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  1. Sep 17, 2013
    This has literally been the worst experience I have ever had with a game in development or during launch. The game is not complete and the developers disrespect the community. The game was kind of fun and challenging for a while, but the state of the game has steadily gone down hill since march
  2. Sep 17, 2013
    Sadly this is not the game any Battletech/mechwarrior fan has watied for. It was cast as such, but lately the developers have pulled it towards a sad action shooter clone. I would stay clear if I was you.. there are other games out there that does arcade shooter better than this. Buggy and unbalanced.
  3. Sep 17, 2013
    While surprisingly competent when working at the technical aspects of the game, the Developers have shown a consistent and blatant disregard for any sort of community feedback or input in the game's development and balancing process.

    Further exasperating things are the regular cash grabs, broken design pillars/promises, and endless delays on key features such as Community Warfare and an
    improved out-of-match user interface. Expand
  4. Sep 17, 2013
    I've been playing this game since Closed Beta, and I've never had a worse experience between the developers and the community and I've never had a worse experience dreading updates to the game. The game, after a year of "beta" has terrible balance/meta, runs horribly on my machine that well exceeds recommended specs, and is such an extreme disappointment compared to what was promised last year. Not even going into what was promised but never delivered, the game has a terrible new user experience, only a handful of viable mech variants, and just... such poor optimization, poor balancing, poor gameplay, it takes far too long to earn a new mech or outfit it with what should have if you want to pilot it effectively and just... the game is bad. If you enjoyed Mechwarrior 3 or 4, just pass on this, especially if you enjoyed the MekTek release. The only way you'll like this game is if you are a hardcore battletech fan too invested in the franchise to pass this up, everyone else, stay away. Expand
  5. Sep 17, 2013
    MechWarrior Online was pitched as being a thinking man's shooter with depth and complexity, an overarching 'Community Warfare' territory control meta game with specialization options depending on the mech you pilot (called role warfare).

    The current state of the game is as follows:
    -Hit detection is buggy, and not just for high ping players. You will see a gauss slug hit the chest of
    a stationary assault mech but sometimes no damage registers.
    -Alternately hits will sometimes slam into invisible terrain hit boxes that extend beyond the visible edge of terrain, making shooting over anything a guessing game.
    -The best chassis are called 'hero mechs' and are only available for real money (Pay to Win)
    -There are only two game modes.. assault (capture the 1 base) and conquest (capture the 5 bases)
    -Role warfare does not exist. There are no scouting or fire support skill trees. Every single mech from a 25 ton commando to a 100 ton atlas gets *exactly the same skill unlocks*. It's just grind.
    -Community warfare was supposed to be in January 2013. It is now 9 months later and the centrepiece feature/the overarching metagame does not exist yet. They have promised to now to put in 'phase 1 of communit warfare' in the coming 30-90 days.... Anyone who takes them at their word now is going to be disappointed.
    -They took money from founders after advertising the game as first person view only, then last month they shoehorned in a half baked 3pv camera that is only good for peeking over terrain. Basically caveat emptor with these guys.

    -Good hero mechs cost $20+
    -Game has undocumented and arbitrary heat penalty systems that are incredibly unfriendly to new players.
    -Game has undocumented and arbitrary movement penalty systems for larger mechs that are hard to explain to new players.
    -No combat tutorial, only one half hearted movement tutorial that doesn't even mention the chassis movement penalties.

    By all means download and play for free but do not put money into this game on the basis of what the developers say they will add next!

    They have missed so many of their own deadlines it's not funny, and makes any roadmap hard to take seriously.
  6. Sep 18, 2013
    “In the 30th century, life is cheap, but Battlemechs aren't.” All the white knights and sock account reviews in the world aren't going to save this junk from the criticism it deserves. I began playing MWO since it became open beta (Oct 2012), and have many fond memories of the tabletop BattleTech game and most iterations of FASA's property on home computer from MechCommander through to MW4. MWO began in a tolerable state, but has slowly degenerated and in its current form is an insult to the BattleTech IP, having thrown out or just plain ignored 3 the 4 proposed design pillars of 'Mech combat. A disappointing waste of potential and player time; MechWarrior in name only, the meticulous and engrossing BattleTech universe has been reduced to shallow deathmatch combat, and deviates from 20 years of canon at an alarming rate. There appears to be a lot of underlying technicality, though this solely comes into play when configuring weapon loadouts, heat management, armour slots (as you'd expect). In-game, it makes no difference; a boring and repetitive exercise which consists of two teams of players stomping to the middle of the map and blowing the sh!t out of eachother. Choosing any class other than assault is pointless, players are not encouraged to use light or medium mechs, so its Awesome class all the way. Variants dependent on LRM modules have been made obsolete, by the awfully implemented ECM, thus your carefully constructed LRM boat might as well be walking around with a "Shoot Me!" sign on its back. There are a frighteningly small number of maps, and two game modes: 1. stomp to the middle of the map and shoot the other guys, or 2. stomp to the middle of the map and shoot the other guys with the pretence of base capture. There are no lobbies to join, matchmaking is a disaster and team balancing is terrible. New players in useless trial 'Mechs are thrown in with veteran players and are essentially free kills. 'Mechs are ridiculously expensive, a newb will be looking at grinding 25+ matches in order to earn sufficient C-Bills to afford their first variant, or 5 to 20 hours depending on class. Expect to pay real world money for lacklustre vanity/cosmetic items like fluffy dice or a colour palette. Overall, MWO is a painfully average, dull, unpleasant, diluted POS shooter dressed up in BattleTech clothes that gives little incentive to persevere. The upshot is that you can try it for yourself, free of charge. Expand
  7. Sep 17, 2013
    Review from Kong's Connor Sinclair,

    Mechwarrior online can only be described as snatching the failure out of the jaws of success. A mediocre game with lack luster content, random bugs and a balancing act that would terrify a gymnast. The game is patched together with DX9 fixes while awaiting a DX11 release, meaning MWO is a powder keg just waiting for a spark.

    The UI is a shoddy mess
    from its Alpha, with little modification since then outside a single sound notification. Many of the maps have assets simply floating in the air or clipping through one another and some still suffer texture errors.

    The game defaults a control system more complex than previous game releases and often punishes new players. The games ranking system is invisible, preventing a player to see their standing, even worse it appears to not effect the games at all. New players are pitted against the best players, with the best equipment and their teams.

    The weapons range from either being useless or being glass cannons, completely destroying any competition. The developers themselves show a lack of empathy for their players and will often lay blame on them for their mistakes. The hit registration is the closest thing to fantasy magic that you will ever see in the real world, it either works or it doesn't. Often times firing a weapons at an enemy will result in no damage, throwing your ammo completely away.

    Enjoy a night of confusion frustration with mechwarrior online.
  8. Sep 17, 2013
    I'm no mechwarrior vet so don't expect any long winded and point based review. I've only invested modestly in the game, had a good two months of fun with it and then it started snowballing to disappointment. From poor design choices to blatant disregard of the community wishes and most importantly HONEST FEEDBACK.

    Even though it's a F2P don't support those shady developers, teach them
    it's not how it's supposed to be done. Expand
  9. Sep 17, 2013
    Chipped in for the "crowd funding of the game" and it WAS fun for the first few months. The next year after open beta though, it went downhill.

    Currently game has no lobbies, matchmaking is simplistic at best, and the graphics are actually worse than they were a year ago. Also expect to be confused for a WHILE after you start playing. Protip: Ask someone to explain ghost heat to you.

    The game as been more-or-less in its current state for ALMOST A YEAR. If that doesn't tell you much about the game, I don't know what will. It's gotten stale, and the design decisions the development team has taken with the things they have changed range from confusing at best to outright bad for the game.

    Play if you like mechs. You might have fun for awhile, but unless the game changes in any real meaningful way anytime soon, expect to be bored after that time.

    Also I'd advise against spending money unless you clearly agree with where the game is and where it's going. Don't let the developers place that "carrot on a stick" with some promises. They haven't delivered on any of them yet, don't expect that to change.
  10. Sep 17, 2013
    Mechwarrior Online, after 2 years of development, and over a year of "beta" is finally launching. The tale of its development has been a rather sordid affair, with a massive plummet in player morale, from those that happily funded it, to those that now viciously attack it. For more information on the lead-up to this, and the poor handling of the community, numerous, very eloquent articles have been written.

    From all of this, we are left with the "Launched" Mechwarrior Online. It has decent graphics, and is an interesting take on the beloved Battletech franchise. Weapons sound and feel powerful, giving the "fidelity" that PGI devs have talked about since its inception. However, this cursory glance at the game's visuals are the most appealing.

    The game is launching without many of the core features promised, possibly most-importantly, any sort of actual "goal". Where most competitve F2P games have a way to compete and "win". (Ranking systems, persistent worlds, and such, all promised), MWO has none. Matches are an endless grind to receive more equipment and play more matches.

    This grind is greatly apparent, and more frustrating, at the beginning (and often end) of a player's life-cycle. Coming fresh to the game, the player can only play awful mechs more prone to shutting themselves down than aiding their team. In addition, tutorials on actually playing the game (An incredibly complex affair, fraught with many hidden variables) are mostly player-made, with the exception of a minor movement tutorial. This problem is completely ignored by devs who urge players to not watch teammates and learn, but to rush through as many matches as possible to get out of this "tier" of play.

    If a player is able to "grind through" this painful beginning of being curb-stomped by those that know more, they can finally begin to see the game proper. Two game-modes exist, both painfully drab that come down to sitting on a small square, just as often as actually fighting something. Maps are also fraught with numerous bugs and seem cramped for the giant mechs on the battlefield. These players then play in optimized mechs and destroy those that are newly learning, making a rather vicious circle.

    Lastly, progress of the game is at a complete crawl. Features promised since early stages of development are broken into phases and given time-tables of "soon". With no plan ahead to any kind of player-goals, an awful new-user experience, and numerous problems that are solved very slowly, MWO is a game to avoid by anyone but the most patient and easily-amused.
  11. Sep 17, 2013
    First off, the game isn't anywhere near being ready for release. Still a beta! The patches and "content" updates that other reviewers have referred often break the game. Basically, this a poorly optimized cash cow. Pay to win garbage game.

    If you were hoping for anything close to battle tech, this isn't for you. Filthy arcade shooter with no depth. Do not waste money on it, you'll be
    sorry you did.

    I think what they were going for was call of duty with robots. Artillery strikes and UAV's galore!
  12. Sep 17, 2013
    What was promised to be awesome graphics are not. What was promised to be first person only is not. What was promised to be immersive is not. What was promised to have an expansive meta game in a persistent BT universe is not. What was promised to be a "thinking man's shooter" is not. Even for a F2P game, it gets boring very fast.

    Even worse are the developers and publishers of the
    game. After monetizing "open beta", they refused to listen to their beta testers, even demeaning them on twitter and other sites. Deadlines pass, promises broken, and the game has devolved into which team has the larger alpha strike capability.

    If you want to know how this game is, read their forums.
  13. Sep 17, 2013
    On the game; Buggy interface left unfixed for months, check. Buggy game left unfixed for months, check. Promised features not delivered, check. No information available on when they're coming, check. Badly implemented CryEngine graphics stuck on DirectX 9, check. Learning curve that's more like a cliff, check. Balance that lurches from one extreme to another when the developers bother to change things, check.
    Toxic forums and community, check.
    Rapid white knight types who attack anyone who points out anything wrong, check (and oh look, present here too!).
    Overpriced cash shop items, check.
    Excessive grind, check.
    Lack of any form of meta-game, check.
    Match-making solution that encourages steam-rolling, check.
    2 gametypes that are basically the same gametype, check.
    Limited maps, check.

    On the development team;
    Draconian lock-down trying to control any negative comments, check.
    "Creative" marketing, check.
    Allegations of bait and switch tactics to encourage investment, check.
    Deliberate trolling of their own community, check.
    Unwillingness to engage in even sensible discussions on state of the game, check.
    Proven to lie about upcoming features and roadmap, check.
    Make the same mistakes over and over again, check.
    Release patches to fix problems that make things even worse, check.

    Do you want to try out running around in a big stompy robot? Do you want to have a couple of hours fun blowing things up? Give MWO a try. After those couple of hours you'll be getting bored and uninstalling, but at least you wasted a couple of hours.
  14. Sep 17, 2013
    Ok, my first vote was influenced by my anger at the bad release. This game could be great but at this state it is not more than a fill-in game. 1) graphic: not bad with directX11 perhaps better. We will see 2) mechdesign: great work from the lead designer alex iglesias 3) maps: insufficient and wrong scaled. you havent got the feeling of walking in a 12meter high mech. 4) ballance: ok, not perfect but ok
    5) sound: nice
    6) music: there is no background music
    7) game modes: only 1 in 2 different variants
    8) long time motivation: none, because there is only the same game mode

    And now to the comment of Russ Bullock (one of the staff of PGI, the company that made this game) you can find here with a 10 point rating. What he desribes is a future vision of MWo. Not one of the features he desribes is in the game. Would they part of the game you would only find here 10/10 ratings. When will you see this features? Nobody knows. The Devs dont talk about that.

    Resume: Wait a few month and perhaps it will be the perfect mech game. Now it is a nice fill-in game but not worth to pay real money for it.
  15. Sep 17, 2013
    While this game does have some of its foundation in place it is missing almost all of what the game was described as over the course of its development. The only content they release is new mechs, very rarely new maps, and new camo/paint. Core features such as Community Warfare and the Clans have been stated as coming in the next few months with lots of info in the coming weeks; however that is the same thing they have been saying since this time last year. Content is always around the corner but never arrives, nor does any information.

    The devs have a tendency to address problems with weapons/builds by implementing convoluted unintuitive mechanics that are both not fun, and poorly described.

    There are bugs and that is to be expected, but it takes a long time for them to be fixed and even when they are something new pops up.

    The user interface for the game is lacking in almost every aspect, but this should be addressed with the new user interface that has been coming soon since last year.

    The grind for c-bills is to the point of absurdity once you get past you first 25 games.

    The list could really go on and on, but really it is just too frustrating to put it into words on how disappointing the treatment of a beloved franchise by what can only be described as deceitful arrogant developers.

