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  1. Nov 24, 2014
    I have tried out hundreds of games this year and finished none of them. But THIS was what I was waiting for! A truly magnificent game in every respect. Captivating story line, fantastic graphics and physics, and very enjoyable gameplay. I don't think I can fault this game. The detail in the little things gives this game great character. From the hilarious tv stations to Max playing his favorite tune on the piano before being thrown into yet another heroic gun battle. It not only kept all the charm of the previous series, but has managed to add so much more! Well done Rockstar for creating another piece of unforgettable video game history! Expand
  2. Oct 31, 2014
    It a very good game, but not the same fun as GTA series. I did not even finish it, it started to become boring. Maybe I just love to drive a car like in GTA :)
  3. Sep 27, 2014

    Gameplay and interface are heavy consolized. You can't find here a rapid adrenaline action, like in previous games, just a hours of boring shooting from the covers.

    Plot is the worst part, even if not considering it as a part of Max Payne's story. Hollow, dumb and unmotivated narrative with bleak characters - they **** up even with Max. I pulled myself to end this game,
    because I started wanting to drop it after first hour - and the plot only making more blunt after it. Seriously, the one of the worst storyline in AAA-videogames ever, including Call of Duties.

    Visual style and soundtrack scores solid 0/10
  4. Sep 21, 2014
    For the second time, I played through several chapters and saved, shut the game down, and came back later only to find that much of my progress had been wiped out. Again: I didn't go back to a specific chapter and I allowed the game to save as you are supposed to. I don't "have read-only enabled" or any other stupid **** I just played the game as intended, and lost half my progress.

    **** Rockstar for **** all over the PC versions of their games. This will be the last Rockstar title that I buy.
  5. Sep 9, 2014
    I love this game. Not only is Max the grizzliest, most metaphorical detective to grace the gaming world, but his third game is amazing. Gunplay - fantastic; the tightest third person shooter I've probably ever played. Plot - gripping; seamless transition from gameplay to cutscenes, and a well-thought out political drama which Rockstar pulled off in the weirdest setting - Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    You have to play this on PC to get the full experience - 60fps and max settings make this a gorgeous, slick, and smooth as **** ride to get through. Seriously, I didn't even care about the complete linearity of the game, because I wanted to stay on the beaten track so much.

    James McCaffrey nails it once again as Max Payne. 9.4/10.
  6. Aug 31, 2014
    Just hating on this game for annoying DRM practices.

    Can't even start games up these without having to sign in to some **** platform, I already have steam, is that not good enough?

    Also **** Ubisoft's Uplay aswell.
  7. Aug 13, 2014
    There is no Max Payne 3. It looks nice, it is out there along with all the other good looking games, it has all the whistles and bells for a good decent game, you know, the gangsta stuff is good at. But this is not Max Payne 3. Play MP 1&2 and my affirmation will make sense.
  8. Aug 12, 2014
    Great graphics, story, and gameplay. I would normally give this game an 8 out of 10, but giving it a 10 to offset stupid reviews that give it a 0 just because it wasn't a game you assumed it was. A 0 should only be given to a game that is completely unplayable, aka it doesn't run at all and you couldn't play a single minute of the game.

    Game has excellent action and storyline. Has a
    lot of cut scenes and a lot of action. Very enjoyable. Expand
  9. Jul 23, 2014
    Sorry, this is just not a Max Payne game. It's some type of tech demo for a Rockstar engine. To be honest it took me more time to download than I have played it, so you can imagine how it made me feel. Graphically not that amusing, gameplay is boringly repetitive and the designers just don't know how to trigger events any other way than "five steps then five enemies". Highly disappointing and not happy with the critics. Expand
  10. Jul 1, 2014
    Got MP3 on Steam for about 9€ with all DLC included. I haven't played other max payne titles so I'm not particularly attached to franchise in any way, nor did I had great expectations.

    For a 3rd preson shooter PC game, the gameplay and mechanics are well thought and the graphics are pretty good. Textures have reasonable. Physics and environment destructibility are also OK, but nothing
    to radical.

    On the campaign and the story as a whole it's pretty meh...I mean it's not bad it's just nothing out of your ordinary action plot, and sometimes you might even predict certain outcomes. The story is also pretty linear. The quantity cutscenes in this game may not appeal to some, but I suppose it's part of the action driven movie formula kinda game...Overall it's a good a game for less than 10€.
  11. Jun 25, 2014
    Este juego demuestra que un Thirth Person Shotter puede tener una historia larga y profunda, jugablidad excelente, y lo que mas me gusta el angulo argumental tanto de los protagonistas como los P. Secundarios, teniendo en cuanta que llega ha haber una conexion con cada personaje, la narrativa de comic se reemplazaron por un estilo mas "moderno" de un orden colores y palabras resaltadas creo que el cambio de narrativa refresco el juego el cual lo necesitaba y los escenarios estan MUY bien elaborados.

    Mi calificacion 10/10
  12. Jun 24, 2014
    not really like the original good Max Payne 1 and 2.
    I really tried to like it...but i couldn't!
    Max Payne 3 is like a Trippe A cutscene, railroadshooter...
    You are forced to do Railroad like missions, you can't move like you want in missions (and you could move where ever you want in the good old max payne games, like in the hotel mission or the other crazy cool missions).
    Now you are
    forced to walk in one direction and if you fail, reload at checkpoint and try again.
    There are also VERY ANNYOING Railroad missions, like you are sitting in a helicopter and you are forced to shoot enemys...if you fail, do it again WTF? I want move with Max payne and kill the enemys on my way!
    This is the worst thing they could do with the max payne series.
    I had not fun with the new max payne...the multiplayer was is okay, but the singleplayer isn't good...
    Like AVGN would say "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?"
    Please go back to roots!
  13. Jun 15, 2014
    I'm simply amazed by the effort that Rockstar put into the development of the PC version. I have heard that this one is not a port, but a game that was simultaneously developed along with its console counterparts. By seeing the way Rockstar optimized this game for PC, I can, without a doubt, say that GTA V on PC is going to be pretty awesome.
  14. Jun 11, 2014
    Its an OK game. The story line is OK, it works for a video game. The mechanics, fit for Max Payne. The graphics are pretty good. Some things that really f'n bother me. W T F with the asinine cut scenes. I am not saying they sucked or that there were too many, but why in gods name do video games want to think for me. Two instances: The first one, when you are in the slums and there are three people being held in a room at gun point, you just fought an army to get here and instead of giving you the chance to AT LEAST SLOW TIME THROUGH THE DOOR and kill as many as you can, NO, you are going to be a dumb ass and walk in and try to talk it over. W T F.

    Second instance, having the shootout with another army of bad guys at the graveyard, which is way over the top of realism, but works for a PC arcade game, there is a sniper in the tower, your mission is to flank him and take him out, but you must do it it parts as you have to run to cover. Every time you run to cover a bunch of bad guys come out of this building and you have to shoot them to move on, finally flanking the sniper and killing him. This is all fine and dandy, BUT THEN LIKE YOUR F'N BRAINS FELL OUT WHILE YOU WERE WALKING UP THE STAIRS TO THE BUILDING THAT ALL THE BAD GUYS WERE JUST POURING OUT OF, you casually walk inside looking to hide and BAMN! instantly surrounded by all of the bad guys that had yet to run out and get shot by you. W T F.

    I understand that story writing is a disappearing art, but really, you cannot find better ways for the story to progress then to take a character that is supposed to be experienced and have them do all of these smart things, and then walk into situations like he just fell off the F'N turnip truck.

    Please, STOP MAKING DECISIONS for gamers during game-play. It is bad enough when a game is so linear that I have to follow a line that any sensible person knows is going to end up badly, but this game takes those options off the table. Not only must you follow that line, but you will watch in a form of stupification on what you had to do, then watch a cut-scene where you infinitely facepalm yourself for realizing that even though you knew this was going to end badly, there is not anything you can do about it.

    Graphics 7, audio 7, gameplay outside of pre-made decisions 6, story line 6, linear game 5, constantly kicking the player in the nuts after every fight or unchangeable decision 10, but this really is a negative aspect so 1.

    The game is not state of the art, and the decisions the hero makes reverses any amount of coolness you may have just pulled off in bullet time. Over all the game gets a 5.

    Rockstar, we all know you can do better. Please stop settling on this crap.If you need guidance, look at your other games like L.A. Noire and GTA V.
  15. Jun 6, 2014
    I really miss the old style 'noir' in previous games, but without affecting nostalgia, is a quite acceptable sequel and a very good shooter. (oh! and the music its just perfect)
  16. May 27, 2014
    Egyszerűen remek játék volt. Történet persze ismerős lehet de a játék dinamikája és a hangulata oda szegez a géphez és nem enged... A fő szereplőt a lehető legjobban találták el, azonosulni pedig 1-2 ember biztos fog (köztük én is) majd vele. A zenék pedig zseniálisak itt ott noir de ez miért lenne baj... Remélem lesz Max Payne 4 is...
  17. May 25, 2014
    One of the best third person shooters ever made. The story completely sucks you in, and I think it's even more fun to play on hard difficulty. At that point, areas can be frustrating, but very rewarding once you succeed. Yes, Max chooses some bad cover when he enters certain areas, and makes a stupid decision or two that you suffer for, but to me that's all part of the experience. Now quit **** and go be a badass. Expand
  18. Vex
    May 13, 2014
    This game is so monotonous, linear and boring, words can't even begin to express. There are only 3 mechanics in the game: shooting, examining trivia and pushing buttons/pulling levers. The game throws waves upon waves of enemies at you, which not only kills any semblance of realism, but also makes sure you get frustrated for having to replay the same section/hangar/floor for the n-th time after getting killed in the stupidest way possible. It is not possible to approach problems stealthily, use tactics or any kind of planning; instead the game will often do the stupidest thing - Max will open a big door to a room full of enemies (big surprise) and literally throw himself in the midst of them, trying to shoot them up using slo-mo instead of staying where he is and taking them out from there.

