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  1. Mar 11, 2012
    Thank God.. this is why i use Meta for everything... no BS no paid off journalism just the freakin truth. We have been getting screwed this whole year .. Bethesda kicked my teeth in with Rag(e) and B(usted)rink and now EA screws the biggest pooch of all.. way to F go you money hungry half azzed dumb sh*ts. greed has taken over the entire damn industry without Indie games i almost didnt have a gaming year.. EA you suck.. if Diablo 3 is screwed up ( nothing to do with EA) Im giving up. Expand
  2. Jul 17, 2012
    Possibly the most disappointing release I've ever played. I will, in all honesty, never forgive the developer for taking narrative control away from a character I'd spent _years_ with and forcing her to engage in the least satisfying ending- and least in-character actions- imaginable. I haven't even logged into multiplayer in months. Regardless of how many new "cool" weapons and commendation packs they throw at me, the game is dead to me. I paid for it and have no interest in ever going back. And all those "critics" who gave the game a 10/10...I doubt I'll be trusting your opinions from here on out. Expand
  3. Mar 8, 2012
    This game was great, interesting, brilliant, before...This is MOST STUPID end ever!!!1 I cant believe this **** is end Mass Effect 3. Hate ME series now.
  4. Mar 7, 2012
    Garbage game. I'd return it but unfortunately I'm a PC gamer. Steer clear if you enjoy not wasting 60 bucks. Game itself doesn't really deserve a 0 but Bioware and EA just prove time and time again they are just greedy money grabbers who don't give two **** about their fans.
  5. Mar 6, 2012
    Computer version is rough around the edge technically, but story? Unmatched. Soundtrack? Unmatched. Roleplaying? Unmatched. People need to deal with the way the story plays out, just because you don't like what happened to a particular character doesn't make it a bad game.
  6. Mar 7, 2012
    I haven't played the game, [nahhh, dont stop reading, go on:...] and probably wont.[just a bit more...] Having read what other fans of the series ME1+2 have had to say I will keep my money in my pocket and just comment on this: Why is it that game review magazines seem to have completely gone 'corporate'? Look at the difference between the review and the gamers perspective: "" Gamespot, which I has always been my guiding star has of late begun completely not focusing on the essentials: Will the gamers actually like what they see? Battlefield 3 was so riddle with bugs it was unplayable. ME3 is so riddled with messy dialogue and bad story line that it seems a travesty to try it out, especially with this DLC being thrown in your face early on. A game is not only good if it has great graphics, sound track and is playable without a patch on day 3. Time to try some Indie games perhaps?

    My point is this: If we can't trust the game reviews we read, then we cant trust MetaCritic's scoring either. Thus, MetaCritic needs to exercise some journalistic control on these review sites.
  7. Mar 7, 2012
    I loved Mass Effect
    I adored Mass Effect 2
    I truly and utterly despise Mass Effect 3. EA and Bioware basically killed one of the best gaming title of the past 10 years with this last installment. It's boring and blatant, it tries to act like an FPS game, it's overly simplified, it's ugly, it's story is nowhere comperable to the previous ones, it forces gay romances down your throat, it's
    too easy even on insanity, it''s just BAD. And this comes from a gamer who even bought ME2 Collectors Edition because of how much I loved these games.

    I strongly suggest not buying this game, Boycott Bioware, BOYCOTT EA, do anything that you can to make them realize this is not what we wanted.

    This is a sad time for gaming.
  8. Mar 8, 2012
    This is atrocity. 1. DLC 'From ashes' already on the disc of collector's edition at least.
    2. Problems with new facial system. I bought 2 collector's editions of Mass Effect 1 and 2. I lived with my character for 4 years already. And now what? I just have to wait for BioWare doing their job correctly? 2 years of development and this is how you treat paying customers?

    Thank you Electronic
    Arts for making the BioWare company it is today. Great games, great crappy performance, great greed.

    Lights out.
  9. Mar 6, 2012
    Regardless of what the paid reviews will tell you, this is another excellent example of how Bioware can take a game and franchise which once held promise, and turn it into a lazily-produced money grab, pandering to the lowest common denominator. Gears of War combat through incredibly linear levels, even fewer dialogue choices that don't seem to matter one bit, stripped-down character customization and skills, and, of course, the quality writing, roughly on the level of high-school fanfiction. Expand
  10. Mar 6, 2012
    Choppy dialogue, forced combat, awful storylines, terrible animations.

    Bioware could've done better with this really.
    It's a shame.

    3 because at least, when it was fitting, the music was nice.
  11. Mar 6, 2012
    I enjoyed ME 1 immensely but this feels like an empty shell compared to that. My previous choices seem pointless, it's like that story and deaths are ignored.
  12. Mar 6, 2012
    OK, unlike paid critics and users (who actually play with pink glasses on) I will keep this one short. Don't be an idiot like me. I already wasted 100 bucks for EA (50 bucks for SW TOR, and another 50 for this piece of crap). Overall impressions: Graphics - mediocre to the best; Animations - epic fail. Animated by professional programmers, definitely not CGI specialists (lol); Dialogues - MOST EPIC FAIL EVER. They surely have been written by some retarded and are only targeted to impress retarded rednecks; gameplay - FAIL. Plus add here 10 USD DLC on the first day - and that's about that to make a conclusion, that BW is dead. I hope they spend my 50 bucks for this **** for doctor, because it is obvious someone in EA BW needs serious treatment. Oh, and I hope paid critics won't be happy with their bribes. That's all. Expand
  13. Mar 6, 2012
    If you are fan of Halo, Gears of War, Star Trek, Starwars, and many future space fantasy media, you should play this game. It has the best of all, story to dialog and quest to combat. Most of the "bad" review are from people who tried to play with a version before release date (hackers who try to play it before release date patch) . It's a good game, as proof play the demo. I played ME1 and ME2, and it is worth it to play ME3. Just remember to save file because you can transfer ME1 to ME2 to ME3. Expand
  14. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware you have truely sunk low.

    Day 1 DLC
    Auto dialogs.
    Import bugs
    TERRIBLE ENDINGS and Writing.

    All in all I hope this game flops worse than DA2.
  15. Mar 6, 2012
    I regret pre-ordering this title. I only played Mass Effect 2 before and i thought this will be the same game but with different story (and maybe better graphics). It's not. It's horrible. The little things i loved in mass effect has been removed like for example mini-games! I ask - whyyyyy? Who ask you to remove it? Not me. I don't know what else could i write hear... Just read other reviews and you will get the idea. Expand
  16. Mar 6, 2012
    The first thing that sticks out for me here upon purchasing it, it's suppose to be an emotionally driven game... yet EVERY character either sounds like a Vulcun or Data from star trek. The game has no emotion what so ever. I'm sorry, am I missing something here? I'm disgusted by the clearly paid off media acting as advertisements for the game rather than reviewers none of them even attempted to pick this (obviose) problem up.â Expand
  17. Mar 6, 2012
    Origin - Unacceptable. Day 1 DLC - Unacceptable. As far as the rest of the game is concerned: Mass Effect 1 was an exciting, innovative new type of Action-RPG. It had an epic story in a unique, diverse universe, very good writing, great characters and real choices for the player. Little is left of that. In their desire to cater to the fans of shooters and casual games, BioWare has reduced the RPG elements, trivialized the dialogue and taken away much of the character development and choices that make a proper RPG. The story that started in Mass Effect 1 as an interesting and mystic space opera has been transformed into a predictable soap opera with mostly mediocre, sometimes outright terrible, writing. It might still be better than most of the other stories in video games these days, but that's of course not very difficult, and it's nowhere near the quality that BioWare used to deliver. Probably the worst example of the inability of the writers are the endings. On the other hand, perhaps they too were imposed by EA, to reduce the required work and costs. One complaint against Mass Effect 1 was the somewhat uninspired combat system. This had already been replaced in Mass Effect 2 with a clone of the usual cover-based shooters. Not very innovative and in my opinion still quite repetitive and not very challenging, but many players seemed to enjoy it. So in that regard, Mass Effect 3 certainly delivers the expected. But that's of course not nearly enough to make it a great game, and it's also not the reason why I play BioWare games or RPGs in general. Expand
  18. Mar 6, 2012
    Instead of an amazing finale to one of the best franchises in last 10 years, all we get is one big grim disappointment. Either way, endings can be described as "Life sucks then you die". Can't say this is what I was expecting. Ironically, it turned out to be that what Bioware was to Mass Effect is what Reapers were to the galaxy in game.
  19. Mar 6, 2012
    This game clearly ended the trilogy in the most special way possible.
    If any game could claim it ended this trilogy in the most special way it would be this.
    I give this a 10/10 because this game ended the trilogy in the most special way possible.
  20. Mar 6, 2012
    This game runs like a fan fiction of a fan fiction. Our only hope is that BioWare releases a DLC to fix our brains after the damage this unfortunate pile of crap did.
  21. Mar 6, 2012
    Save your hard earned money, I am a die hard ME fan and this game was unbelievably disappointing. Just know one thing, You Have No Choices in the end. None.
  22. Mar 6, 2012
    It's awesome how EA thinks their costumers want to play. Mass Effect 2 had its issues, but after all it was still a good game. This game here is ridiculous. Pure linear nonsense, a really bad gameplay and last but not least players are forced to use Origin. Flop of the year.
  23. Mar 6, 2012
    I hated to see so many negative reviews, but now that im about 10 hours in I just cringe on the fact that i must support these low scores. This game has lost its way. ME 1 and 2 were In depth. ME3 is boring, characters are dull and dialogue is horrible. options of choosing what you say is only 2 choices. either paragon or renegade. nothing in between. there is no feeling of getting to know other characters or feeling a connection with absolutely anything. might as well play gears of war! The Genre RPG should be RIpped out of ME3. Bioware! You disappointed me this round! Expand
  24. Mar 7, 2012
    Day 1 DLC aside, this game was quite possibly the biggest disappointment so far. The story and especially its end was an incredible let-down, driven by boring, static dialogue. All of the 'new' characters lack depth and character or end up being completely irritating due to bad writing. Gameplay is lacking, RPG elements almost completely removed and the oh so praised 'Cinematic Experience' destroyed by awkward animations.

