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  • Summary: MechWarrior Online is the first offiicially licensed free-to-play title in the MechWarrior franchise.
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  1. Nov 4, 2013
    Slightly overpriced, but a more than worthy successor to one of PC gaming’s greatest franchises that nails the important part: combat.
  2. Sep 24, 2013
    Piranha has long promised that “community warfare” will address this lack of endgame, but that feature has been delayed so often that it’s hard to be sure if it’s ever coming out. It’s a bit of a shame that there’s so little reason to keep at MechWarrior Online. The matches themselves are fun–and as it is free-to-play, there’s no barrier to entry–but without any form of metagame it’s hard to stay engaged.
  3. Sep 28, 2013
    Once you get the hang of it all, the strategic combat and its required pre-game build strategy and in-game adaptivity is fun, but don’t expect to master its tricky team-based combat and overwhelming upgrade system without a serious commitment.
  4. Oct 22, 2013
    MechWarrior Online does a pretty good job in balancing out the gameplay and gives you lots of BattleMechs, weapons and items to buy, but it's got only two game modes and it's definitely not that fun.
  5. Sep 30, 2013
    When firing on all cylinders, MWO is an enjoyable sim-shooter, but for all the overheating energy weapons in the world, the current product still feels a little half-baked.
  6. Sep 27, 2013
    If the game had made better use of its assets and given us a reason to care about more than the fleeting pleasures of customization and combat, it might be worth enduring the currency grind. As it is, like its strongest mechs, it runs out of power far too fast.
  7. Sep 30, 2013
    At the core, MechWarrior Online delivers deep, fun tactical combat, serving it up with a fantastic visual experience. There are all sorts of nuances and tricks to discover that help set skilled players apart from newcomers. But all of that is squandered by an incomplete wrapping that’s more focused on selling items than covering the basics. This is reinforced by the high price of some item shop ‘Mechs.

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Score distribution:
  1. Sep 17, 2013
    It's a F2P game you can play every night and enjoy with friends. It has classic Mech combat and at this moment I think the balance is the best it's ever been since Closed Beta. The game is addicting and it's incredibly fun to design different Mechs. Between this and League of Legends all my competitive Multiplayer needs have been ruthlessly satisfied for many, many months. All the stuff that isn't in the game yet isn't a buzzkill to me like it appears to be for many others, and only gives me something to look forward to. Judging the game as it is currently though I figure if I am looking forward to sitting down for a couple hours on it nearly every day then it deserves a rating of ten in my book. Expand
  2. Sep 25, 2013
    Well on its way to being the best MechWarrior game. Sure it has its rough spots at the moment, but they don't detract from the game.

    Definitely worth a try.
  3. Sep 17, 2013
    Gameplay wise, sound wise, overall mechanics wise, this game is a 9. Replayability is not great, with the devs having missed most of their deadlines and failed to release the big thing, community warfare. Because of this, I can't give more than 7 to MWO. It's a fun game to play a few hours per week. I'd say I still do 5-8 matches per day. But, without the main features in, it's hard to have reasons to play more.

    To the developer, PGI, I give them a 4/10, mostly because they disrespected their core community, the founders, the Battletech veterans and nostalgics, those who gave them money to create the best Mechwarrior title possible. Also, because I find them a bit lazy (never engaged crunch mode before launch) and also because they're extremely stubborn even though the community has often been proven right (weapon balance issues). There are still a few things to fix for the mechanics to be perfect (ECM is broken, NARC is broken, SRMs and LRMs are broken), but the game is still fun after all. If PGI can look at themselves in the mirror and correct their mistakes, MWO can become a great game. They need to stop trying to cater to the casual crowd and make a real Mechwarrior title (3rd person was unnecessary). Mechwarrior IS supposed to be fun, no need to try to create a chimera out of it. Build it, and they will come, as the saying goes.

    Graphics: 8 (good, could be better)
    Sounds: 9 (nothing to say here, music is missing)
    Replayability: 5 (needs Community Warfare)
    Presentation: 5 (UI 2.0 is badly needed)
    Fun factor: 9
    Gameplay mechanics: 6.5 (ECM, NARC, LRMs, etc being the reason it's not higher)
  4. Sep 17, 2013
    Chipped in for the "crowd funding of the game" and it WAS fun for the first few months. The next year after open beta though, it went downhill.

    Currently game has no lobbies, matchmaking is simplistic at best, and the graphics are actually worse than they were a year ago. Also expect to be confused for a WHILE after you start playing. Protip: Ask someone to explain ghost heat to you.

    The game as been more-or-less in its current state for ALMOST A YEAR. If that doesn't tell you much about the game, I don't know what will. It's gotten stale, and the design decisions the development team has taken with the things they have changed range from confusing at best to outright bad for the game.

    Play if you like mechs. You might have fun for awhile, but unless the game changes in any real meaningful way anytime soon, expect to be bored after that time.

