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  1. May 17, 2012
    Rockstar Games took Remedy's franchise and developed Max Payne 2, and boy, did they do a job well done.
    They improved everything in this game; Graphics, Sound Design, Animations and so on...
    Much like the first game, this game is WAY too outstanding for it's time, Half Life 2 has one of the best graphics of 2004 but I think Max Payne 2 might just beat it in the slightest pixel.
    They added
    physics to this game and WOW it works very well and it actually adds a lot to the game and it is very helpful, like pushing an explosive barrel towards an enemy and then blowing it up, or if a dead enemy's weapon gets stuck in some edge just shoot it a couple times for it to fall in your hands.
    This game is outstanding and I just can't tell which game is better the 1st Max Payne or the 2nd one, they are both just perfect.
    But still, I wonder what would of happen to the series if Remedy kept making the games... Hmmm... Max's face from the first game in the third one...
  2. Sep 11, 2012
    We Will Never Forget Remedy's Max Payne.
  3. Jun 9, 2012
    Despite the super short campaign, "Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne" is very enjoyable due to its realistic physics, badass bullet-time, and a pulp fiction-al dark storyline.
  4. Dec 15, 2012
    RainbowDashie13 is totally not right in one thing - MP2 for PC was developed by REMEDY, so let's not praise Rockstar too high as they killed MPs soul in their onw version - MP3.
    MP2 is splendid game, I really love it and true fan of it.
    THX Remedy for everything, U R THE BEST!
  5. Mar 23, 2013
    Writing this 10 years after it's release date, my conclusion is that this hasn't aged well. The graphics are a little better than MP1, there's a little physics (ooh!) in the engine and there's a longer slow-motion trick with (wait for it...) a finishing move. On the other hand, I didn't like the story sounds like a bad sequel, full of easy one liners that don't make sense. There's still no real widescreen. (without stretching) Also, I had to see too many a cutscene to get to just the next comic bit lots of "story" and too little game. I didn't like it and I think there are much better games to be had nowadays. Expand
  6. Oct 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is probably the game that has similar graphics to Valve's Half-Life 2. The graphics, gameplay and the story just got even better with this awesome TPS. But the amount of good add-on games (like the original Max Payne) are limited. Expand
  7. May 17, 2011
    Max Payne 2 is the game that defines 'Game Noir' in my mind. The story is deep, dark and compelling. The character development is strong, and the gameplay is so much fun.
  8. Sep 9, 2011
    This is a instant classic of its time, and has aged very well, and being a personal computer game at that this game has good polygon counts, non copy pasted environments, Good art and textures, there is not single texture in this game that looks out of place or looks blurry and ruins the immersion. This is game that clearly didn't worry too much about hardware budgets. Its an example of what a real game should be.. A work of art and story that will age well. The Remedy guys did a top job on creating this. Expand
  9. Oct 12, 2011
    Totally shocked by this game. Brings everything well - emotional plot, brutally action and impressive feeling that everything's on good position. definitely one of best games in my life
  10. May 22, 2012
    One of the best TPSes of all time. Amazing game, you should definitely play it. The only bad thing about this is that it's extremely short (I can beat it in 3 hours), but the several hours you'll get from playing the story are breathtaking. The story is amazing. Also, it is very moddable, so you can download all kinds of mods from the Internet. Try Payne Effects 3.
  11. Dec 13, 2012
    One of the best action games I've ever played. Stands the test of time and has aged well; I have replayed it many times over the years since it came out and still love it today. The noir story hits the right mark with characters you love to hate and get invested in. Combat is tight and cinematic with only a few forced "boss" fights breaking up the flow. Still worth picking up and playing today unlike the original. Expand
  12. Aug 18, 2013
    Max Payne 2 is a great game but it doesn't beat Max Payne 1. The graphics are really good for 2003 considering it had DX9 and there's also ragdoll physics which are a bit clunky but still good, as well as a lot of items and debris which is also physical. Even today the game still looks great. The game is a lot shorter compared to the first game (MP2 is around 7-8 hours) but despite that the game itself is still enjoyable. Expand
  13. Jun 11, 2011
    Its probably the most depressing game i`ve ever played. the story is pretty fantastic, and the gameplay is vastly improved from the original. it was, on the other hand, about 2-3 hours shorter then the first one.
  14. Mar 2, 2012
    A vastly superior game to the already promising original. This game refines in all the right ways, tells a great story and feels great to play. Even by today's standards. It might still be the best implementation of bullet time in a game. It also ditches some of the more clunky aspects of the original - leading to it being more timeless.
  15. Jun 2, 2011
    Rockstar again delivers a game with an engaging, deep and complex storyline, all told in a top-notch storytelling. If you played Max Payne, be sure to grab this one. Despite the easier combat than its predecessor, it's still a masterpiece. For a 2011 gamer such as myself, I'm still amazed with what Rockstar did. Just don't watch the movie.