    Try again without EA, Bioware.
  25. Mar 7, 2012
    If this was a new IP this game would be fine, but it is not a worthy successor to ME1/2. The game makes it very clear that you are playing Bioware's Shepard not your own. Whereas previous games allowed you to choose almost everything Shepard said, here you are railroaded with autodialog and few conversations options through the entire game. The dialogue itself is much worse than previous games as well.
    he game assumes you have read the novels and makes them canon for your Shepard, there is not even a expository line about Anderson stepping down. If you havent played arrival you are similarly left without adequate explanation for the events leading up to ME3. As well, the game is buggy as hell. Expect random freezing/crashes at some missions, missions that wont update, and numerous graphical bugs. You cant even import your ME1 face, I cannot even understand how they thought it was ok to release the game without fixing that one.
    While ME's story has always had a lot of problems with logic and plot holes, the ending to ME3 goes off the deep end. I have no problems with a grim ending, if it is done well, but the ending here, the ending to your Shepard's story now and forever is illogical as hell and poorly written. Nothing you have done throughout the entire series makes a difference in the end, you will be forced into one of three stupid choices, none of which make a damn bit of sense.
  26. Mar 7, 2012
    as someone who enjoyed 1 2 this is a disgrace to the franchise what a terrible way to end it the graphics where awful the game play was so dumbed down it felt like gears of war and the lack of almost everything RPG related was unacceptable.
  27. Mar 7, 2012
    Then ideas of things that you love changing into something really bad, you at first trying not to notice that or avoid it with hope that things will be better. Then I played ME 2 I thought that things will change and after developers review criticism of game develop a true masterpiece of game world. But then we saw a total failure of DA2 that become a fantasy clone of ME2. After that we got a clone of WoW in space (KoTOR) that is failure 2. And now ME3â Expand
  28. Mar 7, 2012
    I sincerely hope this is a joke. Come on, Bioware. Come on. This isn't even funny anymore, what happened. I miss great games like Baldur's Gate II, please stop doing this to me.
  29. Mar 7, 2012
    Contrains minor spoiler

    I played mass effect 1 week before ME3, and re-played ME2 two days before ME3 came out (lost saves after switching to windows 7) i was really disappointed in simplicity of the game, side missions just felt like quickly made DLC
  30. Mar 7, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is, at best, a disappointing game. At its worst, it's a cliched mess of nonsense dialogue and forced decisions. What's most disappointing for me, is the separated structure of the game. Dialogue happens, then gameplay, then dialogue, then gameplay. There's no fusion. Mass Effect 3 has lengthy fighting sequences and lengthy dialogue and story sequences, but the two never mix. There's no story in the fight, something happens then something else happens. It's depressing. This game has turned me off to Bioware. I won't be getting their next game. Expand
  31. Mar 7, 2012
    As a proud passive gay of African-American origin, I am deeply disturbed and offended by this ridiculous "game". What's wrong with you, Bioware? Did you seriously expected to fool many thousands of young gay and transgender gamers? Censored interspecies "sex" does not make your inferior product neither good nor appealing. OH MY GOD I think it's the absolutely worst game I've ever played in my entire life. I can't believe I'm saying that. It is so ugly, primitive, outright boring. And what's up with the "critics" and their scores, huh? Expand
  32. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The overall game was good up until the ending. Each of the ending, Shepard dies and the Mass Effect relays are destroyed. What really ruined it was half-way through the game on the Citadel someone asked that if the Mass Effect relays were destroyed if it would stop the Reaper attacks.

    The ending was not original by any means. Your good ending is GREEN, the Reapers leave (but are not destroyed) because they had a change of heart. The bad ending is RED and literally, synthetic life is destroyed (Reapers, Geth, EDI, etc). The neutral/Illusive Man ending is BLUE and Shepard becomes the God of the Reapers, humans becoming the dominant race in the galaxy. I have decided at this point that I will never by another Bioware game. SWTOR was a letdown, so I unsubbed. Mass Effect 3 was watered down and unoriginal, so I am disappointed. Dragon Age 2 was disgusting and watered down, which disappointed me. Bioware went from telling amazing stories to just another EA company banking on a collective interest. Also, the Day 1 DLC was *essential* to the story and without it you're missing a huge chunk of information. $10 for content that should have been included with the game.

    Bioware, this has already been done by the Deus Ex franchise. This is not original and I was very very disappointed.
  33. Mar 7, 2012
    Let's divide this in 2 categories Gameplay and Story

    Gameplay: I find myself in an amazingly dumbed down game. Mass Effect 1 was a great piece of Action Role Playing game, developing your own Sheppard was basicly the purpose of the game and your decitions would mean everything at any point of the game... ME2 ... dumbed things down but we still retained that feeling of control over the
    situations... ME3 simply disposed of this. Absurdly limited options at all times, guided responses and quite a lacking 'Action' feeling with dificult to track camera angles and constant shaking (that tries to emulate some sort of movie but instead just blocks your actions) tend to present themselves as a turnoff. The game is not Graphically impressive as it has shown, expressions are lacking and the overall presentation seems that relies too heavy on some sort of grain filter that bothers the eye.

    the multiplayer is clunky and proof that trying to convert your Action RPG into a TPS RPG is not a good idea.

    Story: After all this is an RPG, but let's leave aside that mostof your options don't matter, if the story is good one can forgive that... but we meet a pale shadow of what Sheppard was, that barelly keeps track of his recent disgraces only to form an alliance that may go nowhere (and that at the end serves little purpose) the crew of the Normandy presents itself as a cardboard version of their ME1 and 2 selves and the new characters are equally plain. I decided to see how the multiple companion options were but when I noticed that most of the effects meant "Sheppard gets laid, forgets the issue and then continues his quest" with no repercutions whatsoever simply... well, it shows how "important" relationships are in this game...

    The endings are dissapointing and likelly copied from other sources, predictable options that serve no other pupose than forcing the player to play a few more times a few scenes... A Mediocre ending for a series that started greatly as a way to show hard science fiction... dumbed down into a mediocre soap opera about a crew that wishes to get laid during an open war.
  34. Mar 7, 2012
    Lots of bugs in conversation - graphical in nature. Peoples poses instead of seamless transiton into another would just pop into new poses occasionally. The voices a lot of the time didnt match the lip syncs whatsoever so peoples faces sometimes would look like ventriloquists. I even found and experienced a few bugs along the way. My main problem is the games ending. It just failed to deliver on every level. It left me angry and confused. This game had so much promise and it was squandered. I do not recommend this game be purchased at this time. Wait for the price to come down. Expand
  35. Mar 8, 2012
    The writing and plot in this game are by far the worst in the trilogy. The use of deus ex machina betrays BioWare's incredibly lazy narrative and ridiculous ending. Choices and consequences are non-existent, the combat is simplified to the point it's painfully easy even on hardest difficulty, animations are clunky and facial animations are always deeply entrenched within the uncanny valley. Characters are stupid, boring, predictable and funny for all the wrong reasons. Avoid this game at all costs, your time is better spent elsewhere Expand
  36. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 does not live up to the hype, at all. First of all, almost no graphics options. I mean what the hell? Just porting from console is so frigging lazy it makes me sick. Look at Remedy, they did it right with Alan Wake. The textures on some stuff in this game is absolutely hideous. The animations are bad (males walk really weird in this game ++). Some of the explosions and gun effects are really low quality. Then there is the FOV in this game, it reminds me of Resident Evil 5. Why can't you adjust ANYTHING in this game? Oh yeah, I forgot... it's a really bad console port. Also you have to use the space bar for absolutely EVERYTHING. On the plus side it has some great voice acting, interesting characters and locations. Not enough to make it worth my money though. Sadly. The last Bioware game I bought was Dragon Age 2, and yeah, I was very disappointed then as well. I hoped they would redeem themselves with this game, but I was unfortunately wrong. This is the last game I will buy from Bioware, and I can't recommend buying this game to others. If you want to play it, rent it, or buy it used on console. Expand
  37. Mar 8, 2012
    I read all the negative user reviews and thought "meh, troll campaign". Having now bought ME3 I can tell you how wrong I was.