    Also I'd advise against spending money unless you clearly agree with where the game is and where it's going. Don't let the developers place that "carrot on a stick" with some promises. They haven't delivered on any of them yet, don't expect that to change.
  5. Sep 18, 2013
    Summary: Very good game play, but lacks everything else.
    The game play is great 'Mechs look amazing and weapons sound and look right, albeit
    the 'Mech scaling needs some work. Unfortunately it is only a Solaris Arena games at the moment, so it get boring after a few matches as there are not enough game modes or maps to keep interest up.

    There is no hint of any meta game, it has been postponed for over a year already, and it still shows no progress. The direction of the game is currently moving towards simplifying and faster pace, so the future does not look too good.

    Had it been closer to the vision stated in the dev diaries this game should have a 8/10 or higher, but the current game is not finished and lasting long
  6. Nov 6, 2013
    One of the things I look into before getting into an mmo is not only how good the game looks, but also how it plays as well as how the community is. I got to say after scrutinizing the forums and learning the history of the game, which strongly reminds me of my days back in SWG, I decided to put this game down, if it is of any indication, there isnt much future left in it. Gameplay wise, it extremely generic with certain options completely dominating the game, the 3rd person view feels akward and completly ruins whatever immersion there is to be had when facing an enemy team of exactly the same suits. Definetly not newbie friendly. If there was any potential to this tittle, its been completly thorn from it. Expand
  7. Aug 18, 2014
    PGI is a horrible developer; one of the worst I've seen. They go back on every promise. They miss every deadline. They make fake pipedream promises that'll never come. They censor or ignore their own community. They totally wreck things that were already working fine beforehand. They put in garbage no one wanted like ECM, ghost heat, 3PV, and UI 2.0. These things only hurt the game, not help. But any attempt to tell them this is met with a ban hammer, assuming you get read at all. MechWarrior Online as a whole has only gotten worse since closed beta, not better. Despite being a huge fan of the MechWarrior franchise and old games, I'm not one of the many fanboys that are going to stick up for this crap of a game or developer.

    The most pathetic part of this game is the money grubbing. This isn't just incompetence of "not" knowing how to do... well... anything properly, it's shameless greed. Originally promised with no hero mechs/variants, no consumables, they did exactly that as soon as Founders refund period ended, basically saying "shove it" to everyone that supported them. They then made the cash shop their # 1 priority, filling it out every month with stuff to sell while features the game actually needs continue to go long over due. The stuff they did waste their time on was stuff no one wanted, like 3PV. They'd waste half a year of Dev time for 3PV. Ya, thanks, that worthless feature that shouldn't be in the game that no one wanted nor supported at any point. You wasted all that time just to shove it down everyone's throat. They didn't even deliver it with the option to queue without it as promised. They went back on a big promise by putting in something they originally promised they'd NEVER do, made a new one to do it a certain way, then didn't even bother to deliver on that one either. It also took them well over a YEAR just to put in a no-base TDM. That should have been a day 1 release mode. All that time just to copy/paste a previous mode and take the bases out. That's the level of talent we're talking about here.

    "Community Warfare" is slowly becoming just an obvious pipedream. It's like being on a ship and the captain promises you that he knows where he's going and will soon hit land. Surprise, there's no land coming. It's just an inevitable sinking ship. Instead of deliver on promised features, they just make more Mech packages to milk this dying cow for all its worth before it sinks. They now offer 500$ Mech skins. Not even League of Legends did this when they made that ridiculous Ezreal skin. Blizzard doesn't even charge this much for mounts or pets. How much is the newest Blizzard title with all DLCs/optional paid content? Not 500$. You could build a gaming computer with that. The only "Community Warfare" for this game was on the forums, where everyone voiced their complaints to the betrayals, but was met only with deaf ears or ban hammers. During the Founder period, PGI pretended to give a crap about its community and its feedback, but as soon as the refund period ended, they stopped acting, and very obviously so. Well, unfortunately for them, they can't censor Metacritic.

    Please do not support this game. I'm honestly asking you because I'm a true MechWarrior fan, and this game is just one big slap in the face to us. It's an insult and abuse of the license. Worse yet is that for as long as it remains active; the longer we'll have to wait to get a true MechWarrior game again. If you support this game, you're hurting the franchise and every real fan of the series. Please let the game go bust, the sooner the better, so that the long wait for the next MechWarrior game won't be as long. PGI is a terrible company that I can only hope gets shutdown as they deserve. They belong at a Mcdonalds flipping burgers, not trying to make video games. They flat out scammed everyone and continue to try to leech as much as they can from this license's rotting corpse. This was not the revival anyone was hoping for, not even close. The license was better off in retirement. I'd rather it remain dormant and continue waiting for the next game than have a parasite dig it up just to feed on it like a vulture while ripping everyone off in the progress.

    I leave you with these articles if you want more evidence as to just why you shouldn't even consider giving these shameless people money. While I can't directly link, a single copy/paste into Google will find them.
    "What Happened to Mechwarrior Online?"
    "Underwhelming ‘MechWarrior Online’ Launch Falls Short of Expectations"
    "A Cautionary Tale: The Rage of the Mechwarrior Online Community"
    "Free-to-Play MechWarrior Online Offends Players With $500 Golden Mechs"
    "Shutdown imminent: MechWarrior Online is beyond salvaging"
    -Drain (Steam)

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