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  1. Oct 3, 2012
    I loved both Mass Effect games that came before this one. I kept saves all the way from 1 through 2. After finishing Mass Effect 3 I understand why people are upset. I thought "Bioware won't let me down" I wanted to see this trilogy through to the end. I got to the end and it didn't matter, because there are no differences between the endings.
  2. Jun 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Promises broken. The entire experience of the 3 games is destroyed by the end. It feels as if EA forced them to remove the true ending and put this ending in to force-fit a 4th game. I predict a Mass Effect 4. . .and I will not buy it. Expand
  3. Apr 27, 2013
    4 I wish I could have seen this before purchasing ME3.

    Personally, I was a loyal follower of the ME franchise since a year or so after the first game came out. I watched as a high-quality RPG turned into a fun storytelling-driven shooter hybrid. I enjoyed both of the first two games, but worried that Bioware may have been taking too many
    creative liberties with game play design. After DA2 became a malignant tumor on the whole DA franchise, I worried that marketing was steering video games toward a more obviously profit-driven path. I enjoyed seeing some of my favorite characters in ME3, but having the entire series to compare the game to I felt disappointed and wished I hadn't purchased it before it's price plummeted. The game screams linearity, entire plot lines promised to have wildly different conclusions were railroaded and some of the characters with strong convictions pulled a 180 in the (choo-choo) 6-month mandated shore leave Shep was put on after Arrival (whether or not it was even played). James Vega was chosen by Bioware, knowing fewer squad mates would be included in this game, to accommodate newer players and have someone dumber than them on the Normandy. 17% of your squad is new, has no clue what's going on, and was included solely for first-time players; It really sends a message to those who have played the game for 5+ years (notice Vega wasn't made DLC; he must have either been considered more 'essential' than a Prothean by the devs or EA thought nobody would buy it). A broken journal system ensures players will constantly be wondering whether they scanned the right section of space for an item or have yet to drop it off to the NPC on the citadel who's conversation Shep overheard (these are laughably called 'side missions'). After you're confused by wtf just happened after the endings, you can buy all the answers in DLC form for $10 in Leviathan. This game is complete rubbish without the answers in that DLC pack (and even so, the plot further devolves into a joke). What's worst of all for me: this game makes me feel embarrassed for all the recommendations I gave out for the series after ME1 and ME2. I know I've personally brought 6 friends into the Mass Effect world, and only one of them enjoyed the "experience" of ME3. The rest still joke about the endings over a year past the game's release, and according to much of the polling done the majority of the fan base feels the same way. After this debacle, I won't be making that mistake with Bioware products again. Expand
  4. Feb 6, 2013
    In my mind, Mass Effect 3 is flawless. The combat is rich and solid, the story is the best I've ever encountered, the characters leave such a raw, visceral sense of emotion that I actually teared up on a few occasions. There is no other game that is such a complete package. The endings were well written and fantastically executed. This is how you make games. BioWare have touched the sky here and there is no turing away from such a well written and well made game Expand
  5. Sep 28, 2013
    Disappointment, is the word I would sum this game up with. Mass Effect 3, being a last game in a ME trilogy abandons most of the things that made Mass Effect 1 or 2 so successful.
    The story of this game, revolving around a mysterious alien device nobody knows anything about is full of plotholes and irrationalities. The gameplay is an improved version of Mass Effect 2, which still abandons
    most of RPG qualities as it's predecessor did. If that wasn't bad enough, Bioware decided to strip the player out of choices and if there is any they consequences are very similar making the choice itself meaningless. The characters and the world respond to every dialogue option in a very similar way making the whole Paragon/Renegade morality system totally worthless.
    While a player can import a save from the Mass Effect 2, he/she have to be aware that it doesn't make much of a difference, as possibly dead characters from Mass Effect 2 are replaced on the spot with another new/old character without any noteworthy consequence.
    There is no choice which mission you want to do, unlike in Mass Effect 1/2, here you just jump from one main mission to the other, linearly going forward to maybe the most disappointing ending in history of videogames.
    Bad writing, lack of logic, lack of choices and consequences means that this game isn't what it is advertised to be. Add annoying control scheme on PC and you have one of the worst game I have ever played and certainly the most disappointing one.
    Only redeeming quality of this game is it's soundtrack.
    Overall, 2/10 stay away.
  6. Jul 22, 2013
    I played this game a long time ago but just decided to come back and reflect. I thought the gameplay was good. But the best thing about this game was the atmosphere. It felt crushing at all times. I felt that there was no time and all would be lost, so I had to try something. I could really get into the mood of this game and I thought the ending reflected ME3's atmosphere as a whole perfectly. I think this game has had one of the best storylines in a game yet. The most important thing to me was the music combined with the few glimpses of light and hope spending time with those close to the protagonist. This game shows to me how creating a coherent structure for atmosphere can make for a unique, amazing and touching experience. I understand that this came at a cost of some features, but I still loved it. I also felt the game series had matured to beyond the black and white. I understand that the younger audience might find this annoying. I loved it. Finding an answer to all the questions after all that, would've been the definition of anticlimax. I find myself listening to "Leaving Earth" from time to time and it can take me through my journey at any time. Expand
  7. Jul 2, 2013
    I just don't understand why this magnificent game has received so many negative reviews.Just because people are not satisfied with the ending(which I found very satisfying-Play the game with the EXTENDED CUT DLC-then it would make sense),it doesn't mean that this isn't a good game. In fact this series the one of the GREATEST GAME TRILOGIES ever made.Please don't undervalue this game just because the game didn't end the way you wanted(No Offense). Expand
  8. Jul 5, 2013
    I can completely understand where people are coming from when they say they hated this game because of it's ending and whatnot, but what you can't ignore is the fact that until that point, the game was incredible. Seeing the characters from that past two games and even having a couple of them join your crew again brings great feelings of nostalgia and while I admit, the 'space bar to do everything' concept was quite poor, the reason I play Mass Effect was for the intricate storyline and the lovable characters, not the gameplay. The basic cover shooting mechanics and the games ending stopped this from getting a 10, but, in my opinion, it's still one of the greatest gaming series of all time, and I can't wait to see what Bioware gives us with the next instalment. Expand
  9. Jun 2, 2014
    It's mediocre as a movie but complete fails as a game. It's the kind of game where I would rather the game just play itself and I watch (twice - once good guy, once bad guy). There is no real freedom, you are on a railroad, and now and then there is a fork (a choice)... but usually the game designer has decided that some choices are less valid than others and will punish you for making them, basically forcing their moral world view on you. And the rhyme and reason of it is quite irrational - the game rewards you for picking fights with strangers doing things the designers expect you to disapprove of, but punishes you for not committing genocide of the last of some ant creature. It's fitting that it has such a bad ending, because the entire thing was bad. Most levels offer no freedom of movement, you are funneled by invisible walls, and have fixed objections that you must complete. Which might be right for a racing car game, but not in what is suppose to be an 'adventure' game... an 'adventure' game where you are not free to actually adventure. It fails as an adventure game because of the lack of freedom, and it fails as an action game because of the lack of depth to the combat... leaving the player with nothing rewarding except a mediocre story that the game demands you jump through hoops to see. I didn't play it through, I watched what I missed on YouTube. Expand
  10. Aug 9, 2012
    I think it's absorlutly unfair, to give Mass Effect 3 a score under seven, simply based on the ending. Mass Effect 3 is like the other games in the series, an amazing game! Everything that leads up to the ending, is superb, every mission is fantastik, the graphics is fantastik, the characters, the environments, just superb. The ending was patched up by the extendet cut DLC, but yes .. its still not as great as i would have liked, but its definitely acceptable now. The multiplayer is also pretty good. I personatlly play Mass Effect for the single-player, but the multiplayer is a nice feature when you have completed the game, and just need some more Mass Effect.
    All in all, Mass effect 3 is a great game, which is absorlutly worth buying.
  11. Oct 13, 2012
    I played the demo and I'm very disappointed. I would play this game if one of the following were not true: (1) Same graphics; What was very advanced in 2007 (ME1) par in 2010 (ME2) is now simply sub-par in 2012. (2) I like to sit back with a logi/xbox360 style controller. A keyboard, while very good, can limit you in certain situations. While many games released in the past 2 years have instant support for controllers, this game has none. (3) Same engine. ME2 was a great game but I struggled to finish due to the robotic engine. The great story, art, music and characters kept me playing through the bland game. Adding a halo-blade animation to your punch and changing health to blocks instead of bars doesn't change the gameplay. My skills were 90% exactly the same as the last game! (4) horrid user score; from what people are saying, this is a big ME2 expansion, not a $60 new game. Oh Bioware, how far you have fallen. Expand
  12. Mar 10, 2012
    As a shooter, ME3 is passable. Not amazing, but passable. The trouble is we were all told that role playing aspects would be put back in from what ME2 turned out to be. They weren't. Not really. You get binary choices that have very little bearing on anything. You won't get a different game by making different choices. You won't even get a noticeably different combat playstyle by making different choices. Basically what happened is Bioware dumbed down the amazing Mass Effect 1 into very little more than a pure shooter. Then they figured if they just throw a couple of dialogue trees and weapon mods back in, then they can appease fans of the original. As is, there's maybe enough here to warrant a playthrough, but you shouldn't feel like you're missing much by waiting to get it used. Expand
  13. Apr 11, 2012
    I think a lot of the user reviews here are unfair. Yes, the game has some surprisingly nasty technical issues. For one mission, Garrus disappeared for about 20-30 minutes. Sadly, he was integral to the mission, so characters kept turning to talk to him, but there was nobody there. Much of the time I couldn't hear what he was supposed to be saying. Also, there are tracking issues during conversations. They tried to make the characters turn to face the current speaker, but this mostly just confuses them when there's more than one speaker. The most hilarious was when Liara's helper bot flew by during a conversation, and Shepard flipped out. He started thrashing about with his eyes rolled back in his head. Reminded me of the Exorcist.

