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  1. Mar 6, 2012
    Requires Origin to play, has day one DLC, and has the putrid stench of Bioware's writing on it. Avoid it at all costs. Don't support this defunct company, and don't support EA.
  2. Mar 6, 2012
    The result here was massively predictable, given the controversy surrounding EA/Bioware's recent policies regarding their other games and their fanbase in general. All of which can be overlooked if ME3 turned out to be a decent game, which was not the case.

    The end of ME2 actually set up a great cliffhanger and promised great things to come, and ME3 drastically feel short. This is mainly
    due to its focus on romancing options, having the personal trials of the crew overshadowing the main story, and an oversimplified explanation to tie up everything. Gameplay offers very little innovation from the last two games in the series, and the squad mechanics are downright retarded. Expand
  3. Mar 6, 2012
    I thought I was lucky at the time to secure an early copy for myself and my partner. By the time I was 10 hours in, I was left wondering what happened to this series. Where did it all go so wrong? It's as if Michael Bay created this game in just how lame the story ended. Didn't help that there were 2 stars from Jersey Shore in it either.

    Audio and music were pretty good for the most
    part, but there was nothing as cool as M2 playing at the end of ME1. I'd recommend people just youtube the ending and save themselves the agony. I'd also suggest you start praying that if they start a Mass Effect MMO (the universe is really quite good for this) that they hand it to a different company as TOR got boring fast. Expand
  4. Mar 6, 2012
    Another piece of trash spewed out from the depths of the money hungry company we know as Bioware. I honestly can never trust Bioware games ever again, I thought after the abomination of Dragon Age 2 I could give them one more chance, but they have gone too far now. This game is completely brainless, and worst of all the day one DLC.
  5. Mar 13, 2012
    It seems like we have another da2 situation in our hands... a game that has been ruined for the purpose of appealing to all the brainless people in the world, just to make more money. Congrats...
  6. Mar 6, 2012
    Why did I waste my time on this piece of crap? I could have watched The Room about 15 times instead. It's about as bad as Dragon Age 2, and that's saying a lot.
  7. Aug 21, 2012
    First off the multiplayer is fun, totally enjoyed my time on that even if it is rather limited. Secondly, I have to put the boot in over the single-player part. Its a shame cause its obvious so many people have put such hard work into it. The graphics, programming and overall story arc are fine but let down so fundamentally by the dialogue writers. Half the time I wasn't sure what the hell was supposed to be going on, or why x character had just been bumped off in seemingly quick and nonsensical fashion - I began to find it all rather funny waiting to see who'd get the chop next and how cheap and quickly it could be done. The ending isn't the problem really the whole single player game is poorly designed - the lack of choice, the overly long cut-scenes which the player has no input into, the lack of interesting side missions... fixing the endings won't help this game it needs to be re-booted (we get so many film re-boots, why not game ones?) preferably bring back Drew Karpyshyn too. I loved the first two games but felt compelled to finish this one only cause I had payed money for it, the single player game is that inconsistent and low quality. I rate the game as a five only for the multiplayer content and the hard work put into it by the development team (aside from the writers who seemingly didn't feel they had to trouble themselves too much). I don't blame EA for this, not too fond of origin but at least I got some money's worth out of the multiplay. This mess is totally on Bioware and the first game of theirs i've played were the story was the worst thing about it (aside from DA2 which I missed as it looked so pathetic). Expand
  8. Mar 7, 2012
    I loved the first Mass Effect. Bioware has absolutely ruined Mass Effect for me with this latest installment. Horrible endings, writing, etc. What Bioware has done to this series that had so much potential from the first installment is criminal. Avoid this game, avoid this developer.
  9. Jan 16, 2013
    Anyone who played the previous Mass Effect game and still thinks that this one is good in comparison is just a delusional liar, this sad excuse of a game isn't even HALF of what the previous one was and the conclusion of the story is just unbelievably bad I wonder how is it possible to utterly destroy such a promising franchise.
  10. Mar 6, 2012
    It breaks my heart to see such a series go down the tubes. I would label Mass Effect 1 as one of my favorite games but I just feel so alienated by this game that I just don't what to think anymore. Day 1 DLC, stock images copied, animations, textures, clunky story... I... just no. I refuse to believe this game exists.
  11. Mar 7, 2012
    Everyone at this points knows the general concept of what Mass Effect is at this point, so I don't need to spend time covering that. In fact, the core audience of this game has probably played the two games leading into this, and have a good feel for the game represents. So let us start there and talk about what has changed. There was significantly less development time this iteration, and it shows. Mass Effect 2 had an incredible prologue, that was polished to a mirror. Doing the space walk and having the sound mute, was a cinematic work of art. Mass Effect 3 shows it's rushed development immediately. You are cast straight into the game, given a short cutscene for the long awaited arrival of the Reapers. That's right, it isn't a big moment at all. Mass Effect 1 had more suspense going into the first mission, and that was just supposed to be a routine scout mission. The Reapers just show up in the back ground and start shooting stuff. Mundane and unimaginative. The dialogue and writing are atrocious, with the whole game feeling like it was written as a poorly made fan-fic. Inexplicably, actoresses like Jessica Chobot are cast in major roles in the game-despite being wholly inexperienced, and frankly, bad. The graphics are several notches down from what you'd expect in a 2012 game. Games like The Witcher 2, which don't even have a fraction of this games budget, and able to produce better visuals. The combat sections are keep distinct from the story, to a degree that you are either watching or playing, never both. The combat is repetitive and formulaic, often consisting of shooting down a corridor until a time limit expires. The cover mechanic is generic, and the game falls back on this gimmick too much, to cover for its linear, uninspired level design. Ontop of all this, the game has had its content sharded, to be sold back to you at a higher price. To get the full experience, with all additional content available on day 1, you will be paying in the hundreds of dollars. Expand
  12. Jun 29, 2012
    I am re-reviewing this game due to the Extended Cut release. I had originally given this a 4 due to the horrible ending with the Extended Cut I feel Bioware did well in trying to wrap up a difficult story. Bioware can't make everyone happy but I am satisfied with the Extended Cut and look forward to replaying this game over and over now.
  13. Mar 6, 2012
    Played it for an hour. It's completely unfun. The levels are EXTREMELY linear. There's no sense of discovery or anything, just a generated static level with a few objects thrown in, and a straight line to follow. If I were 8 again, I would still be getting bored by how uninteresting the levels and objectives are.

    The main quest is just a compilation of side quests where you meet
    characters from Mass Effect 2. You might ask "how can you know if you only played for an hour?" It's easy to tell since it's the exact formula from Mass Effect 2 (which I actually played through, somehow). You do a billion "data retrieval" quests where you just infiltrate some building that has data in it, kill a billion enemies that you couldn't possibly die to even with the highest difficulty on, and then go back to your ship and make some sort of progression.

    It's disgusting that you can actually just rush a game and expect to make money. I'm sure they'll sell 80 billion copies somehow, even though it's really nothing more than a 65$ expansion pack.

    I give it a 0/10 because I'm actually annoyed even though I played it at a friend's house, and didn't pay for it. I haven't been this disappointed for a game since Dragon Age 2 (ANOTHER BIOWARE TITLE!, WHAT A SURPRISE?!).
  14. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't think I've been more disappointed in a game in a long, long time... The combat is just all around boring, in fact I would say it's even worse than the second games combat (which was bad). The storyline is borderline bad fan-fiction, but the worst part is the choices. The choices in this game are pretty much non-existent, with the dialogue wheel being further gutted to make it appeal to a wider audience. There are usually only two choices for any given conversation, and they always do the exact same thing no matter what. And speaking of choices, pretty much everything you did in the first two games is completely irrelevant in the third. If Wrex died in Mass Effect 1, he's replaced by someone who looks, sounds like, and acts like Wrex. Oh yeah, and they have the same clan so there's zero story difference. The Rachni are back no matter what you did with the last remaining queen in Mass Effect 1. You might as well not even bother importing a save, nothing will change and you will have to re-make the face anyway. Expand
  15. Mar 6, 2012
    Finally a site that lets the people who didn't run Mass Effect ads for three months state their opinion.

    The game is **** storywise. Oldest twists in the book. Hurr they were good all along. Hurr the little kid is super powerful.
  16. Mar 6, 2012
    I feel awfully betrayed that the series went from and expansive sci-fi space opera with consequential choices; to a fairly streamlined action adventure with RPG elements. Its attempts at emotional manipulation are slightly hamfisted, not ineffective but very clumsily implemented and unrelated to my character's background - which I imagine Bioware has forgotten about at this point. The writing and designs for some characters also seems out of place, Vega is expected to be a bulky man but not to the extent that he's a jersey Shore cast member, the addition of Jessica Chobot and redesign for Ashley also complement this lovely little tan-orange motif. My largest qualm is with the Day 1 DLC - which I strongly oppose - by all means create new characters that are not plot-integral. But when you create a squad member who is heaily tied to the universe's lore and mystique and then aim to charge an extra $10 for it on top of the game's already hefty pricetag you know you fit a stereotype.The romance system is fine, although I'd like to be able to talk to my companions without the intention of making out with them. I wonà Expand
  17. Mar 11, 2012
    Honestly, this game was an utter disappointment. It was going somewhat well (would have got maybe a 6-7 from me) up until the ending. The endings are so bad, so... well... completely out-of-place and unsatisfying, that it justifiably knocks 3-4 points off of it's entire score. Yes, there is fan outrage. And I think justifiably so. It is a short game, it ignores all of your decisions (uniting species that have been warring for hundreds, if not thousands of years); there is no reason to be a completionist in this game, it honestly isn't worth it.