    This game has a lot of potential, however the devs do not.
  16. Feb 8, 2014
    This is by far the worst game development I have ever witnessed. UI 2.0 is yet another example of the PGI development strategy of ignore your users, release unfinished poorly thought out content. Looking at it I have to wonder just "what" or whom they were designing it for. The promised CW has seen more development in the heated exchanges on the now 2 Reddit communities then we will ever likely see in game. This is a product I would avoid as I do not see it lasting another year unless some serious editing is done to the staff at PGI. Expand
  17. Sep 17, 2013
    From the time closed beta started last year, the game has somehow managed to get worse with nearly every update. Graphics details that started out at a high quality have been steadily cut in an attempt to make the game run better on more peoples machines has largely been unsuccessful. Promised game features are largely nonexistent while features promised to be never introduced are added to the dismay of their most devoted fans.

    Game balance issues are addressed months on average after they are introduced, and usually addressed in such a heavy handed fashion that the meta game is a wildly swinging pendulum going from one extreme to another. New players can expect to be confused by many systems behind the scenes that impact game play in huge ways, while being stuck in vastly inferior robots for a huge length of time if they are unwilling to pay large sums of their paychecks.

    While free to play games depend on micro transactions for revenue, the prices on most in game items are hugely inflated. Most robots cost more than $20 with some of the larger one costing over $40 for just the bare bones chassis, which will cost even more money to get into a playable state. These huge costs are inflated even more with the requirement to own the same robot 3 times before you can unlock its skill trees upper levels vastly increasing the robots capabilities.

    The basic game play in early closed beta was easily the high point in this games lifetime, with each new addition making the game more time consuming and costly to play. Developers who insult and berate their player base while seeming to actively sabotage their own game are the only things you see when visiting their site and social media.

    A launch has not reached such terrible crescendos since Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  18. Sep 17, 2013
    I came into this game in closed beta, and after initial impressions contributed to the founders program. The game was fun, and much was promised that gave me high hopes for the future. Today, I have absolutely the opposite opinion. While in short bursts, the game might still have some of the enjoyment it once promised, it is held back by awful balance issues and a horrendously slow grind if you have any desire to purchase a new mech without spending real money on it. Development pace has been outstandingly slow, with balance issues and bugs taking months to be even partially addressed, if at all. And frankly, communication from the developers has moved from involved community interaction to alternatingly condescending, utterly out of touch, or non-existent.

    For a cryengine 3 game, the game's graphics are pathetic. DX11 support has been in development for a year and is not present, and the visual presentation is outdated at best. I actually believe graphics were better earlier in development, as the developers struggle to work with the engine has forced them to disable features once available.

    New players face a tough uphill climb. The game only recently introduced its first tutorial, which barely presents anything useful to the newcomer. Online and in game documentation is non-existent, and recent balance changes have introduced complicated heat mechanics that can only be found buried in the forums. Until today, new players have been forced to play their initial matches using stock mechs, which are woefully underpowered compared to the customized chassis used by long term players. While today they have slightly improved "champion" chassis to choose from, there is no evidence this will remain the norm. Starting players do receive a rapid infusion of in game currency over the first 25 games, which will allow them to choose a customizable chassis and equipment, but those who do not research their choices may find themselves locked into something they do not enjoy, and forced to a drawn out grind that has been recently made even slower in order to acquire a different mech.

    New players are also initially thrown into third person view, a much maligned feature that has caused a vast division between players and developers. Intended to make it easier to see the legs of the mech, with most chassis the view point is too high for this purpose. This viewpoint also locks the targeting crosshairs to the terrain, causing it to jitter and bounce frequently it is recommended that players go into the options and switch to first person view and just learn to play the game as it was initially intended to be played.

    The game is highly imbalanced, favoring long ranged weaponry and heavier chassis over shorter range weapons and the lighter mechs. The developers have long promised to balance out the mech roles, but so far this has been nothing more than slight adjustments to torso twist and arm movement range and speed, along with much derided weapon balancing done in rare, heavy handed changes rather than the frequent small tweaks one would expect to see.

    Long term, the game has little staying power. The game has had only two game modes for a year, with nothing on the horizon beyond the same statements made while in closed beta. The much anticipated metagame is almost a year late, and no where to be seen. The game has 5 base maps, with a few duplicated with environmental changes to increase variety. As mentioned before, purchasing a new mech chassis requires either real currency or a long slow grind. The advancement tree requires purchasing 3 similar variants (same mech, different equipment hard points) in order to move through it, and with some mechs, the difference is very little. The end of the advancement tree is to provide an additional equipment module slot for the mech; while for some mechs this is useful, players can expect to devote as much if not more time to grind out the in game currency to purchase a module as they did for the mech itself.

    Ultimately, give the game a try, but don't be surprised to be frustrated early on, to burn out, or to see the game flop under failed promises and greed.
  19. Sep 17, 2013
    Where to begin? MWO is unfinished, the staggering lack of content is embarrassing for any of the founders program suckers, the game wasn't a beta many months ago regardless of what any of the misguided white knights of MWO tried to say in a epic failure of a futile defense, the treatment of people in the forums by the MWO moderators is a joke, they can't balance weapons, they can't manage to keep pace with development versus the timeline they announced in terms of clan mechs and clan tech, they gave up on the timeline, the same two tired and sad old game modes are an endless disappoinment, complete lack of any promised content, the list just keeps going.
    2 years in, and this supposed launch is nothing more than an already scheduled patch, community warfare is nowhere to be found and player confidence is at an all time low. The hardcore fans I.E., the white kinights and founders suckers are trying to act like they don't care about these issues, they are trying to act like it doesn't bother them, but in a couple weeks to a month they will begin to rail against the developers, and they will probably start to leave, like rats leaving a sinking ship by December 1st.
    I joined MWO and then joined a group as I was advised to do by the community in the MWO forums, I then sent friends requests to all of the friends of the people in the group I joined, omnly to have my friends list wiped clean, and the ability to have or make friends removed, then I sent in a support ticket to ask why my friends list was removed, and any ability to have a friends list taken away, I recieved no response. So that left me with no way to be part of the MWO community in the forums, and I never posted anything negative or profane in anyway.
    I cannot recommend MWO, it is completely devoid of content, it's community moderators and support are a group bumbling fools that are biased and negative beyond compare. The developers are slow, seemingly unskilled enough to fix things needing a fix, but turning around and nerfing every decent weapon into the ground because it destroys the PGI crew ingame, I lterally listened to a PGI team ingame on MWO cry about PPCs and Gauss weapons so bad that I exited the webcast, then 3 weeks later heat penalties and nerfs came flying in the next two patches. Just so pathetic and transparent.
    What about a lobby system, and knowing what map you are getting before you start a match..?? Knowing that you are going to drop on a super hot volcano planet, no person in their right mind is going bring their hottest loadout into that opertaion, sorry..
    The only people that can be blamed for the obvious shambles that MWO is in right now are the developers, but I can guarantee they are going to blame the community for most of it, and then come up with the lamest of excuses to cater to the suckers that hold on to hopes of a good battletech-mechwarrior game to be released.
    Conclusion I do not recommend MWO to anyone at the current time, unless a miracle of development happens.
    Prediction DEAD BY DECEMBER... Yup
  20. Sep 17, 2013
    I wanted to write this review of MechWarrior: Online so that the viewing public could see this game for what it really is.

    I gave this game a 5/10, but I want to state that while this is a low score for the game and it's creators at Piranha Games Inc., I want to state factual evidence, both good and bad, to be fair and unbiased.

    On the plus side, this is the first MechWarrior title
    online in over 10 years, and it's good to see this back in play. Graphicially, the game is a decent improvement to the last MechWarrior title, but that's not saying too much here because this is supposed to use the CryEngine 3.4, and technically the graphics could go up to DX11 standards. However the developers have failed to add in the DX11 graphics update yet, the first of many failed promises that they were supposed to have upon game launch date and failed to deliver today.

    PC Gamer had featured a review of this back in Fall of 2012, in which the developers had stated many additions to the game, like different game modes that were to be featured, Community Warfare, a new user interface called UI 2.0, information warfare, DirectX 11 graphics, and the game's commitment to making this a 1PV game only system.
    Since that time, they introduced Coolant shots, which many people didn't want. They introduced a 3PV system, which they at first had said would never be introduced, then they said they were considering adding 3PV but only for the Training Tutorial, then they changed it again and said that they would introduce 3PV into the game itself but that 1PV player games and 3PV player games would as separate playing queues and that people wanting to play 1PV would never have to play with people wanting to play 3PV players, and then they MIXED them together anyways, and then said that 1PV player only queues were to be scrapped. It was only because the game playing community on their forums had blown up in an overwhelming negative forum response did they concede and as of today you can now play a 1PV only environment, but ONLY if you are on a team of you and 11 other friends in a 12 man formed team.

    Also, because the game has launched today, there is NO:

    Community Warfare
    Information Warfare
    DX11 graphics
    UI 2.0
    collision mechanic system
    MASC (a sort of nitrous like system to increase movement speed for some mechs)
    The Clans (which should have been out already)
    salvage based system to salvage parts
    Repairing and Rearming your mechs

    Now to be fair, PGI has said that they will in the future, add these and many other features over the course of the coming months and commit to new material being added, such as new maps, and new game features (Solaris style arena based combat), and new mechs. As to when that will all happen? Who knows?

    The major overlying problem however is not the game. It's the people making the game, which is Piranha Games Inc. (PGI) and their game publisher, Infinite Games Publishing (IGP). PGI's staff is very small and takes an extremely long time to put out anything and their balancing procedures is to balance the game from a "bottom first on down" system which is opposite from what all other game MMO creators have done, which they normally balance a game from the "Top first on down" in which they balance the game from what the top players are using to properly balance the game, so as to make the game more fair and balanced so that certain weapons are balanced for what they are being used by the top players. Not PGI, however, and it's caused some terrible balancing issues. On top of that, PGI never asked for the Crytek people who created the CryEngine system for help, which has further caused problems, ones that could have solved coding issues for PGI months ago, but never did, which boggles this reviewer. Why? To save money? Isn't the quality of this game more important?
    On top of this is IGP. Rumors have been flying in from some of the developers (who have asked not to be named and kept anonymous) that the Sept. 17th date was rushed because IGP had kept pushing for a launch date so they could say PGI's product is considered as "stable and playable" yet PGI has still had bug issues with the game being stable, and many of the promised features that they said would be included at game launch were put off after launch date. Why? This reviewer suspects that IGP wanted this pushed early so that they could make MONEY, and say it was a viable released product.

    In the end, I have been a Closed Beta tester of this game since June of 2012. Has PGI done some good things with the game? The answer is mixed. I am happy of the rebirth of MechWarrior as a MMO game, and the game is playable, but the constant broken promises PGI has given the community over and over has left a terrible taste in the game community's mouth, and IGP has done nothing to help the situation.

    One can only hope that MW: O can last long enough to recover and turn things around for the better, if they are around long enough to do so.
  21. Sep 17, 2013
    This is a pure Pay-to-Win game that should still in beta. It has bare minimum features besides the ability to pay for anything and everything with real money. Just endless deathmatches, no real objectives or overarching goals. Farm and spend dollars, that's the entire game.
  22. Sep 17, 2013
    This is probably one of the worst experiences in gameplay and development I have ever participated in 25 years of computer and online gaming.

    Gameplay at this time is extremely limited with only 2 game modes, Conquest and Assault. Conquest is supposed to be a capture the flag type of mode, but ends up being nothing more than Assault (12 vs. 12, last team standing), with some extra areas
    to defend or capture that usually have no effect on the outcome of the match. If your idea of a good gameplay is endless rounds of shoot til you die, this game is for you.

    The game also is plagued by constant bugs, game freezes, dropped games with no ability to jump back in if you are booted out, frame rate issues, and generally unstable design with basic weapon functions, environment bugs and pixel ghosting.

    The developer has consistently failed to deliver on its design pillars and features as rolled out to the Beta test community, delivered no new content, no upgrade to the user interface after months of promising to do so, and has waged at passive aggressive war on its own forums with its vocal community fan base.

    If you are looking for a viable successor to the prior MechWarrior games, this ain't it.
  23. Sep 17, 2013
    A disappointing experience all-around. This is not like any Mechwarrior game that came before...don't expect MW5. It may be worth playing for a couple of hours just for the graphics...they are pretty good because of the detail of the mechs. But everything is concealed behind some sort of hazy grainy-vision. The time one plays will consist of mostly 4-8 minute games, repeated over and over on poorly proportioned maps. The game is terribly frustrating with the strange weapon quirks that make no sense and the heat penalties that reduce one's effectiveness and ability to survive (no in-game description of the arcane heat system either). Be prepared to grind (a LOT) to get your mech improved enough to be competitive...because you have to level THREE variants of each mech. One must deal with incomplete and unbalanced weaponry; some weapons systems seem overpowered, while others are a total waste of space/weight. There's only one real roll: get the biggest mech there is with the biggest weapons it can hold, tag as many enemy as you can, then get/steal as many kills as you can. Scouting and support roles are rewarded at a much lower level. This design forces one to discard real teamwork in favor of selfish play...and one will see a LOT of it. Adding to the teamwork problem is a lack of in-game communication hot-buttons....or anything other than typing, unless you are in a group on TeamSpeak. The community is terribly full of mean-spirited and hateful people, both in-game and in the forums. The devs/admin are arrogant and condescending. STAY AWAY FROM THE FORUMS! It doesn't matter what one posts; it will be flamed by either a 'this game sucks' troll or a brown-nosing admin-lover, and either (both) will try to explain why they are so smart while demeaning any opposing view. I wasted time on this game (since closed beta) but no longer play it. Loved it once, hate the entire experience now. Expand
  24. Sep 17, 2013
    Not going into the publishers problems. The game is a pretty but rather bland lobby shooter that would appeal to battletech enthusiasts but probably not to a more general audience. Lack of more grouping options, game bugs, balance issues and a complete lack of a new user experience beyond a fledgling movement tutorial makes it a hard game to play; especially new.

