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  1. Jun 4, 2012
    People really need to stop bashing this game. Though the ending is rather bad, the rest of the game is fantastic. The story telling, the gameplay, the writing, its all fantastic. My only complaint to the game, besides the ending, is the lack of content in the multiplayer. Otherwise, this game is a must buy.
  2. Jun 5, 2012
    Very dissapointing ending but.... This game is just pure awesomeness. Way better than me2, and as good as me1. Me3 would be perfect if not the ending...
  3. Jun 8, 2012
    There is nothing wrong with creative freedom, as long as you don't get "creative" when you describe a product. After all false statements in advertisements used to deceive the customers and generate more sales isn't considered artistic integrity, it is called fraud. Bioware spent months to explain that in Mass Effect 3 our choices will shape the world, and as they don't plan to continue the story, we can get very different endings. The world can be very very different based on our choices. In the end, our choices didn't matter.

    Lack of choice and strange ending alone wouldn't be a problem. After all we know stories of games can't be perfect and the last 3 minutes aren't that important. We are free to imagine any different ending as the story won't continue. Who cares? And the game was fun until that point. The problem is: The game was a let down, because Bioware lied to us, deceived us. And after a huge let down, players can be disappointed and it can turn the gameplay experience sour and can remove any replay value. This feeling isn't here for 5 minutes at end, it is here the whole time we try to replay the game, would try our luck in multiplayer, etc. As long as EA doesn't understand that we buy games because we want to have fun, and being angry at a publisher and feeling anger whenever you see an EA game can ruin the fun. If you ignore what Bioware has promised, buy the game now, it won't be a disappointment. But otherwise even good graphics, entertianing gameplay, etc. wouldn't redeem the issue about ending and forced multiplayer farming. So the game doesn't deserve a "Better than mixed" rating. Because even if I would love graphics, character customization, gameplay, story, etc. the let down at the end can sour it all.
  4. Jun 11, 2012
    This game is a very good game, don't get me wrong. I'm not giving this a 7 out of 10 because of the ending, because I actually liked the ending (but that's because I believe in the Indoctrination theory; if you don't know what the Indoctrination theory is, it's a very plausible theory for the ending of the game), and I enjoyed everything else. The reason why is I'm giving this a 7 is because Mass Effect 3 didn't grip me like the others. It didn't suck me into this mass expansive world like Mass Effect 1 did, which I loved. This universe is well put together and I enjoy a good story. Like I've said before, Mass Effect 3 is a extremely well-made game, with enjoyable multiplayer and other elements that make it combine together. It just didn't grip me like the first and second. So I give this a 7 out of 10. Expand
  5. Jun 12, 2012
    IT WASN'T THAT BAD. The majority of the game is excellent, with certain character deaths really adding to the overall experience of the series (two in particular). The combat is exciting and fluid, the dialogue well written and well voice acted, and some of the choices are deep, and philosophically challenging. Yes, the ending wasn't what we expected, and I'm as annoyed as everyone else, but we can't let 10 minutes ruin a trilogy which we have passed countless well-spent hours playing! Expand
  6. Jun 13, 2012
    it' really cool games, however i agree that some faults are there, but not considerable too much.
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  7. Jun 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Brilliant game.
    I honestly can't really see why people are complaining so much. I've managed to get 45 hours of play out of this game, and I've not even played the multiplayer yet.
    The story is fantastic, the decisions you make DO affect the game and story.
    But yes, the ending was a little lacking, but what did everyone expect? A 20 minute film? It's a game, people. You play games... for the game. Not the cinematics. If you wanted a cinematic, go to the cinema or play Final Fantasy. Oh wait. You slated that for being too cinematic. Make up your minds already.

    Honestly, I didn't find these plot holes everyone's been banging on about. The biggest one they talk about is "how come the Normandy and crew got out of there alive!? D:" But it's kind of obvious. They did what they do on every mission in the entire game so far - escape just before everything goes kaboom.
    The crew's just seen Shepard blown to smithereens in a giant death ray. Personally, I'd be running the heck out of there too.
    And when a ginormous space station is about to blow up, Joker does exactly what Shepard told him to do - run the heck out of there instead of trying to go down with the ship.
    So plot hole? Not really. It's just people expecting to have everything spoon-fed to them.

    Now on to the "multi-player affects single player" gripe. Personally, I think it's a good thing if multiplayer affects the ending. Otherwise you completely separate the game in multiplayer and single player.

    Next, the "Deus Ex Machina" problem people mention, it's not there. Right from the first game they established that the Citadel summoned the Reapers. Which part of that don't people get?
    And then the "but if the justification is to stop the robots rising up... why're the Reapers robots!? D:" well... because they're machines without AI. Seeing as the Geth missions were all compulsory, and explained this plot point, and went through it several times over saying "but what if they rise up and destroy us!?" I'd've hoped people who played the game and didn't just read someone's ill-informed rant would have noticed that that's what the Citadel was trying to stop. And that the Reapers were 1. Organic / synthetics like Shepard, 2. Under the control of the Citadel, and 3. Didn't have an AI to rise up against the Citadel.
    People are also complaining about the day-one DLC that explains "major plot points". For the record - I've played it. Twice. And it doesn't. The character in it essentially says "I'm a soldier, not a scientist. What did you expect me to know? Moron." Everything else in it is already covered elsewhere in the game.

    But anyhow. The game has a few problems in it. The mission tracker thing doesn't update which can be really annoying, and the pre-rendered cinematics are of low quality. On the other hand, there are hundreds of side-quests, each with their own micro-story. At the end it would have been nice to have a quick montage of how the final choice affected the galaxy, but otherwise - no need for all the negative reviews. Yes, it's disappointing that there are only really three ways the game can end, and none of them have distinct cinematics at the end, but I played this game for the story and the game play. Not the cinematics.
    The end's half-baked, but does that really warrant 2,000 negative reviews that say "I loved the game. Until the end. Have a 0 Bioware. The game was worse than any I've ever played".

    Oh, and the graphics were great. I played ME2 and ME3 back-to-back. There was an improvement. If they weren't good enough for you, buy a proper graphics card and put it on full.
  8. Jun 14, 2012
    How bring any positive opinion about Mass Effect III if we confront the two episodes already out ?
    The first episode is a monument, the second is nice continuation in spite of the game is made of a largest public support.
    the 3th is not a full game, there is no consistent ending, RPG components are missing and the game resume itself being an insipid 3rd person shooter.
    How pretend to
    close like that a mythic triology, it's a real fail. Profit is the leitmotiv. Expand
  9. Jun 21, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 was the worst game in the series. While Multiplayer was a nice addition, i think that the singleplayer suffered a lot. Most time there are only two choices (the middle option is missing, except in some parts), the journal system got worse from me2 to 3 (how can that happen?), no vehicle exploration or little mini games and to much Auto-Dialog (Story- and RPG-Mode). Now lets go to the multiplayer. The matchmaking is the worst I have ever seen and the anti-cheating system is overly sensitive (Everyone can report someone and he gets banned even he didnt do anything. Happend to me 2 times already. Had to report these mistakes and got to play multiplayer again). The good Aspects of the Game are that the dialog with your squadmates are unique and funny. You could have though BioWare looked directly into the souls of the fans. Some Missions were so unique and awesome (Tuchanka for example) that it could have redeemed BioWare for all those bad aspects. But the one thing that is the worst piece of yeah i think you know what i mean are these super intelligence-insulting endings. With that ending and the bad aspect of the game bioware not only ruined its reputation but lost a lot of (good) fans. I'd rate this game minus (over)9000 but because of some awesome moments i rate it with good will a 2 out of 10. BioWare please take these critism to heart and change while you still can! I still have faith in you. Expand
  10. Jun 23, 2012
    The main problem with mass effect three compared to the last two is that all these decisions, all those player deaths, all those events and consequences that you have caused to happen in the lead up to this game, most of them seem to have very little final impact on the finale (which was rubbish btw). some plot lines just plain dont make sense (The reapers, a killing race of machines, were sent to destroy us because in the future we would create a race of machines that would end mankind. um wtf?!?!) the build up to the last few battles was nigh on brilliant, all the characthers you fall in love (or hate) with have their fitting stories and some fitting conclusions, but then the final battles and final outcome takes all of those stories, completely discards and disregards them and gives you a supposedly "artistic" end sequence. again i call bs, its a cop out, its like the script writers went on strike for the last month of development so they called in a college psych student to finish it off. I wasnt angry the night i finished it, but sleeping on it i woke up really p-off.

    the combat is improved from number two, and the multiplayer is a nice touch if lacking any real depth, i would say it feels like an experiment rather than a key part of the game. You will find yourself in some explosive chaotic moments that hold you on the edge of your seat, which is great, but the final pay off is just a big nothing, could be the worst ending to a game since metal gear solid 2. In conclusion, its a great end to the series BUT it sacrifices great rpg elements for third person shooting elements that gears of war did better. To add insult to injury bioware is now making dlc to change the ending. So... is that an admittance of failure on your part Bioware? cheers bro
  11. Jun 25, 2012
    So, I share the same gripe that everyone else has with ME3: it only has 3 endings. And by 3 endings I mean 1 ending with 3 different color overlays. Red, green and blue. Now the 1 ending is fine, but I was expecting no less than 6 distinct endings and frankly I was hoping for more like 9 or 12 given all the hype over how our choices would impact the end. But no, all those choices culminate in 1 ending with 3 color overlays...

    That said, ME3 is a great game. Graphics are great, story is great, the soundtrack is excellent. It has in depth character development and ties up all the loose ends. You will meet all the (surviving) characters from the first two episodes and help them out at least one more time. It will make you smile, laugh and cry... or at least look really solemn. The game does NOT deserve a score less than 5 from anyone. It is a shining example of the kind of games the industry should be producing and deserves your vote and purchase. How the user score on this is lower than the likes of Alan Wake or Duke Nukem Forever is beyond me. But yeah, I have to dock it some points for having no visually distinct endings.
  12. Jul 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just finished playing ME3 with all the available DLC's including the extended far I played through the "Refusing to choice", Synthesis" and "Destruction" options. The first two while bitter sweet, were rather good. Where as the destruction option, just left me feeling frustrated. Due to where it shows Shepard suddenly taking a breath as though having been out cold. But then the credits begin rolling.

