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  1. Jun 27, 2013
    Another masterpiece from Bioware.

    First, I've never played the game without the free Extended Cut DLC, which alters the endings. Keep that it in mind. From what I'm told, the original endings were horrible, but they're not bad with the EC DLC.

    Many of the complaints are just NOT true. Characters do not randomly die. I imported a save which I'd used in both ME1 and ME2, and all of my
    choices mattered. Mordin lived, Tali lived, Garrus lived. Liara lived, and I was ecstatic to notice that she's back as a permanent companion in ME3, because she was my romance interest in ME1 and ME2. Everyone relevant lived. I even got the Geth and Quarians working together...

    I guess I don't understand the negative reviews for ME3. If you make too many mistakes you'll get everyone killed and be a sad kitty, but if you put some time into the series (all 3 games) your choices really accumulate and you can save virtually everyone.

    The reapers are a galaxy-destroying terror. Yes, it's hard to get the good ending and requires a lot of effort on the players part. You will need to play all three games and get everyone working together. You'll need to mediate disputes between your companions, and you'll need to earn massive amounts of loyalty if you want to survive the reaper onslaught. It wouldn't make sense any other way.

    Maybe modern gamers don't typically understand this, but an epic victory means way more if it's difficult to achieve. The reapers are powerful... It takes a very skilled and diplomatic player to defeat them without your friends dying in the process.

    it's sad to see an amazing game like Mass Effect 3 get bashed simply because players weren't willing to put in the effort to save their favorite companions.
  2. Mar 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just finished it 5 minutes ago and wish I could give it a better review because it was a Mass Effect game but I cannot. The biggest reason is the story; it has big holes, really poor pacing, poor content and threads strangling themselves or mutating into monsters. The child in the beginning of the game is a strange choice, someone at Bioware seem to think that a random child which we have absolutely no emotional connection to will trigger an automatic, emotional reaction... especially when he annoys you because he completely brakes up the pacing during the attack on earth. Then the child haunts your dreams in the game and return as the face for the lord of the reapers at the end of the game. They also try to force feed us a childrens' horror story that synthetic life always take over at the end... what? What happened with coexistence? And it just goes on and on... A lot of amateur writers out there could have developed a better and much more coherent story.
    Another thing that annoyed me is that they pulled a Fallout 3 on us, did no one at Bioware read the news some years ago? Shephard is killed at the end so they travel back in time after the game is finished, just before you launch the final attack on the Reapers so that they can sell us DLC... These are major reasons why I gave the game a poor score and I hope that Bioware finally listen on their community for once. I will be careful before spend any money on another Bioware, fastfood game because all I see in this game is that they want to harvest our wallets.
    Other reasons that I pulled down the score is the uneven graphics... I have a decent 3D card (GTX 560) so the game looks beautiful in my personal opinion and this is why I absolutely do not understand why they had to add low quality movie sequences? They should have kept everything in-game so that quality stayed on a constant, higher level and it is also a lot more friendly to editing so... no idea why they did it.
    I also do not understand why they fed us a half-assed multiplayer mode? They could have used that time to polish the game instead. I do not mind multiplayer though, it fits the Mass Effect universe but it would have made a lot more sense as a separate product where it could have received a lot more attention.
    I really leave this game behind me with mixed feelings but the part that probably bugs me the most is that I do not feel that end was good. Mass Effect 3 deserved a better ending and the previous games centered a lot around the interaction with the teammates. It would have felt a lot better if Shephard lived so that you had a last chance to interact with the teammates and have a proper conclusion surrounding them. Especially those that you interacted the most with like Joker, Garrus and Tali in my case...
  3. Mar 19, 2012
    I'm a bit surprised by how many people seem to hate this game. In terms of gameplay, there are only minor differences between Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 2. The characters are still interesting, the combat is fun, and the overall story is solid (despite several annoying plot holes). There were several moments during the game where I had to step back a bit, and just look around and absorb how awesome something was. Sure, there are a number of things that I found annoying. For example, I loathe the new James Vega character. The new multiplayer mode is very repetitive, and generally stupid. There is also the incredibly awful ending, and the annoying fact that one of the best squad members is only available through day one DLC. This checklist of negatives, however, does not make Mass Effect 3 a bad game. I still found it to be well worth playing, and a quality addition to the Mass Effect series. Expand
  4. Mar 7, 2012
    So far i've played 10 hours, and i'm really into the game. The battle system is good, a mix from ME1 and 2, graphics and sounds are lacking though.
    Romances are ok, i like the fact that Bioware has tried to reach a bigger audience and let everyone go according to their taste.
    The story so far is ok, but from what i've heard the ending is not original at all, which is kind of sad, because
    this series had a lot of potential. Expand
  5. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can't give it a better score. So much went wrong. Biggest ****-up I see are the Canned Endings that all end in same thing(more or less). Really guys? You like Deus Ex so much you had to make a dumbed down ending for ME3 based off it? And really? Killing off a character you've progressed from start finish is just... well, Someone else here put it this way; "like a rollercoaster that ends in a brickwall." Dunno about ya'll but I didn't invest all the time in playing these games and developing my character just so I can watch you hit him/her with a "noble" death scene. If that's gonna happen, why keep up with the Romances? Speaking of Romances, not really my issue, but I'm willing to bet there's a massive horde of pissed off Talimancers who are up in arms over the "reveal". I was at least hoping they'd render the character but all you get a little picture next to your bed. So, Bioware artists should probably steer clear of the SciFi Conventions. But this all goes back to my beef with the ending. Why even have romances, friendships, ect, when you're gonna kill off the main character anyway? At least in the DA/KoTOR series' your character develops these and even in the end, they don't simply DIE(unless you're a suicidal Warden I guess.), they move on and even got a little post-plot story. In ME3 you're SOL. Nice Job Bioware. You really screwed the pooch on this one. Story is good, though it seems like someone was behind the writers with a pistol shouting "FASTER!" Everything is rushed and doesn't have the same depth as the first two. If you play for the story, Rent it. If you don't play for the story, don't bother buying it. Just go read the ending spoilers.
    Gameplay? Well, They introduced Easy Easy Easy mode. Last play through I never even lost my shields in the Narrative mode. Other than that it's Mass Effect 2 gunplay. Oh and there's Gears of War, I mean Multiplayer too. But you gotta have a Gold Live account! More money. Like Release DLC... I thought I was hearing things when they asked me if I wanted the DLC stuff when I picked up my copy.
    All together, the only redeeming factor is that I can, in fact, not feel guilty about going back and killing off everyone in ME2, since they all die anyway. There's no real way BioWare can make up for the Ending(s). At least I got to shoot the Irritating Man. Thanks BioWare, for that one little redeeming tidbit.
  6. Mar 8, 2012
    I'll get this out of the way, I was disappointed with Mass Effect 3. The graphics in ME3 are very hit and miss. During gameplay, its fast, responsive and it looks great. But cutscenes are terrible; the animations are atrocious and the shading it lackluster at best. I really do believe that Bioware took a step backwards by going with the Unreal3 or putting last time in the art assets of the game. Now, a pleasant surprise was multiplayer. I didn't think it'd be good. I thought it'd be some side distraction, something to play once and toss away. But the multiplayer is actual good in its own right; just not worth $60. It does however give a really good example of what the core gameplay of the ME series is capable of. I would honestly like to see it expanded into an MMO or expanded multiplayer experience; so long as they leave the gameplay intact and perhaps allow more customization.

    As for the story, I can't tell you too terribly much. It definitely appears to be on rails, much more so than ME1 or ME2. I play as a FemShep and Jennifer Hale's acting is still great, too bad my custom face didn't import worth a damn. I won't even get started on the "default" FemShep. Terrible... if you compare male and female Sheperd, you can see where they spent their time.

    So in the end, is it worth getting? Right now, I'd have to say no. I was really looking forward to this game and it has ended up as a disappointment. But you should get it when the price lowers to around $30-$40. That's the price should've paid for closure (sorta) and the multiplayer experience.
  7. Mar 9, 2012
    The game is a very good step up on the story telling from Mass Effect 2, there is just more to the telling this particularly go around, lots of dialogue. It's definitely better on story telling than the first, where you get snippits and bits constantly, instead of running up to characters only to have them drop an encyclopedia out of there mouth like what happened in the first one.

    also really liking that the whole encyclopedia effect has been relegated to being more optional, as it does sometimes pop up, but after the important conversation. So, you end up getting back story after actually meeting a character, and you don't feel some prescient need to roll through it all.

    The way items works feels a great deal more in depth than ME2. There just seem to be more options, which is good. I still preferred the item system from the first, but ME3's items are superior to the seemingly non existent options of ME2.

    The expanded romance options from the first two games are really nice. I always felt left out and somewhat prudish playing the first two with having so few options. And for all the people complaining about "gay romance" ruining the game, it's low key, fitted incredibly well to the game and story. Nothing feels out of place, it's just part of the world. I really liked randomly running into a few NPC's that would briefly touch on their own relationships as well. It makes the world feel more alive than the previous two titles.
  8. Mar 10, 2012
    1. of all - > I enjoyed every single game you made from Mass Effect series. 2. - > When i heard you were importing multiplayer into ME3 i thought "what the hell, could be fun, but i hope SP stays as good as it was, maybe even better since it was "final game" of the franchise", but i was wrong. 3. [spoiler] - > when i saw that ending i was like "WAT". i spent 2 days 0-24 hours playin' the game,
    to be sincese i actually enjoyed that, killed some **** followed illusive man over the galaxy, collected defense for citadel, fleeets over the galaxy etc... got it all done. green bar max. and then i get like useless ending that didn't mean **** are you **** kiddin me BIOWARE?
    even if you don't really know it, you let a LOT, like few million people down with that ending. i was unsatisfied 2 days and i felt like **** for 2 days because i didn't get a proper ending. yes, i'm not gonna buy any game that your **** company makes. ever. i watched youtube like 3 times how ME2 ended. it was in a way spectacularl. yes it was good, awesome. but here in this game... REALLY?
    so as i said i wasted 40H of playin or less to get all the war assets and **** and in the end it doesn't mean anything. DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. REALLY? also when you finish it.... you don't feel any satisfaction at all... whole galaxy lost it's way of traveling... really? what? what?
    i'm still dazzled by that ending. totally useless and dumb. i feel like there's been a stop on game development. yes i know how it probably is. EA sets the date = 9.3.2012. game has to go out in sale. you were doing a nice job up to a month before. and then you probably saw = no more time = let's end the game as ****tiest as we can. = dumb end = dumb game. i'm telling you, game without a good ending = bad ending. i'd give a game 6 / 10, if last 5 mins weren't last 5 mins and you let one more mission in there (like say, running around the citadel, chasing illusive man, last fight with him etc..) and then that boy **** you came up with, with normal ending and satisfying animation = i'd give your game 9/10. jsut because ending would be epic = saviiour of the galaxy, also it would be emotional if you gave your life to save the galaxy, but not the way this crap of game ended. it's just hooooooorrrrriiiiiiibleeeeee. horrrible. i'm also not gonna say how much you **** up dialogues, check'd me1 and me3. heaven and earth. me1 - > lost of talking, choices everywhere, could be even better - > me 3 = yes - no, **** s**** **** horrible again. but i can't say everything is bad. i can see combat improved, yes, i'm glad it did, still not enough different enemies, saw more in me1 or me2. could have been better. you see BIOWARE ... you made 3 games where you made like 5 000 000 people who play ME series attach to the character, and expect them to give them emotionally satisfying end where you feel like a hero who saved galaxy. but you gain **** and don't feel **** it's just ****.
    and that animation? joker and 2 characters on some planet... WAT? what's that supposed to be? i'm really dissapointed into this. i REALLY REALLY HOPE that you will make DLC for i'd buy it anyway 10- bucks or so - which would add next things:
    1. - satisfying ending (citadel doesn't explode, reapers die, shepard dies, energy beam goes over mass relays throught galaxy and destroys reapers, but mass relays stay intact) (in this ther'es like whole fleet of turians, krogans, salarians and other battlecruiser ships near earth.. how would they go back? really? )

    2. - another citadel mission where you chase illusive man, and fight him (he's supposed to be stronger then kai leng) and implanted with lots of implants.