    I'm not convinced the ending was bad, but I don't think it was very explicit about how your choices impacted the ending. Looking around online I found the ending thresholds, so it turns out it does matter what you do. It's just hard to directly see the impacts. The different endings are apparently pretty similar.

    The technical issues are my main gripe. I would say I still liked this better than the first Mass Effect but less than the second. I did not find it as disappointing as Dragon Age 2. I feel like people are comparing Mass Effect 3 to some ideal of what they hoped the game would be instead of comparing the game to its peers. Comparing the game to its peers shows that it some things well. It's a beautiful game graphically, and I enjoyed the cameos from throughout the series and seeing how choices I made came back to affect the third game.
  14. Mar 8, 2012
    I've only been playing for five hours and I'm hooked. SP is fantastic -- the plot, dialogue, visual effects, leveling, fighting -- and MP looks promising too. All the meaningless 0 scores this game suffers on Metacritic -- just ignore them. I played around 200 hours between ME and ME2, I've played KOTOR, I've played DAO and DA2, I'm a lover of the FPS of Crysis and the legendary RPG series, Diablo 2. This game easily trumps them all. Especially if you're a lover of the lore because you've played through the earlier games in the series. Don't cheat yourself. Buy the first one and play it through, then the second, then the third. They're all excellent and I can't think of a more compelling universe ever made -- Star Wars only gets props because it was first (and Middle Earth too, of course). And ME3 will still be around 100 hours of gameplay afterward when you've properly prepared yourself for it, to enjoy it for all it's worth. Expand
  15. Mar 7, 2012
    Very sad for a once great company.
    Bad dialog
    Using sprites for background characters
    Can't import faces from ME1
    The ending is literally copy/paste from Deus Ex
    Tali's face is a bad photoshop from a models website
    The vast majority of the time there are only 2 dialog options
    The list goes on

    It really is quite pathetic
  16. Mar 6, 2012
    It breaks my heart to see such a series go down the tubes. I would label Mass Effect 1 as one of my favorite games but I just feel so alienated by this game that I just don't what to think anymore. Day 1 DLC, stock images copied, animations, textures, clunky story... I... just no. I refuse to believe this game exists.
  17. Mar 8, 2012
    Don't be fooled, use your brain and think: Why would the "critics" all like this game but most of the public hates it? Easy answer: Either said critics are on EAs payroll or they fear the future repercussions from EA (no interviews/early copies) if they give it a bad review. These sorts of things happen in the vidya industry, the bigger the publisher, the more likely it is to happen.

    Awkward animations, hamfisted dialogue, 2008 graphics, cheap plot mechanics, recasting much-loved's like Bioware went out of their way to make this game horrible. Also don't forget the NO HOLSTERING and the excuse given for it: "we ran out of memory" LOL! They ran out of memory on the ps3 version ONLY, they could've EASILY put holstering in the 360 or PC version but decided to keep the shortcoming, if that doesn't scream INCOMPETENCE, I don't know what does...

    I can understand the urge to finish off the story after you saved your ME2 save file for months now but whatever you do, DON'T PAY FOR THIS GAME, otherwise you're telling Bioware that a half-assed effort is okay.
  18. Mar 17, 2012
    Lack of player agency is the theme of this game. Between all the reduced roleplaying options and scripted combat events, you'll get constant cutscene killed by enemies as though they're the dragonborn. Then there's every time they bring out Kai Leng, a book antagonist, and you get to watch Shepard flop around, not use any biotic or tech powers you may actually have, and generally be terrible until Leng leaves. This is how Bioware does a recurring antagonist. I felt more like I was reading a book about Kai Leng than playing a game about Shepard every time they trot this guy out. Expand
  19. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 had me laughing, crying and truly entertained for 35 hours. It deserves recognition for pulling all those emotions out of a player, and to do it so consistently. The action and continuing romance of the series blew my mind. The developers listened to its fans when improving these two aspects of the game. My Love Interest (Liara) was so well written, and the time that her and Shepard did have together was meaningful. Playing this trilogy has been an honour and I hope Bioware continues creating titles that span numerous games like they did with Shep because after a span of 3 games, I felt like I really knew those NPCs and I was emotionally invested.

    Bioware also has a special place in my heart for creating same-sex characters and they will always have my respect for making that happen with a high-quality story.

    Day 1 DLC? I don't care. Bioware makes the kind of games that I want to play, and if they create more content, I will gladly pay for that content.
  20. Mar 18, 2012
    ME3 was a genuinely enjoyable experience as far as games go. I prize control freedom above most other attributes of a game, and Bioware has nearly perfected the combat controls with this final edition of the series. I rarely felt as if my character was getting hung up on walls or doing things that I wasn't commanding it to do. ME3 is going to define the RPG/Shooter hybrid genera going forward. In terms of gameplay, there is nothing to dislike about ME3. The game is at least as big as ME2 and the stunning graphics and audio really pull you into the universe. There is absolutely no reason that this game doesn't deserve a solid 10/10... if you were to consider only the game-side of ME3. The only reason why I'm giving the game an 8/10 is because I, like many others, didn't really appreciate the story's flustered conclusion. I don't expect RPG's to read like an Orson Scott Card novel, but the end of Mass Effect was truly one of the most disappointing endings of any book series that I've read or any game series that I've played in recent years. The ending felt rushed, poorly imagined, and anticlimactic.. It didn't give me the feeling of accomplishment that a 5-year long trilogy probably should have given. The ending also pens (in neon ink, underlined, and in bold) the penultimate closure to the series. It's difficult to imagine Bioware trying to create a new story arc around ME3's ending, which tells me that they want to ditch the franchise entirely, which frankly would make zero sense from a business point of view. Anyway... all of this shouldn't scare you away from the game. ME3 is absolutely worth playing, and I highly recommend it. Expand
  21. Mar 13, 2012
    I don't understand what people are talking about. Granted, it is a bit depressing but the best entry in the series. There is so much to it. And the ending isn't disappointing as people are pointing it out. In fact, it was a very suiting one! Don't listen to people, they are nuts!
  22. Mar 13, 2012
    Another great story from the folks at bioware, tons of new things to do and places to explore. A couple weird looking animations that can be obnoxious but do not take away from game play or storyline. as for METACRITIC, the site has gone to the trolls that give every game they can a 0 and most likely don't even own the game.
  23. Mar 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game overall plays like mass effect 2 basically, which is a good thing.

    I felt less impressed by the story, they were so many blanks... For example, when the reapers take the Citadel to planet earth to protect. It doesn't say what happened to all the people on the Citadel. Sure you go up later, and see lots of dead bodies, but are they the bodies harvested from planet earth? sure the resources of C-SEC with the resources i collected and authorized could of hold out better.

    Also how the hell did Udina become council man, I chose anderson at the end of mass effect 1. He was also council man on mass effect 2, when i imported saves. I imported saves to mass effect 3 but Udina is council man.

    I didn't like how mass effect started as-well house arrest for blowing a balterian relay or something (must be mass effect 2 DLC which in my opinion DLC always seemed like a rip off... Sure the expansion pack (Awakenings) was good for Dragon Age:Origins as it was like a true game, but DLC it seems like $$$ for a simple weapon or something, or another character with one short quest that costs 1/3 of the original game price)

    The fuel and scanning planets things was boring in my opinion, and they butchered by ship, with so called improvements... I had 1500 fuel on mass effect 2, in mass effect 3 it's 1000. I also had awesome particle beam leasers that ripped through the Collectors easily, and great Shielding.

    The ending was worse of all, it didn't even feel like an ending, just a cheap cut off. I choose Synthesis option. Great the reapers leave earth.. I suppose everyone part machine, part biological..

    You see the normandy travelling through the cortex of a mass relay with your crew, another hole in the story... Where the hell are they off to with my crew, whilst they was a big battle on earth and around.

