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  • Summary: BioWare completes the Mass Effect Trilogy with Mass Effect 3. Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race. As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, the only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth. Expand
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  1. Mar 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 will force you to make tough decisions on a galactic scale. You have to think them through and you feel bad about yourself afterwards. It really kicked me in the emotional equivalent of testicles. What a spectacular finale to the trilogy! [April 2012, p.44]
  2. Mar 19, 2012
    Anyone who has invested any amount of time in the previous games will enjoy watching the final chapter of Shepard's tale unfold, and among the feelings of excitement and joy as they meet and fight alongside old friends for the fate of the galaxy, they will also feel just a tinge of disappointment and heartbreak as they bid farewell to the colorful universe and memorable characters BioWare has created.
  3. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 surprised me in a very positive way. BioWare has delivered an excellent product that won't allow us to forget about Normandy's crew for years to come. The trilogy's conclusion should satisfy everyone and the grand finale itself is simply perfect - you will all be awestruck.
  4. Mar 6, 2012
    Whether you possess a storied history with the series or come with a clean slate, Mass Effect 3 expertly entangles you in its universe and inspires you to care about its future.
  5. Mar 12, 2012
    The efforts to approach a broader target group by ripping to shreds "complex" RPG mechanics, by cutting back on dialogue options and by emphasizing the action element, are painfully obvious. But the epic scale, the magnificent direction, the different story paths influenced by options that skyrocket the game's replayability and, in general, the whole "blockbuster" grandeur feeling outshine the various drawbacks. [April 2012]
  6. 90
    A great finale to a remarkable series. While Mass Effect 3 may not be perfect, the stirring story, smart writing and fast combat still make for an exceptional experience.
  7. 75
    So that's the story of Mass Effect 3, turned from potential masterpiece into a game sabotaged by greed and the „it's good enough" approach. It's unbelievable how easy BioWare passed over the opportunity for greatness and, despite the sales, I have a feeling that their reputation as great RPG makers is going downhill fast. Especially after this "back to back" performance with the fiasco called Dragon Age II.

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  1. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass effect 3 is a fitting conclusion to the mass effect saga. It boasts significantly improved gameplay fluidity and mechanics, as well as a more varied campaign. The story is emotional, hard hitting, and diverse. The games visuals have been improved a lot, and the pc version looks quite spectacular despite and aging core engine, and runs smoother than the previous games to boot. In terms of streamlining - which I hate - the game is in between mass effect 1 and 2, the major disappointment in the game is the planet exploring, which has been stripped down. Imported save games determine a lot, from entire characters no longer existing in the story to conflicts that play out entirely different.Multiplayer is fun, and is not required to get the best ending in the game. In the end, mass effect 3 is special. As good as mass effect 2 in storytelling, and almost as good as mass effect 1 in rpg-like skill/item medications and exp distribution. My favorite in an acclaimed series. Collapse
  2. May 20, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game â Expand
  3. Aug 26, 2012
    The ending isn't perfect. In fact, it had me in a rage where it made me feel as though the rest of the series was no longer relevant. The extended cut gave me a slightly better ending, but I still feel as though the ending doesn't live up to the standard of the series. That said, it's actually still a fantastic game, and I felt as though I was going to give it a perfect 10 throughout all of it, until I hit the ending. It's not a great ending, and I have many reasons why I don't like it. It does seem to mar the overall experience, but after some consideration, I did remember that there was a genuinely great game before that. Was it a satisfactory end to my Shepherds journey? Hell no. But it was one hell of a ride until I got there. Expand
  4. Mar 12, 2012
    10/10 before the last fifteen minutes, but for me the last fifteen minutes ruined it for me. Don't buy this, instead make up your own story it will be better than the **** that bioware wrote for you to digest. 4/10. Its a game it should be a happy ending because its a goddamn video game and people play it to have fun not to be preached at **** bioware you suck go dieeeeeeee. Expand
  5. Apr 11, 2012
    Wow, Bioware turned my favorite RPG series of all time down to a Gears-of-War-type sci-fi shooter. I'll admit, the combat is 100% better. But Bioware has changed the formula from what made us all love the first two Mass Effect games. The conversations with NPCs were the best part of the first two games -- now they aren't much more than cutscenes. In Mass Effect 3, instead of feeling like you are actually conversing with NPCs, you merely watch Shepard talking to them. Its so frustrating to see "my" Shepard get turned into a cookie-cutter gaming action hero. You get a couple of options every now and then, which I'm not sure even cause differences in the dialog. Contrast this to the first two games, where Shepard didn't say anything without you telling him what to say, and those conversation choices made it feel like you were actually making a difference. Bioware tries really hard to make every cutscene (of which there are way too many) super epic and emotional. It turns out most are just really corny. Its a lot like Gears of War, which I enjoyed. But I'm not looking for Gears of War here, I'm looking for Mass Effect!

    It makes me really sad that somehow, Bioware just isn't the studio they used to be. I feel like they are trying to just appease 8 year olds that just want to play to blow things up.

    I makes me more sad that I can't REALLY continue the amazing experience that was Mass Effect 2. Its their same Dragon Age II mistake, all over again.
  6. Mar 12, 2012
    Beautifully written game up until the last 5 minutes. If you do decide to play, just stop playing before the final cutscene. The ending completely ruined the game for me. Expand
  7. Mar 1, 2014
    0...There is nothing else you can give this travesty and attempt from EA to leech money out of their fans not thinking about the consequences. BioWare did everything wrong here: from unimportant and speedy sidequests to a toilet flush ending where NONE of the choices you made mattered(Please don't give us the crap about The Director's Cut DLC...BARELY made an impact and a little to late) Everything good that ME and ME2 managed to do with our Shepared experience was beaten to pulp and into submission by this horrendous closing to the Trilogy leaving me (and apparently half of the ppl that played it) a bitter aftertaste that's impossible to wash off.Well Done BioWare! Well Done EA! you can have your ME . That was not the game we came to love and enjoy. ME 4 is DEFINITELY going to be CoD clone! i am counting on that Expand

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