    Want to find out what happened with your LI's? Search youtube. Want to know how the series ends... search youtube. Want to buy the game? Don't bother, search youtube...

    The most disappointing end to one of the best series that has come out in the past few years. My biggest regret is there are no returns for PC games.
  18. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I could've forgiven a lot about ME3 ... after all, I love the franchise. ME1 was amazing; ME2 I liked despite being railroaded into working for an organization I did my best to hinder at every turn during ME1, and having my Spectre status be meaningless; and despite ME3 having graphics that looked like they came from the 90s and introducing a completely unnecessary multiplayer aspect to a single-player RPG.

    I could've forgiven them for all that ... but then I played til the end. Bioware's lead writer Mac Walters said the last in the series would be about our choices having impact ... but it didn't. No matter how good we were; how hard we worked; what choices we made, the galaxy is boned and there's nothing we can do to have *any* semblance of a happy ending. Does it happen in real life? Sure ... but we play video games to escape the hopelessness of real life and to have a chance, just a chance, to make a better world. I expected sacrifices, I expected tough choices, I didn't expect a deus ex machina.
  19. Mar 8, 2012
    This game was great, interesting, brilliant, before...This is MOST STUPID end ever!!!1 I cant believe this **** is end Mass Effect 3. Hate ME series now.
  20. Mar 8, 2012
    A shining example of what a terrible job Bioware does when porting console games to PC. Space bar is used to do four functions, the fov is terrible making it hard to explore the game environment and the textures are a lower quality than the ones in Mass Effect 2.
  21. Mar 6, 2012
    This game is terrible and the story is Twilight fanfiction posing as space opera. Don't buy this game. This is not the same Bioware who made games like Baldur's Gate. This is an abomination
  22. Mar 7, 2012
    It is on par with the rest of the series, and I'm finding that it appears to have quite a bit more in common in 1.

    Definitely a good game, and in no way a 0 or a 1. Hell, even at it's worst, this game would at least rate a 7 or 8. It might be a homophobia issue, or perhaps people just want to get after EA... but ME 3 is a solid game if you liked the first two.
  23. Jul 13, 2012
    Its a gread Game and with the EE worthy of financial statements of the Story. I have cried at the Ending, because it was aware thats now over with my Shepard, 4 Years long i have playes she... Thank your Bioware vor the great Serie, ich love it and i hope you make a good Mass Effect 4.
  24. DKN
    Mar 28, 2012
    *Spoilers Ahead*
    99% of the game were very good, gameplay wise I think its the best game in trilogy, it also has a great main story. There were some concerns, about the game, for example some decisions from previous parts were not transferred to this game as well as i'd hoped, some side quests were boring, your quest log is a disaster, some bugs etc., but nothing game braking... up until
    last 10 minutes.

    The ending was just awful. when i first seen it I thought i did something wrong, i was literally stunned. At the end you are given 3 choices DeusEx:HR style. The endings do not take in to consideration any of your decisions you made during your journey as Shepard. It gives you three choices, but in the end your choice comes down to the color of explosion that will probably destroy all civilizations as we know them, no matter what you do.

    The ending did not just didnt give you any choices or didn't provide closer, and it was completely out of place. It felt like in the last ten minutes developers decided to change the trilogy story and values.

    For me ending completely destroyed the experience from otherwise great game.
  25. Mar 21, 2012
    It's embarrassing that so many people just looking for something to hate in a game this good are willing to go on websites and give 0 scores just because the games ending isn't the one they specifically would have wanted. The truth is, while the game is somewhat streamlined even when compared to the last one, the combat is just right, the graphics are actually quite jaw-dropping, the story throughout the entire game is thrilling, extremely emotional and more epic than ever before, the voice acting is as great as the previous games, the co-op is surprisingly good and ties in well with the story, the whole game itself is 30 hours long and very replayable and the ending, which is where most of the hate seems to be directed , in my opinion does a great job of closing this incredible sci-fi trilogy. Expand
  26. Mar 14, 2012
    Love the game!! The ending however dosn´t tell you enough of what your choices led to or what your companions did after your death. I however still think its a wonderfull game which deserve something between 8-10. Ill give it 10 since the 0-1 are just ridicolous :p
  27. Nov 15, 2012
    Re-reviewing the game based on the Extended Cut and Leviathan DLC. These two single player additions as well as a couple weapon packs and free multiplayer add-ons have really won me over. I was a skeptic at first, having gone through the game for a third time, I am reminded as to why I love the series so much. I cannot wait for the Omega DLC.

    The multiplayer aspect is really well
    done and extremely addicting, the new achievement system is fantastic. Expand
  28. Mar 25, 2012
    I originally gave this game a 6, but I'm reducing that to a 1 because of all the BS public relations rhetoric BiowarEA is putting out there to defend that travesty of an ending instead of acknowledging it was flawed. Falling back on the old "artistic vision" crap just isn't going to quell the outrage of an, arguably, good percentage of the people who have finished playing the game. "Artistic vision", my a$$. People had those kind of visions back in the 60's when they: "Turned on, tuned in, and dropped out". That coupled with the "we'll have more information for you in April" crap which is a painfully obvious stall tactic to not tank sales even more -- it couldn't be more transparent and it's insulting to the player's intelligence. It's dismissive in tone and nature. Way to go -- alienate even more of your core fan base. Expand
  29. Mar 6, 2012
    Sadly, for a game with so much promise, Mass Effect 3 fumbles the ball in the end zone. The game suffers ridiculous bugs, and a clearly rushed ending. I hate to say it but as I play through, I almost wonder if at some point EA came in and said 'You've got three days to finish' about three months early. I'm givng this one a zero, for much the same reasons I gave Dragon Age 2 a low score: It does not live up to the hype. It's buggy, rushed, and when it does have good ideas, they're badly damaged by the bugs. The story is forced, there is auto dialogue where you do not decide what Sheppard says, and no matter what you do, you get the same crap endings. Expand
  30. Mar 9, 2012
    I played through the game, and generally enjoyed the content - most of the game felt like a significant improvement over Mass Effect 2.... however, the game has several aspects that completely ruin immersion and just feel like a company grabbing for profit rather than wanting to build a good games or supporting their fan base - which is seriously upsetting. The main gripes are the graphical quality, which hasn't improved at all over ME2 on PC, the controls feel even more like a console port than before with your character going off and doing entire actions without you even asking. Parts of the game feel very rushed, specifically the beginning and end - the beginning just kind of drops you in without letting the game get going, or providing any setting. And the ending.... well I don't know where to start... all of the options are simply appalling, lazy cop outs - I was getting very involved in the story for a good part of the game and then the ending just ruins that completely. In the end I don't mind that I've spent money on the game, I can deal with that, but that I feel betrayed that Bioware doesn't seem to care about their IP beyond how much money it can make... its just plain sad. Expand
  31. Mar 16, 2012
    The game's pretty much everything I could have hoped for in the last instalment of a trilogy; A slightly elevated action level really nails home that this is something that has been built up to. The strengths of the Mass Effect series are still going strong, with gameplay in particular having been improved compared to the second game. Strictly speaking, I only think the game is worth a review score of 9, but I'm going with a 10 in order to do a small bit to counteract the immense amount of butthurt being levelled in so many of these reviews. Expand
  32. Mar 20, 2012
    To be honest 98% of the game is very good and personally i would place ME3 somewhere between first and second installment of the series. However the last 2% is simply terrible . I don't say ending is bad (I could accept it!) - it simply doesn't fit to the ME universe. It really made me think that i wasted more than 100 hours with trilogy for nothing.
  33. Aug 1, 2012
    Very good game, but not as good as ME2. First off, it is even more simplified so it is not even a RPG anymore. Second, the searching for resources is dull. The graphics is merely average. There are much less NPCs to interact with and take on missions. The ending is dissapointing, even after the Directors Cut DLC. Where Me3 shines is general gameplay - the fights are very emotional, fast paced and offer a lot of ways to dispatch enemies. It feels like a movie - you interact with many things but you rarely have influence on anything. I`d rather call it an extended First Person Shooter. Nevertheless the multiplayer is very addicting with new stuff coming every few months. Overall the game is satisfying with some of the above average features. Solid title. Expand
  34. May 14, 2012
    Most of the game was pretty good, certainly an improvement on the risable second game. The ending ruined it all. At best it was imcomplete, at worst a complete runiation of everything you had done in the game. A true shame such a great series ends on such a damp squib..
  35. Mar 7, 2012
    Strike 1: Adding multiplayer (oh come on really?) to a beloved SINGLE player series of games. If I wanted a multiplayer shoot em up I would play Counterstrike (don't even get me started on MW3). Strike 2: From Ashes DLC fiasco . Seriously? you're charging for DAY 1 DLC because you gave us multiplayer that we didn't even want in the first place? Strike 3: Boy am I glad I saw the leaked script and videos. "Yo dawg we made synthetics to kill organics, so organics wouldn't create synthetics to kill organics!" It's painfully obvious that the writing talent that made the first game so compelling is no longer involved. Maybe Bioware should think about hiring writers who, ya know, actually enjoy playing the games too. EA/Bioware, you have broken my heart for the last time. Multiplayer and Day 1 DLC I could *just* about have lived with, but the lack of choices carried over, and the contrived, lazy endings are a step too far. I will not be giving my hard earned money to you ever again. Fortunately I played a friend's copy of ME3 and can get my online version refunded (thanks Origin 14 day return policy!). Oh yeah, don't even bother pirating. Expand
  36. Mar 8, 2012
    Don't be fooled, use your brain and think: Why would the "critics" all like this game but most of the public hates it? Easy answer: Either said critics are on EAs payroll or they fear the future repercussions from EA (no interviews/early copies) if they give it a bad review. These sorts of things happen in the vidya industry, the bigger the publisher, the more likely it is to happen.

