Medal of Honor: Airborne PC


Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
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  1. The system of ducking behind cover and maneuvering to shoot above or around it works perfectly, delivering non-stop action and excitement.
  2. PC Gamer
    This latest Medal of Honor proves to be the best of the series, and one of the deepest and most challenging World War II shooters I've ever played. [Nov 2007, p.68]
  3. We've seen wide open singleplayer FPS games before, but they've never had this pace or this lust for physical player freedom where every building and every rooftop has been designed to work like a bullet playground. [Oct 2007, p.68]
  4. The series has been truly moved into the next generation with a step up in visuals, sound quality, and wide-open level design. Thankfully, the gameplay will seem familiar and will be quickly mastered by anyone who's played the series before.
  5. 85
    The most enjoyable FPS narrative based WWII shooter I've played in years, and I loved Call of Duty.
  6. The title has great gameplay and presentation, but the issues that plague it — the sudden inclusion of out-of-place enemies and the woefully unbalanced multiplayer portion —tend to drag down the overall enjoyment level of an otherwise spectacular game.
  7. Medal of Honor Airborne is an enjoyable game, due in large to the development team's efforts to make a game that isn't just another World War II shooter clone. It won't take the shooter world by storm, but it is certainly fun to play.
  8. PC Zone UK
    It rewards a determination to enjoy what it has to offer. But equally, the game's finer moments could equally pass people by. [Oct 2007, p.56]
  9. Pelit (Finland)
    Medal of Honor: Airborne brings some very nice ideas to an already dead genre. Without the embarrassing enemies and the harsh difficulty level this could be the best MoH game to date. [Sept 2007]
  10. Medal Of Honour: Airborne may well be as gung-ho as a cigar-chomping drill instructor and as shallow as the pool of blood left by one of your expendable buddies, but it doesn’t profess to be anything more than an exciting and enjoyable week’s worth of FPS action.
  11. Medal of Honor Airborne delivers the most compelling MOH experience in recent years. If you’re looking for a fun, chaotic WWII game this Holiday season, Medal of Honor Airbone is a great choice.
  12. It's not quite as open ended as we'd hoped it would be, but the taste of freedom has whet our appetite for more, and the weapons upgrades keep gunplay fresh throughout the campaign.
  13. Airborne is not a ground breaking game but it does take a new look at World War II first person shooters. Dropping in and deciding where and what you want to do first adds to the overall carefree style of the game and begins that arduous trek toward freestyle gaming that is just a step around the corner.
  14. No linear levels, no historical correctness. Medal of Honor: Airborne needs getting used to, but then it's World War fast food - easily digested, very entertaining and over much too soon.
  15. Nonetheless, despite some of its shortcomings, I still recommend MoH: Airborne to shooter fans. With a couple of patches that tweak the AI and collision detection, one should overlook the lack of more single-player content as the gameplay experience you'll get is rewarding enough to warrant a purchase.
  16. This is not gaming perfection or a must have title that will be remembered for decades, but if you like war romps, and you long for the feel of Frontline or Underground, pick up this brilliant war game.
  17. Though we have seen many games like this, the choice of dropping in at any location on the battleground is a nice change from the linear maps most are used to.
  18. PC Format
    Traditional FPS, but it still feels fresh - only the WWII setting and theme tune reveals this is another Medal of Honor game. [Nov 2007, p.46]
  19. AceGamez
    This is the most original first person shooter I have come across since Doom 3's blend of horror and action.
  20. Medal of Honor: Airborne is certainly an improvement on what many perceived as a dying brand. It’s not up there yet with the likes of the impending Call of Duty 4, but with a little more innovation and improvements to the online side we can certainly see a return to grace for the once mighty series.
  21. Medal of Honor: Airborne, is a game that’s generally good, but with a few problems here and there.
  22. Despite my few complaints, Airborne is still an excellent game. From start to finish, I was absolutely hooked and couldn’t stop playing.
  23. 79
    Medal of Honor: Airborne, while not perfect, is definitely the best game in the franchise to come along in quite a while.
  24. The lack of narrative finesse and the toning down of the scripted events was a good call. It’s not quite the open world shooter that was promised, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.
  25. There are some memorable action scenes in Airborne, along with some great visuals and a top-notch presentation. But be careful, because it's over before you know it.
  26. If you want my advice, keep the idea, change the time line, okay?
  27. Medal of Honor: Airborne sprinkles minor moments of brilliance though a minefield of questionable game design. Fans of the series will experience some memorable gunfights, but if you’re a casual gamer looking for a great World War II title, stick with Call of Duty.
  28. Medal of Honor: Airborne is a game that needs time ploughed into it to reap the fill awards. If you’re looking for something that will reinvigorate your experience of WWII FPS’ then look elsewhere. But if you are looking for an excuse to take the same old fight back to the Nazis’ then here is your answer.
  29. I found the controls very sloppy for an FPS, and almost downright unresponsive during short periods when there was a big explosion or several grenades going off at once (seemingly independent of whether or not the explosion was actually in my field of view at the time).
  30. So although it may not be worth a purchase, it’s worth playing around with, if only for a while.
  31. Edge Magazine
    Levels lose the false drama of scripted sequences but take on something much more satisfying. Everything that happens in Airborne’s dropzones, from shameful deaths to GI Joe heroics, feels like it’s because of you, and it usually is. [Oct 2007, p.92]
  32. If you're tired of the genre, Airborne won't do anything to change your mind, but if you're looking to fight for the Allied cause yet again, it's a worthy tour of duty.
  33. 70
    Lousy AI balancing and assorted cheap tricks constantly remind you that it's never quite a fair fight; the designers are always lurking behind the scenes, ready to pull the rug out from under you at any time.
  34. 70
    Similarly, Airborne's standout feature -- land where you will and fight your way through objectives in whatever order you want -- is less about reliving history than saving a sagging series for which decision-making has meant "where to shoot" and "what to shoot with."
  35. If you can get past the frustrating gameplay mechanics, Medal of Honor: Airborne can be an enjoyable experience. The presentation is fantastic and the multiplayer is surprisingly fun, but unfortunately Airborne’s new features feel like a desperate attempt to get one more iteration out of this aging series.
  36. All in all, Medal of Honor: Airborne brings a sense of authenticity and realism with a tinge of the arcade to a simulation of a daring period in American military history.
  37. Airborne was supposed to be a WW2 masterpiece, but it failed to be nothing more than a disappointment.
  38. The game certainly has its moments and is by no means a lost cause, but in the end the game is only strongly recommended for World War II shooter completists and long standing fans of the Medal of Honor series.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 206 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 39
  2. Negative: 9 out of 39
  1. sdfgwsdf
    Sep 6, 2007
    Probably the best WW2 game in the recent years.
  2. RoleH
    Sep 16, 2008
    Another great flop from the once great moh franchise. Sadly this game should have been great with the freedom to tackle missions from manyAnother great flop from the once great moh franchise. Sadly this game should have been great with the freedom to tackle missions from many angles and vantage points, such as ledges and platforms.