    I romanced Ashley in my play-through. you see joker, edi and ashley walk off Normandy. No conclusions except joker, is part synthesis. I wanted to see wide spread celebrators, like on star wars movies when they blew up the darkstar and defeated the empire. Call me egotistical but i wanted some recognition. I unknown to others sacrificed myself to save the Galaxy. I don't see peoples reactions, especially by crew members past or present. I wanted to see their reactions, See Garrus have that drink on mem others sad and happy then moving on with their lives. Thats my view on things.
  24. Mar 17, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is promoted by its publisher as a shooter game,while Mass Effect 1 was promoted as an RPG.Many RPG elements are absent in this game,and any improvement done is on the battle/shooter department.That was something I didn't liked,as I also didn't liked the fact that the actual places you can visit are fewer,the actual dialogues you can have with people are fewer,and the gameplay variety of this game is also shorter.While ME3 is the most linear of all the games in the series,it was bearable enough up until the end.I didn't had enough fun as I had with ME1 and ME2 while playing ME3,because many elements that I liked from past games were absent or in very short quantities in this one.
    While the actual battles aren't as predictable and annoying as in past game of the series,the fact that most quests in this game have battles tacked on gets them repeatitive and boring after an amount of time,and I ended up feeling that the game's gameplay was a chore I had to do just to see what happens in the end.So I played it up until the end expecting a great finale and to see how the game would evaluate my decisions and gameplay,by seeing what kind of ending I would get.
    The ending wasn't what I expected.I could deal with a not so happy ending,but this goes beyond that.
    The game ends without showing me what happened to the main characters of the plot and the universe. I didn't saw anybody's reactions to the decision the main protagonist,Shepard took. I didn't saw how their lives changed,what happened in anybody's life after the final event of the story.The game ends in a way that makes whatever Shepard accomplished in all 3 games to be rendered absolutely useless,and the player is left to wonder if it was even worth it taking all these decisions or not,and eventually destroying the Reapers or not,and actually if it was even worth it doing all that things that happened,and playing through 3 games to achieve them.
    I can't say I enjoyed or had fun with this game as with the rest of the series.
    Mass Effect 1 was like finding an airport full of various airplane models you could fly and got me all excited.Mass Effect 2 was like a lift off,like actually flying one of those planes,and it drove my enthusiasm to the hights of the skies.Mass Effect 3 was the landing,and a rough one where you realise that something went wrong,and you get to smash on to the ground with your face.
    While as a series it was one of my best ever until before ME3,I decided that the best thing to do is to forget ME3 ever existed.Shepard's story closes with the worst possible way it could close.Everything turns out to be futile,and the universe I loved so much by playing the first two games of the series got damaged so bad,it wouldn't make sense to make a new game with it.In the last minutes of this game Bioware destroyed every reason I had to do whatever I was doing in the games of the series,which also devastated any replay value the whole trilogy could have,by killing the motives a player might had to replay these games.This is sad.Sadder than the actual ending.
  25. Mar 26, 2012
    Zero because the game was broken out of the box. I can't save the game period! So I have replayed the intro/up to the mars stage of the game 4 times now, and it is awful. Terrible unskippable cinematics. I can't even start playing the game further to rate it. So it gets a zero. The action so far is terrible, and the story is again lame and unskippable. I just have to sit there banging the keyboard hoping to find a way to skip, so I can see if my latest troubleshoot to make the save games work is working. 5 tries over 4 hours and no luck yet. Thanks for the headache Origin. Having to use Origin the wannabe steam, is the final nail in the coffin. Bye bye $60 i'll never see you again, all I can do is leave this nasty review. Saaaaaad. Way to end the series Bioware. Some conclusion. The conclusion is the Devs and EA skulking away with my money on a product that never worked. Now off to Amazon to warn the others... Expand
  26. Jun 11, 2012
    The ending is ridiculously bad. Don't even start if you are a Mass Effect fan.. So disappointing.. This game is not RPG, its Action. Do not buy it. once great series, ruined by a once great company. Now both are garbage. Don't buy this. Don't give bioware any money, don't support what they are doing to gaming.
  27. Mar 7, 2012
    Jesus, this game is such a total letdown. Glad me and my friends bought only one copy to try it out. The graphics is dated and badly made. Low res textures. Bad animations. Music - I guess it depends on your style, but for me it was below average. The gameplay was retarded at best. Press space to do this, press space to do that. God I have more then one button on my keyboard for christs sake. You can only do things in specific moments and then you have to press space, so no reason to press space otherwise. It is more of an interactive movie then a game. Story - Jeebez how retarded incapable and completely fantasy-retarded do you have to be to write this drivel. Every self respecting author would jump off the bridge before he would write something like this. Generally, the only thing you see is that if you pay the official reviewers, they will give you a high score. That is it. I am so so extremely sorry this game I awaited with such high expectations underperformed in every possible way. Please save yourselves the trouble and do not buy it. There are better games, Deus Ex for one or even the previous MEs. Expand
  28. Mar 6, 2012
    Possibly the worst game of the century. Seriously this a joke. It makes me sick to think how EA will just milk the casual crowd and not realize how bad their game was. It was made in less then a year. The story is predictable, the graphics are filthy and muddy looking. Its beyond a joke.

    EA stop paying reviewers its not gonna save a terrible game.
  29. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. With regard to the ending, I completely agree Ross Lincoln on Gamefronts article called Mass Effect 3 Ending-Hatred: 5 Reasons The Fans Are Right. It is a fantastic article and the only negative comment from an established media site I have yet seen.

    The many hours prior to the final one are really very enjoyable. I was close to completing everything in the game on the first play through that was available, barring a few non-combat side quests.

    The combat remains the same as ME2 but sped up a great deal. The cover system remains quite clunky where you sometimes get in cover, sometimes just do a diving roll against a wall and stand up again but it is not that bigger deal. You will probably only die by going too far ahead too quickly and getting flanked, where due to the very rigid but effective combat system you are reliant on enemies being in only one direction.

    The acting, story and missions are everything you would expect from the series, which to me means a high standard. Legion and Thaneâ
  30. Mar 15, 2012
    There is a strange, unseemly trend developing on the Metacritic site when it comes to games reviews, and it's extremely conspicuous. It seems any title that develops something of a following (namely, franchises such as this one) will result in such extremely polarised reviews and ratings (typically with extraordinarily vague or unfounded assertions) with one half asserting that the game is quite simply something heavenly, whilst the other half express that the game has basically ruined their lives. Maybe this sentiment is closer to truth - the lives of those who express such outrageous venom for games that don't meet their (usually pretty unreasonable) expectations must be pretty much over from the start. Regardless, ignoring the idiocy of nerd-rage and coming back to the case at hand: Mass Effect 3. I completed my first play through today and so now I feel reasonably qualified to comment. I've been a fan of the series since Mass Effect originally appeared on Xbox, and have since played both the first two games on 360 and subsequently on PC, and now the final installment on PC from the get-go. I've played these games extensively, and have taken great enjoyment in exploring their finer details. None of the games are perfect, but then none of them are identical - each has it's own identity and that is something I am very grateful for. The first in the series had more in common with Biowares classic Knights of the Old Republic, with a rather rubbery combat system that was borrowing heavily if vaguely from Gears of War (reasonably new at the time), to great effect. The RPG elements were effective if occasionally too sprawling for their own good, issues largely addressed in Mass Effect 2, and then also replaced with all new (again, relatively minor) complaints. The issues that came with Mass Effect 2 are again largely well addressed in Mass Effect 3, but at a compromise. The narrative is arguably more streamlined in the third game, but this suits the story exactly - as Mass Effect was a game of exploration, Mass Effect 2 a game of intrigue and darkness, Mass Effect 3 is a game of the horrors of war, the realities of post traumatic stress disorder, the despair of losing friends and the uncertainty of success. At no point during the game was I ever convinced that things were going to go well - an ending I wouldn't be disappointed with so much as perhaps saddened by, in the tradition of games more like Silent Hill 2 rather than your average gung-ho shooter. I was anxious about failing. Success wasn't an eventuality, a guarantee, as it wasn't in ME2 either - you could lose your colleagues all too easily, and they would never come back once they were gone. There is a brutal absolutism in this universe that mirrors our own, and it's uncomfortable and refreshing all at once, because rarely is such a concept really approached so clearly and executed so well in a game. Sure enough, other games may casually kill off central characters, but rarely do you have much emotional investment in them. With this cast, they've been with you for a long time by this point, you've shared a lot of experiences, a lot of character development, a lot of choices. At one point in the game, I had to make a choice, the consequences of which were both tactically sound but also morally reprehensible. Did I make the right choice? Yes, because so much is at stake. Everything is at stake. And this translates from the moment the game starts until it's extraordinary ending sequences. I've seen a number of negative responses to the "ending" (note, there are at least three distinct endings available, though I have only seen one so far) - certainly, the one I chose (and that is a slight disappointment, in as much as it was the case in Deus Ex: Human Revolution - pick your button) was unusual, but in fact quite extraordinary and fascinating and entirely in line with the truly epic scale of the Mass Effect universe, but also reflective of the more cerebral literary and cinematic roots in science fiction that the developers have drawn from (there is more than bit of Arthur C. Clarke in the games' DNA, and that is no bad thing).