    Awkward animations, hamfisted dialogue, 2008 graphics, cheap plot mechanics, recasting much-loved's like Bioware went out of their way to make this game horrible. Also don't forget the NO HOLSTERING and the excuse given for it: "we ran out of memory" LOL! They ran out of memory on the ps3 version ONLY, they could've EASILY put holstering in the 360 or PC version but decided to keep the shortcoming, if that doesn't scream INCOMPETENCE, I don't know what does...

    I can understand the urge to finish off the story after you saved your ME2 save file for months now but whatever you do, DON'T PAY FOR THIS GAME, otherwise you're telling Bioware that a half-assed effort is okay.
  37. May 16, 2012
    Let's ignore the ending here, because I guess anyone reading this review now either already knows about it, or doesnt want to.

    Truth be told, its a good game. Playing it I felt the tech had been improved enough to fix immersion in some areas without completely overhauling a system we had been used to since ME 1.

    That said, the story line was a little lack lustre and I didnt feel it was
    quite as gripping as the franchises earlier installments.

    Dont get me wrong, there are a few moments that are truely and magnificently choreographed and will reduce most gamers to tears, but they are few and far between. Mostly however, I found that once again I felt like all my previous efforts had been ignored and for the 3rd time I had manic rush to collect my companions... again.... make them like me... again... and then actually get on with dealing with what was left of the main campaign. The multiplayer experience, for me has been where the game has demonstrated its real staying power. Taking a couple of key areas from the game (and with some later DLC a few new custom ones too) you and a group of up to 3 friends are pitted against AI opponents in a king of the hill style beat down, with assorted minimissions to keep things interesting. Even after clearing my 100% readiness for the end game of the single player campaign, I've found myself coming back to multiplayer because it is nice, casual friendly, fun.

    Mass Effect 3 is certainly worth a look if you have the money and time available to try it. Players opinions are very divided on the endgame thing.... personally I like where they went with the endgame, I just didnt like how it was presented to the player.. Your opinion will undoubtedly vary..

    I'm not commander shepard, but this has definitely been my favorite multiplayer game on my pc for the past few weeks.
  38. Apr 6, 2014
    I thought this game was quite epic. I had played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and loved both but only got around to playing ME3 recently. I thought the visuals were a nice step up from ME2 and the story was very emotional and gripping. The quest tracker, however, is pretty horrible and there were a few too many fetch quests but otherwise, thoroughly enjoyed it, even the ending which I thought was a fitting conclusion to a superb trilogy. Expand
  39. Mar 15, 2012
    Originally while I was playing through the game, I thought, "this is so epic!" And that thought remained true until the last 15 minutes of the game... Those last 15 minutes pretty much just took a **** on your face and made you feel extremely dissatisfied. It takes away replay value for the entire series because you know that the outcome will be exactly the same, and that you will hate it just as much as you did the first time you played through it.

    The multiplayer on the other hand is not that bad. But it does get boring after awhile since your pretty much going through the same enemies over and over again on five different maps. I know some people absolutely love it and some don't like it at all. So its all about your tastes.
  40. Mar 11, 2012
    This is more Mass Effect in every way. If you enjoyed the first two games, I can see no reason why you would not enjoy this game. It has the same epic story, solid characterization, and awesome ambiance that made Mass Effect great. Sure it has its weak areas but this game is without question worth a lot more than the 3.5 user rating that it currently has here.
  41. Mar 9, 2012
    I liked the first two very much. Although this is not a bad game it again is a dissapointment.
    I think because Bioware was such a good company in the past we all expected them to continue this forever.

    I conclude that after dragon age 2, knights of the new republic and this that they have lost their touch. Luckily enough with games as skyrim we have other options. A 7 for effort.
  42. Mar 7, 2012
    This is to all those people who have major concerns regarding Mass Effect 3, especially after Dragon Age 2 since that abomination basically killed the whole series for me. So yes, I was also worried about auto-dialogue and lack of quality textures/animations. When you begin ME3 it's hard not to cringe when Anderson is running in Vancouver.

    +-But at the same time the storytelling feels
    more fluid and immersive. I have to admit that I'm only in the Citadel at this point but no "mission completed" screens so far. Yes, there are less dialogue options but it doesn't really take away from the experience during the opening act. Conversation wheel isn't the most important thing when things are exploding and you are trying to take down enemies but if it continues like this inside hubs...well then it will be really annoying.

    ++I also have to say that ME3 is by no means a cakewalk. I'm playing on insanity at the moment and so far the fights have been more challenging than in ME2. The AI has clearly improved.

    ++You also have weapon customization so that's an improvement from ME2.

    -I do dislike how you perform so many actions with only one button (spacebar). Sometimes I'm accidently rolling around like an idiot eventhough I just want to perform a simple action.

    In a nutshell : Gameplay is better and visuals are not great by todays standards (I miss the film grain effect).

    At this point it's a solid 7.5-8 and definitely worth a buy. :)
  43. Mar 8, 2012
    I've already scored this low on the gaming store's site I bought it from & will actually give point form why it gets low scores here.
    -EA conducting aggressive anti-consumer behaviour against users who display "discontent behaviour" in any official forum. Lowers enjoyment of playing game.
    -Significant day 1 DLC/add-on items that should be part of the game but EA is requiring cash for.
    (i.e. the Razer branded item's bonus guns)
    -"Professional" reviewers seem to have been paid off for positive reviews
    -Graphics toted as being "top notch". It's Unreal Engine... I haven't played a game using this engine that HASN'T looked good. ME3 is just average when placed beside many of its competitors
    -Over aggressive DRM (yes it effects the game score as it affects how often & where I can play the game)
    -Game is not a 10 out of 10 by a long shot so it should consider itself lucky to be getting the 2 I'm giving given the negatives.
    Disclosure: I have only played the demo; am still working on my Mass Effect 1 play through before proceeding to ME2 then ME3. Own most the content for all 3 (lacking Razor rifle for ME3 at this point)
    Example of Unreal Engine 3 games I've played for comparison: Alpha Protocol, Batman: Arkham City, Blacklight: Tango Down, BlackSite: Area 51, Borderlands, Frontlines: Fuel of War, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. (Probably more too)
  44. Mar 9, 2012
    screw you bioware!!! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!! this is even worse than what you did with dragon age 2!!! Mass effect was supposed to be the best TRILOGY of our time but in the end you ruined it with your **** ending!! i wish i didnt get this game!!! the ending of ME2 would have been fine by me!!
  45. Mar 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 seems to have a lot of haters. I see no reason to give it a low score for the early DLC and I'm not even going to waste my time explaining why, as for the ending I understand why people are mad about it and it may take off some points, but you can't pretend you didn't enjoy the game over the grudge of not getting the ending you dreamed of. I do however, agree that this was not the best game in the series for the story. It is however a great game overall from the amount of fun I've had playing through it. The action was intense, the story wasn't the greatest but I still enjoyed it, and of course they always fixed the problems with the last game, so overall Mass Effect 3 is a solid shooter RPG and still an essential game to the series. They may have made choice making less noticeable of importance, and of course focused more on the combat rather than the love of the story, which I believe was a big mistake. However, I still enjoyed the game very much and feel that I've gotten a good game for my money. They could have improved on the story, choice making, and of course not done a half ass job on the ending. Though I have to say if anything, this game deserves to be in the green. It's not as amazing as Mass Effect 2, but it's not a failure either. Expand
  46. Mar 20, 2012
    Mass Effect as a series deserves a score higher than that is on the scale. First one was quite clumsy and the second one had some annoying bits, but the series made me care about the characters in them. The final episode built on that and did it well. I haven't had this kind of emotional connection to a game since Planescape: Torment. Truly a terrific game. 10/10
  47. Mar 17, 2012
    Lack of player agency is the theme of this game. Between all the reduced roleplaying options and scripted combat events, you'll get constant cutscene killed by enemies as though they're the dragonborn. Then there's every time they bring out Kai Leng, a book antagonist, and you get to watch Shepard flop around, not use any biotic or tech powers you may actually have, and generally be terrible until Leng leaves. This is how Bioware does a recurring antagonist. I felt more like I was reading a book about Kai Leng than playing a game about Shepard every time they trot this guy out. Expand
  48. May 11, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is a basically decent game which is irretrievably spoiled by oversimplification and lack of dramatic direction.

    The game looks marvellous, but, as with many Bioware games, the locations are Potemkin villages: Shepard and her squadmates are restricted in their movements, hemmed in on all sides in small arenas with convenient chest-high walls, with no potential for
    interaction with the scenery.

