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  • Summary: Massive Assault Network is a hardcore online strategy game, based on the original Secret Allies political concept. You will be fighting for global domination on one of 8 distant planets against live opponents via Internet. The game is set in fascinating 3D sci-fi environment. Revolutionary Dynamic Turn-Based Gameplay. Time-proven "Secret Allies" concept provides instant intrigue & endless replayability. Ladder, Tournaments & Clan Wars. Take part in individual and team-based competitions. Live Mentors & Friendly Online Community
    Train with dedicated live Mentors. Use Built-in Chat to find opponents & get help from other players. Fascinating 3D Engine. State-of-the-art unit and terrain graphics revolutionary for TBS genre. Free Training with A.I. 8 Training Missions, 3 Scenarios and one planet for World Wars. Unlimited Trial Period. Play any number of World War games vs live players on beautiful "Emerald" planet. []
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  1. Nothing special, but worth a look if you fancy some polished but none too exciting RPS action.
  2. Through MA and MAN, has managed to revitalize the good old TBS genre. And while they don’t bring anything new to the table, these games have that certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes you go “ok, one more turn and I’m done, honest”.
  3. A solid title that oozes replayability.
  4. Playing against real, live people is very challenging and it could take months to master even a single map in the game. The game can also become very addictive, enough that you might start thinking about it while doing completely unrelated tasks like walking, eating or even sleeping.
  5. The great gameplay, excellent graphics and easy to use control system add up to a game worthy of everyone’s attention. However veterans of strategy games might want to give the game a try before jumping off into the deep end.
  6. With these changes, Massive Assault Network isn't so much a step forward as it is a step sideways--or even backward.
  7. Ideally suited to hard core strategy gamers who relish the pure strategic elements of player-versus-player conflict and don't mind the occasionally tedious hotspot in combat.

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