    I started play and was greeted with a full-on 5 minute IG cutscene which told me nothing of what had happened since ME2, built no atmosphere and could have been better acted out by brewer's yeast. This would have been OK had there been something pretty to look at,
    however by the end of this protracted, dry-wretch-inducing fable I was still waiting for the textures to pop in. They never did; and neither did the skybox (which looks like a late 90s perlin noise experiment), text renderings (HO5M4H0V - oops, I mean NORMANDY - I'm looking at you), bullet graphical effects or any other advancement in graphics technology since the early 00's.

    I have read complaints about the animations and I tend to agree with them, however I did derive some entertainment from this aspect of the game by finding a battle zone, blasting the Benny Hill theme from my stereo and then dashing around it, avoiding cover wherever possible. Due to the new "playability and experience-centric" combat system I actually found it quite difficult to die while doing this.

    Sadly, the story-line and telling is the biggest casualty here. I don't usually complain about story-lines per se because usually this borders on personal preference - who gets mad at a book because things don't end the way they want them to? - but in this instance I feel I have to; the story line simply ignores anything that happened in any other ME game and the setting as a whole. Imagine if a scene in LOTR: The Return of the King had seen Sauron march up to Aragorn, flip on his ghetto blaster and serve him legal notice to get down and funky for hobbiton. Could be a great scene; shouldn't be in a LOTR movie - right? The writers of ME3 would disagree with you.

    The voice acting is wooden and poorly synced with facial animations, just as the lines are tired, cliched and poorly synced with your dialogue "choices". I don't use those inverted commas lightly; the dialogue choices are akin picking one of two bottles labelled "coke" and "pepsi", one filled with water from the fountain of youth and the other with aqua regia. It's hard to take a game seriously when almost every dialogue choice plays like the grail scene from Indiana Jones and yet does nothing to advance the plot.

    There's more - the controls, the "RPG" system, the AI and the return of the mini games (now transformed into button-press-cutscenes) - but, in all honesty and not being a terribly fussy gamer, I could have honestly enjoyed this game if it had got any one of the major parts above right. It didn't and hence I didn't. I sincerely hope that you have found this review persuasive (If you haven't bought it yet) or condoling (If you have).
  38. Mar 8, 2012
    This doesn't feel like it cost 50 million dollars to make. I'm wishing it didn't cost me 80 dollars to buy.

    Before all that, I never really got into any Bioware games beyond Mass Effect, but the first one really snagged me. I bought it on a Steam sale for 5 dollars because it was so highly praised. I saw why! Its combat was moderately challenging, had a great story, cool characters and
    I enjoyed their interactions with each other and the universe they lived in. It was a living breathing environment that I was simply enraptured by. As soon as Mass Effect 2 was announced, I preordered the Collector's edition because I had no idea that things were going to get cheesey. Still, the game didn't disappoint me. It looked better, put me in some great new environments while cutting out a lot of the generic copy paste elements from the first and best of all, introduced some more great characters with genuinely cool interactions between them. Sure the classic combat got thrown under the bus in favor of the tried and true bootleg Gears of War system, but it wasn't broken by any means. It still left me with a good enough taste in my mouth to preorder the CE of ME3. Besides, I was this invested in the series, I had to see it end.

    Oh boy. Too put it simply, Mass Effect 3 is lazy. The characters look, move and sound terribly. On the design front, I could take or leave most to f the new outfits and the textures are also hit or miss, but some character's faces look positively simian (Ashley). Margaret Cho bot makes a cameo in the game for whatever reason that is, taking the place of Kelly Wong's established character. From a quick google search, she is actually pretty, but you wouldn't think so from the way she's rendered in game with her ginormous squirrel face and mouth that moves independent from the rest of her features. I heard that a lot of the development was put into voice acting ,which is believable because there are loooots of it, but the volume normalization is really off and on to the point of me wonderig where the money went. Margaret Chobot in particular has a bad habit of leaning away from the mic every now and then. If she were saying anything important I'd doubtlessly be more irritated.

    The game's animations are also sloppy; there are LOTS of poorly thought out loops mixed with awkward general movements. I giggle everytime I knock an enemy down and they break dance windmill flare there way back to their feet, but I can't help being disappointed with the stupid looking running animations.

    Oh, the breakdance comment reminds me of the developers decision to make the spacebar do everything. Sometimes it works! Really! On tuchanka I found myself just holding spacebar and marvelled at how my character ran and jumped over the stuff I wanted to jump over, and slid and rolled everywhere I inted them to. Theeeeeen... there are cases where I'm trying to pick up an item on the ground and my Shepard instead chooses to do kumbi rolls around it for 45 seconds before sliding into cover behind a chest-high wall, not having picked up the item I tried telling them to. Nobody's perfect.

    One thing that really broke my heart though was the fact that all my Saved character faces were imported poorly. I could recreate them, sure, but that's just pathetic. I don't understand why it's like that. If they added more options to the character creation bits, yeah sure, but they didn't. Why couldn't my sheps be imported properly?

    Of course, aside from character continuity, none of these previously mentioned issues were the thing that made me enjoy this series. After all if I want good and fluid combat I'll play Gears of War. If I want great animations I'll play GTA4. I wanted to see what became of these characters that I'm so invested in, of their universe that fascinates me so. I don't want to spoil anything, but God, this is where the ball was dropped. A lot of characters are cameos and after thoughts, like an old friend who stops by to give a quick hello in the middle of a roadtrip. The story has also drowned in nacho cheese to the point that it has simply become predictable when not outrageous and kinda generic where it used to be something special. It almost makes me feel as if Mass Effect 2 was a completely pointless existence. I have a sneaking suspicion that they knew the old players would come back no matter what and they had to focus on roping in new ones.

    The multiplayer's cool though, I guess. If you're into that. I'm not.

    I thought it would be funny if I ended this review on an after thought. Get it?
  39. Mar 9, 2012
    Really disappointed in this game, played both ME1 and ME2...they were great. But this one is just bad, day 1 dlc really badly wrote ending
    overall emptyness of the game..just feels hollow... choices u made previous game make hardly any visible impact in this game. They had good series going on, feels like they just wanted to finish it fast and move to other projects.
  40. Mar 12, 2012
    This game completely destroys the franchise and trust in Bioware with the ending. They took the lazy way out and had an ending with no closure and with none of your previous decisions from the last 5 years and 3 games having any influence at all. The last few minutes of the game make me feel like I wasted my time and energy playing these games.
  41. Mar 16, 2012
    Breaks cannon, massive plot holes, incomplete game. While this is the final chapter in one of my most cherished series, there is very little that remains after a botched ending that can be considered good.
  42. Mar 18, 2012
    Worst ending in the videogame history for the best trilogy in the videogame history. The last 10 minutes of Mass Effect 3 ruins the whole trilogy. I don't even want to play with ME1 or ME2 because of the ending of ME3, this is why I give a 0/10. Without the ending the game would be 10/10 for me.
  43. Mar 9, 2012
    Awful. EA makes me feel like a criminal. Origin is a PoS. DLC is an obnoxious cash grab. Immersion is ruined by broken game mechanics.

