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  1. This game is a must for fans of history or gaming, offering up a blend of both in a package worthy of Medal of Honor's excellent reputation.
  2. There are a few places where the game falls short (drivable vehicles would have been nice), but excellent A.I., solid gameplay, and fairly deep multiplayer battles make Pacific Assault worthy of the Medal of Honor name.
  3. Perhaps it's because after countless other games, particularly Call of Duty, those once magnificent scenes of senseless destruction no longer have the impact they once did. Scripted sequences have perhaps gone as far as they can go with these games.
  4. Pacific Assault will turn heads because of its fancy graphics and original settings, but inevitably it’ll frustrate you beyond belief for a few game ruining missions.
  5. The gameplay is great! Few controls to memorize and the game flows nicely while you are playing. The only down side is the load time between sequences and battles. [Director's Edition]
  6. Wild, desperate battles, a cohesive storyline resplendent with authentic characters, stunning visuals, and a superb soundtrack—Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is one of the best shooters on the market.
  7. On the plus side the Pacific theatre of WW2 is a fresh view of that same old war, everything is about as authentic as it can get without sacrificing playability, and the new features do well to break up what easily could have been yet another WW2-themed FPS. However, the clipping errors, other aggravating issues, and rather weak-sounding weaponry do detract from the overall experience.
  8. It is an engaging experience from the beginning through its conclusion, and the many difficulty levels and online support really bring up its replay value.
  9. Hella fun to play. This is a quality title with some nicely designed missions that gradually increase in both difficulty and pace, making the single-player game well-balanced and engaging throughout.
  10. For those that have shied away from the series because it is not as complex as other war shooters, you will be pleased to find this game a bit more to your liking. Be aware, however, that this game relies heavily on story and cinematic.
  11. A worthy title in the Medal of Honour series and probably the best representation of that campaign so far, but it can't quite beat "Call of Duty: United Offensive."
  12. It bears repeating that Pacific Assault really does a great job of creating a believable atmosphere, even if the gameplay itself, as well as your allies' inabilities to die or shut up, isn't realistic.
  13. Not a step forward in design, nor will it win any awards for originality. It is, however, a big, fun and stylish FPS with outrageous and brilliant set-pieces. [PC Gamer UK]
  14. Aside from the annoyances of learning the key commands and they fact that you don’t seem to enjoy the benefits of cover that your opponents do, there is only one other issue of note. At random times the game slowed to an agonizing frame rate.
  15. 80
    Of all the military games released this winter, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault brings together perhaps the best ingredients: a character driven story, the action and fatigue of war combat, and top notch video and sounds. If only it weren't for problems like lengthy loads, a tendency towards repetition, and the innately random flow.
  16. 78
    If there had been more variation on mission type, enemy AI hadn't cheated, and the feel of the weapons had been more solid, the gameplay could have lived up the awesome presentation value that the rest of the package promised.
  17. Treads frequently to the brink of greatness, only to be tripped by its obsession with repetitive setpieces. [Christmas 2004, p.104]
  18. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault isn’t a revelation that puts new life back into WW2-based first person shooters. It is, however, a revelation for the series, pushing the adrenaline-fuelled action away to make for a much grittier, involving and entertaining experience.
  19. 70
    There were many times when I wanted to just quit and never play it again. Don't get me wrong, it's not a horrible game; it's just nowhere near as polished as [both "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault" and "Call of Duty"].
  20. The foundations for one of the finest shooters ever are laid down here and there are some wonderful cinematic moments but unfortunately most are tarnished with the numerous bugs which plague the game.
  21. 90
    What this FPS game lacks in antagonistic aliens and demons from hell, it more than makes up with good old-fashioned gunplay and an unbeatable theatric presentation.
  22. It's got frenzied action, a thoughtful storyline, and gameplay that will swallow you whole.
  23. The incredible graphics and storyline combined with destructible objects create a powerful cinematic feel that completely draws the player in.
  24. We haven't heard more moving music in a game before. EA hired a real orchestra to play the songs and the results are very well done and help fit the somber mood most of the missions you go on.
  25. 60
    But those ideas don't hold much water when the AI acts up as often as it does. That, coupled with the numerous other bugs we encountered, really makes Pacific Assault a minor disappointment.
