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  1. Mar 9, 2012
    Cover system isn't nearly as bad as ME1 but worse then ME2. Jennifer Hale voice acting is brilliant. Visually ME2 beats ME3. My imported Shepard looked like almost completely different person. In the end all those choices you made over 120 hours of gameplay (3 games) don't really matter. It all boils down to the decision you make in last 15 minutes of the game and no matter what you do, it leaves a lot of unanswered questions about what happens to Shepard friends and brothers-in-arms. Bleh. Expand
  2. Apr 12, 2012
    I have just completed a complete play-through of the Mass Effect series. This following plays of the individual games numerous times including two play-throughs of ME 3. In the complete play-through I migrated a save to each game utilizing the same developing character and important plot points in order to experience story continuity and empathy so highly lauded and promoted by the maker Bioware. I found too much disparity comparatively to call this a true trilogy in the better sense of trilogies. Most importantly the writing for this never achieves more than just beyond comic book level writing and they at Bioware could certainly use some people on their team that have more understanding of human behavioral dynamics and interaction. Shepards gestures within the framework of very important decisions was painful and embarrassing to watch! The knuckle breaking just before the choice to perform a levering action was childish and insensitive. His sudden shifts of behavior in dialogue choices and actions was heavy/ham handed. There is the invitation to get more involved with characters along the way only to have that short-shrifted terribly in ME 3. At one point I felt as if Bioware wasn't really capable of handling what they had designed in concept, fully realizing it and fleshing it out. It isn't to my mind and could have been so much more. At this particular juncture I have no real interest in further participation in this series. The bottom has fallen out . I have no interest in any future dlc or ending changes. I am a painter/artist and I wouldn't change the colors, patterns, designs to suit someones taste or to coordinate it with someones sofa. The potential patron can see the results up front and choose. I have no backers I am in collaboration with that would influence quality or choices. But Bioware's efforts, admittedly, do include the players, their hard earned money, time, and energy. Their advertisements are replete with participation rhetoric. ME 3's multi-player for example. So there is a different context and responsibility. I will say lastly, that the way the "Return from Ashes" dlc was presented was a hurtful thing to do! The very important information given up by Javic in various conversations throughout the game, especially during the Thessea mission with Liara, betrays, to my mind, underhanded marketing behavior on the developers/publishers part. Javic's participation seemed crucial to better understanding and meaning in the storytelling. Yes I got the synthetic(order), organic(chaos) dynamic, which has been around and argued about for some time now, nothing new, which is this series's ending note and the other various models of philosophic thought concerning self-awareness and perception. But in the end it all isn't pulled together very convincingly and the end sort of 'hangs' there by itself. For myself I really thought that the Geth involvement and the partial integration of the Geth faction, the Heretics, was going to be the galaxies 'back door' to the Reaper demise. Something a little more classical and redemptive in grand fashion as the end of ME 2 seemed to be heralding. Awe, that would be too simplistic, but more achievable. This also was my last involvement in anything EA. I know that Biowares top generals are also on the board of EA, and I question the future of fairness and consideration for the consumer at this point. Does the proposal for a changed ending to ME 3 have to do with the players opinion of the story or their pocketbooks and falling out of favor? Expand
  3. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I remember the very first time I played through mass effect. It was an enthralling experience. Never before had a game allowed you to explore unknown worlds in your awesome tank and fly across the galaxy in a state of the art super-ship. The game had an excellent upgrades system with hundreds of different types of armor and customizations that could be implemented. The storyline was exciting and original. Something that would have made gene Roddenberry proud and the ending to the game was satisfying yet left you begging for more. Mass Effect 2 was a shell of the 1st game. Gutting the original of all its great customizations and removing the ability to drive across the vast terrains of uncharted planets. Instead the game allows you to 'scan' planets (an extremely irritating and dull task) for their minerals. No longer did you have the amount of customization that was present in Mass Effect 1. The game was now more of a 3rd person shooter, like gears of war. I enjoyed Mass Effect because I felt it was the anti-gears. Focusing on storyline and character interactions instead of violent battles and never ending waves of enemies. The combat in Mass Effect was elegant and sleek, and because of all the upgrades you could become very powerful with nearly unbreakable shields and weapons that should kill your foes in 1 shot. Mass Effect 2 does away with all those powerful upgrades and instead gives you **** in its place. The same goes for mass effect 3, but I'll get to that in a moment. Mass Effect 2 has a rather stupid storyline. When Mass Effect 2's first trailer came out it was for nothing more than shock value. Shepard 'dies' in the 1st few moments of the game only to brought back immediately and you are swept into working for Cerberus (so much for the free will we were given in Mass Effect). Overall the storyline in the second game felt like nothing more than filler material. Continuing on to Mass Effect 3, Bioware has completely cut ties with any similarities from Mass Effect 1. The game features combat along the same lines as Gears of War. It almost feels as though Bioware was trying to copy gears of wars combat. Another major complaint that I have about the game is the addition of politically correct homosexual relationships added into the story. Shepard was a very straight military man in the first two games. However now he now has the so called 'choice' to become a homosexual. The choice to become a homosexual is forced upon you. If you speak to the homosexual character and do not choose to use your paragon influence on him/her the game gives you renegade points instead. I decided not to talk to the homosexual character at all because every time I did he/she was trying to hit on me. There are also numerous homosexual references in the game and at one point if you are the male Shepard you will even hit on Vega (who is straight) when he comes up to your quarters for a chat. These politically correct homosexual references are just another way to force homosexuality on the masses and I personally disprove of Bio waresâ Expand
  4. Mar 11, 2012
    A fantastic production, a decent FPS, and a slim RPG. The story-telling and voiceover work is phenomenal, and it's just beautiful to look at. The gameplay is extremely easy, however, but that's true of the first two games as well. RPG and sci-fi fans will love the world-building and character exploration, even if there's a lack of depth in the mechanics. Forget all the whining about the ending and romance choices (the amount of complaints on this is sad to see in 2012), it's a journey well worth taking. Play it as a trilogy; to get the most out of this, start with the first two. Expand
  5. Mar 6, 2012
    The first thing that sticks out for me here upon purchasing it, it's suppose to be an emotionally driven game... yet EVERY character either sounds like a Vulcun or Data from star trek. The game has no emotion what so ever. I'm sorry, am I missing something here? I'm disgusted by the clearly paid off media acting as advertisements for the game rather than reviewers none of them even attempted to pick this (obviose) problem up.â Expand
  6. Mar 6, 2012
    So far this game has hit every mark at least on the PC side. The multi-player is surprising good and I like how they worked it in to the story without making it mandatory. Combat is much better. And the game pays real respect to the first two. About the only thing I really would like to have seen is for Bioware to open this up the modders.