    The only saving grace of this game is nice graphics and really good voice acting. It appears as though Rockstar wanted to make a movie instead of a game. It plays like a half-baked shooter from 1998.

    What a waste of time. Avoid.
  19. May 11, 2014
    Nine years. That’s long it took for Max Payne to get his **** together and return to the stage. Our beloved action hero might have aged, grew some white hair and wrinkles but his moves remained sharp and polished. He is still the killing machine who once extinguished half New-York’s underworld for his loved ones.

    MORE ON:

    This time around we find Max in the
    sunny Brazil instead of the snowy streets of the Big Apple. It’s a nice, but sometimes strange change of scenery. He’s working for the Bronco family as their bodyguard, but as usually things turn upside down pretty quickly around him. The narrative is a masterpiece. We jump in time back and forth as the story unfolds, because hey, guess what even our hero doesn’t know everything. A dark plot is growing around him and he has to act on his instincts to keep himself and the others alive while he slowly findis out his part in the grand scheme. It’s a really well written story with major turns and very effective scenes and if there’s one thing that topples that it’s Max’s script. James McCaffrey brings the best to make us feel that we are playing an interactive story. His lines are funny, witty and sad in the same time, but we don’t have much time to stop and think about it because the next shootout will surely interrupt our thoughts.

    Yes, the gunplay occupies the major part of the game. It’s very cinematic. The master of the bullet time returns and he has some new tricks up in his sleeves. It’s a superb mechanic that works very well in most cases. As for usual, our health doesn’t regenerate so we have to pop up some painkiller bottles every now and then to ease the pain. What is a minor letdown that – and in this matter the game still resonates with its predecessors – there is really only one way how to handle things. Kill them, shoot them, burn them, explode them. You can’t take any silent routes there as enemies will almost instantly see you if you get out of cover. As a matter of fact, the AI is so super aware that enemies will know where you are and how to flank you even if you switch cover and they weren’t looking at the time. This is what makes the game very frustrating sometimes. It’s simply too difficult even on normal settings and there’s really no room for error or you’re dead. Add that to the fact that it will take around 3-4 bullets to take you down and you’ve got a very tough game. The devs probably acknowledged this fact in the late stage of the production as it seems they tried to put some lifelines for the players. For starters there is a more than forgiving checkpoint system. After almost all of the rooms you’ve cleared you get a checkpoint. Also there is this lifeline when you fail a couple of times in the same place and the game gives you a pill, like saying “hey, we know it’s difficult, try with this!”

    The game looks absolutely astonishing. Emphasis was put on every detail, every little object. Most of the characters look real-like mostly Max Payne. Every wrinkle on his face has a story behind it. Every cut scene is in-game which makes the story even more believable. To be honest you’ll see one in every five minutes or so. For some it could be too much, but it develops the story in a unique way.

    Even tough the gameplay can get repetitive towards the end – after all what you only do in the 10-12 hours of the SP campaign is kill an army of enemies – this is one of the best third person shooters in recent years. Max moves and shoots like he did in his thirties and past events has only made him more badass. He’s became hands down one of the greatest action heroes without super powers in gaming from the last decade. Well, he might have a super power after all; I guess his luck really never runs out.

    Time to beat: 12 hours
    Replay Value: 2/5
    In one word: Badass
    On P’n’C scale: Instant Favorite
    Must give points: 83

    MORE ON:
  20. Apr 18, 2014
    Been a big fan of the first 2 Max Payne games so when this went out I was excited... until the mixed reviews came out and decided to wait for a Steam sale. It came and got this for for $5.

    Holy **** It's far from the original and 'far' as downwards kind of 'far'. I don't know what Rockstar was thinking but Max has been turned into an gun-crazy GTA-style idiot. He always goes for the
    crazy idiot gunfight approach. The bad guy is in a police station? Charge into the police station with guns in open armpit holsters in broad daylight through the front **** door! Trying to hide from the bad police guys? Run to the bus station and shoot everyone that follows! Trying to find the gang leader? Charge into their town with guns hanging from your holsters and start shooting everyone! The bad guy is in the airport? Charge through the front door and shoot everyone! Why not just go for a sniper rifle and wait for the bad guy to be less protected? No because that is gay! It feels so Grand Theft Auto bombastic testosterone crazy! Always goes for the stupidest cover! Kick down the door into a room full of bad guys and he goes for what? The metal trash can? The corner wall? The ledge? No! He goes for the **** standing suitcase as cover! Always goes for the flimsiest cover all the time! He tries to sneak in cinematics but always gets the enemies to see him and start attacking! **** STUPID! Also no dark brooding environments! The only thing this game has that is impressive is the dialog Max Payne makes when talking to the himself! All the other characters are stupid and behave like morons! What a shameless game! If you like stupid shooters super devoid of common sense this is for you! Expand
  21. Apr 14, 2014
    This game is pretty godamn good. The best thing is that it's like modern games but it stays true to the series. The shooting is solid and also the cover system. The Bullet Time is cooler than ever but the **** annoying video affects shouldn't be in the game even if they wanted to show that Max is in hangover. This game is very good and you should buy it.
  22. Mar 31, 2014
    Over the top blatantly stupid and hilarious. Pure fun.
    Now - to get this straight - this game isn't for anybody and especially the first hour is painful because there is pretty much nothing but cutscenes. And this pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the game.

    Where's the fun in it?
    The game is basically a satire of Man on Fire (plotwise) with an over the top **** up Max Payne
    talking nothing but garbage and how miserable everything is. This all however in a voice that makes it seem like they were being serious.
    While the game's self-awareness might be subtle at first glance it becomes pretty clear the more you progress in the game constantly getting close ups of you being killed, enemies being killed and exponentially raising the body count.

    This however is a lot different to the atmosphere of the first 2 installments of Max Payne - but those were different times and afaic it would have felt outdated if they sticked with it.
    Instead we get a satiric approach to the action game genre with the main focus on story telling.

    Now to the bad parts:
    Last shot feature often **** up and you hang in there for 15 seconds waiting until you can finally hit continue
    Shooting from cover sometimes **** up
    Quite a few times you get thrown into enemies shooting at you literally half a second after the cutscene is finished and you not being in cover.

    Personal Overall score: 93%
  23. Mar 31, 2014
    Fairly good as a game, greatly disappointing as Max Payne. Stripped out of comic story telling and chronology. Instead we have inhumanely long and boring cutscenes, achievements and collectibles.
    This leads to situations like this: the person you're protecting from tens of enemies says "Come on Max, they'll be more here in a minute!" and you're like "Ok ok, hang on a minute, there might
    be a gun part in between these flower pots".
    Immensely annoying swapping weapons to your hand gun after EVERY FREAKING cutscene.
    The story is of a different kind. It doesn't feel like you're playing Max Payne at all.
    The constant screen flickering, decomposing and jittering is unnecessary and sometimes irritating too.
    Took me 9 hours on 'casual' and I absolutely suck at shooters.
  24. Mar 30, 2014
    The best Third Person Shooter i've ever played. It was kinda hard to complete some parts of the game but thse story, graphics and controls are just awesome! I really recommend this game (Even if you haven't played other "Max Payne" games.
  25. Mar 22, 2014
    I bought this game on the strength of the last games, and I have to say i'm disappointed with the third. Pros: Great Graphics : Sometimes the dialogue can be entertaining cons: Have you seen how many pros there are! : Story line was predictable and basic, it must have taken them 5min to write : mechanics were a joke! You think that when a big game company like Rock star makes a game (which is basically on rails, i.e go to this room then this room then down this corridor) they would have put more effort in on the story, and the game-play, but they never.

    One of the most irritating points in the game, was whenever it went to a cut-scene, (which in total must be the length of a feature length movie) it swapped my current weapon for the pistol, so while ive been collecting bullets for my assault rifle like a stupid idiot, Max decides to forget all that hard work and instead equip my basic pistol when faced with an army of bad guys! why!!!!

    They also added some disorientation to nearly every frame of the game which just got annoying towards the end.