    There is little else I wish to talk about. The functional elements, the combat, navigation, are all excellent. The cover system is occasionally problematic, but not in a way that ruins the game in any way. The co-operative multiplayer is very enjoyable and although I have low opinion of EA for using 'Day One DLC' in any title, the quality of the content is such that whilst it's not so much 'forgiven', it is largely irrelevant. It should have been included for everyone, because it's too important to miss. Most elements are improved upon, some are more consistent with the previous game - likely more down to the continuous nature of the games - so there are fewer massive leaps in terms of visuals than some people may expect. Not to say anything is lacking, however, because frankly, there isn't.
  31. Mar 6, 2012
    Oh how the mighty have fallen. If you're one of the following, or a combination of all three: a newcomer to the series; someone who doesn't like roleplaying games; someone who prefers shooters like Gears of War or CoD; Go give this game a 9.5/10, it was made specifically for you. If you're someone who was a fan of the ME1 franchise since the first one, enjoyed the fantastic and witty writing, the dialogue choices and essentially what was a perfect hybrid of shooter and RPG mechanics, rate this game somewhere in the 1-3/10 region. There is also a huge lack of polish, animations are absolutely terrible and glitchy. voice acting is unbelievably bad, the lead writer, Mac Walters, is f*cking crap at his job and should be sacked. Graphics are very low quality. Skyboxes are a joke to look at, just a muddy pixelated mess Iooks more at home in the original Half-Life1, low res textures are buried under excessive amounts of shadow and poor contrast settings that can't be changed, space bar does EVERYTHING. Choices in the past game mean almost nothing, which is contrary to what was advertised. And now, the autodialog. Shepard just talks for ages on end, with absolutely no input from the player. This isn't YOUR Shep you play, it is something else. Shep often says dickish things I didn't want him to, so and there's only 2 choices of dialog now, not 3-4 from the previous games. One good and one bad. It's like we're being treated as retards, it's insulting. I give it a 2/10, and that's generous. Expand
  32. Mar 6, 2012
    Great game. I hardly buy games on the first day, only on a rare exceptions, and this is one of them. The trilogy is one of the best (if not the best) in a Sci-Fi story driven video game. Intriguing story line, that gets deeper and deeper (the best way to experience the full effect , is by playing the games in sequence). You will feel the story and identify with the characters. Just play them, you won't be dissaponted. To those haters having issues with the DLC in day one, well.... don't buy it, pretend it doesn't exists, and it in like..6 months? LOL Expand
  33. Mar 22, 2012
    Bioware should be ashamed of themselves. This ending was inexcusable. The Deus ex machina explanation for the Reapers and how the Catalyst justified their desruction as a way to save organic's from their own tendencies of destroying themselves was nothing short of ridiculous. Its circular writing, logic and reasoning wrapped into one.

    Let me be clear. 99% of this game is an absolute
    masterpiece. But the end was so god awful that it actually undermined the brilliance of the entire series. Two things pissed me off in Mass Effect 3, the non-existant closure of the ending, and non-reveal of Tali's face (there was a photo.. but come on) .

    Both are inexcusable, and the ending is pathetic. Personally, Bioware, and its Reaper puppeteer should give its consumers FREE ENDING DLC to try and redeem themselves. I already paid around $200 for all three Mass Effect games including numerous dlc packages. Bioware and EA owe their consumers a decent ending with some closure to the characters, planets and races I've come into contact these past 5 years. Bioware should ashamed. TO SHAME!!!!
  34. Mar 8, 2012
    this game is brilliant, good graphics and story,all those complaining really dislike pc gaming or gaming as a whole, this game from the very start grips you and even if it is more action oriented, the rpg elements are here and there to add depth to player development , good game. dont miss it , im enjoying it, the same way i enjoyed 1 and 2, if you liked batman arkham city , deus ex 3 , dead space 2 and the like , you are gonna enjoy this. Expand
  35. Mar 6, 2012
    I bought this game thinking it was going to be Pokemon White. However when I opened this game it was in fact Mass Effect 3.

  36. Mar 7, 2012
    Now we all have good reason to buy Used Games again. I'll wait until the price drops to compensate for the DLC. I mean really....A Prothean Member which for some of us long time players is almost a must have and slap in the face at the same time, and Eden Prime return for 10$?!?!? Really!?!?! Really?!?!
  37. Mar 8, 2012
    Oh my. Where to start? As badly burned as I was by SW:TOR, my wife bought this for me anyway. I think it was a mistake. Day one, I install the thing just because I love Mass Effect and decide to give EAWare one more chance. As soon as I load my save carried over from ME and ME2, my Shepard's face DOESN'T EVEN PORT OVER CORRECTLY! Are you kidding me? The cornerstone of the ME series, your choices carry over doesn't even get past the freaking FIRST TIME I see my Shepard? WTF? Yeah, your choices come across but we haven't tested jack s***.

    Day one DLC for $10 featuring something pivotal to the series...yeah, no thanks.

    Bioware's actions in the last few months are the biggest letdown in my long history of gaming. Good riddance, and I hope your company dies a very rapid and painful death.
  38. Mar 6, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the latest installment of Bioware
  39. Mar 7, 2012
    If you're a fan of the Mass Effect series, you'll be disappointed by this third installment and I'll just note the things cons straight away:

    -Having the multiplayer or co-op tied to the outcome of your single player campaign ending (DRM) therefore forcing you to play multiplayer just to get the best single player endings.
    -Absolute rubbish ending for the series, and there's no after
    story narrative either.
    -Having to pay extra money just to get a DLC that should have been free in the game at the first place since it has essential information and part of the plot for the game.

    Those are just few of the many other things that makes this a total disappointment for me and about everyone else, I just feel cheated and betrayed by Bioware and EA, want my money back.
  40. Mar 11, 2012
    I am so sad they sold out. I know it makes sense for them financially to just bribe review sites and put tons of money in advertising, but you are estranging millions of fans.
  41. Mar 9, 2012
    I never tried Mass Effect one but really enjoyed Mass Effect 2 and this 3rd version is even better! I love the graphics, the soundtracks, the story plots are well written and very well voice acted. I am really enjoying this game.
  42. Mar 10, 2012
    This game is absolutely AMAZING right up until the final 15 minutes or so. The end of the game is really a slap in the face to anyone who has stayed with the series from the beginning.

    I am not saying this because I did not get the end that I wanted. I would have been perfectly fine with an ending in which everyone died - because at the very least that would have been a clear and well
    defined end. This series has always been defined and advertised as character driven. The player is encouraged to get invested in and attached to the characters in the Mass Effect universe. And yet the way this game ends is simply unacceptable. The ending gives very little understanding of exactly what happened, and the player is given very little to go on in terms of the fates of the characters.