    3. more more more more more dialogue options.

    4. add use of that war assets on citadel that you looked up for. 5. add more stuff to find, check, more systems. 6. CHECK 1 aGAIN! i was really disappointed in the end, and i hope if there is ever mass effect 4 or some dlc that you won't be interrupted by EA games's RELEASE DATES. because i know how it is. we would RATHER BUY A GOOD GAME, then a half product that was rushed because your publisher said so. **** PUBLISHERS and give us a good game, it's gonna bring you money.
  9. Mar 11, 2012
    I've played this series since game 1, and I've read a lot of the negative reviews. While I was disappointed with this game, and while I did note many (most) of the mentioned issues with the game. Yes, Bioware should've foreseen the fallout of the DLC, and just released it as part of the game. Corporate world; welcome to it. It's not like this is uncommon these days in the industry (or any industry). However, I think lamentations of the writing issues and gameplay have been blown out of proportion. When I finished the game I was quite disappointed since I don't think I've played a game with higher expectations. My main issues were the stub of a story they called the main plot. I did reach 25 hours or so of singleplayer gameplay, but a lot of it was chasing war assets in every cluster of the universe. Also, the half-hearted ending that made me feel like my 100 or so hours of ME gameplay were wasted. Multiplayer is not required for the best ending. I played 25 hours of singleplayer and got the best possible ending, though admittedly collecting war assets was quite tedious. They could've done more with the characters; I only lost Kaidan in ME1, yet, felt like all my efforts saving my team were useless since I saw some characters only a few times. The new party member they add is a complete joke, a dead-end of a character. However this game is not a 0 out of 10. Anyone who rated a 0 is someone who underwent the same feeling of disappointment I did then just lashed back. Story-wise, definitely the worst game of the series. Characters come and go in a blur; relationships consist of just a few conversations. Gameplay-wise, however, ME3 is much better in my opinion. Harder fights, more varied enemies, smarter enemies, more organic-feeling powers. More customization than ME2, thankfully, but also thankfully less than the smothering options in ME1. Environments were very varied, as were the situations. Multiplayer is just coop wave gameplay over and over again, but the combat is good enough that I'm finding myself playing a lot of multiplayer and still not getting bored, as are thousands of others. I don't expect to log that much more time on multiplayer, but it'll last me longer than such a simple system should, and that is because of the excellent combat. I am still a great fan of the series though this one dropped the ball a little. I'm considering another playthrough from the very start. All in all, a feasible buy, but hardly the game of the year. Expand
  10. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The short version: As an action game, Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic success thanks to its improved combat system. As an RPG, it's less phenomenal, due to a pulled-by-teeth story, rampant sentimentalism, and limited options for character development. Even so, this game could have been fantastic all around if it weren't for an ending that undermined much of what the first two games accomplished.

    Combat: 8/10

    While the game could have used a bit more polish on controls, the new combat pacing, wide array of enemies, and the improved cover system are all phenomenal. Two complaints: 1) Spontaneous dialogue is often left incomplete because you run so quickly from Point A to Point B that the next dialogue interrupts the previous one. 2) We still have a global cooldown on abilities that makes combos or even training multiple abilities feel useless.

    Non-combat Systems: 6.5/10

    In an attempt to hybridize the weapon and armor system of the first and second games, ME 3 gave us the flaws of both worlds. While it was great having weapon statistics and upgrade options again, the methods for upgrading were too complex and tangled to be fun.

    The map system of ME2 is, more or less, back as expected. They eliminated the annoying probe/scan system, but didn't implement anything truly interesting in return. Still, it's a step up.

    Role-playing elements: 6/10

    As far as actually leveling up, improving abilities, and using them in combat, this game did a great job. Top marks overall â
  11. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I would like to preface my review with this statement: As a stand alone game, ME3 kicks a***, it is the best gaming experience in a long time. However, as part of a series I have invested hundred of hours in, 15 plus replays each of ME1 and 2, working through the universe, the relationships, figuring out the lore and the canon, ME3 is the worst gaming experience ever. As I looked at the screen in the final scenes I couldn't understand what was happening, how did I get to this? I fully expected this Shepard to die, that is who this Shepard was, but to say he's dead but controlling the reapers? what does that even mean? To say he lives because he magically endured the explosion of the mass relay inside the citadel or the descent through atmo to earth? I want t replay, to get that ng+ secret ending, but ME3 is so emotionally taxing, especially to a fan who has invested so much time and effort in replaying the first two games, just to get to the ending that left me staring at my t.v. screen and asking "what just happened?" I don't see how I can take that roller coaster ride again.

    I would also like to state that this is not meant to cast aspersions on Bioware's ability to create great games or great franchises. I still play Baldur's gate and Neverwinter Nights, and given the fanbase backlash across the gameverse, not just on the BSN, I would say ME in totality proves that Bioware can write games that totally, emotionally invest the player in ways that no other company has ever been able to do. As someone who has been part of that fanbase for so many years, it is hard for me to see them not only go all Firefly-Battestar-Xfiles-Farscape with unsatisfying plotholes and canon destroying finality but what was up with all that stargate-ascension-existentialist crap?
  12. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I finished the game twice. First time with standard Bioware settings and it felt empty and lacking. It just wasn't 'it'. But when I loaded my save from Mass Effect 2 game changed a lot. There was more meaning to what I did, some random NPC-s were changed to my old squad mates and game became suddenly very, emotional and entertaining.

    It was very enjoyable experience until ending came... Then I just realised how would it feel to be punched in the... well, you know where by Mike Tyson... three times...

    Three nearly identical endings, every one of them equally terrible. There was no meaning to your choices, no consequences, nothing! And then lack of epilogue hit me in the face. Not even some text like in Dragon Age, just small pop-up "Yay! You have become a legend! Now go and buy our DLC-s!"... Worst ending I ever experienced in my 10 years of gaming... So to sum it up, 9/10 for the game, 1/10 for the ending... Just play the game, it;s great... but just before the end turn it off, you won't be heartbroken as I was...
  13. Mar 11, 2012
    I dont know...I just dont even know. Like the first two, this game is a bland slow game about a space marine fighting a space evil bent killing stuff. You fight it by slowly walking down hallways and slowly aiming at slow moving targets. "fun". I kinda enjoyed the other two...even though they had odd unneeded limitations and were relatively bland, they could have been worse. This one...I couldnt get into this one. It was particularly poorly written. Without getting into specifics, the "fixes" to the other game's issues were half-assed. The game felt like it was forced, with some kind of agenda...I just dont know. I guess I could give it a higher score based on graphics and production values...but I feel I have to rate this game in comparison to the others, which I already consider average (5) Expand
  14. Mar 11, 2012
    Being one of the people who had prepared my game files ME2 just the way I wanted them, I was very happy when playing the game. I think the game is very good, and a lot of the changes are for the better, especially the loading times.

    However there is one huge letdown; the ending is terrible. Even if the ending was half-assed, I would have given the game a 10, but the ending is so bad I
    give it a 7 instead. Expand
  15. Mar 11, 2012
    Until the end of this game, it was the greatest thing that I ever played. The endings made all my work for naught, I believe that I have been cheated and lied to. "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." - Professor Farnsworth
  16. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have never been a huge gamer, that is my husband, but when I discovered the Mass Effect series I fell in love. I loved everything about it, I felt like I was part of the story and that my choices mattered in the larger picture. I have never played a game where I felt so connected to my characters and emotionally involved with the entire game. I have played the series faithfully and waited anxiously for the final chapter of Shepard's story. Sadly I felt like there was not enough interaction with my crew, just standing there listening to a dialogue that was I had no say in. I didn't feel like there were enough side quests and I was disappointed when it felt that I spent more time fighting Cerberus than the Reapers. For the most part though I enjoyed the the game. It just felt to short to, this is a story that people love and they could have gone so much farther than they. I could have also lived with that. But the end of the game was the biggest disappointment that I could have ever imagined. I was expecting my choices to matter, to have a say in what my Shepard chose, but I was given 3 choices that my Shepard would have never made. There were gaping plot holes and all of the choices that I made in the previous games were thrown out the window. Ex. I made Anderson councilor but now Udina is councilor. My ending choices should not have been made up of choosing what color I want my ending to be. Expand
  17. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a sci-fi fan and lover of the Mass Effect series and universe I found myself just contemplating what to say about the game.

    I personally like the graphics and it feels much more detailed than the previous games. Animations didn't bother me much. There were however a few annoying bugs. The one that mainly pissed me off was the inability to import my custom face from ME1 and 2. There were also issues with squad members becoming stuck and "blocked".

    Combat is much more intense and although the multiplayer is kind of weak, it is something that I enjoy. I personally don't think it's worthy of being called co-op. Co-op for me is playing through a story campaign (such as Left 4 Dead, Dead Island and Aliens - Colonial Marines)


    The story in Mass Effect 3 is brutal and the Normandy retrofit gives it a dark and foreboding feeling. Since my custom face wouldn't import properly I tried to re-create it, but I ended up with someone looking like a cross between Dominic Purcell (from Prison Break) and Jason Statham. It is clear that the events of Arrival took a heavy emotional toll on Shepherd and the early parts of the game does leave emotional scars. For me, his haunted look shines through when looking at Tali's photo frame in the cabin. It was nice to see Tali's face but the manner of which they showed her face was very disappointing, and to top it off it was a photoshopped "free license" photo from the internet. I had a vague recollection of seeing it before, until someone posted an actual link.

    Looking at the story up until the ending, I think it is actually well-written and very tense. It is too bad that it has been streamlined. The dialogs and voice acting are very good and I like the character interactions. I laughed when Tali got drunk and complained about the "induction tube".. "Tali.. it's a straw!"

    Mass Effect 3 is a beautiful game, and I have very mixed feelings about the ending. I got the "best" ending where Shepherd apparantly survived.

    It's difficult to see how they would make a sequel when every relay gets destroyed.. How they would make an MMO out of this mess is beyond me, unless some clever writer comes up with something clever.

    Liara mentioned something about multiple effects in parallell universes (or something like that.. i don't remember exactly) so perhaps that is a faint clue of what's to come (if anything).

    Perhaps they could discover some abandoned Cerberus project relating to FTL travel without the need of relays, such as an obsolete cruiser with a prototype FTL drive that was inactive during the events that destroyed the relays.

    The "aftermath" storyline could be something relating to this and trying to rebuild and reconnect the galaxy again.

    Speculations.. thoughts.. hopes.