    Only buy in a steam sale.
  26. Mar 19, 2014
    Very nice and moody graphics. But not the graphics is, what I'm rating. MP3 is a movie, but you have to press buttons and click your mouse to proceed. Looks like there's lot of work put in this product, but what's the most important, what made previous Max Paine great game is disappointing.
    Yes, I regret spending 7€ on this piece of software.
    Go get some of previous versions of this game
    and have some fun. Expand
  27. Mar 10, 2014
    Loved it, nice action, nice graphics, story is good, it's like a movie, forget about been super realistic, it's more like a novel, loved it. Also as a multilingual person, I loved how Portuguese sounded through the whole game, much like Elite Squad, Spanish was ok, but that gave the game an extra touch of immersion. Very nice game, totally recommending it.
  28. Mar 6, 2014
    This game was broken up a bit too much by cut scenes, but other than that, I thought this game was fun, had a great story, was immersive and had a lot of violence. I feel it should also be noted that this game, while not the most artistically impressive graphics, looks amazing thanks to a very very strong engine. Great physics, bullet wounds, gun mechanics makes this game look great and make you feel like a real badass, especially in slow motion. This game is also challenging, thanks to not having regenerating health. Expand
  29. Feb 20, 2014
    Max Payne is back and he is pissed. If you are looking for the good old Max Payne experience this is the game. Shoot your way through hundreds of enemies, while in bullet time! It is a cool game if you are looking for this kind of action. But don't expect it to bring fresh things into the genre.
  30. Feb 8, 2014
    This game is the definition of how stupid devs think players are. If you "die", you get a 98% autoaimed, 1 shot kill, superslowmotion, no more damaged, moment that the game makes shure that if you would miss the shot you would probably would have to get put in a mental hospital for how bad you aim. And if you have fought through a long area and have not much hp left and die? well let the game respawn you just a few meter behind your death with full hp, making painkillers much more usless. And this is all on hard. The difficulty of the max payne games drops as the year they're made in increases.
    And not to mention the devs seems like they felt unoriginal enough to hop on the "lets pretend we came up with these locations in some far country where terrorist operate" train. The game has lost its original dark feeling of max payne 1 and 2. You are just a soldier working for others. And terrorists feel like killing people.
  31. Feb 7, 2014
    i really enjoyed this game , the development of max payne's character along with the story is well done ,and the gameplay is fun as ever making the best use of bullet time , as we were used to in the previous games , and in my opinion this is the best max payne game for me
  32. Feb 4, 2014
    An ok game that might have lived up to its predecessor if not for the overly long unskippable cutscenes, terrible checkpoint save system, and nauseatingly overdone 'TV interference' screen effects. Its not the worst console port, but its still a port. If you load an earlier level, your progress is not saved. The story is decent though, and the various locations looks authentic. The graphics are good (its a huge 31GB download). Some of the set pieces feel like any bland console shooting gallery (on-rails section complete with inaccurate overheating machine gun and unlimited ammo). Flaws aside, Rockstar has made a decent game that still has enough 'Max Payne' in it, but I cant help but think Remedy (who made the first Max Payne games, and the excellent Alan Wake) could have done better. Worth the steam sale price. Expand
  33. Feb 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An alternative name for this game would be "Linear Tales of a Frantic Headshooter". I've never played a more linear and stereotype game. Basically you only watch cutscenes and headshot enemies. Even the shooting and gameplay gets old quite fast. I was also extremely sick of the depressed over-emotional superhuman that Max Payne had become. No deep and meaningful thoughts or revenge to follow. Zero atmosphere, zero detective, zero immersion, only 24/7 whining over everything that happens in the game. Plus it's a brand new world, I was hoping that this game would bring up my memories from old Max Payne. Michelle, dark noir, flashbacks, the feels, the nightmares, the junkies, the story, snowing in the night. Nope, none of it. If you changed Max Payne object for some John Smith and changed 0.1% of the game, you would not even recognize it has to do something with Max Payne world.

    Also, I don't think the creators have played this game. After every cutscene Max switches from his whatever currently equipped to a simple beretta. Every time. Whatever you are holding, even it was the HUMAN DESTROYER MACHINE GUN 9001. And it is not even easy to switch back to the gun you held, sometimes you accidentally drop it during the switching. Not to mention many, many, many details and imperfections and annoying mechanics in this game, seriously ffs.

    I must say I wanted to recommend this game. For a long time I really wanted, I tried very hard. The only thing that wanted me to recommend were level design and music. Hell those things gave me genuine shivers. I got many "whoa omg wow much epic" moments because of it. It is the only reason why you should play it and trust me you will be stunned. However everything else perfectly balances out this epicness and I'm afraid in the end you are not going to be that pleased.
  34. Jan 11, 2014
    Its a great game, but it has its annoyances as mentioned by others: long, unskippable cutscenes, sometimes to the point that interferes with gameplay, by simply taking off a lot of desired freedom of the player to interact with the environment. Aside from that, the story is good and the actual gameplay is fun as well. I got it for about $5 and it was surely worth every penny. Disregard people giving this game a zero - this game has its annoyances but it surely has its highlights. I can understand people being upset because I also played MP 1 and 2. I guess I'd also be upset at some extent if I bought it for full retail price. Expand
  35. Jan 11, 2014
    Max Payne 3 One of the best TPS games i've ever played. His wife and daughter's gone and became a killer contracter in Brazil, San Paulo. He find himself trapped between the vast culture of American - Brazillian. Unable to understand their language and things turning bad on him. Pros: 1. Good story plot and twist. Intense action. 2. Controls that feels smooth. 3. Great performance (on PC) and doesn't feel like a poor console port. Frame rate is generally better than other titles from the same game developer studio (e.g. GTA IV).

    1. Playthrough is too short, 5 hours for me on medium difficulty.
    2. Sometimes, cover is too unlimited. Ubsurd spawn of enemies near staircase and areas with cover. Tests a lot on stealth and agility.
    3. Extremely huge file size for a single game, probably due to the large amount of cutscenes (Don't get me wrong, the cutscenes looks amazing).
  36. Jan 6, 2014
    Clearly a good follower of the series.
    Rockstar did a good job with this game.
    Max's voice is present, as well as interior monologue.
    Locations great, furious action, slow motion much better implemented. And last but not least, great optimization.
    Also there are several locations that will delight the nostalgic
  37. Jan 6, 2014
    I highly recommend this game The game has a very good storyline nice gameplay and authentic characters There is no reason why you shouldn't buy it This game is amazing
  38. Dec 29, 2013
    REQUIRES: Rockstar Social Club.
    Any game that requires a Gamer to register on an online account is a major FAIL to me, especially if i don't intend to play on-line. Why do Companies want Gamers to register before letting them play? Oh, no there is nothing dubious there, nothing suspicious! No, no! Spam? Advertisement?! Nooooo! Come on! Profile tracking, location, spying?! No no
    no! Absolutely nothing of that sort!
    So, why do you make us register, pray tell...
    I am pretty tired of "Social Club's", "xBox Live's" and so on; and if i wanted to get into registering my profile (on different sites for different games), i would get a console. But i have a PC.
    On another yet happier nope bought the game on Steam, and it does not start, giving a "Steam Error Failed to Contact Key Server". Read through the Forum before you buy the game; however, i would not recommend something that DOES NOT WORK and REQUIRES YOU TO REGISTER ON-LINE to play even a single player (also, read the requirements on the box/Steam).
  39. Dec 27, 2013
    These jerks, you need to have a separate RockStart Account to play the game. I already have a steam account that's enough DRM don't you think? I want my money back.... How about a class action suit.... and new shoes
  40. Dec 25, 2013
    I've bought this game on Steam for €4.,95 and I enjoyed MP I II. This game really sucks. Time spend on this game will be either watching cut scenes or watching your self die. U die all the time so you just don't care about what happens next u'll die anyway for sure and spend 30+ tries to survive one encounter.
    High quality production in regards to story, graphics, voice acting etc. but
    the game still sucks. Like a Hollywood block buster where everything is repetitive and you just know what's gonna happen. Too much money and to little actual gaming. What a wasted opportunity. Expand
  41. Dec 23, 2013
    In my opinion May Payne 3 was the best computer game in this genre. Because the graphics was very good (it was released in 01. Juni 2012) and the game play too. I liked the location in brazil a lot. Rock on!

    9/ 10 because you can skip the cut szenes.
  42. Dec 15, 2013
    I didn't bother playing this game on any difficulty under "hard" and it seems like that's the way the game was meant to be played.

    The gameplay is very fun. You keep a feeling of mortality the entire time and thus have to carefully plan out your moves or else be forced to replay the scene. Every room is well designed for an action-packed gunfight, even though it really leaves it
    entirely up to you how you will go about it.

    As many people have said and been outraged with, the cutscenes can be long, and it takes a bit before you can skip them. I had no problem with this, however, as the story is very good. If you expect to replay the campaign several hundred times or suffer from untreated ADHD, this might bother you. Otherwise it only contributes to the masterpiece.

    The graphics are absolutely stunning. Especially for the time of release, but even still. The environments are full of life in the immediate area, and the distant scenery immerses you in the setting. The environments are constantly changing, from a nightclub rooftop, to the Panama Canal, to the dark, snowy streets of Hoboken. The constant changes in scenery keep things very interesting whilst at the same time aiding the plot.