    It just made it seem like more of a teaser to see Shepard's suddenly breath in and then nothing else. I can understand Bioware wanting to leave it up to the gamers imagination...but that teaser, is like torture.

    I just wanted to mention that. But again the other two ending options I played through, those were rather good and while I don't know what the original shorter endings were like, I did appreciate the extended cut version. I just would have liked to have more certainty of Shepard's fate after that breath.

    Heck I really would have enjoyed seeing an option where Shepard rejoins his friends upon the Normandy. But what can be told, aside from just appreciating the fact that at least his friends survived and the she/he got to breath again.

    At any rate, the game overall was amazing...and perhaps I feel that way because I waited until the extended cut DLC became available.
  13. Jul 8, 2012
    After looking at all the red scores this game has received I have been compelled to speak out. I don't think most users have given this game a fair go. It has received this negative criticism for many reasons. Some of the criticism is fair, but most of it is drivel written by petulant children that didn't get their cookie.

    Firstly there had been unrealistic expectations placed upon
    it. It is the third of an epic trilogy. Not only did it have three times the attention that an original release would have done, but it also carried with it two games worth of changeable back-story that needed working into the plot. That is a serious amount of baggage for any development team to work with. Pleasing everyone was never going to happen if the game was ever going to be released. I am amazed however how smoothly the game plays out having played through it now with three different save game imports. Bioware have done a superlative job in simply getting a coherent story out of two games worth (70 hours worth) of loose threads, and should be commended for their efforts.

    Secondly plot has developed in line with the popular hero trend. If you want your hero
  14. Jul 9, 2012
    Played the whole series. Loved it. I played through Mass Effect 3 one time, using the extended cut, so I did not get traumatized, it seems. Combat is fun, writing is top-notch. My only complaints: too short, too linear, not enough replay value (also, that Asian villain was REALLY cheesy. REALLY). I forgive it all because I like the Mass Effect universe, and I like Liara too much. I wish it was designed in a way that I could keep playing. Expand
  15. Jul 9, 2012
    I' ve played all 3 mass effect games, I believe the first one had the best scenario, the second was also interesting and improved as far as game play is concerned. The third installment left me with mixed emotions, I enjoyed the gameplay which is much more realistic and fun, you have more freedom on the battlefield and a larger variety of moves and enemies. The quest system where you search for Assets on planets is similar to the one M.E. 2 had, I think it is a quite boring, I would prefer to search for Assets with the Mako like in M.E. 1., but I guess that is subjective because others believe you could easily get lost with the Mako in M.E.1 resulting in frustration. Anyway, the weakest element in M.E. 3 is, in my opinion, its scenario and particularly the ending. I do not wish to write in detail about it, somethings are better left for others to judge on their own. However I must point out that it seemed sloppy and hasty, almost like fast food, quickly rushed off the grill and on a plate. I played the normal edition and the extended cut, which was slightly improved but still it just went from hot-dog to burger. I strongly believe EA rushed Bio-ware to launch the game in order to start generating income and unfortunately the end depicted that. I remember some years ago I played and finished Star Wars:Knights of the old Republic, also by Bioware, a great game by my standards mainly for the scenario. But.... KOTOR2 was a different story... published by Lucas Arts and developed by Obsidian because Bioware refused to succumb to the pressure of an early release, anyway that's not the point, the important thing is that when I finished KOTOR2 I realized I didn't understand anything, not just the ending..... So I' ve seen worse cases than M.E. 3, but unfortunately I've also seen better work from Bioware. If only they delayed one more month the game release, M.E. 3 would have had a different, more solid ending I believe, besides, it took them one month to release the extended cut dlc, and it probably cost them more, perhaps not financially, but ethicly and in terms of brand name, I don't think many people will pre order Bioware games from now on.......when glass breaks, it can't be glued, same goes for trust. Expand
  16. Jul 10, 2012
    I'll be going over various aspects of Mass Effect 3. However, for people trolling this game on Metacritic for the ending, this is not the place to cry. Don't give the game a bad rating because you ended up with the worst ending. Moving on to the graphics:
    Graphics: DirectX 9, runs very smoothly on most GPUs. An improvement from Mass Effect 2, but it cannot match the new DX11 games
    Story: I was very disappointed in the story. It was just "Okay". The storyline got boring after the second time playing it. It was also very short compared to Mass Effect 2's.
    Combat: Combat was improved dramatically from Mass Effect 2. Multiplayer: This topic is a hot one. In my opinion, i enjoy Multiplayer. It can entertain me for hours. Characters: There are very few characters from Mass Effect 1 & 2, and very few new characters that are introduced. This should give you an idea on how quick the campaign goes.
    Anamation Effects: By this, i mean "Character Animations". These improved a little from Mass Effect 2, but not by much.
    Issues I Found: The big difference between Mass Effect 2 & 3 is the combat. ME2 was about the 'Story', while ME3 focuses on 'Combat'. ME3's story get shortened compared to ME2, but it compensates by indroducing Multiplayer. I think Mass Effect is turning more into a Halo-like game. In the next Mass Effect, i'd like to see a deeper story that was more like ME2, however, i'd also like to keep the combat from ME3. I want to see a Co-op option and the MP taken out. I'm also hoping for DX11 graphics. Overall, the game gets an 86. It's a great game to snag 'On Sale'.
  17. Jul 11, 2012
    first time i play mass effect 3 i hate the ending but now when bio ware decide to released extended ending DLC i love it again now i will play from part 1 again to write my own story
  18. Jul 12, 2012
    I purchased ME1&ME2; but, while I like the game play of ME3 I am protesting it, by not buying it. They got rid of the original story writer, they crapped on the graphics, ruined the game ending and put homosexuals on my ship. Gamers are not defined by gay ideologies or self-righteous straights, for crying out! we are just gamers. Fun games should not be used as devise where staff writers bow to the political right or left. So, with these three negatives I will not buy this game. If the graphics and the game ending were really amazing, I would still not buy it - unless - the ME3 configuration utility allowed me to decide/change the gay/straight themes for my personal game preferences. It is when game developers force you to play their way instead of allowing the gamer to make their own personal choice, then I say **** you Bioware and EA, I will start downloading free games from torrent sites from now on, until you stop nailing gamers up the ass with your nickel and dime DLC and politicking ideology crap. Please stop doing this to gamers. Expand
  19. Jul 13, 2012
    As an honest gamer, I will keep this short and sweet: Mass Effect 3 was an exciting start to the "beginning of the end" for the series. While a lot of problems originated mostly from the ending and a few problems upon launch, the game itself is a remarkable experience. It does what it set out to do: And that was entertain as a cover-based, third-person RPG-shooter. While I disagree with some of the choices made to the story, the game itself was the ending players wanted to Shepards story. And with the multiplayer experience shaping up to be an unforgettable experience (albeit some of the weapons are being fiddled with for no reason) as more and more content is being released free of charge. And to top it off, the Extended Cut is free DLC, allowing everyone to choose which endings they liked best. All in all, I'd say Mass Effect 3 earned it's place in history. Expand
  20. Jul 19, 2012
    After all that build up of epic choices with people dying and the Illusive Man fighting with Shepard and Anderson and then.... no end boss.... empty promises broken.... Was this really what you wanted to do with one of the best franchises of all time? Is this really your ending to Mass Effect Bioware? And with this "extended cut" dlc is just more **** taped onto the ending... With that said... It was an amazing game all the way up to the ending with Casper and his stupid "choices." Oh how the mighty have fallen in this game. I just hope they do something to make it different change the ending maybe? Probably not but i had such high hopes for Bioware to show us the ending of Shepard's story and how he destroyed the Reapers. A big disappointment. The game was good the ending was terrible so i give this game a 7 the music, game play and story was really good all the way up till the tile floated up into the white and you woke up in front of the so called "catalyst." A solid game that could have been a perfect 10 if they just made the ending better. Expand
  21. Jul 21, 2012
    Just finished the Game with the Extended Cut, then compared it on Youtube with the original ending. I can see why many people didn't like the ending, there really are a few too many things left open in the original ending. The Extended Cut is therefore a nice addition to give players more closure. However, I have to say, that this is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played and definitely does not deserve the criticism it got about it's ending. I personally loved all the endings, even though I only chose the bad ending to see what it was like, normally I wouldn't choose it. This game is an amazing and perfect conclusion to the Mass Effect Trilogy and true fans will love it like I did. Mass Effect 1 had the most epic ending, Mass Effect 2 was the most epic game overall and Mass Effect 3 was the most beautiful of them all. Also, since it mainly used music from the first and second game and didn't show that many more additional good soundtracks (apart from the beginning and the end of the game) I give this game a 9 out of 10. Well done Bioware and thank you! Expand
  22. Jul 23, 2012
    i enjoy the game especially if you upload save game from ME2... maybe the original ending doesn't give much closure, the free extended cut DLC in other hand give much more satisfying ending... ill give an 7/10 but with the extended cut DLC ill give 9/10...
  23. Jul 23, 2012
    A great finish to a great story. This is indeed a series worth playing through from top-to-bottom. It's pathetic, truly pathetic, that this game has gotten such a low user score here at Metacritc. Seeing Mass Effect 3 in the "4" point range is enough to make anybody who has played and enjoyed the game as thoroughly as most people have avoid places like Metacritic for information altogether. Games get "4'"s because they were rushed, crappy, or broken, and ME3 is none of these. It is a solid conclusion to a remarkable and already classic series of games. A definite videogame highlight of 2011. If you've never played the series at all, start with part 1 and move your way on through. This is good sci-fi in a big-budget, impeccably-crafted RPG game. Expand
  24. Jul 24, 2012
    the removal of neutral dialogue options was a huge disappointment for me, as I enjoy playing these games as a mixed paragon/renegade as opposed to going 100% for one or the other. What I loved about the previous games was that you could go full renegade, get an ending that was totally suited to your decisions, and it was a perfectly acceptable way to play. Being renegade wasn't "bad", it was just a different way to get things done. Neutral and paragon were simply other, equally viable ways to finish a game and experience it differently.

