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  • Summary: Take the command of "Free Nations Union" forces and defeat the secret alliance of "Phantom League" on one of 6 distant planets. The rebels decided to seize the power on Earth by first conquering the space colonies, which provide vital energy resources to F.N.U. The war for global domination will unroll on continents, at sea and in the air. Lead your divisions, fleets and air squadrons against those, who dared threaten our freedom and democracy! [] Expand
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  1. Proves that simplicity of gameplay doesn't mean boring gameplay. In the case of Massive Assault, the simplicity is its strength.
  2. 88
    The best strategy game I have played this year. It offers just the right mix of features I'm looking for in a good game: great balance, easy to learn basic principles and a behavior that is tightly controlled by the developer.
  3. 84
    It's a visually pleasing game that has the tweakability to scale down to relatively slow computers, but you'll need a large block of time to figure out the subtleties of the battlefield and the unit combination for particular environments and situations.
  4. When the smoke clears, you're left with a great feeling of satisfaction at having beaten such vicious single-player AI. [Feb 2004, p.66]
  5. 75
    One can't help imagine what might have been if more units had been added and specialized tactics would have been allowed to take shape.
  6. While Massive Assault has the potential to be a massive assault on your free time, it falls a bit short due to the repetitive feel and limited depth of the gameplay.
  7. The simplicity of this system betrays the insidiously difficult gameplay. [Feb 2004, p.82]

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  1. Jul 29, 2013
    A great turn-based tactical strategy game with excellent gameplay, balanced rules, nicely designed missions. It was underrated because of the somewhat blunt graphical style and the strong eastern-european accent of the female voice which comments the game events. A pity you can hardly find any games like this one nowadays. Expand
  2. Mik
    Dec 18, 2003
    The handsomest hex game ever!!! If you like turn-based strategy games this game is MUST own!