    Feels like a beta
    because without some of the features that are supposedly in the works, it is and admittedly so by the staff. I would only try it if you loved the mechwarrior experience in the past. Expand
  25. Sep 17, 2013
    The story of Overstated Expectations.

    When the new Mechwarrior game was announced after almost 12 years discontinuation, It drew alot of attention of all fans of the series arcade simulator mech-combat game based on Battletech tabletop game universe along with Battletech's own fans. That's because developer team declared maximum possible proximity to the tabletop game rules as a goal
    for a first time of long (since 1989) Mechwarrior games history.

    In addition, a lot of features were announced: dynamic global map reflecting outcome of every match, multiple game factions and loyalty/reputation system, first person view only, deep combat roles system, day-to-day matching with universe rich and deep history, and a plethora of other things.
    Matched 12 vs.12 combat game mode were chosen as a backbone, with f2p as business model and Cryengine3 for graphics. As a concept it looked near-to-awesome.

    Closed beta started with very limited assets available for players four mechs, one map, one 8x8 game mode. Despite multiple stability issues, UI bugs and optimization issues, it was a solid base for a true Mechwarrior game. It had all core mechanics we all loved in MW series: multiple weapons, twisting torsos, separately armored locations etc. Graphics wasn't bad, even without DX11 support and interactive environment, while still far from Crysis level. But even then first problems emerged some tabletop stuff like ranges and weapon parameters weren't perfect for real-time action game, witch caused a lot of imbalance. Mechlab your battle machine customization system turned out to be another balance issue while giving alot of freedom in customization, it became a clear step back from the previous game Mechwarrior 4 in terms of balance and Battletech rules and lore proximity.

    With addition of new weapons and equipment, balance issues became more and more crucial, but developers decided to not change the core mechanics, adding some very anti-intuitive and complicated solutions instead. And that's not only about combat mechanics for example, economic system, implying repair and rearming your mech after battles, was completely removed as "unbalanceable".

    Combat role system was reduced to a bunch of very simple and totally linear "+N% to something" unlockable perks.

    Day-to-day concept also proved itself insolent, because of slow development process, unable to keep in pace with key universe dates event.

    Alot of improvement and content were added during Closed and Open betas, such as bugfixing and networking, alot of new mechs and maps, but core game wasn't really improved to the release date: it still offers very limited lobby capabilities (only random matchmaking for individual players and groups), only two no-respawn game modes without any match-to-match connections global map and faction system were postponed too and are not included to the 17th September release along with DirectX11 support, destructable environment. With every new patch game comes further from Mechwarrior and Battletech basics, desperately trying to be playable, but still weighted down by unresolved core mechanic issues. Optimization still is not a bright side too even on minimum graphics settings you'll likely need a quad-core CPU and descent graphic card along with 4gb of RAM.

    Now, after game left Beta state, it's very unlikely that small developers team will make a massive overhaul, and a lot of time will be required to achieve announced features, which weren't canceled completely. For now "release" is only a word in the profile.

    The bright side, actually, is business model unlike many f2p games, it's definitely not a pay-to-win. Despite players were able to buy premium subscriptions and mech for real money since closed beta, there is no way to receive any ultimate advantages this way.

    If you aren't hardcore Battletech/Mechwarrior fan, ready to forgive drawbacks just because you're crazy of mechs, you'd better wait for a moment, when game really will have something more than 12x12 15 minutes matches. There is a chance it will happen, after all.
    If you are, you'd better know, that the game world clock stopped just before Clans invasion, so you'll not see some iconic clan mechs of previous games, at least for a while.
  26. Sep 17, 2013
    This game has two game modes, Conquest (capture points and hold) and Assault (team deathmatch) and a handful of maps. The amount of grinding needed in order to get a mech of your own isn't bad, for the 1st 20 games, after that it is a terrible grindfest. The game quickly gets redundant and stale. There are no incentives to use a light, cheaper mech to capture points in conquest because the reward is so low. There appears to be no matchmaking balance as brand new players go up against founders. There are very little instructions on how to pilot, and nothing on combat training; with such a steep learning curve, the tutorial is practically useless. The user interface is clunky and trying to form a group is made unnecessarily difficult. There are alleged promises for a new user interface, but a quick look at the forums shows an angry player base crying for that "UI 2.0" that had been "promised" to be available long before launch. I often find my weapons firing into invisible barriers, my giant mech can't seem to step over a rock no bigger than its foot and terrain that looks like it should be easily traversed will often leave you looking for a new route, if you don't get stuck.

    I honestly feel that anyone scoring this higher than a 5 or 6 but lower than 3 or 4 is not giving an objective review. Many people are reviewing this game on the publisher and developer and their behavior.

    I score this game a 3 for its many flaws and overall feel of being incomplete, coupled with your choice between a money grabbing Free To Play model (the sooner we gamers stop giving our money to F2P, the better) or redundant grindfest. Even if you do chose the money pit, you are still in for plenty of redundancy.
  27. Sep 17, 2013
    MWO has good innovation on the Mechwarrior game in a few areas, utilizing modern technology and coding to implement things that may not have been feasible in previous titles. Some of these things that MWO gets "right" are: * Line-of-Sight radar * Armor Internals split hp * Arm reticule moves separate from torso reticule Unfortunately, there are also some areas where it falls short of the mark. For example, Heat is an interesting system but here, it is implemented the same as it was in previous Mechwarrior titles, with an automatic shutdown after a certain threshold. This seems like a wasted opportunity to leverage modern programming to bring the same granularity of mechanics into the game.

    There is also a certain lack of immersion from being in a big stompy robot. This immersion seems to end at the startup sequence, with the rest of a game's "match" becoming increasingly gamist, with points being shown as the player accomplishes tasks, number of players remaining, and concluding with a kill-cam.

    The purpose of the matches also lacks immersion. In the Assault game mode, players win by either killing all enemies or by capturing the enemy oil rig by standing near it until the bar goes down. In the Conquest game mode, players win by either killing all enemies or by reaching a number of points that increase based on the number of oil rigs they control. The points are just that a number; there is no further explanation to what these resources are that are being captured or their purpose.

    The terrain and visuals also miss the mark for giving a sense of scale. The exception to this is one map, River City, which pits players against each other in an urban environment. However, the terrain doesn't have a strong sense of detail at a close-up level.

    Further reducing the immersion are the lack of interaction with the environment. The "big stompy robot" feel is lost when one cannot affect the terrain or collide with enemy (or friendly) mechs.

    All-in-all, the game has a few new innovations for some of the older mechanics, but otherwise has a striking lack of attention to detail. I'm tempted to say that with a free to play game, you get what you pay for, but I can't see that any of the purchasable content would improve this game's fundamental flaws.
  28. Sep 17, 2013
    Mechwarrior: Online is a prime example of a game with extreme potential that falls far short of what it could truly achieve. Shoddy weapons balancing, a gleaming example of how not to handle your community, a dire lack of communication, and horrible design decisions mire what could have been a really great forward step not just for Free 2 Play games but for competitive online gaming as well.

    During it's early beta phases the game showed great promise, many faults and bugs as well but it was to be expected of something so early shown to the public. Multiple steps backwards with very few forward were made and MW:O has become a game not worth your time nor your money. Early Founder's package money (a then record of 5 million,) was shunted away to other games made by MW:O's publisher, leading to long delays for multiple promoted game modules. Mechwarrior Credit (paid money credit) to real world cash ratio is prohibitive and their cash shop is rather lacking as it gives you no real reason to buy anything.

    Customer feedback is largely ignored even when they ask for direct feedback in the forms of polls or constructive posts about planned or already implemented features. Multiple unpopular features are added without consideration to what it does to the game at large and helps to only alienate their player base and ruin the overall game experience. Many core design features aren't finished and have no clear launch in site as Community Warfare and other key features which were slated for release over half a year to a year ago remain empty promises.

    The best part of Mechwarrior: Online is it's art direction, but amazing looks for the 'mechs themselves and well textured maps don't make for a fun game. Convoluted weapon balancing, bad netcode, and incredibly lacking information warfare systems bring down what would otherwise be a mostly enjoyable game if other core features weren't missing.

    Adding to all it's issues is their reversal on promised game vision and direction as multiple features that were promised to NEVER be placed in game and many features being pushed farther and farther off into the horizon and Mechwarrior: Online is a horrible game that really should have been far more profitable for PGI and a better game for many years to come.
  29. Sep 17, 2013
    Unfortunately as a Legendary Founder and someone who has paid for Overlord and MC (Mechwarrior credits) $300+ this game has gone nowhere fast. Instead of fixing and balancing they spend time adding "features" like 3PV. Instead of adding Community Warfare the add a couple of new maps and continue with basically 2 versions of death matches. Instead of listening to people who pay money they dismiss many of us as the vocal minority as the silent majority must agree with them cause they don't have any issues... and their forum MODs reguarly delete or edit (redact) posts if the feel it disagrees with them.
    Wanted to like them through ups and downs of closed beta and beta... but even with the "release" this is still no better than a beta. It is sad that PC gamer who gave away stuff last year had a recent issue devoted to Free to Play and Mechwarrior online was not mentioned... we'll it was mentioned in passing when they were talking about Hawken another F2P.
  30. Sep 17, 2013
    Long time fan of the MechWarrior Franchise and "Legendary Founder" on Mechwarrior Online. While I like a lot about the POTENTIAL of this game, I can't give it more than a 6 based on it's current state.

    The Developers have a chronic habit of promising new features on a regular basis and an equally chronic habit of pushing said promises back repeatedly (over a year in some cases) while
    still promoting cash sales based on the promises made. As a founder we were sold on a promise to make a Mech Sim style game with no 3rd person views, no coolant flushing, and other features. Development has steered away from those promises, changing the game significantly from the original vision we were sold on.

    That said, if you have no experience in the Mechwarrior Universe, you will likely find the current game playable and enjoyable enough, but it will get repetitive due to the limited maps, game modes, and lack of a credible game interface and un-intuitive game mechanics. The game is making progress in that they now have a reasonable Tutorial section which introduces the players to how mechs move on the battlefield.

    However, the use of the Mechlab, where players can adjust their Mechs loadout, and should be a big part of playing the game, especially for new players, is basically unavailable to them, is clunky and lacks a truly user friendly interface.

    Immersion in the game is hit an miss at times. While I applaud the Mech designs and the sounds in the game, the lack of "destructibility" of objects and some issues with collision, especially when your Mech travels up a slope, can take away from the experience.

    If you like free-to-play games and have no intention of spending cash on it, MWO can be entertaining but be prepared for long "grinds" to earn enough in game cash to progress. For the most part the Mechs look good, and you do get the feel of being in a big stompy robot that many of us love. I find myself torn between my love of the franchise and the direction (that for myself is not what I initially signed up for) the game is heading.

    Many of the very low score reviews on metacritic are from disgruntled players who feel that the Devs have misled the community on multiple occasions. While I count myself among them, I still give the game a "6", while hoping they smarten up and earn an "8" one day.
  31. Sep 17, 2013
    1. Game released whilst not finished.
    2. Developers buff weapons to sell mechs for real money then nerf the weapons the patch after the sale.
    3. Developers will say one thing, then go back on their word saying that "that was our position at the time."
    4. Unintuitive systems such as ghost heat are not mentioned anywhere in the mech lab, how will newbies know?
    5. Developers overpromise
    and under deliver, often taking two steps back.

    This game is not fit for release, let alone charging players for content. Half the game is missing, clan wars are not in neither is Community Warfare. This means that the game becomes stale rather fast.

    My recommendation is that if you do decide to play this game, do not spend any money lest you become disappointed.
  32. Oct 10, 2013
    I was putting together a review that would best describe my opinion for this game, when i ran across an article on GameFront. The article is called, "A Cautionary Tale: The Rage of the Mechwarrior Online Community." It's written very intelligently. I would recommend that everyone read it so they can understand why there are so many negative opinions of this game as a whole. I won't include a link since that's not kosher here.. but u can plug the quoted phrase into any search engine and find it.

    People may gripe that it deserves a better review. They'll say, "People are complaining about the publisher. The game is good." Now, think about this. This game was crowd funded. Normally, whoever makes a game to sell pays for it up front. They try to craft something that will sell the most games. WIth crowd funding, they take your money first. They get it because they promise you a game that you will want and tell you everything that you want to hear. Shouldn't they feel obligated to deliver on those promises?

    Now, if you wanted your house painted blue, paid someone to paint it blue, and came home to a red house, wouldn't you be the least bit angry? Wouldn't you at least question why and expect a straight answer? Of course they offer to repaint it. The next day, however, your house is green. They convince you that you wanted it green. Green is better then blue. They promised you blue, but after taking your money, you end up with green. Would you be happy? Something to think about.

    update 10/10
    I didn't think it could get any worse, but sadly I can't drop the score any lower. I have been encountering swarms of bugs and game freezes since my review posted that have been present since early game. I had believed these to be fixed, but they seem to re-emerge with each new patch. I will be putting together a review soon of the "new player experience." in it, you'll see exactly how much time and effort are required to get to a playable state (ie "not" overheating constantly and dying early). it will include detailed stats at each milestone, unlike pgi.. that just makes up numbers based on "theoretical averages" to blow smoke up your butt. yes, real numbers.
  33. Sep 17, 2013
    Claimed to free to play, free to enjoy, free to have fun... well, it's not completely true. You have only 4 bays, if you want more give them your money. Also yon can either spend your lifetime earning cbills (in-game currency) or spend your cash. It wouldn't be a problem if you didn't need TONS of c-bills. The majority of players (base on my open beta experience) end up spending $15-25 each month to buy "comfort" such as aka premium time, mechs, XP conversion..... Expand
  34. Sep 17, 2013
    I've been playing the game since closed beta, 2 years ago.
    Now the game is released and it's a shame the game is so shallow, missing so much content I would still consider it an Alpha version.
    So yes, you can have fun with this game if you're trying it for a month or two, if you can survive the very steep learning curve.
    I just hope the dev. (PGI) gonna wake up... FAST.
  35. Sep 17, 2013
    This game is awful. If you are a lover of the Battletech IP, stear well clear of this stinker. If you're not necessarily a lover of the Battletech IP, stear well clear of this stinker.