    I have never been one to write reviews or have strong opinions on games. I am not even one who typically gets attached to series the way I got attached to Mass Effect. But the way the end of the game seems like Bioware came up with it in maybe 10 minutes is, in my opinion, a betrayal of the fans.
  43. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First off, i don't really think this game deserves 10/10, but nor does it deserve 3.4, where it's currently at.
    It's also hardly a role playing game, ultimately, the decisions you made count for nothing, apart from a few of them being literally converted into numbers, and the plot is almost completely linear.
    But, I was OK with this. I was ready to just assume all of these low scores were the EA hate. But then, I met the catalyst. Here I was, looking forward to see exactly how my decisions shaped the war, like in ME2 where I watched my squad-mates live or die based solely on my decisions (whether i'd picked the right person for the job, or whether i'd bought the right ship upgrade). Instead, I'm presented with 3 choices.
    My Shepard, was just expected to trust this catalyst? Regardless, I chose to control the reapers. Arguably the biggest decision of the entire series. And what do I get? A prerendered cutscene of reapers retreating after a blue flash, and the normandy crash landing on a planet, and a moongazer telling a story about "The Shepard" (honestly, we'd gone almost 3 games without that pun being used, why use it now?).
    I was left completely speechless. A game about decisions and consequence, without being shown any of the consequence. I talked to friends who had chosen different options, for which the only differences were the colours of the bangs, and where the reapers went. I'm mostly fine with the depressing endings themselves, but the presentation just felt lazy, and rushed, and I can't bring myself to play through it again (I played through me2 at least 4 times).
  44. Mar 12, 2012
    i am sorry, but this was very disappointing. i am not one of those guys bashing bioware alltogether, cause actually da2 was in a lot of regards superior to da1 in my opinion and i loved it for what it was (not the typical rpg). me3 was quite different. the series was never the best ever, but very good executed and satisfying in the other parts also knowing that there will be a finale in part 3. now this finale really was one of the worst i ever encountered and this is really a shame. it made me instantly close the game and look for alternate endings just to find out that they are not better at all, all "4" of them. i have to say, the game was nice up until the end and it had so much potential for multiple endings, for closure, for so much. dont get me wrong, from a technical point of view those endings make sense, but we are not machines and as such deserve something more personal and emotional. just putting sad music over the ending doesnt make it nice. i dont mind if everything blows up in all of them, but please give a little closure to what happened to the friends, not to the future - leave it open at will, but there is no closure at all. it feels like money went out and someone did not care about the ones playing it and for what its worth, i will seriously consider not buying bioware games anymore when this is how players are treated. its a shame. a lot of games dont have the potential but can go for nice endings. this one had so much - but epic failure would still be nice to say. :( Expand
  45. Mar 14, 2012
    After DA2 and SWTOR, I was really scared that Mass Effect 3 would be really bad, and oh boy, was I right... First of all, you are forced to play multiplayer or most probably you get the bad ending. This is a problem now, but in 3-4 months, when people stop playing multiplayer, its going to be an even worse situation. Second of all, the goddamn first day DLC, when its already present of the disc I goddamn buyed few days ago, and Bioware lying about it just makes things worse. Overall I am just disappointed, I will most likely will not check the next Bioware game even tho it was one my favorite gaming companies... RIP Bioware that delivered us Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR... Expand
  46. Mar 19, 2012
    For some reason, Bioware decided to make ME3 a third-person shooter game with pretty cut-scenes. The RP element that made the Mass Effect series so unique was largely missing from the game, along with side-quests. I can't say I understand that, given there's a 'combat-only' game option. And, for pretending to be a shooter, there was actually no ending boss fight. I probably would forgive some of the dialogue shortage if the ending had actually been worth the tediousness of playing through the game. I was insulted by the ending that was played off as "16 wildly different endings". Bioware didn't even have the respect for their fans to make ONE different cut-scene and instead recycled the same one for every ending. If they had actually delivered, I probably would have forgiven the fact they dropped the RPG element from the game. As it stands, I can't bring myself to play through the game again. It says something when you'd rather read a book than watch a cut-scene again. In ME1 and 2, at least you could vary the dialogue. 30 hours of mediocre game play (riddled with graphics and sound issues that do not do the excellent VA cast and OST justice) is not worth $80. Expand
  47. Jan 4, 2013
    came back after playing the extended cut, which was just another lame failure by bioware, what a complete sellout, a crock of crap , what the hell happened to hudson, he killed the franchise leaving former founders to quit. says it all really, casey hudson ruined mass effect period.
  48. Mar 25, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 - great game, but not this brilliant, as Mass Effect 2. Gameplay great, hard battle and tactical with good level. But dialogue low and bad story, which doesn't line with Mass Effect 2 kill nice story. End Mass Effect 3 and first six hours me don't nice. Mass Effect 1-3 great series in our day, but 3 part kill this name "great series". I want new end, because I have epic final of Mass Effect. If Bioware submit "DLC End" money, I don't love Bioware. Expand
  49. Apr 19, 2012
    To have spent so much time in the first 2 games, only to discover that everything you did and stood for would'nt change a tiny bit in the closure of Commander Shepards story is just...
  50. Apr 23, 2012
    I honestly don't know what the problem is with all these negative reviews. I've played ME1, ME2 and ME3 back-to-back (on PC) and let me tell you, ME3 is my favourite alongside ME2. The controls are smooth, the dialogue has all the depth I've come to love and all of my choices from previous MEs carried through 100%. I think the visuals and audio are truly epic and what I came to expect from a 2012 game. A big thumbs up from me. These user scores of 1 and 0 etc are obviously false or fabricated. It's unthinkable that someone could give this game such a low score. Expand
  51. May 15, 2012
    What a pathetic excuse for a game in comparison to its predecessors and the game we were promised.
    The gameplay is still as bad as the previous two, but the character, writing, choices and atmosphere from the previous two have been stripped as much as possible to appeal to the Call of Duty audience.
    What a shame.
  52. Aug 4, 2012
    Many people rate this game under 4 because of it's ending. Well, to be honest it had way more problems than the ending alone. The running animations were really bad (especially Anderson's) , there were loads of auto-dialogue which is not acceptable for a game like Mass Effect where dialogue is a gameplay mechanic, wasted potential for characters ( see: Liara as the Shadow Broker) and killing characters for no reason (see: Legion). Also, the sidequests (or lack thereof). The game had very little sidequests that involved actual gameplay, 75% of the sidequests being fetchquests. Then comes the horrible lore breaking ending. Even with the Extended Cut DLC it still is one of the worst endings to a trilogy I've ever seen. It also has little to no replayability and is extremely linear. Talking about replayability it also destroys the replayability of the other 2 games aswell, seeing as the ending doesn't show the consequences of your choices. The only good part about this game is it's combat, return of weapon mods and actual skill trees. Therefore I rate this game a 5/10. Expand
  53. May 20, 2012
    It's an OK game on its own, but easily the worst of all three games. The models look terrible and the animations are clumsy (why do they keep rolling their eyes all the way up?). It just feels cheap compared to ME1 and ME2.

    And yes, the ending. The ending is something else. And by something else I mean horrible.
  54. May 20, 2012
    I am soooo mad! Why did the writers write such a dumb ending? Us fans are so mad! They should make a mass effect 3: part ii so they can write a better ending! I am so sad why would they do such a thing! I wanna cry! Mommy!!!
  55. Aug 12, 2012
    Gave it a 10 to *try* to balance the score out. Is that the correct and honest thing to do? Probably not, but ME3, especially after the ending DLC doesn't deserve a 4.3 user score, imo, a 7 or 8 would probably be more appropriate.

    Just my opinion, no need to go spreading it around... :P
  56. Jun 1, 2012
    On the surface, Mass Effect 3 is a worthy sequel to a great trilogy. It has amazing cinematic scenes, while still letting you control the action. It brought back a good amount of customization and upgrades for your party. It even tells some really good - if somewhat overly dramatic - stories.

    After the amazement over the brilliant touches of returning characters and story-progression from
    the previous games calms down, some problems start to show. First, you will start to realize that the game is even more linear than ever. Sure, some missions are "optional" - that is if you don't mind getting worse endings for your story arcs. Side-quests have been reduced to small text pop-ups when you survey the correct planet, and side-stories are almost exclusively put in chunks of text in your log.

    The grand main campaign has obviously forced the developers to cut corners on other content, but the main story is presented beautifully. Until the last moments of the game. Some 10-15 minutes before the game ends, all semblance of a coherent story is thrown out the window. What remains is a convoluted mess of a "final revelation", with plot-holes the size of Alaska, and forced choices you have no interest in making. All of which ends in a final movie, which at the core doesn't care about your choices - or even about making any sort of sense.

    You may enjoy the ride, but the ending to this epic trilogy will leave you with a sour taste.
  57. Jun 23, 2012
    The main problem with mass effect three compared to the last two is that all these decisions, all those player deaths, all those events and consequences that you have caused to happen in the lead up to this game, most of them seem to have very little final impact on the finale (which was rubbish btw). some plot lines just plain dont make sense (The reapers, a killing race of machines, were sent to destroy us because in the future we would create a race of machines that would end mankind. um wtf?!?!) the build up to the last few battles was nigh on brilliant, all the characthers you fall in love (or hate) with have their fitting stories and some fitting conclusions, but then the final battles and final outcome takes all of those stories, completely discards and disregards them and gives you a supposedly "artistic" end sequence. again i call bs, its a cop out, its like the script writers went on strike for the last month of development so they called in a college psych student to finish it off. I wasnt angry the night i finished it, but sleeping on it i woke up really p-off.

    the combat is improved from number two, and the multiplayer is a nice touch if lacking any real depth, i would say it feels like an experiment rather than a key part of the game. You will find yourself in some explosive chaotic moments that hold you on the edge of your seat, which is great, but the final pay off is just a big nothing, could be the worst ending to a game since metal gear solid 2. In conclusion, its a great end to the series BUT it sacrifices great rpg elements for third person shooting elements that gears of war did better. To add insult to injury bioware is now making dlc to change the ending. So... is that an admittance of failure on your part Bioware? cheers bro
  58. Jul 9, 2012
    Played the whole series. Loved it. I played through Mass Effect 3 one time, using the extended cut, so I did not get traumatized, it seems. Combat is fun, writing is top-notch. My only complaints: too short, too linear, not enough replay value (also, that Asian villain was REALLY cheesy. REALLY). I forgive it all because I like the Mass Effect universe, and I like Liara too much. I wish it was designed in a way that I could keep playing. Expand
  59. Dec 1, 2012
    This was a null game with no plot. It feels rushed and much too repetitive. I couldn't bare to continue it, and actually returned it after playing it twelve hours. I kept saying "It'll get better, it'll get better" but it didn't.