    I see all these Zero review scores and I'm
    thinking a Zero? Get real.
    Compared to WHAT?
  7. Nov 13, 2013
    After all the DLC and extended endings, and having picked it up on sale a year or so after release, I'd say I was pleasantly surprised. Not perfect, and the endings are still pretty weak, but the journey was enjoyable, but doesn't come close to the level of the previous games.
  8. Mar 6, 2012
    >hamburger helper
    >$900 dlc
    >actually uses sex to advance the plot
    >shit ending
    >average third person shooting mechanics
    >console graphics
    0/10 bioware, step it up
  9. Mar 6, 2012
    Well, I was going to buy this for $60 in the next month, but the introduction of Day 1 DLC has made me skip this altogether. Are you happy EA/Bioware? Your greedy attempts to squeeze an extra $10 out of me has instead cost you a $60 sale. If I buy this at all (and that's a big if), it will be when it is in a bargain bin for like $20 or less. You could've gotten the whole $60 out of me, I was really looking forward to this (I love ME1 and ME2), but your greed has backfired. Don't buy this. EA/Bioware needs to learn that the gaming community won't stand for this pathetic attempt to squeeze more money out of us. When we buy a game, we should get the full experience. If DLC is released, it should come out after the game does, and it should not make you feel like you're getting the short end of the stick only owning the the base game. This is the equivalent of spending money at the movie theater only to be kicked out halfway through because we didn't spend extra for the ending. Expand
  10. Mar 7, 2012
    Then ideas of things that you love changing into something really bad, you at first trying not to notice that or avoid it with hope that things will be better. Then I played ME 2 I thought that things will change and after developers review criticism of game develop a true masterpiece of game world. But then we saw a total failure of DA2 that become a fantasy clone of ME2. After that we got a clone of WoW in space (KoTOR) that is failure 2. And now ME3â Expand
  11. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is good, very good and yet... that ending, oh yes I do mean one ending, they are all the same sadly. [Its a made up story from a man to his son/grandson.] Though you also get to chose one of three endings at the very end that completely invalidates the other two games within the series and is very insulting. It is in essence a Deus Ex Machina moment, and I kid you not it is literally a God Child that created the reapers that shows up at the end and gives you one of three choices, your galactic readiness, your war supplies, and weather you were paragon or renegade means nothing, absolutely nothing to the story. Though if your readiness and supplies are high people survive which is confusing since I thought it would have an impact on the actual fight but it doesn't at all. Ah if you want to play Mass Effect 3, by all means knock yourself out, just stop before you play the final mission if you want to have a great game experience, otherwise play Mass Effect 1 and 2 which are far superior games. Expand
  12. Mar 8, 2012
    Synopsis review: Mass Effect 3 sure looks great (Models look nice, both characters and levels, and no visible textures problems on the main characters/levels.), yet it has many deep flaws that cannot be forgiven, these flaws are: The ending was horrible, a lot of issues story wise, very weak animations, the level design is mediocre (I said it looked nice, but design of a level does not equal the quality of the models/textures/UVs.) and to round this list off; There are some issues cornering the gameplay. While being a resident of the Netherlands, I was obliged to actual download this new, and fresh game from Bioware: Through the Piratebay. (Your jimmy can remain unrustled, it is legal here to do so.) Yes, really the Dutch law allows for downloading of everything. Look into our Wetboek van Strafrecht if you don not believe it, Biodrones. Warning: Spoilers. Anyway, time for the main review: After the start-up the menu looked clean and normal, and even for a console-port it had many options within the options menu. I could actually change AA-options, any many other things to! (Poly amount of the characters and levels, resolution of the textures, etc.) I applaud the people who designed the menu, I consider this menu one of the better things of the game. And after playing the game itself I noticed that the animations are very weak, the NPC's walk and run like any random Bethesda character. (For the scrubs, this means that when a NPC decides to run his upper body doesn't show any sign of the running that is going on, it's horrible.) The level design is also pretty bad, while not as bad as the animations, it's still weak. The potential of the nice models/textures isn't fully used in the design of many levels. This might be because of the CoD approach, yet it feels more like a corridor shooter then a game where a full blown assault is launched against the ENTIRE universe. (The last levels really show this off.) For instance take the level where you join up with the Turians: There is a very tiny space where you can walk and find/talk with NPC's. One reaper walking somewhere near the base, and a small vista here and there. It should be: A big and well designed fighter base. This is not the case. That's a bit sucky, Bioware, sucky indeed. Story and gameplay then: The two most important thing in games ever. Story wise everything comes to an end. This is ok, yet it feels cheap: Tali jumping of a cliff, Miranda dying, that doctor alien dying, these NPC's survived almost two games, and now they all die by jumping off a cliff. Blergh. Also some other NPCs are poorly written, from characters that are really stereotypical gay (In a game that takes itself very serious this feels strange and awkward, it's just as bad a stereotypical straight character.) and two NPCs that keep making talking gestures yet they do not speak. And I found this couple of mime players throughout the game, perfect for movies, weak for games. Toke me out of the immersion. My final note is on the very low rating, while Bioware/EA deserves this. ME 3 would get a 5 maybe a 6 out of 10. Yet this very low grade it due to a few events, first off all: Dear Bioware, hiring people who do not like to play video games will get you a 3.2 for your 20+ $ million game. For sure. And going after the CoD audience is even worse, the average gamer is 32 years old, Caucasian, semi-Atheist/christian, that raises the question: Was this game created for the average gamer? In my opinion: Nope. Leave this game be, and if you see it in the shop, place another game in front off it so people don't throw away their money. Sigvatr out.

    Edit: After playing the game some more I have seen a lot of sprites. Lowering the score to a zero because of that. Sprites in a 3D game? Almost in front of the player, Bioware please! Shameful Display!
  13. Mar 9, 2012
    What happened to Mass Effect? This was supposed to be the thrilling conclusion to a wonderful space epic. Instead we are given a game which feels like it was written by two different groups. The first 90% of the game (story wise) is compelling and exciting. However the ending and the last hour or so leading up to feel like they were written by someone with no understanding of how to truly write at all. Plot holes opening up all around you and with the endings ripped off from Deus Ex makes me wonder what exactly Bioware/EA were thinking when the final script was approved. The endings completely go against the spirit of the series and more than that they are all essentially the same my making every other choice up to that point completely null. I find it even more offensive that almost all of the RPG elements have become so watered down as to be unrecognisable. The conversation wheel which longtime fans of the series such as myself have come to know and love rarely shows up now. And even when it does all it offers is two ways to say the same thing. Even worse, your choices in the previous two make no really substantial difference in this entry either. Even the illusion of choice is gone. You almost don't get to converse with your crew at all. Instead your interaction is mostly limited to selecting them like you do with Zaeed Massani in ME2 and they talk a little bit while you just stand there. This becomes a big problem because ME3 throws in with no real introduction or background characters who are completely new or have only been featured in the Expanded Universe. I like the voice acting and appreciate that the world feels more alive now with background characters talking to one another when you walk by, that is when the sound doesn't drop out. It's unfortunate that the coders haven't learned anything, all the cut scene glitches are back in full force. Including the one where everyone uses the same assault rifle during the cut scene, regardless of whether or not they can even use one. It's nice to see all characters from the first two one last time, a little family reunion if you will. It's a shame that almost none of them will be joining your squad again. I do like the direction ground combat has taken though the removal of heavy weapons is another negative in my book. The day one DLC feels more like game content that was cut out rather than an actual add on. And having this nearly story essential DLC on day one is just plain greedy.

    Mostly though I just can't get around the endings. It feels like a punch in the gut to those of us who were big fans of the first two. It's so out of left field that I almost expect M. Night Shyamalan to be responsible for this travesty. It's almost like ending The Lord of the Rings with Frodo riding a nuke into Barad-dûr with a cowboy hat on. I almost wish it would have been a Dallas-"It was all a dream" ending.
  14. Mar 12, 2012
    ...Every day, with every post i see on BSN, I'm starting to be more and more certain: bioware planned everything. They are geniuses, and the knew how fans are going to react. They hid the clues, they knew we are going to unravel the thing, piece everything together. I pity people who are going to finish the game in the future, because they'll not experience the evolution that is happening on the forums, and in everones mind. I recommend every single person who finished the game to join Bioware Social Network in 'Story and Camaign discussion'.
    I'm raising my rating from 1 to 6 now, and when everything people think is confirmed, I'm going to give the game 10 out of 10. BW, you are amazing.
  15. Mar 9, 2012
    Seriously? The hate surprises if it's legitimate. Yes the choices weren't so rewarding as they should be, but the story was epic and the game play was quite awesome. By far the best in the series. My only major gripe was the companions weren't as colorful as previously, but I seriously enjoyed the big levels and more relentless game play. There is greater amount of action, more variety, the narrative of the characters tied in nicely with huge story. Tons of guns. The negative feedback feels like a bandwagon jump and an exaggeration of the let down of the choices, but purely on a game point standpoint there was a great deal of dynamic content that I'm definitely looking forward to replaying. Expand
  16. Mar 9, 2012
    Registered to write this review and rate, but will continue with more titles eventually, so dont remove this, ffs.

    i did not like this at all, too hyped, origin was forced upon me (yes i knew this already but still it has to be mentioned how horrible it is, i hate ea) also tons of dlc and preorder bonuses that should all have been included in the base game for everyone, not to mention
    all the day 1 dlc. Horrible is all i can say.

    oh and yeah, the gay thing. Really? Disgusting.
  17. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I do realize it will sound a bit strange but if you turn this game off 5 minutes before ending, I would give this game 80%(-20 for combat, they implemented wave system from dragon age 2) Game was thoroughly enjoyable, I even felt moved to the point of tears at certain point, but then came the ending, not only did it seem that developers just ran out of time to finish it, it didn't matter if you are paragon renegade, whatever choices you made you were simply put in front of three choices (bluntly ripped off from deus ex). And to add an insult to an injury all three are basically same just a different color show. With the number of plot holes making all endings confusing, I was mostly angered that it basically ruined the reason to play any three of the installments again, because it will end all the same anyway. Had the retirement house from pinnacle station? forget it. Freed rachni quee? doesnt matter. Romanced someone? Well aside from three f***s you got, that is it. Yeah you saved he galaxy, yeah you busted your hump for three years, but no, you cant get a break. I loved mass effect 1 and 2 but now I wont be able to play it again, because it is pointless. That is why I put only 3, because the ending was so bad that it effectively ruined three games Expand
  18. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I finished the game twice. First time with standard Bioware settings and it felt empty and lacking. It just wasn't 'it'. But when I loaded my save from Mass Effect 2 game changed a lot. There was more meaning to what I did, some random NPC-s were changed to my old squad mates and game became suddenly very, emotional and entertaining.

    It was very enjoyable experience until ending came... Then I just realised how would it feel to be punched in the... well, you know where by Mike Tyson... three times...

