve, it's time to grow up. Expand
  81. Mar 7, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a game science fiction game about Star Wars. You play as Captain John Luke Pircard but everybody calls you shepherd for some reason, and you have to kill the grim repars who want to kill everyone in the galaxy. you travel in your spaceship so you can shoot the reaper with your laser guns. One thing i didnt like is that you have to reload your gun because why would you have to reload a laser gun? Overall this game was fun but I give it 6/10 because there are no lightsabers and the klingons look funny Expand
  82. Mar 7, 2012
    This game might be the best game I've ever played. I have no idea why so many people feel the need to give it a 1 the day it came out. The one button for cover/sprint/action can be obnoxious, but the dialogue is amazing and it's the culmination of one of the best video game stories. Ignore all the haters If you liked ME1 and ME2 this game will be the icing on the cake.
  83. Mar 8, 2012
    Just awesome. Fantastic story line, characters. Graphics are top notch. That BioWare gives players the option to choose the sexual orientation of their character is both refreshing and open-minded.
  84. Mar 9, 2012
    A well done conclusion to an excellent series. The ending was clearly not something thought up at the last minute but planned for a long time in advance.
  85. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What I liked: Weapons and Armor choices were good, but no real details on the weapon upgrades before buying and limited to 2 mods didn't make any sense.
    Graphics and Combat improved but overuse of spacebar still a problem, got killed too often for standing when I wanted to crouch
    Squad members have better powers but combat AI is still limited, they can often stand right next to you as you get shot in the back and not do a thing to help - attack/guard commands would be helpful at a bare minimum
    What I really didn't like: (Spoiler Alert)
    Couple of glaring oversights and poor storyline choices: Romanced Tali in ME2 and 3, she was hesitant but ultimately accepted Legion, yet as a respected Quarian Admiral, when faced with the freeing of the Geth, resorts to complete cowardice and suicide? Even with decently high Paragon score, unable to convince anyone otherwise. OK, Geth Alliance, Quarian mass extinction - BUT, later before the final battle, Tali joins me in the Captains Cabin for a last interlude?, or was she a GHOST? but she's dead I'm telling myself... In the end, I chose to detroy Reapers, and with it go all the Mass Relays AND Synthetic life such as the Geth whom I had previously allied. Final movie shows Mass Relays exploding, and sending the Normandy crashing - presumably from all the Tech being destroyed - My argument is this, with All the Synthetic life destroyed, with the Normandy effectively destroyed, WTF is Edi doing walking off the Normandy - what is she if not Synthetic life? With her main systems on the Normandy trashed, she should be non-functional.
    Limited Romance Choices, really wanted to go for the reporter...

    P.S. ME1 was great if a little tiring with all the walking... ME2 was near perfection...
  86. Mar 10, 2012
    Well, what can I say? I´ve finished the game yesterday (endings are ok, btw, romantic in me would have loved to have some blue children with Liara,I´m not angry about them).
    The game itself is almost perfect (some technical bugs, badly written quest log entries...), but that almost there won´t stop me from giving it a 10. Because it´s
    beautifully written, characters are alive and I felt (with my ME1->ME2 imported Shepard) like I was with my best friends. Garrus mission on the Citadel for example is something I will probably never forget. It was... simply brilliant. And don´t listen to some people, who are trying to tell you, that the ME3 is not an RPG. It is, and it´s more an RPG that ME2 was. It has weapon customization, branching skill trees and you´ll be able to DECIDE the fate of the entire species at one point. Role playing is IMHO not about points or stats. It´s about making choices, and interacting with the world. All this all day 1 DLC crap is just that. I wonder what the reaction would have been if the DLC never got released and the content remained a CE exclusive.
    And "autodialog"? There were one or two conversations where the extra wheel wouldn't hurt, but I suspect, that some of the dialog changes based on paragon/renegade points you get along the way. And you still make decisions, interrupts are still there... Conversations were excellent overall. So, to sum up, If you love ME, you already have ME3 and playing it. There is nothing new in it, that would stop you. However, if you don´t know ME, I honestly wouldn't recommend buying ME3. Try to play the entire trilogy on the PC or X360. You´ll experience something truly special.