  16. Jul 7, 2012
    Buch better than the Max Payne 1. The graphics much beautiful, the bullet time much better. Sounds and storyline are okay.
  17. Apr 22, 2013
    I don't give out 10/10 easy, but Max Payne is a must. If you don't play this game your are missing out on a masterpiece of graphics, story, character development, sound, and setting. I've played this game through to the end I've lost count. I highly recommend after the first play-through install Cinema mod for a rebooted experience with music and even more weapons. This game is the best thing to come from Remedy. Expand
  18. Oct 3, 2012
    Un juego jodida mente bueno el mejor de la saga, es algo que no lo supero, su historia, y como juego de shooter en tercera persona es lo mejor que hay,
  19. Jun 6, 2012
    Not as good as its predecessor in my opinion but brought back some of the good memories of the first Max Payne. Another great title by Rockstar Games.
  20. Jun 9, 2012
    This is a perfect sequel, a game that improves every aspect of the original. Better graphics, polished shooting and bullet time mechanics, motion capture, professional actors, and hell, just more noirish Max Payne misadventures make it one of the best shooter games ever made. By the way, Rockstar only ported the game to the consoles while Remedy has done all the work, despite what some people think. Expand
  21. Aug 4, 2012
    I love this game! I love its amazing story, adrenaline full gameplay, dark, rainy atmosphere, slow motion time, everything! The only thing i hate about this game is...well I can't find any. Amazing game with exceptional story and gameplay!
  22. Oct 17, 2012
    My First PC Game played 4yrs ago! My favourite shooter game which has a thrilling story, a confused protagonist, but most importantly a coherent plot which was a bit cheesy in a few places but i still loved it!
  23. Jul 18, 2012
    Sooo ein Geniales Game , sehr Tolle Zwischen texte und Sprecher ! ^^
  24. Oct 17, 2012
    In my opinion, the best game in the series. Despite it becoming a little stale towards the end, this feel s like a great sequel to one of the PC's most iconic third-person shooters ever.
  25. Nov 27, 2012
    One of the best games ever made in my opinion, let alone best sequel. Story is fantastic, and even though I already knew the whole story (due to spoilers on the internet and such), I almost cried at the end of it. Best in the Max Payne series, and you should get on steam and buy this. I mean, it's only like $15. SERIOUSLY. DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!
  26. Dec 5, 2012
    Max Payne is back and he comes up big yet again. The story of Max Payne 2 is an improvement over the original Max Payne along with the gameplay and visuals. The action of Max Payne 2 is much smoother and this makes the game flow so much better, there are still comic book cutscenes and the voice acting is great once again . If you liked the first game then you are bound to enjoy this one as well. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys action games. Expand
  27. Jan 5, 2013
    Max Payne 2 seems to have a lot of potential but I just can't see how it sustains such great reviews. The game is well made but there are specific gameplay elements that don't work in any circumstance. The slow motion evading is great but it never seems useful, the maps don't allow for it to be used beneficially. The shooting isn't that exciting either, blasting through enemies always feels so pointless. It seems like the kind of game that would fair better with a tougher character that can take more hits. It's very short too, I got to the end of the second chapter within three hours and just decided to stop playing out of boredom, I later found out that there was only one more chapter afterwards. Being that this is only a single player game, five hours is appalling. Expand
  28. Jan 30, 2013
    Atfer a long time, I play this game once again, Im really impressed, the game is really good, bullet time moments are to funny and the game is really intresting as well as emotionally engaging.
  29. Aug 26, 2013
    as expected for rockstar games another damn good game amazing visuals and one of the best voice acting the only not good thing about this game is that it is a bit short
  30. ERB
    Aug 26, 2013
    One of the best PC games I've ever played.It was no surprise that this game would get a high score.I mean the first Max Payne game is one of the best game ever made so I was expecting that the sequel was gonna be good.The game play is good and even the storyline of the game is great.But those parts are not the best parts of the game,the best part is the Bullet time.Yeah I know any game that is great should have Bullet Time effects because It always look good in gaming.So I'm giving this game a 10/10 score because this game is great.I like this game. Expand
  31. Sep 3, 2013
    The sequel of Max Payne is just like it but better.Max Payne 2 like original has good story and game play but the thing that make it better that most of thing in missions are movable that why I like it.Again the best thing
    about it is BULLET TIME.
  32. AWG
    Jun 4, 2013
    The second chapter of one of the most epic trilogies in the entire history of videogames and a female character to die for. The movie was bad but it didn't kill the franchise and every kiddo who just watched the movie without playing this game should immediately... REMEDY to this. Got it? Remedy.
    I'm so funny.
  33. Nov 1, 2013
    The saga continues.Even you're a hard person to find things good in later comers,you'll find all the things you loved in first one.Dark atmosphere,action with 'bullet-time' quality,high-level graphics...And in this one our guy is not alone;if you're looking for a femme-fatale keeping secrets,mysteries,it's Mona Sax what you need.A story with lies,deceptions.A man trying to find the ground from his eternal fall.That's what we call Max Payne genre.