    But in mass effect 3, that all changes. Renegade becomes very much an option that the developers punish you for choosing, while paragon becomes the obvious "correct choice" option, and neither of the better outcomes to major situations are available if you mix paragon and renegade. You will also be punished for playing the game as a neutral character; you either go 100% renegade or 100% paragon.

    But in the end all of that is meaningless, because no matter what paths you chose earlier in the game, you will be shunted into the same 3 choices of endings
  25. Jul 29, 2012
    Oh my god. No spoilers here. If I explain why this game is PERFECT (even pre-EC) I will ruin the experience for you. Just believe me when I say the gameplay is somewhere between ME1 & ME2. The missions and excitement leading up the end for this trilogy are a lot of fun. The multiplayer works, you don't have to play it, but it is better than I expected. The singleplayer is 10/10 ignoring the MP. The ending made me cry and you got me Bioware, oh how you got me good! You actually made me stop hating you after DAII (oh I'll just pretend like that game doesn't exist). I finally bothered to play this game and I should have done sooner. Somehow avoided all spoilers and I am SO glad that I did. The reason why this game gets a 10/10 and not an 8 or 9 is because the ending is perfection. People complaining about it were not paying attention! Seriously, pure genious! Shutup and take my money! Expand
  26. Aug 12, 2012
    Gave it a 10 to *try* to balance the score out. Is that the correct and honest thing to do? Probably not, but ME3, especially after the ending DLC doesn't deserve a 4.3 user score, imo, a 7 or 8 would probably be more appropriate.

    Just my opinion, no need to go spreading it around... :P
  27. Aug 19, 2012
    The perfect closure to one of the best game trilogies ever. I guess I was lucky enough to complete the game after the extended edition came out. But regardless, I don't see why multiple users would trash the game simply because of the ending.
  28. Aug 20, 2012
    I give this game 6 only because ME2 had 10. It's not a bad game. It's pretty nice game. But TBH it's at least half worse than ME2 so cannot give more points.

    Worst thing about it is that they spoiled all good things they improoved from ME1 to ME2. Starting with map system, shooting, character improvements, ... It's really pitty ME ended with game like that. Could be awesome!
  29. Aug 27, 2012
    Haven't finished the game yet, but so far I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. The combat is improved (not much, and still not great ofc). They've made the galaxy exploring much better than the last 2 games. And there's a lot of nice touches, like crew members moving around the ship, having conversations etc. Also like that they've focused more on characters who can't accompany you on missions - I always thought that was a stupid self-imposed limitation.
    And the bad..... Dialogue has taken a nose dive (not all the time - some is still pretty good), but worst they've removed a lot of the options you have, moving far too many moments purely into cut-scenes. This was a problem sometimes in Mass Effect 2, and its got worse.
    Basically, certainly a step down from Mass Effect 2, and due to the first games incredible story probably from Mass Effect too. Still a decent game though
  30. Sep 19, 2012
    Just like almost everyone else who played this game I didn't like the ending or the other disappointments. I cry myself to sleep wishing Shepard was indoctrinated, but this was still one of the best games I have ever played and is by far the most emotional.
  31. Oct 2, 2012
    If you enjoyed ME 1 and 2 you will enjoy this game. The game looks great and the fighting is fun. I agree that the initial ending was not good but the revamped ending was very good. Also the game was much more action oriented than RPG and the dialogue did not change the story at all. In fact you can play the game without making any choices in the conversation if you pick to play the game as an action game. All in all a great game. Expand
  32. Oct 4, 2012
    Mass Effect was always 'Shepard's Story', so it was impossible to identify that much with either the game play or the characters. While the overall story is sadly an over-hyped armaggedon (not good), the production values in this game are great, and the voice acting and performances were pretty well flawless. I follow the herd in mourning the way it ends, but personally I don't care as I never invested much in this franchise emotionally. The whole franchise is a long interactive movie. Thank God its over, and lets hope Bioware will take the basis assets and ideas and use them to build some better games that let the players tell their own stories. The cities were always WAY too small in this game. The levelling and RPG elements were never very good. But the visuals, the voices, the NPCs were all phenomenally good. This whole franchise to date has been nothing except design practice. With Mass effect the best is yet to come. Can't wait to see what they can cook up with Mass Effect in terms of a genuine RPG experience! Expand
  33. Oct 10, 2012
    Not a terrible game like people make it out to be (after hating the ending) but it's not as good as the last two either. For me ME2 reflects the pinnacle of the series and this was definitely the nadir. The main issue with this game is that it's been 5 years since ME1 came out and 2 since ME2, but there's been virtually no innovation since then. ME2 didn't have too much innovation either but it streamlined everything down and expanded on ME's strengths with a better class system and weapon's system etc. This game feels more like an expansion of ME2 rather than a full fledged stand alone title, sadly. There's also a very distinct 'cookie-cutter' feel here that makes it seem like you've played this game before beneath a different coat of paint. It doesn't really feel like a lot of love was thrown into the project, just following a formula and spitting out the results. It feels very artificial and contrived and there's very little in the way of surprises. It makes the whole thing feel a bit tired and boring. As negative as this all sounds it's still a decent game; you can't really suck when you copy ME2. Not as thrilling or as suspenseful and addicting as its predecessors. Expand
  34. Oct 11, 2012
    Some of you may be new to the mass effect series and want to purchase the game, however the amazingly low score in the user section can be a very big turn off. However do not listen to the user reviews on this site!! or any other site on the internet!! This game ooozes brilliance. Let me shine some light on how the gamer community works, they love to **** about anything, and everything. If a game doesn't innovate, it sucks, if it does innovate, it sucks as well, they can never be pleased, which is why this game has been so badly reviewed, they didn't like the ending. Just because you didn't like the ending does not warrant down grading the ENTIRE game. Mass Effect 3 is a brilliant game, the soundtrack is incredible, the combat is fun and fast paced and (contrary to gamer belief) the story was excellent and I really connected with the characters in the story. I implore you to enter this game with an open mind, not clouded by the hate of the gamer "community" and see this game for what it is, it may have drifted from its RPG roots but I think for the better with my play style, I've thrown hours into ME3 and enjoyed every second of it. The leaving Earth scene is both awesome and saddening at the first time and sets the tone of desperation for the story to come, the Reapers are a terrifying and brilliant foe and the gameplay represents a challenge in many areas of the game. I didn't even think the ending was bad at all, when I finished it I put my controller down in contentment without realising it would be so badly bashed by whiners everywhere. ME3 is well worth a play through for anyone who would rather enjoy a game than complain about it. Bioware really put their heart into this game and it deserves the recognition from the community it never received Expand
  35. Oct 31, 2012
    It's six months after release and I finally played and finished the game with the extended DLC endings.

    Guess I'm going to be in the minority who believe it was an excellent gaming experience. The cinematics, story (touching bases or bringing back old primary characters into the story), music and combat fights were epic and top-notch. I had all the DLC content that ended up being
    about 35 hours of game play which I felt gave me good value for my purchase.

    As far as the endings, I thought they were fine. I'm not sure what else you could have done with the story. I'm glad that Bioware didn't go with the cop-out "it was all just a dream" ending - could have been easy for them and they probably wouldn't have received a fraction of the grief. I went and looked at the original endings on YouTube and think that people who gave the game a "zero" or "one" score have some serious problems separating gaming life from real life. It simply wasn't that bad. And even if it had been the worst ending in gaming history (go look at the ending of Far Cry 2 if you want to see that), the rest of the game should have warranted at least a 6-7 score from reviewers. At least those who give honest reviews instead of trying to be spiteful.

    But I do give props to Bioware for listening to the complaints and coming up with some additional ending media. They didn't have to do that, but they did.

    I only have two real complaints - 1) the "duck and cover" command (spacebar) was problematic. Often I would use that command, end up behind a barrier and I couldn't move away from it - or at least without some difficulty. A bad guy would flank me and blast away and there was nothing I could do. And 2) the log-in sequence to the EA/Origin was atrocious. Nearly a 5 minute boot-time for everything to be up and running and synched. Ridiculous...

    In a nutshell, the whole series is a one of the best gaming experiences a gaming enthusiast can play and ME3 was the crown jewel of the 3. Put aside what you've heard from naysayers and if you haven't played the game, give it a shot - and start from the beginning. You won't be disappointed.
  36. Nov 2, 2012
    The most epic game that ever released! The most powerful and beautiful game. Awesome storytelling. Brilliant ending, it is more deeper than it looks...
  37. Nov 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a person who's played both ME and ME2, I would have to say that this is a welcome addition to the trilogy. There are certainly flaws, but overall the plot is solid, the story is immersive and Bioware has really upped the maturity level. ME3 feels like a more mature, emotional game than ME and ME2 (not saying it's better). The various cutscenes of Shepard running through her dreams after the boy (although being goddamn annoying and slow) added a certain emotional depth. The dialogue is still brillaint, the romances are fun and seem realistic. I definitely liked the reoccurring characters who appear again from ME and ME2. Overall, solid game, great continuation of the story, great graphics. Expand
  38. Dec 4, 2012
    They should have just stuck to the original writing team from ME1. This bunch of newbie writers perverted the lore of mass effect and had no idea how to plan the trilogy in advance. As a result, they had to do damage control with extended DLC after realizing their folly. But the milk is already sour, you can't make it fresh again.
  39. Dec 10, 2012
    Well... You can really see the difference that EA taking over Bioware has made in this game. Essentially, they improved the visuals, and left everything else by the wayside, making what should have been an outstanding final title in a great series just another mediocre sci-fi shooter. The cutscenes and voice acting are weak compared to ME1 and 2, the storyline, while interesting is not very innovative, especially when they had so much to work with from the previous games. One thing that really annoys me is the combat; it is more twitchy and the controls are not as intuitive as the previous games. Add the ridiculous FPS style hit counters and you get a sub-par combat experience. The game does have some nice visuals and the scale of the combat/war is cool at various points throughout the game, however that isn't nearly enough to redeem this.