    And as I said before, my final score: 10 (or 9.75, because it´s the last game, and I won´t see my friends again).
  87. Mar 10, 2012
    I haven't had such an emotional experience from a sci-fi game before, and believe me, I've played quite a few of them. Mass Effect 3 is where everything in ME1 and ME2 falls into place. While not completely perfect, its still one of the best games I've played. Heres a comprehensive breakdown of what I think about the game:

    Its engine is pretty much the same as Mass Effect 2's,
    with a small overall tweak to make everything prettier when it needs to, and bleaker when the situation calls for it. Weapons firing, explosions all have that oomph and everything looks very polished from beginning to the end. It may not have reached the standards that the latest and greatest have, but it still looks very nice. I've noticed a few texture loading issues, but it doesn't detract from the overall experience too much. Lip synch is an occasional issue as well, slightly amplified by the game's focus on dialogue, but really, it doesn't really damage the game all that much.

    I wonder why everyone hates the last 5 minutes. Personally, I thought it was such a powerful and emotional experience. I get that your 'training' didn't matter, but it IS a partial RPG game, not a pure shooter. Anyway, the whole thing was epic, powerful, and got me quite emotionally invested. Unexpected twists in unexpected places that involve unexpected people constantly kept me from being bored, and many situations and repercussions from the first two games kept the nostalgia going. There are some plot points that didn't satisfy me, but these are minor details. The ending was quite unexpected from a game like this, and personally it was quite satisfying. It does however hurt replay value, since it is quite drawn out.

    Bioware seems to have taken the shooter portion of ME3 all the way. Headshots, accuracy, cover.. all the bells and whistles of the modern shooter seems to have found its way into the game. Improved AI made fighting a more interesting experience then before. There are some questionable decisions like rocket troopers and snipers that take your shield down nearly immediately, making it life difficult players who want to charge in and melee everything. The new player skill-centric combat also makes the previously useful allies less effective. Often, the only reason I take a character over another in a mission is because I believed they would have some interesting reaction to the mission (e.g. original cast in a familiar place), or, if there is no such connections, a single ability I would like to use against specific enemies, like Overload against shields. Its still fun, but its less ... Mass Effect, for lack of a better phrase. The improved AI also made some biotic skills really powerful, and some really useless. For example, in my playthrough, Shockwave has become so difficult to hit anything that I stopped leveling it, while Overload, being instant and potentially kills anything with one hit, became really powerful. I really hate the new husks by the way, they're annoying and doesn't give any sense of satisfaction.

    Great music, great sound effects. The orchestral score, with the techy feel, adds to the impact of the whole game. No game quite moved me the way the end of the first sequence did, especially with the emotionally charged music playing. One can find that portion of the game in the free demo, just a quick fyi. Sound effects pack punch, gun fire, lasers, huge ass cannons, grenades, all explode and shoot with the oomph that one expects from a Bioware game. Voices are done very well, with the all star cast performing admirably. There is this odd need where I had to crank my speakers way up, but that might just be my setup.

    I've never really played Horde mode before, so I don't really know what most reviewers are talking about. Anyway, ME3 Multiplayer has you teaming up with three other guys to fight waves after waves of enemies. Your performance is determined as a team, how well you did, with things like not dying as bonuses, headshotting alot, using a certain weapon, etc. Its limited to a single mode, with a bunch of maps. Each wave can consist of different objectives, including kill everything, defend a point, kill specific targets, activate a bunch of nodes. Its not as exciting as a PVP multiplayer, but it entertains for awhile. It has a side goal of increasing Galactic Readiness percentage, which may or may not impact the ending you get. I'm not really sure if its possible to get the best ending without multiplayer, but looking at my own playthrough its a tall order.