    Three nearly identical endings, every one of them equally terrible. There was no meaning to your choices, no consequences, nothing! And then lack of epilogue hit me in the face. Not even some text like in Dragon Age, just small pop-up "Yay! You have become a legend! Now go and buy our DLC-s!"... Worst ending I ever experienced in my 10 years of gaming... So to sum it up, 9/10 for the game, 1/10 for the ending... Just play the game, it;s great... but just before the end turn it off, you won't be heartbroken as I was...
  19. Mar 11, 2012
    Take away the compelling story from the mass effect series and what are you left with? Most people would agree we're left with little more than a sub-par shooter. Bioware often gets a pass on this because the story elements are so strong and interesting. NOT THIS TIME OUT. The story and especially the incomprehensible nonsense ending make for a tale that sucks the awesome not only out of this game, but also out of the rest of the franchise which have been building up to an epic ending, where literally NONE of your choices throughout the entire series make an impact. Not having this strong story to keep you going, be prepared to suffer through this sub-par shooter Expand
  20. Mar 12, 2012
    Worst ending ever. 99% of good game and 1% of destructive and wasting fans minds stupidending...
    Few years of my love for universe was destroyed by few last minutes of Mass Effect 3. BioWare... I'm dissapointed and very sad. It's incomprehensible impact!
  21. May 17, 2012
    Absolutely awesome game. Right up until the last 5 minutes, when it completely drops the ball and ends up smacking of a juvenille 4th rate sci fi novel. This is the weakest of the trilogy. They say the theatre of the mind is the most powerful theatre of of them all.. but that doesn't excuse the vague, lacklustre ending that BioWare saw fit to hack on to this otherwise brilliant original IP
  22. May 16, 2012
    This is what happens when EA gets involved. Doesn't feel anything like the previous two games, crap story, dull cut-scenes with limited interactivity, very recursive game play. Also decisions from previous two games don't mean anything whatsoever. Avoid at all costs for any true ME Fan.
  23. Mar 19, 2012
    Bioware keeps ruining it's name again doing demands of EA . Another huge disappointment sequel to a wonderfull RPG . First KOTOR then DAO and at last ME . This is last time buying a bioware game before reading user's critics .
    ME is not a RPG it is just a FPS including a cheap tv movie story or reverse . Choices (including your choices from ME1 and ME2 ) do not effect anything major in
    the game . They told about 14 different endings but all looked same to me , just colour difference ::)) . Expand
  24. Mar 21, 2012
    Just echoing what I'm sure many others have said. The game itself is OK. It's not nearly the 10 that bought off critics seem to be giving it. It's simply a mediocre shooter with above average dialogue. But. The ending. Not only is it amazingly bad, but in order to make it even slightly less **** you'd have to grind at the horde-mode multi-player. In a single-player game. Boycotting Bioware from now on. Expand
  25. Mar 23, 2012
    It's a good game, the endings suck but I don't understand how people can give a game a 0 if they love it but just hate one thing... sad.

    And it did many things better then ME and ME2
  26. Mar 25, 2012
    Bioware is not the company it once were, Mass Effect 3 is less of everything compared to the previous games. Thanks for nothing Bioware, now go make another crappy Dragon Age sequel.
  27. Mar 28, 2012
    Enough already! Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that doesn't mean you get to act like a child and call yourself valid. Ok, you don't like the ending - it wasn't what you expected or wanted. That's fine, and I can somewhat understand. But you know what that means? You played this somewhat lengthy adventure game to its completion, hell you probably completed the entire trilogy. SUCKY GAMES DON'T GET COMPLETED. You play them for ten minutes and then you're out. So I'm calling on you crybabies to man up and admit that the game is GREAT ENTERTAINMENT which is why you got to the ending. It's awesome in fact. So you can't turn around and give it a sucky score simply because you have a problem only with the creative decisions of its ending. What you're doing is literally like ordering a meal at a restaurant, finishing it through dessert, and then saying - "I wanted ice cream not cake, I'm not paying for any of this! This meal sucks!" Ridiculous! The journey was the value. And I loved it, and I know many that do. Don't be a whiney hater, admit that Mass Effect was awesome soup to nuts. MP alone is worth the price of admission. I for one thank Bioware and EA for it. One of the best gaming franchises ever. Expand
  28. Apr 1, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the least successful episode in the saga: you play it because it is a bond that lasts for years, because the vulgar scifi also always has a shot (even if only in some microexperience side), because the mechanical augmentation between phases play with the characters and relationships always work, but basically is a way to appeal to the full only to those who still enjoys this kind of epic onanistic Expand
  29. Apr 1, 2012
    Im a big fan of the series and like other people i think the ending was incomplete however for me that wasnt the biggest problem. in ME and ME2 there was a connection in story and you can effectively see the actions you make changes galaxy and open up new path , sometimes you even have to sacrifice one path for other. However in ME 3 there are no connection between missons. Even worse at final misson you dont see the effects of your missions. I gathered entire galaxy to help world but no interaction with them ? That game seriously broke my faith in bioware. I think swtor was lousy too and now this. Funny thing is all the game sites say game is perfect, well it is NOT !!! i dont know how much they pay you to write this but i dont even look at game review pages anymore thanks to your inaccurate fanboy reviews. Games ending was only the part of the problem, this game has lost its soul... Expand
  30. Apr 2, 2012
    When the time for change has come, one must welcome it. Mass Effect 3 is in no way a bad game. This game is shot down in flames either by people who dismiss the day 1 DLC or homophobes. Mass Effect was the best of the three, but ME3 is a huge improvement on ME2. I played it on a high-end PC and it looks gorgeous. No glitches, no slowing down. I agree that Dragon Age 2 was a real failure, but it is not the case here. Alright, it is more action-oriented than ME1, kind of in the vein of ME2. But it is definitely not a bad thing. The plot could have been much better, but I think that it fits the series well. Now, there's also the question of the endings. At first, I must say that I was really disappointed. But in the end, it was a very good lesson of life. Sometimes, you must make a choice even though you don't have many options. Life is hard and death is a part of it. The users have taken it too far here. Come on, the user score is almost as bad as Postal 3! Users also complain about the addition of a multiplayer feature. Let me tell you something : it's just amazing. And challenging too. There are a few glitches/bugs that haven't been fixed yet (the flying vanguard bug for instance), but all in all it is nice. Expand
  31. Apr 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Warning Spoilers ahead:

    I must admit I eagerly awaited Mass Effect 3. I was eager to see how all my decision from the previous game carried across. Needless to say I left Mass Effect 3 with some very mixed feelings. However one thing I can say is that 95% of the game is amazing. The story is tight, the characters feel alive, the environment has come to life and the weapons feel unique and powerful. That is to say however until the last 15 minutes of the game.

    At the ending the player is treated to what happens to be a complete mistake. The ending breaks all the rules of narrative coherence, contradicts several plot points, introduces alien concepts and characters and creates several plot holes. Regardless of how you played your Shepard, all are treated to the same lackluster, half-baked, ending. Were this any other company it would be understandable. This being Bioware; an entity that has prided on its writing skills, this is shocking. Its as if someone decided to add random, metaphysical concepts in order to generate pointless speculation. This is NOT how one ends a story. Perhaps the best simile for Mass Effect 3 is that of a five star, three course meal. The appetizers whetted your palate, the main courses were splendid and then it was time for dessert. Unfortunately it would seem that someone dropped the dessert, scraped it back up and then threw some crap on top of it. Sure you'll remember the other four amazing courses, but its the crappy dessert that will stay with you. I would consign this game to the rental or discount bin.
  32. Apr 15, 2012
    Great game until you reach the anti-climax deus ex machina lost ending,the mass effect franchise is one of the best of the game industry and is sad that the trilogy end is such a disappointing way
  33. Apr 16, 2012
    The Mass Effect series started out with Mass Effect 1 as an interactive science fiction epic, reached middle age with Mass Effect 2 as a solid action game with dialogue options, and with Mass Effect 3, develops Alzheimer's disease and becomes Gears of War + occasional purposeless choice.

    I loved this series; the first game's universe and narrative blew me away, and I had a soft spot for
    Mass Effect 2, even with it's lack of main plot, developed antagonist, or any real sense of purpose. At least Mass Effect 2 was distinguishable from its predecessor. At least Mass Effect 2 introduced and developed a cast of interesting characters. At least Mass Effect 2 didn't *completely* forget the aspects of exploration from Mass Effect 1. I cannot say this much for Mass Effect 3.

    The majority of "player" dialogue in Mass Effect 3 is automatic, and the dialogue wheel *never* has more than 2 options on it, maybe the occasional "inquisitive" option for the rare gamer who wants more than chest-high cover and a big gun. Maybe this would be admissible if the choices had any considerable difference, but typically both options just say the same things in different ways.

    The Citadel in ME3 is much improved over any city in ME2. This struck me as peculiar until I realized that it was literally the *only place* in the entire game where Shepard isn't constantly shooting things (other than the Normandy, of course). It's the only place with stores. The only place that gives nonessential quests, the last remnant of RPG in this series packed into one location.

    The nonessential quests are just insulting. I refuse to dignify them with the title "Side Mission." They are 3 lines of dialogue: (1) "Gee, I wish I had item X," (2) "Here you go," (3) "Thanks." I'm not even exaggerating. Literally 3 lines, every time. You don't even enter into a conversation.

    One impressive feat is that this game manages to find time for all of the immense Mass Effect 2 cast of characters, but these encounters are brief and generally don't provide much closure for the characters (with the notable exceptions of Thane, Mordin, and Legion).

    The combat is an improvement over ME2, that is to say, "it's slightly more like Gears of War." It feels a bit like clunky and you can roll around to your heart's desire. However, it has somehow found a way to be even *more* segregated from the story. You could replace all the combat situations with black screens saying: AND THEN SHEPARD SHOT THE THINGS, and the story would make complete sense. No decisions are made outside of the designated decision-making areas.

    This isn't even touching on the cliched story. After countless generic often-forced self-sacrifice scenes, generic space marine characters, and innumerable poor attempts at adding emotion, the game tries to save itself in the last 15 minutes with a forced twist ending. It'd take over 5000 characters to explain just how many different ways this ending is awful.