    What EA did to this series is a travesty... It could have been so much more, and I have never been so dissapointed with a game. It's really too bad Bioware sold out to the big kids before finishing off one of their signature series.
  40. Dec 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 has probably the most convoluted, lore destructive, narrative disaster of story telling I've seen in recent years. Despite few good episodes involving geth and the krogan it really isn't anything good. Introduction was confusing and not following the lore and events after the Arrival DLC, it's not the best decision if Bioware wanted to market this more towards the masses. Secondly, what was the point of ME2 if only in ME3 we are introduced with probably the most narrative breaking Deus Ex Machina device I have ever seen - the Crucible. No one knows what it does or what its for, except the hope, that this big clunk of metal can defeat antagonists - the Reapers. Shouldn't the trilogy had gone like this:
    ME1 - introducing the threat
    ME2 - learning how to stop a threat
    ME3 - stopping the threat Again, ME2 serves no purpose.
    Cerberus and their motives are as confusing as the whole TIM indoctrination by the reapers. What was the point of reapers letting to play with their mind game toys if they later on they destroyed the whole facility?
    The whole lore is utterly destroyed. Alliance are idiots, Cerberus are idiots, Reapers are idiots and Shepard is an idiot. ME1 epic was changed into ME2 space opera.
    And now the ending... Ugh.. Do I even have to start? It was the worst thing I've ever seen in story telling. The Extended Cut DLC, believe it or not, made it even worse. The ending single hand destroyed the ME1 lore, let me question Alliance strategies how to take down Reapers, and finally made antagonists into complete an utter morons. Not only the main theme was destroyed, but the fact that reapers wants to save us from ourselves by committing mass genocide of entire galaxy is the most logic breaking nonsense I've ever heard. I see what writers tried to do here, showing as much ideas and philosophies in to the main narrative, but they just didn't work, because of poor writing. So what we got is a third person RPG shooter with refined shooter elements, but extremely poor execution of RPG elements. The Quest system is probably the second worst thing in the game, it is completely broken, so is the customization. Multiplayer inclusion wasn't necessary at all.
    Overall its a convoluted package of nonsense. 2/10
  41. Jan 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really enjoyed Mass Effect 3 when it wasn't forcing me to watch an unskippable cut-scene that went on for 50,000 years! I wouldn't mind a few unskippable cut-scenes that are short and don't contain dialogue that is so melodramatic and cheesy that I actually had to turn the game off once or twice. I felt the game tried too hard to be like a film and tried really hard to make me care about the characters, something which they had achieved moderately in the previous 2, but fell so far short this time because of atrocious writing. I found it really difficult to become attached to Shephard at all because he had as much personality as a piece of plain paper with the word "nice" on it. Or he was Satan incarnate whom Cerberus for some reason decided to install a naughty or nice detection chip in his face. (A clear theft from Fable. Although it's acceptable in Fable because it's more cartoony and like a fairytale where witches have hooked noses and good guys are disturbingly aryan.) They also copped out of it as well by putting a heal all scars option in med-bay. Why bother having it in if you can just erase it in a heart beat? Either do it or don't. It just seemed a bit flaky for a game based so tightly on the consequences of actions to literally have an opt out button. I did really like the way the previous choices affected the game. I also liked how they tried to tie up the loose ends with the characters from ME2. Although, it seemed to me that by the end of the game someone points out "Jesus we forgot Jack! Quickly someone put her in!" So their solution was to just have her leap at Shephard and die within 10 seconds and a quick remark from Shephard and team mate to let you know that it really was her. The encounter was actually so brief and dissatisfying that I genuinely thought that it wasn't her and I was about to find out that the Illusive Man had caught her and found a way to make clones of her to fight for him. Then I would have to fight through waves of Jack look-a-likes and find her trapped in a machine being cloned and in need of rescue. Then once rescued she joins the cause or has to sacrifice herself to destroy the station like Mordin and Miranda or something. But no she just leaped at you and died. I thought that the fighting gameplay was very good and got my adrenaline going. Although the going into cover and sprinting was often irritating. I would press A to go into cover nothing would happen so I press it again and he pops into cover then out again so he got shot in the face a lot. I did think that the powers were too strong. You can decimate huge hordes of enemies quite easily without going into cover. All you need to do is use adrenaline rush with 1 power enabled and have EDI and Liara with you to use incinerate and singularity. The galaxy map was well done and I liked the idea of the reapers detecting your scanner if you entered reaper occupied space. The first time I heard the loud buzz indicating their presence I was genuinely intimidated and rushed like hell to get out of there. But after finding out that I could outrun them for ages and that the only consequence of being caught was an "oh no you got caught! Now start again from 20 seconds earlier." There was no real threat and I wound up feeling that their presence was more of a minor inconvenience than a real hazard to be avoided. Now to get to my biggest complaint about the game. It all starts with one little boy who from the second I saw him playing outside I started a stop watch in my head for when he was going to die. It was shamelessly and clumsily trying to make me feel for this boy. I felt nothing but contempt for that flimsy attempt to make me feel emotionally invested. Then they expanded this dung heap of an idea into an agonisingly bad dream sequence which you can't skip and, as far as I can tell, has no relevance to anything whatsoever. It doesn't advance the plot. It didn't make me care about the boy. It didn't make me think Shephard was deep or more relatable. It was irritating, it slowed the game down and I couldn't help shouting at the screen "Hurry up you pretentious idiots!" Overall, I think I would give the game a 2/10 for dialogue. 7 or 8/10 for the story (good idea let down by enamel peelingly bad dialogue) 8 or 9/10 for combat. Martin Sheen as ever gave a 10/10 performance and expertly depicted a man trying to make the right decisions but losing sight of what is right because of his penchant for solitude. Usually I wouldn't score a game for its dialogue because people don't really play games for it. However, since I felt ME3 was trying so hard to be a film it seemed right to include the dialogue in an overall score. This score would be much higher if the game wasn't trying to be a game/film with appalling dialogue. Expand
  42. Jan 5, 2013
    Talk about a repetetive game... This one is ultimately boring, stagnant, repetetive, non-challenging... THIS GAME IS JUST BAD! So many flaws, it almost makes me want to curse it's predescesors, which were really good games.
  43. Jan 16, 2013
    Anyone who played the previous Mass Effect game and still thinks that this one is good in comparison is just a delusional liar, this sad excuse of a game isn't even HALF of what the previous one was and the conclusion of the story is just unbelievably bad I wonder how is it possible to utterly destroy such a promising franchise.
  44. Feb 5, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 will not force you to make tough decisions on a galactic scale. The RPG element from the first one has been taken away, and replaced with longer action packed combat. Having 3 games to tell a story, but leaving the player with an ending less desirable, greatly disappoints. If with those gripes, I give it a 7 because it is still a fun game, and the story leading up to the ending held me with suspense. It is no means as good as the first, or second games in the series, and that does disappoint. But taking a seat back and looking at it for what it is, I enjoyed the game. Expand
  45. Feb 9, 2013
    Day 1 DLC: Disgraceful. taking content out of the game and selling it,
    Giant Plot Holes: Every 50,000 years the reapers wipe out everyone to stop synthetics from killing everyone.
    Game play: Is so boring it's just run and gun.
    1 Point: Customisation was good and the N7 armour looked cool.
    1 Point: Multiplayer had some simple but fun aspects.
  46. Mar 5, 2013
    I'm not going to take some kind of moral stance on this game. The gameplay was fun, the ending ruined it for me. I was genuinely very unhappy when I stopped playing the game. That shouldn't happen.
  47. Mar 7, 2013
    True. The ending storyline didn't live up the the incredible standards we have become used to with the Mass Effect series. I was upset with the ending the first time I finished the game. But i've completed the game 3 more times(with the slightly improved new ending they made for free DL) and I now realize that the ending is a small 1% of a game that is otherwise a very enjoyable work of art. 9/10. Loses 1 point for ending storyline. Expand
  48. Mar 7, 2013
    I'm not here to rip on ME3 just for the sake of doing so or because its what's cool to do on the internet like so many others.

    Basically ME3 is the worst of the series in every way possible compared to the other 2 games because it doesn't build or improve anything. It simply just tries to hurriedly finish the series for the sake of a cash in on the title.

    1- There is no sense of
    exploration. The game as efficiently as possible holds your hand every step the way and has you actually being on the ground doing things the least amount possible. Side missions are carried out by quickly scanning a planet ala ME2 and then firing a probe. That's it. You don't explore, you don't get to check out uncharted worlds simply for the sake of curiosity or anything. Scan, shoot probe, side mission done all without even leaving the galaxy map. This tactic accounts for the majority of side missions. ME1 you could explore the galaxy drive around in that horribly handling buggy and had a sense of discovering things, ME2 you could land on planets and explore doing side missions with some not even firing a single shot like the crashed cruiser balanced on the mountain peak but all of those things are gone in 3. The game just holds your hand and ushers you from mission to mission.

    2- You don't get to actually chose anything, everything is pre determined for you. Even if you chose the renegade or paragon path you get the exact same result and no one treats you differently and you get no alternative paths depending on your karma scale which makes it all incredibly pointless and just window dressing for the fact the story is entirely linear and so is your character.

    3- The characters are all the same ones, only less compelling. There are a couple new characters but they are highly disposable and not even worth messing with. James for instance is basically just a guy who talks 90% of the time like a generic white guy, 10% of the time he throws out some Mexican phrases like saying "loco" a lot in his generic white guy trying to impersonate a Mexican guy and he looks like he was taken from the show jersey shore. When a old character returns you can see it coming a mile away. For instance you go into a area where the mission briefing talks about geth then you can see 45 minutes before which old character is going to come back. All the characters themselves seem hollow and rushed, they lack the personality that made them endearing in the other games and most are there only long enough to be overly obvious in a very specific mission or they simply show up for 3 minutes of camera time practically winking at the player with a nod and then are gone.