    I suggest not getting this game and playing the first two games.
  60. Nov 4, 2012
    Opening cinematics will set the tone, for what will be an amazing adventure. The story was great, the game play was great. My only complaint was that it was too short, but I suppose the old adage "always leaving them asking for more" probably applies in this instance.
  61. Nov 22, 2012
    a fantastic game. with the new extended cut mass effect 3 ends the trilogy in a great way. its epic, exciting, dramatic, its equally as good as mass effect 2. the only negatives are the journal system sucks now...but the gamepaly, characters, graphics, everything is top notch. the best game of 2012 and one of the best games ever overall
  62. May 16, 2013
    No way this should be a 4.7 all the cheep need to get a life and stop being butt hurt over the ending. ME3's ending was absolutely brilliant in terms of semantics and the games overall tone, it is depressing that the majority of asswipes cannot see nor do they care to appreciate that. Bioware fans a truly the scum of the earth.
  63. Efa
    Sep 4, 2013
    A great game, apart from the ending. I can hardly blame a great game for the mistake of a single writer than locked the rest of the team out. This game holds many of the emotional highs for the series, and some great game play.
  64. Sep 14, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game, and although the endings are bad the rest is awesome. And people should stop giving this game 3 and 2 just beacuse they didn't like the endings
  65. Mar 9, 2014
    Well what to say? Besides the bad ending and only 3 different choices who are quite the same Bioware created in my opinion the best part of the series. Its clear that they have failed how the three parts come together in the end but nearly everything from 1&2 was improved. The combat and skill system kicked ass. 10/10 (but only cause i leave out the ending, this is only for the gameplay and athmosphere) Expand
  66. Apr 12, 2014
    this pathetic excuse for an rpg game was designed with multi player in mind primarily. the single player experience is only an afterthought thrown into multi player maps. radical departure from the masterpiece of a single player game mass effect 2 was. if you played mass effect 2 and liked it do yourself a favor and give me3 a miss.
  67. Mar 11, 2012
    Great journey, great story, amazing storytelling and satisfying narration. Too bad the disastrous, illogical, inconclusive, retarded and shameful ending(s) brought down not only the whole game but also your whole adventure through all three games. In the final minutes of the amazing story of Shepard, the critically acclaimed choices made through all games are forgotten in favor of an arbitrary choice between three generic and uninspiring endings. Expand
  68. Mar 11, 2012
    Bastards - taking content out of the game to sell it on Day 1 for even more money? If you don't respect your customers, customers won't respect you. FU!
  69. Mar 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. im about 6 hours in...and im gonna flat out say ME 3 has jumped the shark.

    i had just finished playing through ME1 + ME 2 to get hyped for ME 3...and it just feels its made for guidos....i legitimately feel dumber for playing Mass Effect 3. the first thing i said when i got on the Normandy was..."what the **** is Ronnie from the Jersey Shore doing on my ****ing ship?"...then i realized it was James, the new guy...frohawk and all...the first hour alone is 95% cutscenes with 100 BAYSPLOSIONS that you have no interaction with.

    the dialogue and voice acting is horribly done....everything feels force and emotionless. every piece of dialogue is centered around THE REAPERS and THE PROTHEAN DEVICE, which aria magically has the only access to..BUT NO ONE KNOWS HOW IT WORKS. garrus is as souless as a polititian. the council dilibrates and discusses things like theyre a group of high school girls. its so ****ing bad its hard to play.

    the interaction with the game feels like its designed for 10 year olds. scanning consists of pinging for THE REAPERS. there is no planet scannign or resource finding...theres WAR ASSETS...loot finding consists of open your eyes and look for the green reticule.

    the illusive man randomly shows up on mars...goes haha im backstabbing you...and dissappears...WITH NO EXPLANATION. you magically get spectre status which grants you a **** ton of cash...THERES NO DEPTH TO THIS GAME. i played as an adept through ME 1 and ME 2 which was ****ing fun...but the gameplay for adept in ME3 is use power + m1 + wait for cooldown + power + m1 + wait for cooldown...while the game throws hoards of enemies at you. its not fun.

    the worst part is...shepard has been pussified beyond belief...i regrettably saved ashley (who went from unattractive in ME1 + ME2 to super hot in ME3 btw) and the first 3 hours of the game surrounds this bull**** love triangle between ashley and aria...and out of no where...this guidette shows up to replace kelly on the normandy and starts getting jealous of EDI because its giving Shepard orders. theres one really obvious boob shot that was the most obvious ploy for guidos to get hooked on the game, it was pathetic. THE SOB STORY WITH THE LITTLE BOY AND THE DREAM SEQUENCES MADE ME FEEL EXTREMELY HOMOSEXUAL AND FEMININE. I DID NOT EVEN HAVE A CHOICE TO SAVE HIM OR NOT. I HAD TO FEEL BAD.

    i know im just ranting...but im gonna keep trying to push through the game til it gets better...but the more i play the more i feel like im getting dick punched in the jaw.
  70. Mar 13, 2012
    One of the worst endings I've ever seen. To think that a masterpiece like the first Mass Effect has become this pile of excrement, it's heartbreaking.
  71. Mar 14, 2012
    i would give it a 9 but after experiencing the last 2 hours of the game, this game is just big dissapointment, the ending just ver bad, worse than skyrim, and war asset dont do anything except the ending, not even affect the final battle just ending, very bad bioware very bad
  72. Apr 19, 2012
    Thanks Bioware for a fantastic epic. This game is slightly impaired by lofty expectations and warm fuzzy feelings provided by the first two games. As the trilogy moved on it had become more and more streamlined from a gameplay perspective. RPG elements have been whittled down to a small skill tree that quickly maxes out in nearly every area. Is this a problem? Not really, unless you want to play the same games over again. I feel like Mass Effect 2 was the culmination for the series in terms of gameplay, space travel, rpg elements, and fleshed out mechanics that drove the experience like bypassing doors and farming planet minerals mini games. The latter of which might not seem like a big deal but when it's absent it's very noticeable. What mass effect 3 has going for it is a breakneck pace of reaper fighting badassery. It all happens so fast you won't even notice clipping through a 25-30 hour game. Deep relationships are found, love lost, and many companions bear great sacrifice. It's some f the finest story telling in the medium. The ending needs a little work, but the core game is breathless from start to final assault. Want more, the combat is finely fine tuned and it's Sci-Fi gears of war approach is very fitting. As a person who doesn't regularly play shooters and enjoys RPGs more, ME3 delivers a tremendous variety in play style over its predecessors. Not the least of which is thrilling drop in multiplayer that actually effects the man game! Co-op multiple player makes a four man group of strangers band together to fight common enemies. It's a kick seeing all the species and character types in action with all their respective tactics.

    It's a great game, a cap off to the series,they only real negative is that like most trilogies the second title remains the best In the bunch.
  73. Jul 17, 2012
    Possibly the most disappointing release I've ever played. I will, in all honesty, never forgive the developer for taking narrative control away from a character I'd spent _years_ with and forcing her to engage in the least satisfying ending- and least in-character actions- imaginable. I haven't even logged into multiplayer in months. Regardless of how many new "cool" weapons and commendation packs they throw at me, the game is dead to me. I paid for it and have no interest in ever going back. And all those "critics" who gave the game a 10/10...I doubt I'll be trusting your opinions from here on out. Expand
  74. Mar 10, 2012
    Look.. it's a fun game. Loved ME1, Loved ME2.. ME3 is pretty good. There is no doubt in my mind that I will replay the whole series over again, and I'm satisfied with what was offered for part 3.

    The problem perhaps is people have spent the last 5 years expecting something "SO GREAT" that no matter what product was released, there is going to be some room for disappointment. In any
    case, you have a very solid, playable game - that improves on the shortcomings of the two previous games. Is it perfect? I played through the games, I read the books, and I even read some of the comics. In my opinion, this ties things up nicely.

    Absolutely not. Find me a game that is.

    Have I had a lot of fun playing it? Yes.

    Was it worth my money? Yes.

    Will I be purchasing DLC? Absolutely.
  75. Mar 6, 2012
    Requires Origin to play, has day one DLC, and has the putrid stench of Bioware's writing on it. Avoid it at all costs. Don't support this defunct company, and don't support EA.
  76. Mar 6, 2012
    Another piece of trash spewed out from the depths of the money hungry company we know as Bioware. I honestly can never trust Bioware games ever again, I thought after the abomination of Dragon Age 2 I could give them one more chance, but they have gone too far now. This game is completely brainless, and worst of all the day one DLC.
  77. May 14, 2012
    Most of the game was pretty good, certainly an improvement on the risable second game. The ending ruined it all. At best it was imcomplete, at worst a complete runiation of everything you had done in the game. A true shame such a great series ends on such a damp squib..
  78. Mar 15, 2012
    Originally while I was playing through the game, I thought, "this is so epic!" And that thought remained true until the last 15 minutes of the game... Those last 15 minutes pretty much just took a **** on your face and made you feel extremely dissatisfied. It takes away replay value for the entire series because you know that the outcome will be exactly the same, and that you will hate it just as much as you did the first time you played through it.