    The gameplay is insultingly simplistic, the maps are extremely tiny, and the mech sizes are way off.

    The game modes are ridiculous, and there is no community warfare (which was promised over a year
    ago), there is no new User Interface 2.0. Which is the reason the development of the game was put on hold, to develop UI2.0, without which none of the stuff that makes this anything more than a 10min arena deathmatch can be implemented.

    We were told last fall, that CW and UI2.0 would be in within 30 days after open beta, then it was within 60 days, then it was quarter1 of 2013, and then it became summer/fall of 2013, and now its within 60 days of launch.

    This game is being developed by an incompetent, unprofessional, and unethical group of individuals who continually add 'features' that are unwanted, anasked for, and unannounced.

    There have been several attempts to add in P2W features, and the actual development of the game is virtually nonexistent.

    In short, this game is an insult to the Battletech franchise, and an insult to the intelligence and loyalty of Battletech fans the world over.

    But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself, and see for yourself.

    The only reason this is getting even a 4/10 is because of FlyingDebris art. Simply outsanding!
  36. Sep 17, 2013
    Game has only two game modes, all this hype about community warfare earlier and it's nowhere to be seen at launch and the same goes with their UI improvements and DX11 implementation.
    No VOIP of any kind in a team based game, new content slow to roll in. 2 years in development and a handfull of maps.
    If you are looking for a mech simulator, this isn't one. Arcade shooter with mechs,
    Development team extremely bad at communicating with the community and keeping their decisions.

    Mech art is nice though and there's clearly some effort put into it.
  37. Sep 17, 2013
    The original vision for this game as promised by the Dev's sounded amazing. I bought the founders pack, and felt good helping a new developer make a new Mechwarrior game for the first time in a decade. That was my mistake.

    Closed beta was fun, and some new quirks kept me interested for a while. Then I realized that I hadn't played the game in 6 months, and hadn't missed it in the
    least. That was my first warning sign.

    The gameplay gets stale quickly, and the customer support, specifically their knock off online billing system is abysmal. The new user experience is not, as some reviews have claimed, completely non-existent. It exists, and could be accurately compared to using a cheese grater to shave your b@lls.

    New content, in the form of new maps, generally high heat to tempt you to buy consumables with real money, comes at a piddling rate. New mechs generally appear every month, however actual balance of said mechs, and god forbid weapons, is glacially slow. When it does happen, balance is not the term for it, rather a scorched earth policy to nerf into oblivion.

    Finally, the community interaction is awful. Banhammer happy mods, devs and even the President of the company insult their core audience, and the list of broken promises and lies stretches for many, many pages on the forums.

    1/10, would not recommend. Stay away from this for another year and hopefully, once a few people are fired, the game can improve.
  38. Sep 17, 2013
    heh my review got cut in half. Bugs that have existed since close beta. This non-event launch the only 'deadline' they have met in over a year the out right lies of the dev team concerning features they sold the game on re coolant and 3pv the taunts to people pointing out the lies and bait and switch tactics. the horrible new player experience with a broken clunky unwanted 3pv forced into the game ahead of much needed in game voice coms a decent text chat, lobbies, a robust tutorial.
    slow development with months passing with broken unbalanced weapon builds due to incompetent internal testing and the devs not willing to give up on a failed idea ecm ghost heat convergence 3pv)
    tacking increasingly more complex counters onto said failed ideas to try and balance them despite said features being 'working as intended'
    (for the issue of 3pv being introduced youtube first versus third person view arma by dslyecxi )

    imo this game is about ready to enter open beta, it is not feature complete nor is there any time table as to when it would be even near so. a lot of the decisions made have alienated the people they put their hat out to for funding of their 'game' and imo if they go the way of eve and actually back track on the broken promises and apologise they may be able to right this derailed train wreck that has got steadily worse since closed beta

    TL DR
    game is buggy unbalance and is being dumbed down to try and reach more of the lowest common denominator. the development is slow the dev team has the worse community management I have ever come across. If your a BT MechWarrior fan or looking for a first person thinking mans game avoid this game.
    im writing off 140 spent as wasted money.
  39. Nov 4, 2013
    Where to start with the biggest letdown in my gaming career? It's hard to describe succinctly how far this game missed the mark, but I'll attempt to tell the story of MWO's development as honestly as I can.

    During the early summer last year, the developers of MWO (Piranha Games PGI) offered a Founder's Program to help fund the game and bring in tons of fans to test and provide feedback
    on the game. There was a grand vision of where the game was going, it was all documented in the dev blogs, and this is the vision that was used to market the game at this stage.

    In closed beta at this time (I bought in to the beta through the founder's program) the game was essentially a giant trainwreck. The UI was completely awful, and often crashed your game. Actually, nearly everything crashed your game at this point. The netcode was awful, the game only had one mode, and there was a very thin selection of mechs and maps. However, this was the point where the game most closely resembled a proper mechwarrior game, and it's only gone downhill from this point.

    I should also point out, that at this point there were many strong positives about the game. It was gorgeous, for starters, and the combat pacing was excellent. It was still early in development, so the massive problems could be overlooked, as there was a shining gem underneath all of that.

    Over the nearly year and a half since I joined the beta, I've watched poor decision after poor decision completely erode that shining gem underneath into a dull, bland, rock. All the while repeatedly missing development milestones, and completely forgetting about or willfully ignoring the original vision that the game was sold on.

    A small list of features this game was supposed have had months ago:
    -New game modes (dropship mode, and asymmetrical assault)
    -UI 2.0
    -Lobbies (yes, an online game that doesn't have lobbies of any kind)
    -In-game VOIP (yes, an online game that doesn't have in-game voice of any kind)
    -Community Warfare (the large overarching meta-game system)
    -Mech tonnage limits
    -Functional bases with turrets and capture mechanics
    -Clan mechs
    -Role Warfare (systems and skills that made each mech class and role unique and useful this in particular has completely failed and this doesn't exist in the game at all. You either go fast and cap bases, or carry lots of guns)

    And now, here we are at launch day. The game has seen exactly 0 of the promised features actually make it into the game. Instead, PGI utterly ignored its community and wasted immense amounts of time developing features that no one wanted, like P2W consumables and third-person view.

    So, in closing MWO is an incomplete mess of a game that has changed very very little from its closed beta state.

    Graphics: 5/10 This was a 8/10 before, but continued 'optimizations' have steadily ruined this department. Mech scaling to the environment has always felt completely off as well.
    Sound: 9/10 Quite good, actually... a highlight.
    Music: 0/10 Lol, they forgot this feature.
    Presentation: 2/10 The UI is extremely bad, dense, and non-intuitive
    Gameplay: 1/10 Perpetually bad decision making has taken what was once an extremely fun stompy robot game and made it a bland twitch shooter. There are only two game modes, which are both extremely simple and essentially 'stand in square or kill everyone.' The game is horribly imbalanced, and is extremely unfriendly to newbies. You can expect to have your face used as a bullet sponge when you first attempt to play, as the matchmaker will happily drop you against grizzled veterans that have mechs far far more powerful than what you start with.

    This game gets a 3/10 overall for nostalgia reasons only, I had tons of fun playing this once upon a time. The current game is a shallow grindfest, and looks like that is going to continue for a very long time. I can't say don't try it, as it is free, but do not be tempted to spend money, you will later regret it.

    PS I will likely be banned from the game for this review. Yes... PGI actually are complete dicks like that.

    Update: I've been banned (and received zero notification of it). Thanks for proving my point!
  40. Sep 17, 2013
    Pros: good graphics and sound effects. Cons: - severe lack of content (just a few maps and only 2 game modes) - badly broken game balance - terrible UI - game is very unfriendly to new players overall - lack of promised galactic conquest overlay (a.k.a Community Warfare) - lack of promised feature of all mechs being equally useful (a.k.a Role Warfare) - broken matchmaker - 3rd person view and 1st person view are not separated (12v12 is 1PV only, but it's unreasonable to be able to have 11 more players available at all times). 3PV comes with all the peek-around-corners advantages one would expect from it.
    - game has very little to do with Battletech (aside from skins and names), despite promises to keep it as close as possible.

    Overall, a boring and repetitive arcade shooter.
  41. Sep 17, 2013
    MWO has a lot of issues. I could not at this time recommend the game to anyone to actually spend money on. It would be ok to play for free, but its not worth money at this time.

    A lot of promises were made involving the ability to play as part of the inner sphere, clan invasion, and the ability to allow hits to register on mech (yes the game has been in beta for over a year and there
    are problems with hits actually registering) are not something the DEV's have been able to deliver on yet.

    The DEV's have been working on monetization primarily with easy to code camouflage, items, hero mechs and additional packages of mechs.

    At this point, the current state of the game is what the Devs are actually able to code and deliver. I would not expect much else from Piranha at this time.

    The best mech in the game now is a 30 ton mech that has ridiculous issues with hits registering. The devs have known about this for months and aren't doing much about it. The game is a disappointment compared to the first video they released to the founders package with the promises they made and what they actually delivered. The game is the first time since I was 16 and got swindled by carnies on a bait and switch scheme. Yup, MWO Bait and Switch, its that bad in delivering what they promised.
  42. Sep 17, 2013
    Great potential and great art ruined by poor planning, bad game design, broken promises, bad math, terrible communication and unwillingness to listen to anyone but the most sycophantic of followers.
  43. Sep 17, 2013
    Bad and buggy game. And Ruther is right, they HEAVILY mod there forums so that you can not bash the game at all. Its pretty sad. Certain words you can not say, even non harassing words. This game was and is a big let down. Dont let these new people who just started today fool you. They promised us a lot of things and never came through. Even today, there was to be something about clan wars released, lied to again. Expand
  44. jax
    Sep 17, 2013
    I'd recommend this to anyone interested, but even though IGP/PGI has made a good game they have a bad tendency of disapointing their customers. Many features of the game still needs tweaking after one year in open beta (and even longer in closed beta) and new contents just takes way to long to roll out. The game is patched about twice a month, but the patches seem to struggle forth and back and seemingly unable to land on the right spot. The game UI is still not in (after release) and the graphics are locked to DX 9.0. The communnity is large and dedicated, but the producers tend to ignore constructive feedback. Mechwarrior Online has given me great many hours of fun, and will be really good when it's more finished. For now, it's not. Expand
  45. Sep 17, 2013
    The game is a fun game to play, especially once you have advanced enough to have plenty of c-bills to build custom 'mechs, fully loaded with all the features. Once Community Warfare and the new User Interface are added, this game will become a 9, and potentially a 10. I haven't logged this many hours in a game in many years.
  46. Sep 17, 2013
    An extremely fun game at it's core, with a promising future to be so much more. Graphics are beautiful, especially the mechs. Free to play, and avoids being pay to win. So much depth to mech customization, and gameplay tactics. This is a game i will be playing for years to come.
  47. Sep 17, 2013
    Mech art, great, i mean like 9/10, enviroment art, not bad like 7/10, designi from 1 year beta... ok now its the turning point. its like 2/10. probleam whit the game is not whit the game but whit the developers.
    Try the game enjoy the game and after wait for some actual content and ballance, cos its now an empty free to play store.
  48. Sep 17, 2013
    Mechwarrior online isn't a game with a cash shop so much as a cash shop with a minimum-effort game attached. PGI-management becomes angered when they have to actually work and develop content it seems due to their allergy. They launched on 9/17 with massive censorship campaigns on their forums in what I imagine was an attempt to suppress game reviewers from browsing their forum in it's honest state. It is completely possible to be banned from the game and lose all your real-money investments into MWO's content for posting a negative review on a website such as this or elsewhere IE reddit. That should tell you what kind of development mentality has gone into this game. It's aweful, they made a terrible attempt at intentionally imbalancing the meta-game for the past year by allowing certain weapons to be overpowered and selling special super-mechs that can use those weapons to maximum effect for the last year. This however lasted a year and alienated the playerbase. The mechwarrior-concept itself is amazingly solid and great, it's just dead from greed at this point. PGI isn't developing the game past the point of ever being a dry-bare-bones arena shooter and are already trying to port it onto xbox to.. and I quote... "get the call of duty audience" Yeah, spend your money and time elsewhere, let this brutalized victim of a franchise die with some dignity for what it once was. Incompetent developers that add more bugs than they fix with every patch, barely know the engine they code in, let alone knowing code at all, and a greedy cash-grab mentality around minimal effort and maximizing the amount of money people give them will really leave a sour taste in your mouth. Any strength the game has can be found in previous releases and in much stronger experiences for a significantly smaller investment of money and time. This is a dead boat. Expand
  49. Sep 17, 2013
    Their launch should really be open beta:

    - No collision detection light mechs run rampant into larger mechs with no consequences for bump and grind
    - Poor heat system and weapons balancing. Instead of small changes, they paint with broad strokes and introduce multiple changes at once making it hard to discern the actual impact of said changes
    - Maps have numerous bugs and catches
    where you get hung up on the smallest of obstacles
    - Weapon mechanics for various weapons render them for the most part useless resulting in FOTM builds
    - 3PV mechanic destroys pillar of recon role of light mechs
    - Minimal map selection
    - Matchmaker and grouping requirements not small group friendly 5-10 man teams
    - Clunky Interface although UI 2.0 is promised...someday
    - No lobby or means to host unit player events
    - Prolonged development cycle for core main features of community warfare missing for launch day

    All in all a stunning visually beautiful game executed in a craptastic development cycle. Todays launch should be open beta as it seems somewhere in the order of 3-6 months development for basic core functionality to be released around its community elements.
  50. Sep 17, 2013
    A game with plenty of potential that is currently being let down by slow, dishonest, arrogant, and just plain deceitful development. In its current state it's not even close to ready for launch.
  51. Sep 17, 2013
    Gameplay: there's a fun Mechwarrior pseudo-simulator in there somewhere when you can get a good match of rompy-stompy robots in you can have a lot of fun. The problem is, it's buried far beneath the mess of poor balance (1-2 weapons are almost always head and shoulders above the rest while others like flamers have never been useful), poor design decisions (only two game modes and they both suck, poor matchmaking system/no lobbies, 'mech size scaling, "ghost heat"), awful maps (in both design and implementation), and bugs unending (getting stuck in terrain, hit registration). I highly recommend finding experienced players to get started with instead of doing so alone, as many incredibly important aspects to the game are never explained to a new player in-game how heat sinks work, especially double heatsinks for instance; or why you want to disable arm-lock in the options. There's no tutorial and the player base is so small that you'll be matched up against people who know what they're doing, so having people to help you out is a must.