    4- The story compared to the others sucks. The other games had side stories, character stories, side missions with their own short stories and so on. ME3 on the other is basically this "Everything is going to be destroyed". That's pretty much it because no matter where you go or what you do its always about the war specifically and nothing else. I also got sick of hearing phrases like "were here to save lives", "were doing this to save lives", "this weapon will save lives", "we need to stick together to save lives", "billions of lives are on the line and were here to save them", etc and after about 8 hours I was sick of hearing about the war and saving lives.

    5- The game play was basically just one big shooting gallery and hiding behind chest high walls. Every single fight is basically you hiding behind chest high walls to peak out and fire a few rounds only to hide back behind said wall. It was incredibly boring and has been done to death in dozens of other games. The combat was mindless and mediocre. It felt like they put absolutely no effort into the combat at all and rushed you through it in order to get to the next scene of hearing Sheppard say "saving lives".

    6- The ending was atrocious. This is a series that prides itself on story, characters and dialogue. We all spent over 100 bucks playing all 3 games and spent over 100 hours playing all 3 games but bioware seemed to say "This is the end of the trilogy so who cares about the ending". The ending is the most important part of any story of any kind because its the very last thing you leave the person with and its supposed to be a reward, the climax to everything leading up till then, basically the ending is the most important part of any story. But the ending of ME3 was over in just a minute or so despite the dozens of hours of dialogue, cut scenes and story in the rest of the series they got lazy at the end. It gives no satisfaction at all. I can honestly say it is the laziest segment of the series. I did like though they had the balls to do what they did with Sheppard, but the ending still sucks and doesn't make you glad to have finished the series.
  49. Mar 8, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 will forever be the game that damaged the series and Bioware's image. There is no way that ME4 sales will ever get close to the sales of ME2 and ME3
  50. Mar 22, 2013
    Mass of Duty 3: console edition! Now available for your PC! Buy now to experience horrible Xbox 360 graphics, low fov and poor controls! Buy now and get a weak ending for free! Buy now and buy dlc later! 0/10 for this garbage.
  51. Mar 28, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 takes all of the plot pieces in the previous two games and delivers on a massive scale. The first thing you see is Shepard being put on trial for the events between the previous games. Just as the council get going on their debate, the Reapers launch an assault on the Earth, destroying a large portion of it. Shepard literally has to fight his way off the Earth, getting through some Reaper forces and just trying not to get hit by gigantic lasers and all the explosions which are occuring everywhere.

    Once you leave Earth, you have to try to get the support of the alien races to prepare against the Reapers. Unfortunately, the Reapers have already started attacking Palaven, the Turian homeworld and Tuchanka, the Krogan homeworld. You have to get the Krogans on your side for the Turians to help. Later on you’ll be attempting to gain the support of the Salarians, Asari and Quarians.

    There really is a feeling of tension and excitement that the other games didn’t have. For once, the enemy is a large opposing force and the whole galaxy is feeling it’s effects. The war is happening on three fronts. There are the main attack force of the Reapers, which utilise other alien races in their army, such as the Turian-style Marauders and the Asari-style Banshees. Then there are the Cerberus troopers, which are being led by the Illusive Man and are attacking colonies for an unknown reason. On a lesser front you also have the heretic Geth, which are attempting to keep the Perseus Veil under control.

    In most single-player missions you’ll be darting in and out of cover, attempting to pick off enemy forces. The overall intelligence of the enemies in this game has improved dramatically. Different units protect themselves in different ways. For instance, the Nemesis uses a sniper rifle to deal large amounts of damage, while the Phantom attempts to defeat targets instantly with it’s sword. When put together this is a deadly combination. There are also enemies that utilise smoke grenades, shields, turrets and more. Fighting is hectic and tense, using squadmates powers is recommended.

    You have a total of six squadmates in the main storymode and an additional squadmate exclusive in the extra Downloadable Content mission. While there are overall less squadmates than Mass Effect 2, the relationships between them and the character are more pronounced. Between missions characters will move around the ship, get into discussions and think about certain things. In the Citadel, each squad member goes to a different place, where they can talk with the player.

    Commander Shepard is the player character (which can be Male or Female), who is tasked with making lots of choices. Some of the choices are very difficult and will require the player to think forward. The choices made in Mass Effect 1 and 2 will dramatically affect the story. Such as how you dealt with the Rachni Queen or if you saved Maelon’s data on the genophage cure. You have a total of six classes, each with different unique skills and strategies which apply to it.

    For each additional form of support gained in single-player, you will gain another War Asset, with a numerical value. These values effect the strength of the forces attacking the Reapers, determining the overall success of the final attack.

    Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic game and a definitive Sci-Fi experience. Fans of the series will not be disappointed.
  52. Apr 3, 2013
    A year after its release, I just wanted to post my review. Mass Effect 3 is a real amazing experience and I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys sci-fi RPGs. I don't usually bother posting reviews, but this was truly one of the finest games of its genre for our generation.
  53. Apr 10, 2013
    Oh my dear gaming-god(Tex Murphy)!!
    It's like Elvis would announce his greatest show ever, and then came out on stage naked, fat, drunk, balled, and then urinated on the first row people, slung feces on the rest, gave his finger to all, and then shot all the old people.
    Where did all the talent go, that I trusted with my hopes and dreams for Shepard and his friends.
    I mean how is this
    To write arguably the best story in gaming history(ME1), come up with two of the best bad guys in space(Saren and Sovereign)
    Then go on to make ME2 witch fixed all the problems from the previous game, only lacking bad guys with character.
    And then this.....
    Did they have a stroke, are they smoking crack, did someone replace their head with G.W.B's?

    Now it's all ruined. I cant even replay the first two. Shepard is dead to me now. Why you say??
  54. Apr 28, 2013
    This game is a fistula. What is a fistula? In anatomic terms it's an abnormal hole connecting two things that should not be connected. One of the most problematic is obstetric fistula which connects the vagina (awesome) with the bowels (super not-awesome). This game connects amazing writing, good gameplay with a ending.

    You can't fix this game's ending but you can help women world-wide
    suffering from obstetric fistula. Go to and donate today! Expand
  55. May 2, 2013
    Great game, loved every minute of it, except for the ending.

    Ending could have been better but I don't know if I'm just annoyed I wont have any more Mass Effect
  56. May 11, 2013
    I don't understand why critics are giving this game good reviews. The story the gameplay and every other mechanic that could be dumbed down was. I was disappointed at the ending because one of my all time favourite RPG games was turned into a third person shooter and not an RPG.
  57. May 16, 2013
    No way this should be a 4.7 all the cheep need to get a life and stop being butt hurt over the ending. ME3's ending was absolutely brilliant in terms of semantics and the games overall tone, it is depressing that the majority of asswipes cannot see nor do they care to appreciate that. Bioware fans a truly the scum of the earth.
  58. May 16, 2013
    Yeah, after the outstanding ME1 & 2 this is definitely a let down when it comes to the story! Biggest disappointment of the year with the worst ending in history, but lets be honest it's still one of the best game of the year! They used deus ex machina to resolve the plot not once but twice! But it's not all bad combat is great, characters are still amazing, there are two memorable missions(unfortunately only two). Conclusion the game is great, the narrative is And also it send possible sequel in the oblivion Expand
  59. May 18, 2013
    Its easily the Best Game of 2012 i really enjoyed and liked every minute, Yes even the ending was great i nearly cried and this is the only game what could make me cry.Finally not a dissapointment boring always fairy tale happy ending.
  60. May 24, 2013
    I must say, this game starts very poorly (even worse than ME2) and it probably has the worst ending of any of the hundreds of games that I have played. It also doesn't provide much direction at the beginning, so if you play without using a wiki (like I did) you can miss out on a lot of content that I would have liked to play. That said, I have no other complaints about this game. While you don't get as many squad members, you can still develop meaningful relationships with them throughout the game. The world is fantastic. I'm probably going to be crucified for this, but I think the Mass Effect story/universe is superior to both Star Wars and Star Trek. Its not perfect, but it is still a shining example of what sci-fi should be, and is definitely worth a play, just don't have your hopes too high for the ending. Expand
  61. May 26, 2013
    Story 9 great and an appropriate ending for the trilogy;
    Graphics 7 the game being ported from consoles you can clearly see the graphical limitations;
    Gameplay 7 way to simple for an rpg;
  62. May 27, 2013
    No matter how bad the ending was, the game was GREAT. I don't think storytelling this good has ever been in a game like this before. Judge them how they are, but the DLC they release are worth it. They leave you with this feeling of sadness because of how well the told the story. The last lines that Bioware created for Shepard, "Its been a damn good ride" "The best" just makes you think. over 6 years this game is great.

    During this game they give you a feeling of urgency. The Reaper attack makes you want to hurry.
  63. May 29, 2013
    I loved this game. The combat is smooth and flows very well. The story is enthralling and pulls you to the edge of your seat, and contrary to what most people say the end is good. It could have been better but I still liked it. Now i never played the game till after the extended cut ending was released so I don't know what it was like before, but the extended ending game me a sense of closure that I need for this series. Ignore the low user rating and play this series from start to finish and enjoy the amazing story that BioWare made for us. Expand
  64. Jun 2, 2013

    I was not sure about the last part of this series, because it got so much hate spit on, but I got it eventually. I can't find the right words to describe this epic masterpiece the right way... I played with a Leviathan, From Ashes and Extended Ending DLC's, and I had the greatest possible gaming experience with this series a player can imagine. This is now my top 1 game of all
    times, and I doubt anything can ever beat it. Take care Normandy crew, take care Mass Effect universe, take care the game defining the true meaning of a word "sci-fi"! Thank you Bioware for finishing the story this way.