    Combat largely handles well, but never strays from the mould of "cover-based shooter." The lack of any real challenge from the enemies discourages tactical thinking and the awkward use of the "F" key as a melee button makes the use of melee an unrealistic option on the PC.

    What is particularly frustrating about this game is how the stripped-down interface divests the gamer's experience of any verve or life. So many of the side missions are no more sophisticated than a text-based DOS game. When exploring a planet to find resources for the war, a player is simply told that he had recovered something of use, but there is no game-driven, interactive imperative to treat those text notifications with anything other than apathy. The "Citadel" DLC adds some welcome opportunity for character interaction and development, but really ought to have been part of the original game I can only imagine how shallow and unsatisfying ME3 would have been without it.

    The ending of Mass Effect 3 has attracted opprobrium quite rightly. Labouring hard over the course of three games to save squadmates, or entire species, has little or no dramatic payoff. The destinies of squad-mates and their unusual pairings are left ignored and untold. The narrative justification of the final denouement is weak and unsatisfactory, and somewhat contradicts established canon. This is particularly disappointing when the stripped-down, simplified gameplay mechanic runs the player on rails towards the choice of four such unsatisfying conclusions.

    For all those gripes, there is some fun to be had here, but ME3 deserves to be remembered most for squandered opportunities.
  49. Mar 17, 2012
    When I first saw the user ratings, I thought maybe a group of players were just being overly dramatic. I was dead wrong.

    While Bioware did a decent job on story, most of it was just reusing previous material from the first and second games. Unfortunately, this is the only good thing I have to say about this game. Combat feels like if I played the COD4 campaign 4 times in a row. The
    first and second times would be fun, but the third and fourth are just the same things over and over again, and it feels like with all game combat, depending on which part of the story you are on, they would use copy and paste more. The last battle was RIDICULOUS. It became a test to see how long I could hold down the left click button, with 30 enemies plus 5-10 mini-bosses coming all at once, and sooner or later, the sheer spam would always back me into a corner, where 5 of the minibosses would keep on using stun attacks to keep me from running or even firing back. The sheer length of the combat fights is terrible as well, it would be safe to estimate that over half of the fighting you will be doing in this game is just filler, especially the last mission. In only one small section of the last mission, I'd go up against waves that would take around 20-30 minutes to complete, with over 4 waves to complete. This is one SECTION which is 100% combat spam that takes more than 2 hours to complete. So you just shoot for 2 hours straight at the same enemies, using the same weapons and same tactics. I've watched chick flicks with women that not even including the benefits of the woman are MUCH more exciting than the combat in this game. It is a sad state of affairs when Bioware games turn into a giant grind instead of story, and the whole game feels like it was made by a 3rd rate developer that had no clue what they were doing and instead mashed everything together and called it a game. Bioware has been on the decline since ME2 and Dragon Age 2, but with the release of ME3, it is safe to say that they are a dead company now. Expand
  50. Mar 12, 2012
    The Good: * The game has the classic Mass Effect play style and combat. The Bad: * They shoe horned multiplayer in and created a reason to make it pertinent. * The equipment (and hair) of the player models is constantly poking through. * 90% of the conversations you have do not offer choices of replies - they don't even bring up the conversation wheel. * Day one DLC which requires one line of code change in order to make it appear and which should have been part of the overall game as it was the one thing that managed to add some depth.
    * Failure to take into account player choices (from ME1, ME2, or ME3) with the ending.
    * Endings which appear to provide a choice, but don't. (What color would you like your universe destroying beam to be in?)
    * No sex scenes, demonstrating EA's editorial control over Bioware productions despite Bioware's claims to the contrary.
    * None of the side quests you complete appears to have any impact other than increasing your forces' strength for the final battle. The narrative that one might expect from Mass Effect for the individual units brought into play is not there.

    As a single game, it's a shallow and fun romp until the very last portion of the game. When you and Anderson are side by side with each other, chatting, stop. Right there is the best ending you can hope for - do NOT continue. Walk away and imagine your ending. You will be happier.

    As a series finale this game does NOT suffice. I don't care what theory you take to - that they wanted to show predestination, that Shepard was indoctrinated, that they're holding the series open for DLC. None of that matters. What matters is that the ending to the game - and the series - brings no closure for the player. NONE.

    People are claiming that those of us who are complaining about the ending are overreacting. I don't think we can overreact. I have spent hundreds of hours of my life playing this game, I overrode my ban on EA games in order to purchase it, I hoped as a property of Bioware that they would treat the series finale properly. All of those hopes were dashed, destroyed, thrown down, stepped on, and ground into tiny pieces.

    Don't buy this game. It's not worth your money. When it's a $5.00 special, it might be worth it. If Bioware rewrites the ending, it might be worth it. Right now? I spent $80.00 on the collector's edition and I wish I could get a refund - of my money, and my play time.

    Between this and Dragon Age 2... well, I'm glad the indie games are ramping up because it's obvious I need to find my Western RPG fix somewhere else.
  51. Mar 6, 2012
    It's definitely worth playing, but I really wish I hadn't paid full price. I'll keep things short. Multiplayer is ok and kind of necessary given the shortness of the main campaign. They doubled down on the circus soldier rolley-slidey cover based combat and the weapons don't always feel satisfying when they hit. I'll keep it spoiler free, but let my 5/10 stand for my opinion of the story. Ultimately it's a Bioware game and a good one at that. I'll still replay ME 1-3 now and then in the future, but I'm no longer interested in seeing where the ME universe is going from here having played this one. Expand
  52. Mar 9, 2012
    The Mass Effect series has carried much promise. The first two games were real winners and successfully implemented the notion of player choice influencing the plot in meaningful ways. It's hard to think that with such a demonstrably successful formula in their possession BioWare could do anything to damage the series, let alone ruin it. But that's exactly what they've done--in as little as five minutes. Of course, I'm talking about the ending everybody is in fits about. From a plot perspective, the ending to this game is unforgivably bad--a true facepalm moment in the history of gaming. The game purports to have numerous endings, but the reality is that this isn't true. They are, for the most part, the same. Mass Effect 2 had much more variance in its endings, which is ironic considering Mass Effect 2 had to account for an upcoming game when mapping out its endings. Mass Effect 3 had no such constraint, and yet it funnels all your choices into what is the same ending at its core.

    I rated this game a 1 because the ending is truly THAT bad. It's just horrible.
  53. Mar 7, 2012
    Did you like mass effect 1 with its far reaching decisions or building the ultimate team of badasses in mass effect 2? I did, and was led to believe that my decisions in mass effect 1 and 2 would have implications in mass effect 3. Guess what? They dont. Have you ever wondered what would happen if an excellent cover shooter like Uncharted or Gears of War had been developed by a bunch of retards? If so, this is the game for you. The gameplay is absolutely effing atrocious. For all the money that went into this game, it feels like it was programmed by Andre the Giant slamming his spastic head on the keyboard. One button serves about 18 different purposes meaning you will die a lot. The hardest difficulty setting is too easy. The gameplay also applies to the multiplayer. Bioware decided that you can only get the best ending if you sink A LOT of hours into the multiplayer. This is them really taking the piss because the cover shooting (gone is the RPG elements, meaningful conversations and minigames from the first two games) is crap. The graphics... Everything has been purposefully darkened to hide the fuzzy details on a visual engine that is now aging very badly. The graphics will not blow you away but neither will they disgust you. They are very average. Nothing special. Remember how you could be a paragon or a renegade? That was good, wasnt it? Bioware got rid of them both now to the point where they are utterly indivisible from each other. This game is disgusting. I am very glad I rented it. Make sure you buy it used. Notice how all the professional reviewers are giving it 10/10? Also note that EA and Bioware are advertising heavily on their front pages. These reviewers are all bought and paid for. The one thing in this game I thought might be cool was that Jessica Chobot was in it. I was hoping I would be able to gun her down like the **** mutt she is but you cant even do that either. I hope Jessica Chobot gets eye cancer, aids or both. She is a talentless hack with a push up bra. Her being in this is a gimmick and that sums up this game. A bunch of failed gimmicks. Because this game has no redeeming features whatsoever, I am voting it a zero. Expand
  54. Sep 4, 2012
    YOU MUST GET ALL THE DLC. With that this is the best Mass Effect. EA stripped out 5GB of content for the initial release. That is about one third of the game. Without it the game is total crap and deserved to get panned.. When a gold edition comes out in a year or so with all the DLC at a good price get this title for sure.
  55. Mar 11, 2012
    The game is an absolute masterpiece through through the beginning to the climax. However, in the end it becomes apparent that the writers had a vision for a sort of Greek tragedy for the series, complete with a deus ex machina and endings that vary from "really dark" to "kinda dark." There is no happy ending, no real catharsis for Shepard. However, it is not the darkness that bothers me as much as the execution of the resolution. It feels so convoluted and illogical considering the themes and narratives that have taken place through the 3 games. In fact, it would make more sense to me if the so called "resolution" turned out to all be a dream. The game itself is very good. The level design was much improved over previous installments, and storytelling wise they generally did an excellent job creating a story that could account for all the possible Shepards. Not everyone from previous games are available as squadmates, but I felt they generally all got enough screen time to do good by the fans. Overall, it was a very engrossing and enjoyable experience, up until the last 5 minutes or so. Because of that, I have to bump it down from a 10/10 to an 8/10. Expand
  56. Apr 18, 2012
    I don't think its fair to give Mass Effect 3 a rating purely based on the ending. The first 95% of the game was fantastic, very engaging and fun, I did have issues however with how the player characters voice acting was handled the amount of auto dialogue really took away any feeling that Shepard was actually my character rather than Biowares. Multiplayer is actually surprisingly fun although does have a tenancy to get repetitive. The last 10% of the game about from Priority: Cerberus onwards was a really big let down for me, they didn't do a good job for the finale of the series and this is especially disappointing given how good other sections of the game where. A good game but does not live up to its predecessors. Expand
  57. Jun 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ahh, the ending...THE ending...IMHO the "destroy" ending was the best to choose. But after I decided to go with it, I expected some sort of animation-closure fiesta if you know what i mean. Despite all of the negative comments and review regarding the end, I just couldn't believe that is true, so the hope existed. So, let's go with recap - Earth was saved, soldiers were celebrating + ; Normandy crew ended up on some world, we don't know how far from Earth and could they return to the homeworld - ; Were all of our team aboard the Normandy? If not, what happened to them? - ; Mass relays destroyed (ok, we have been warned), but what happens with other races? - ; Guy breathing, people are convinced that's am I + ; Did the people rebuilt the Earth? Or are they somewhere else (next part of ending)? - ; After the credits, there is a kid with his grandfather on unknown world and the grandfather talks about Shepard and what happened while mentioning that was a long time ago. Well, how long has it been? Are the people again unaware of other life forms (actually, I think he mentions something like that), can the people travel throughout the universe (Solar system and beyond, but not far)? - ; Buzz Aldrin's voice (Stargazer) + ; Ending recap conclusion -> +(3), -(4) = - = unacceptable