    Looking forward to the remake/redux in 15-20 years.
  44. Mar 7, 2012
    Very sad for a once great company.
    Bad dialog
    Using sprites for background characters
    Can't import faces from ME1
    The ending is literally copy/paste from Deus Ex
    Tali's face is a bad photoshop from a models website
    The vast majority of the time there are only 2 dialog options
    The list goes on

    It really is quite pathetic
  45. Mar 7, 2012
    This game is not a surprise at all. The second installment was a real disappointment, but the direction for the third game was clear. Dialog is limited to 2 answers, one is nice, the other is more of the harsh kind. You have to play the boring MP to actually increase your odds collecting fleetstrength, a lot of the dialog is uninspired and boring, the animations are clumsy, the combat is repetetiv and forgettable, and the rest is just an interactive movie with game elements. Its not a good game and not a good sf-movie. It is something in between unable to satisfy even the lowest expectations. To be blunt: ME3 is a weak last installment. The shooter part is not up to par compared to a full fledged shooter, while the the weak rpg-elements are hardly worth mentioning. It's a dumbed down interactive movie with very little gameplay and an unsatisfactory story which ends with a huge letdown. Expand
  46. Mar 17, 2012
    I Can't believe it.... i... i just can't.... I have stood for this game, through the hole launch periode, claiming that the ending would'nt matter to me if the game itself was great... But... but... The ending was seriously bad.. So bad that, It has destroyed the whole franchise for me.

    But the game itself isn't bad, is just the ending..... IT'S HORRIBLE!

    There isnt really anything i can
    say, that everybody allready has put out. I can only say that im a terribly sad Mass Effect fan and it will take time before i get over that piece of sh** ending(s). So 6 score points from me. It would have been 9 or even 10, but yeah.... wtf were you thinking Bioware ;.( Expand
  47. Mar 6, 2012
    This really saddens me. I enjoyed the first Mass Effect greatly, it was one of the top games and one my personal GOTYs. But this is a travesty, it is nothing short of a joke, the punchline written by Hepler. SPOILER : The ending reveals it was all just a grandpa telling his grandson a story. How lazy do you have to be that you have to end a story with "It was all just a story."? I don't even understand how being hired through nepotism has helped Hepler maintain her position as a writer for bioware, this is the third game in a row that they have released with just horrid writing. You can disagree all you want, but why don't you go back and play Baldur's Gate and compare the writing of then to now. Admittely most of the reviews are probably trolls, the positive ones at least. Fans in denial that their perfect company could ever have a flaw, who likely haven't even played the game. The plot makes no sense, they go out of there way to make sure every past action of the player doesn't matter whatsoever, they sexualize characters for no reason and the ones they have no way of sexualizing they completely ignore.
    Picking a heterosexual option is a renegade choice, how? Overall I'm not disappointed, I was disappointed when they ruined Dragon Age. Now I'm just waiting for them to release their ultimate garbage ball which will either kill the company and put it out of it's mercy or get them to reconsider their writing staff a little more carefully.
  48. i59
    Mar 6, 2012
    Along with most other EA franchises, Mass Effect has been utterly raped by idiotic decisions i.e. having to pay to get better endings, not being on Steam etc.
  49. Mar 6, 2012
    I wanted an epic conclusion to the previous two games that brought the full weight of my choices to bear in a glorious ending involving the previously lampshaded themes of entropy. The ending I got instead simply didn't fit, it was a hybrid of the endings from Deus Ex and Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann, and somehow still failed to be compelling.

    The only "positive" aspect of the game that
    they could think of to market being gay romance. As a heterosexual, I don't care about gay romance, and as a gamer I care very little about romance as a sub-plot in the first place.

    Additionally, the visuals and gameplay are both substantially worsened from the previous two games.
  50. Mar 27, 2012
    I feel like the biggest problem with this game was the blatant disregard for the consumer when they put together the story for this final piece. While I didn't think it was the worst ending to a Sci-Fi trilogy (Hello Matrix), I do think there were a few things that they could have done differently. The biggest problems I had with this game though were alot of the things they missed. The lack of side missions, the lack of places to explore, and the fact that Bioware thinks we are all idiots with the issue with the DLC really puts a stain on this otherwise great gaming trilogy. I am glad that they are going back to address the issue of the ending but, with everything else that accompanied this game, the series really took a step back from ME 2, which I still think is one of the best sequels of all time. Bioware really lost touch with their consumers with this game and I do believe that is the EA influence doing the devil's work. The issue with the DLC will forever taint this game, no matter what they do with the ending. Still the ending of this series can be salvaged and the fans can be appeased somewhat with an ending they might like. However, in it's current form and even if the ending somehow changes everyone's mind about this game, this is still the worst game in the Mass Effect series and it's truly disappointing for me to write that. The utter disrespect shown to us players by Bioware with the DLC is the worst thing about this game and that will never go away no matter what they do with the ending. Still, if you've gone this far with the series, I would advise you to give it a chance just to see what you think. Just know that this definitely doesn't live up to the first two games in the slightest. Expand
  51. Apr 15, 2012
    Annoying. Bought this off the back of a lot of favourable reviews. Are there any actual reviewers who arent in bed with ea ? The graphics are fine but the writing and some of the gameplay are truly awful. Worst game in the series but on the upside i learned something
  52. Mar 7, 2012
    Now we all have good reason to buy Used Games again. I'll wait until the price drops to compensate for the DLC. I mean really....A Prothean Member which for some of us long time players is almost a must have and slap in the face at the same time, and Eden Prime return for 10$?!?!? Really!?!?! Really?!?!
  53. Mar 6, 2012
    Enjoyed ME2 immensely, but day 1 dlc kinda killed it for me, I won't be supporting this game because it makes me a bad person. it's simply not good ethics on part of bioware, anything that was developed alongside the game should be available at the day of release. This is just plain bad business ethics. In the end, its Bioware thats laughing all the way to the bank from all the money they made. on a side note, i really did not like being force fed the issue of homosexuality/transexuals. Please Bioware, if you want to be activists that's fine but keep those issues out of games. Unnecessary homosexual dialogues aren't going to make you more edgy, it's just plain unnecessary. lets not revert back to DA2 with Anders. Expand
  54. Mar 6, 2012
    A sparkling meta-game with flawed minigames, but still worth playing. Mass Effect 3 is a stunning tour de force of an epic, arrayed with a cast ranging from legendary writer Jennifer Hepler to reformed misogynist Jim Sterling and such media luminaries as Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun. Its story arcs span intrepid epics from the great script leak of 2011, where the seeds of backlash were first sown. Subsequent chapters as the leak of the art book are also worth playing, where you discover that many of the supposed characters were not who you expected, adding both intrigue and drama into the mix. When the second act ended, and Hepler was stoned by the masses despite not even having a role in the great BioWar, I was rapt with trepidation as Sterling rode to her rescue. The third act proves to be even better, with such missions as the Great DLC Robbery and Space Needs Games. Indeed, ME 3 is a stunning indictment of the electronic gaming industry and the insidious ability for media outlets, backed with hard corporate cash, has morphed it into a culture of conformity. Mass Effect 3 highlights this process, from the beginning at the ashes of the previous game to its non-conclusion, in which we have to purchase for $9.99 on the Origin marketplace. The writing of this meta-game is beyond reproach, though the character design leads some room to be desired. However, this masterpiece has a few flaws. The mini-games are not particularly entertaining. The dating simulator is simplistic and contains much laughable dialogue, though it is understandable given that it is a satire designed to parody sophomoric RPGs of yesteryear. The "Cmmdr. Shepherd" gun and run sections fall prey to numerous glitches, rendering levels unplayable or at least requiring numerous playthroughs. Enemy designs are uninspired and spawn incessantly, a fitting tribute to the Gauntlet games that were such a great influence on Bioware. Much of the dialogue seems hackneyed, but that is understandable since the gonzo mini-games were directly modeled after Tales of Game's Presents Chef Boyardee's Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa, another game series that Bioware drew more than a little inspiration from. The level design is somewhat mediocre, but understandable given how the bulk of the development cycle was spent polishing the other areas of the meta-game, especially the Forums Realm.

    Speaking of which, the Fandom faction (housed in the Forums Realm) throughout this game is simply tremendous. The Biodrone hive's rise and implosion was a chilling morality play fit for these uncertain times, and truly Bioware has conveyed in vibrant imagery what happens when large groups of people act mindlessly. Bioware's avant-garde depictions of "fanservice" present the proverbial fall of an hubristic artist become waylaid by easy money. ME 3 cleverly teaches this moral lesson, which should be remembered by every game designer, by showing the bizarre incestuous relationship between the fandom, engaged in the torid cutscenes known as "shipping", and the company itself. The company, in turn, rewards the fandom by courteously appropriating its creations, as we see vividly displayed in the ending, a beautiful DA artpiece that Bioware exposes to the world. Ultimately, Mass Effect 3 is not truly a game, but a moment. An experience. It transcends media boundaries and challenges our perceptions as to what games are and what they are made of and what they can do. Who are players and who are characters. What is the pH level of the bodily fluids of an alien lifeform. If you enjoy stunning cinematic takedowns, you will love this game.
  55. Mar 6, 2012
    Just finished first run of it. Great game, I really like the new characters and le add some new spice to the game, but I do miss some of the previous characters who are missing. The setting is, as usual, exquisite. It does feel a little bit like the first game, but I can excuse that if it's a good game in general.
  56. Mar 6, 2012
    This has been some ride, since Mass Effect first grabbed my attention. I have played through every bit of the first two games, and loved every minute. Now the final comes, and I feel equal parts excited and sad. Sad that it will have to end, but thrilled to get a chance to play it.