    For now, with the ending that ME3 got, I can't give it more than a 5-6 ish on the scale. It MAY deserve an alteration if Bioware does something about it. I understand why alot of people are unhappy with the game. It's like uncovering a Mona Lisa only to have someone spill a bucket of paint on it.
  18. Mar 12, 2012
    I didn't like how the game had day1 dlc, but that the only thing i didn't like (and btw if u just change an ini file u can unlock the dlc) anyways everything else is good about this game, multi-player is good, single-player was awesome, except how the multilayer affected the single-player, anyways i loved almost everything about it, even the ending, a real ending to a game for once.
  19. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When I first read of the low scores on MetaCritic, I assumed that the fuss was over the Day One DLC, and that gamers were venting (wrongfully, imo) by bombing the site with low scores. While the Day One DLC still has a lot of people steamed, it's clear now that the real problem is the ending(s) of the game. The problem is not that it's negative/sad/depressing/somber/etc., but that it was really poorly implemented (almost identical video for three endings? WTF?), that it really doesn't offer Shepard a choice that's in character, it doesn't give players closure on what happens to everyone (NPCs, the rest of the galaxy, Earth itself...), it dismisses almost all of the choices the player made in the game and in fact is so brief that it feels like it was just tacked on at the 11th hour. Don't even get me started on how multiplayer is shoved down the player's throat if they want to achieve the "best" possible ending--I could be wrong on that, but my bar was green all the way and Shep still went down hard. Anyway, I'm giving a good score (not great, but good) because the other 95% or so is simply some of the best storytelling Bioware has done, and the voice over work and characters are employed to tell this last part of the tale so well. To have a single game generate such a strong emotional reaction from its fanbase speaks very well of how well it was crafted--which is all the more reason why so many are angry at the final ten minutes or so. Anyway, hope Metacritic doesn't cut out all of the negative reviews here, because they're passing a message loud and clear to the developer and publisher about what the fanbase/formerly loyal customers consider to be really half-assed work. Want to sell some DLC? Fix it. Expand
  20. Mar 12, 2012
    In the interest of obviously keeping this spoiler free - I'll just say that the game was good up until the last bit. I enjoyed the new'ish combat and being able to upgrade weapons and powers almost entirely as how I saw fit. The graphics were good (on console) and the new team member(s) were, for the most part, well fleshed out. The story was - almost - phenomenal, although I did encounter a few glitches that made some side missions unplayable (which will likely be fixed in a patch, hopefully). Anyway - I gave it a 6/10, which could have easily been a 9/10 had the last portion not left me so unfulfilled. Expand
  21. Mar 13, 2012
    %99 masterpiece and 1% of an ending that leaves much to be desired. Don't listen to all the QQ's about this game it is absolutely amazing and a great ride through the end. All your choices matter in what forces you can recruit to save Earth. The combat is streamlined and there are plenty of weapons. Lots of emotions run rampant throughout the game and really dig deep, but in a good way. I was a bit weary on the multiplayer aspect but it actually delivers as a fun " BLOPS zombie" type gaming experience. Fantastic game I would recommend to everyone that is a fan of RPG's. Expand
  22. Mar 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'd like to start by suggesting that people ignore all of the knee-jerk 0 or 1 score reviews given to this game, many of which are being written by people who admittedly haven't even played it. Mass Effect 3 is not a bad game, it's not even a mediocre game. It is a FANTASTIC game with an admittedly subpar and unsatisfying ending, and a large number of people are losing sight of the context because of their (understandable) attachment to the series as a whole.

    To begin, let me state my biggest pros and cons from the previous two games:

    Mass Effect 1:
    Pros: Fantastic, engaging, compelling story with interesting characters and a rich background.
    Cons: Clunky mechanics and gameplay

    Mass Effect 2:
    Pros: Vastly improved gameplay mechanics, well-developed character-oriented stories
    Cons: Main storyline is underdeveloped in comparison to all the time you spend on the individual character stories, RPG customization elements severely dumbed down

    Now let me say what Mass Effect 3 did about the problems in the previous games, first regarding the gameplay mechanics and the RPG customization elements:
    The gameplay in ME3 is the best in the series by far. While the cover controls are somewhat clunky at first, they aren't difficult to get used to. ME2 was absurdly easy even on the hardest difficulties, and there was very little variation in enemy tactics, while ME3 is far more challenging and presents much more differences between the tactics and abilities of different enemies.

    The RPG elements of ME3 are far better than either of the previous two installations of the series. Instead of having an enormous, confusing pile of weapons and equipment with no easy way to sort(ME1), or having almost no choices to make whatsoever because each new item you get is a clear upgrade over the last(ME2), you get a system of interchangeable weapons with varying stats, each suiting different preferences, and each can be modified further to allow everyone to create a customized setup that suits their playstyle. Instead of having tons of skill points to split among tiny incremental updates to two dozen skills(ME1), or having a meager set of abilities with only four ranks and one minor specialization each(ME2), you now have a healthy mix of both active and passive abilities, with each giving three opportunities for further specialization, allowing two people playing the same character class to end up with drastically different abilities.

    Now, to the most important part of Mass Effect, the story. I'll try to keep the spoilers as generic as possible. ME3 made two big improvements over ME2 in this regard. First, it made the story drive the game again like ME1, instead of the characters like ME2. Second, it managed to make everything feel connected to a larger purpose. Everything you do in ME3, even down to the most seemingly menial tasks, all has a feeling of being part of the greater aim of preparing the galaxy for war. I did every side mission I could find while I was playing ME3 and never once did I feel like I was doing something that felt out of place in my effort to prepare the galaxy to fight the Reapers. Within the main story missions, the writing is great, the characters are compelling, and there are far more choices that leave you stuck thinking about a morally gray outcome than many of the more black-and-white choices of the previous games. I know many people are upset at the fact that many ME2 characters get little more than a short token appearance, and some of them die in unavoidable fashion, but I think these people are missing the point that A) all of them could have died in ME2 so there's no way they could all be written into major roles, and B) part of the impact of ME3 is showing that death is an unavoidable consequence of war. On the whole I found the main storyline to be exciting, compelling, and well worth the price of admission.

    My gripes with Mass Effect 3, like many others, regard the ending. First of all, I think the segment of the game on Earth is much too short. For the amount of time we spent building these assets I expected a bigger and more complex finale, which is one area where ME2 excelled by breaking up the final mission into the various segments with different goals. The finale on the citadel, while it does bring closure to the storyline, is unsatisfying mainly for its lack of connection to all the choices you made previously. The player is left to imagine the ramifications of Shepard's last choice and legacy of other decisions but doesn't get any of the exposition we were all hoping for. The war assets also have much too little an effect at the very end.

    What it comes down to is that Bioware made an incredible game that loses its coherence in the final hours. I'd give the first 90% a 9.5/10 and the ending a 5/10, and I'm hoping that Bioware responds to the criticism and does right by their fans, because this game, and this series as a whole, deserve it.
  23. Mar 13, 2012
    This game presents ideas about the singularity and a post human future in an approachable way. The story is affecting if you have bothered to invest time in the personal relationships. Playing this game was personally affecting. The ending which so many are complaining about was philosophically and intellectually satisfying. The lack of choice in this game is not a negative because without the restrictions that brings there can be no meaningful narrative. I like this game. Expand
  24. Mar 14, 2012
    The beautiful game, a milestone in the history of gaming. The only negative is that the videos and the cutscenes does not affect the passage of side quests and important decisions that you take in the game. 9.0
  25. Mar 14, 2012
    While I do want to buff this games score up as much as possible I actually believe this game is a 10. I've not played a better game than this, making it the new high bar for me. Somehow this game was rated by hundreds of players within hours of release despite the fact that it's a 20 to 30 hour game. A note to Metacritic: please shut down abused user scores.
  26. Mar 15, 2012
    the beginning of of the game doesn't set the tone of the game as well as the other two however this changes very quickly after the episode of earth. it's a fantastic game and I think the end is actually really good to end the series. it kinda reminds me of the epic greek tragedies which has similar style and in my opinion the game goes out with this sense of greek tragedy (the genre look it up). the only bad thing I really have to say against the ending is that you never get any good explanation of what happens to the rest of the crew, however I think this is a minor annoyance in comparision to the whole game and I felt that the tird installment was more about shepard rescuing the galaxy than shepard rescuing the galaxy with h*s crew!

    it's an epic game and few games has ever given such strong emotions of happines, sorrow and most of all longing as the whole mass effect series has done!
  27. Mar 16, 2012
    This game is a great example of people expecting more than is possible. The game continues with the same story, same theme and same style as the previous ones. Expands on the character customization available in the previous two, makes "scanning" much less ridiculous and introduces a lot more choices which shift how you travel to the end.

    The ending certainly was not the greatest, it
    seems like it was a scene that should have been played over several hours rather than 10 minutes but that doesn't detract from the fact the rest of the game was well done. Many people are upset because they feel your choices don't matter, which I don't agree with, the way your journey progresses through the game as well as dialogue is heavily influenced by your previous choices. I think again people were expecting too much and that the ending would have a variation for every combination of choices out there ... which would be absurd. Expand
  28. Mar 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am deeply dissapointed with all the other reviews on this site, most of them focus on one thing. or 2 First off you don't give your rating to a game because of it's ending and it's ending only. Don't do that, nor day 1 DLC that does not matter of the quality of the game only the price. A good review focuses on 3 Main things -Graphics -Story And most importantly - The gameplay. They give all the Pros and Cons of all 3 main things. Now what's with the people bashing on CoD on a Mass Effect 3 Review? seriously? you can mention a game on a review only IF the game has something to do about it. But i'm afraid that Mass Effect 3 has NOTHING to do with Call Of Duty. So enough Now for my Review: (I will only review the singleplayer for now) Part 1- The Graphics The Graphics got some detail improvements that you can't really notice untill you look at it. The textures on the character resolutions are better, the shadows are crisper than mass effect 2. The level designs are sound way less linear, it gives you some space to move around in many different places, and they look good However, there are some 2D pictures you can see at the beggining of the game that really dissapoints you. Apparently Bioware haven't spent much time improving the background details that they should have. The running animation doesn't look natural, it looks more like "Creature-ish". However the Cutscene animations are better than the in-game ones. Summing the Graphics up + Higher resolution character detail +Better shadowing +Better level design - Bad Background - Bad In-game animations Lets go to the Story Part The Space Opera is back with another good story, but let's not jump to the ending now ok? Mass Effect 3 Story overall gives ou a bunch of hard decisions that may change your game ending forever, the story may develop differently along the choices you make along the game. Yes not all things that you did on ME2 or ME1 matter on the final game. but some REALLY do per example some Things related to legion might bring you peace between the Quarians and the Geth. Giving you 2 powerfull allies for the battle of the Earth. The most thrilling and exciting parts of the game are the quiet ones, they actually make you feel like if you were commander Shepard. The cutscenes are very well made and match with the soundtrack that gives it it's proper feel. Now the ending was a major Dissapointment to everyone who played it, there are multiple plotholes and the lack of choices in it. Story Overall +Variety of decisions (before the ending) +Good cutscenes. +Good Quiet parts of the game with excelent Combination of soundtrack - Bad Endings - Only a few of the decisions you make on the previous games matter a bunch Gameplay: The gameplay is the same as mass effect 2 with some improvements Like a better melee combat, Variety of modifiable weapons and armor. Letting you customize your shepard as you want. and a better level geometry, not so linear anymore. But the AI is dumb as always +Better melee combat +Modifying weapons and armor +Better levels -Bad AI I'll give Mass Effect 3 an 8 out of 10 because that's what i think it deserves because selling DLC on day 1 SHOULDN'T involve on reviews Expand
  29. Mar 19, 2012
    The game was fairly good until that damned end, I ignored the crappy cover based combat system and silly scanning part, all because the story that really sucked me in, i made peace between Geth and Quarians, made Turians and Krogans cooperate, and for what? So i can watch some 2001:Space Odyssey wannabe ending. Horibble. Not to mention the whole thing was such an anticlimax, no harbinger final fight, no nothing just multi-color explosions. Expand
  30. Mar 19, 2012
    The only thing that was good in this third installment was the combat. Most dialogues were automatic and not to mention the LACK of it. Every choice you had to make in the series amounts to absolutely NOTHING in the end. The ending sucked so much that I wish I never got to the ending, it really kills replayability and the series as a whole. I do NOT recommend buying this game, you will just be disappointed. Stick with ME1 and 2, because this third game will ruin everything. Expand
  31. Mar 19, 2012
    This was a solid game. It was thoroughly fun for most of the game. I loved the combat gameplay, the customization options with the armor, guns, squad, and RPG skill tree. What i was less than happy with was that so many of the missions that were sidequests were simply to fly your ship to another galaxy and click on a planet and find the spot and click. I would much rather have had the squad actually go onto the planet, have to fight my way to the prize and then obtain it. It would've made the side missions much more fun and extended the re-playability of the game. Another thing is they should have allowed for you to have an option to skip cinematic scenes instead of forcing you to watch certain ones. Overall though this was a very fun game that had the potential to be great with a few tweaks. Bioware did a good job with this one. The ending that everyone is getting upset over is something I do not understand. I had no issue with there being a conclusion to the character and played through all three endings. This was the best shooter/RPG I have played since Borderlands was released and I was pleased with it overall. Expand
  32. Mar 20, 2012
    ME3 is what I expected after the ME-ME2 transition -- simplified and less open. As a PC player, I was annoyed at the control changes -- got over it, but not at the environment constraints (exploring the Citadel anyone). Can't over that one. As for the decision paths, well they are more of a railroad in ME3 than ME2 and more so than ME.