    The violence is pretty extreme (a plus, in my opinion) and gives you a view of bullets entering the faces of your enemies as they wince in pain. You can usually tell when you've scored a kill, not only because the reticule changes color but also because of an awesome spurt of blood from the enemy's head/face.

    The entire way through, Max also mutters hundreds of cynical and sometimes hilarious comments about whatever is happening. It's easy to become attached to the main characters with all of the depth and detail that Rockstar provided. With the added subtleties and implications in the story, I think this could easily make a great film

    It's disappointing to see so many unsatisfied players and bad reviews. This game instantly made its way to my all-time favorites. I would recommend it to anyone.

    ... But make sure you play it on hard difficulty!
  43. Dec 11, 2013
    I do not like these cutscenes. With all this psycho filter You can skip some Cutscenes, others not.
    It is a complete waste of time.The gameplay is also horrible. The AI has a response time which is abnormally high.
    One could say the AI is good, no they bad. enemy running around like frightened chickens.
    Many opponents are triggered.
    And many gameplay elements are simply bad. If you
    are flying against an obstacle with Shootdodge it breaks off.
    Last Stand...if you have no ammo you can not use it. If you do not see your target, you can not use it.
    The bullets do not come out of the gun the game pretends it only .
    You can hit enemys when your weapon is stuck in a wall if your aiming dot points to them. But you can not hit an opponent when the weapon is stuck in a opponent, when the Crosshair does not point to him.
    The annoying weapon switching after every cutscene and you in the whole i can say that the gameplay is totally up .

    Many battles after you start a cutscene. You can find yourself in the worst possible position behind a cover. Because Max is entered other rooms only in cutscenes. There is no opportunity for the player to play for an advantage.

    The level design is really good very detailed. But for a third person shoot dodge game the maps are too small, they just do not fit the gameplay.

    The game requires fast reactions and movements. But Max reacts like an old fat ass.

    Not to mention the story compared to the other parts of Max Payne are just horrible.

    Next time Rockstar, more Game and less Entertainment.
  44. Dec 8, 2013
    This is a great "game" if you like watching a ton of cut-scenes and then walking few meters while going for the next cut-scene. Literally at worst after one cut-scene you'll walk down a stairway just to watch another one. I'm really glad I bought this game for cheap from a Steam sale. Such a same though since I really liked the original Max Payne games made by Remedy.

    Personally for me
    even the story isn't as interesting as in the previous games which makes the long cut-scenes even more tedious.

    On a positive note the game works OK and game play wise (shooting etc.) it plays quite similarly to the old Max Payne games.
  45. Dec 7, 2013
    I found this game in between the lines of awful and fantastic. The main thing that killed part of my love of
    Max Payne 3's amazing game was that he, lost his good sense of humor and become a depressed person who wants to kill him self constantly The gameplay and graphics were brilliant I loved the co-op and muiltiplayer mode the bullet time ideas were fantastic and I would recommend.
  46. Dec 4, 2013
    Welcome to a shooter-gallery that holds your hand and treats you like a drooling idiot!

    I could mention and rage about the fact, that max payne took 100 steps away from his noir-feeling and awesome comic-strip-storytelling.
    I could rage about his MTV-like flickering tranistions in the unskippable chores of cutscenenes.
    I could hit my head against the monitor after the agonizing
    account-hell called "Rockstar Club".
    (after denying my fresh created account-data it gave me some random name and let me wait for another 15 minutes. Although my steam account should be enough!?)
    But I will start with the one (not even that) positive thing in this "Game":
    The Animations.
    Enemies move smoothly from cover to cover and dodge our bullets with well animated moves.
    But thats it. I can't think about one other nice thing the game contributed.

    The Shootouts feel challenging but not right. Someone wrote that Max Paynes Cover IS the bullet-Time. And so it shouldn't feel so useless with forced in cover-mechanics and Insta-Deaths!
    The Gunfights are mostly a short coverbased casual-bore between the force-fed cutscenes.

    The rest of the game seems to give a shat about he player and puts a fishinghook through our nose to drag us from one flickering cutscene to the next.
    Rockstar seems to think we are all brainless dumbsters. Too stupid to use a mouse and shoot at things.
    Best and most hilarious example is the first (short) "Tutorial" that makes us read how we move the mouse and press the left butten.
    I couldn't believe how patronizing and blatant despising this looks.
    WTF?! You think I am too stupid to shoot at things in a shootergame?!

    And why do you have to force me watching your flickering cutscenes for people with the attention-span of a hyperactive toad?! I can't even wrap my head around this anymore. This is just a proof of a failing gaming industry that chums up with the brainless crazies that swarm like zombies into a black friday shopping riot.

    I really don't know if I have to feel sorry for you or feel angry. In either way I hope you get bankrupt after the cod-kiddies that consume everybit of your "interactive entertainment" are bored once more and need another stimulating kick in their burnt up synapses.

    I regret even spending the little money on the autumn-sale on Steam for this abomination.

    Max Payne 3. A maximum payne in the....
  47. Dec 2, 2013
    I don't understand why the reviews for this game are so high. We're talking a linear shooting gallery with lots of cut scenes. I enjoyed a few things, the story's dark noir feel which is in line with the previous game, and the bullet time effects are cool. Enemies respond realistically to being shot (most of the time) which I also enjoyed. It performs well on PC, and doesn't feel like a port. The shooting mechanics are pretty smooth, and the game is challenging. That's about it though, you have no freedom in this game whatsoever. Most of the time I was moving the game even forced me into one particular path. On that path is shooting galleries in which I barely moved. You will watch loads of cut scenes too. The length is awful, It took me thirteen hours to complete the campaign on normal (and I died many times), and at least two hours of that play time was spent watching cut scenes. There's just not enough content or game play to warrant to warrant such a high score. Expand
  48. Dec 1, 2013
    Max Payne 3 is a great shooter with a respectable story, with enjoyable characters, and well done cutscenes that meld into the gameplay (which are your loading screens as well). However the game is absurdly difficult due to fantastic ai and you having the same hp as them(until later levels where they get body armor making them stronger then you) and that you can get one shotted in the head or by shotguns. You too frequently have to spam bullet time (which dries out too fast considering how reliant on it you are) and rely on quite a bit of luck to get through later levels. A lot of these probablems could be fixed if you were given grenades, friendly npcs, or better map layouts to aid you in fight but no, prepare to be bogged down by 5-8 guys who can one shot you in a heartbeat breaking up the awesome gunfights unfortunately. As for the multiplayer it shows massive potential but also is bogged down by horrendous balance issues and a lack of dedicated servers, the unbalance gameplay is has mostly to do with duel pistols which can outgun most weapons at most ranges and body armor does little negate dmg from them even though they slow you down. It's sad that Rockstar abandon what could've been a very addicting online teamfights. All in all a great game when you get a flow going, but can be frustrating at times but worth the buy for it's price when it drops on its frequent sales. Expand
  49. Nov 29, 2013
    This game is awful and I suggest not paying for this. At first, the game was crashing due to some "Rockstar Social Club" validation errors. After a few days of complaining a patch was released to fix the issues. I was able to play the game for a few days before it started crashing again due to "Social Club" issues. Also the gameplay is terrible and I concur with the reviewers that mentioned the game plays more like a movie, than a game you're continously loosing control of your character. Expand
  50. Nov 24, 2013
    This is not Max Payne that we know from Remedy. This is GTA style Max Payne the brand name. Although glimmers of hope arise throughout playing the game one does not have the same level of aspiration for Max compared to 1 & 2. Gameplay was great, story line was OK and what they've made out of Max's character is the unacceptable bit for me. Max from 1 & 2 was someone to aspire to but in 3 he is just a non appealing character. Just go and compare the almost poetic quotes of Max from 1 & 2 to the low grade humour he attempts in 3 and you will see what I am referring to. Expand
  51. Nov 22, 2013
    This game is simply awesome. Totally one of my favourite games. Story, phisics, music everything is perfect. And, thats it. Multiplayer is pretty awesome too.
  52. Nov 10, 2013
    Why do they say: "it's not Max Payne", "it's not the game but the movie", "it's boring"? Just why?
    It IS Max Payne like the previous parts, we have an angry gringo dealing with the whole army of enemies and not dying after infinite shots on him. We have our favourite PayneKillers, our Favourite Bullet Time, our favourite dismal hero who likes to comment his every step. And it is great,
    don't you think?
    Yes, it IS like a movie. And what about two previous parts? Especially MP2 was similar to a good film every time I played it. So now instead graphic novels we have cinematographic cut scenes which make all the game being like a movie and this movie is much more interesting than plenty of real movies. And it is interactive. It is just an evolution of previous parts, and it is well done. What's wrong with it? If you want just to shoot, go play Counter-Strike. Besides, I can play and replay MP and MP2 without any attention to the story: I can just skip novels and go on killing bastards. Here I at least know what was all this about.
    And now, if we're speaking about the story... Is it really boring? Or maybe previous plots were so amazing that if they are made as books their author will definitely win the Nobel Prize for them? No. If you think MP3 has the dull scenario just give up your grumbling and make a descent one.
    Oh, the gameplay, of course. Don't you think it is greatly improved? We have much more realistic weapons (and more of them, at last). An interesting and useful "last chance" mode. Max even started to use covers (awesome improvement) and enemies even have slim rudiments of AI. Add here a well done multi-player with many game types. Is it really so bad as you speak about it?..
  53. Nov 8, 2013
    So before starting this review I must say that I haven't played any of the previous Max Payne games. That being said, I did enjoy this game quite a bit. Looking back at it, the story wasn't incredibly special, but the way it was told was the best part of the game. This game had a cut-scene after almost every room, which I enjoyed a lot. Max Payne's narration was just incredible, and kept me interested throughout the game. Some people complained that the cut-scenes restricted the players freedom, but I had no problem with it. This is not an open world game either, though I thought it was since it was made by Rockstar. As a fan of video games, I bought this game with all DLC at around $10 and don't regret it a bit. Expand
  54. Nov 8, 2013
    Rockstar really did his job with this...the game is just like the precedent titles I mean awesome...An wonderful gameplay and story.The graphics are cool and the title comes with a lot of new stuff and improvements and with the first max payne multiplayer.
  55. Nov 7, 2013
    The makers of this game must have paid the critics to get such a high score. This game is absolutely atrocious. There isn't a single aspect of this game that is fun, aside from the bullet time action. But even that get's old, when that is all you're doing.