    But this is game review. The entire game, except the ending, was breathtaking and definitely worth all the playing time invested throughout the series. Mixture of dramatic, bad ass, serious and humorous moment in this game is something all the other games want and hope to achieve. I would give the game 9, maybe 10, but if we account the weak ending, I must decrease my score. I seriously hope the "ending DLC" will bring more info about the aftermath of the game.
  58. Mar 12, 2012
    Im glad i didnt spent cent on this, go to hell bioware with ur employed game designers whom hates gaming and want option to skip combat....

    First ME was awesome to me, second was good too, but this is disgrace!
  59. Mar 19, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 was advertised, and promised in press releases and interviews, that the decisions we made throughout the series would create a unique ending for every player, that the amount of possible endings would be countless.

    Instead we got 1 ending for everyone to experience. The same ending for everyone.

    Before the ending the game is 9/10, with the current ending they basically
    stole my $80. Expand
  60. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 had me laughing, crying and truly entertained for 35 hours. It deserves recognition for pulling all those emotions out of a player, and to do it so consistently. The action and continuing romance of the series blew my mind. The developers listened to its fans when improving these two aspects of the game. My Love Interest (Liara) was so well written, and the time that her and Shepard did have together was meaningful. Playing this trilogy has been an honour and I hope Bioware continues creating titles that span numerous games like they did with Shep because after a span of 3 games, I felt like I really knew those NPCs and I was emotionally invested.

    Bioware also has a special place in my heart for creating same-sex characters and they will always have my respect for making that happen with a high-quality story.

    Day 1 DLC? I don't care. Bioware makes the kind of games that I want to play, and if they create more content, I will gladly pay for that content.
  61. Mar 9, 2012
    In short greatest Sci-Fi RPG`s evolution to cover based action game with RPG elements that offers straight line shooting without puzzles and occasional glitches, bugs and missing puzzle sections. Not the best ending to series.

    First the bad stuff. Graphical bugs that show how hastily this was made, including missing walls, low quality textures, performance lowdown on bizarre occasions.
    Just bugs include, getting stuck on bizarre locations on bizarre conditions, falling through floor when dying, endlesly looping music on occasions etc. Removal of minigames like hacking just holding spacebar is about exciting as watching an egg boil no make that less exciting. Side quests are reduced mostly to get an item X from scanning an planet. The whole quest line is direct copy paste job from ME2 in lines of gather forces for final battle. All main quest locations are straight lines from A to B. Gameplay mechanics. The one button does all configuration does not work well I played on hardest setting and most of my deaths came from dying because Shepard was rolling between two covers facing enemies while they were blasting at him because awesome button. The talents are well what you would expect in such streamlined Action game with RPG elements. I was left with ~40 unused talentpoints because there was nothing worth putting them in. The lack of any puzzle sections baffles me its just constant pipeline fighting without any mental challenge. Even the one obivious part to use puzzles ( inside AI ) was reduced to very very very dull gun play mechanic that was about as exciting as licking week old ketchup from kitchen floor. The story is the same old thing from ME2 get your forces for last battle. The characters were mostly Good or OK, but what the hell one of the most unsatisfying ending(s) ever. I mean from the ME1 you had an chance to make something great and you went with this...? Just baffling. The whole feeling of war against more advanced reapers was OK with the whole the dark and gloomy feeling, but there was still some baffling plot holes and unexplained things.

    The DLC. My god what on earth was EA thinking. The prothean DLC should have been free day one DLC. And it really fills in at least some of the caps and is rather good. But really 10$ for making the game what it should have been?
  62. Mar 14, 2012
    Updated Review: I saw the warnings here about the ending, so I thought I should be prepared for a really bad ending, but you can't prepare for this. It was much worse than I thought It would be. And people said that Witcher 2 had a bad ending (which I couldn't understand because I thought It was great). Well, atleast other parts of the game were from good to mediocre. The new characters are pretty good, with few exception. I was actually surprised that James is an actually great character, because I expected him to be flat. The combat is more like Witcher 2 with the rolling and finishing moves (which is a good thing!), if only it's a bit too easy on Insanity, but It's still affected by the bugs from Mass Effect 2 like ling of sight shooting, getting stuck or character not doing what you want (do 100 things with one button is not a good idea). The romance, well.. My romance option was Liara, and the first half of her romance was disastrous, but the second was very good. Note that I'm not homophobic or anything, but there is no way to detest or condemn a character that is gay, lesbian or not. Again, I don't have anything against homosexuality, but there is no choice given to you about this, unlike in Dragon Age where you could decide how you approach something like this, and here's another problem. Lack of choice. The paragon and renegade meter is finally mixed, but only like 1% of the dialogues have a middle option, making that pointless. The interrupts were most of the times, good. The cutscenes: A lot of them are good, but then, a lot of them is unnecessary, especially at the beginning of the game. There's also a lot of time where you can't interrupt the dialogue or the cutscene, hindering the replay value. There are also serious problems with smoke effects, as It can make even the best computers lag like hell. The character animations are probably the worst I've ever seen. There is a part where you have the option to hug a friend, but because of bad animation, you end up hugging the air. Really? The graphics are mostly good, but the background is a train-wreck. If you pay attention to the background, you can see a lot of low-res textures, or even immobile people, even if they are about to step, making them look like statues.
    While I had high expectation with this game, It's far from that, but still, It's much better than Dragon Age 2. My advice: Prepare for the worst ending you can possibly imagine (or you wouldn't dare to even imagine).
  63. Apr 4, 2012
    The first half of the game is quite enjoyable as you progress into the second half of the game it is clear that quite a few missions are missing. Developer interviews confirm this(from the Final Hours of ME3 iPad app).

    The most damning indictment about the quality of this title is saved for the ultimate conclusion of the game. The ending does not work, does not make sense, and feels
    like its tacked on from a different universe. It certainly does not feel like it belongs in Mass Effect`s universe.

    Another 6-9 months of development time likely could have fixed the problems, unfortunately that didn`t happen so I would suggest unless this is fixed sometime during 2012 I would recommend skipping this game.