  65. Jun 7, 2013
    There's a whole litany of problems with ME3 and, well, just look at the user score here. That disastrous ending will be remembered 10 years from now (and the Extended Cut DLC doesn't really help), the writing is very uneven, the facial animations are almost nonexistent, the journal is next to useless, and then there's that dreadful business with day 1 DLC adding a character that is essential to the story and yet ends up being rather boring. And you know what? None of that matters all that much because ME3 still completely delivers on its promise of bringing an end to an epic story and doing so via a tight and very fun to play rpg/shooter game. You meet a ton of old friends (in fact, you meet pretty much everyone from the previous two games), you make some new ones (Vega, Cortez, and Traynor are all great and quite down-to-earth compared to the crazy suicide squad in ME2), there are memorable battles, tough choices, historic events, tragic sacrifices... pretty much everything I wanted from a Mass Effect game. It's a rushed product, made by a team that was obviously tired and wanted to be done with it as quickly as possible, which is unfortunate, but at the end of the day, it's a powerful conclusion to a great trilogy. Expand
  66. Jun 14, 2013
    First of all, the user score for this game is in no way indicative of the quality of this game. Mass Effect games are very different in the world of gaming as they are a hybrid of several different genres. Obviously Mass Effect games are RPGs, but they also incorporate FPS, adventure, and even strategy elements all into one game. The best part of the Mass Effect series is that you get to know the characters well. Whether you like the character or not, you know them very well by the end of the series and become connected to some of them. Another great thing about the series is that every player has their own Shepard that they can come to identify with as well. Their are many things that I like in ME3 when compared to the other games in the series. First of all, the graphics look much better, especially in gameplay itself. The storyline is pretty good. If you've played the first two games of the series, you could probably predict some of what was going to happen, but after putting at least 50-60 hours into the first 2 games, this is probably to be expected since you knew this was the final entry of the trilogy. As far as combat goes, as with the other games, it can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. I've found different classes to be much easier to play because certain enemies are overly strong at the higher difficulty levels and certain classes make it much easier to defeat those particular enemies. The decisions of this game are heavily influenced by past actions, much more so than ME2 as ME1 and ME2 actions both have a large effect on decisions in this game. A lot of controversy surrounded the ending of this game, and it did certainly deserve some controversy, as when I first finished the game I sat and stared at the screen for 5 minutes in disbelief. I do encourage every player to look into the ending more, there's a lot of stuff out there which is interesting. For example, I find "indoctrination theory" to be a good explanation. The amount of emotion that this ending caused shows the amount of passion that this series creates. I really believe this series is a must play for anyone who likes games because I think it has a little something for everyone. This game is not perfect, if the ending were better if would be close. I give this game an 8.5, but it will show up as a 9. Lot's of angry people reviewed the game two seconds after they finished it and were upset. There are also people who fell in love with the original game and don't like how 2 and 3 play. ME1 is very different, and ME2 and ME3 are similar but with slight differences. Expand
  67. Jun 15, 2013
    We really do need to stop rating this game on its ending. Let's be fair to Bioware, they had a damn difficult task giving us a fitting, satisfying conclusion to a goddamn fantastic franchise, and for the most part, they achieved it. Let's get the positive stuff done first. The game has much improved combat, and the voice acting, dialogue and story (for the most part) are as hard hitting as before, with several emotional scenes being some of the best character endings I have witnessed. The games inclusion of multiplayer should really have been story co-op, but the horde, co-op mode serves as a nice distraction for when you tire of the core game. The music is good as ever, and the graphics have improved. The game does a good job of getting the atmosphere of all out war right, and it feels like the universe is fighting the reapers. Now for the bad stuff. Before we address the ending, there were other things wrong with this game. Some idiot at Bioware for some reason decided to remove mission tracking in journal entries, so we never know how far we are in a certain mission! There does feel like a bit of Michael Bay EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE action going off here, but despite this it would have been nicer to see all out battles going on rather than linear small skirmishes. Now, the ending. Yes, it was bad. It was an A, B, or C option like we were explicitly promised would not happen. And yes, it had many plot holes and felt irritating and out of character for Shepherd to go along with it. But honestly, just because 20 minutes of the game was bad, it does not mean the whole game was bad. Expand
  68. Jun 20, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is a good, good, good game. Yes, the part of the ending with the child makes no sense (not to spoil-y I hope). But other than that, Mass Effect 3 is a great accomplishment in gaming. With ME 3, Bioware found a good balance between action and RPG elements. For RPG fans, there is a long list of skill trees to mess around with and weapon modification to match your gameplay style. They removed the class limitation on weapons and simply let you choose which of the pistols and rifles you want to use. All of the powers have been balanced so that all classes are equally viable on the hardest difficulties. All in all gameplay has been greatly improved from ME 2. The story is still great. You have less squad members than ME2 but they are more fleshed out. If you haven't played the first two games a lot of the story might be lost on you but for people have played both ME1 and ME2 in order, ME 3 finishes up the Story arcs of each character(s) in a beautiful and cathartic way. You have a lot of influence and involvement with how the stories end which increase the player's investment in the game. I plead with you, dear reader, ignore the bad user reviews and give this game a chance. Expand
  69. Jul 19, 2013
    2.9 Mass Effect games I played with the utmost fun. I absolutely love those games. I was astonished by their beauty in all aspects. After the last 0.1 of the last game I will probably never play them again within the next few years at the very least. I just can't bring myself to even install any of them, knowing how terribly bad it will end. Seriously there is no motivation to do anything anymore. Its as if you do something you believe to be worthwhile for years, and then you are told: "Oh sorry, but you know, no one needs it, so scram!"
    3 best games ruined with a single ending. Its a pity that the all so perfect Indoctrination theory didn't find place in a DLC.
  70. Jul 25, 2013
    Strange ending and the fact that its basically just Mass Effect 2 v2.0 prevents this game from being bombastic ending of the saga. Final battle is also very dull and the extra linearity of the game can be disturbing. Very good game, but not as good as ME2 or ME1.
  71. Jul 25, 2013
    Mass effect 3 is a fitting conclusion to the mass effect saga. It boasts significantly improved gameplay fluidity and mechanics, as well as a more varied campaign. The story is emotional, hard hitting, and diverse. The games visuals have been improved a lot, and the pc version looks quite spectacular despite and aging core engine, and runs smoother than the previous games to boot. In terms of streamlining which I hate the game is in between mass effect 1 and 2, the major disappointment in the game is the planet exploring, which has been stripped down. Imported save games determine a lot, from entire characters no longer existing in the story to conflicts that play out entirely different.Multiplayer is fun, and is not required to get the best ending in the game. In the end, mass effect 3 is special. As good as mass effect 2 in storytelling, and almost as good as mass effect 1 in rpg-like skill/item medications and exp distribution. My favorite in an acclaimed series. Expand
  72. Aug 13, 2013
    Time will only tell how great this game actually is. I don't understand the bias of some people here, you can't just low-grade spam reviews for a game just cause you don't like the ending. There is at least 4-5 factors when you judge something, so even if the ending is the worst possible, it can't seriously lower the grade for more than 1-2 points. And ME 3 is great in every possible aspect, let's get that clear for start. It is improved compared to ME 2 in a lot of ways, gameplay, graphics, you name it. There is lot more diversity between classes, when you play a class it actually feels like your playing that certain class, unlike ME1, where every class was just a different mix of same abilities. As for the ending issue, it has been updated and made downloadable for free. I can understand that you are not very sympathetic towards greediness of EA company, or that the ending made your efforts while progressing trough this really fun game kind of useless, but you wouldn't even get there if it wasn't well worth it. Expand
  73. Aug 13, 2013
    EA ruined this master piece and it made to suck it fans money. The every singe chose you make gets you to a realy stupid ending and each of all doesn't matters a little bit. They didn't relise the whole game so they can suck the money of their fans and lought at them and them make a "DLC" to fix it and say that they made it for fans... what kind of a sick mind would ruin a great fanbase. I am not inculuded to this fanbase. The only reason I gave this 3 is that the action might be good enught for someplayers who doesn't goes and chack out the storyline... Expand
  74. Aug 14, 2013
    The newest Mass effect game is a good game but it has many drawbacks compared the first 2 games first there is a smaller squad selection and gets really boring at times but it is a good game.
  75. Aug 24, 2013
    A human from Earth called Commander Shepard is introduced with an relentless invading force of the Reapers. In this 3rd and final sequel of this notorious series offers a lot of ups and downs.

    From the start this game was an RPG with some third-person shooting elements, and evolved into a game series that became less about roleplaying and more about Commander Shepard and how many robots
    or aliens he can gun down. In the eyes of many, this is rather disappointing on how this series turned out. But as a 3rd person shooter alone, isn't entirely that bad, and in some moments Mass Effect 3 offered some enjoyable and touching moments.

    The drastic swap in genres and the degradation of the storyline, it can still be an enjoyable game, just not a game for people who are into RPGs. The music is good, the gameplay elements are okay, the RPG system is disappointing, the multiplayer is interesting, and the story is mediocre.

  76. Sep 2, 2013
    This game takes what ME2 did and makes it better. Granted, the ending is not the greatest. However, everything else is done exceptionally well. The graphics are improved, as are the RPG elements and the situational tactics. Don't pay attention to the hype around the ending- enjoy this game for what it is
  77. Efa
    Sep 4, 2013
    A great game, apart from the ending. I can hardly blame a great game for the mistake of a single writer than locked the rest of the team out. This game holds many of the emotional highs for the series, and some great game play.
  78. Sep 4, 2013
    Mass effect 3 will have a special place in my heart, as my first rapist. They said when you were a kid never to take candy from strangers, never go into their creepy van, and never enter their homes, well the stranger was EA and they raped us, good and well.

    Their master plan involved deception and building the hype with excellent writing and clever storytelling, and they decide to end
    it by raping the fan base, and destroying years of hype, destroying one of the most original sci-fi franchises in order to make a profit.