    Its not the best game ever made, but it certainly doesn't deserve the 1s and 2s that meta users are giving it. I liked how they took ME1 and 2 decisions into considerations, and it boggles my mind how much data it needed to take into consideration, since I'm a game programmer. In short, its a great last entry to a great trilogy. =)
  88. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the most incredible game that ever I saw. After the final mission, I sh*t bricks. And the saddest thing that Mass Effect has officially completed. Expand
  89. Mar 10, 2012
    Im surprised by the user review of this game. Even though i believe the critic review is normally to high, or "bought out", this game is by no means a 10, but is also by no means a 0-5. It isnt perfect, but its a fun game, the story falls short of the first 2, but the game play is right up there. I think the people giving the low scores are focusing their entire reviews around the few bad things about the game. I had a very enjoyable 30 hours my first time through and i plan to do it again right away! Would recommend this game to all action/rpg fans, and even more so to previous ME fans! Expand
  90. HVB
    Mar 10, 2012
    I actually would only give it 9.5/10 (on account of the somewhat unsatisfactory ending.) This game was as close to a work of art as I've seen thus far, the writing is amazing, and I felt the most important thing- your Shepards relationship with the characters and world- is handled brilliantly and comprehensively. So much focus and attentionw as payed to the conversations.

    It is a shame,
    though hopelessly obvious, to see such numerous low marks are on account of a single gay male sex scene. A scene I might add, that was handled very well, was completely optional and had very obvious leads, and above all- was very romantic and well written, not a porno or anything distasteful. Mass Effect 3 is a brilliant game in all acounts, especially if you are in it for the story as I am. My only criticism would be the ending, which I have a feeling may be resolved entirely in this Mass Effect 4 I keep hearing about.

    This game is a strong contender for game of the year, and should win it for such bold story choices despite raising the ire of the sadly substantial homophobic community.
  91. Mar 10, 2012
    I love playing a story...and that's what I got. AMAZING! All these haters are crying about stats this and that. The game is FUN and that's all there is to it!
  92. Mar 10, 2012
    As a game this is perfectly acceptable. I played it on PC and had very few graphic issues. Joker was kind of weird looking but that was my only problem on that front. The gameplay is like mass effect 2 but better. I enjoyed the gameplay. You can snipe or shotgun and use your powers tactically no matter your class. Its a fun game. I've gone back and played ME1 since getting ME3 and frankly ME1 is comparatively, a slow doddering affair and in modern day terms ugly. While the decisions of the last 2 games don't have the impact I thought they would neither are they irrelevant. Most if not all lose ends are wrapped up and in a satisfactory manner. In fact the only major disappointment was the ending. 7 years of this game and that's how they wrap everything up? This game was good. Whatever else you read, know that it as fun as all getout. But the ending is a nice kick to the balls. Buy it, play it, just don't expect to be leaving it happy. This score is 100% based on the ending. everything else is is worth the price. Expand
  93. Mar 11, 2012
    I had to do an account for posting here to do some justice. Best from the series and and top 3 best games ever played. Took a lot of guts for Bioware to end it like this. It is a masterpiece. I can remotely understand why it got this score so far, users from US couldn't grasp the poetic approach in the end. Probably the fact that last stand is in London didn't help as the game was launched first in the US and the regular end US user may be used more with "Independence day" movie approach than something like this. Where the american hero saves the day, the earth and the galaxy. Didn't seen any "terrible animation and graphic issues" though but you gotta whine about something no ? Should have give it 9.8 because for some lack of polish in the dreams and because i am disappointed they cut it off so clearly at the end - no mass effect 4 folks - be happy about it - your winnings will be "rewarded" - you will not have to support another "bad" game from Bioware in mass effect universe. Lets hope that once Europe will start reviewing the score will go up as it deserves. We are too spoiled. Hat off, thumbs up for Bioware. Expand
  94. Mar 11, 2012
    There are so many people who claim that this game was a huge letdown from two because the RPG elements are even further gone. After playing this game for about 10 hours, i can say that in my opinion, that is a gigantic load of crap. The choices for equip-able armor are more true to the ones of mass effect with their brand names, the weapon upgrade system is much better now, seeing as they actually have upgrades instead of some **** computer and the need to scan planets to gather resources. Some of the characters, like James , are undeveloped but can you really blame the guy? He came in on the last game of a fully established trilogy. As for the story, yes, compared to mass effect 1 it is dumbed down but compared to mass effect 2 it is much better. I enjoyed mass effect 2 because of the game-play, not because of the story. In ME 3 you are tasked with journeying around the galaxy and creating a united banner under which to combat the reapers in the final showdown. Compared to the ME2 plot line of get some random mother **** to travel to their possible death with you, its a lot better.