    The game consists of only two game modes, Assault and Conquest, which are both functionally deathmatch but with a side of "stand-in-the-square-to-win". 0-damage matches are less common with the introduction of 12v12 matches but the game modes are nonetheless a horribly-designed source of annoyance. In practice it has the feel of a very slow arena shooter with no respawns other F2P titles such as World of Tanks and the like are a good point of reference, despite the developer's insistence otherwise.

    Features: a major draw of the MW games has always been customization. Mech sticks in many ways to the classic Battletech rules the way weight and critical slots work, for instance, only mechs have limited 'weapon hardpoints' to give them variety and (in theory) balance them. Again, it is an arcane system however plagued by balance problems and lack of information. The best source of mech customization info is actually a 3rd party website (look up Smurfy's mwo reference). For instance new player wouldn't know that Double Heat Sinks are essentially mandatory on most mechs, despite being absent on most trial mechs the developers put out, or which modules are actually worthwhile.

    Related to this, a big problem at the moment is the game's economy. Now with real-money-fueled "Premium Time" a player will make roughly the same c-bills as a player without Premium Time used to. Players not using Premium Time now make a pittance after the Cadet Bonus new players earn, if they buy a bad mech or otherwise spend their cbills poorly they will be stuck with their choice for a long time (dozens if not hundreds of matches, depending on what they want to buy next). As such many players, especially newer ones, will have a hard time than they used to.

    Of course, a new player could just buy MC to bypass the grind. But there's no other way to put this: mechs are downright absurdly expensive to buy with real money. Assault mechs, last I bothered looking, cost in the range of $30 USD a piece. I will say that again: thirty dollars to unlock a single mech. There is absolutely no defending the pricing scheme PGI has put in place, and it's highly unlikely that they will ever have a sale on MC again.

    As long as I'm on features, there's an extremely lengthy list of promised features that have not made it into the game: DX11 support, lobby system, Community Warfare, etc. It's not clear when most of these features will be in the game in any meaningful way.

    Visuals and Audio: the game frankly just doesn't look very good. Maps are the worst offenders, whether through bland colors, awful visual filters (Forest Colony), or bad textures/geometry (Tourmaline Desert). A game running on the Cryengine 3 in 2013 has no business looking as bad as it does.

    The one thing the game does right more than anything else is the mech designs the art team, led in this aspect by Flyingdebris/Alex Iglesias, has given us some of the best Battletech art the franchise has ever seen. On many of the mechs after the original four, however, this has not translated well to the actual game. Size is the primary issue, with many mechs being far larger than they should be, for flavor and for balance reasons.

    The game has some good sound effects (my favorite personal touch being the clanking sound an Atlas makes as it torso-twists) but there are issues and bugs with them at times. There's no music to speak of, despite there being a music volume slider in the options.

    Final: MWO is a game that could and should be so much better than it is. Through incompetence and flat-out lying, PGI has 'delivered' a buggy, broken experience that deserves a far better team working on it. It's salvageable, but considering PGI's hostile attitude to their own player base I don't have a lot of hope.
  52. Sep 17, 2013
    The game has significant issues. It's still possible to play and have fun, but you are going to fight the developer's vision every step of the way in order to do it.
  53. Sep 17, 2013
    It's a F2P game you can play every night and enjoy with friends. It has classic Mech combat and at this moment I think the balance is the best it's ever been since Closed Beta. The game is addicting and it's incredibly fun to design different Mechs. Between this and League of Legends all my competitive Multiplayer needs have been ruthlessly satisfied for many, many months. All the stuff that isn't in the game yet isn't a buzzkill to me like it appears to be for many others, and only gives me something to look forward to. Judging the game as it is currently though I figure if I am looking forward to sitting down for a couple hours on it nearly every day then it deserves a rating of ten in my book. Expand
  54. Sep 17, 2013
    So much potential wasted, so many promises broken, so many deadlines slipped. The game was hyped as one thing and is turning into a kiddie game. I've been playing since closed beta and though the game still can be fun, it has progressed so slowly and a lot of the promised features have yet to arrive. Add to the snarkiness of the certain members of the dev team and a near total disregard for what should have been their core base leaves me in doubt about the future of this game.

    Some good: It is fun if you take it for what it is. The artwork isn't too bad. They have captured I think, the flavor of big stompy mechs beating on each other. The mechs can be customized to a great degree and a lot of the fun is just throwing different builds together and giving it a whirl. The maps are decent in look though some would be better as 8vs8 instead of 12vs12 and two would be good as 16vs16. The weapon balance is OK. Still needs tweaking but the majority of weapons are useful. Lots of mechs are available to use and in general, they look good though there is some scaling issues. They made "Sarah's Jenner" to raise money for charity was pretty solid of them.

    The Bad: 3rd PV, should never have been put in the game or if we must have that trash, the queues should be split as promised. Match imbalances are still a bane both in weight and skill. There is only two modes of play. Maps come slowly and they often have spots that your huge mech should be able to step over but it fail such as a stone embankment/wall on the river city map. Community warfare is no where to be seen. The new UI that has been much hyped, still hasn't made an appearance beyond a screenshot. The devs have essentially made it clear that the Founders are not their target audience any more. 10 year olds that cannot grasp torso twist apparently is the new target. The promised role-warfare is still pretty sketchy. C-bills have been nerfed a great deal. Takes forever to earn the money for a new mech. You would think they would want to sell more mech bays but I guess they are betting on premium time sales. No integrated voice yet. No lobby. No custom match making.

    Can they recover? I have my doubts. I hope they can get themselves sorted as in spite of everything, the game does show promise. I just am not sure if the PGI crew has the moxie to make things right.
  55. Sep 18, 2013
    This game had a lot of potential that was wasted. I'm a long running Mechwarrior and Battletech fan and I'm incredibly disappointed with this release.

    The games of old had multiplayer tacked on as an afterthought, but they still had a better setup for running games. In MWO you can only run 12 vs 12 matches, there are no options for smaller teams or creating a stock only game. New
    players are forced to face min maxed designs piloted by veterans with only non-optimized stock designs. The result of this is that the grind is unbearable for newbies.

    Mechwarrior is set in the Battletech universe, a universe with a ton of lore and fluff, unfortunately nothing is done with this to enhance the game. There are no faction mechs, no maps of iconic locations and worst of all it's set in 3050 and nothing is done with the Clan Invasion.

    There are only two modes, assault and conquest. These are rather horribly out of place for a Mechwarrior game and belong in a bread and butter shooter. Mechwarrior is supposed to be a simulator, it's about capturing factories, defending convoys, withdrawing to dropships,etc, not sitting next to a mining platform for points.

    A large problem here is that the devs are incapable of properly developing this game due to their initial unfamiliarity with Cryengine. Another problem is that they outright ignored any and all feedback from their Beta testers to properly balance the game.

    The devs are rather prone to including unwanted items ingame. Early in development we were promised that we would get a decent Mechwarrior sim with 1pv, now we have a 3pv game with coolant flush consumables. Rather immersion breaking for the people who backed this project with their money. It is ofcourse impossible to get a Founders refund at this point.

    The only positive thing about this game are the mechs and their designs. I really have to hand it to the concept artist and the 3D modellers, they did a good job at updating the classic designs.

    Check it out if you are a casual Mechwarrior fan and judge for yourself. Hardcore Battletech fans will be deeply disappointed with this shallow underdeveloped game.
  56. Sep 19, 2013
    The game with really great potential and dedicated playerbase ends up being mediocre due to slow developement and poor decisions of money hungry developer/publisher teams.

    I'll start with positive things:
    - real, licensed 'Mechs, most of them done nicely (size is off for some chassis though)
    - big variety of 'Mechs, all very customizable (developers tend to limit that freedom lately
    though with weird balance mechanics)
    - good graphics
    - nice maps
    - awesome sound effects (I think it is the strongest part of the game)
    - really great and helpful playerbase. Whether you want to immerse yourself into roleplaying aspect of Mechwarrior or just seek a group of people to play together, you will find something for you.

    Now, bad things.

    Biggest flaws I noticed that I cannot forgive because fixes to *all of them* were suggested (and ignored) numerous times on forums during beta period:

    - no proper tutorial for new players (which should be a priority in such a complex game). Simple movement tutorial is not enough. There is no tutorial for Mechlab.

    - no campaign or single player mode. While it's not 100% necessity, even short single player campaign would help new players.

    - no spectator mode until you die in match. There's no option to join match just to spectate other players. It could be delayed 3 minutes to prevent cheating and make it viable option for new players to learn how to play or for competitive players ("judges" in match)

    - no private game lobbies, makes it impossible for competitive teams to fight each other at will. No community-driven tournaments. No e-sports support.

    - still no "Reconnect to server" option (when you get random DC or crash, you screw over your team; there are 1-2 DC players at beginning of every 2-3 matches). Given how buggy the game still is and how often it crashes, it's unacceptable.

    - terrible interface (especially true for Mechlab, where you spend a lot of time customizing your 'Mech. There are fan-created sites that are easier to use and give more information than in-game system. Tragic.). You can't add players to friends during match. Making pre-made group is harder than it should be, for some reason.

    - no in-game voice communication. Sorry but this is standard in teamwork oriented games for years

    - no in-game music soundtrack. Even in menu.

    - no proper game modes. No primary, secondary objectives on maps, no deeper strategy other than "go to the middle of map and hope enemy team went there too so you get to shoot people instead of standing on square in enemy base until you win/enemy wins". There could be AI-controlled tanks, airplanes and other units that we could shoot. Nope. There could be secondary objectives in various places on map so you would have to split up a bit, play it smart, use terrain, use tactics. Nope. There could be at least some defence in bases you need to capture. Nope, you just stand on square.

    - overcomplicating some things; in order to balance some builds they added "ghost heat", a feature that is NOT explained at all in-game but affects everyone who tries certain builds. Instead of balancing weapons they prefer to add "behind the curtains" mechanic that punishes you hard for trying "wrong" builds, up to the point that those builds are unplayable.

    - at the same time they dumb down the gameplay: with the addition of third person view (which no one actually asked for in beta forums) they gave free wallhack to every player, in a game that is supposed to be a mech simulator and where gaining information about enemy might be more crucial than good aim; they nerf every specialist build (snipers, LRM boats, SRM boats, etc.) to the point where almost everyone uses the same mixed loadout or is put at disadvantage.

    - empty promises: they promised DirectX 11 support, UI 2.0 (which was supposed to make interface more user friendly), Community Warfare (I dream of something like Planetside 2 feel, that would make this game so epic). Instead we get 'Mech sales, camouflage sales, paint sales and little balance patches that are mostly fixes of what they messed up in previous balance patch.

    - grind. Free trial mechs are underpowered to the point of being barely playable. To get your first own 'Mech you need to play ~25 games. After that you earn very little money, making it just plain grind to get other variants or chassis.
    That wouldn't be a problem if the game had variety of fun game modes. All we got is same deathmatch which starts to get repetitive fast. You can't even see global players' ratings, no table or ladder, nothing (except for rare, short events)

    Summary: 4/10 for regular gamer. 5-6/10 for Mechwarrior fan. Not worth spending cash on until developers fulfill promises they give all the time. F2P it's OK game.

    Thanks for reading, good luck and have fun
  57. Sep 17, 2013
    Both the 10s and the 0s are blatant exaggerations. The 10s are from hardcore golds who defend the game to the death, and the 0s are overly negative beyond fairness basically a response to so many false 10s.

    What the game is? A disappointment. The new player experience is rather abyssmal, featuring a torturous grind and grab deals everywhere, with a pathetic excuse for a tutorial and
    terrible interface with little explanation.

    There's a disturbing lack of content, plenty of mechs but two almost identical, equally brain-dead game modes across a small handful of maps, and no lobby system whatsoever. Not even an out of game chat.

    Core gameplay is unbalanced, and has been for some time, and there is little incentive to choose smaller mechs rather than armed assault mechs. Features like 3rd Person View and Ghost Heat seem like a huge waste of resources, and teamplay is basically limited to "everyone roll into a ball and run to this point."

    Based on what was once promised, it's a disappointment, but it it somewhat functional as a game. Does it deserve a 0? No, that's ridiculous. Is it a 10? Hahahaha, no not at all. It's a below average robot shooter experience.
  58. Sep 17, 2013
    Ok here goes this game get's 6/10 and that is being generous, the game doesn't deserve the 0/10 but then again in no way does it deserve the 10/10's.

    The mechs look good, and handle quite well, the weapon systems keep getting hit with a balance that atm throw's everything out of whack for a while, since PGI are unable to do small changes to see how gameplay is affected, couple this with
    bug's that keep popping up on maps and in system with several disconects leaves you feeling frustrated.

    New mechs are introduced to the rate of 1 a month but unfortunately you keep getting the same issues raising their head time and time again with poor hitboxes that just leave you wondering where is the quality control.

    We have 2 game modes that are quite similar but with no lobby or ability to see what maps you are going to play on you can take the wrong mech/mech loadout to a map.

    We still have huge missing features Community Warfare for example which has been promised so many times and then it's just gone silent with the promise of it is still comming.

    Poor UI though this is supposed to be changed soon)

    There is a very high new user lvl especially when they are dropped in with the vet's with a very poor tutorial.

    All in all we have a good core game but it s let down by PGI themselves with very poor game decisions/ leadership.
  59. Sep 17, 2013
    My main issue with PGI is the lack of credibility. Censorship of negative comments abound. Concerns are frequently ignored, even when backed by logical arguments and data. PGI routinely filters out what they do not want to hear, or spins things after the facts.
    As an Example: There was a vote about 3rd Person and 90% of people said they didnt want it like 3500+ people majority against
    and this was their response:

    'The analysis on those who voted, showed that the majority of votes came from a very narrow demographic of our player base. And while they represent some of core players, they did not necessarily represent the opinion of the general user base. The majority of our players never visit, post, or read the forum content, so the poll could be considered weighted in favour of a specific demographic.'