    The big itch for me is the art direction -- the
    facials are very early 2000s. Ash looks awful. As for the split breast look: let it die. You want to release pseudo-pin-up art, do that and do it well. The manga/anime business have done so for over 30 years. My personal favorite look right now is Miranda.

    As for the rest of the art direction: too busy, too distracting and thus too useless. It makes for distracting if not frustrating game play. Therefore, my take on this is "failed". Still, there are moments -- the Citadel holding dock picture wall.

    Storyline, well there is again a sense of railroading. Yet, I expected it. This is the closing chapter, and about the end of the adventure and story. A little heavy-handed, but not disappointing. The treatment of the individuals caught in a thunderstorm over which they have little control was expected and fairly mature. Sorry, in war, few come out unscathed.

    Now did I enjoy the game experience -- yes. Did I get my money's worth -- yes. Could it have been better -- yes. Still, I give it a 7. Good game.
  33. Mar 20, 2012
    Firstly I must dismiss the cretinous reviews from most of the people that I've seen.
    Yes this game's dialogue isn't as good as the others but it still vastly surpasses that of other games, RPGs and shooters alike.
    The day one DLC was also a little annoying but it doesn't diminish the game at all, it makes the content included feel more exclusive thus important.
    Terrible graphics? What are
    you talking about, the graphics was vastly overhauled from it's predecessor, Mass Effect 2. The combat element has also been vastly improved to cater for the FPS junkies, don't get me wrong I did not appreciate this but it didn't diminish the RPG element in any way.
    The choices in Mass Effects 1 and 2 have a very profound impact on this game, I don't know what you people are talking about. Have you even played the game?
    The only reason this game is not one of the best trilogy climax games is because of the less sophisticated RPG element and dialogue in relation to the first and second, however it is still better than most games'.
    The multiplayer greatly adds to the feel of the game and with a little bit of work (especially on the connection and playable race/class/gender combinations) it could be extremely enjoyable and have a very positive impact on the game.
    However I was a little disappointed with the lack of dialogue sophistication and the choices were slightly less prudent than the predecessors, good effort Bioware but please don't diminish the RPG element if you want to increase the combat quality.
    Thanks, Shaksie.
  34. Oct 20, 2012
    First of I have to say, this score is not only indicative of the horrible, degrading and absolutely cheating of an ending that Bioware has cooked up. Its also of the main game also. The main gameplay mechanics have been dumbed down, this time being squad combat. There are less squad members, the new members are generic, unecessary and just plain boring, you cant see squad member health in the UI AND dialogue options have been reduced to nothing more than a simple response for every longass conversation instead of choosing an option for replying to every segment of these conversations. The gun modification/upgrade element is gimmicky and dont reflect the sophistication of the original game's upgrade system nor the simplicity and accessibility of the 2nd game. Its basically been made into an ugly customization window with boring weapon add-ons. Tho the one thing cool about this finale is the addition of MP AND the Omi-Blade melee attack Expand
  35. Sep 17, 2012
    It has been so long since the release and I'm sure if anyone did some basic research there would be nothing I could say that would be new to them. This franchise started out promisingly but it seems that the quality of the writing went downhill somewhere along the way. it's almost as if bioware just started thinking that ME was too big fail to a certain extent, so released a sub-par product. I put in more than 100 hrs into the first 2 games but after playing less than 8 hrs of ME3 (completed with full EMS rating) I never touched it again, even after the new ending dlc. I felt that watching the new "cutscenes" on youtube was better than having to drudge through the game again. This game just felt like a chore. There was nothing in this game that it did better than any other game in the market.

    As an action game:
    if you are going for an action type game there are 2 things that you have to make sure are on the money at the very least: good controls and for single player games: a decent ai. for me3 there is one button that does every single action. sprinting, taking cover, opening things, talking to people etc. it's all one button! didn't someone think this would be a little much? and how come there is no way for the player to bind these actions to a different key? The AI is also pretty bad. they only do 3 things back pedal, play peek-a-boo from cover or just blindly charge. even in the hardest difficulty i never found myself thinking of using a clever strategy or anything like that. most of the time the only reason why anything is even slightly difficult is just because the AI just gets a damage and hp buff but still act like complete idiots without the slightest clue on whats going on.

    as an rpg (gameplay-wise):
    a big part of an rpg is customization. armor, skills, weapons, and the feeling of accomplishment when you get that one rare item. me3 fails on all counts. there is a very minimal amount of customization in all of these categories. armor and weapons are one of the biggest disappointments, everything is just a recycled item from a previous game that many of us had already unlocked/found/bought in a previous game. So there is no real sense of accomplishment but more of just recovering what was already yours to begin with. As for the skills, sure there are different classes and 2 branches of any single skill but these skill trees are some of the most watered down ones i have seen. There is little to no real depth in combining skills and playstyles. if your an adept/sentinel you just invest in biotic explosion combos, if your an engineer you go for overload and the cryo/incinerate combo, if your a vanguard you just charge around, if your a soldier you invest in adrenaline rush and concussive shot or carnage since grenades aren't that useful, these are if your going to stay light for the recharge speed otherwise you could just go and stuff yourself with guns and just get run over. the class with the most variation is really the infiltrator since they can use a shotgun instead of a sniper rifle and that's it really. the game gets monotonous really fast, since all your doing is just doing 1 thing respective to the class you are playing.

    There isn't much i can say about this that everyone has already pounded into the ground. you can tell when a story is good when you feel immersed, you imagine yourself as part of the story in some way. at certain points you do feel this, but you are abruptly jerked out of it as some nonsensical plot device or quest jumps out and just slaps you across the face. so many of the quests are just fetch quests with little to no real significance and just drag out the story, leaving you to sit impatiently thinking "get on with it!" and it feels like shepherd is just a plain idiot sometimes. he says and does things that no rational person who is supposed to have gone through the same experiences would say. The whole first game was about finding the conduit which was a way to "teleport" to the citidel, yet in ME3 when the alliance needs to get to the citidel they just plum forget that this conduit even exists. not to mention shepherd seems completely emotionless as his friends die right in front of him (ie: thane, grunt, mordin, samara, legion, and pretty much anyone else). by the end of the game i hated shepherd, i felt like he was more of an impediment rather than a character you project yourself on to.

    This game is not worth the money. If i had known what this game was like before buying it, i wouldn't have even been willing to pay $30 for it. I feel like I would have been happier just ending it at ME2 and just thinking of it as a cliff hanger ending.
  36. Mar 21, 2012
    I gave this game 10/10 on the Xbox review, and reading some comments. The galactic readiness meter needs to be patched. I have realised it is pointless. U work really hard to get everyone into the fight, making important decisions and completing sidequests. And the readiness meter stays at 50% !! Till u go kill some stuff in multiplayer, where u can conviiently spend lots of Bioware (EA Points) on weapons packs. That is a huge fault with this game. That can be patched tomorrow in a flash (although I ran into a few bugs so maybe that is this ?)Despite this, and my last mission having a depressing casualty count. I Would still score this game 8. The more I think about it - what a huge flaw. But it is so incredibly easy to patch. Just make it possible to get single player readiness to 90% and politely tell us when that is reached to go play some multiplayer. Expand
  37. Mar 23, 2012
    Simply the one best sci-fi games I've ever played (I can only think of HL2 as better one), I must give it a 10. Great, emotionally involving conclusion, with lots of heroic moments. The interactions/relationships between the main characters are even better than those designed for the previous game (including the same sex romance option, which I think adds even more realism to the universe created here). The combat system was simply great: fast, easy to use, effective. The graphics were amazing, from the scenarios to the facial expressions. The moral options really forced me to think carefully what I was doing and most of them were in a grey area that was difficult to sort out. I cannot believe how many people are giving this amazing game a 0, just because they didn't like one aspect of it (even if it's the story's conclusion); especially considering they claim to be huge fans of ME1 and ME2. How can they not see that ME3 is better than its predecessors almost in every aspect (RPG, combat system, graphics, relationships, moral options, action). I'm really glad that critics reviews are so favorable and I really hope that user score and reviews improve over the weeks. Expand
  38. Mar 22, 2012
    While this game is way off the mark from ME1 and ME2 this is still a good game. The story can be a bit forced and it's clear were you are going, but I still enjoyed the journey, and the same can be said for the ending, poor ending but I enjoyed the journey to get to it. This Mass Effect is not more of a Action Shooter with RPG elements but it is competent (if not spectacular) at both.
  39. Mar 29, 2012
    I do not understand why everybody apparently hate this game. Apart from Journey, this is without a doubt the best game of 2012 so far, and I don't see any game in the horizon to top it (maybe Bioshock Infinite). The story is great, the gameplay mechanics is improved from ME 2, and the voice acting is just as great as you would expect from a BioWare game. Even though I doesn't play multiplayer and had really low expectations to the multiplayer in a ME title, the multiplayer is actually great and something that will make me come back to the game every so often. A worthy conclusion to the best game trilogy ever made. Ever!! Expand
  40. Mar 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The time is 3:41 and I've just completed Mass Effect 3.

    So. What do I think about the game?. Strange enough and with all the down talk and spoilers I've heard and the massive red negative score it has been given. I would say it deserve 9. It entertained me for 4 days (Without too many off quests) and the ending (I chose the good side) was.... well, sadden, but somehow I found both my choice and the way to end it to my liking. Even if the choice were quite hard.