    And it does not disappoint. The emotion - always the strong point of Mass Effect - is brought to another
    level. The characters that I have come to care so much about are even more fleshed out. And the goosebumps at certain points of the game...well, I won't spoil. Just get it. Expand
  57. Mar 6, 2012
    Best game this generation. Don't believe the trolls who bash this game. Mass Effect is this generation's Star Wars. They really shoud delete all these troll acounts giving negative scores :)
  58. Mar 6, 2012
    Shepherd makes some funny faces but not on purpose xD

    The gameplay is OK but the bad facial animations, and well, ALL the animations, make the game unpleasant to look at. You should try it only if you want to view it as a piece of comedy. Me gusta or no me gusta?...I give this game a SITUATIONAL me gusta. Le faces are so funny xDDD
  59. Mar 6, 2012
    Its no secret this game failed expectations for all fans, sadly this is that terrible excuse of a writer
    who wrote M.I.T.H. (wont say her name or nickname to keep band-wagoners off) terrible terrible writing
    as a business owner id fire this employee immediately i want to be successful and dropping a load to make a load of cash is necessary to me, the fact this writer wants to represent
    homosexual is beyond me
    nobody has asked for this, thinking they need any representation in video games is completely asinine and immature, but apart from that making DLC which is very important to the lore and day one which means if you want to know something that should be included in the game already you got to fork over money to see it, think if a movie at the theaters made you pay another ticket just to see deleted scenes and another ending would be outraging this how we feel, bioware drop the poor writers its for your own good i know good writing i frequent 9gag daily. in my opinion remake ME3 and make it good
  60. Mar 6, 2012
    BAD Game! Truly disappointing. Bioware made 2 fantastic games in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 where you controlled Commander Shepard. Horrible ending as well. I am disgusted.
  61. Mar 6, 2012
    Unfortunately this game just does not stand out in any way shape or form and it seems to just be a recycled game design. Multiplayer is fun for an hour or two as well then just kind of gets boring as well.
  62. Mar 6, 2012
    Worst console port ever... horrble controls, stupid story and almost all choices from the previous titles are without consequences. I regret my choice of buying this game.
  63. Mar 6, 2012
    Worst game in Mass Effect 1-3. Why I need to play multiplayer to successfully complete main single-player campaign? Why some characters and pieces of plot are cut from the game that I bought and are selling with additional price? How much we need to pay to get complete game, not piece-by-piece by additional money? Mass Effect is killed by greed.
  64. Mar 6, 2012
    Seriously Bioware? The game by itself doesn't present anything new, innovative or overall - worth your while. It's been made merely for milking down todays completely uncritical masses. If you're dumb - you'll love it and spend cash on it. If you're someone that actually is capable of using your brain - you'll avoid it at all costs for your own good.
  65. Mar 6, 2012
    Hardly any actual gameplay, just cutscene after cutscene after cutscene. For **** sake.
    The cutscenes would have been bearable if they actually were worth the storytelling. But it was just plain awful and cringeworthy to have to sit through. I felt ill irl.
  66. Mar 6, 2012
    I feel cheated. The game reeks of being rushed and incomplete. From the small, tightly bound maps to the unpolished haphazardly placed objects, it seems all the care and attention to detail that made the second game play like a movie (and some would say at the cost of playing like an RPG) have been thrown aside. There's no emotion or connection with the cast and every promise made by bioware over the years of having your decisions *matter* has just been a complete and utter lie as the plot rides roughshod over your own shepard's story to force itself onto you with plotholes the size of the citadel.
    I cannot play another bioware game.
  67. Mar 6, 2012
    EA, those blasted slavedrivers, have successfully raped a once creative and forward-looking studio, and are hoping for people to feast on their miscarried offspring. What's not to hate? And holy flying **** did they buy out ALL the critics?
  68. Mar 6, 2012
    At time of writing a major feature of this game(the ability to carry over your character from a previous game) does not function. The vast majority will play this game to continue the story with THEIR character making it arguably the most important feature in the game. How this made it through QA or was never tested is beyond rational thought. This is tantamount to selling something you cannot deliver. Expand
  69. Mar 6, 2012
    to me the graphics its not that good when i look to naughty dog masterpiece uncharted3 mass effect looks very bad!!! i hate the story its very predictable ..its very disappointed..i preordered it a year ago i thought it gonna be like mass effect 2 but its not..bioware can do better..i think mass effect is the worst of the series. thank you bioware for ruined it lets hope we hear abot dragon age 4 soon . Expand
  70. Mar 6, 2012
    well, i was totally dissapointed by this game. i loved me 1 and me 2 was even better, i had hoped that they would have fixed the problems in both in me3 and finished the story and it all sounded cool, the way that the game was laid out and how it would progress. i got it today and put it in and the first thing that i noticed was they changed everything about the old games. the graphics were realistic in 1 and got more realistic in 2, it looked like a movie. now it looks cartoonish or like an anime. this is probably the worst direction i could think of to go in for me. the first thing i noticed also was the alliance uniforms are different, those things on their shoulders are huge and the little chain thing, it all just screams anime or cartoon to me. i can't stand it. the next thing i noticed was the writing was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy worse than the first two. this is mass effect, its supposed to have excellent writing, like some of the best that you'll find. and i found the intro to be really just, im not sure how to describe it. bad. not on par with mass effect 1 and 2. the dialogue with characters in the game is worse, less detailed, less believeable. the story is just, bad. i mean, it seems like something youd find in some other video games but not mass effect. its not believable. characters just do a 180 from who they were in me2 or 1. they changed a lot of the graphics and the way the game works on missions from me 1 and 2 that didn't need changing. i heard a lot of people left or got fired or something for this game, and, you can definately tell. i heard one of the main writers left or was fired also, and you can definately tell that. at some times you can tell little pieces of the old mass effect series that are good, but mostly its something new and different and just doesn't play well. playing on palavens moon was pretty cool, and the geth ship next to the main battery. overall they just made all of these changes to something that didnt need changing. Expand
  71. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. You can see two sides to this game. First, its a sequel to the Mass effect series, in witch if youre a fan played Mass effect 1 and 2. The second, that this game is trying to be marketed to a wider player market. while that is not the main concern here, it did lead to some design views,
    There is a lot of things to say about this game, some are good, most are bad. Fistly the thing that will put off fans of the series is the side quest structure, its seems that most of them you get from lisening to conversations, with no animated conversations scenes with the player. This makes the side quest just a fetch chores, without giving any emotional meaning to the player. Then theres the "support" task, witch is basicly suport one of the two views of the arguing characters. This is again done without a scene with coversation, you just come over, press space and then give a one liner, witch covinces them. It is impersonal, it doenst give any emotional tension or even feeling like a real choise. What I liked is the reapearance of the older side quest characters of the series. While they feel a bit overused. Almost in every side quest dialogue sene you can meet them, sometimes it works, sometimes its more like: oh its me, you helped me with that thing remember?. This is sometimes more like an anoyance, and i woudnt have mind if there where other new characters.
    The more well crafted characters are worth the time. Some again strike a more personal note, others are just there, and you dont much care for them. A little thing that bugged me was the dialogues of the main characters and squad mates, theyre timing seemed to be off. I really cant explained it but it felt like the actors wherent the with one another or didint get the sense of the scene or the suspence wich woud have created emotional, scared, angry reactions. The pauses between dialoged semed to long, as if it wanted to give dramatic tension, but only felt like the voiceover actors forgot the line. The fell of the citadel and the spaceship (Noramdy) are off. I did like the progresion of Citadel spaces. as the war progresed, they got damaged and more full of refuges and so on. The think that felt off is the design of the areas. They are quite small, combine that with the broken sidequest and you have an area that you go not to explore or get the feel of the game world, but get it get out, nothing more there. The Normandy itself was made in a line of checks. Finish a mission, get a dialogue witch a holovid character, leave to teh war room, go true a conference table witch was used only once, get true a chech of security withc was pointles, and let the personal assisance tell there more mesages. I this you feel boxed in as if these things had to be done that the player woudn miss anything (the expliration hating player forced walk ? ). While the ship is stocked with a new crew theres nothing much to do with these generic npcs. The dialogue isnt rememberable and i didnt care much for them, they are just there. Combat: the shooting mechanics are similar to the Mass effect 2 game. While in the last game the combat was overal a pleasant experience, here we have a cover porblem, enemys feeling very generic after a while, no heavy weapons. The fought enemies also left much to be desired, we get cerberus units (heavys, engineers, a few snipers, ninjas with swords) , and reaper indoctrinated species (human-melee, turian- ranged, canibal-heavy? then assary biotic power user and another heavy charger). We do get to fight some geth in the quarian missions. The main storyline: Mixed feelings about it too. the sotryline seems a lot more linear. You cant really choose what to do first. You go to mars, the turians, then the krogans. This felt a break from the past game freedom experiences, witch to me meant a lot. Parts of it was great, the quarian missions, getting the artifact from the assari home world. Coincidently these too missions are put on the table at the same time, and you coud choose witch to do first witch was a nice free feel to the exploration and getting support. So mostly youll spend youre time helping races, for theyre support in the war and this works for the story. It all goes to hell in the ending. It woud take a seperate article if we where to discus whats wrong with it. A few quick points: The plan doesnt make sense, you dont get any feeling that youre in a larger battle, the radio conversations that the other units have are emotionless, doenst contribute at all. the whole battle culmination is you with 2 other squad memebers just surviving an atack then launching misisles, after that a desperate run to the citadel by the tranportation beam (dont ask). the whole last part is emty of any feeling or emotion, and the bets parts are shown in cinamit moevies, witch you dont feel a part off. Characters ending. Last question: is it worth youre money? 50 euros? NO. You will play it if youre a fan, but it is not worth it...
  72. Mar 7, 2012
    This is one of the most disappointing games I've had the misfortune of looking forward to, and the end of a trilogy I regret falling in love with. The creators of the game have cut almost every corner they possibly could have to push this game out as soon as they could. The A.I group up in a single file line in front of my gun, the enemies will randomly break cover for no discernible reason, when behind cover my camera sometimes starts shacking and falling through the floor, the reduced amount of dialogue choices we get are extremely lacking, interaction with the crew has been reduced, the story is terribly written, much of the lore from the original Mass Effect has been retconned, choices don't change as much as I and many others had hoped for, and all the endings are basically the same with minimal details and colors changed, and no were near as much diversity as you would expect from the ending of a trilogy where choices had initially been used as a selling point. Even the few things they did do better, an example being the much more detailed faces and facial expressions, are wasted by what I assume must be inexperience or lack of care by the developers when used out of context with the situation, or used to so much of an extreme that what little immersion I have is ruined. To add insult to the injury of finding out the game I had been looking forward to for so long had been half assed, they cut out entire parts of the game and attempted to sell them back to me as DLC. This is the last time I make the mistake of putting faith into an Electronic arts or Bioware game, and I would be very concerned about the direction the companies are taking if I was an investor. Screwing over the customer like this will work in the short-term, but the customer base will eventually catch on to the nickle and dimming tactics, and move on to friendlier companies that put out better products. In short, this game deserves a 0 for the price that it is being sold at because of bad developers, greedy publishers, and an overall poor ending to an otherwise great series. Expand
  73. Mar 7, 2012
    Literally the worst game ever made. If you bought this you are the cancer killing the games industry and you should probably kill you are self.
    Also hampurger helper.
  74. Mar 7, 2012
    Why the hell in gamespot showing only critics review first ? and don't show score by gamers? because waiting when all buy EA **** game and then show real score by gamers, don't be fooled by this trick, because its easy to buy critics, with money you can buy almost everything and you think you can't buy some nerd who write review ? the only true score you wil see from Gamers we know if you want good game need to have good reviews these days, the only company who respect now is Valve, i think all DLC for free and free best their games, amazing games like Portal 2 for half normal EA Prices, and THIS ? 60$ for unfinished game ? EA just want your money they don't give a **** about good games and fans, look at the Sims 3 eating money from kids, release half game for 50$ and eating money from rest half game in DLCS who worth 500$ **** **** Expand
  75. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Contains spoilers. Don't open if you want to buy the game. I'm sorry, but I'll be adding to really bad score part of players. To start, I have to say that I'm a 22 year old man and played ME 1,2 and 3 with Female Shepard. This review is written after 5 hours of gametime. Even when the demo was released, I looked at it and said, hey, this is just way too easy. Another thing that pissed me off was when even though I was playing as an infiltrator, I didn't get my sniper rifle!! Why?! It's demoverzion! Yesterday, after I finished ME2 after 14 straight hours of playing - for the knitpickers, the game was nearly over, I was just finishing side missions, the first thing that pissed me off was that ME3 couldn't import my beautiful FemShep face! That was just the beginning. Why, why in the seven hells is she whining about Kaidan? Yep, I dated him in ME1, but than I spent 2 years dead, he behaved like an idiot and the character shouldn't give a damn about him. But no, even though I romanced Garrus - hell yeah, I', the pioneer of the interracial sex - he doesn't give a flying **** that he sees me. And this only goes on an on. They took a lot of time to finish this game, and indeed, they screwed the game and the players both kingly and thoroughly. The Mass effect trilogy for me is ME 1+DLC/ ME2/ME2 DLC. Then Shepard with her crew went to the Reaper' part of the universe and kicked the **** out of Reapers. Too bad than someone didn't do a decent game about it - It would have been amazing. Expand
  76. Mar 7, 2012
    Can you say paid reviews? This game is a massive disappointment. I won't even get started on the ridiculous day-one DLC, but let me say that that alone is a reason to not support this company. When it comes to the actual game though, there is nothing new with this game. The game is dumbed down along the likes of Dragon Age 2, and I can't say that there are any redeeming qualities about it. The dialogue and story is sub par. What happened to the customization that was available in the first Mass Effect? Because I sure don't see it here. It's obvious that they didn't put any effort into any part of this game. They only wanted to milk their cash cow even more. Not worth the buy. Expand
  77. Mar 7, 2012
    1 - Orgin is ....
    2 - The end ... what ?