    They talk about this mythical 'silent majority' a lot when justifying decisions the players don't agree with.

    Balancing is frequently not based on precedence BattleTech and Mechwarrior) but on appeasing the lowest common denominator, mechanics are invented, and balancing based on nerfing whatever that lowest common denominator is upset about that day.
  60. Sep 17, 2013
    Well, I wanted to like Mechwarrior Online. Even with all the glaring issues, problems, bugs, passive aggressive developers, severe lack of modern features, I enjoyed it. But then they went and decided to make the game as punitive as possible for both NEW and EXISTING players by increasing the grind to ridiculous levels and trying to make you pay 60$ for a standard mech, THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE UPGRADES YOU WILL HAVE TO GRIND FOR FOR IT TO EVEN BE PLAYABLE AT ALL IN MATCHES. And that's PER MECH.

    Avoid Mechwarrior Online at all cost, what little fun there is is not worth the multitude and multitude of problems, trust me.

    Don't believe me? Try it yourself, it is f2p after all, but good luck, the game is extremely unfriendly toward new players and severely lacking in any sort of information or documentation to explain anything to you other than very basic controls, good luck figuring out what weapons are good and DHS, FF, Heat Eff, Double Basics, and a million other acronyms and systems names mean! And that's only if they don't arbitrary decide to change up everything on a whim based on year old feedback.

    Again, I wanted to love this game, I did, I still do, but it's all but a lost cause now that it's been "released" without as much as a single change in over a year other than more things to buy.


    - Ok immersion, not great but better than any other mech game out today
    - Good sound effects for weapons, they really feel powerful
    - Great mech art and design, Alex Inglesias really modernized Battletech mechs beautifully
    - Combat is fun, when you can find it.
    - Lots of customization, both cosmetic and to the mechs themselves in terms of weapons

    - Bugs, lots and lots of bugs
    - Horrible optimization (the game has actually gotten WORSE graphically since launch, don't believe me? Compare videos from 2012 to 2013 on youtube of this game and see for yourself)
    - Horrible game balance
    - Absolutely no documentation for new players
    - Terrible cash items that are of poor value (Premium time practically does nothing for 14$ a month, 7$ items that YOU CANT EVEN SEE BY DEFAULT UNLESS YOU EDIT THE GAMES FILES TO INCREASE YOUR HORRIBLE FOV)
    - Extremely unfriendly to new players in terms of default settings (you start off by default in a horrible camera view, with your mechs arms "locked" putting you at an extreme disadvantage, the game does NOT explain this to you as a new player)

    You know what? I could go on and on but I'm just going to stop there, it isn't worth my time bothering, avoid this game.
  61. Sep 17, 2013
    Great graphics, some fun. Totally unbalanced and the more the devs attempt to balance the worse they make the game. Introducing mechs out of date order (after specifically stating they would be doing it timeline accurate), complete disregard of table top rules (after specifically stating they would develop to TT rules), introducing chassis variants that don't exist and are abusive, and consistently ignoring the user community complaining about these issues.

    Do not invest in this game unless your willing to deal with an arcadish version of MechWarrior. You want a faithful game conversion, look to any other product. Even the terrible versions of Mech Warrior from Microsoft did better than this game.

    Devs are constantly investing heavily in customization gear that you pay for instead of correcting game bugs. PGI is more concerned with generating revenue and less about making a good game.
  62. Sep 17, 2013
    The game itself is average. No gamemodes, no diversity, limited maps, no lobby, no built in voice coms, can't choose maps. It's just DM over and over and it's been like this for the past TWO years.
    The devs have taken money and done almost nothing with it. It's been stale and stagnant gameplay for two years. They like making promises BUT NEVER DELIVER.
    The game had potential but the
    devs (PGI) have it up. There is rage on the forums but justified rage in that PGI made promises and pitched the game a certain way, made sure they got everyone's money THEN BROKE ALL PROMISES. The rage is not about the game mostly but about the developer having no integrity, no credibility. You cannot trust them to hold to anything as they're willing to drop a promise even if there's a whiff of a penny on the ground. Sure every company is like that but think about giving money to a company that has no regard to it's clientele they'll drop you if it suited them.
    Yes the official forums are a cesspit but guess who made them that way? We all didn't start as haters. PGI converted us to them and they know it. They've segmented the forums as much as possible, getting rid of general chat to hide all the issues. Don't believe me go visit them yourself.
    Play the game, it is F2P after all, but be very, very cautious in giving them money or supporting them. The next change could affect you. THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT.
  63. Sep 17, 2013
    The game in it's current state is passable. There are no objectives, nothing more than drop in shoot at things for a bit and repeat. Until more meat is added, you'll play for a while and then get bored.
    That isn't why it scores so low.

    The reason for the pathetic score is the developers. They outright promised the gaming community certain features, and then when the community called
    them out for lying after the exact opposite of what was promised was put into the game the devs said it was the communities fault for ever having believed them in the first place.

    I will not be lied to, and then be told I am in the wrong for being upset about it.

    My advice is play for free for two weeks, then walk away and never come back. You'll get everything good, without any of the pain those of us who put lots of real money into it received for our support. I say this as an elite founder, the highest tier of closed beta supporter.
  64. Sep 17, 2013
    Overpromised and underdelivered. What was an ambitious undertaking fell flat through what I believe are uninterested development and engineering teams.
  65. Sep 17, 2013
    Free to play is the only good thing about this unfinished Mechwarrior game. There is no rich progression, only a series of pay incentives to climb over in order to reach what little additional skills are available. There are no class or pilot trees to diversify into, leaving only a handful of module slots to fill in order to make your character unique. Of these modules, two are so ludicrously good that there is little reason to equip anything else.

    The art is great, but the performance is poor and the handful of levels range from average (against current standards) to mediocre. One map, alpine features textures so badly warped you can see individual original pixels interpolated across great areas of the texture.

    Whilst sound is mostly good there is a near constant audio warning of missiles incoming even if you are not being fired at that drove me crazy

    It might be good when they finish it. As it stands there does seem to be much gameplay difference between this and the version I bought a founders pack for over a year ago. As such there's little to hold the attention.
  66. Sep 17, 2013
    CW is vaporware, which leaves no purpose/endgame.
    PGI/IGP has significantly changed directions, have poor communication, and I have no faith in them.
    It's worth a shot, fun for a bit, but as with all deathmatch games, boredom and balance issues make it tiresome quickly.
  67. Sep 17, 2013
    Game plays like most modern FPS with the exception of having more hit box locations. The mech lab allows for fun customization. Certain features aren't in yet so giving the playability of the game a lower score to reflect that.
  68. Sep 17, 2013
    I have been with MWO since Closed Beta("NotThatGuy42" isn't my MWO handle as I am not ready to have my MWO account banned quite yet). I bought in as a Founder and had high hopes for the franchise reboot. Sadly, it became readily apparent over time that the developer, PGI, is arrogant, dishonest, and incompetent(although there are good people who work there, I am sure). They brought in hated features they promised the die hard fans in the community they would not (Coolant Flush, 3PV) in order to dumb down the game and supposedly broaden the games appeal. To be honest, the game was more playable and balanced better at the end of Closed Beta than it is now. The game does look fairly decent (but still no DX11 and it looked better in Closed Beta) but balance is poor and there are are continuous stream of FOTM weapons and mechs due to wild changes PGI makes to the game at regular intervals (some would cynically say they do this in order to make the hero mechs you can purchase look more appealing...can't say if they are that devious or not). For a new player, I cannot imagine how painful the experience is...the grind makes it tough, especially with sub-par mechs and sub-par heat-management until you can afford double heat sinks. Not to mention that if you aren't "in the know" about what the current FOTM weapon combo or chassis is, you will die painfully, a lot. Also, the matchmaker is totally supposedly uses a player ranking system (which, BTW is a "secret" only PGi knows but new players and veterans are regularly put together. It also has no "solo drop only" que, so you could be in a group of 12 not-coordinated, not-on voice comms, players and have 3 groups of 4 coordinated, on-comms players on the other team. Nice, huh? Early on, I recommended this game to some friends. I would recommend it to no one at this point. And, to be honest, that makes me kinda sad. I really wanted this to be successful (and put a stupid amount of money into the game in CB and OB) but I am afraid there is nothing that can stop the train wreck now. Play it for free to try it out, but I wouldn't give PGI a thin dime unless they issue a mea culpa and turn this Titanic around...If I could separate my scores I would give MWO, as a Counterstrike-type random 12v12 mech shooter with limited maps and only two game modes, and no meta game (i.e. *why* you are fighting), a 3 or 4 and PGI/IGP a -100. But since those are not an option I give it a "0". It pains me terribly to say that I recommend you stay away from the reboot I, as a huge MW fan, waited 10 years to see. Sigh. Expand
  69. Sep 18, 2013
    Summary: Very good game play, but lacks everything else.
    The game play is great 'Mechs look amazing and weapons sound and look right, albeit the 'Mech scaling needs some work. Unfortunately it is only a Solaris Arena games at the moment, so it get boring after a few matches as there are not enough game modes or maps to keep interest up.

    There is no hint of any meta game, it has been
    postponed for over a year already, and it still shows no progress. The direction of the game is currently moving towards simplifying and faster pace, so the future does not look too good.

    Had it been closer to the vision stated in the dev diaries this game should have a 8/10 or higher, but the current game is not finished and lasting long
  70. Sep 17, 2013
    The game was fun last July.
    During the beta process they have ruined the core aspects of what made it fun trying to chase a different crowd then the one they were marketing it to initially.
    They added a broken version of ECM without the counters in place. They added those counters and nerfed brawling while buffing PPC sniping, it has gone the same since. The developer's really have no
    idea about how to balance or polish a game. They have no grasp about how to treat customers with respect and are surprised when customers get angry about this.
    Bottom line the game is not worth the money nor the time. I am a Mechwarrior fan and this game has been turned into a pile of feces.
    Hit Detection, lag shields, weapon balance, 3PV, the constant lies from devs etc...
    The list can go on, but it is not worth more of my time. The issues are all ongoing and never quite fixed.
    The devs really dont understand Mechwarrior or its fans.
  71. Sep 17, 2013
    Ultimately, MWO aspires to be much more than it is. However, after 2 years of development, it is tragically short of an enjoyable experience. How long PGI and IGP can keep this game breathing remains to be seen, however they have already reversed course on multiple design pillars and other promises that they used in order to sell the game to their customer base. It seems to be a classic case of changing horses mid stream current rumors point to a potential XBONE port which may have greased the palms required to accomplish such a consumer unfriendly change in course.

    The game itself is marginally satisfying, if you're all about deathmatch in robots with counterstrike like rounds (no respawns), but for many, this will likely wear thin very quickly for all but the die-hard.

    Hope remains that this franchise will eventually be rebooted with a realistic and honestly presented set of goals and implementations.
  72. Sep 17, 2013
    This game is not ready for prime time. The only reason it has made it this far is due to the name "BattleTech" attached to it. There are better free simulations and shooters out there: Hawken, World of Tanks, and War Thunder.

    - No community interface
    - Terrible joystick support
    - Weapons are not balanced
    - Mech "hit boxes" are bugged
    - Server relay (position) is bugged
  73. Sep 17, 2013
    If you are looking for atmospheric mech vs mech battles, MWO is what you are looking for. They have really nailed that feeling of operating the massive warmachine. There is a grind, annoying but not unlike other F2P games. And the first 25 matches give you extra reward to buy and upgrade your first mech.

    The game is sadly being released in very unfinished state. The UI hasn't changed
    since closed beta and they were supposed to deliver the completely rewritten and much more polished UI for the launch, but they failed. It is supposed to come in a month...or two.

    The worst consequence of the delayed UI 2.0 is that most of their promised advanced features the whole community are waiting for it. Lobbies, weight limits for matching, Community Warfare (large scale strategic view of the universe where people fight over planets), better mech management and mechlab, improved new player experience, new game mode...

    All that was supposed to be in before the launch and they didn't make it. It will be introduced in next several months.

    Even though the game has formally launched, it is still deeply unfinished. Only the core gameplay, the battle engine, is more or less complete. Everything outside, the menu, the shop, mechlab, social functions, everything will be completely replaced in 1-2 months.
  74. Sep 17, 2013
    This game is absolutely unforgiving to people who have no experience with the source material. There is little to no information explaining complex game mechanics that are partially lifted from the original Battletech rules and sometimes heavily altered. The only source of information for these mechanics are buried in patch notes that may be months old, hidden in archives on the official website. The barebones ingame tutorial is delivered entirely via textbox, without any voiceover, and only covers movement; it does nothing to describe the arcane construction rules. On top of that, the ingame income rate is very slow, meaning an uninformed purchase can cost several gameplay hours to reverse. Steep learning curves aren't in and of themselves bad things, but this isn't like a flight sim where you get a manual with your purchase. There is absolutely no reason for there not to be a rules compendium or some other reference guide provided in the UI.

    Additionally the game looks pretty ugly. It's hard to believe this runs on CryEngine 3. Textures are low res, muddled, and repetitive. Foliage is sparse or non-existant. Pallettes are bland. The mechs themselves look good enough, but the environments you get to use them in are boring and uninspired.

    It has the potential to be good, but there's a lot of work to be done concerning fidelity and ease-of-use. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone at this point in time. However, if you like big robots, there are so very few games in the genre, it's at least worth checking in on in the future, as UI overhauls are common in F2P games.
  75. Sep 17, 2013
    There is no way this game is a 10. Expect to endlessly grind out in game currency using improperly balanced Mech's and weapon systems. Game is DirectX 9 .....REALLY?
    Has a horrible and clunky UI that is a chore to use. 8 basic maps, and two game types, Assault, and Conquest, which end up being played essentially the same.