    Overall: Lazy game, what little that distinguishes from predecessor is negative, if you liked the previous installments just replay them. Had potential, but extremely poor execution.
  34. May 15, 2012
    Overall the best game in the series. The multiplayer is great, the emotion in the story is unrivalled. The only flaw is the rushed and terrible ending. I give it a ten simply because even with that, until the last ten minutes and with all the fun in multiplayer the complete package is worth it.
  35. May 21, 2012
    What was the one thing that made Mass Effect unique. It wasn't explosions, or multiplayer. It was the dialogue wheel. It is so streamlined in ME3 that the story more or less goes on regardless of what decisions you make. Your decisions over the past 2 installments meant nothing. The earth mission was very underwhelming as you don't see any of the assets you have been working for in action. The last 10 minutes ruined the entire series. The starchild needs to be removed entirely or the extended cut will not satisfy the fans. Why is he the antagonist when harbinger has been interacting with shepard all throughout ME2? Just makes no sense...Ending needs to be completely redone, ruined everything.... Expand
  36. Cuz
    Jun 23, 2013
    Over-dramatic and silly plot killed this one for me. I really had to muscle through the last half just to say I finished and this is from a huge fan of the first two games, I would suggest that you stay away if you can... not worth giving Bioware/EA any of your money for this mess.

    The professional reviewers that gave this game such high scores have to be on the payroll, it's just not
    a good game. Some of the worst writing I've sat through in years, unbelievable cringe-inducing. Expand
  37. Jul 21, 2012
    Just finished the Game with the Extended Cut, then compared it on Youtube with the original ending. I can see why many people didn't like the ending, there really are a few too many things left open in the original ending. The Extended Cut is therefore a nice addition to give players more closure. However, I have to say, that this is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played and definitely does not deserve the criticism it got about it's ending. I personally loved all the endings, even though I only chose the bad ending to see what it was like, normally I wouldn't choose it. This game is an amazing and perfect conclusion to the Mass Effect Trilogy and true fans will love it like I did. Mass Effect 1 had the most epic ending, Mass Effect 2 was the most epic game overall and Mass Effect 3 was the most beautiful of them all. Also, since it mainly used music from the first and second game and didn't show that many more additional good soundtracks (apart from the beginning and the end of the game) I give this game a 9 out of 10. Well done Bioware and thank you! Expand
  38. Jun 5, 2012
    Very dissapointing ending but.... This game is just pure awesomeness. Way better than me2, and as good as me1. Me3 would be perfect if not the ending...
  39. Jun 12, 2012
    IT WASN'T THAT BAD. The majority of the game is excellent, with certain character deaths really adding to the overall experience of the series (two in particular). The combat is exciting and fluid, the dialogue well written and well voice acted, and some of the choices are deep, and philosophically challenging. Yes, the ending wasn't what we expected, and I'm as annoyed as everyone else, but we can't let 10 minutes ruin a trilogy which we have passed countless well-spent hours playing! Expand
  40. Jul 1, 2012
    As a fan of the two previous mass effects I have to say this was a let down, some gameplay issues, story is decent to a point, but what hurt most was the ending. Bioware not think that throwing there own lore out the window would hurt the fans really took me aback. Since the extended cut was released it fixed some issues but still leaves a bad taste in your mouth, plus a few new plot holes. An unfortunate ending to what was a good series. Expand
  41. Nov 18, 2013
    Storytelling, RPG elements and dialogue have all disintegrated a significant degree since ME2. Any illusion of some greater adventure is no longer there. You have an L shaped corridor after another to clear of enemies.

    With above in mind, this game can only be seen as a cover shooter such as Gears of War. Considering how other game elements have been either abandoned, simplified
    or streamlined, it is curious how clumsy and void of fun the shoot em up bits are. Nothing about moving and controlling Shepard feels intuitive. Decision to cram taking cover and sprinting behind same button results in plenty of mid combat situations where you really have no idea what will happen when you press the lottery button.

    ME3 is essentially a clumsy cover shooter among others. I would not recommend this game to anyone. I am amazed meta score among reviewers is as high as it is.
  42. Jul 21, 2012
    I don't understand all the criticism. To hell with all the mistakes in the game, the STORY IS AMAZING. It deserves to be honored as one of the best Sci-fi stories out there. I definitely recommend every body and soul to play through this Trilogy. You won't regret it. I give the game 7 points because there is several faults, and i give the story a 10, because it is just an epic story that i think everybody has to experience. I'm so sad to see that much criticism from the users, but ey, who cares, what matters is your own feeling :) Enjoy a truly fantastic story. Expand
  43. Aug 5, 2012
    As a huge fan of previous games, especially Mass Effect 2, to say that I am disappointed would be a serious understatement. The ending of Mass Effect 3 is not only the conclusion for this game, it's for the entire franchise, so for it to be like this is an insult to the fans. But to forget about the ending for a second, and look at the entire product, it's not at all brilliant. Combat is faster and yes you can now climb. roll, etc. but it just feels awkward, especially on the pc version, where one button for all makes your head explode. Tons of auto dialogue, many of the previous choices don't matter at all, it's like you didn't have any choice in the previous games, side quests are not side quests, they are fetch quests, extremely boring and idiotic, and to make matters worse, journal is a complete mess, there is no information about any of the quests, have you collected anything, is it 75% complete, no, so you better prepare piece of paper and a pen and get working. Unacceptable, the entire game. I will give it 4/10 because there are still great moments because of the surrounding characters, but all in all, they should just forget about making this and start anew. Expand
  44. Sep 19, 2012
    Just like almost everyone else who played this game I didn't like the ending or the other disappointments. I cry myself to sleep wishing Shepard was indoctrinated, but this was still one of the best games I have ever played and is by far the most emotional.
  45. Oct 30, 2013
    Amazing Game, a great ending to a great trilogy, extremely polished, and full of detail, incredible combat and excellent story telling, its a must have for this generation of gaming.
  46. Nov 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There are four endings now (post extended cut)

    Red ((destroy)): Destroy all synthetics indiscriminately, including the reapers. This means bye-bye Edi, Geth, plus a lot of tech that organic races are dependent on. (This is pegged "the bad ending" by many.)

    Blue ((control)): Control the reapers, keeping them and their husks alive and turning shepard into the new Harbinger. Bad idea on so many levels.

    Green ((synthesis)): "Become one with the reapers". Like control, this keeps all the horribly deformed husks alive (cannibals, marauders, banshees, scions which are 3 headed abominations fused from 3 different ppl from 3 different races, harvesters, destroyers, etc.)Turning every sentient race, organic and AI alike, into a organic/synthetic hybrid, which is the final stage of evolution, according to the translucent star child. This is pegged "the best ending" by bioware and fans that support synthesis.

    4th ending ((refuse)): You shoot the star child, give a little speech and watch as everyone dies. Then you see one of the beacons Liara made for the next civilizations to find and stop the reapers their way.

    Just awful.

    I've played Mass Effect 1 & 2 multiple times over the years. but ME3, I've only played twice and have since uninstalled. My friend also got the game on release, and now regrets it. She wanted me to play co-op with her, but why? The multiplayer looks like mindless and repetitive and like it would get boring after two rounds.

    Major letdown. I'm scared for dragon age 3, there's a 90% chance that will be a letdown aswell.
  47. Jan 5, 2013
    These days I play just RPG's (And the occasional session on WoW), I have all but lost faith in the FPS and RTS Genres. Nothing quite sucks me in like an RPG with a; Riveting Plot, Interesting Characters, Good Gameplay and a powerful sense of Immersion. Mass Effect 1, although lacking in the Gameplay department, was 10/10 on every single other aspect of the game. Mass Effect 2 corrected the Gameplay errors that were extremely evident in ME1, however the plot took a MINOR hit, but still was extremely engaging. Then Mass Effect 3 rolled around, and I don't really know what went wrong. People blaming EA, People blaming BioWare... Who knows, all that's evident is this game was nowhere near the sequel we were waiting for.

    The gameplay didn't really improve from Mass Effect 2, but it was good in ME2 so it remains good in ME3. The Characters are still as interesting as ever (and as cool), but of course instead of the massive party selection we got in ME2 it was reduced down to ME1 numbers.
    And the plot, was just ... A mess (And that's giving it credit).

    If there's one thing I can say positive about BioWare, is that at least they still know how to write engaging and interesting characters. I cried several times throughout the game, simply because you get so attached (Or from the previous games) to these 3D people and it's hard to watch some of the tragedies happen, even if you can tell there was going to be casualties in the game. If it wasn't for BioWare still doing such an amazing job in the character department, this game would be lucky to receive a 2 or 3. The plot is just an abysmal mess. You can't really explain the mess without massive spoilers so I'll simply say this. Alot of people (Inlcuding myself) claim that it's 'The Ending' which was at fault, but frankly we just used the Ending as a scapegoat, we didn't/don't want to admit that the problem is in reality the entire game. Singular planet plots like Rannoch and Tuchanka is great, because you're concluding something that was setup in the other games, but the whole 'War Assets' and the nature of the 'Overarching Plot' is just a disgrace. And then after being taken on this wild ride where you go from, 'What the heck this doesn't make sense' ... To 'Omg this is fking awesome we are doing something massive and important' ... Back and forth multiple times, just to end on the 'This doesn't make sense' side of the fence was just the Ash sprinkles on top of the Crap Cake, and it hurt the fans deeply. It's clear alot of the story was designed with players who had been with the series for a long time in mind. Moments that would leave a normal person lifting an eyebrow, was leaving us fans who had been playing since ME1 bawling our eyes out. But then they made this Overarching plot to serve, I don't even know who, because it didn't make sense to the fans and it didn't make sense to anyone else. It was just some kind of strange mess.