  26. After "MOH: AA," this latest installment is something of a letdown. The improvements seem to be almost all cosmetic, perhaps at the expense of the gameplay.
  27. Pulse-pounding scripted events and great presentation create a nice backdrop for the Pacific theater of operations, but small annoyances such as enemy pop-up and lengthy load times stifle the package.
  28. It has managed to genuinely take the series forward in technology terms, offering up much more engaging firefights than ever before, which are far less forgiving and require a hell of a lot more thought and skill than simply charging in like you're immortal.
  29. This is another ugly blunder. Pacific Assault demonstrates that bewildering battle scenes are no equal for clever level design and attention to detail. [Christmas 2004, p.92]
  30. Despite these problems (and obscenely long load times, even on GI's high-end gaming PC), Pacific Assault is a great game. [Jan 2005, p.142]
  31. It's no longer the de facto title out there. I still came away enjoying my time with Pacific Assault immensely.
  32. A lot of great presentation, movement moments, and action, but also a lot of repetitive and frustrating stretches.
  33. It is an intense game, and if that is what you want to get then you can't go wrong here, if you just want a game to jump in get a few kills and stop, then look elsewhere.
  34. The Pearl Harbor level is the most adrenaline pumping half hour I've ever had in a game. There are planes, explosions and soldiers dying right and left.
  35. If you can't get enough of the WW2 action found in previous MOH and COD titles, then MOH: Pacific Assault will suit up well, but for everyone else, particularly those who like more variation in their FPS gaming, Pacific Assault isn't really a must have title.
  36. At times claustrophobic, with intensely quiet and loud moments, this is a game that fans of the series will welcome.
  37. Relentless, noisy, and genuinely scary.
  38. A must-have for Medal of Honor fans, but we still like "Call of Duty" better. [Jan 2005, p.70]
  39. Despite a few points of ingenuity that shine through the murk, there's just not enough reasons for it to be a must-have game. It's also not nearly as good as "Call Of Duty." [PC Zone]
  40. This game is truly all about the cinematic, dramatic single-player campaign, and it is there that it shines, often brilliantly, but a little too briefly. [Jan 2005, p.92]
  41. Pacific Assault's half-documentary, half-entertainment approach is solid, and the game's a thrilling, if slightly by-the-numbers WW2 shooter.
  42. There's no real AI; soldiers have some behaviors, but everything is as scripted as a presidential debate. [Feb 2005, p.58]
  43. Unfortunately the core combat that makes up the majority of the game soon feels more like chore combat.
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  1. Jul 26, 2012
    A game for Yankees only. A game with a "little" anti-Japanese propaganda. Anyway, the graphics are good, but the scripting is not always. The story is not bad, maybe a little boring. The AI is mediocre. What else can I say about this game? It's not a good one, but also it's not a bad one. Full Review »
  2. Aug 4, 2013
    Zanimljive lokacije, puno zeleniša i zasjeda,
    ali grafika je
    užasna.................................................................................... Full Review »
  3. Nov 26, 2012
    Nunca habia tenido una sensacion de peligro y agobio en el campo de batalla como en este juego. La tensión que genera avanzar a cubierto entre la maleza sabiendo que a escasos metros puede esconderse un japo preparado para hundirte la bayoneta; caer herido y arrastraste tras una roca llamando desesperadamente al medico mientras escuchas a los japos cada vez mas cerca; saber que ya no le quedan mas botiquines al doctor y avanzar como si tu propia vida fuera la que estuviera en juego; estas son las sensaciones con las que te encontraras si juegas a este juegazo que a mi me marco hace ya bastante tiempo y que no he conseguido olvidar. Sensaciones, es un juego de sensaciones no de frios datos como horas de juego, numero de personajes en pantalla o cantidad de armas. Es cierto que tiene sus puntos oscuros: dificultad desmedida al final del juego, misiones menos acertadas (¿realmente era necesario pilotar el avion o abrirse paso por el barco en Pearl Harbor?) pero la sensacion de amenaza continua es incomparable con cualquier otro juego de guerra tipo arcade. Un clasico
    Full Review »