    If you like grindy, clunky games, where the development team is
    obviously NOT on the ball, play this. If you want a quality product, with a dev team who is responsive, or at least communicative to their PAYING customers, then you should try elsewhere. Expand
  76. Sep 17, 2013
    Game is just garbage, no balance, filled with bugs, real money transaction adverts all over the place, games are shallow, client can't even go full screen unless in a match. Customising is basically a way to make your mech competitive and to do that you either need to grind out 30 games in a garbage class mech or pay. Game still freezes and crashes. This is below the cookie cutter games and is a nice art style slapped sloppily on a game that seems to be designed by people with the most rudimentary of skills. If you are a fan of the series and blind enough to look past the the plethora of issues you might enjoy this game for a week or two. If you have played any other game before in your life, you are best off avoiding this shiny turd. Expand
  77. Sep 17, 2013
    This game is still plagued with bugs and glitches that have been present since alpha. PGI clearly doesn't care about creating an overall good game experience, all they want is to line their pockets and the presence of these problems after so long and the constant updates with grab deals and hero assets that can only be purchases with real currency are evidence enough of this.
  78. Sep 17, 2013
    This game is a sinking ship. The game lacks content, and the devs are some of the most morally corrupt I have ever seen. This game has little chance of making past another year. Save your money and enjoy the ride to the bottom.
  79. Sep 17, 2013
    The game itself as a base for everything to come isn't too bad at the time of the official launch. Balance and client stability is better than it has been since closed beta, though there are still some questionable systems such as ECM. The lack of game modes is a large detraction, as both Assault and Conquest are very similar in concept and a team can win by avoiding combat which seems to be at odds with the entire theme of a 'Mech combat game. Some of the largest problems with the game are not really with the game, but with the developers and their interaction with the community. On several occasions the developers have changed a position on issues that the community have been strongly vocally against. Timelines for the release of features are far behind their projected dates, such as the key Community Warfare mode which advertises players will take part in galactic scale combat is coming up on being a year AWOL from when PGI initially announced it would be released for the start of open Beta. All in all, the gameplay is generally fun, but the game lacks any sort of end game to give a player incentive or reward to continue playing, and crucial features that were advertised and attracted many players to the game to begin with. If they ever get implemented and refined past their initial growing pains and bugs the game will have a lot going for it as it stands, the game right now is shallow and repetitive with little player reward. Expand
  80. Sep 17, 2013
    MechWarrior Online needs to be judged by the sum total of its parts. We can't use the "Beta" excuse anymore. That means the game's mechanics, gameplay, development cycle and developer are all fair game.

    MWO is a very good mechanical example of how the Cry Engine can be used to create a first person shooter. The concepts are extremely solid and the IP (BattleTech) is second to none.

    MWO is not a very good game.

    I say this because in order for there to be a game, there has to be a reason to play the game. Something to drive you. Unless dumping real money on paint schemes and custom one off mechs that are marginally useless is a gameplay mechanic, then we are left with shooting other mechs, which on the surface is great. Except once the shiny has worn off, you realize you are facing the same 3 mechs with the same 2 weapons over and over. Weapon balance is broken, hit detection is broken, features that were promised a year ago are now over the horizon, the communication in the forums is dead, unless you follow their very specific guidelines and say only nice things.

    At the end of the day, I personally play games because they are fun. I had a lot of fun with MWO when I knew I was playing a beta that had a lot of polish yet to come. But over time, it became clear the developer doesn't quite understand what it has or where it wants to take it. The weapon balance is a perfect example, the weapons go through FOTM phases, as they nerf/change one weapon, another rises, and they have literally gone in a complete circle. What is good today, at launch, was good 1 year ago in beta, and is EXACTLY the same. The play style, the mechanics, none of it have changed for the better.

    In the end, the game hasn't made any real progress in the last year mechanically. They have added more mechs and more maps (Some of which are just god awful, I am sorry, that is what $250k in man hours gets you? I am sorry to hear that..) but the mechs all play the same. It's a matter of finding the FOTM weapons and fitting them to the one you like the most. The matchmaker is a joke, there are no lobbies, no community warfare. I've watched dedicated unit after dedicated unit (Including mine) walk away rather than deal with this hot mess.

    As a F2P shooter, to waste a weekend playing? Give it a shot. As a game you can throw yourself into? Not even close. Might be one day. I for one don't join the doom and gloom crowd, the game is a solid mechanical base for a game. I also won't jump in the bandwagon of all the guys giving it a 10, I recognized no less than 25 names as people associated with or closely aligned with PGI in the reviews that gave 10's. Just sad.
  81. Sep 18, 2013
    Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain! Just as with the Great and Powerful Oz, once you pull back the curtain the magic of Mechwarrior Online is irrevocably gone forever. September 17--the Mechwarrior Online launch date--signaled the end of the closed beta. This is how the closed beta ends; not with a bang, but a whimper. The game is built on CryEngine which has a poor track record when it comes to netcode optimization. The result is a jumbled mess of poor hit detection and a decidedly incompetent development team who seem more interested in creating skins and mech ornaments (that cost real money) rather than correcting underlying imbalances and gameplay issues. Unlike other F2P games such as World of Tanks, War Thunder, etc, there is no discernible progression. The game quite literally limits itself to buying mechs and upgrades via C-BILLS that are earned in matches. By that standard, there is more advancement strategy in Battlefield 3.

    The initial awe of the game eventually gives way to the grim reality: MWO looks pretty, but the looks are only skin deep. What could have been a rich, fulfilling addition to the Mechwarrior franchise is instead seen as a money-grab by PGI who upsold the game during the closed-beta period. At this point, the minimal differences between the final version and the closed-beta don't justify a years' worth of development and certainly don't deserve your hard earned monies.

    These aren't the droids you're looking for.
  82. Sep 17, 2013
    This game can be legitimately fun. There's some content that needs to be completed (which supposedly are a few months out) to help fill out the game and increase its longevity. The best way to look at it is a slower paced, more tactical game of Counterstrike. It can be unforgiving to new players, but also very rewarding. The game is pretty close to doing Free2Play properly, in that you really don't need to spend money to be powerful, you only need to spend money if you want to speed up progress or extend how many choices in mechs you have. Expand
  83. Sep 17, 2013
    Little to no content other than 'mech paint and patterns for real money.
    Developers promised a game true to the BT franchise and were supported with financial backing of "founders". They have since reneged or failed to implement any of these (lack of any progress on Clan Warfare over the last year).
  84. Sep 18, 2013
    A game with huge potential, ruined by inexperienced developers refusing to accept input from its community, failing to deliver on long-standing promises (while breaking others), and implementing the strangest balance changes I've ever seen.
  85. Sep 18, 2013
    Where to begin with this? My team and I were fanatical about the MechWarrior IP and there was much elation in the early days on the forums (nearly two years now). How things change. Players prioritize different things but I'll explain what were my major gripes with this game.

    This was easily the most frustrating thing for me as a player. The developers let plainly broken
    meta game languish for months after a thoughtless 'fix' (repeatedly) and then routinely over-shoot the mark in fixing the very problem they had created. Instead of revisiting all the weapon values/properties that lead to game imbalances in the first place, they'd create the most enormously convoluted game mechanics in order to 'fix' a problem, which in turn led to a whole host of knock-on effects. What's worse is that there's no way for a new player to know these things without going to some post buried deep within the forums.

    Communication/Trust issues
    As reasonable frustrations mounted in the playerbase, PGI bunkered instead of actually attempting to release the pressure building up the in the community. What could have been partially alleviated by genuinely listening was instead approached with mockery and derision; the president of the company making sarcastic remarks to users on twitter, the community manager mocking people on Reddit and the forum moderators trolling threads just to give themselves reason to lock or move threads they disagreed with. Another major gripe that has been repeated on here is the promises they backtracked on when initially getting Founders funding. I was always rather ambivalent about 3rd person view but a lot people kicked in money in what was essentially a crowdfunding project based on promises that were explicitly stated on to be reneged upon. Generally, instead of actually trying to manage the community, they opted to go into a recursive spiral of antagonism until the forums melted down, only to issue poor apologies and/or explanations long after they should have been made. There was never really any proactive commitment to addressing problems as they started developing, their communication and balance process has been almost entirely reactionary.

    Repetitive system
    A lobby system or even a simple ability for two teams to challenge one-another without having to leave it up to chance by virtue of the the matchmaking system would have relieved a lot of the pressure from the players (temporarily) for one of their biggest demands: community warfare. Simply being able to choose your opponent would have allowed the creation of leagues to tide teams over until community warfare and would have distracted the player base from some of the game's notorious problems yet the developers (or publishers) buried their heads once more.

    The fundamental base of the game is there for something to be great but the laundry-list of actively made mistakes (as opposed to inadvertent ones, though there were tons of those too) makes me have very little faith that anything good will be made out of this game.

    The base system alone merits a 4 and with really good game balance that made use of most of the mechs and weapons this game would go all the way to a 7, lobbies and/or well-implemented community warfare could have shot this game straight up to a 9 or a 10 for me. But, in absence of these qualities and starting with that base of 4, I have to deduct points for gameplay balance that actively makes the game more convoluted and LESS fun. I therefore give this game a 2.

    I put up with a lot of failures and not just stale progression on this game, but active regression, it's hard to come to terms with the fact that a game was better 8 months ago than it is now. I was diehard fan and even I can't stand playing the game anymore so consumer beware.
  86. Sep 17, 2013
    Despite being someone who has sunk money into the game and adores the BattleTech franchise, I cannot in good conscience recommend this game to anyone. The unfortunate reality is that the developers have entrenched themselves against the "vocal minority" of the community and have no desire to step down from their lofty perches. Meaningful communication is long dead and will not return in the foreseeable future. The devs have delivered unto us their gem; despite lacking many of their touted features with no discernible timeline or direction if we cannot fathom the greatness of their labors, then we do not deserve to partake in them. As many have said, their newest posts and Code of Conduct reflect this attitude under the comic tinge of role-playing are draconian policies that can and will silence critics, stifle meaningful conversation, and give the moderators unprecedented leeway in restricting account access.

    Instead of building onto the game, much of the development time is spent fixing problems they themselves have created. The frequency of updates does not reflect the quality(and the frequency is nothing to be proud of)- a mech once or twice a month that also happens to be PGI's income source. Where are the Community Warfare updates promised, the tons of new maps, the Clan Tech, the UI changes? Where is one positive change over the past six months that doesn't have a dollar value attached to it?

    Weapons follow a cyclic and predictable pattern of being over or under powered and more concerning, the Hero Mech sales seem to follow these trends as well. Maps are infrequently added and many of the recent ones are among the least popular. There is no content outside of two equally unimaginative death match modes. There are a solid number of mechs to play, but advancement in the game is designed so as to restrict you to grinding up one singular chassis for months on end to unlock minor but important performance boosts. Furthermore, the economy has been recently modified to decrease the already meager currency earning, which is simply unacceptable for players who do not choose to spend $10+ a month on a premium account and drop $15-30 on a Hero mech.

    The only positive decisions this company seems interested in making are the ones it can take to the bank. Even those, like community designed trial mechs, took an eternity happen. Don't be conned into investing in the game because of the massive recruit bonuses or the pomp and ceremony of a launch you'll rapidly become one of the jaded, angry "trolls" that PGI ignores or bans.
  87. Sep 17, 2013
    The game has been chronically poorly balanced and buggy. Progress during closed beta was mostly spent going backwards. The real issue is that the game is now "launching" out of closed beta when it is neither stable nor feature complete. Core aspects of the game concept and design remain not simply incomplete, but excluded from the game entirely.

    It's not all doom and gloom. The core
    function of the game, shooting at other 'mechs, is really fun. The basics of combat have been right from the start. There is hope for the game to eventually be one of the best games for PC, but evaluating this launch as a complete game I cannot review it favorably. Expand
  88. Sep 18, 2013
    The idea of Mechwarrrior Online brought about the return of many players back to the franchise. The funding program was feature focused and the idea of the game grew even greater in the minds of loyal fans. Financial commitments were made by a large number of players whom eventually saw their dream game come together during closed beta. The epitome of the vision was published in the December 2012 Issue of PC Gamer and the launch of Open Beta.

    Ten and a half months of Open Beta proved to be complicated period for the game. Many promises by the developer were unfulfilled or implemented in a manner that divided the core player community. The original vision faded away and the game which once had a loyal target audience, is now made up of those that won't spend another dollar on the game, and those that will praise the game because they fear that it will be the last Mechwarrior title.

    It is hard to ignore the fact that since the commencement of Open Beta nearly 11 months ago, that there has been very little engaging content added to a game that still struggles with gameplay issues.
  89. Sep 17, 2013
    Calling MWO stillborn would be wrong, as it is really more akin to a grotesque, wailing, and thrashing harlequin fetus.

    Either the game developer is trolling the entire community, or is suffering from the most crippling form of corporate retardation I have ever seen. You have to try to take a franchise with such a dedicated fanbase, and a game with so much promise at the beginning, and
    throw it all away.

    Time after time PGI has made terrible balance adjustments, fixed issues to things that people never found was a problem, breaking other things in the process, ignored the most rational and helpful members of the player base who were begging them not to this much anticipated title up.
  90. Sep 18, 2013
    Community warfare. NOPE.
    Fixing Hitboxes. NOPE.
    Fixing Balance. NOPE.
    Lobby System. NOPE.
    Sure as heck have time to add Coolant and 3PV.
    Oh and this is only my position at the time.
  91. Sep 19, 2013
    MWO is a free to play game, so try it yourself! I played it for half a year together with some friends and I spent money for it not only to have a smother grind, but also because i thought that great features are close to make it into the game and that I want to support that. When I realised that the game doesn´t improve its core I left.
  92. Sep 19, 2013
    I have played MWO since November 2012 during the 'open beta'. My experience over that time has led me to conclude that Mechwarrior Online is a cash grab.

    The Game:

    The game has 2 modes, assault and conquest. In assault you have to either capture your enemies base or kill all the enemies. Conquest is a resource collection race where you hold up to five bases and collect resources
    based on how many you hold over time. You can also win conquest by killing all enemies. There are roughly 7 maps in the game. The way it plays is that you select a mech, select a game mode, and then either group with others in a pre-made group or launch solo. When you launch a random map is selected and off you go. There is no mechanism to organize matches between premade teams. If you win a match you get a certain amount of C-Bills and XP that you can then use to improve or buy new mechs. If you lose you get lesser amounts. The game (at launch) has no weight limits on drops or any consequences for your choice of mech beyond the gameplay. The result is that matches tend to be filled with assault mechs and FOTM builds.