    Now down to the Positive and the negative

    Positive Story: Acceptable. I would highly recommend playing both ME1 and ME 2 and use the same character all the way, it gives it a little more touch and characters just means a lot more to the way you want to end thing. Instead of just throwing the nearest character into the pit of fire while just raising your shoulders while saying â
  41. May 15, 2012
    I would tell you the letdown this game is to me. But that would be wasting my precious time and typing. To me, ME3 is the best one of the series. This game could have been an extasis to any good gamer. But no, this is pure garbage. I only hope Bioware fix this with another ME or a good FREE DLC.
  42. Mar 28, 2012
    Mass effect 3 is a pretty nice looking game, and the mechanics are great. That being said this game has to be reviewed also on its overall story as a culmination of a trilogy which thus far had received critical acclaim for its story telling assisted through player choice. Keeping this in mind, the game can be compared to "getting a hand job from a supermodel who just before your about to finish gets up walks in the other room, leaves you hanging there, grabs lighter fluid tosses it on you and then sets you a blaze". Not the ended you expected or were the least bit satisfied with.

    Whats most upsetting is that Bioware and EA most likely intended this hoping to corner game owners into purchasing some sort of DLC to give them the satisfying ending they wanted. When this happens I will buy it, however I will never buy another Bioware game again.

    Oh besides the utterly horrible main story ending the multilayer is pretty fun.
  43. Mar 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This opinion is mine and does contain spoilers. Mass effect 3 is one of the best games I have played start to finish, they took what they learned in mass effect 1 and 2 meshed it together into an awesome game. It will be hard for any game to live up to it. everything from the last DLC for ME 2 "arrival" where you have to make the hard choice of whether or not to destroy the Batarian colony to buy time for everyone on the reaper invasion. To the first hard choice let Wrex know the plan to sabotage the cure for genophage and letting Moridin the Salarina scientist who developed the modified version for the plague. Now the most debated part the ending. Some people absolutely hated it. I loved it, they teased that this choice was coming up 3 times during the game the debate of sacrifice 10 million to save 20 million. The choice sacrifice 1 to save trillions some find this choice hard me the math adds up it is for the greater good 1 person must die but will save the galaxy. Some people want the game to play a certain way but I like those endings that you know is the only way it will end. The only debate I have is to start a second play through right away or wait till the DLC comes out and see what changes Expand
  44. Mar 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game was a great game in my opinion, well in line with the previous two; but I had a few issues.

    In places, the battles are seemingly just a time-sink; lots of husks slowly pop out no matter how fast you kill them - head-shot each one, and it still takes over a minute to clear some areas that wouldn't take very long if they came fast or all at once.

    The biggest problem, however? The ending is terrible. It has no real closure to the story; and worst of all the three endings are essentially the same piece of crap.
  45. Mar 31, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3: A truly wonderful and terrible game.

    "Why?" you may ask me. Now before you jump to the conclusion that this is a rant about the fiasco concerning ME 3's (Mass Effect 3's) ending i would like to tell you it isn't, not entirely. this is actually a rant (yes... a rant) partly concerning ME 3, Bioware and EA. So, with that said, lets continue.

    Why do i dislike this amazing game? was it because the ending was terrible? that you need an online pass to even touch the multiplayer? that the multiplayer has the potential to be (so far beyond) astronomically better than it actually is? or perhaps you may guess that it's because i'm just generally PO'd at this game. All of these are correct.

    But lets get a little more into the details, shall we?

    Reason #1 "YES, we know! the ending was awful!" okay, okay, i'll keep this one short. yeah, it's pretty bad, horrible actually. it's just there, in your face like pile of elephant crap in your livingroom. you simply can't ignore it because no one else will let you and it gnaws at the back of your mind after you see it, like some kind of parasitic insect.

    Reason #2 the online pass... Really? Seriously? Bioware isn't trying to win a popularity contest, that's for damn sure. maybe you guys are okay with this but Bioware isn't wining points in my book for this one. but who does the blame really go to here? shall i blame Bioware for this? for cowing down to EA or should i blame EA themselves and their disgusting lust for profit at the expense of all else? i choose both. why? because i can. AND before you say i'm angry because i had to pay for the online pass, you are wrong sir/madam. i bought an unused copy of ME3 and had to pay for no such thing. this pisses me off purely out of principle. it's simply >wrong
  46. Mar 31, 2012
    The haters are idiots, if the indoctrination theory is true then the ending is pure genius and not just rubbish, everyone buy this game! Don't believe the stupid 0 and 1 star ratings people who don't understand the ending are giving it.
  47. Mar 31, 2012
    Fans of the first two Mass Effect games might find the return of the weapons/mods system a little frustrating and the dialogue a little lacklustre and forced. Aside from those two things, the rest of the game is on par with the previous two: action, adventure, awe-inspiring cinematics. The decisions made by your Shephard do have serious consequences in the third game but no one seems to want to recognise that fact, focusing instead of how little impact they have on the very final cut-scenes and decisions of the game. I don't see any reason why they should.

    Regardless of how much people think the ending was disappointing or pick on a few minor problems with the game mechanics, ME3 is still a very good game and hardly deserves a zero score. It falls short of being a 10 experience, but play it through, finish it, give it a few days and you'll start to appreciate how good the game actually is.
  48. Apr 1, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the least successful episode in the saga: you play it because it is a bond that lasts for years, because the vulgar scifi also always has a shot (even if only in some microexperience side), because the mechanical augmentation between phases play with the characters and relationships always work, but basically is a way to appeal to the full only to those who still enjoys this kind of epic onanistic Expand
  49. Apr 1, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is probably the single greatest game I have ever played. The writing, storyline, and voice acting are what set it apart from every other game I have played in my life, and there have been many...What Avatar was to the movies, Mass Effect 3 is to the video game industry. Bioware/EA have set the bar awfully high. Every time I sit down at my computer now, I am filled with nostalgia and sadness that I have finished playing this truly wonderful game. I don't understand how anyone could give this game a negative review. It was never designed to be exclusively a shooter or an rpg. It's a mix between the two. The graphics are beautiful, the action is exciting, the story is interesting and imaginative. It's a testament to human ingenuity, a real modern work of art. To everyone who wrote a negative review, I challenge you to do better. Expand
  50. Apr 1, 2012
    Es la conclusión de una de las mejores trilogías de los tiempos, con un final polémico que esta dando que hablar con la formulación de varias teorias interesantes.

    Obligatorio probar algún mass effect
  51. Apr 1, 2012
    I normally never review anything online, but after seeing the absolutely asinine amount of negative reviews I felt obligated to speak up. First off, Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic game overall. The universe it continues to build on from the first to games is probably the richest in videogame history. The voice acting is mostly excellent. The combat's more refined than in Mass Effect 2. Although it only uses the unreal 3 engine, the graphics are still very nice -- the upshot being that it will run well on a wide range of systems. I've never felt so emotionally invested in a game's universe and plot as I've felt while playing Mass Effect 3. The fact that Bioware actually managed to carry so many things over from the first two games, and follow through with there original ambitions is extremely impressive. Okay. Sure. The ending could certainly be better. But to say it retroactively ruins the rest of the game is ridiculous. I must assume all the disproportionately negative reviews are being written by a very outspoken minority. If this were any other game, the ending would never get this much attention. If anything, it's a testament to the exceedingly high quality and player's investment in the series; any perceived flaw is going to be that much more difficult to deal with.

    Also, I almost forgot, Origin is really dumb. I hate using it, and I felt shameful downloading Mass Effect 3 through it. Once I starting playing the game, however, I quickly forgot about it. And I can't punish the developer for EA's lame, anti-consumer, business decisions. I hopefully will never have to download another origin game again.

    As the game goes, ff you enjoyed either of the first two Mass Effects at all, you should play Mass Effect 3. The developers put an immense amount of hard work into wrapping up their trilogy. Just about every aspect of the game is topnotch, and the series, as a whole, sets a new standard for story telling in the medium. Bioware deserves recognition for their hard work. If you were at all excited for Mass Effect 3 before launch, buy it. Ignore all the immature slander and pay attention to the critics reviews. Most normal people will love Mass Effect 3.
  52. Apr 3, 2012
    best freaking game ever!!! =D it deserves an 11/10 score xD.... although personally i kind of think the 2nd part was a little bit better idk why ppl dont understand the ending... imho it was perfect....
  53. Apr 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Game was good up until Priority:Earth. Felt very rushed then.
    Engaging combat.
    Well written and acted story arcs.
    Citadel as a hub was well done.
    Bottle shooting with Garrus was incredible.
    Emotionally engaging.

    Cerberus missions felt repetitive.
    Character interaction was sub par to ME2 and ME1;
    Tali's face reveal was very poorly handled,
    Romancing Liara felt forced and is also bugged.
    Fetch quests and war asset gathering was a chore.
    Gaping plot holes and no closure.
    Shortest game of the trilogy.

    Scrapping elements which made both previous game truly great in favor of targeting a broader audience wasted the potential of being a worthy ending to a great trilogy.
    The gaping plot holes, nonsensical ending and butchered role playing system transformed a once great action-RPG into a mere TPS with remnants of its former franchise.

    Rating: 6/10
  54. Apr 4, 2012
    An excellent series destroyed by a terribly flawed ending. From false advertizing, Day one DLC, false advertizing about said DLC to the terrible ending, this game gets a zero.
  55. Apr 4, 2012
    This is my favourite game series of all time. And yes... the Ending of the game is as bad as everyone says. If you haven't played it.. you probably am not able to comprehend how much of a slap in the face it is to all fans of the series. I won't spoil anything. The first 95% of the game is great. The last 5% sucks. EA killed Bioware with one hell of a bang.
  56. Apr 9, 2012
    In my opinion Mass Effect 3 wasn't the best in the series(Mass Effect 2), but it is still an outstanding bit of video game entertainment. My score would usually have been 8.5 but the amount of hate that the game is getting for its ending is just absurd. I think the people who are giving it 1-5 are being immature, if they can honestly say that they did not enjoy the 20+ hours leading up to the ending then they are totally blinded by fanboy hate and entitlement and feel that the IP is more theirs than it's Bioware's. Well done Bioware for another stellar role playing experience. Expand
  57. Apr 10, 2012
    Great game. I am amazed at the public backlash for a game this good. I played each game in the series and this was my favorite. It was challenging and action packed while still maintaining a RPG feel. I have played countless hours of the multiplayer. ME 4 please!
  58. Apr 13, 2012
    Guys this is the best game of 2012 so far. Your low scores is an indicator of confusion the gaming industry. BioWare have created a masterpiece. If you do not understand, I feel sorry for you
  59. Apr 15, 2012
    Summary: A spectacular game. Well worth the money and time. The combat is unique to the RPG genre and the reason this is the only RGP series (to date) I can stand playing long enough to get into the story. The story is just incredible. The main plot is thrilling by itself, but add the "chose your own adventure book on steroids", aspect and you have a narrative that was so emotionally gripping it had me on the verge of tears at times. On that note, play from ME 1, it's worth it.