    So if you're going to play this regardless of reviews, enjoy the characters, enjoy the locations and enjoy the decent gameplay. Enjoy the Single planet Arcs like Tuchanka and Rannoch, but don't expect to understand the overarching plot, and certainly don't expect to be satisfied and the end, because most likely you won't be.
  48. Sep 8, 2013
    I... Don't... Understand what the big deal is... Yes, the game is not much of an RPG now, but, it was still great, one of the best I have played. Everyone have other feelings about the game though, I respect that. But from my perspective, this game is a must-have.
  49. May 24, 2013
    I must say, this game starts very poorly (even worse than ME2) and it probably has the worst ending of any of the hundreds of games that I have played. It also doesn't provide much direction at the beginning, so if you play without using a wiki (like I did) you can miss out on a lot of content that I would have liked to play. That said, I have no other complaints about this game. While you don't get as many squad members, you can still develop meaningful relationships with them throughout the game. The world is fantastic. I'm probably going to be crucified for this, but I think the Mass Effect story/universe is superior to both Star Wars and Star Trek. Its not perfect, but it is still a shining example of what sci-fi should be, and is definitely worth a play, just don't have your hopes too high for the ending. Expand
  50. Jun 24, 2013
    Great game. Ending was meh. It definitely improved with the free dlc, but the ending still wasn't great. Other than that though, a simply legendary game worthy of your money. Seriously go buy it. Be sure to play the whole series in order though
  51. Jun 25, 2013
    Obviously the parallel development of Star Wars: The Old Republic took a toll on both games.
    ME 3 seems to be hastily assembled to finish the series in the given time frame. The ending strongly reminds me of another game series of the Cyberpunk genre which I also like. But this ending style is imho not fitting to the ME series.
    The last two missions felt right out of place.
    But face it:
    these are the most the negative points of the third part. ME3 is still clearly above average and is never worse than a 7.0. No way Sorry, just because you've expected a happy end doesn't make the whole game bad.

    The "Galaxy at War" mechanics is simply brilliant. It allows all your deeds of the three parts and two additional games, the cooperative multiplayer (included in ME3) and the mobile app "Infiltrator" to be integrated and add to your effort to save the galaxy.
    And don't believe everything you read here. E.g. multiplayer is not necessary at all to get the best endings but you need a pretty good score which is maybe not possible if you killed everything and everyone possible in the first two parts ;-p You'll just feel the consequences of your previous actions.
    And this is clearly a benefit of this game series which also contributes to ME3.

    My advice to all players who gave a score below 5: play the ME series a second time and you'll see the game a little bit differently.
  52. Dec 11, 2013
    Loved the first two games. Was nothing but disappointed with this one. Combat felt almost identical to the second, and was fine. Outside of that, everything was different. The characters the second game spent so long building felt largely absent except for cameos. The choices made in previous games had absolutely no noticeable impact. The lore from the first game felt completely abandoned by this point, and the replacement arc was nowhere near the scope or impact. I'm not sure if they completely changed the project director by the third game, but it felt like the someone was writing the ending to someone else's story. Wasn't very good in any aspect. Expand
  53. Feb 24, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An average score of 5/10 is ridiculous for a game this great.

    The combat in this game is a vast improvement over the repetitiveness of ME2 and awkwardness of ME1. The enemies are numerous and varied and a true challenge requiring forethought on higher difficulties. Definitely the best gameplay experience in the series. Heck, the final battle on Earth (before the story takes nosedive) on the hardest difficult was one of the most tense and incredible battles I've ever fought in a video game!

    As for the story: the majority was very well done and the characters and interactions between them are as compelling as ever. Would have liked to see more of some characters, but considering how many new ones they introduced in ME2, I can understand why that would be difficult.

    The obvious glaring exception to the greatness of the story, and the reason for a 1 mark deduction, was the ending. I don't know how they could decide to go so wrong, but they had to realize making a mockery of your choices by virtually saying they were pointless, and giving you instead three "different" endings based on a superficial final choice was a bad idea. They basically gave you three different coloured, fix-all "easy buttons" and labelled it as choice, despite there really being a lack thereof. I remember thinking, prior to launch, that they better not introduce some giant fix-all weapon capable of killing all the Reapers in one go. Oops. When the Crucible was introduced in game, all I could think was "f---". There are also plot holes that come into play near the end, but they weren't game-ending for me and were MOSTLY fixed with the extended cut. Not even having the OPTION for Shepard to survive, however difficult to achieve, was a huge mistake. I don't want to be forced to sacrifice my character, I want to have the choice like in Dragon Age (where I ironically sacrificed my character). I also think ending Shepard's story with this trilogy was a bad decision. There is still more to explore with the characters we came to love. At least another trilogy.

    While some criticized the lack of dialogue options, I really found it very similar to ME2, except for at the very beginning. So not sure what that's about. I really found most other aspects of ME3 to be superior to its predecessors. Multiplayer was surprisingly fun (though shouldn't have been connected to the main story the way it was).

    I also deducted a point for the ridiculous prices on DLC. They cost at least double what they should. Citadel DLC was fantastic, but even it was overpriced. I just can't let outrageously priced DLC and game-altering microtransactions slide anymore.

    Still, up until the final hour of gameplay, I'd rate ME3 as the best action-RPG I've played.
  54. Mar 11, 2014
    Certainly a mixed bag, Mass Effect 3 is a game which is disappointing in a multitude of aspects, ranging from the bland action orientated combat, massive plot holes and poorly written characters and quite possibly one of the worst endings I have ever experienced in gaming.
    After a tense and emotional introduction, the game quickly goes down hill. Shepard, a character whom you define, is
    whisked away on an epic space adventure to save the universe after the Reapers finally made it to the galaxy. Somehow, this entire time no one had listened to Shepard, even though there has been excellent reasons to, now everyone is boned.

    After a game of boring combat (having chose my Infiltrator class who has been leveled up since the first game, I could one shot almost anytime of enemy in the game with a rifle), characters making stupid decisions and a forced character by the name of Kei-Lang, you finally reach the end...
    And oh boy... Did it suck.

    Terrible ending aside, the game had some genuine sad moments, such as the deaths of some of my favorite characters... But overall, a weak passage and pals in comparison to the amazing previous installments.

    Fun multiplayer.
    Multiple/difficult choices.
    Genuine sad moments.
    Great soundtrack.
    Ends multiple story lines and you get to say your final goodbyes.

    Boring combat.
    Plotholes... Plotholes EVERYWHERE.
    Poorly written side characters.
    Vague motives.
    Horrible quest tracker.
    And that ending.... THAT ENDING.

    Overall: 6
  55. Mar 15, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 features a decent single player storyline that, despite the early introduction of a fanciful 'Secret Weapon of Awesomeness', is quite entertaining for about 20-25 hours. The gameplay works, even if it's rather repetitive and doesn't really expand on what ME2 had to offer. The much discossed ending of the trilogy is indeed a storytelling disaster, the only part of which that speaks in BioWare's favour being the fact that they had the audacity to make their deus ex machina an actual "god out of the machine". I wasn't too impressed by the multiplayer, which, with it's 11 waves of whack-a-mole, is only mildly more interesting than the bot-servers of earlier FPS games. Expand
  56. May 24, 2012
    I will begin with this: Mass Effect 3 had so much potential. All throughout the game, there are moments of beauty and brilliance, such as the "Leaving Earth" sequence. I heard how this game was terrible; a huge let down; a major blow to video games as a narrative medium. And for 96% of the game I thought to myself "What are these people talking about?" I really liked it; I felt like I was steam-rolling towards the proper conclusion of my Shep.

    Then the ending happened. It was like watching the U.S. theatrical cut of Blade Runner. Roy gives the "Tears in rain" speech, releases the dove, and dies; and right when you are reaching cerebral climax, Deckard's clumsy voice-over enters your ear-holes to completely ruin your moment like a drunken man-child. ME3's ending by and large completely ignores all the choices you made throughout the previous games. On top of that, all the endings are the EXACT SAME. Sure, there are some very minor differences, but there is no meaningful variation among endings. There is no closure, no denouement.

    I could go on, but I will instead end with this: Were it not for the terribly handled ending this game would be a 10 in my book.
  57. Mar 11, 2012
    99% of the game is very well done and quite fun. Before the ending I was thoroughly enjoying myself (which is why it gets a 3 and not a 0) I even liked the multiplayer.

    Until the ending hit. I don't want to spoil anything, but no matter what you do in the 3 games, you lose, and the ending simply leaves you hanging. and that's absolutely unacceptable.