    I have learned my lesson and will never, ever again purchase another product by EA ever again on release date, i will wait until other suffers before i decide if i want to be a part of the carnage or not.
  79. Sep 5, 2013
    To be my opinion...Mass Effect 3 isn't worse than 1 or 2. All games of Mass Effect's Trilogy are on the same level. I must say I didn't feel dissapointed playing this game, I was having fun since the first action to the last one. I can't understand why there are so many negative opinions.
    The main plot is nothing special but it's still good. Don't forget there are secondary
    missions which are just the cherry on the cake.
    "Terrible writing" I don't agree. For sure the best one is in Mass Effect 1 but we can't ignore this game because of it.
    Graphics Really Why we must care about it so hard... Anyway it doesn't look so bad and I am sure it's gonna be better in the next one. I am just worried about the fact "Shepard Era" is over. That's the only 1 thing which can hurts..
    Give this game a chance and don't forget it's part of trilogy even if you don't like it so much.
  80. Sep 8, 2013
    I... Don't... Understand what the big deal is... Yes, the game is not much of an RPG now, but, it was still great, one of the best I have played. Everyone have other feelings about the game though, I respect that. But from my perspective, this game is a must-have.
  81. Sep 9, 2013
    As we all know the anger is there over the ending, and when I first played through it I was as vocal in my displeasure as anyone else. But after adding the extended cut, (which if nothing else tries to help things) and playing it through with readjusted expectations as part of the trilogy, I have come to love 90% of it. Visually it is superb, the overall story keeps you engaged and the characters you know and love don't disappoint.

    My only gropes are: (The ending, but as I have already said I can live with it with a little help from my post story imagination)
    The lack of tactical choices; I wanted Shepard to control the Normandy in fleet battles and make big decisions on how to roll out the battle. And fire that awesome cannon!! :D
    The multiplayer element, which although is very good in its own right, should not impact at all on the single player.

    But don't get this game wrong, it IS Mass Effect and IS a very, very high quality game.
  82. Sep 23, 2013
    i have been spending hours upon hours trying to get mass effect 3 to work, its not my pc's fault, i keep on getting error after error from either origin and this DRM infested %"$!.
    i think i've spent more time trying to get the game to work than playing, once i get it to work, i play, when i finish my gaming session i go out, when i try to play it again i get another error, i spend
    another hour on the internet trying to find a fix to this junk..its starting to get really irritating...thanks EA for not letting me play the game i payed money for. Expand
  83. Oct 5, 2013
    Luckily this is a very small sample size of the people out there who have purchased/played ME3 because the rating is ridiculous. The game is nowhere near as bad as some people have made it out to be and the idea that someone can give it a 0 or a 1 or 2 is quite absurd (giving it a 10 might be just as absurd). I have a feeling that the people who so liberally hand out these low ratings do so for most every game they play. Now I played this AFTER the release of the extended cut, so in that light I'll say the following: The ending(s) made sense. A lot of the criticisms directed at the game because of the ending are borne from erroneous assumptions the various results of which were more dependent on your final effective military score than the actual choice you made, although obviously each choice resulted in some different outcomes for squad mates, people and the universe short term.

    Now for what I didn't like. 1) The game is still buggy, even over a year after its release. Origin let's you download a game that isn't even patched, so if you buy the game make sure you find the last patch for it this way you will avoid some of the bugs. I should note that EA/Origin "help" even missed this fact when called upon to resolve certain issues. 2) You almost have to play multiplayer in order to get the "so-called" best ending. I say multiplayer should never have an effect on single player. 3) Shepard still runs on 2 legs like an Ape and is about as graceful as an elephant, that violates my aesthetic appreciation of the game. More importantly though, "movement" around the playing field is clunky at best. 4) Side quests are truly uninspiring and the whole "scan the planet" to find an artifact is pretty lame. 5) Dialogue in general isn't quite as good as the ME1 or ME2, but not that bad. AND 6) Too many scripted cinematic events and Shepard is sometimes limited in response (and possibly out of character depending on YOUR Shepard.

    There are of course other issues (some involving Origin policies, etc.), but the total sum of all these issues (including those listed above) don't detract TOO heavily from the story/experience. It's still a fun ride and I give it a solid 8. Would have liked to give it a 9, but won't in deference to ME1 and ME2 but I suspect that's almost always the case with sequels to real good games, it's tough to surpass them as the novelty of their created universe wears off and expectations regarding how things should be and how things should be "ended" grow with each passing act/installment.
  84. Oct 17, 2013
    A good RPG is not without its drawbacks, of course, but it turned out very well. Upset a lot of DLS, which did not at first suspect. If you set the DLS Free Extended cut, then the game (depending on the position of the player) will end well. I was glad to play in the trilogy, and to share money with the developers
  85. Oct 17, 2013
    Great continuation of the Mass Effect saga and a great improvement over the gameplay and combat of the prior 2 games. The storyline is also brilliant and really sucks you into the game. I would have given the game a 10, however I gave it an 8 simply because of the rather abrupt conclusion of the game. I disagree with some of the other posts, in that I think the end choices are fine if the game didn't seem like it ended so abruptly without a lot of explanation. I was left Googling what the endings meant after I finished the game and I don't feel like I should have to do that.

    Overall, I put off buying this game for a long time due to the negative user reviews. However, after playing the game though, I do not regret getting it at all, and only simply regret not getting it earlier. Great game overall.
  86. Oct 24, 2013
    Good ending to the trilogy, and honestly a rather shameful display of gamers today. I admit to only having played the extendet cut but even with the cut explanations it is not acceptable what some people said/did.
    Only real downside is origin-only. Please stop that
  87. Oct 30, 2013
    Amazing Game, a great ending to a great trilogy, extremely polished, and full of detail, incredible combat and excellent story telling, its a must have for this generation of gaming.
  88. Nov 7, 2013
    Without a doubt the best series i've ever come to play! So much replay value! Its insane and I can't describe it enough. THIS IS A MUST BUY AND PLAY EXPERIENCE. Trust me on this!
    I don't understand why people are complaining about the endings. Do not be scared of the low user score. trust me when I tell you. This game is awesome and you wohn't regret playing it

    Just... wow
    (useless pros. I know :v)
    Story and characters are so well done!

    Combat can get a little linear
    No coop :/
    End of the series
  89. Jan 8, 2014
    In this third and final release, slowly the narrative coherence of Mass Effect eroded, until near the end, at a fast pace it completly crumbled.
    In ME2 you could say that the villains were unjustified and meaningless in a narrative sense, you could say that choices, events and positions were forced into your character and many were literally asspulls, but at least ME2 provided plenty of
    well written and thoughtful content in the form of loyality missions for example, to couterbalance this. In ME3 there is no such thing and what starts as a contrived, average to bad story, end as a complete mess with giant holes where obviously the writers or devs didn't know what they were doing.
    Or if you played Deus Ex 1, a classical and mind-blowing game unlike ME3, you'll simply know that ME3 ending is a rip off, out of thone, feel and athmosphere from the rest of ME series and even from the rest of the third game itself, not addressing any of the questions and propositions that the ending should address.
    Mission after mission asspulls are thrown at the player and they are supposed to contain core elements of the narrative without any connection with the previous games. "Oh, you know, we found the ancient plans to this super-weapon, we don't even know what it does, but it's our only hope! Why didn't I mention these ancient plans before? I don't know", "Oh, the genophage was stabilished as a necessary evil, was even fully approached in a previous game? Too bad, let's use it again in the narrative in a total different way!", "You reproggammed heretic Geths? Nah, it didn't change anything!", "Forget Ilos and the Conduit, forget Haelstrom!" and so on, with even poorer resolutions than before, sometimes even with implausible forever happy conclusions, where magically everything worked out for everyone and butterflies and rainbows are in the sky.
    As for other aspects, some can be praised: they finally fleshed out powers, cooldowns and shields/armors/barriers, even adding power combos, making the gameplay as a pure adept or as an enginner very interesting. Too bad the game fail to explain this and you are supposed to search in the internet for a guide to which power detonates the other and what defense is vulnerable to what power (for example, energy drain is useless against armor, carnage is useless against shield, etc). The combat system is finally fun and interesting if you have patience to micromanage your squadmates, because they are useless otherwise and never use the proper powers if left by themselves.
    Other aspects must be criticized: the missions journal is confusing and doesn't match the missions name in the galaxy map, the weapons customization is dumbed down and mostly useless, upgrading equipment is a chore, side missions are utterly boring and repetitive, re-using multiplayer maps and the same mission model (active console A, hold postion B, etc), there are plenty and I mean plent of bugs even so long after release, sometimes advancing the main plot makes side missions expire and several, several characters are out of character or at least with very poorly written lines. The game feels short and I wonder if this is because they decided to focus on multiplayer instead.
    Unlike ME2, I can't recommend any DLC except for Javik. Citadel is cringe worthy and apparently made for 15 years old, Leviathan is stupid, inspired by movies such as Abyss and presents more implausible asspulls than answers, Omega is boring and will make you skip full dialogues out of boredom.
    ME3 is so bad that makes ME1 a master piece in comparison, it'll age bad and be a waste of your time. I recommend reading the relevant plot in wikis and skip this game.
    Too bad they are making a 4th installation, I predict a even worse product.
  90. Jan 18, 2014
    An absolutely terrible end to a great series. Reeks of a company trying to expand the target market of their game at the worse possible time and without taking proper concern as to the affect it would have on the game.

    Many of the original choices and decisions you make in previous game are not addressed and completely forgotten. The introduction of new character undermine existing ones
    and have zero depth.

    Gameplay is largely the same though let down by very far behind the times graphics and laughable animations.

    Bioware made a power play for the market when joining with EA and releasing 3 utterly abysmal games in TOR, ME3 and Dragon Age 2. These have pretty much condemned their reputation with the gaming community and undone over a decade of hard work from the company.