    The game's camera and visual effects get old after 10 min of play..and they get downright distracting and painful to look at the
    longer you play the game. And I use the term "play" very loosely here, because you mostly spend looking at crappy shaky camera cut scenes. with a bit of running around and then just shooting enemies over...and over again. This game has not redeeming qualities, because even the bullet time action gets old because you have to use it CONSTANTLY, because the cover system sucks, and there is no strategy involved at all.

    I would give this game a 0, but I'll give it a 2 because bullet time is fun for about 5 min, and there is one water level that's a bit fun. Otherwise, don't bother playing this game, and for the love of god DON'T BUY IT! Spend your money on something you'll actually get to play and won't give you seizures.
  56. Nov 1, 2013
    Max Payne and Max Payne 2 were groundbreaking and innovative games that were released more than a decade or so ago. Everything about them was awesome, like the never seen before bullet time, the cool looking comic-page cutscenes, and the amazing story and gameplay. Skip to 2012 and Rockstar release Max Payne 3, this time more different in many ways to its predecessors. Firstly, while the previous games were set in the cold, dark, snowy nights of L.A., this game is set mostly in the blaring heat of Sao Paulo, Brazil and I didn't really appreciate it because it didn't feel like Max Payne anymore. Secondly, the comic-page cutscenes are gone as well to be replaced with motion scenes and I was a bit bothered as well by this because it was starting to feel less and less like the Max Payne we knew and loved. Another thing about the cutscenes in this game was that there were too much and control was taken away from the gamer a lot, yet the cutscenes were awesome and worth it. I could keep comparing the game to its predecessors but I think you get my point.

    Max Payne has a strong storyline supported by great animations and brilliant voice acting. No character feels or sounds cheesy thanks to the animations and the talent of the cast members. The animations, while although can't compare with Crysis 2 or God of War 3, are still pretty neat and clear. As you travel through the slums of Sao Paulo you begin to see the insane amount of detail put into buildings and the environment around you. The story is different this time around, Max is still haunted by the memories of his murdered wife and and child, but this time he is protecting some rich family. Obviously things don't go well and someone gets kidnapped and its up to Max to wreak hell and get her back. The ending was a bit predictable but overall, the story was very immersing. One of the main things we as an audience love about Max Payne is the amount of ass he kicks. The game has strong violence and strong language as well yet in a game like this you cannot have one without the other. As you face waves of enemies after enemies, you have no choice but to spray the walls and the floor with their blood. There a different guns to choose from yet all of them have the same objective: kill. The use of bullet time is really handy in this game and it is crucial for you to use it in order to survive certain parts of the game. Plus, the game looks hell cool in slo-mo.

    Overall, while this game might be different to its predecessors, it doesn't mean that it is bad. It is a great game yet not a game worthy of then. I urge every gamer to play it.
  57. Oct 28, 2013
    Max Payne 3 is my game of the decade. i don't remember last time when i screamed like a kid while shooting goons in mid air with pistol in one hand and fully automatic in another,bullets zipping past by me in slow motion,seeing the air around you slowly woven with spiraling bullets, fractured glass, and plumes of shredded paper. massively fun, inhuman violent. ragged bullet wounds, charred flesh, dismembered limbs. sweet sweet blood. lots of it. Expand
  58. Oct 27, 2013
    I don't really know why people are hating on this game, it's way better then let's say COD which sucks donkeys, the gameplay is fun and very nice, the graphics are just beautiful (Maxed out settings), the story is exciting, bullet time is just epic, the only thing i don't like about this game is terribly long unstoppable cut scenes. I actually never played Max Payne before, and i'm very excited for the next game. Expand
  59. Oct 25, 2013
    How can people praise this game? It's mostly cutscene after cutscene, your lucky if you get to walk down an alley before going to another cutscene. I don't recommend this game at all, the little actual game play is nothing great and it's more of an animated movie.
  60. Oct 19, 2013
    A bunch of shooting galleries inter-spaced with long cut scenes. Despite the decent graphics this game is simply not that entertaining. The fact that I had to sign up for a special account to play the game didn't help my opinion of the game.
  61. Oct 3, 2013
    Unfortunately as much as I tried liking this game, it is a complete fail on several crucial levels.

    1) Euphoria. Though it isn't as awesome or revolutionary as some of the people online make it sound. As it stands now, Euphoria barely changes anything in the shooter genre and hardly ever looks any different to regular ragdoll physics. Besides, the novelty effects wears out after
    3-4 levels. It simply isn't that special. The amount of time spent improving the tech since the 2008 GTA IV release doesn't show.

    2) Some of the levels have that special touch that makes them a genuine pleasure to navigate and explore, on the other hand, there is plenty of derivatively dull map design as well (perhaps, it makes the majority of this game).

    1) Cutscenes. Constant cutscenes, to the extent of wanting to exit the game. I am at a loss as to what they were trying to achieve with a few hours of engine-rendered storytelling. Games are about doing, controlling your character. If I want passive storytelling, I'll watch a movie, engine-rendered cinematics (mo-capped or not) are no match for live action photography. Crappy shaky camera effects, interlaced wording flashing on screen (supposedly to emphasize the dire emotions communicated thus). Why undermine the medium? That was plain silly. They poured time and resources on destroying what the original Max Payne had been executing flawlessly with some drawn static comic book loading screens.

    2) Writing. The cutscene annoyance's been amplified by the witless, moronic writing. I find it hard to put it into words, but it's simply bad and keeps repeating itself like hell: booze, remorse, need to push forward, "I am probably a fool for doing this, but hell..." Do they keep some emotional idiots at rockstar just for such scripts? Not to mention it sports a thousand film clichés and blatantly rips off some of them (as well as ripping off some games).

    3) Clunky controls. Poorly implemented cover system, that is plain unwieldy to use, not to mention you get shot 9 out of 10 times when using it. The floating camera mechanics is badly done too, you get shot when turning corners and take massive damage without even having the slightest chance of evaluating the situation. This leads to you having to replay those sections of the game, which hampers the sense of story flow and messes with your game progress (kinda like cheating, knowing that there is a dude behind the corner, so you jump out slo-mo).

    The graphics is really nothing special either. Overall this game makes a silly impression. Sorry for all the artistic that went in to it (meaning the man-hours spent modeling and animating this turkey).
  62. Oct 1, 2013
    Here is summary of this "exciting" game. Cutscene (unskippable) playing time will be MUCH LONGER than your game play time. Cutscene, press mouse, cutscene showing the result of your shoot, move, cutscene, shoot, cutscene, player positioned in a dangerous position, shoot, custscene........... cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, game ends.