    Seriously Bioware. You had no other idea ? The development of SWTOR monopolize all your dev teams ? Very good SF series with bad ending.
  78. Mar 7, 2012
    Not having read any of the spoilers that leaked in the days before the release, I was excited to finally complete my Shepard's story only the feel like I've been slapped in the face by BioWare. I think they tried to make this whole game as if they were directing a sci-fi movie...And when I read earlier about BioWare not intending to make post-ending DLC, it only added to my dissapointment...oh well, enough of BioWare is my opinion Expand
  79. Mar 9, 2012
    I had to sign up just to review this game. This was such a huge disappointment. I love Mass Effect and have put countless hours into the first 2 games and I was so excited for Mass Effect 3. I had multiple Shepards ready to go but after the terrible ending I doubt I'll be importing them. I don't even want to replay the first two games anymore. The game was wonderful right up till the end, if it hadn't been for those horrible endings I would have given this game a much higher score. The combat was great, the story up till then was great, the relationship between Shepard and squadmates was great, it was a terrific game. Then the endings ruined it and made you feel like all the choices you made really didn't matter after all. They were bleak and depressing, didn't really even make sense, and left many more questions than answers. And everyone gets to choose from the same three terrible endings no matter what choices you made throughout the three games. It was just depressing. Shepards story deserved a much better ending than this. Expand
  80. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Don't believe the hype. The game is actually somewhere between bad and mediocre. The gameplay works fine except that the Spacebar tried to do to much which is frustrating. Also the game has a ridiculously low field of view (70) which hits the game hard. It can be fixed by editing the ini file with special tools, but not in game. The face import bug is simply unforgivable. If you made your character face in ME1 then you wont be able to import it to ME3. This combined with the removal of the dialogue wheel makes it feel like I'm not playing my Shepard, but theirs. This is one of the severe problems with this series. This isn't my Shep. I'm playing a character that i simply cant attach to. The main character (Shep) is annoying here, which is highly problematic. Also, a character named Kai Leng is so ridiculous. Thats the problem here, many of the characters are badly done compared to the previous installments. Even the Illusive Man lost all his charm and is now nothing more than an indoctrinated fool. Very, very unsatisfying. Also the story is an entire big plot hole. The more I deconstruct it the less it makes sense. Im not going to do it here, but the main story actually conflicts directly with ME1 and ME2 rendering much what we learned there useless. Also the endings are very unsatisfying just so sloppy. They aren't explained and renders all our choises in the previous game useless. All in all, i had 5 Shepards waiting for import into ME3. I played it with one of them, and its highly unlikely that i will play the game again with another Shep. Its because the lack of dialouge-wheel and the detached endings make it unnecessary to play it again. It's just the same bad/mediocre experience again. The differences between Renegade and Paragon Sheps from ME1/ME2 doesn't impact the ME3 story much. Its basically very few details that change that are barely noticeable. Of course some changes occur in ME3 depending in how you choose in this game... But rather than playing it again, i just Youtube the alternatives. Dont buy into the hype. This game isn't good. Expand
  81. Mar 10, 2012
    March 6 is a great day because i got ME3, March 7 is a terrible day because i finished the game. Let's put Tali's picture aside for a while, the ending is already ruin the entire series. ME series are famous for let players choose their own story. Same thing happened in ME3, the only difference is in ME3 all ur choices and decisions doesn't count. Here is my logic, if u choose to let players have choice, u'd better respect our choices. Otherwise how great the opening and mainline is, how bad the ending is and how disappointed i am. Expand
  82. Mar 12, 2012
    I really love all the games (ME1+2+3) and spend lots of time for perfect savegames, but the ending of ME3 is the worst ending i ever saw in a computer game! It ruins the story of the whole trilogy! I was planning to get myself a N7 tattoo (not only because i like ME, but also because i'm playing computer games since 1990) ... but the ending of part 3 destroyed that idea... what have you done, bioware? Expand
  83. Mar 16, 2012
    This game is a slap in the face to Mass Effect fans and rpg gamers alike. This game is so bad not only does it make for a horrible game, it completely derails the entire franchise with its massive failure during the climax and massive plot craters with extremely weak writing. The intense talent of Drew Karpyshyn and the masterful writing he penned in gone and now dudebro one liners and weak dialogue and plot abound. Choices mean nothing, the loot system is weak and insulting, there is no inventory....this game is a complete mess. Do not buy, avoid this game at all costs Expand
  84. Mar 13, 2012
    One of the worst endings I've ever seen. To think that a masterpiece like the first Mass Effect has become this pile of excrement, it's heartbreaking.
  85. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i've had some time to reflect and punch a few holes in the wall to get my frustration out and i think i'm ready to put into words how i feel 24 hours after the "good" ending in mass effect 3