    In a typical match you might earn around 80k C-bills for an 8 minute match. Mechs tend to cost in the millions (depending on the weight of the mech.) You can expect a reasonably lengthy grind to get the mechs you want. After you get the mechs you want, you then have to grind C-Bills to customize them with better engines, weapons, and ability modules. The net result is that you have to earn a significant amount of C-Bills to get the mechs you want. Expect to spend many hours/days dropping to earn enough to build the next mech you want. The cash shop has a conversion rate of about 200MC per US dollar. There are three kinds of mechs: regular, Champion, and Hero mechs. Champion mechs earn a bonus to XP. Hero mechs earn a bonus to C-Bill generation. Hero mechs cost about 75MC per ton. So an 90 ton hero mech will cost around $30 US. Champion and regular mechs cost roughly half as much MC. There are sales periodically which sell the less popular mechs at a slight discount. The game also offers 'premium time' which gives you a bonus to C-Bills and XP earned per drop. The relative value of premium time is subject to change as it is measured as a percentage of what you earn in a match. PGI changes the value of what is earned whenever they feel it is getting too high.

    Why I think the game is bad:

    The game is currently implemented as a treadmill for building mechs to use in deathmatch. There is no overarching story or persistent world. The result is that the game is very shallow. You grind out your mechs and deal with the changing meta-game based on whatever FOTM builds are. I got bored with it. PGI (the developer) has added a few maps over the course of the last year, and many more new mechs. They haven't materially changed the way the game plays. Most of the content they have put out has been geared toward their cash shop (new mechs.) Gameplay elements seem to have a lower priority in their development queue. That means the game grows/changes very slowly if at all. Many people invested in this game during the 'Founders' package offer (a year before launch) based on promises of a deep meta-game with community warfare and persistent galactic conquest (real goals.) None of this has materialized in the year up to launch.

    So I say again: Mechwarrior Online is a cash grab. It is a mech building treadmill arena shooter with a cash shop. And the developer really only cares about the cash shop. Spend yours wisely.
  93. Sep 18, 2013
    Sorry but put me in the crowd that doesn't like this game. there is some serious promise here but ultimately it simply doesn't work. You might like it, I can see some aspects of it that are good. Unfortunately, the package doesn't work in my opinion. In short, it is a grindy game that is too expensive and needs major overhauls. For a longer explanation, you can see below.

    1 The
    game does not have enough content. It only has two game modes and they're both basically identical. While they have a lot of mechs, this is a double-edged sword as each mech has multiple variants and to unlock all the goodies, you need to buy multiple variants. This involves A LOT of grinding or if you think you can pay, it's going to cost you more then a full-price game most likely. Mind, this is just to purchase all the variants for ONE single mech and there are over 20.

    2 That just leads right into my second gripe, prices are through the roof. We're talking $20-$30 for a single variant of a single mech. In a day and age when I can buy triple A games from Steam for $10, these prices are simply absurd.

    3 Lackluster tutorial. Not an issue for an old mechhead like me but a big issue for new players.

    4 The GRIND, it hurts so much.

    5 No respawns. I don't get this one at all but if you bring it up on the forums, prepare to be flamed by the "true mechwarrior fans". I mean, if they want to have a game mode with no respawns, that's awesome. But in this day and age, to not offer it at all? Just doesn't make much sense and it contributes directly to issue 6.

    6 Completely unbalanced play. One, the no respawns rule means that the first team to destroy 2 or 3 enemy mechs is probably going to win. So, matches become one-sided affairs and are not as fun as say Hawken or League of Legends where a team can pull a come-from-behind victory. Two, the no respawn rule means that even though your "objective" is to "capture" territory, most matches just become team deathmatch as it is far easier and more fun to kill everyone then stand on a spot to "capture" it. Three, premade teams absolutely destroy casual/lone wolf/PUG players ALL THE TIME.

    7 the GRIND, it hurts so much.

    Sorry, I'm repeating myself aren't I? Well, it bears repeating. This game seriously needs respawns, bot matches, reasonable prices, and game modes that are actually different. Then, it might be a fun game. Right now, the biggest pluses it has are that it is very pretty and that the mech designs are absolutely phenomenal.
  94. Sep 17, 2013
    Its been over a decade since the last official MechWarrior title has been released, so lets go over the pro's and con's of this one. Btw, its NOT pay to win.

    Pros: The artwork and renditions of many of the in-game 'Battlemechs' are fantastic and well done. The sound effects and visuals are quite good. Sadly, not as good as it could be. The game nothing like average FPS by a long shot,
    rewarding patients and tactics over raw firepower. Those who often perform the best in this "Action-Sim" are those who keep calm and their head down, taking full potential of opportunities as they present themselves. Those who are used to the "run and gun" style of game-play of the current over saturated marked be ware. This is the fastest way for you to find yourself at the wrong end of the enemy teams gun barrels. Tact and Teamwork is the key here you won't 'one man army' your way to victory.

    The Mechlab is what gives this game far, FAR more depth than any other current FPS out there today, including other mecha competition. It stands a step above games like HAWKEN, gameplay wise giving a much more indepth feel over piloting mecha and plenty of feel for scale. Many players find themselves in the mechlab trying to build that elusive "perfect mech" more than being in game itself.

    Cons: The game's development cycle is slow, has its fair share of bugs and is clearly going through several growing pains. So lets start off shall we?

    First is the learning curve. Those who are new to the FPS genre in general will find this game abysmally difficult. Many small things are needed to be learned to even become a 'sub-par' mech pilot. All things from learning the individual weapons, torso twisting, aiming, setting weapon groups, heat management, learning how to build "good" mechs in the mechlab, etc. Of course this comes from simply playing the game, but the game itself does not help at all.

    The "Trial Mech System" is the process in which players obtain their first mech, and ooh boy. Are these mechs fubar beyond belief. Although yes these mechs are based on "TRO's" (Tactical Read Outs) from the Table Top game MechWarrior was based on 25 years ago, these mechs do not translate well into a FPS environment. This has to do with many problems, such as low armor values, misplaced mech roles (some mechs are meant for Anti-Air or Anti-Infantry, neither of which are a part of the game), broken heat scale system (The Awesome Mech for instance, is useless because of artificial systems in placed to prevent it from doing its standard loadout of using large energy based weaponry) and so forth. The sooner the new player gets his "Cadet Bonus" and purchases his/her own mech the sooner. You also cannot customize the "Trial Mechs" which is half the game. Furthermore, in order to ask for help on the forums, you cannot post until you have completed your initial 25 games with this horrid system. You MUST drudge through the garbage before you effectively can start playing.

    The second problem is weapon/equipment balance in game. Simply put, there is none.
    LRMs (Long Range Missles) are fubar, don't use them
    SRMs (Short Range Missiles) have hit detection issues
    Pulse Lasers are Heavier, shorter range hotter crap versions of regular lasers. Don't use them
    The LB-10X autocannon does not work at all like it is supposed to in canon or like previous MechWarrior Titles. It is also the most expensive weapon in the game. Don't waste your precious C-Bills on it and don't use it. Just take my word for it, its bad.
    Machine Guns are completely ineffective against armored mechs. Armored mechs are the only enemies you have in the game. See where I'm going with this?
    Flamers, see above.
    Autocanon 2's are too puny, heavy and run hot. They are only effective in LARGE groups, and even then are penalized by a system called "Ghost Heat". They are bad and the game punishes you from trying to use them effectively. So don't use them at all.
    ECM, this broken peice of equipment makes you immune to lock-on missiles! Yes, its as broken as it sounds, it also does not follow what its supposed to do canon wise.
    BAP, hard counters ECM and has no other purpose. Also does not follow canon rules what so ever
    Command Console, does nothing!
    NARC Beacon, is broken and weighs ALOT. So, effectively also does nothing!
    Streak SRM2's, have the same lock on mechanic as LRMs, so there is a bug where the "Artemis Upgrade" also benefits them with literally no tonnage/crit cost!
    3rd Person View, Turn it on to see enemies around hills then turn it back off to fight! Its like its own build in wall hack!
    C-Bill grind! This is the games in-money system, and you will earn almost nothing after the cadet bonus finishes, because the Devs think we earn too many!

    Lastly, No collisions, no lobbies, horrid chat system, game crashes, no DFA, no alt. ammo types, Horrible frame rates, no eye candy, no destrucable enviorments, no Dx11, bad game modes, TINY MAPS, etc.

  95. Sep 17, 2013
    Look, the game is fun, and since it is a F2P title (without P2W in it, thank god) you should at least give it a try. But let me make one thing very clear, it is NOT ready to come out of beta, not by a long shot.
  96. Sep 19, 2013
    started with great promise, however the lack of content and features means that this game is far from being viable as a stand alone product
    there is little to no documentation on anything there is a simple video tutorial that explains a small section of the gameplay, the key map listed on the website only shows about half of the keys needed (as can be seen by looking in the options menu
    at the key map there), the game starts in 3rd person view for new players with no explanation of how to switch to first person or start in first person, and when in 3rd person view you are at a severe disadvantage not being able to move your arms or see the minimap

    on top of this, new players are just thrown in the deep end with experienced players with no chance to play against only other new players, so most matches are completely one sided if you are lucky enough to have a few experienced players on your side you can tuck in behind them and ride their coat tails, otherwise your team is liable to wander off alone and get picked off one by one

    the developers originally said that they would have "community warfare", one of the games main and most important features for longevity, ready around 90 days after they went open beta... since then they've just said "when it's ready", but everyone took it to mean that Launch would equal CW... but here we are at Launch and the game is ostensibly the same as it was a year ago, with no real weight to it beyond a a grind for in game money to collect more mechs
  97. Sep 18, 2013
    Hi All.

    Sorry for the low score.

    The Game is good, but its lacking a lot that Mechwarrior 2-4 had (Splash Damage where have you gone?). I had a lot of problems adjusting my joystick and in game there were a lot of bugs( Delays in firing weapons) And although the game looks Mechwarrior it does not feel Mechwarrior.

    My money is going to stay in my pocket for now.
  98. Sep 19, 2013
    False advertising once again to steal sales. Developers are filled with lies to take all the loyal Mechwarrior Fans money and then switch to another demographic, "casuals". All past promises and information about this game was just the "position at the time" the developers say and completed to form this game into a mech game that's inbetween Mechwarrior and Mechassault. Released articles in magazines from them say that the game isn't just "walk to capture point and win or kill all the mechs" but that's literally what this game has been the whole time. Same article says the new gamemode will have bases to capture with automated turrets, this gamemode turns out to be exactly like the first one but now you have 5 or so points to capture to a reach capture score first. No turrets, no bases, and pretty mindless gameplay as well. Developers then try to sneak P2W features in the game to see if the forum backlash would be enough to keep it in. Luckily the forum community has stopped them from continuing and had them adjust there new feature system of consumables. Community Warfare, the feature we are all looking forward to, still has almost no information out and had it's release date constantly pushed back. Honestly at the rate this company works and how much they lie, I'd expect "CW" to be nothing but the same arena mode gameplay with a leaderboard and little bonuses at the end of the match. There is no way they can make enough maps within a couple years to make it so you actual play on a map and capture zones ingame. Speaking of slow paced, obvious balancing and content come out at a snail pace as well. Content I can let slip since they are a small team but simple balancing that is blatantly there staring at you, not so much. Finally one of my big concerns is that the game would stay "immersive" and stay a first person shooter. This was said by the devs MULTIPLE times out before and after the founders program was going on. After the developers have squeezed the money out of the core fanbase that loves mechwarrior, they turned there backs on them and are now looking to make this game as simplistic it can be to get more money out of a new fanbase. They are willing to do this at the cost of breaking immersion and ruining the chance of having this game a complex shooter that involves thinking and strategy. By the way, they weren't even aware that there third-person mode doesn't even help much in the "seeing your torso and legs" department but rather gave a new tool for users that know what they are doing to exploit the camera over corners and hills. This was warned to them the whole time but even when this feature is out, they are in denial saying it is "balanced" and does not give a advantage. This is not a "thinkings man shooter" nor a "mech sim". Just another arcade shooter that caters to apparently people who don't have the patience to learn torso/leg alignment (and yet they say they want a thinking shooter? makes no sense since it's lie for original fanbase). I could also say that this product is just simply a money grab for future projects since they simply don't care about there reputation nor there Mechwarrior game with all the lies. Expand
  99. Sep 17, 2013
    The game is far from complete and probably should still be under the "beta" title. Lots of features are missing, and the devs have dropped the ball several times with the community. Probably needs another year to be were it should be for an actual launch. However, it's still extremely fun to play, and you can't beat the price.
  100. Sep 17, 2013
    There is alot to like about the mech combat. But there have been things added (3rd person view) that was promised would never be added. And launch so far has been very anemic.
  101. Sep 19, 2013
    The best place for me to start this review is with broken promises. Over a year ago when I purchased the 3 mech founders pack I was under the impression that community warfare was only about a year away. Now a year later it is no where in sight. Around that same time there was a interview with the leader dev and a question was asked about 3rd person view. The answer he gave was a simple "It will never be in MWO". That also turned out to be a lie. Now lets talk about the meta game. At first glance it looks like you have a lot of choices in terms of mechs. The truth is with the games current balance if you want to compete you will be running nothing but assaults and heavy mechs. The game is even less playable now that it has launched then it was a year and a half ago in closed beta. So to wrap everything up stay away from this game. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 10 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 10
  2. Negative: 0 out of 10
  1. Sep 14, 2014
    Nice gameplay and deep strategy for the latest incarnation of Mechwarrior. Too bad it lacks any kind of Single Player content.
  2. Nov 4, 2013
    Slightly overpriced, but a more than worthy successor to one of PC gaming’s greatest franchises that nails the important part: combat.
  3. Oct 22, 2013
    MechWarrior Online does a pretty good job in balancing out the gameplay and gives you lots of BattleMechs, weapons and items to buy, but it's got only two game modes and it's definitely not that fun.