    Thank you for watching a
    boring film introduced by R*. Expand
  63. Oct 1, 2013
    This game made a big fuss before its release. And after it is released I waited about a month to buy it until I checked the success well, then I bought it. I run the game and I started to play. At first I've found nothing interesting. I said maybe it's just the beginning, the game will improve in the next chapter. so I played for another hour. Still nothing, nothing impressing or new, nothing unique. I finally realised that the whole game is big failure. Rockstar earned large profits from this game due to the older versions, but also lost the confidence of many fans. That's my own opinion, and I totally disagree with the critics. I do not know what really impressed them in this toy. Expand
  64. Sep 27, 2013
    max payne 3 is one of the best third person shooters i ever played. it has a great campaign and also a good multiplayer. the games graphics are amazing and textures look really good. the games story is really good!! its interesting and deep. the storytelling and writing are amazing and the writing is maybe the best ive seen! the music is also great and setts the mood. the gameplay is really good and guns feel great. the mission that take place in the past are also good. the animatins for max, like how he holds the guns are really good and convincing. the game does have a lot of long cutscenes, which may annoy some people, but personally i really liked them and it gave the game a cinematic feel. bulletime is also really fun and makes this game distinct. bulletime also never gets old and jumpig and shooting in slow-mo is really cool. the games multiplayer is also pretty good. while it doesnt innovate in a lot of ways, its still pretty good. the game has a lot of maps, guns and avatar customization. using slow mo in multiplayer is also really awesome and cool!!!
    overall this is a great game if your looking for a third person shooter!! buy it
  65. Sep 18, 2013
    Literally the worst max payne ever... the history is normal ,but the Game is a big bunch of Lags issues .BUT THE WORST Thing in Max payne 3 is the multiplayer... For god's sake who's done that... Who decideded to that the guy who will be shot in a hand will be killed?! AND SOCIAL CLUB.. It's a bit complicated and boring
  66. Sep 18, 2013
    Beats out all the other previous Max Paynes. The games great for the PC. Its beautifully optimised. Graphics are very detail and great. The gameplay is superb.
  67. Sep 11, 2013
    Best TPS ever. Best optimised for PC ever. Very great multiplayer. Excellent graphics. And the best continuation of Max Payne as much as possible. Well done Rockstar!
  68. Sep 10, 2013
    average cover based shooter. completely agree with wilddeer's review below. save me writing one

    Shooting gallery, cutscene, shooting gallery, cutscene, nothing, cutscene, shooting gallery, painfully long cutscene. Max, may i open that door? No, cutscene will do. Max, may i enter the room and shoot the bastards? No, cutscene will enter and choose the most stupid cover for you, and you
    will do the shooting. Max, may i look around through the sniper rifle scope while nothing happens? No, cutscene will look around for you. Expand
  69. Sep 1, 2013
    Before I played it I was a bit worried since it isn't made by Remedy, but having played it I'm not disappointed. It's even more like the previous ones than I had hoped. The story is just as dark. I can't think of a major negative thing about it. Sure there are some small ones like the loading that sometimes can't be skipped and some part being unnecessary hard, but all in all it's a masterpiece.
  70. Aug 26, 2013
    Good game that doesn't reach it's predecessors but still an enjoyable experience. Wish they would cut down on the non-stop cut-scenes. Also max payne going bald and thw hole setting... meh.
  71. Aug 22, 2013
    The best part of the game is it's graphics. Graphics however do not make a game. The story is forced and unoriginal being ripped from a subpar movie. Max payne deserves a better story than a sub par movie plot.
  72. Aug 21, 2013
    This is one of the 25 best games I've ever played. The best action I've ever seen in a third person shooter. The story is great, Max Payne is probably the best video game character ever. The score makes everything more badass and epic. And the multiplayer gets you take part of some gang action.
    If you liked the other Max Payne games, or any other Rockstar game, you'll love this!!
  73. Aug 19, 2013
    A frustrating and maddening game primarily because of the way it was implemented.

    Cutscenes and slow-mo cams killed this game. You spend about 3 minutes shooting people and once you just about got into the groove, a cut scene ensues and it breaks the pacing. Another silly thing implemented was that you would automatically slow down when going past an object relevant to the game. Case in
    point: At some point you will be fighting in a building and you are meant to attach some objects to the pillars. You can be running around and all of a sudden, you just slow to a crawl simply because you are going past a pillar.

    Slow-mo cams. The annoying part of the game is when you are just about to die, the game goes into some slow-mo mode that the devs must have thought cool, but it isn't. What's irritating about it is that you automatically do a flying lunge (often on your back) and the game slows down taking on some saturated look and you're left desperately hunting for the cross hair (which has changed position, often way off the mark because the view has switched to some awful position that often is behind a wall or such that you appear to be viewing things out of your arse) to kill the person who was causing you so much damage. Once that's accomplished, you end up remaining on the floor and in a dilemma because if you stand, you get hit and there's no option to reliably get back into cover or crouch automatically.

    Next, scripted actions. When you enter any room or reload, you automatically end up with a pistol. No matter if you are carrying the baddest assed gun in the game, you end up with the pistol. This is fine for the early bits, but when you are faced with enemies wearing body armour and carrying assault rifles and outnumbering you 7:1, you don't want a puny pistol that has only 8 rounds in the mag. What's worse is that the time it takes to change means that the enemies are often right on top of you because that's the way the game was scripted.

    Also, there's a strange bug that causes you to lose control of the keyboard and you end up defaulting into the aimed mode but you can fire or jump or anything except walk at a slow pace. This happens even in the midst of a firefight and has caused several reloads. Silly video effects like wavy cams, blue-red distortions and other necessary effects destroy all that's left of this once fun franchise (see Max Payne and Max Payne 2).

    In conclusion, stay away from this and other Rockstar North games until they sort their sh it out. Better yet, wait for it to come down even lower in a couple more years when it's in the bargain bin or on some sale. Rockstar needs to be taught a lesson via their income statement to stop developing half-assed movies that masquerade as a game. If I wanted a movie, I'd pay for it (cheaper) and sit with my spouse in either the comfort of my home or in a theatre and eat chips and drink sodas and not frustrate myself with this movie-on-rails. That's right, you could hardly qualify this as a shooter even.
  74. Aug 16, 2013
    The game was great. I really enjoyed the atmosphere at (gasp) the cut-scenes. I will say I wan't pleased I couldn't skip the first one, since I wanted to setup my graphics settings. But all the rest are skippable by pressing A.

    The cover is not supposed to be a core part of the game, you should be using bullet-time as that is the core mechanic of the Max Payne series.

    The story is
    good, very "Die Hard' and the action is quick and responsive. I did play with a controller so I cannot vet the PC controls but really they were always designed to use a gamepad anyway.

    Overall its a very fun ride and I enjoyed being in the Max Payne universe again.
  75. Aug 7, 2013
    There is potentially a great game here, marred by excessive use of cut-scene's, many of which seem completely unnecessary and interrupt otherwise great action scenes.

    The downtime in a game should be for exploration and recuperating but this game allows for little to none of that. While i understand that pacing is important, I found that the frequency with which control was taken from
    me served only to frustrate me.

    Then, to further my frustration, the game decides that every time you enter a cut-scene you must switch to your pistol or smg to take out the baddies regardless of whether or not you are holding a rifle or not. then it would throw a tonne of baddies at you and laugh as you fumble around trying to get that rifle out again.

    Just so many things done so wrong and it's a shame because the story and characters are so well done.

    Avoid, it's not worth the Payne...
  76. Aug 4, 2013
    There's no denying that the core gameplay is solid and the game plays fun and fluid, for the most part. The problem is that the atmosphere and story was a big part of what made people love the original Max Payne, and it's just not there in this game, I'm sorry to say. The constant cutscenes are also annoying, especially when you have to sit through a story that to my estimation doesn't even attempt to capture any of what made the story of the original game in the series compelling. Expand
  77. Aug 2, 2013
    Bought during summer sales, one of the rare games that i find its a chore to play. many reviewers mentioned that the game has too many cut scenes and i share this argument. the game mechanics is also flawed, often a cut scene will leave you wide open to various assaults, which results to instant death on higher difficulties.

    the games controlls are also bad, while mouse can be
    calibrated to your needs the crosshair moves depending on where you are at cover. this leads to more frustrating moments where you pop up to take a shot only to realise that the crosshair is somewhere else

    bullet time is also not used often cause its rather pointless, the cramped and dense surroundings would mean that majority of the time you will hit something and lay vulnerable to gunfire

    dont buy unless dirt cheap, like steam sales
  78. Jul 30, 2013
    A huge disappointment to me. Has nothing to do with Max Payne 1 or 2, which are both way better third person shooters, with much better atmosphere and gameplay. This game however sometimes felt more like an interactive movie than an actual videogame. If I wanted to watch an action movie, I will watch one on TV. If I want to play videogames, please let me play. This "game" simply does not let you do that. In some situations you watch a three-minute cutscene, are handed over controls for less than two minutes, and then watch another two to three minute cutscene. Also, I found the difficulty level of this game to be totally unbalanced (ridiculously easy in some parts, very frustrating in others). Somehow not what I had expected. A decent game as it stands for itself, but no match whatsoever for the first two Max Payne games. Expand
  79. Jul 26, 2013
    Good game, Great story true to the heritage. I enjoyed playing it, the shooting was classic, graphics great, story very interesting glimpse into the social strata of brazil and its criminal underbelly. It uses what made the original great and adds a depth to the character that shakes off the bad comic book feel of the first 2.
  80. Jul 21, 2013
    One of the best games I've played in a while. The narrative is one of the best in any game I've played and I understand that for the younger audience, a public that will always be desperately pressing some button to cut the cutscenes every time they begin, the game will be very frustrating indeed. The game does it's loading times during some of the unskippable cutscenes, that according to some, constitute the majority of game time, which isn't true, but anyway, next time Rockstar will have learned it's better to leave a black loading screen instead.
    But if you are not a part of that group of people them I highly recommend this game. The game's a very, very challenging shooter, that requires you to really be accurate in your decisions and with your aiming. You can't rush in, you got to use cover very well and the "bullet time" needs to be wisely utilized. The game has a nice story with some interesting characters and although the gameplay in itself is repetitive, the situations Max Payne has to go through always present a new challenge. He has to face snipers, has to deal with new, has to deal with some armored thugs that seem to be invulnerable and keep getting hit with seemingly no effect, there are parts where Max will be inside a boat or inside a helicopter and will have to be deadly accurate to shoot missiles and granades being thrown at his vehicle.
    There is a really large variety of settings where the game takes place. There is a nightclub, an airport, inside a favela which is an amazing part of the game to me, rich in detail and very accurate to the real thing although always a bit secluded, there are no true open areas. Rockstar really did something different from it's usual here, but the previous Max Payne games were also like that, it's not a game where you'll explore the scenery, it's a straight-forward shooter.
    The voice acting for Max Payne is as great as ever, but I'd say this time it's even better. Max Payne has many, many memorable quotes. The games soundtrack is a great one as well, there are some songs that will stick to your mind, besides the theme song ever present in the Max Payne franchise.
    I really like mature-themed games and games with a realistic presentation, although Max Payne is far from being realistic, it's main character and story is believable, if you care to include the amount of foes a single man can kill by himself as only a gameplay tool to make it a game and not a movie with a few shooting scenes.
    The fact that the game of The Walking Dead got such a great approval from the public and the way some of the recent games like Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3 have been produced, as far as voice acting, story, theme and challenge, I'm very optimistic about the video games actually maturing, going away from the strictly nerdy audience and become recognized as a type of entertainment as respected as movies are, that they aren't something that only people with no life do, showing some qualities that will be recognized and appealing to a lot of people, of all ages.
  81. Jul 20, 2013
    This is a hard game to review and mainly because gameplay wise its nothing new to the series which some may look at as good or bad. In the end, you realize that you're just going into different rooms and shooting guys in slow motion through pretty much the whole game. There is some on rails parts that change things up ever so slightly but we've pretty much all been there and done that. If I were to judge the game just on all that, it would probably be 4/10. The thing is, the game got its hooks in me and I couldn't stop playing until I finished the game. Everything else about the game is just fantastic.