    to start, my RI was Tali. once i killed the reaper on ranoch i opted to upload the reaper code to the geth via legion. despite tali not wanting me to, i felt this was the best course of action for her, her people, the galaxy, and even the geth. i was able to talk the fleet out of counter attacking the geth while the code was being uploaded and tali still loves me. whew. this got me thinking however, what if my paragon was too low and the quarians did attack the geth. what would happen? i pulled up youtube to find out.

    this was the most moving and emotional punch in the gut i've ever seen in a video game. assuming this had happened in my playthrough, i'd have been devastated. moments earlier tali told me she loved me and i have just wiped out her entire people. heartbroken, she jumps over the edge. thought i was going to cry.

    where the hell was this level of emotion and effort in the ****ing end game bioware? as far as voice acting/ performance go, the quarians being wiped out and tali dying was so difficult to watch, yet so well done, i was completely blown away. that level of devastation and pain should've been put into the endgame and i don't know if i can ever forgive bioware for it. they took maybe the greatest game ever made, at least for me, and complelty half assed the last 5 minutes.

    now, i'll be clear, i wanted a happy ending, but if that's not how it was going to be then fine. i'll get over it. but to do it the way that they did, i, just, uuuuughhh. ......
  86. Mar 10, 2012
    BW should really stop faking their quality with marketing. This is a bad game.
    They lost their writing. Since they are not good at gameplay or graphics, game is horrible.
    Ending is worst ending I have ever seen. It was very piontless. Mass Effect is not about synthetics vs. organics like Matrix.
    It's about struggle of galactic society and beauty of the people or their action within it.

    Only good thing I saw was naked Liara. That was truly beautiful. Other than that, this game was completely waste of money and time.
    BW is dead. I will never buy game from this company.
  87. Mar 26, 2012
    Well, I enjoyed the first two games, dunno why this one felt so cheesy and horrible right off the bat to me. Veryconsoley feeling.
    I always found the series a little cheesy, stiff, and b-movie grade, but this one, I couldn't even stomach for more than an hour.
    So there's my uninformative text to allow me to give it a lousy score of one.
  88. Mar 9, 2012
    Gameplay is enjoyable. Plenty of stuff to do. The real problem is the weak and contrived writing. For an RPG, where it's all about the story, it fails miserably on all accounts. All decisions you've made up to your last decision in the game makes virtually no difference, as they slap on the old Hamlet deus ex machina device that completely overwrites everything.
  89. Mar 27, 2012
    A series with great potential ruined by a terrible ending that makes you wonder how was it approved to be in a game. It truly baffles me why the writers gave us this ending which is full of plot holes and has no closure whatsoever. It also offers no choice other than choosing the colour of the big explosion in the end, even though the developers promised before the game's release that the game would offer many different and distinct endings. It's truly a shame to see a great company like bioware become nothing but liars and incompetent of creating a decent video game in years. Dragon Age 2, Star Wars The Old Republic and now Mass Effect 3. It's sad to say but the old good bioware is dead, gone forever. Expand
  90. Mar 6, 2012
    I sure hope nobody reads user reviews anymore, These are just sad. That said, Apparently im some sort of freak, i played an loved the first game, thought the second was lacking, but this is by far my favorite in the series. But hell maybe its best if everyone flames the hell out of the game, i mean everything the "real" fans asked for in me2 is there, its improved in every way, and a damn good game, so well you think your accomplishing something by rating one of the best games to come out in the last few years a 0/10, ill give it this nice 10/10. because its shiny and what not. The Internet never ceases to amaze me, then again, Im sure we would have a hell of a lot more positive reviews without the legions of haters banning together here, and you know, everyone else wasn't too sucked in to the game to come give it a meaningless review. Speaking of that, Im off to play a damn good game. Expand
  91. Mar 6, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the latest installment of Bioware
  92. Mar 6, 2012
    It was kind of ok, I expected way more from the graphics and the "rpg" elements werent as satisfying as i hoped them to be. All in all Im glad i could finish that story, but that ending was a huge leddown too.Im going to send this back to amazon
  93. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware killed our beloved sci-fi rpg with the help of EA. I could pay for this game even if they make it pure action based. But with this level of retardness level of story and storytelling, it really upsets me as a Mass Effect fan. From now on I decided not to pay for any Bioware game.
  94. Mar 6, 2012
    So far this game has hit every mark at least on the PC side. The multi-player is surprising good and I like how they worked it in to the story without making it mandatory. Combat is much better. And the game pays real respect to the first two. About the only thing I really would like to have seen is for Bioware to open this up the modders.