    The newest thing about the game is the change in the face of Max Payne.Deadsure this new look is better.The new holds all the sorrow,and fatigue which the years gifted to him.And besides Max Payne,Mona Sax's join gives game a new level.We can into the thoughts of her by the dialogs,the oil-printed screens between chapters.And in some chapters we are playing Mona Sax character besides Max Payne.That's another reason that when everything comes up to a conclusion in the end,we feel the loss,the pain in our hearts better.We exactly live the feelings these two characters live.

    The screenplay is more complicated.The bad men,the conspiracies,the things tricky.We don't kill the men just because game wants,we don't go with the flow;we are aware all the going on.This is the success of the screenplay and the videos between the chapters to keep us in the same direction as the game is on the wheel.Also in some chapters we play in the events which happened during the chapter we played before.These are some of the developments about the cinematic and storytelling side of the second game.

    There are two things I'd like to tell.First one;this one is not just a game to continue the series.It is connected with the first game both in story and character side.And it feels like it will go on.The second thing is the song playing in the end:Late Goodbye by Poets Of The Fall.Only the ones who play this game can understand how it makes you feel.

    So play this game and see how it plays with the ides about 'falling' in your mind.Ask yourself:Is there anything he didn't lose as he lives in his eternal fall? and will ever be ground for him to reach?
  34. Aug 4, 2013
    Poboljšana grafika u odnosu na prvi, tačnije sada je puno bolja,
    fizika oružja i zvukovi također odlični,
    pojavljuje se djevojka,
    mana je jedino kratkoća.
  35. Nov 19, 2013
    Max Payne 2 is a great squeal, to bad they changed the face of Max Payne. I preferred Sami Järvi. (He wrote the story for Max Payne 1 and 2 and the lyrics for ''Late Goodbye'' Max Payne 2 ending song) The story's great with showing how Max copes with the grief of his murdered wife and baby daughter.
  36. Sep 21, 2014
    Very good sequel. Not bringing anything innovative anymore as the original Max Payne did, but offering a similar experience, fun gameplay is still intact and playing as Mona was a nice refreshment. 8/10
  37. Nov 24, 2013
    For me this is a refined version of Max Payne 1. You can feel that Max's character has matured and he's become a wiser man. This is somewhat of an analogy for Remedy who having succeeded with Max Payne now have moved from a basement to an office with proper funding. One could expect a sequel to be a flop however this has only continued the quality that was put into Max Payne 1. Great to see Sam Lake writing for this one, the comics are still a technical workaround but add essence to the game (something Max Payne 3 under Rockstar has lost). Expand
  38. Anz
    Dec 14, 2013
    When this game got released 2003 this was one of the best games out there. Remedy Entertainment did good job on this sequel. Rockstar games ONLY published this they didn't have anything else to do with this game.
  39. Feb 8, 2014
    yeah its nice game and great controls, visuals, and gaming style but its kinda bad continue for the story line and this girl mona man this game is awesome and all but not bad story line .
  40. Jun 4, 2014
    For being a sequel it is a great improvement in almost all areas of the game but the only downside of this game was the length of the game. I do not think that this game is worse or much better than the first game but I consider this game to be more enjoyable because of all the improvements and having new working physics implemented to the game makes the sequel almost superior to the first and ahead of it's time. But this game is 2-3 years newer than the first game so it was expected. But what most people fail to do when they make a sequel is the story but the story was still very good so I am happy they actually considered to improve almost everything instead of just trying to improve some mechanics and call it a sequel. Remedy did a great job and Max payne deserves the praise it gets, being the most enjoyable action type shooter. Though there is a problem if it is bought on steam because the game can't run from steam because it is required to have a specific video card driver or a sound driver to launch it from steam, and because of this it is better to buy the game and install it outside Steam. I was looking forward to replay this game often and quick install it on Steam when I wanted but unfortunatley I can't because for some reason Amd can't make drivers that is compatible with older games like Max Payne. Expand
  41. Jun 9, 2014
    Max Payne 2: the Fall of Max Payne is a masterpiece, only with few flaws. First, everything has been improved in this sequel: the graphic, the bullet-time, the story and hell, sounds. But despite that, short length and the same feeling when you play the original Max Payne weighted it down.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 46
  2. Negative: 0 out of 46
  1. About as slick as they come, with a presentation and verve that supercedes cutting-edge. It's a short one, but good things do come in small packages after all.
  2. This series has been one of the most intense and best played games ever. I have never felt the same about a game since Half Life 1. This game sets the standard of what any shooter game should be – it's A+ quality, inside and outside.
  3. The gritty, film noir storytelling, intense bullet time action sequences and painstaking attention to detail in every area make Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne a must-have for every action fan.