    While I played and very much enjoyed the previous games, Max really became just a badass in this game. His inner dialogue has always been good but this time around it was great. He's funny, dark, serious, realistic, and just a badass that made for the perfect character to follow on this journey. Bald, bearded, beatup, older Max is a character you want to watch. Hes not your typical good guy but in an odd way hes very relatable.

    Also, the story and the way its pieced together was done very well. While it was almost a little predictable in some aspects, you still want to see whats waiting for you next. While linear, R* has done a good job at not making you feel trapped in a straight line. The story and characters have a way of making you wish the game could last forever while driving you to see how it ends.

    The graphics, sound, music, and attention to detail are just flawless and make you wish every game had the same. The veins in characters arm and the texture of skin and clothes is some of the best I've ever seen. The locations seem very realistic and are extremely detailed in a way that only a few companies like R* could do. While the gameplay is very much the same from the older games, you can really tell that a lot of love was put into every other aspect of the game. I played the multiplayer for a few hours and while its nothing to write home about, its fun and offers some new elements to multiplayer shooters.

    In the end, don't play this game because you want an in depth shooter with long lasting multiplayer, play it because you want an awesome experience in gaming following one of the saddest and yet most badass characters ever made.
  82. Jul 19, 2013
    Great game with a good plot and fun action. You get to play an "a far bald American hero" with a drinking addiction who is capable of taking out an entire army single-handed. Of course the game is not realistic but it's really-really fun to play. Note that they added some interesting mechanics: when you are about to die, if you have a spare "pain killer" you get an attempt to shoot your killer in bullet time. If you do, you get waste the pain killer for "another life" and continue fighting.

    Oh, and it has optimized DX11 graphics, althought my GPU did overheat at first (solved by using MSI afterburner to set fans on max and reducing GPU core frequency, but thats my GPU's problem). Got the game on steam, beat the game on hard in 3-4 days, had a very good time, I recommend you do the same.

    I've read some negative reviews, i would like to respond to a few of them.

    - Long loading times?
    + Buy a new pc and throw your wooden garbage out. I have a core i7 2600k with a single sata HDD and GTX 570 gpu. This is clearly not a new or high-end computer. Load times take no more than 5 seconds.

    - Cut-scenes can't be skipped?
    +Yes they can. There is an indicator telling you which button to press. But the cutscenes are good and an integral part of the game, so why skip them in the first place?

    - Bullet time makes the game too easy?
    + Play it on hard or don't use bullet time.

    - Nearly impossible to aim.
    + Actually too easy. Except when you are using laser sight (for some reason be it bug or feature it gives you extra recoil). Try playing counter-strike.
  83. Jul 16, 2013
    I'm a long time fan of the Max Payne games. Max Payne 1 blew my mind, Max Payne 2 was an awesome sequel, but Max Payne 3 is something completely different in a bad way. When I played Max Payne 3 the first thing that disappointing me was the lack of gritty atmosphere. I was hoping for something like in the previous Max Payne games, some sad, depressing music with depressed Max Payne talking every now and then. Next the story, simply putting it, it was cheesy as hell. Then the gameplay, why did they have to make it as a checkpoint game. The usual ''save whenever you want'' way is much better and less frustrating. The only good thing that I can say is about the graphics, they are pretty good, but that's it. A huge disappointment for me as a Max Payne fan. Expand
  84. Jul 12, 2013
    A few months ago i went to play max payne 1 and 2 since i looked for good classic games that i've missed.
    I played max payne 1 and i've beat it and i LOVED it. i loved the weapon collecting I remember so well from classic action games like half life and C&C renegade, i loved the story and the good set of characters, i loved the non-rechargeble health and i've liked the film noire cartoon
    style cutscenes.
    I went then to play the sequel- Max Payne 2, and i really loved it. i liked the return of good characters from max payne 1 and i liked the special abilities and the new physics engine.
    Then I went to play Max Payne 3, and I was DISSAPOINTED!!! 2 weapons limit, ruined bullet time, bad PC port, all of this I could forgive, but the things that made me hate this game and quit playing it forever are that there are NO returning characters, NO good plot that connects in NO way to the plot of the original remedy titles, and NO film noire and NO cartoon style cutscenes!
    now, if you didn't play the original 2 games you might like this game, but who am I kidding, go buy those games they're 5 dollars each on steam, and they worth way more than that. and if you did play the original max payne and max payne 2, you'll probably wouldn't like this game.
  85. Jul 9, 2013
    Between crashes I played this game. It should be called Crash Payne 3. And crashes aren't the half of it: scenery often doesn't load, in some cases it's so bad you can fall through it! And no, check the date of this review, this isn't what I experienced on or near its launch date. This is a full year after release and it's still broken to hell.

    Action is clunky and repetitive, with
    bullet time frequently interrupted when so much as Max' little toe clips the edge of the over-crowded scenery. It doesn't feel like a gun-kata ballet of death. It feels like white guys dancing at a wedding to gangsta rap.

    South America as the location was a mistake. In MP1 and 2, the city was a character in the story. In MP3, we don't care about the setting or who Max is trying to protect (a bunch of rich people yay!). We don't even care much about Max. In MP1 and 2 it was about his wife and his life. In MP3 he's just a loser. What little redemption is managed comes way too late for anyone to care.

    To obfuscate the weak setting and plot, the game jumps all the hell over, with flashbacks to NYC, some boat, and other places so thinly realized I can't really remember them.
  86. Jul 3, 2013
    I take off 2 points for failure to pass chatter. The graphics and attention to detail is awesome, just a great optimization as well as animation and physics as. Payne kicked everyone's ass once again. I wish the next game was in the style of the first game of the series. This is still the strongest game of the series.
  87. Jun 21, 2013
    This Max Payne series is one of the best series and this Game is only epic.
    This has very good Graphics, awesome Gameplay and one of the best stories ever.
    The brazilian settings are perfect.
    But the Multiplayer has much hackers and this is sh*t.
    But the Arcade Mode is a good idea and good implemented.
  88. Jun 8, 2013
    It's gunfest, body count nonsense from Rockstar, who persist with the stupity of their lounge and ruin a good story with inept, unsubtle game design, excessive cutscenes and game play that even on easy (yes I am rubbish, but I should still be able to enjoy a game without having to retry staged fight scenes 10 times before I luck in and complete them) can be difficult and irritating. The default reticle, a small whit dot, is notable by it's invisibilty and seems to be in the wrong place compared to Max and his guns which makes aiming very difficult.