    Do yourself a favor, and don't play
    this game - especially if you've played the first 2 games. It will ruin the series for you Expand
  58. Mar 7, 2012
    So naive, so boring, and with such bad graphics and funny animation... I really don´t understand the critics at all. Are you guys crazy? Have you actually played the game? Or at least tried?
  59. Mar 6, 2012
    I love this game. So much. This game is the pinnacle of everything BioWare has learned about storytelling throughout the Mass Effect series. While the first game was heavy on plot-driven storytelling and the second was heavy on the character development, Mass Effect 3 has both in spades. The cutscenes vary between epic and heartwrenching, the dialogue is great, and the voice acting has improved. The fate of all life in the entire galaxy rests on Shepard's shoulders, as it has since Mass Effect 1, but for the first time in the series, it's easy to get a sense of just how heavy that burden is. Expand
  60. Mar 9, 2012
    This is *Gears of War* not Mass Effect, only an action game
    bad story, big gaps
    They went too much to the bad direction :(
    This game isn't give too much to the Mass Effect universe... only that silly ending.
  61. Jul 22, 2012
    They ruined the whole goddamn series.

    How many countless hours it took playing through ME 1 and 2 probably 4 or 5 times each, and after playing ME 3 to the end I haven't touched any of them in months.
  62. Mar 6, 2012
    Finally a site that lets the people who didn't run Mass Effect ads for three months state their opinion.

    The game is **** storywise. Oldest twists in the book. Hurr they were good all along. Hurr the little kid is super powerful.
  63. Mar 11, 2012
    Honestly, this game was an utter disappointment. It was going somewhat well (would have got maybe a 6-7 from me) up until the ending. The endings are so bad, so... well... completely out-of-place and unsatisfying, that it justifiably knocks 3-4 points off of it's entire score. Yes, there is fan outrage. And I think justifiably so. It is a short game, it ignores all of your decisions (uniting species that have been warring for hundreds, if not thousands of years); there is no reason to be a completionist in this game, it honestly isn't worth it.

    Want to find out what happened with your LI's? Search youtube. Want to know how the series ends... search youtube. Want to buy the game? Don't bother, search youtube...

    The most disappointing end to one of the best series that has come out in the past few years. My biggest regret is there are no returns for PC games.
  64. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I could've forgiven a lot about ME3 ... after all, I love the franchise. ME1 was amazing; ME2 I liked despite being railroaded into working for an organization I did my best to hinder at every turn during ME1, and having my Spectre status be meaningless; and despite ME3 having graphics that looked like they came from the 90s and introducing a completely unnecessary multiplayer aspect to a single-player RPG.

    I could've forgiven them for all that ... but then I played til the end. Bioware's lead writer Mac Walters said the last in the series would be about our choices having impact ... but it didn't. No matter how good we were; how hard we worked; what choices we made, the galaxy is boned and there's nothing we can do to have *any* semblance of a happy ending. Does it happen in real life? Sure ... but we play video games to escape the hopelessness of real life and to have a chance, just a chance, to make a better world. I expected sacrifices, I expected tough choices, I didn't expect a deus ex machina.
  65. Mar 8, 2012
    A shining example of what a terrible job Bioware does when porting console games to PC. Space bar is used to do four functions, the fov is terrible making it hard to explore the game environment and the textures are a lower quality than the ones in Mass Effect 2.
  66. DKN
    Mar 28, 2012
    *Spoilers Ahead*
    99% of the game were very good, gameplay wise I think its the best game in trilogy, it also has a great main story. There were some concerns, about the game, for example some decisions from previous parts were not transferred to this game as well as i'd hoped, some side quests were boring, your quest log is a disaster, some bugs etc., but nothing game braking... up until
    last 10 minutes.

    The ending was just awful. when i first seen it I thought i did something wrong, i was literally stunned. At the end you are given 3 choices DeusEx:HR style. The endings do not take in to consideration any of your decisions you made during your journey as Shepard. It gives you three choices, but in the end your choice comes down to the color of explosion that will probably destroy all civilizations as we know them, no matter what you do.

    The ending did not just didnt give you any choices or didn't provide closer, and it was completely out of place. It felt like in the last ten minutes developers decided to change the trilogy story and values.

    For me ending completely destroyed the experience from otherwise great game.
  67. Mar 6, 2012
    Sadly, for a game with so much promise, Mass Effect 3 fumbles the ball in the end zone. The game suffers ridiculous bugs, and a clearly rushed ending. I hate to say it but as I play through, I almost wonder if at some point EA came in and said 'You've got three days to finish' about three months early. I'm givng this one a zero, for much the same reasons I gave Dragon Age 2 a low score: It does not live up to the hype. It's buggy, rushed, and when it does have good ideas, they're badly damaged by the bugs. The story is forced, there is auto dialogue where you do not decide what Sheppard says, and no matter what you do, you get the same crap endings. Expand
  68. Mar 16, 2012
    The game's pretty much everything I could have hoped for in the last instalment of a trilogy; A slightly elevated action level really nails home that this is something that has been built up to. The strengths of the Mass Effect series are still going strong, with gameplay in particular having been improved compared to the second game. Strictly speaking, I only think the game is worth a review score of 9, but I'm going with a 10 in order to do a small bit to counteract the immense amount of butthurt being levelled in so many of these reviews. Expand
  69. Apr 6, 2014
    I thought this game was quite epic. I had played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and loved both but only got around to playing ME3 recently. I thought the visuals were a nice step up from ME2 and the story was very emotional and gripping. The quest tracker, however, is pretty horrible and there were a few too many fetch quests but otherwise, thoroughly enjoyed it, even the ending which I thought was a fitting conclusion to a superb trilogy. Expand
  70. Mar 20, 2012
    Mass Effect as a series deserves a score higher than that is on the scale. First one was quite clumsy and the second one had some annoying bits, but the series made me care about the characters in them. The final episode built on that and did it well. I haven't had this kind of emotional connection to a game since Planescape: Torment. Truly a terrific game. 10/10
  71. Mar 12, 2012
    The Good: * The game has the classic Mass Effect play style and combat. The Bad: * They shoe horned multiplayer in and created a reason to make it pertinent. * The equipment (and hair) of the player models is constantly poking through. * 90% of the conversations you have do not offer choices of replies - they don't even bring up the conversation wheel. * Day one DLC which requires one line of code change in order to make it appear and which should have been part of the overall game as it was the one thing that managed to add some depth.
    * Failure to take into account player choices (from ME1, ME2, or ME3) with the ending.
    * Endings which appear to provide a choice, but don't. (What color would you like your universe destroying beam to be in?)
    * No sex scenes, demonstrating EA's editorial control over Bioware productions despite Bioware's claims to the contrary.
    * None of the side quests you complete appears to have any impact other than increasing your forces' strength for the final battle. The narrative that one might expect from Mass Effect for the individual units brought into play is not there.

    As a single game, it's a shallow and fun romp until the very last portion of the game. When you and Anderson are side by side with each other, chatting, stop. Right there is the best ending you can hope for - do NOT continue. Walk away and imagine your ending. You will be happier.

    As a series finale this game does NOT suffice. I don't care what theory you take to - that they wanted to show predestination, that Shepard was indoctrinated, that they're holding the series open for DLC. None of that matters. What matters is that the ending to the game - and the series - brings no closure for the player. NONE.

    People are claiming that those of us who are complaining about the ending are overreacting. I don't think we can overreact. I have spent hundreds of hours of my life playing this game, I overrode my ban on EA games in order to purchase it, I hoped as a property of Bioware that they would treat the series finale properly. All of those hopes were dashed, destroyed, thrown down, stepped on, and ground into tiny pieces.

    Don't buy this game. It's not worth your money. When it's a $5.00 special, it might be worth it. If Bioware rewrites the ending, it might be worth it. Right now? I spent $80.00 on the collector's edition and I wish I could get a refund - of my money, and my play time.

    Between this and Dragon Age 2... well, I'm glad the indie games are ramping up because it's obvious I need to find my Western RPG fix somewhere else.
  72. Mar 16, 2012
    Mass Effect was a great game, the only complaints I can recall being performance (optimization?) issues and the rather clunky inventory.
    Mass Effect 2, counting the DLCs (esp. Lair of the Shadow Broker), was also a great game. It wasn't perfect : some aspects felt over-simplified when compared to the first game, and the resolution of the main story could have used more choices. Still, a
    great game.
    Mass Effect 3, the finale of a trilogy, was also a great game, for the most part. Decent graphics. Great looking locations/environments. Pretty cinematics/FMVs. Dramatic (if a bit overly so, at times) sequences. Superb score/soundtrack. The dialogue, like the previous game, was mostly solid (ok, there were some cheesy/seeming forced/heavy-handed bits, like a few speeches). The plot was 'ok', but could use some beefing up/more work, but it was, for the most part, 'ok' (not counting the ending). Almost everything was great. Almost.
    The ending, IMHO, ruins, not just the game, but, as it is the ending of a trilogy, the franchise as well.
    The ending doesn't feel to be 'in character' with the setting or even the overall feel of the game and the franchise. The ending seemingly negates any choice and also disregards (or doesn't reward) the efforts of the player throughout the game. It is very, very disappointing.
    The ending alone makes me unable to, in good conscience, recommend the game to anyone I know. Unless Bioware were to 'fix' the endings by providing more options/choices, as well as clarifying the mess that is the current set of endings, I won't recommend the game, nor will I purchase any downloadable content for Mass Effect 3.