    Perhaps the best thing you can do is to is play Mass Effect 1 and just pretend the whole thing ends right there.
  64. Mar 13, 2012
    While the gameplay has improved since the first game in terms of combat mechanics, ME3 marks a distinctly unsatisfying story. Fans of the first two games who import their characters will be dissapointed in the endings especially compared with the previous two installments. This extremely illogical ending to a great IP is only made worse by the inclusion of an important character to the lore of the Mass Effect universe as a paid DLC when it is clear that the character was originally meant to be included with the standard game package. Expand
  65. Mar 16, 2012
    I'm in the camp of people who loved Mass Effect 1 and really struggled with all the changes made in Mass Effect 2. I still thought 2 was a decent game and a well told story, but I would not have given it a perfect score. That being said, I went into Mass Effect 3 with hopeful but guarded expectations. I expected there to be something which was going to let me down. Also, I started seeing headlines about the "fan outrage" regarding the ending, before I completed the game. Again, I was expecting to be let down. What I feel I got out of Mass Effect 3 was the most cinematic, expertly told and emotionally engaging stories of the entire series. Even upon completing the game and experiencing the now infamous ending, I'm still blown away. From a technical standpoint I played it on the PS3 and experienced some significant frame rate slow downs and even temporary freeze ups. But I don't feel like it was so bad that it ruined the experience. One major issue that occurred however, was for about thirty minutes the game would freeze up when I tried to enter the area with all the refugees. Even with these technical hangups, I still give Mass Effect 3 the highest rating possible. It is a masterpiece. Expand
  66. Mar 18, 2012
    i wrote a review before finalizing the game. unfortunately the game ending as it stands ruins everything. dont play/buy it until it gets fixed. the writes somehow thought it would be cool to change a (Great) mainstream popcorn emotional decision driven action-rpg to a linear pace ending with three "pick your color" option endings (completely meaningless) trying to move to "art" and not closing anything.
    its very unsatisfactory and dumb. AVOID.
  67. Nov 22, 2012
    Very Stupid ending options! even with the dlc that is supposed to fix it. You suck Bioware. Graphics are trash, animations are low grade. Almost everything sucks in this game.
  68. Mar 14, 2012
    I am giving this game a 7 instead of a 10 because of the ending. We were promised 14 different endings, tailored to your character archetype, how you played the game, and the decisions you made. Instead, we got two different endings. You can win, or you can lose. This depends only on whether or not you have completed enough missions by the end of the game. If you win, you can very slightly alter the end-cinematic depending on the choice you make after the final battle. Your decision, however, has no impact on the story, and everything that you did in the game is basically invalidated by this frustrating conclusion. It's a highly disappointing end to the series, which is why so many people are upset about it. Now that the bad stuff's out of the way, let's move on to the good. The game was very fun. I beat it in three days, and I slept only a few hours each night because I simply couldn't put the game away. The story was extremely captivating, the combat was really visceral, and the dialogue was fascinating as always. This game does credit to its predecessors, which were also paragons of the shooter RPG subgenre. It's a real shame that they ended the series on such a terrible note, but that doesn't detract completely from the game's other virtues. It was fun, and I have no trouble recommending it to friends. Expand
  69. Mar 6, 2012
    Your lured & lulled into a sense you'll finally make a difference. When you get to end you realize nothing you did matters, your herded into endings that no matter what will leave very bad taste in your mouth. They have flat out ruined emotional investment in the series you may of put into it.
  70. Apr 29, 2012
    Well, one more franchise destroyed by EA. Where they put their hands, they destroy. Dumb animations, low res textures made for consoles, weapons sounds all messed up... Ill never buy another game that have EA in it...
  71. Mar 6, 2012
    This is coming from someone who liked the first Mass Effect and thougth that the second one was pretty good too: Dont buy this game. It's dumbed down piece of over marketed trash.
    It's painfully obvious that most of the money spent on this game went for marketing and buying good reviews. That does not make this a good game, not by a long shot.
    The voice acting is mediocre at best and the
    dialog itself is horrible. Expand
  72. Mar 16, 2012
    Mass Effect was a great game, the only complaints I can recall being performance (optimization?) issues and the rather clunky inventory.
    Mass Effect 2, counting the DLCs (esp. Lair of the Shadow Broker), was also a great game. It wasn't perfect : some aspects felt over-simplified when compared to the first game, and the resolution of the main story could have used more choices. Still, a
    great game.
    Mass Effect 3, the finale of a trilogy, was also a great game, for the most part. Decent graphics. Great looking locations/environments. Pretty cinematics/FMVs. Dramatic (if a bit overly so, at times) sequences. Superb score/soundtrack. The dialogue, like the previous game, was mostly solid (ok, there were some cheesy/seeming forced/heavy-handed bits, like a few speeches). The plot was 'ok', but could use some beefing up/more work, but it was, for the most part, 'ok' (not counting the ending). Almost everything was great. Almost.
    The ending, IMHO, ruins, not just the game, but, as it is the ending of a trilogy, the franchise as well.
    The ending doesn't feel to be 'in character' with the setting or even the overall feel of the game and the franchise. The ending seemingly negates any choice and also disregards (or doesn't reward) the efforts of the player throughout the game. It is very, very disappointing.
    The ending alone makes me unable to, in good conscience, recommend the game to anyone I know. Unless Bioware were to 'fix' the endings by providing more options/choices, as well as clarifying the mess that is the current set of endings, I won't recommend the game, nor will I purchase any downloadable content for Mass Effect 3.

    Pros: Visuals, environment, soundtrack, dialogue/voice acting/humor, cinematics/FMVs, quantity of weapons

    Cons: Ending, fewer squad mates, graphics options too limited, lack of inventory/over-simplification of RPG elements, some dialogue, quantity of armor choices, lack of other 'hubs' (there's only the Citadel), some aspects feel rushed (example: under utilization of some characters, the ending, etc.)
  73. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. For those who invested the time & effort into playing the entire series, this latest and final installment will be fun to play right up to, but not including, the ending. By itself, ME3 is a very good game, with awesome combat mechanics and weapon/character customization. It has some very emotional moments that really draws you into the world of Mass Effect. However, the ending (singular form intended) completely negates all your choices and your actions from all three games, and forces you to accept a singular notion from your arch-nemesis - that synthetics will always destroy organics. You're given a limited number of nonsensical choices that no Shepard would ever agree to, but the game forces your character to choose from them, and he does so without question (very out of character). In the end, all of us may have taken a different route on our Mass Effect journey, but the destination is invariably the same - and that would have been OK had the destination been choice-driven. Given all that, I still enjoyed playing the game, although I now have zero inclination to experience the trilogy again. If you loved the series, then I would still suggest that you play this game (ignore the review bombers). Just hit ctrl-alt-del when you get to the ending.