    I see all these Zero review scores and I'm
    thinking a Zero? Get real.
    Compared to WHAT?
  95. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is good, very good and yet... that ending, oh yes I do mean one ending, they are all the same sadly. [Its a made up story from a man to his son/grandson.] Though you also get to chose one of three endings at the very end that completely invalidates the other two games within the series and is very insulting. It is in essence a Deus Ex Machina moment, and I kid you not it is literally a God Child that created the reapers that shows up at the end and gives you one of three choices, your galactic readiness, your war supplies, and weather you were paragon or renegade means nothing, absolutely nothing to the story. Though if your readiness and supplies are high people survive which is confusing since I thought it would have an impact on the actual fight but it doesn't at all. Ah if you want to play Mass Effect 3, by all means knock yourself out, just stop before you play the final mission if you want to have a great game experience, otherwise play Mass Effect 1 and 2 which are far superior games. Expand
  96. Mar 9, 2012
    This is very sad... Better go with Deus Ex: HR, Skyrim or the witcher 2 - A great franchise ruined by greed and ignorance to the buyers. I'm very dissapointed :-/ I hate you EA/BW!!! ME1>ME2>ME3 :-( I have no desire to support companies that don't want my support.
  97. Mar 9, 2012
    Don't get me wrong, this game is playable and I'm sure if you had no standards or simply didn't care you could pick up this game and have a midly enjoyable experience. BUT the atrocities EA and Bioware committed mean I cannot give this game a decent rating with a good conscience. So what is so bad about this game? Let me tell you:
    1. Day 1 DLC: Whether it was EA or Bioware (Biowhore, if
    you will) that decided to take this course I don't know, but releasing DLC on the day of release, particularly DLC which is important to the plot, at 1/6 the price of the game itself is unforgivable in of itself. It seems they are laughing in our face as we shell out money for something that should have been on the disc, available to everyone. It is obvious that it was done simply to milk as much money out of the fans as possible.
    2. Casualisation: The game was geared towards Call of Duty players in order to cash in on the series' success, while abandoning the loyal fanbase. Not much else to say here.
    3. Shoddy Writing: Many uninformed people think that the attacks on the Bioware employee Jennifer Hepler was simply a display of hate for the sake of hate. While they certainly did go overboard, it wasn't without good reason. She was the physical manifestation of the quality of writing coming from Bioware. Examples: Dialogue is awkward, the ending is notoriously bad, after seeing so many people die and killing so many himself, Sephard is emotianally effected by the death of a random kid above all. Overall you would expect something better from a Naruto fanfiction. 4. Laziness of Bioware: For a big budget, triple A game you would expect a certain level of effort from the developers. Bioware, however seemed to have taken shortcuts left, right and centre. There are images circulating the internet which demonstrate this quite well. For example, Copying a stock image for the portrait of a character who dies in the game, and copying another 7? year old image lying around in the internet for the ending.
    5. Ininspired Multiplayer: Another cash-in, Wave survival modes have been done to death, nowadays every game seems to have one. It seems this was added in to artificially extend the life of the game and make an excuse for future half-assed DLC releases.
    6. Gay Sex: people reading this may call 'Hurr durr homophobe" - but wait to read my reasoning. Homosexuality IS a sin. Being implemented in such as fashion acts to 'casualise' it, pressing on the impressionable 13 year old minds (whose uninformed mothers will be buying this game) that it is fine and acceptable. I do not hate **** I care about them, just as I do any other person. For this reason I oppose it.
    Even if this is an attempt to cash-in with the gay audience rather than a political agenda, it gets in the way of the average straight player and does not belong. I do not want to have gay passes made to me by my squadmates when I'm playing a game.
    7. Reviewers are sellouts: This goes for every major game release nowadays, but is absolutely appalling. While I'm not implying that EA is necessarily directly paying reviewers to give the game good reviews (not that I'd put it past them) there is certainly a feel that if you don't give it a good review the publisher early access to future releases. I have heard of cases where people have lost their job because they wrote how the felt rather than what they were told to write. This is why I'm writing this review in fact - to help get a bit of truth out.
    Instead of a proper, objective review we are fed tripe with 10/10 would play again bs.

    Due to all these aformentioned problems with Mass Effect 3, I cannot take it seriously, thus it receives a score of 0/10. The only reason it has earned a 1 from me is because the Biodrone tears are absolutely delicious.
    Have a good day sirs.
  98. Mar 9, 2012
    Great, amazing game until the last 5 minutes. People are not exaggerating this one bit. Those last 5 minutes not only hurt the replay value of this particular game, but also the two installments that came before it. Without some serious reparation DLC I cannot recommend this game to a serious Mass Effect fan that has spent time perfecting "their Shepard." Not in its current state.

    On the
    hand, if Mass Effect is something you've only had a passing interest in over the years but never really dove into it then the endings won't effect you so adversely. In that regard I can't recommend it enough. Expand
  99. Mar 10, 2012
    Finished the single player campaign last night and also played the multi-player for several hours.

    Problems I had with the game:
    The time skip is confusing, even to people who played ME1 & 2. Seems like a lot of plot development off-screen that is never explained, like why does everyone hate Shepard at the beginning of the game? Has no real impact in the ME3 story arc but alienates and
    confuses players who, like me, played ME1 and 2, or just picked up ME3 to start with. For example, I wasn't aware there *was* a time skip until I was told by a character and that Shepard had "done stuff" to warrant his status on Earth at the beginning of the game. Even when you are told that its been 3 years you're like, "Okay...3 years from what?" I basically had to do research to even know that this was a time skip and not something entirely different. When your audience has to do external research to understand a major plot point, its a problem.

    Some of the decisions you make in the game have real consequences, such as letting a villain go or deciding to donate resources. One kind of these decisions are actions in conversations which are indicated by mouse clicks. This adds depth to the interactive story, but some of the choices are poorly worded, such as being nice to a specific character or a stern tone to another, and suddenly your character enters a romantic relationship... Or you just killed a side character and the verbal clue was a vague and minor disagreement... Other times these decisions require split second reactions. This is fine, but since the last time you made a decision without deciphering its intent for 5 minutes killed a person, these "gut reactions" actually take away from the story more often than not. Basically you're afraid to react quickly because of consequences in other conversations and can't use the system as intended. However I place blame on vague writing and lack of context for your character's decisions.

    The combat is decent, it has enough depth to satisfy most people and allows for wacky builds like a "powers only" character. Multi-player is okay but the only available mode is co-op survival, I was surprised that player versus player modes don't exist considering that the Gears of War franchise has shown 3rd person shooters can do so successfully for years. A little disappointing.

    Most of the talk has been about the endings for the game. I tend to agree with what appears to be the consensus that the endings are disappointing and frustrating. Considering that an RPG, even an action RPG, is defined by its story, Mass Effect 3's ending does not deliver.

    The game boils down to three main endings and two extra endings. The extra endings are one where everyone loses and one where Shepard chose to kill the Reapers but possibly survived. The main endings are one where Shepard kills the Reapers and dies, one where Shepard controls the Reapers but dies, and one where Shepard sacrifices himself to make everybody half-organic half-machine.

    He is told these choices by a hologram, who, very poorly, explains why the Reapers have been committing genocides. In fact, the hologram seems ignorant of multiple events WITHIN THE GAME that contradict his logic and states assertions on the future without any justification. The worst part is that Shepard ACCEPTS THIS. In a game about INTERACTING with the story and causing MEANINGFUL changes to the plot because of it, the player cannot argue with the childish logic spouting from the hologram and has to make one of the holograms choices. All of the choices are deus ex machina, not to mention the plot hook itself to begin with, and the fact that the hologram is the Reaper's God... The ending almost appears to be the same quality as most fan-fiction, unintelligible, self-serving, and amateurish at best. I find it hard to believe that the same studio that released Planescape: Torment or the Baldur's Gate series could fudge an ending so badly, but then again I have heard unflattering remarks about the Dragon Age sequel from last year.

    Conclusion: If you enjoy third person shooters with rpg elements but no story, its great. Otherwise, Mass Effect 3 suffers from a story that is an insult to intellectual thought. The main offenders are the plot holes, vague choices, caricatured personalities, and the awful ending.

    In any other genre I would still rate this a 6/10, but since storytelling and character development is what defines every role playing game, then I cannot give that score. Since the gameplay deserves a score of 6 and the story deserves a 0, Mass Effect 3 earns a dismal 3/10.
  100. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a travesty. The fact that it is mostly an excellent game isn't the point, and indeed makes what Bioware has done with the title even worse. Bioware has said that gamers new to the series can enter in with this game and be satisfied, and perhaps that is true. Having never played ME1 and ME2 and made decisions which felt extremely important at the time and been assured that those decisions would have lasting consequences, they would probably not feel the extreme sense of betrayal which many gamers (myself included) felt at the end of the trilogy. While technically it is a solid Action/RPG, perhaps even more so than the other games in the series, my dismal review reflects the fact that ME3 has lost its soul: it throws away the story-telling legacy of ME1 and to a lesser extent ME2, with a ridiculous Space Magic ending which should be a source of shame for whomever concocted it. Nothing the gamer has chosen appears to manner significantly when it comes to the actual outcome of the game, and the ominous and Chthonic Reapers appear to be a somewhat paradoxical cosmic joke. I am sure it will make a lot of money and as such validate the choices Bioware/EA have made, which is unfortunate for gamers everywhere. The Mass Effect trilogy began well and promised to be a truly unique experience, a science fiction universe for our generation, however it just ended up being about the money in the end. Unfortunate, but unsurprising, and perhaps that is the greatest let down of all. Expand
  101. Mar 8, 2012
    The gameplay is great and all, and the story is as good and ever, but BioWare/EA made a huge mistake in essentially FORCING the player to play a ton of the multiplayer to get a halfway decent ending for the single-player. Bioware claims that the game can be beat without playing the multiplayer, but that's mostly lip service; you CAN beat the game without the MP, but you're going to get a terrible ending if you didn't go and do EVERYTHING possible in the SP, and even if you do, you can't get better than a subpar ending. That's a really, really bad design decision - especially considering how bad the MP is. It doesn't encourage teamwork, it encourages leaving your teammates to die so you can take all the kills and you don't have to fight for cover or deal with them drawing fire to your location when you're trying to be sneaky. Collapse

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.