    Single player:

    Play/Combat - Excellent: I understand many people do not like the trend of ME away from the traditional RPG standards, but I love it because I venomously HATE several of those standards. Inventories are a cumbersome nuisance that just punish me for not taking time to manage the annoying buggers, and in ME 3 they are happily gone! Learning the intricacies of every single enemy so I know which of my 20 different skills to use is just frustrating (If I want to painstakingly memorize information I'll read a scientific paper on something useful), in ME 3 they simplify this to a reasonable level. On harder difficulties you still have to chose your ammo and prioritize your targets, but you have only a few options to worry about. Granted that can make the game-play a little repetitive. I'm okay with that; part of the reason I enjoyed ME 3 is that it is a first-person shoots, my genre of choice, and any good FPS has to sacrifice a little repetitiveness for well ironed out mechanics and enemies. ME 3 is definitely well ironed out. Which bring us to..... Classes, here I think the 3rd instalment shines. In ME 3 where you put your skill points obviously changes what abilities you have access to and how powerful they are, but quite significantly it entirely changes how effective your play style is. For example I love being a stealthy SOAB, so I play the Infiltrator class. In the last two games, like many others as soon as I chose the class at the start of the game I was stuck as a long range killer with no ability to hold my own in close combat. As it would happen that's how I like to play and so I followed the same path in ME 3, but even as i was doing that I realized that by putting my skills into the other abilities I could make myself a close combat killing machine, appearing in the middle of the enemy, wrecking havoc and beating people to death, only to disappear again. The ability to customize your character to your play-style then is terrific.

    Story -Out of this World: I can't describe it. play the game twice from ME 1 and you'll get two completely different experiences in ME 3, in almost every mission, every interaction I could sense subtle variations based on my previous actions, that level of impact on the narrative is what sets the ME series a head above the rest. I made decisions that made me proud as thanks to me everyone survived, I made decisions that made me cry as my actions caused my team-mates suicide; NO other game has ever made me feel like my choices have an impact on the story, ever. Which bring us to the one reason this review is not a 10. The last 15 mins. Oh YES I hate the ending, but only because the rest of the game was so incredible. After all that impact you had, you're given ending A, B, or C, and all of your previous decision mean squat to how any of them turn out.(On that note I hope the future DLC will fix the ending situation. After all the hard work the writers must have put into weaving the coherent web of different experiences you can get, I have to believe they would have up and quit Bioware if additions/changes to the ending were not planned from even before release. Here's hoping the "Indoctrination Theory" is right)

    And finally

    Multi-player -Good: I haven't played that much of this, but what I have I like. It's not as addictive as Halo, or Call of Duty, but its a solidly fun experience. Grab some friends and blow some enemies away, nothing wrong there. The maps are varied enough to add some diversity and the horde-mode style waves are supper fun to mow down in co-op.
  60. Apr 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not just giving this a "10" to attempt to combat all the "0"s out there, I honestly think this game is a ten and it is probably the best game I've played in the last 7-8 years.

    I was genuinely astounded... as to how WONDERFUL the ending was. The controversy is ridiculous. It basically boils down to unintelligent individuals who need to have everything explained to them very slowly to be satisfied, and intelligent people who are capable of inferring their own ideas for the future of the galaxy. Shepard did his job, he sacrificed himself not only for the galaxy, but every single life that will ever come into existence in the future. That is amazing. The specifics of what happened after his death are no longer his concern.

    Please DO NOT change the ending Bioware. Don't give in to the lowest common denominator. People were expecting a Michael Bay ending and instead were introduced to Andrei Tarkovsky. It's unfortunate that people don't have a far enough reaching intellectual grasp.
  61. Oct 8, 2012
    Mass effect 3 has his flaws but overall it's a great game. Bioware has exceeded as always with their story telling till the end. If you ever think that is a unfair assumption then consider the fact that their biggest selling point of the game since day one is that your actions matter. This is completely taken away in my opinion by the progress bar instead of adding as many upgrades or doing hero missions and hoping for the best. Also in accordance to the ending I would've preferred a sequence of screen-caps and text like fallout did which would go over your choices and their consequences in more detail instead of being rewarded your choice of 3 different colors. Ignoring the dismal ending the story and universe in my opinion is more realized and alive then any other game or even movie for that matter, I'm a Star Wars fanboy and I enjoy the mass effect universe better. The game play through the games have gotten simpler and more casual per sequel but the gameplay is still as strong as ever. That's why I give this game a 9 of 10 Expand
  62. Apr 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am not surprised that a lot of fans are dissatisfied with the last part of Mass Effect trilogy. I may be the ending, also the day 1 DLC which just isn't fair to all us gamers, supporting the game. However, all these details did not really matter for me when I started playing. I was hooked up and wanted to complete all the side quests, talk with every npc available for me. The story sucked me in and pace of action about the whole setting seem to be really good. The biggest flaw is that starting the game without a save game from the 2nd part really removes a lot of the content. I could not use paragon/renegade options when it came to curing the genophage or deciding about quarians and geth. Party members from the previous part did not appear where they should and I felt really disappointed when my Shepard did not even recognize Legion. But there you go ,I should have played with my save. /// When it comes to plot I found it really exciting and it really gives you the felling that you are fighting to save the galaxy. There are, of course, some plot holes. Just like in the beginning, when Shepard is being trialed but I did not really know why because I have not played the DLC for Mass Effect 2. Only later did I discover that most of my choices do not influence the ending. Never mind, the important thing is the matter to me during the gameplay. I do not feel cheated. Overall, the game could have been better, but it still was an excellent experience. After completing it I had the same feeling like I get when finishing a great book. I keep thinking about characters, story and I want more but sadly have to admit that it's ended.
    I will definitely return to Mass Effect universe in the future. Play it once again with the DLC (câ
  63. Apr 26, 2012
    The game was very interesting, and had a lot of unique ideas. It was a bit dumped down in comparison with the first one but overall it was an epic experience. There is always a misunderstanding between streamlined and simplistic! Pro: Intergalactic science fiction rpg with worlds to explore, characters to meet, intrigue, sex and frantic action. Yeaaay ... Con: Rushed ending, DLC from day one, ripping off people ... The ending was rushed for the release and it left a bitter after taste. In a way you built suspense for 3 episodes to end up with a bit of undersigned ending. Unfortunately we have seen things like that before ... still the overall experience was really nice. Somehow I feel that people wanted more. To be honest Mass Effect, one of the best games ever ,is behind in terms of dialogue and plot from a good film or book. As games in general still are. Regarding changing the ending to suit the needs and ideas of the players I believe is completely unacceptable, the designers of Mass Effect decided on three endings ( unpolished endings) that were interesting but unfinished. I completely agree if they want to polish it but not to change it. Sometimes you like the ending sometimes you don't like them. But artistic democracy or design by committee, is usually dull and sterilized. If I like something is to go the other way around... to complete let them actually design the ending properly as they originally imagined ... let the accountants screaming about the target audience and demographic and do the right thing ! I have the impression that EA as usual is behind rushed endings and despicable DLC ... I give the game 8 instead of 10 because of the DLC and the rushed ending. By the way in the age of intergalactic travel I am quite sure guns will not need ammo. I know that legions of players play all those U.S army games and they troll around about the combat system but things don't always have to be the same with these boring shooters. Nevertheless after Dragon Age 2 I stopped pre-ordering EA games ... it is a gamble. Expand
  64. Apr 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really enjoyed this game. I think they have a good motive to do the game this way. It's a solid gameplay and fits really good with the war context. Sometimes I miss the RPG factor of the first game but it's ok.[spoiler] The end is good and it's based on Isaac Asimov books (if any of the children read more instead just yelling **** around maybe the score of this game was greater) [/spoiler] . Expand
  65. Apr 30, 2012
    Magnificent game. Real dramatic ending, which shows that the hero will go to the end to save the world. If you review separately Mass effect 3, it's a bit worse than the last part. I played all three parts and I think that the developers have done everything like it should be. Especially cooperative game part is very good.
  66. Apr 30, 2012
    This game completely ignores the cannon of the last few games. One of the most serious grievances is the ending, which ignores stated cannon so as not to render shephard a worse war criminal then any before.

    To those who did not buy the Arrival DLC for the second game, you are left staring and wondering "What did shephard do?" Even then, shephard being reinstated as a spectre is something
    that would have applied to the situation.

    From the Day 1 DLC that has conversations that run the entire game to non sequitors and poor writing throughout the plot. The required aspect of multiplayer is frustrating for those who were sold on the idea of "Not having to play that aspect of the game."

    Furthermore: the multiplayer is bland and uninteresting, relying on a single game mode in small arena maps with laggy and buggy gameplay. combined with the touch and go of searching for a lobby resulting in failing to find a game three out of ten times, makes it more a display in frustration then fun.

    The quality of the game resembles that of a call of duty clone more then a game relying on single-player experiences, making it feel unrelated to the first two.
  67. May 15, 2012
    Despite the ending, the game is perfect. Graphics, voice acting, music, combat system........everything. Definitely on my top 10 ever. The only "bad" part besides the dreaded ending, are the lack of dialogues aboard the Normandy.
  68. May 15, 2012
    Great series...horrible ending and let down for a triple A product. Worse game play than Mass Effect 2 and even worse than 1. I have truly lost faith in all bioware products.
  69. Aug 4, 2012
    Many people rate this game under 4 because of it's ending. Well, to be honest it had way more problems than the ending alone. The running animations were really bad (especially Anderson's) , there were loads of auto-dialogue which is not acceptable for a game like Mass Effect where dialogue is a gameplay mechanic, wasted potential for characters ( see: Liara as the Shadow Broker) and killing characters for no reason (see: Legion). Also, the sidequests (or lack thereof). The game had very little sidequests that involved actual gameplay, 75% of the sidequests being fetchquests. Then comes the horrible lore breaking ending. Even with the Extended Cut DLC it still is one of the worst endings to a trilogy I've ever seen. It also has little to no replayability and is extremely linear. Talking about replayability it also destroys the replayability of the other 2 games aswell, seeing as the ending doesn't show the consequences of your choices. The only good part about this game is it's combat, return of weapon mods and actual skill trees. Therefore I rate this game a 5/10. Expand
  70. May 16, 2012
    Absolutely epic, one of the best games I've ever played. Besides the ending that has a lot of people upset, this game is absolutely gorgeous, the choices and story are enthralling, well-written, and emotional. Truly in the tradition of past Mass Effect games while taking the series to a new level. Absolutely love it, definitely one of my top 5 favorite games I've ever played. The multiplayer is fun as well. I would love to talk face to face with someone who doesn't like this game, because I feel like there is a real bandwagon sentiment for people giving it bad reviews. There is the whole indignation of the DLC releases, which has some valid points, but that doesn't make this game a bad game. Just taken objectively on its merits, it is an amazing and epic experience if you like RPG's, and like getting into a story. Any movie/game can be unenjoyable if you are in a mood to make it that way, or don't like getting absorbed in a story. For instance, the original Mass Effect and Bioshock 1 were favorites of mine, but one of my best friends doesn't really get into story lines so he just played for the action and preferred other games. But for someone who likes an engrossing atmosphere and story line, this is the game for you. Expand
  71. May 17, 2012
    Game unrealistic expectations. But it could be the best RPG zaposlednie years.
    Of the levels of the arena did, the illusion of choice and stupid ending.
  72. May 19, 2012
    why would we be bothered to play whole 3 games at all while we could chose 3 identically same choice at the end . just color of lights are changing..seriously ??
  73. May 20, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game â
  74. May 20, 2012
    It's an OK game on its own, but easily the worst of all three games. The models look terrible and the animations are clumsy (why do they keep rolling their eyes all the way up?). It just feels cheap compared to ME1 and ME2.