    As for other elements, i love the challenge ME3 brings. in ME2 you could stand behind cover and trow warp at people and never get hurt. ME3 brings a much greater challenge. It requires players to actually use strategy rather than sit behind an impenetrable wall for years. The combat mechanics are much more refined than 2 and the return of grenades is a very welcome mechanic. Overall, ME3 deserves around an 8.5 where ME1 would receive a 9.75 and ME2 would receive an 8 just to give you an idea of where i stand. Its not GOTY material but ME3 is a good game that deserves at least one play-through. As for its shortcomings, which are by no means non-existent, blame the EA devil that is turning the gaming industry into a corporate machine rather than a place where creative developers meet to make something amazing and unique, not BioWare.
  95. Mar 11, 2012
    Absolutely stunning game. Best of the trilogy. I started off not liking the first Mass Effect, but really enjoyed the second. The third is even better still, with extremely high production values.
  96. Mar 11, 2012
    If this was a stand alone game, no one would care. But fact of the matter is, it's the conclusion of an epic trilogy, and it just fails. The ending is SO BAD it actually retroactively makes ME1 and ME2 worse. It is now a spectacle show like MW3, BF3, GoW3 and so on. It's a cash cow. And for a series like Mass Effect, we - the fans - expected more. But no. Bioware is dead. It was a fun ride, we will try to remember you for what you were, not like you are now with ME3 and DA2.

    From Ashes is SUCH an important story for all ME fans, it should have been included with all new versions of the game. It's now clearly a case of "lets make as much money we can from this series before we kill it".

    And it was killed. Hard. The ending of ME3 is probably the worst in any game ever. It could and should have been so good. But it sucks so much. The people that made ME1 and ME2 can not have seen this, they would not have allowed it.
  97. Mar 11, 2012
    This is by far some of the worst story telling I've experienced. This is EXACTLY on the level of the writing of The Phantom Menace. Except with an added bonus: Massive amounts of sexual frustration from the writers.
    This game (NOT JUST THE ENDING, YOU ARE DRONES IF YOU THINK JUST THE ENDING IS FLAWED) is the epitome of lazy writing, and a lack of critical thinking.
  98. Mar 11, 2012
    This game was great. Story, companions, quests... everything! Until the last 15-20 minutes. Ending destroyed all of our achievements... All our choices from ME 1 & 2 resulted in this? How can that be even possible??? My last hope is that you intentionally did such an ending and we will see something "interesting" soon... sigh
  99. Apr 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After finishing the game, I do have to say that the ending was good and bad. It really struck home in the emotional aspect but the fact that there's no way to save Shepard and that fact that all three endings are identical besides some colors and graphics overlays, makes me disappointed. It also seems like NOTHING I did throughout the game really had any effect on the ending. All that time spent gathering resources and military strength didn't really do anything except unlock ending options. I still loved the entire game but it definitely could have been better. Expand
  100. Mar 12, 2012
    How do you review a great game with a terrible ending? Ultimately, I think you review it the same way you would review a great movie with a terrible ending. The climax shapes the experience, and in this case the climax shapes how you experience and remember the previous hundred or so hours you may have invested in this series. I will not spoil anything, but after finishing Mass Effect 3 I have no desire to play it a second time. I have no desire to play any DLC. I don't even want to go back and play Mass Effect 1 or Mass Effect 2 again. The ending (there's really only one!) is just that bad. It has soured how I experience what was previously my favorite series of games in the last 10 years. In a little under 10 minutes, EA BioWare has taken all the joy out of the Mass Effect setting. I did not think that would be possible.

    I don't think we "deserve" a better ending. Even if we get one, the damage is done. This is the story they shipped. This is what they felt was a good end to the series. They have failed as writers, developers, and storytellers and their review score should reflect that. I can't, in good conscience, give this a 0/10 or a 1/10 - because there are moments in the game that I will remember fondly. But I will still always think of this as a "below average" game due to the ending.
  101. Sep 13, 2012
    ME2 was something of a downgrade to ME1 and ME3 even more so. A sorry attempt to conclude the narrative, gameplay is basically more of the same with a few redundant character developments. Character developments that do occur mean **** all, detracting much from the role play value. the redundant 3 choice system at the end also negates much of the games replayability. Recommend the game only for ME nerds that feel the need to complete the franchise narrative for brovado's sake. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 23
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 23
  3. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.