    However there are some major failings in this title. The first is the clumsy control system - it feels cumbersome and out dated.
    Second is the pitiful hit box detection - you can see you have a clear headshot (even with a sniper rifle) and low and behold you still miss - often.
    Third is the fact that the enemy soldiers all appear to be psychic. No matter where you attack or flank from, the enemy always know your there. And its only you they aim for - they will ignore your buddy in front of them to shoot at you even when your miles from them. Also they don't seem to have dodgy hit box problems - they will hit you even if its just your elbow toes poking out!

    Finally the last problem is the sheer repetitiveness of the task in hand. Kill x number of enemy then blow something up. It seems only you were trained in explosives out of the entire US army in WW2.
    On the plus side the graphics and sound are great, and there is some fun to be had out of exploring the maps, however you may find this very short lived entertainment once the real gameplay flaws kick in.
    Really unless your a diehard WW2 junkie this game adds very little to the genre, and there are far superior FPS out there.
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  3. Nov 21, 2011
    In my humble opinion, this is the best WWII era first person game ever. It avoids the "on rails" style of the COD series, which gives itIn my humble opinion, this is the best WWII era first person game ever. It avoids the "on rails" style of the COD series, which gives it nearly limitless replayability, as the open world approach really plays out different depending on how you approach the battles. Fantastic AI, sound effects, weapons, with tons of cool touches like motion blur/shake while running-very realistic. Full Review »