    And yes, the ending. The ending is something else. And by something else I mean horrible.
  75. May 20, 2012
    I am soooo mad! Why did the writers write such a dumb ending? Us fans are so mad! They should make a mass effect 3: part ii so they can write a better ending! I am so sad why would they do such a thing! I wanna cry! Mommy!!!
  76. X19
    May 22, 2012
    Who knew 15 minutes could turn a game worthy of a 9 drop down to a 4? It's ridiculous as this game deserves so much more. I have never felt so emotionally connected to a video game before this. I actually cared about the characters. I was on the brink of tears at one point and I'm not one who cries easily. Mass Effect 3 has always been about the characters for me. ME2 really brought this into full scale. It's one thing to go up against a seemingly invincible force, but it's another to do it with people you feel you would care about and even die for. I won't spoil more, but if you want the best possible experience; I recommend going through the first two games before this one. Gameplay has always seemed an afterthought in Bioware games, but it's not disregarded here. You feel like a complete bad*** when you stride through the field of battle sliding over cover and occasionally rolling into cover when hurt, all the while shooting at menacing foes who do not fear death or pain. The way Shepard holds his pistol is pretty awkward looking, especially in the first part of the game, but that's it. Finally, the ending. What did I think? I thought it was terrible. It made no sense whatsoever. It defiled all logic and everything you fought for. It just seemed like a marketing stunt by EA for expansions and sequels. Did it ruin all those hours I put into ME1 and 2? Absolutely not. I didn't regret a single second of my time spent in this game or it's predecessors. Would I buy ME4? No, Bioware did screw up with the ending. Even if the indoctrination theory were true, the ending is total nonsense. Play the other games, buy this one, but stop at the point when Shepard levitates up into the ending. (You'll know it when you see it.) Quit game and draw your own conclusions. That's the best way to experience this game. Expand
  77. May 22, 2012
    One of the best games I've ever played. It 's more of an interactive story than a mindless shooter and the compelling story line and strong voice acting really make this a memorable experience. My only beef is that it seemed shorter than MEII with fewer supporting missions leading up to the central mission but other than that this was a real gem.
  78. May 24, 2012
    The series is totally undone by its nonsensical ending. The low scores reflected in user reviews reflect the huge disappointment from fans. What could be have potentially been a fantastic game to end the best series ever was let down by a rushed and totally unsatisfying ending.
  79. Jun 29, 2012
    Horrible scenario, horrible missons, horrible teammates, horrible endings, horrible controlling, horrible and very long dialogs and War Assests... Mass Effect 3 is horrible. Mass Effect 2 is the best.
  80. Jun 10, 2012
    I have not been a fan of Bioware since the Dragon Age 2 disaster or the ME series. Especially ME 2 with it's nerve wrecking harvesting, story unlikeliness and blank environments had me building up high levels of denial against it.

    But i just had to see the ending in ME 3, and i'm glad i did.
    I regard ME 3 as the best part of the series, it's good enough to compensate for all the flaws and
    drags in the previous 2 parts.
    Few Games today have such high quality and enjoable amount of content. To some minor extent i can even understand the weak last minute DLC ripping.

    Believable Story that makes you play along, interesting Dialogs, strong Atmosphere, Gameplay is fun (played as Vanguard), nice and smooth visuals. Good difficulty on normal (being careless get's you killed).

    It does need a few tweaks to get it in shape, check the ME wiki on how to. 6x speed for scenes and walking really can make a difference.
    It's not an RPG and shouldn't be marketed as one.
    Weapons are interesting, but most of the them are pretty much alike. Personally i found myself always coming back to the particle rifle.
    Nothing overly new, just a perfect wrapping up of the universe they created. Some low textures now and then, but nothing really disturbing.

    A few more customization options for armor would have been nice, currently I'd regard them as mainly cosmetic.
    Character relation's were a bit of focus this time.
    It had to end, and i would have preferred a stronger and more personal ending, but honestly i'm ok with it. Large scale problems do call for uncompromising solutions.
  81. Jun 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass effect is a game that tries to appease old fans and be a natural starting point for new fans sadly it fails at both new fans will feel overwhelmed by the situations while old fans will feel betrayed by the lack of differences in choices, i will elaborate on both but i would like this time to say the there will be spoilers

    spoiler alert

    new fans wont understand the gravity of the geth quarian conflict and wont feel the much passion when the shepard (the protagonist) talks about the sacrifice of a squad-mate that occurred in the first game, its also a bit overwhelming to be dumped in to this world with a lack of understanding of the different races

    older fans will play a much more dumbed down version of the game, as the organization that you may have helped in previous game will be your enemy no matter what you did before, the game is also much more linear then previous games, and your a pigeon-holed in the the ending no matter what happens

    if your new to the series, you will still be taken on an emotional roller coaster that you may enjoy and this game should be rated a 6/10

    however if your a new fan the ending (at least for me) actually makes the two previous games worse meaning that this game should be given a negative score, as i am a fan of the previous games i will give it the lowest possible score of "0", as im not allowed to give the game a negative 20 for ruining the other two 10/10 games in the series
  82. Jun 22, 2012
    Mass effect as a trilogy is by far one of the better action RPGs out there. Mass effect 3 is an excellent addition to it, though its ending may leave you feeling unsatisfied. You play as Commander Shepard, on a quest to save the galaxy from the Reapers, who are these ancient synthetic aliens hell bent on wiping out all organic life. It's a shooter RPG, and while the gameplay is quite nice especially compared to earlier mass effect editions, the heart and soul of this game is not in its gameplay but in its story and characterization. You'll care about your squad members in a way you wouldn't in other games. You'll actually want to know what happens to them. This is bioware's strength: creating games with characters you actually like and want to know more about. For most of the game and especially the Tuchanka mission, the game is an absolute blast. It is more challenging than Mass effect 1 and 2 in a good way, and they've removed the distracting mini games. There has been much written about Mass effect 3's ending and for good reason, if you are like the majority you will wonder what the hell happened. Its ending is not its strength, but don't let that dissuade you. It's mostly a really great game. To get the most out of it, I highly recommend playing mass effect 1 and 2 first, as your choices will carry over into 3 and make it that much more meaningful. Expand
  83. Jun 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Promises broken. The entire experience of the 3 games is destroyed by the end. It feels as if EA forced them to remove the true ending and put this ending in to force-fit a 4th game. I predict a Mass Effect 4. . .and I will not buy it. Expand
  84. Jul 1, 2012
    As a fan of the two previous mass effects I have to say this was a let down, some gameplay issues, story is decent to a point, but what hurt most was the ending. Bioware not think that throwing there own lore out the window would hurt the fans really took me aback. Since the extended cut was released it fixed some issues but still leaves a bad taste in your mouth, plus a few new plot holes. An unfortunate ending to what was a good series. Expand
  85. Jul 3, 2012
    I'm going to try reviewing this without talking about the disgrace to gaming known as "EA"... But what the hell, EA deliver minimal gaming to the public, expecting them to survive on a half-done game, and deliver their wallets for the next 5000 DLC's. I cannot understand why EA take companies such as Bioware, who have been immensely successful in the past, and absolutely rip the creativity from them. The ending is disgustingly inaccurate to the rest of the series (no surprise thanks to the 1 million writer changes), and gameplay seems to be a child's interpretation of the previous games, the graphics seem half done thanks to all the cartoony looks on humans, and the game in genral, ABSOLUTE FILTH. EA is the disgrace in gaming that likes to place it in the shower and choke it to death. The END. Expand
  86. Jul 9, 2012
    I waited for the Extended Cut before submitting a review because I felt that was the most fair way to rate the game. As a stand-alone game, I think ME3 would have been pretty good. I enjoyed the combat system and a good portion of the plot. The characters are written in such a way that they truly become human to you, and you come to care about them. However, I feel this game was only average because I followed all the developer updates and advertisements on it, and I played the first two games in the series. I do not agree with the people who are giving this game a 0, because that certainly isn't fair, although I do understand that some people feel betrayed by Bioware with this game. I also feel that a perfect or ridiculously high score for this game isn't fair because it does not take into account that so much more was promised for this game. I will detail this as best I can without spoilers.

    The first thing I have to talk about it the multiplayer. Time and again, Bioware said that it was completely optional and that it was an alternative way to get the best ending. However, it turned out not to be true- mulitplayer was required to get the best possible ending. The Extended Cut changes this, and so that problem is rectified. However, I feel it is worth noting that Bioware claimed time and again that multiplayer was optional, and yet the only thing that caused them to fix this problem was the fan outcry.

    Something amazing that I have to say about this game is that the soundtrack is the best I have heard in a game in a long time. I wish they had this kind of soundtrack for the previous two games, because it is just that good.

    The bulk of the plot includes a pretty good story and side stories, as I said, but in the scope of the trilogy there are some problems. Many of the choices from previous games have little to no consequences. While I understand that it would not be possible to incorporate every little choice into this game, the game was advertised to show the consequences of the player's actions. Some choices were even stated by the developers to have "huge consequences" only for such statements to turn out not to be true. There are minor variations in the plot to account for player decisions, but at no point in the game are there "huge consequences."

    Another good thing about the game I found was the improved combat system. Combat is much more tactical and fun than the previous games. Even the multiplayer is a lot of fun. As stated previously, my only issue with the multiplayer was that it was forced initially. The combat system is fun, regardless of whether it is single or multi player.

    Finally, there is the controversial ending. If I could submit a review solely on the ending, that would be a 0. However, if I could review the entire game except for the ending it would be a 6 or 7. The initial ending would have been mediocre if it were the end of a standalone game. As the ending of a trilogy the prided itself on choice, the original ending was downright insulting, given that despite the player's final choice the endings were almost entirely the same. The Extended Cut keeps the endings thematically the same while essentially making them look different. It provides a significant improvement, and for many (including myself) it adds replay value to the game and the series. I have to say though, as someone who has been a fan since the original Mass Effect, that ending was not the ending that Mass Effect deserved. To people who have followed the trilogy, the ending was a massive disappointment. I am not letting that fact influence the score I give the game, because I do not think that is fair. The majority of the game is pretty good, and if it were not for the couple of other problems, the score I gave would be a few points higher, but the emotional part of me wanted to give this game a much lower score. Again, that isn't fair, and that is why I didn't, but to anyone who was a hardcore fan of this series, the ending, which essentially leaves what happens up to the player's imagination, is ridiculously disappointing.
  87. Jul 13, 2012
    I have played Mass Effect from the first one, It had a marvelous and original setting that no much rpg's could mach.Still aside from the story combat was creative but often frustrating. In second one story got a lot blander with all that Cerberus nonsense but at least combat was better and game more refined.
    But third one is just terrible, the new writer who overtook the scene is awful,
    knowing nothing of previous games, overall game quality is bad, an ugly copy-paste ripped from previous games, low-res textures, logic errors in quests, unasked multiplayer component in a singleplayer game, day-1 DLC, broken promises, brought out reviews, defiling of the scene with "human master race" storyline.

    Worst game I ever brought truly shocked and angered beyond reason for destruction of my favorite trilogy, whoever in EA is responsible for this atrocity should be hanged for his crimes against the fanbase, I now need some strong alcohol to forget what I saw. oh poor Tali what have they done to you.(sob) :(
  88. Jul 14, 2012
    Its sad to watch something with a great beginning slowly turn into one of the most disappointing experiences. The Mass Effect series went from a great RPG with great fluff in Mass 1 to a cliched cover based shooter with the **** ending in Mass 3.