    The multiplayer on the other hand is not that bad. But it does get boring after awhile since your pretty much going through the same enemies over and over again on five different maps. I know some people absolutely love it and some don't like it at all. So its all about your tastes.
  79. Mar 12, 2012
    Im glad i didnt spent cent on this, go to hell bioware with ur employed game designers whom hates gaming and want option to skip combat....

    First ME was awesome to me, second was good too, but this is disgrace!
  80. Mar 9, 2012
    In short greatest Sci-Fi RPG`s evolution to cover based action game with RPG elements that offers straight line shooting without puzzles and occasional glitches, bugs and missing puzzle sections. Not the best ending to series.

    First the bad stuff. Graphical bugs that show how hastily this was made, including missing walls, low quality textures, performance lowdown on bizarre occasions.
    Just bugs include, getting stuck on bizarre locations on bizarre conditions, falling through floor when dying, endlesly looping music on occasions etc. Removal of minigames like hacking just holding spacebar is about exciting as watching an egg boil no make that less exciting. Side quests are reduced mostly to get an item X from scanning an planet. The whole quest line is direct copy paste job from ME2 in lines of gather forces for final battle. All main quest locations are straight lines from A to B. Gameplay mechanics. The one button does all configuration does not work well I played on hardest setting and most of my deaths came from dying because Shepard was rolling between two covers facing enemies while they were blasting at him because awesome button. The talents are well what you would expect in such streamlined Action game with RPG elements. I was left with ~40 unused talentpoints because there was nothing worth putting them in. The lack of any puzzle sections baffles me its just constant pipeline fighting without any mental challenge. Even the one obivious part to use puzzles ( inside AI ) was reduced to very very very dull gun play mechanic that was about as exciting as licking week old ketchup from kitchen floor. The story is the same old thing from ME2 get your forces for last battle. The characters were mostly Good or OK, but what the hell one of the most unsatisfying ending(s) ever. I mean from the ME1 you had an chance to make something great and you went with this...? Just baffling. The whole feeling of war against more advanced reapers was OK with the whole the dark and gloomy feeling, but there was still some baffling plot holes and unexplained things.

    The DLC. My god what on earth was EA thinking. The prothean DLC should have been free day one DLC. And it really fills in at least some of the caps and is rather good. But really 10$ for making the game what it should have been?
  81. Mar 6, 2012
    Your lured & lulled into a sense you'll finally make a difference. When you get to end you realize nothing you did matters, your herded into endings that no matter what will leave very bad taste in your mouth. They have flat out ruined emotional investment in the series you may of put into it.
  82. Mar 7, 2012
    I bought this on release because I liked Mass Effect 2. The game is broken in that if you use custom keybindings, you are no longer able to scan planets for minerals/artifacts. This is a huge QA failure. I am unable to progress without a severe handicap. There are other serious problems with this game, too. The graphics have taken a step back from ME2 technically, though they have added improved graphical filters. The game world is static, full of people who don't react to your presence and objects that you can't manipulate. For example, you visit the Citadel, which is supposed to be a bustling population center, but you can only interact with three or four characters there--I mean the others don't look at you, tell you they took an arrow in the knee, or even move, aside from simple idle animations. Incidentally, this is the same level design from ME2, minus interacting with citizens, stores, lifts, etc. On the Normandy, there are lots of crew members, but they do not acknowledge you. It all feels lifeless. The Normandy is the same as the one in ME2, except you can't talk with crew members or interact with many objects on the ship. For example, the only toilet that flushes is the one in the Captain's room. The ship is just utterly dead, which is too bad because walking around the ship was my favorite part. The combat is pretty much the same. It's not very strong, but combat is the last reason anyone would buy a Mass Effect game. The story looks to be serviceable, albeit generic. The writers had elementary problems with exposition that was fairly amateurish, "As you know, Shepard..." Anyway, my main gripe is key bindings. I am not sure why companies refuse to pay attention to inputs. It is truly mystifying. Is is so unfair that I can't get my money back for this. It is broken and I feel cheated. Expand
  83. Apr 1, 2012
    I have to say a lot of the game was great. The mix of Mass Effect 1 and 2 as far as gameplay was concerned was great, combat has never been as fun and the environments were dynamic and interesting for the most part. Team interactions were good, although a bit sparse for my liking (character interactions were what drew me to the series) However there are many major flaws. Yes the ending is pretty weak for a lot a of reasons. A lack of catharsis with your teammates, it's too open ended with far too few questions answered. Another problem with it that irks me, but doesn't seem to have come up in other reviews is how little the choices I made in the game seemed to effect the ending. I worked my butt off scraping together every little resource I could find and every ally and army I could muster and for the most part it seemed to have no impact on the end fight at all. There was a 5 second extra cutscene of two of the armadas I put together but that was it? Why did I bother? Why did I only see Turrians, Humans and Krogans and Assari at the end? Why did I have a lame human strike force when I worked so hard at making allies with various alien races? The Journey was great but the end seemed... well pointless. The series offered so many choices I feel like bioware thought they couldn't wrap everything up... so they didn't Expand
  84. Mar 7, 2012
    Overall I've been impressed with the game, despite what some ignoramuses say below your choices DO matter; In the first two hours of the campaign there was no less then 20 references or games changes related to the DLC or choices I made in previous games, I was counting. The game handles well(albeit the cover system is a bit 'sticky'). The combat system is very similar to Mass Effect 2; load times are drastically shorter then the others, which was one of my biggest peeves about the previous games is you spent more time in a loading screen then playing half the time. Also the annoying(and pretty much required) mineral/element probe mining has been removed and replaced with something more relevant. The multiplayer is fun and seems to be coded fairly well and gives a decent advantage to the single player. Allowing a co-operative play-through of the campaign would be great for a future update.

    User submitted scores shouldn't even be allowed until one week after release. It's obvious most of the 0's and 1's haven't even played the game and are just complaining to complain. Frankly if you read this, you should be ashamed, even if you didn't like the game it's not '0' or '1' material. 'Super Columbine Massacre' got a 5.8 and you think this game is worse?
  85. Mar 7, 2012
    I loved the first and the second ME for what they were. The third mass effect seems to improve on most of things and the story/characters is what makes me give it a 10/10. I absolutely love this game and I hope that BW will continue the ME universe in some other form!

    For the PC version - I would love if BioWare would add an ultra-high res texture pack as I believe the modern hardware can
    easily handle it! Expand
  86. Mar 11, 2012
    Overally an excellent game. The RPG mechanics and combat feel like a synthesis of the best parts of ME1 and 2. The dialog for the most part is well written. Though, there are some cringe worthy dialog sequences. There are numerous animation glitches that can be distracting. Most of the main plot scenes are amazingly well animated. This game has some of the most brilliant fight scenes in the entire series. Truly fantastic. Getting ready for my second playthrough Expand
  87. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. 0, zero, cero, nada. It's an utter failure of a game and a disgrace for the franchise that had already went down with the second game.

    That's what this game deserves. Why? Because it's a scam provided by EA and Bioware, they promised something, closure, an ending that would wrap up everything and they delivered nothing. This is simply put another Dragon Age 2 scam. Do not waste your money in this piece of crap, save it for companies that actually deliver what they promise and that have good policies towards their customers.

    The animations are exceptionally terrible. The story is obviously developed by a game company, which is why it's so very badly written. They repeated the same mistake from Dragon age 2, they firmly believe that killing important characters creates a good story, which is what awful writers do in a pathetic attempt to cause an emotion. What they won't understand is that the emotion is negative and people don't pay money to feel bad.

    The endings discourages the player from even finishing the game, they're so bad and makes so little sense that my friends simply stopped playing the game.

    Two critical issues on their writing and design is that they seem to think that Godmodding and metagaming are valid tools for crafting a story, just like the huge amount of clichés that are present.