    Pros: Visuals, environment, soundtrack, dialogue/voice acting/humor, cinematics/FMVs, quantity of weapons

    Cons: Ending, fewer squad mates, graphics options too limited, lack of inventory/over-simplification of RPG elements, some dialogue, quantity of armor choices, lack of other 'hubs' (there's only the Citadel), some aspects feel rushed (example: under utilization of some characters, the ending, etc.)
  73. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. For those who invested the time & effort into playing the entire series, this latest and final installment will be fun to play right up to, but not including, the ending. By itself, ME3 is a very good game, with awesome combat mechanics and weapon/character customization. It has some very emotional moments that really draws you into the world of Mass Effect. However, the ending (singular form intended) completely negates all your choices and your actions from all three games, and forces you to accept a singular notion from your arch-nemesis - that synthetics will always destroy organics. You're given a limited number of nonsensical choices that no Shepard would ever agree to, but the game forces your character to choose from them, and he does so without question (very out of character). In the end, all of us may have taken a different route on our Mass Effect journey, but the destination is invariably the same - and that would have been OK had the destination been choice-driven. Given all that, I still enjoyed playing the game, although I now have zero inclination to experience the trilogy again. If you loved the series, then I would still suggest that you play this game (ignore the review bombers). Just hit ctrl-alt-del when you get to the ending.

    In summary, the game's ending is a disappointing end to a very good game; the game itself is a disappointing end to an epic series. RIP Mass Effect.
  74. Mar 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amazing game. Granted, from a hardcore paragon point of view, who does want his hero to live to fight another day in the DLCs, the ending is a bit disappointing. Saving Shepard means killing the Geth and after all the emotional investment put into getting them to make peace with the Quarians, that's just nonsense. Plus, destroying all Mass Relays and setting the galaxy back to the dark ages of space immobility is plain bad closure. Still, I don't feel I can judge the game by the last 10 minutes, and considering the other 41 hours were pure awesome, this game gets a perfect 10. Expand
  75. Mar 8, 2012
    I love it, gotten goosebumps playing this game more than I can ever recall from a video game. Seeing how so many characters that I care about have grown, is fantastic. I love the job the writers did with many of the characters. Certain ones that I felt lacked emotion early on in the series and didn't like as much as others, really seem to have evolved. Very pleased with Mass Effect 3.
  76. Nil
    Mar 6, 2012
    So, let's start. My last review got deleted. Why? This game genuinely deserves a 1. -Disregards previous installments. -Gameplay is akin to Gears of War, this is not a good thing. -Graphically inferior to the previous game in the series. -Horrible, uncanny valley, character models. -Favors "sexy" over logic. -Story driven game with a story so badly written, including cheap emotional manipulation attempts. Oh sorry, I am meant to cry about a child who turns out to be important just because.
    -Old characters die in unimpressive scenarios and for no real reason. Remember those characters from previous games? They are not important anymore.
    -Enemies are simple, gameplay tediously repetitive whack-a-mole.
    -Disregards choice, it gives you the illusion of selecting where or what happens, but in the end this doesn't affect outcome. Ending choices happen LITERALLY at the end. Whatever you did beforehand plays no role in the end.
    -The ending.
    -The dialogue throughout.

    Overall this game took everything that is wrong with modern games and tacked it onto this franchise, a franchise we once loved and cared for.
    This is completely unacceptable.
  77. Mar 11, 2012
    I´m new to the Mass Effect series and, the thing that bother me the most was the 1 key do all, im on a pc ffs, It gets really slumpy, and I wasn´t really a fan of the massive cut scenes in the action mode, Ill give it a 7 because the game is huge, and have a lot of replay value compared to other games, but metascore of 92 is really to much.
  78. Mar 6, 2012
    Play the demo if you don't believe my rating. And then laugh in amazement at the $70 price tag and say WTF Bioware.

    This game is garbage, and bioware is continuing the trend of bad PC games.
  79. Mar 13, 2012
    Literally goes from a 10/10 to a 3/10 in the last 10 minutes of the game. What color would you like to destroy the universe with? I literally wasted hundreds of hours wasted on this trilogy.
  80. Mar 12, 2012
    I've really enjoyed the Mass Effect series, but this last one, the one that was suppose to be the big climax is one of the biggest letdowns of the year so far. It really seems like Bioware cut every corner that could be cut while trying to maximize the amount of revenue they could generate from their community, there's a heavy emphasis on the multiplayer aspect of the game which actually does greatly hinder your effort to try and get a good ending out of this game. It really doesn't help that the entire multiplayer part is designed to be a complete grind short of spending actual money to buy packs to enhance their characters. Disregarding MP the single player is rife with issues, mostly related to the terrible attention to detail, characters are poorly animated and "pop" and "spring" about unrealistically during dialog so often it becomes impossible to ignore, on the central hub of the game npcs in the background run back and forth to nowhere if they're animated at all, actors in the distance are nothing more than distorted 2 dimensional sprites or unskinned models that look more like cardboard cutouts or paper mache figurines than people. Cutscenes and dialog cannot be skipped making replay a major task for anyone who wants to see the hidden ending that requires finishing the game at least once. Attempts at continuity on Bioware's part are admirable and one of the highlights of the game, but it becomes lost in the mess of a plot, the impossibility of Earth holding out while Shepard gathers the forces of the galaxy is handwaved away and one of the main antagonists of the game winds up being a carbon copy of Mass Effect 1's villain. It also really doesn't help that Bioware decided to shift the focus of the plot right at the very last moment of the game to steal Deus Ex: Human Revolution's plot line and ending style, then expect the player to merely accept this without question. The endings are vague and unsatisfying, leaving any fan who has followed this series right from the very beginning to be extremely disappointed. Expand
  81. Mar 6, 2012
    I don't want to spoil the ending, but this game was really, really bad. I don't have a problem with the gay scene, but the gameplay here fell extremely short and the ending left much more to be desired.
  82. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let me put it this way - after this game I'm pretty much done with Bioware as my favorite RPG develoeprs. Lets go from the beginning. First of all - why is ENTIRE crew from Mass Effect 2 left you?! I mean they said that they with Shepard till the end no matter what. They with Shepard till Reapers destroyed. And bam! You have no one. If you romanced the most fragile and complex character in the ME2 - she's not in Me3. Why? Shepard fixed her, Shepard was her fortress sort of speak. And she left him right on trial... what's the point of Vega? I mean he has no idea what is going on with Shepard and other crew members, he has kinda no idea who is Shepard. So Vega is 5th wheel in all that. Also boxing scene is pathetic because of how very slow they were boxing and how repeatetive moves were. And council... I sacrificed them and placed Anderson in there and yet here we are... council is the freaking same and Udina is there (default option if you don't import save game). What was the point of doing what I did? I finished maybe something like 1/4 or 1/5th of the game and honestly I don't want to come back. Also - it's origin only with clumsy controls. So bottom line - I am VEEEEERY disapointed in this. Expand
  83. Mar 11, 2012
    I was afraid that Bioware might ruin at some point the whole mass effect magical and absorbing universe.My fears came true.Where should I start? I played the PC version and I was really disappointed in game's graphics.There are obvious signs that the game's graphics were done in some kind of a rush.Awful textures in some points during the game.For a 2012 game they look really bad .Once again PC gets a port.I am no complaining about performance since FPS rate is stable,but these textures look really ugly nowadays.What about gameplay? They made it more action,more Michael Bay style look.As a result we have bad written dialogues and on top of that we can't make a lot of real decisions during the dialogues.All this negative stuff, was obviously done for action's sake and gameplay feels a lot like GOW series.Thus, the mass effect magic is lost in the third installment of the franchise.
    Moreover,I can't understand the whole multiplayer point,Mass effect was always a trully single player experience,why ruin this now? The worst of this addition is that multiplayer affects the game's final battle.What were they thinking? Usually people play first the single player part then the multi.It's simply irrational.As for war assets feature it seemed to me quite cool in the beginning but afterwards I understood that it don't count as it should.
    Last but not least,there is a really messy badly written ending in the end of the game.Bioware gives us 3 options which all lead to an unpleasant ending.I don't say that I wanted an ending taken from children's tales where everyone lives and stays happy at the end.Though,it's really harsh to watch that all the decisions that were made in previous games simply don't count at all.This is the part why many Mass Effect's fans got angry.They can't just so simply erase our actions.It's ironic that they were saying all these years to keep the save games as they will change the whole experience in the 3rd game of the franchise.They were **** about thousands of factors that will make a difference.
    All in all,I realized in the end that spent 100 hours in Mass Effect universe,I made hard decisions,I bonded emotionally with game's characters and finally I made the impossible to unite galaxy's races only for nothing.Even the war assets don't count a lot,you have fleet of Turians,Geth,QuariansHuman,Asari and all this for nothing.
  84. Mar 11, 2012
    Disappointing gameplay, atrocious ending. Day 1 DLC, Origin. I don't need to go on.
    What a let down. Won't be buying EA again - torrents here I come.
  85. Mar 18, 2012
    After completing the game one has to wonder whether Bioware diverted all their resources to Star Wars - The Old Republic. One can only hope that is the excuse for this ending to the series. Regardless of the excuses or, perish the thought these "endings" were actually planned out, the Nihilistic ending made me regret having spent time even bothering to develop a character. Perhaps it's a joke. Or a calculated business move to offer DLC that lets you have an ending where you actually have some impact. As such this mess is such a shame for what had been such a promising series. In my humble opinion it is that bad. And it's sad. Not the sadness of any ending but the saddest thing in the world: Wasted potential. The wasted potential from a sloppy meaningless ending to an otherwise previously well executed series. I have lost the will to replay Mass Effect due to the ending. If that was Bioware's (and/or EA's) intentions, then well played EA/Bioware. I won't bother to return. If this is the same attention they plan for other games then I wish them well. I will not be playing them. Expand
  86. Mar 31, 2012
    NO SPOILERS: THE GOOD: - lots of weapons, powers and customisation. Interesting dialogues and story. Good voice acting. THE BAD: - Journal doesn't update/ keeps track. - It became more like watching a movie. - The camera didn't go to "talk mode" like it did in ME1 and2. - There isn't mutch to explore in the cidadel, - plot holes, Some stuff in the ending is not believable. - bugged quests
    - Contrast between very good and very bad/ uninished graphics is very very noticable in some missions. - Doesn't feel like an RPG at all.
  87. Mar 7, 2012
    I'am a big fan of Mass Effect and my femshep specifically. But... I HATE THIS GAME. Femshep can not die! Can not! I love her. Femshep is meaning of my life. Bioware kills her... Time to die. Goodbye everyone. I always hate my life and love femshep. Please remember that.
  88. May 27, 2012
    While I enjoyed playing the first two Mass Effect games this one left me with a disappointing experience. It just wasn't fun anymore. The most this game has to offer is the voice acting but it feels like I've heard it all before. I believe that to get a slightly "richer" experience you'll need all Mass Effect games which I have but also all the downloadable content which is something i'm not willing to pay for. Expand
  89. May 24, 2012
    I actually find it pretty absurd that ME3 gets as much hate as it does. It's different from the first two games, but in no way is it worse. There is less emphasis on inventory, less emphasis on fetch quests, and those are not bad things. I certainly don't miss hacking minigames, and I definitely don't miss mining. ME3 cuts out the stuff that was unnecessary, improves on the core elements, and the result is a very good installment to a great series.