    If you have to play this game, borrow a copy. Not worth purchasing.
  89. Jul 16, 2012
    After DA2 Bioware succeded in completely destroy another franchise, after the first 2 ME games this one is really a let down; with and ending cutted and pasted from deux ex macchina and defended by bioware as an artistic choice,artistic my ass is a scam.
    Your past decisions doesnt affect the end of the game, you cant have an happy ending.
    All the game is more or less like this:
    enter a
    room kill the 3/5 enemies waves, go to next room...i so miss old bioware Expand
  90. Jul 18, 2012
    Truly a greater loads of garbage has never been made. I can't even bother to finish the game. 59$ my arse. I would never buy any product from Bioware again.
  91. Jul 28, 2012
    besides the much complained about ending ME3 lacks a lot of good rpg gameplay that ME2 did have. In ME3 there are too many cutscenjes although the graphics are awesome. Another miss is that you cannot see if you have completed your quest correctly. This is only possible when you search for the person who gave you the quest.That and many more little off things make this a pale release when compared to it's predecessor who was already receievd as an alltime classic but maybe part 3 stole that status from it again... Expand
  92. Jul 31, 2012
    Ending killed it, completely, 1000% nuked it to jesus's 8th coming, killed it. The good: Combat, i actually enjoyed the combat alot, the cover system is well done and you had to use it for some quests which is great. Melee, who doesn't love a sexy holographic fistweapon to pwn your foe? Customizing my guns, sure it feels like it is taken from BF3,but it still made me able to design my weapon to my playstyle (one of the guns you get at the end, one that has a large clip, if not for the recoil reducing addon would be left in my closest). The Bad: Ending, horse is beaten enough, but the ending just sucked. Great, 3 different colors, and for some reason all the relays are blown up although only one of the options was supposed to destroy em (i believe). And your crew on earth magically appeared on the ship, and for some reason Joker wasn't on planet earth, wtf? Story, i honestly felt 0 connection. ME1 I wanted to kill sarin, I was sad that i had to let my crew mate die back there (i forgot his name). ME2, Collectors must die! killed by crew, blew up my old ship, destroyed my relatinonship with Ashley. Must die! Harbinger was a pain as well, i really wanted to stick it to him. And the ending was influenced by how well you maintained realtionships with your crew. Mass Effect 3 had none of that. your standing with the crew doesn't matter, **** got removed, who comes with you on the final mission is also pointless. All your decisions are meaningless in the end. So, would i recommend it? Yeah sure, if you want to play the game and just kill some time, but other than that, i would not. Worst 60 dollars i have ever spent. Expand
  93. Oct 2, 2012
    I have enjoyed the ME franchise as it progressed and liked each one a bit more than its predecessor. The game, if you play it to its fullest, is as long and complex as its predecessors and the story is well written. I know that there were a lot of people who felt let down by the ending but I found it to be not only appropriate but tense and meaningful. I have yet to play the revised ending and have picked up the DLCs but not played those yet either. The multiplayer is an interesting addition and quite fun as an addition to the game. I guess, given the visceral negative reviews, that the mere presence of EA has given rise to instant dismissal of what I think is a well done game. Expand
  94. Sep 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There has been enough time past to review the game in a hopefully objective manner but all reviews are to an extent subject to some bias so I apologise for that.

    Mass Effect 3 is to all intents and purposes a flawed gem; i don't deny the production values, the time and the hard work that went into making it. What I do dislike are the departures from the Series past successful mechanics.

    Story Telling - It
  95. Nov 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There are four endings now (post extended cut)

    Red ((destroy)): Destroy all synthetics indiscriminately, including the reapers. This means bye-bye Edi, Geth, plus a lot of tech that organic races are dependent on. (This is pegged "the bad ending" by many.)

    Blue ((control)): Control the reapers, keeping them and their husks alive and turning shepard into the new Harbinger. Bad idea on so many levels.

    Green ((synthesis)): "Become one with the reapers". Like control, this keeps all the horribly deformed husks alive (cannibals, marauders, banshees, scions which are 3 headed abominations fused from 3 different ppl from 3 different races, harvesters, destroyers, etc.)Turning every sentient race, organic and AI alike, into a organic/synthetic hybrid, which is the final stage of evolution, according to the translucent star child. This is pegged "the best ending" by bioware and fans that support synthesis.

    4th ending ((refuse)): You shoot the star child, give a little speech and watch as everyone dies. Then you see one of the beacons Liara made for the next civilizations to find and stop the reapers their way.

    Just awful.

    I've played Mass Effect 1 & 2 multiple times over the years. but ME3, I've only played twice and have since uninstalled. My friend also got the game on release, and now regrets it. She wanted me to play co-op with her, but why? The multiplayer looks like mindless and repetitive and like it would get boring after two rounds.

    Major letdown. I'm scared for dragon age 3, there's a 90% chance that will be a letdown aswell.
  96. Dec 24, 2012
    Not even taking the endings into consideration, I don't understand how people can actually think this is a good game, let alone a success from BioWare. Mass Effect 1 had its faults, but brought us an expansive, detailed universe and a solid story line. Mass Effect 2 was a disappointment (Cerberus. Stripping RPG elements.) but still had very engaging characters and enjoyable recruitment and loyalty missions. Mass Effect 3 is by far the weakest of the trilogy. It's completely abandoned the things that made the first two games memorable. The characters have largely become caricatures. The most prominent example of this that I can think of is Wrex. Many of his lines are painfully OOC, as if BioWare decided to superimpose Varric from DA2 onto him. The cheesy, cringe-inducing lines are piled on thick. I played through a second time as a full-paragon, and ended up skipping as many of the horrible lines as I could because it was so embarrassing. When the game forced me to listen, there were times when I found myself saying "SHUT UP." The completely blatant fanservice strips the game of sincerity. The entire game I felt like BioWare was just humoring me and those bizarre threads on their forum with pictures of FemShep pregnant with Garrus' baby or whatever. The content is just offensive to those who have been playing since the first game. But the worst thing is that you're forced to play as action-movie protagonist Shepard. The dialogue options are extremely few and far between, the neutral options are gone, the interrupts have been slashed. You watch a character that you may have been creating over the span of three games talk for minutes on end without any input from you. Because of this, the things Shepard says are really odd. Sometimes a full-renegade Shepard spouts bizarre idealistic bleeding-heart lines. And in turn, a full-paragon Shepard can act very insensitive. WITHOUT ANY INPUT. You can't shape anything about Shepard except some of the choices he/she makes, when before you could both shape those choices and WHY Shepard would make them. Obviously there were so many other issues. The PC controls, the animation (FemShep's running animations on the Normandy reminded me of Steamboat Willie or Popeye or something), Origin, Day 1 DLC, the massive plotholes, Shepard is even stupider than usual (WTF is Avina, durr),Cerberus, the missed opportunities. The endings are still stupid with the extended cut, and the giant middle finger of a refusal ending shows you exactly what BioWare thinks of the fans who have brought them here, the ones intelligent and dedicated enough to point out that a paragon Shepard has always found a way to get missions done without sacrificing their beliefs and would never accept the Starchild's logic.

    When Casey Hudson talked about dismissing a final boss fight because it was too "video-gamey" for the endings we received, it all made sense. Hudson just wanted to make an action movie. That's it. But instead of an action movie, or a good game, we got the steaming pile that is Mass Effect 3. This series had so much potential. But its potential AND everything it had already gotten right was squandered in this title in the name of trying to please both action game lovers and bizarre fans with banners begging for fatuous dialogue options, romances, etc, and for the egos of Hudson and Walters.
  97. Mar 7, 2013
    It could have been so good, but it fell short.

    Mass Effect 3 is a decent game, scared by some bad design decisions and an awful, inconsistent ending.
    The combat in the game is more fluent than the predecessors, the graphics is generally crisp despite Shepard still feel sluggish when running around and navigating the (static) world. The writing is decent in this game, however it does
    occasionally feel very 'soap'-television. Some of the characters are also very under represented in this game (especially characters like Jack, Miranda and so on). Even Ashley feels tacked on.
    Bioware's attempt at trying to set a dark atmosphere of doom and despair falls short in the game and it feels like many of the games 'sad' moments are so obvious that it's like trying to force an emotion more than build an emotion. Save perhaps for 'Mordin Solus' which is as brilliant a character in this as 'he' was in ME2.

    Weapon modifications are back (yah). Although you quickly learn to just pick the best weapon and use. The most redeeming part of ME3 is the music. Brilliant music. I can even listen to that while not playing the game that's how good some of the pieces are. However the quest system in this game is bad, very bad. Basically you have some main quests which drive the story forth. These are mostly gotten via the main characters. Then there's some side quests which is gotten via the mail terminal. Not much different than ME2.
    However then there's quests gotten from listening in on random people which pops up and requires you to 'scan' planets, and then pick up the item via the scan.
    However the journal system and lack of inventory works very much against this type of quests. The 'escape reapers' type-mini game or what it is, is just awful. And I don't know what they thought of bringing that into the game.

    And of course, the over shadowing ending, which invalidates and contradict much of the storyline from ME1 and ME2 (really obvious if playing all 3 in sequence). Makes most all of your choices throughout the previous game irrelevant. It did feel like leaving the game without an actual conclusion. The extended cut ending did not make matters much better, except as an insult to the fan groups which were disappointed.

    The DLCs for the game are decent, but no where near the quality of Lair of the Shadow Broker for ME2. Omega is very combat orientated, which is okay in itself, but it's not really Mass Effect.
    Leviathan felt tacked on and much more like an attempt to build an in-game foundation for the ending more than anything. Citadel fun, but eventually irrelevant as it feels strange to put that into the middle of an all out war for the survival of the universe as 'we' know it. But well it's a farewell and a last money grab by Bioware.

    Mass Effect 3 is a decent game. It's not an action-roleplaying as ME1 was. It's a better shooter than ME2, but it's properly too much shooter for many RPG fans, and not enough for the shooter fans. Bioware tried to grab both, but for what it could have been it falls tragically short of the target. Potential but lack of implementation.
    Bioware basically dropped the ball. It's worth a playthrough from the bargain bin, but knowing what I know now, I would not have bought it at release.
  98. Mar 27, 2013
    The only good thing about this game is the amount of weapons and customization for your skills. The voice acting is brilliant apart from Jessica Chobot. That's it. The story is full of plotholes, contradiction, retcons and downright nonsensical at times. The enemies and AI behaviour is subpar. Everything just bumrushes you and and do not use strategy of any sort. There is too little gameplay and too much cutscenes which makes the game feels like an interactive movie. There is also almost no RP element in the game apart from power customization. Your choices do not matter. The ending introduces new concepts altogether. Unnecessary inclusion of children to create emotions. So yeah, a botched job from Biower. Expand
  99. Apr 30, 2013
    I'd avoid it. If you want a really good RPG, try something by Larian Studios instead. It's mainstream mush... so you won't find any good stories here. BioWare hasn't made a good game in a long time, not since MDK2 or before.
  100. Mar 6, 2012
    The first Mass Effect is one of my all time favorite games, with really enjoyable gameplay and immersing story, I rate Mass Effect 2 as good but not as good as the first one, the story just didn't progress enough. Sadly Mass Effect 3 is the weakest in the series in my opinion. While the gameplay is about on par with the previous games, which is good, the story was really lacking. Large plotholes made the game unenjoyable for me and the ending was real letdown. I'm quite sad this trilogy ended on such a mediocre tone. Collapse

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.