    In summary, the game's ending is a disappointing end to a very good game; the game itself is a disappointing end to an epic series. RIP Mass Effect.
  74. May 8, 2012
    First of all, I would say that Mass Effect 2 isn't just the greatest RPG ever to grace the console but it's arguably the greatest game ever made. It delivered such a compelling, deep, rich, atmospheric experience that continues to live long in the memory. So my expectations where probabaly over ambitious for the third outing. And after playing the game over and over again, devoted hours of life I can understand the disapproval the game has gathered but would definetly say that Mass Effect 3 is by no means a game worthy of a '0.' Picking up from where the ME2 DLC Arrival left off, ME3 see's Shepard relieved of his duties as the consequences of his actions during the DLC, whilst on Earth the Reapers have launched an overwhelming onslaught leading Admiral Anderson to set Shepard the mission of uniting the galaxy's forces. Ofcourse the gameplay unfolds from here and you are able to import your saved data meaning that anyone who didn't make it from ME1&2 won't be in ME3. However, an early discovery is made after saving Liara, where she reveals that there is a potential weapon capable of destroying the Reapers; The Crucible. From here that's what it's all about. Travelling across the galaxy uniting forces whilst making major decisions along the way regarding the future of the Krogan race, the Geth and Quarians, aswell as taking care of personal loose ends including romantic options where you can decide who Shepard finally ends up with. Cerberus are also heavily involved under the guidance of The Illusive Man (TIM) who believes the Reapers should be controlled and not destroyed and throughout you have to deal with their attempts to take the Citadel as well as mounting an attack on their headquarters as a starting point towards the final battle. Your decisions along the way as you will already know are important in determining the ending to the game however even more vital is Effective Military Strength (EMS) which has a huge impact in final outcome of your Shepard's journey, this is mainly gained through online play. Regardless of who you sacrifice or save it all leads down to Citadel where a battered and blooded Shepard faces a final showdown with TIM,ultimately resulting in an old friends death, before all is finally revealed and the fate of the galaxy sealed. Lets just say you are in for rude awakening if you thought every decision you had to make was going to be crucial in determining how Mass Effect 3 ends. As you are transported to the pinnacle of the Citadel, the Catalyst approaches you in the shape of the young boy who dies at the start of the game who explains everything. Unfortunately the explanation isn't anything i could have possibly imagined but nonetheless he reveals that the Reaper cycle is an attempt to prevent organic life from wiping itself out by creating synthetic life leading you to face three options; 'Destroy,' 'Control,' or 'Convert.' All three result in the apparent death of Shepard however if you choose 'Destroy' and have the correct amount of EMS you can gain the 'perfect' ending where it shows a potentially alive Shepard breathing amongst the ruins of the destruction which results in the mass relays being destroyed and the Normandy ending up stranded on another planet... then after the credits have rolled an old man is shown with a young boy, who asks the elderly gent to tell him more stories about 'the Shepard' implying that Shepard's legend lives on. We all know the controversy regarding the ending and initially I felt as though I had been well and truly conned as all the assurances BioWare has given simply weren't on show. But after taking my time going through things again I'm not as bummed as I first was. The gameplay is awesome. It was always going to be the introduction of new weapons is cool and the shooting system worked superbly well in ME2 so only a few minor tweaks were needed in that department so I didn't have any complains there. The Normandy was fine although you don't get enough of it. Graphically it's not exactly a blockbuster movie. There are annoying glitches along the way but they don't prevent you from playing on, they just frustrate you at times. The plot. Well not so much the story as the ending(s). Let's face it BioWare sold us all short big time! Shepard dying doesn't bother me as much as others, sure it would've been great for him to get that happily ever after but it's the fact they have disregarded everything a player has gone through and delivered such a pointless and worthless ending that a trilogy such as Mass Effect doesn't deserve. Multiplayer was unnecessary but I was relatively impressed but not addicted to it as other games, but is a vital component for those of us seeking that 'perfect' ending. Simply, ME3 is a tremendous game with a terrible ending and as a result is one of the biggest disappointments to date. I await the extended epilogue in the hope of some REAL closure. Expand
  75. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass effect 3 is a fitting conclusion to the mass effect saga. It boasts significantly improved gameplay fluidity and mechanics, as well as a more varied campaign. The story is emotional, hard hitting, and diverse. The games visuals have been improved a lot, and the pc version looks quite spectacular despite and aging core engine, and runs smoother than the previous games to boot. In terms of streamlining - which I hate - the game is in between mass effect 1 and 2, the major disappointment in the game is the planet exploring, which has been stripped down. Imported save games determine a lot, from entire characters no longer existing in the story to conflicts that play out entirely different.Multiplayer is fun, and is not required to get the best ending in the game. In the end, mass effect 3 is special. As good as mass effect 2 in storytelling, and almost as good as mass effect 1 in rpg-like skill/item medications and exp distribution. My favorite in an acclaimed series. Expand
  76. Mar 7, 2012
    I bought this on release because I liked Mass Effect 2. The game is broken in that if you use custom keybindings, you are no longer able to scan planets for minerals/artifacts. This is a huge QA failure. I am unable to progress without a severe handicap. There are other serious problems with this game, too. The graphics have taken a step back from ME2 technically, though they have added improved graphical filters. The game world is static, full of people who don't react to your presence and objects that you can't manipulate. For example, you visit the Citadel, which is supposed to be a bustling population center, but you can only interact with three or four characters there--I mean the others don't look at you, tell you they took an arrow in the knee, or even move, aside from simple idle animations. Incidentally, this is the same level design from ME2, minus interacting with citizens, stores, lifts, etc. On the Normandy, there are lots of crew members, but they do not acknowledge you. It all feels lifeless. The Normandy is the same as the one in ME2, except you can't talk with crew members or interact with many objects on the ship. For example, the only toilet that flushes is the one in the Captain's room. The ship is just utterly dead, which is too bad because walking around the ship was my favorite part. The combat is pretty much the same. It's not very strong, but combat is the last reason anyone would buy a Mass Effect game. The story looks to be serviceable, albeit generic. The writers had elementary problems with exposition that was fairly amateurish, "As you know, Shepard..." Anyway, my main gripe is key bindings. I am not sure why companies refuse to pay attention to inputs. It is truly mystifying. Is is so unfair that I can't get my money back for this. It is broken and I feel cheated. Expand
  77. Apr 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really don't feel like writing a lot about this game. But I must say that all of the negative reviews aren't really deserved. Mass Effect 3 offers what Mass Effect 2 did, plus more. AI of opponents is really improved. And we'll face variety of enemies, each using different strategy. Story-wise, the game looks good to me. And people hating on the ending... Well... I think it's just that nowadays, we are used to happy endings. And that's why most of people are so butthurt. Because they didn't receive what they were expecting, and hoping for. The ending has got me really surprised. I heard a lot of negative opinions about it, so I thought it's because it's a cliche of some sort. Like you know, Shepard using the crucible (If that's how it's spelled, played the game with polish subtitles so I am not sure.) to defeat the reapers and then celebrating it on a party with all of his/her friends. But they have offered us something completly different. Something unexpectable. There was no game-series that made me feel so emotional in the end. Sure, I'll admit that I was hoping that all of my choices through the series will have a more important effect at the end... So that is disappointing. And so are the plot holes. Like, why was Joker running away from there. How was Liara already on the normandy when moments earlier she's been with me there, before I teleported... But other than that, I am not really complaining. I felt happy, that I've sacraficed my life to be able to control the reapers, and make them stop the cycle. I felt happy for saving the universe. And at the same time I've been sad, before Shepard died. I've been sad that through the game I've lost Mordin, Tali, and Anderson. I've been sad that mass relays have been destroyed, and nothing will ever be the same in the universe. I've been sad that Liara (Which has been my love interest.) was left without me. Yet at the same time I've been happy seeing her still alive. Well, I sure would like few plot holes explained. But overall, I must say I did enjoy the ending. It was.. something no one could have prepared themselves for. And to be honest about one thing... I did enjoy all of the cutscenes more than I enjoyed killing enemies... Even if improved, it just got slightly repetitive since first Mass Effect. And well, even if my choices through ME1 and ME2 didn't have affect on the ending, they did have affect on things before the ending, and that was nice. As for the graphics, nothing has really changed here. Let's do a quick summary... Pros: -Offers what ME2 did, plus more. -Really surprising ending, even if it isn't what the majority of players hoped for. -Improved overall gameplay. Cons: -Graphics are nice, but they are pretty much the same as in ME2. No improvement here. -Few plotholes regardless the ending. Expand
  78. Mar 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amazing game. Granted, from a hardcore paragon point of view, who does want his hero to live to fight another day in the DLCs, the ending is a bit disappointing. Saving Shepard means killing the Geth and after all the emotional investment put into getting them to make peace with the Quarians, that's just nonsense. Plus, destroying all Mass Relays and setting the galaxy back to the dark ages of space immobility is plain bad closure. Still, I don't feel I can judge the game by the last 10 minutes, and considering the other 41 hours were pure awesome, this game gets a perfect 10. Expand
  79. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 puts the cap ( or does it ) on one of my favorite series. Its been a long time since a game entered my favorites list, a long long time. Its also been a long time since I've been so emotionally invested in the characters and cared for their well being and futures. I credit this fact, at least in Shepard's case to Bioware's attention to the female Shepard option in 3. As a female gamer I felt very included, and to top it off I finally have a protagonist in a major gaming franchise that I can relate to. I can look at the box ( provided I've flipped the reverseable cover art ) and see something of myself in the hero on that cover staring back at me. I've seen the galaxy through Shepards eyes. I saw it as a young commander taking a ship for a test run picking up other rag tag young people along the way. I saw it as an emerging hero, responsibility beginning to weigh on my friends and my decisions. Finally, I saw it all burn. I saw the desperation in my friends eyes as we fought for what we all knew was impossible. It was an amazing journey. A lot of people are angry over the DLC. I for one was also irked by it, but its worth looking past. A lot of people are irked by the ending. I urge you, look deeper, its a lot better than you probably though. Its not as it seems. Expand
  80. Jun 3, 2012
    Sigh, the ending was far to short and being paragon or renegade meant nothing in the end. The endings didn't reflect your play style. I didn't have any probs with the style of ending, the mist is one of the best ever and heaps of people vote it down furious over it but it still maintains a high ranking proof the movie was good.

    It's quite funny, bioware have made the following since EA
    took over. mass effect 2 and 3 dumbed down, dragon age 2 the worst dumbed down rpg, SW the old republic complete junk. Oh well sell outs. Expand
  81. Mar 14, 2012
    The start of the game does a poor job at setting the atmosphere, this doesn't hold and the mid to later parts of the game are fantastic. But the end simply didn't work for a story with so much personal investment in the trilogy. I can say for sure that no game has ever elicited a stronger emotional response from me but ultimately it's left me feeling rather negative. Could have been utterly amazing but blew it at the last hurdle. Expand
  82. Mar 8, 2012
    I love it, gotten goosebumps playing this game more than I can ever recall from a video game. Seeing how so many characters that I care about have grown, is fantastic. I love the job the writers did with many of the characters. Certain ones that I felt lacked emotion early on in the series and didn't like as much as others, really seem to have evolved. Very pleased with Mass Effect 3.
  83. Feb 5, 2014
    A truly great ending to the Mass Effect trilogy. The extended endings help though, since it’s easier to understand what happened. Seen the original endings and they truly were identical, the new ones feel better.
    All in all, all the third game felt like a great finale to the Shepard trilogy. Definitely makes the trilogy end on a high note.
    Now, on to Mass Effect 4.
  84. Apr 10, 2012
    Possibly the best scifi story i ever saw in game. Ending is just brilliant, Deep philosophy in ending. this game just deserves 10/10. Keep it on Bioware, hater will just gona hate. Too bad that ME3 is another game hit by the HATE syndrome.
  85. Mar 10, 2012
    Unfinished business.All the hype about the fate of your decisions is a lie.Mass effect Story and RPG turned into a naive shooter with a i´m a monkey ending! 5 years of entusiasm to the dump!
  86. Mar 15, 2012
    I love it and think it's a brilliant work of art and game and should be GOTY. 10/10 It doesn't get much better than this. Sound, graphics and gameplay as well as story are awesome!!!
  87. Mar 7, 2012
    Garbage game. I'd return it but unfortunately I'm a PC gamer. Steer clear if you enjoy not wasting 60 bucks. Game itself doesn't really deserve a 0 but Bioware and EA just prove time and time again they are just greedy money grabbers who don't give two **** about their fans.
  88. Mar 13, 2012
    This should be a 10 out of 10 game, and for the most part is. It provided some of the most epic moments in the series. The characters we know and love are there - those who aren't permanent squadmates often have large roles to play. The major quests are set around resolving issues that the game has been building up to - namely, the genophage and the Quarian-Geth war - and are complex multi-mission quests which leave you in awe. Most of the side missions, however, are repetitive drop-in-and-shoot-things quests - alright, but dull. There's also an inordinate amount of fetch quests consisting of walking past people talking, seeing a journal notification, and scanning a planet for something that you have no idea what it's for or why it's needed - which would matter less were the journal any good, but quests don't update to tell you you've found the item and a lot of the time I found myself wandering the citadel looking for an interaction marker to work out who I was supposed to give it to.

    My first major gripe - Bioware claim that "you don't have to do multiplayer to get the best ending". Apparently you need >5000 effective military strength to get the 'best' ending (with some caveats depending on choices). I completed every quest, scanned every system to completion, and can't even get over 4000 (I had 3500 at the ending and that wasn't sufficient for 'best'). Yes, I know there'll undoubtedly be DLC (this was done WITH 'From Ashes') but ME is at it's heart a single-player game, and I dislike being punished because I don't want to do multiplayer (I've never played the ME series for the fighting, after all!).