    The story is focused but creative and you are moving towards the ultimate goal at all times. As with all ME games, the scale of the game is impressive. In ME3 there is much less emphasis on sidequests, which is good because I always got the feeling I was up against the clock and didn't need to be running around doing favors for people you barely know. You constantly feel like what you are doing is important, like it needs to be done and you're the only one who can do it. "Do this so my species' army will stand beside you" just makes a lot more sense than do this so you can have some credits/move one step closer to 100% completion. And the gameplay: it's awesome. Vast improvement over any other installment. It plays not just like a shooter, but like a very good shooter. It stands alone as one of the best FPS games I've ever played. Coupled with the elements that make ME great, like the character interactions and the story, and you have a near flawless game.

    Of course, the ending is horrendous, but I played through the game in 25 hours and the last twenty minutes doesn't undo everything that came before it. This is a great, great game, and I find it sort of baffling that the general consensus is that it's not a great game. It deserves to be thought of in the same ways as the first two. The series evolved as it went along, but again, that's not a bad thing. As much as I enjoy being able to wander around aimlessly looking for things to do, sometimes a game benefits from cutting out the time wasters and sticking to the core story that it is trying to tell. That is exactly what ME3 did, and it did it well.
  90. Jan 27, 2013
    I am sick and tired of the whiny user reviews about the endings. THEY FIXED IT. and if you are still upset about the endings not being that different from each other, then you have not been paying attention to the other endings to the Mass Effect series. These ending are in the same type as the first 2 games. To give the review a 0 just because of the ending is stupid. Here is why, if the game was so bad to earn a 0, then you would never finish it to see the endings! The rating is base on and OVERALL experience. The game was a very fun play. I enjoyed the experience and hope that they keep going in the Mass Effect universe. Expand
  91. Apr 3, 2013
    A year after its release, I just wanted to post my review. Mass Effect 3 is a real amazing experience and I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys sci-fi RPGs. I don't usually bother posting reviews, but this was truly one of the finest games of its genre for our generation.
  92. Apr 28, 2013
    This game is a fistula. What is a fistula? In anatomic terms it's an abnormal hole connecting two things that should not be connected. One of the most problematic is obstetric fistula which connects the vagina (awesome) with the bowels (super not-awesome). This game connects amazing writing, good gameplay with a ending.

    You can't fix this game's ending but you can help women world-wide
    suffering from obstetric fistula. Go to and donate today! Expand
  93. Mar 6, 2012
    This really saddens me. I enjoyed the first Mass Effect greatly, it was one of the top games and one my personal GOTYs. But this is a travesty, it is nothing short of a joke, the punchline written by Hepler. SPOILER : The ending reveals it was all just a grandpa telling his grandson a story. How lazy do you have to be that you have to end a story with "It was all just a story."? I don't even understand how being hired through nepotism has helped Hepler maintain her position as a writer for bioware, this is the third game in a row that they have released with just horrid writing. You can disagree all you want, but why don't you go back and play Baldur's Gate and compare the writing of then to now. Admittely most of the reviews are probably trolls, the positive ones at least. Fans in denial that their perfect company could ever have a flaw, who likely haven't even played the game. The plot makes no sense, they go out of there way to make sure every past action of the player doesn't matter whatsoever, they sexualize characters for no reason and the ones they have no way of sexualizing they completely ignore.
    Picking a heterosexual option is a renegade choice, how? Overall I'm not disappointed, I was disappointed when they ruined Dragon Age. Now I'm just waiting for them to release their ultimate garbage ball which will either kill the company and put it out of it's mercy or get them to reconsider their writing staff a little more carefully.
  94. Mar 6, 2012
    Wow there are so many low scores on here already did anyoneeven play the game?.im 10 hrs in and i absolutely love it. Ive played all 3 of the Mass Effect games and to have choices i made in a game 4 years ago affect whats happening in this one is awesome. There are some great plot twists and some of the decisions i made i had to stop and have a good think about which way i was going to go.
    The graphics are great and maybe the people complaining might need to upgrade their Pc's (although i suspect they dont play games they just troll and **** so their old rigs are perfect for that). The sound is great and the music score in all 3 ME games have been absolutely awesome.
    On a side note i dont understand the hate towards Origin? its just another digital download service and ive never had a problem with it.
    This is the best game ive played in ages i was hooked on Dark Souls then Skyrim but ME3 has me sucked into the story and im loving it. Even if you didnt play the first 2 games grab your self a save file and have a crack at this one, dont listen to all these haters who most likely havnt played the game .
  95. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. In preparation for this release I played through Mass Effect 1 and 2. As with the first time I played the games I was impressed by their storytelling, gameplay, and general polish. The choices I made felt like they affected the game world in a variety of ways and my interactions with various characters changed the tone of the story, even if the inevitable confrontation with Saren and the Collectors was preordained. Opening up Mass Effect 3, the first thing that struck me was that the weight of all of my previous decisions was built into the game. Every character I saved in Mass Effect 2 remembers me and the trials we went through, those that I didn't save were conspicuously absent. The sympathy I showed the Rachni in ME1 was put to the test early, and my 90+ hours of trying to fix the genophage finally met fruition. At times the choices in this game can be paralyzing- Bioware has done a good job of making the options true "tough choices"- set against the backdrop of trying to rally the various races and military forces in the universe together to fight the reapers, Shephard must occasionally decide between those things which help the war effort and those things which are the "good" thing to do. You'll learn this early on when asked to send biotic children to the front lines or not- Do you take this powerful weapon that risks the lives of a group of gangly teenagers, or do you keep them safely away from the front lines? Do you make your military stronger, or do you preserve your humanity?

    The ending requires special mention because I think that it is unfairly maligned. It is not a "happy ending". Shephard does not fly off into the sunset, a woman (or man) on his arm, smiling confidently as his enemies erupt in flame behind him. This is the end of the story, and "success" is measured in terms of humanity's survival not Shephard's. The emotional impact of ending the story is artfully done, and in many ways the cries that have come up from the community are the result of actually being impacted by a game's ending (which is not something the gaming community is used to).

    As for the plot holes that people talk about, I urge players to play through the entire series if they are legitimately aggrieved. Sovereign's dialog explains much of the Reaper's motivations, as does the Collector dialog in ME2. It makes perfect sense so long as you assume that the Reapers aren't lying about their motivations or intent.
  96. Mar 9, 2012
    Holy mother of **** is this game bad. Did not live up to the hype at all. Leave it to EA to spend money on marketing that should go into the game. Story was bad, and interacting with characters was worse. I couldn't manage a second playthrough.
  97. Mar 6, 2012
    Worse game of the series, not to mention Origin deepthroats flaccid donkey penis to the max. Do yourself a favour and avoid this garbage and the pos spyware EA wants to force you to install.
  98. Aug 24, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an amazing game. Unlike popular opinion. The only gripe i have is of course the ending, purely because it's slightly behind par compared to the endings of other bioware games. But for me I view the game as a series of endings that tie off all the loose threads throughout the series. Which is something most people seem to have difficulty understanding. The gameplay is thoroughly enjoyable and the visual's are usually pretty good as well. Even the multiplayer is surprisingly great. One of the few multiplayers of recent games that I've enjoyed. Expand

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.