    Sad and poor.
  91. Feb 25, 2014
    Game is way over-hyped. Gameplay has been nerfed and the locations are not as exciting as Mass Effect 2. top it all off, the male-on-male love scenes are disgustingly inappropriate in my opinion. Dead Space is a better trilogy. Gamer beware.
  92. Mar 1, 2014
    0...There is nothing else you can give this travesty and attempt from EA to leech money out of their fans not thinking about the consequences. BioWare did everything wrong here: from unimportant and speedy sidequests to a toilet flush ending where NONE of the choices you made mattered(Please don't give us the crap about The Director's Cut DLC...BARELY made an impact and a little to late) Everything good that ME and ME2 managed to do with our Shepared experience was beaten to pulp and into submission by this horrendous closing to the Trilogy leaving me (and apparently half of the ppl that played it) a bitter aftertaste that's impossible to wash off.Well Done BioWare! Well Done EA! you can have your ME . That was not the game we came to love and enjoy. ME 4 is DEFINITELY going to be CoD clone! i am counting on that Expand
  93. Aug 28, 2014
    Bad game. Tries to hard to be cool. Badly written, a ruined story. Over simplified aimed at those that don't like to think or use their brains to delve into imagination, just like that character in the game says "Aim for the head, because she has no heart" just like mass effect 2, this game is simple and is a try hard. It's lost. Spend the money elsewhere.
  94. Oct 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. this game is one of the worst games i've ever played it completely destroyed what ME stood for Gameplay The gameplay is a TPS Gears of war clone,forcing you on action sequenceshorde mode to finish the levels all you have to do is point and shoot,point and shoot ME2 removed many RPG elements from the original ME1,but this game,this abomination,it destroyed it completely for example,in ME2 you could chat with squadmates and they could tell you random things that would get you in a long and interesting conversation with various investigate options,here is different,you get a 1 minute long conversation at best,and the autodialogue takes 90% of your conversation away,and after that said conversation after 1 main mission,you think you can talk with them some more? NO,they greet you randomly with 'hey' 'hi' 'hi shepard' like Zaeed in ME2 did..that pissed me off so badly i hated the Zaeed system in ME2,that's why i never spoke with him at all in ME2 The interactivity is reduced to none on the ship,you don't have a reason to check out the other parts of the ship The dialogue wheel is reduced to 2 options,and doesn't appear so often,since Shepard talks on his own for 30 minutes before you can do something,and that something is another shooter section they force you to do shooting sections over and over,long shooting galleries i remember in ME1-2 there were missions where you didn't even have to use weapons exploration has been dumbed down to a pacman like game you scan the solar systems with a circle like transmission that detects items on nearby planets and attracks the reapers,if they reach you there's no space battle or something cool,it's game over so retarded side quests are ridicolous,you overhear people talking about a random object lost in the reaper conquered space and you automatically have the quest,you have to do the annoying search minigame with 3 loading screens and then give it to them for 10.000 credits and sometimes a war asset N7 missions are like 5-6 of them,and are ripped straight from the multiplayer The Story the story is bad,but the kind of bad that would make you facepalm for the entire game Shepard is warped from the Normandy (ME2 ending) to Earth,and 6 months have passed. WTF? what shepard said to the illusive man in the ME2 ending? 'the reapers are still out there,and i'm gonna stop them without sacrificing our species' soul' yeah,one that does want to stop the reapers goes to Earth to be jailed. spectre authority?Doesn't matter all you did before doesn't matter,at all: you could do whatever you want and all you get is a slightly different line of dialogue instead of another the rachni for example,a critical choice in ME1 is completely invalidated,the rachni are there,regardless of what you have chosen WHY GIVE US THE CHOICE AT ALL? all it changes it's a number that's all it changes in ME3 EMS,when in ME2 we had flags that determinated who died or who survived here is a number that,you've guessed it,doesn't matter,it just determinates if the space magic device is intact or not each story arch is forced and boring screwing over lore whatever they could like the Geth and the Quarians there are many other story **** that you can imagine Action or RPG 'mode' What the hell is this? is some kind of pandering to COD? stop this **** so tired of it from the description RPG mode would give you total control over what your character says Action mode all dialogue becomes autodialogue,renegade options but it's not like this,at least not in the 'RPG' mode Autodialogue sucks out 90% of what you say and what you do Shepard becomes a retard approving all they say to him without being able to ask questions Tali's Face ....,bioware,why did you **** it up? why do a Photoshopped image,A BAD PHOTOSHOPPED image FOR A CHARACTER THAT WE WERE WAITING 5 YEARS TO SEE? you heard right,they didn't even bother to give her a 3d model,it's all hidden like in ME2,only that photoshopped image pisses me off. especially when i know that a certain Mary Sue (Liara)is given a lot more focus this game has made me hate her I hate Mac Walters and Casey Hudson too. Including the multiplayer Why the hell did you include multiplayer? it's stupid,cheap and idiotic it's just a overglorified Horde mode from GOW with different playable characters of course,then there's the infamous ending it's the worst ending of all time,i cannot express how much hatred i've got for it,and how much i've got it for the game now so much potential,wasted Advice Stay the hell away from this piece of crap Expand
  95. Nov 11, 2014
    Overall a good game, but not a worthy conclusion of this epic trilogy. The ending was bad. I'm not talking about the fact, that there was "no happy-ending". I have no problem with it. The ending was poorly explained and the explanation we got from"god-child" was bad. Furthermore there is some serious bad writing in the game. Cerberus, the Illusive Man and Kai Leng for example. On the other hand there are some amazing storyquests like Tutchanka. Graphics looks good. Characters are interesting. Quests overall are (except for some of the side/miniquests) also interesting. Music is great.
    Overall, a decent game but worse than the previous two.
  96. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic game, despite a few flaws. Compared to Mass Effect 2, ME3 seems less polished. Graphically, the game looks fantastic, particularly the character animations and faces. However, there are some of the slow-loading textures that plagued the the first game, though not as abundant or drastic looking. I have also sparsely encountered this weird "glitch" where characters heads turn back and forth sporadically during conversations; there have even been one or two incidents where a character is fully glitched out of whole cut-scenes. Overall, though, the presentation is very well done. The sound is superb, from the voice-acting to the orchestral background music, living up to the Mass Effect name. However, the music doesn't stick out to me as well as the music from the second game. In terms of gameplay, the game is the best in the series, with solid shooting, squad, and cover mechanics; my only qualm with it is that the space bar, used for cover, is also used to roll (double-click) and interact with the environment, and when trying to perform one of these actions one may perform one of the others. The menus are more streamlined, except for the journal. Perhaps my biggest issue with ME3 is the journal. In the second game, your journal was separated into two categories: main missions and secondary missions. If you clicked on one of the missions, an outline would appear and display what you should do next in a mission. This is gone in ME3 and all of the mission appear under one category, and are not very organized. The codex is strangely also located under the journal, but this for me is not an issue. There is also the matter of obtaining secondary missions. In the second game, one had to engage in conversation with characters in an area to start sidequests. In ME3, one simply overhears conversations in an area and most of the secondary missions are automatically started. This feels less interactive and, simply, less engaging. My last issue with ME3 is searching the galaxy. While some (or more likely many) did not like the planet scanning/mining feature of the second game, I enjoy it, making me feel that I had to explore the whole galaxy and read all of the lore. In the third game, there a new system that involves avoiding Reapers in the galaxy; if they catch you while you are exploring a system and scanning objects, it's game over. While this system is fun, it also feels limiting. These issues aside, Mass Effect 3 is overall a wonderful game. It is definitely the most emotionally engaging game of the trilogy, and does not skimp on any story-telling quality. It is amazing to see how one's actions in the first two games culminates in the third game. While I do wish that your squad was larger than six options (downloadable content aside), the squadmates in combat and in conversation are seemingly flawless (graphical hitches aside). I highly recommend Mass Effect 3, but I even more highly recommend you play the first two games before this one for a truly emotional, interactive, and exciting experience! Expand
  97. Mar 12, 2012
    I'll make this quick: This game is just as amazing as the previous two. BioWare made some excellent gameplay-wise decisions, the action is fast-paced and intense, the story is intense, too. The soundtrack is awesome, as well. It's the first game since...well, Mass Effect 2 that I actually enjoyed playing. I know that the ending upsets many people BUT rating the game with 3 points or less because you don't like 5% of the game is just childish and, frankly, total BS. I can understand that you don't like the ending, I don't like it too much, either. But that doesn't change the fact that the remaining 95% of the game are simply awesome. Get your sh...stuff together, kids. Expand
  98. Mar 25, 2012
    I honestly cannot understand the huge dissatisfaction with the game here. Sure, it's not perfect nor groundbreaking, but nowhere deserving of of a zero or even a 1. However, it may be due to the fact that I am not a hardcore fan of the series so plot holes and other abnormalities are missed by me. I believe there is a lot of passion for the franchise that when it doesn't go in a particular way it is completely dismissed. It is suppose to be the last installment of the series, and it seems many were expecting more. I know I was expecting a better and more grand ending, but I wasn't going to let it completely destroy the other experiences I had. (And, I almost forgot, there was a lot of controversy on the first-day release of DLC. That move by EA caused a lot of anger and probably another reason for the very low scores.)

    The one flaw I felt with this game is that I felt like I wasn't playing anything new. Just a continuation of the last game. The graphics and the game play felt exactly the same. The only difference is the story is continuing. That being said, I still enjoyed the story and what was going on in the Mass Effect universe. That in itself made the game difficult to put down, and it was the only game I played for the week I purchased it.

    To easily summarize: if you've played the first and second game, you will know what to expect with the third installment, with the exception of the boring exploring or scanning on the planets.
  99. Mar 26, 2012
    You like Doom Unreal or similar FPS shooter games merged with Hollywood Sci-Fi films ? Then this game is for you.But if you like real RPG games with encounters making sense and lot of planets to explore, and the feeling that YOU decide where you want to go and what place to explorer, then go back playing Mass effect 1
    I suppose you get sci-fi like scenes after each combat episode because
    it's too boring spending your time only on killing monsters ? Expand
  100. Jul 13, 2012
    Bought it cheap but still did not touch the game until the Extended Cut appeared so my review is only of that version - I don't even know what was added to be honest.

    It takes a while to get going but I was rewarded with an occasionally epic midgame and a reasonable ending to the whole saga. The combat scenes are far, far too easy though so I recommend pumping it above normal
    difficulty. It's also about the quietest game I've ever played so I had to drive my volume settings to about double what I normally use.

    Also I got the distinct impression that most of my travels were completely pointless since you fairly quickly reach the "Minimum" Force level to complete the game - I doubt greater values matter.

    The galactic readiness map is of course entirely meaningless in the Single Player game but that's not something I recall being made aware of. Just ignore it.

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.