    Combat has been polished, however, and compared with the last couple of games is more difficult, though enemy progression does rapidly get predictable (oh look, husks, next it'll be cannibals/maruaders and then maybe a pair of beasts) or is 'a shedload of troops'. Enemy AI is much better, as was my squadmates - no more taking cover in open air and power usage was handled well.

    The dialogue system has changed slightly - no neutral options, which removes possibilities - though that's the way Bioware have been pushing this since ME2, so it wasn't surprising. Dialogue with your crew has been polished, but options removed - usually it's 'click and dialogue will play while Shep wanders around', but I do like the fact your companions talk to each other now, particularly when I walk in on Garrus and James hanging out in the kitchen swapping war stories or Joker asking Liara whether her head tentacles move.

    Shepard's character is also very well-developed in this - still the galactic superhero, but Bioware have managed to introduce signs of some of the stress our favourite protagonist is under by this game. Some people might not like it - I find it only makes it more real. Though one or two efforts at blatant emotional manipulation are a bit overdone.

    The game builds slowly but surely, so that by the time you complete the last priority mission and begin the endgame your heart is pounding and you have the feeling that this, this will be Shepard's crowning moment. You're invested on so many levels, and it's about more than just 'get these Reapers off my lawn' with a couple of subplots coming together in the endgame. And it's brilliant, until the last 10 minutes. In the last major scene and the resulting 'ending' there are over a dozen obvious, fatal errors. The ending is illogical, the reasoning behind it proven wrong in Shepard's own experience, and the ending cutscenes show things that couldn't possibly be real. I have no issue with the endings themselves, but it's disappointing to see that after the immense attention to detail in the rest of the game - and really, every little thing I'd done or dialogue option I'd picked seemed to be reflected throughout the game - all of that just fell apart in those last few minutes.

    With the current media attention and the 'change the ending' campaign, there's a lot of things being said about whining and people wanting a happy ending. I don't want a happy ending - actually, given that we're fighting an impossible foe and Earth is pretty much ravaged from the start, I'd be annoyed if I could make it through the game without sacrifices. Unfortunately, the ending quite simply doesn't make sense - it looks as though we're only seeing half the scenes we should. That is what brings this game down from a 9 or even 10 rating to a 7. Beyond that, I haven't been able to bring myself to play again. I played ME1 and 2, when I first got them, twice consecutively and did every side quest. In ME3, while I will play again, I don't see myself putting in the same amount of effort - and I will probably turn off the game before the final part of the ending. For a game like this to leave as its legacy something that makes you LESS likely to play through again - means something has gone wrong. And that's not the legacy ME deserves.
  89. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass effect 3 was fine through the whole game as game play went but the ending was awful to say the least, i was a big fan of the other mass effects this one was ruined by the poor ending being too abstract and poorly executed. the game play was overall fun but the ending... Expand
  90. Mar 17, 2012
    To preface I hated DA2. ME3 is not that bad a game. The story is alright except the ending needs to be tweeked a bit. Original ME was made for a console so this game has issues when played with a PC. The RPG part is weak but after DA2 its to be expected. EA is slowly killing Bioware. This will probably be my last Bioware RPG purchase. $60 for a 5/10 game is not a good buy.
  91. Apr 1, 2012
    I have to say a lot of the game was great. The mix of Mass Effect 1 and 2 as far as gameplay was concerned was great, combat has never been as fun and the environments were dynamic and interesting for the most part. Team interactions were good, although a bit sparse for my liking (character interactions were what drew me to the series) However there are many major flaws. Yes the ending is pretty weak for a lot a of reasons. A lack of catharsis with your teammates, it's too open ended with far too few questions answered. Another problem with it that irks me, but doesn't seem to have come up in other reviews is how little the choices I made in the game seemed to effect the ending. I worked my butt off scraping together every little resource I could find and every ally and army I could muster and for the most part it seemed to have no impact on the end fight at all. There was a 5 second extra cutscene of two of the armadas I put together but that was it? Why did I bother? Why did I only see Turrians, Humans and Krogans and Assari at the end? Why did I have a lame human strike force when I worked so hard at making allies with various alien races? The Journey was great but the end seemed... well pointless. The series offered so many choices I feel like bioware thought they couldn't wrap everything up... so they didn't Expand
  92. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'll be quick and blunt. The game is fun, however the ending is horrible. And not because it's sad, but because none of the choices you made actually matters. Which would've been fine if they hadn't been constantly saying that our choices will matter. If the ending had been better I'd be giving this a 7 or 8. Expand
  93. Apr 5, 2012
    Mass Effect was a great game. Mass Effect 2 was very simple but still a good game. Mass Effect 3 is just not very good. It seems like Bioware is on a crusade to address every social issue known to man and squeeze it into a 40 hour game. I play to have a good time and get away from real world crap. I wont comment on the terrible ending as thats been covered.
  94. Mar 18, 2012
    ME3 was a genuinely enjoyable experience as far as games go. I prize control freedom above most other attributes of a game, and Bioware has nearly perfected the combat controls with this final edition of the series. I rarely felt as if my character was getting hung up on walls or doing things that I wasn't commanding it to do. ME3 is going to define the RPG/Shooter hybrid genera going forward. In terms of gameplay, there is nothing to dislike about ME3. The game is at least as big as ME2 and the stunning graphics and audio really pull you into the universe. There is absolutely no reason that this game doesn't deserve a solid 10/10... if you were to consider only the game-side of ME3. The only reason why I'm giving the game an 8/10 is because I, like many others, didn't really appreciate the story's flustered conclusion. I don't expect RPG's to read like an Orson Scott Card novel, but the end of Mass Effect was truly one of the most disappointing endings of any book series that I've read or any game series that I've played in recent years. The ending felt rushed, poorly imagined, and anticlimactic.. It didn't give me the feeling of accomplishment that a 5-year long trilogy probably should have given. The ending also pens (in neon ink, underlined, and in bold) the penultimate closure to the series. It's difficult to imagine Bioware trying to create a new story arc around ME3's ending, which tells me that they want to ditch the franchise entirely, which frankly would make zero sense from a business point of view. Anyway... all of this shouldn't scare you away from the game. ME3 is absolutely worth playing, and I highly recommend it. Expand
  95. Aug 29, 2012
    Many things went wrong with this ME, starting with all my decisions in previous ME's that didn't worth nothing in this game. It was all for nothing.
    They simplified way too much to appeal new users and added an unnecessary and crappy Multiplayer.
    I didn't like the idea of seeing some of my team dying without having any choice, this was by far one of the worst thing they did with the
    The Soundtrack is pretty good but not that good compared to ME1 and 2, still is one of the strongest point in this game.
    I took a lot of time to review it because i decided to wait for the Extended Cut and it was well worth it. Although it didn't clarify all my doubts and plot-holes in the game, it changed things a lot and made the endings make more sense. All in all its a great game, a bit disappointing, it could have been way much better than this.
  96. Mar 6, 2012
    This review is not against the game, it is against How the game is sold. First of all: Origin only is completely unacceptable. I bought both Mass Effect 1 and 2 on Steam and i want to complete my collection in the same drawer. I really love the Mass Effect series but EAs DLC policy as well as the "action-oriented" direction the game is progressing towards to appeal to the CoD audience are the reasons why i will not buy Mass Effect 3. A game has to include everything in the already way too high 60â Expand
  97. Mar 7, 2012
    Overall I've been impressed with the game, despite what some ignoramuses say below your choices DO matter; In the first two hours of the campaign there was no less then 20 references or games changes related to the DLC or choices I made in previous games, I was counting. The game handles well(albeit the cover system is a bit 'sticky'). The combat system is very similar to Mass Effect 2; load times are drastically shorter then the others, which was one of my biggest peeves about the previous games is you spent more time in a loading screen then playing half the time. Also the annoying(and pretty much required) mineral/element probe mining has been removed and replaced with something more relevant. The multiplayer is fun and seems to be coded fairly well and gives a decent advantage to the single player. Allowing a co-operative play-through of the campaign would be great for a future update.

    User submitted scores shouldn't even be allowed until one week after release. It's obvious most of the 0's and 1's haven't even played the game and are just complaining to complain. Frankly if you read this, you should be ashamed, even if you didn't like the game it's not '0' or '1' material. 'Super Columbine Massacre' got a 5.8 and you think this game is worse?
  98. Mar 6, 2012
    Really bland game. An almost 1:1 360 port. No gamepad support on PC either yet Bioware can tell us they had to make day 1 DLC for 3 months but not enough time to support the 360 gamepad this UI is designed around!! You be the judge of how credible that statement is!

    Bland UT3 gfx & even worse average story which is little different to 1+2 just more of the same & confusing as well. ME1
    got away with it 5 years ago now its just whatever......

    If you like bland sub-std sci-fi with dated gfx & almost no PC enhancements then please buy as many copies as you can to let Bioware know they can get away with this & the approx â
  99. Mar 19, 2012
    "We purposely made the ending awful so we can make up for it in the DLCs"

    Go kill yourselves Bioware. A perfectly good game ruined by a garbage and cliche ending. It's quite literally like they're trying to ruin the game.

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.