    All in all a very disappointing experience compared to the first two games.
  89. Jun 7, 2013
    I have yet to get any Rockstar game to run. I don't have any problem with other games, just Rockstar. First I spend hours to overcome the "Corrupt License" error and then I'm completely stumped with the "cannot contact activation server, try again later" error. I threw $30 down the drain, but worse is the time I wasted trying to recover it. I see many other users complaining and few of them get resolution. I will never buy another Rockstar game. Ever. Expand
  90. Jun 7, 2013
    Fun, to a point. Ultimately this is a corridor, utterly linear shooting adventure from start to finish. Max Payne's narrative, some nicely coded locales and settings, and overall gunplay battles is what keeps the game better than mediocare. Having never played a Max Payne before, this game conformed to my expectations. It's a solid FPS with an achingly unoriginal story-line. But what let's it down is the distinct lack of freedom to do anything other than follow a cut-scene to action based continuous script. In the game you truly are either watching some dialogue and pre-sequenced action scenarios, or you literally pointing and shooting. That's it. However, apart from some issues with the cover-system and annoying ability of the goons to find pinpoint your exact location at all times, it was generally a fairly enjoyable experience. I persevered, had a bit of fun, but won't be coming back. Liked Max though, what a hero! Expand
  91. AWG
    Jun 4, 2013
    The last chapter of one of the most epic trilogies in the entire history of videogames and a huge comeback. I have nothing more to say but a huge THANK YOU to Rockstar Games for this game, a truly perfect ending for the Max Payne story arc.
    Also, intriguing scenarios and beards.
  92. Jun 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The ONLY reason to download this game is that you love first person shooters. This gives the player more than enough opportunities to shoot all kinds of bad guys. Apart from that, it's probably one of the worst games I've ever tried. The old Max Payne is gone. First, the sign in and download process is long and cumbersome. You can't save the game when you want to, so if you're at the end of a long killing spree and the last guy happens to hit you, then you have to start that scene all over again. What a Payne! The flashing screens that make it seem like the character is always on drugs or something, the boring dialog he continues to spout throughout and the many many times that you are killed seemingly without effort by the enemies makes this a tiring and boring game. No theme other than trying to find/save some rich girl in Sao Paulo Brazil. Really a shame, since I enjoyed the first Max Payne so much and just was willing to give this one a try despite the low user score. Expand
  93. May 30, 2013
    Entertaining shooting game with great combat system story is abit weard it should have been at new york or something Not quite as good as Max payne 1 &2 at the time but still a decent shooting game
  94. May 23, 2013
    Developers Rockstar changed the face of "Max", his style, and thus left virtually untouched mechanics. It is possible that fans of the game still will not be accepted. Like, as much as possible our bald Max yes, but with a beard, but still at a resort surrounded by Latinos! But face it Max Payne behind the numbers "one" and "two" came out so long ago that there are now very few people care about, in what clothes walked hero and what there was an atmosphere. Now it is important that the new "Max", despite the delay in the release, we got a great shooter bloody, tense, scary fun, albeit a very old-fashioned. And those who are confused by a departure from the canons can assume that the third part of the ideological is not related to the previous ones. In a sense it is. Expand
  95. May 21, 2013
    one of the best games ive played. took a while getting used to but once i did i couldn't stop. love max payne the character, intense missions, great storyline
  96. May 20, 2013
    This is NOT Max Payne, this is John McClain in Die Hard The Interactive Movie. Plagiarism.
    Max Payne used to be a fast paced shooter with lots of enemies. In Max Payne 3 you always sit behind cover. Makes bullet time kind of useless,max payne? Bullet Time??? Bullet Time also used to be different. With different, i mean better, and more fluent. So gameplaywise this game sucks.
    this games is also Give Max Payne back to Remedy, Prickstar, k thank you. Expand
  97. May 18, 2013
    Fell asleep after playing two hours. Shoot cut scene, shoot cut scene nothing else. Avoid this game if you have no insomnia. Can't believe how this game get a 8+ score.
  98. May 17, 2013
    I own all 3 max payne and I absolutely loved the first two games. I've went through both of them many times. The action was awesome and the shooting was very satisfying, combined to a nice story and cool ambiance, I had a blast playing them. It is very different for max payne 3 as the list of irritating stuff stacks sky high.

    A major annoyance is that you get cutscenes all the time...
    and by all the time I mean ALL THE TIME. It totally destroys immersion and annihilates all chances for the game to build any pace at all. Most of the cutscenes could be removed out of the game and it wouldn't change the story at all (especially since like 50% of the cutscenes are max drinking and falling asleep. Yeah ok, we get it...)

    Speaking of redundant cutscenes, max payne was quite the bad ass in other games and you could sympathize with him but when they make you run around the world to save tasteless characters (the dumb blonde and all the brazilian family), you understand that it's to make up for his past but at some point you start wondering why he even gives a damn anymore...

    Something that started pissing me off early in game too is the fact that every time you run out of health, the game slows down so you can get a "saving shot" off. At first it's a cool feature but it gets annoying ultra fast as the levels get more crowded: later on, most of the time you can't even get that shot off because there is something in the way or you just can't aim at the target at all. Forget it if you're using a grenade launcher, the grenades are so slow they can't even detonate in time, making the GL way too risky to even use. Oh and what makes this even more of a pain in the ass is that when you're in slow mode and you know you're doomed, the "restart at last checkpoint" option in the menu is unaccessible, so you have to suffer through the entire thing before you can do anything.

    Another thing that ruined it for me is that it seems the AI has way too good aiming sometimes. They don't even know you're there and the next nanosecond you get headshot. I don't know how many times this happened. Not only that but it seems like when you use the UZZIs in automatic mode, you shoot all over the place but the AI seems to be able to snipe a fly a thousand yards away with them. Now the cover system is pretty good but it's often entirely negated due to the "encounter" pattern that is always the same: you ALWAYS end up in a big open area, a wave of baddies spawn and then you're pinned down by like 10 dudes. Not only it's about impossible to avoid getting hit a few times but the second you think "yay I'm safe, let's leave cover to get ammo and painkillers" WRONG! As soon as you get far away enough from cover, a second wave spawns in your face. Also, sometimes you try to get cover without the cover system (by cutting angles with most enemies so you can get them into view one by one) but max payne's aiming angle is so awkward that often you get shot by targets you can't even see. Most firefights are so frustrating that it takes the fun out of shooting stuff up... That's saying a lot.

    Another few minor annoyances that sounded the alarm the very first seconds I opened the game for the first time: when you get in the game it says press enter to continue at the bottom of the screen... but when you press enter, it does nothing. You have to click the text... Speaking of which, have the people doing the port played a computer game in the last 10 year? Seriously, who uses enter anymore to navigate menus? Well for max payne 3 they decided to do it all the time. Also, for some reason, the mouse is ultra slow in the menus (menus only) for a reason I ignore. Minor stuff you'll tell me... Of course, but it just adds frustration on top of all the other issues.

    Add very bland stages with very little variation to that and a bunch of glitches all over the place (from bugged cutscenes that you can't skip so you have to ALT+F4 out to weird convulsing ragdolls) you have a game that has disaster written all over it. I pretty much always finish the games I buy even if I find them tedious but I uninstalled this one about 75% through. I only paid 10$ for it during a steam sale and I still feel ripped off.
  99. May 12, 2013
    Max payne 3 is a great game. It's part shooter, part interactive movie.. mostly the latter. And I paid less for it ($12, steam sale) than a real movie ticket would have cost. The graphics are superb. I absolutely don't agree with the negative reviews of this game. I'm a diehard PC games fan, and I was actually almost not going to buy this game because of the negative reviews. But I'm glad I did. Fight scenes are pretty realistic, and weapon handling and mechanics are realistic and good too (you can only carry 2 handguns and 1 big gun). Story is pretty good, but I didn't follow some stuff (i'm retarded like that). The only problem is that the game weighs in at 30 GB which is massive (it obliterated my download quota).

    I don't really care about multiplayer, but the single player rocks! I also didn't mind the trippy visuals, like some people did.

    I think PC game fans are being very ungrateful. Even if this is a console port (I absolutely detest consoles and consoletards), they've done a superb job of it and it is eminently playable on PC.
  100. May 11, 2013
    I give it a big goose egg (0). I shouldn't have to go into all my modem settings just to get the game that I bought to work.
    I have no other problems with online games unless I try to activate this game on "Rockstar Social".
    It's absolutely ludicrous.
    I've observed other people with this problem as well.
    Rockstar can kiss my ass because I will not buy another game from them with this
    horrible service. Expand
  101. Sep 7, 2012
    All I can say is I'm loving this game. Keep in mind reviews are a matter of opinion. My opinion is that this game is worth your money and you should buy it. For people that don't like cut scenes, don't buy this game. I for one hate them (usually) but Max Payne 3 has managed to keep my attention through every one. Truth be told when this game was first announced and screenshots were coming out I was really turned off. Playing both Max 1 and 2, then seeing pretty colors and warm weather instead of the dreary cold city streets I was even more so dreading what they were doing with the game. Well, I should have held my horses because it is all explained why Max is where he is. Not to mention it goes deep into detail Max's mental state and why he has the drastic change in attire and physical appearance. Action scenes are fun and challenging. I prefer to play on a harder setting and then go through the game on easy and **** **** up! As far as the multiplayer goes I can't really comment. I've played just a pinch of it but I can say I like that too. Mechanics are pretty darn similar to the single player as far as smoothness and re spawning is painless. I love that a lot. Well, that is my opinion. Cheers, folks!! Collapse

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 30
  1. Oct 13, 2012
    Max Payne 3 feels like a PC original, in a very good way. [Aug 2012]
  2. Aug 31, 2012
    Its deviation from the mood instilled by its predecessors might annoy some purist fans, but Max Payne 3's undisputed quality standards in all accounts will make them look the other way and enjoy the game as it is. [July 2012]
  3. 90
    Max Payne is god and it really doesn't matter that he is not the fair one. He is the most interesting action character these days and the game itself is one of the best you can get. [July 2012]