    They also blatantly copied the ending from Deus ex, itâ
  88. Mar 9, 2012
    Incredible game. Filled with excitement. Great graphics, incredible story. People shouldn't play Mass Effect 3. They should live it. It's incredible, more than we could have hoped for.
  89. Mar 7, 2012
    Second time that a sequel to Bioware ruins the game! Dragon Age 2 ended up with everything I would expect from a sequel to Origins and Mass Effect 3 now takes all the epic trilogy in a way ridiculous in every way (graphics, story and game play). Bioware from today I'll never buy anything produced by you!
  90. Mar 9, 2012
    Overall, great story. Some minor annoyances in plot, some minor twists that make you scratch your head, but all in all, very well done. Gameplay mechanics are good, AI is still mostly dumb. Using powers is still a boatload of fun to be had. Adding vertical elements to the gameplay is a nice touch. Jumping into Cmdr. Shepherds shoes again is always a blast. Not sure what all the naysayers are complaining about. Seriously. Gaping holes in the plot? Really? In case you didn't know, DLC is not included in main plot arcs because a lot of people may not have bought the DLC. Anyway, the world is pretty enough, runs great and hasn't crashed once. Some minor clipping issues and framerate dips, but, for the most part, a solid game. I still appreciate the hybrid gameplay, although I wish it had stayed true to the ME1 formula, but that is just personal opinion and doesn't take anything away from the game at all. Solid voice work by everyone in the game. Even Jessica does ok. Lots and lots of guns and mods and armor to choose from. Makes things worth investing in to see the outcome of what you can come up with. The ending DOESN'T SUCK! Seriously. The ending, while not being what the majority of people seem to have wanted, does not spoil the game at all. In my personal opinion, all those 0's and 1's are definitely not earned justly. The story is not "dumb downed", the gameplay in certain parts certainly has been "amped" up and overall, this is a fantastic game. DON'T LISTEN TO THE HATERS. Just don't do it. This is a quality game deserving of your playtime and you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to playing through again in a different class and on the "hard" setting. I'm giving it a 10 to try to negate these ridiculous low scores that are undeserving and just downright nasty. Expand
  91. Mar 19, 2012
    There is some merit to what Mass Effect 3 tries to do, but it ultimately fails at the hands of some over-zealous writer who ignores everything that happened during the previous 100 hrs. and shoehorns a new character into the ending that brings in a lot more questions and answers none. There is no pay off to this story, no culmination to your personal decisions, no outcome that make sense, and you ultimately wonder if everything you did actually mattered then. The answer is that in the end, no, it doesn't matter. Expand
  92. Mar 8, 2012
    This is the best game out there at the moment. Great combat mechanics, great story and a ton of choice. Multiplayer is also awesome, graphics and combat animations are amazing. The story has great twist and the game has 16 different endings, yes 16! This game is at least 10 times better than anyother modern RPG out there with the exception of Witcher 2. Definitely worth your time and money. I am getting a huge kick out of multiplayer :D. Expand
  93. Mar 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The user score tells it all... The gameplay of the third installment was underwhelming... The series has evolved to a mediocre cover shooter with almost no decent RPG options and even killing its wonderfull Dialogue option from the previous games... Also the ending... We fight 3 games long, get emotionaly envolved with characters, make hard choices... AND at the end, we don't get to see what these choices have done? How is the universe now? How is sheppard honored? we see nothing of this...

    Bioware should look at The Witcher 2 and really study why it is better in all fronts... it's a shame that this series has ended so underwhelming...

    Sure, its very epic and you get goosebumps from time to times... But there was so much more potential...
  94. Mar 10, 2012
    BioWare tends to think that all their players are retards and autistic 12 year old kids who cant into using a keyboard; which has lots of keys, so they map EVERY SINGLE ACTION to the Spacebar, not able to Holster weapons due to 'memory issues' on consoles.... really BioWare?

    This game sucked donkey balls and completely ruined the franchise for making the game 'more accessible' to
    mainstream audience, the Deus-Ex ending, **** graphics (PC), out of sync voice acting, blatantly ripping off Tali's face from a stock photo on Getty Images (, modelling Ashley's face after a T-girl, Grandpa narrating to grandson ending, **** PLOTHOLES (Quarians have hair?). Yep it's a pretty ****ty way to end Shep's story.

    END OF RINE --------------------------------------------------------------------------<

  95. Mar 14, 2012
    Never has a game dropped the ball so INCREDIBLY; it is beautifully wrought and so well done that you will overlook many of the plot holes it does have and a lot of the laziness that went into the game; from BioWare's use of stock images to well over a hundred graphical and audio errors and various glitches that will sometimes even make your quest bug out and you can't finish it. Errors with importing save games an inability to even transfer your custom faces over... so many things wrong, but the visceral gameplay and climactic build-up of the game, the choices and the story, well... you' be willing to overlook it... almost. You might have cringed at times and facepalmed at others but chances were, you'd still enjoy it and still had a good game.

    But the ending... dear GODS... BioWare lied on every front; nothing they promised for endings are there. The ultimate tale of Shepard concludes with you losing to the Reapers regardless of how well you fought, and having spent an entire game building a fleet you never get to see in action, ending on a note that essentially says, "Yeah, we're going to make more games because we're sure you'll pay for it."

    With content cut from the game so it could be sold at day one, them finishing the game early enough so you could actually download it before release (as I did) if you pre-ordered but STILL having a host of technical issues... and an ending that would have fit better in an obscure Japanese Anime (and has been known to make fans of that genre just as mad anyway; check out Neon Genesis Evangelion for a reference example) the game has literally dropped the ball on all marks and BioWare has fumbled their chance to make history (beyond being the butt of what will likely be a long standing joke). If you were looking for something to finally dethrone the CoD franchise or Halo or other gaming giants, this game is NOT your champion. And if you DO like those games? Better you stick to them and avoid ME3.
  96. Apr 11, 2012
    Mass Effect never was a great game, not even good. It was passable, if you had few hours to kill. But ME3 is basically the worst part. Its short, simple, boring and insanely small. It's a hallway shooter for kids, with difficulty level acceptable even for sea slugs.
  97. Mar 12, 2012
    I actually enjoyed the game greatly... People are correct in that there aren't a lot of changes to the gamplay from ME2, but that's because they already had a winning combination in my mind...

    The sheer number of things imported from ME1, ME2, and DLC was impressive to me... I've had completely different experiences than friends I've talked to... even down to in-game e-mails and news
    reports commenting on things being done by characters you left alive in previous games.

    I was also very impressed at the level of emotional involvement they can get you to invest... there are some characters that I really truly cared about, and the voice acting for some of them was spot-on.

    I think the main contributor to the Negative scores is the Ending... and I understand where others are coming from... for the most part, I was content... but there are elements to it that didn't make a lot of sense to me... a couple more options would have been good... Even a Dragon Age style "Text Epilogue" just saying "So and So went on to do this..." "This character went off to do the following..." would have been satisfying...

    Don't let the last 15 mins ruin the rest of the game though... I enjoyed everything else immensely...
  98. Mar 15, 2012
    I must have played a different game from the majority of reviewers here because I found it a highly enjoyable experience. Not going into the endings but it was perfect wrap up for who my Shepherd was and on the way to it I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends. As with Mass Effect people die and while I'm sure I limited it as much as I could the deaths that were locked in made me feel something, which is how it should be.

    I see a lot of complaints about unanswered questions and while I do have questions, enough was answered for now. I don't need every single thing spelled out for me, plus it leaves stuff for the future. Shepherd's story might be over, but the Mass Effect galaxy doesn't have to be and I hope to see much from ME in the future.

    It looks good, I didn't encounter any major bugs or crashes, I enjoyed it, so I'm quite happy to give it a very good score.
  99. Mar 7, 2012
    This game is not a surprise at all. The second installment was a real disappointment, but the direction for the third game was clear. Dialog is limited to 2 answers, one is nice, the other is more of the harsh kind. You have to play the boring MP to actually increase your odds collecting fleetstrength, a lot of the dialog is uninspired and boring, the animations are clumsy, the combat is repetetiv and forgettable, and the rest is just an interactive movie with game elements. Its not a good game and not a good sf-movie. It is something in between unable to satisfy even the lowest expectations. To be blunt: ME3 is a weak last installment. The shooter part is not up to par compared to a full fledged shooter, while the the weak rpg-elements are hardly worth mentioning. It's a dumbed down interactive movie with very little gameplay and an unsatisfactory story which ends with a huge letdown. Expand
  100. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just finished ME3. Overall I'd say ME3 is certainly one of The games in 2012. I imported my character from ME2 and I didn't experience anything ill / illogical (as have been claimed) as a result. Everything felt logical story'wise. When it comes to ME3 itself, there aren't much you can honestly critisize in the game; animation of the characters (especially lip movement / speech sync) isn't exactly great work, and the hunting for artifacts / war assets isn't that exciting (probably the most dull part of game). During the 30 hours I played the game, I didn't experience much any bigger bugs (and zero fatal crashes) - I experienced much more bugs in ME2. In ME3 the main story, missions, characters, dialogs, choices you can make, graphics in general, soundworks ... all in all it creates a truly impressive (and addictive) scifi world that takes you in. It feels like you'd be playing a blockbuster scifi movie. When it comes to the ending of the game, I can't understand all the negative feedback of it. Perhaps it annoys people that the main character "does not always live happily ever after", dunno, but I'll only recommend this game to anyone who likes hardcore scifi. The last time action game felt as much movie'like and entertaining in all aspects to me, was Half-Life 2 and its' episodes. Expand

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.