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  1. Oct 23, 2012
    Let me just start off by saying I'm an avid Battlefield player and I haven't played a Call of Duty since 4.
    I've played 300+ hours of MoH 2010 and was on the leaderboards. I've got over probably over 2000 hours invested battlefield as a series and have played it at a tournament level multiple times.

    First thing I will address is the class system because it really feels like its one of
    the beefier more fleshed out aspects that will make it stand out from battlefield. When I first started playing I though that the Spec ops wall hack was so overpowered. But then as I played the other classes I realized that all of the classes have some sort of OP ability.. so it all evens out in the end. Assault has a VERY hard to aim and shoot grenade that is a 1hit kill to the body. Long reload means if you miss you are dead and it has limited ammo that can't be refilled other than a squad resupply defense chain. The heavy gunner has an unlimited ammo deployment that makes his LMG an ACTUAL lmg (unlike in battlefield 3 lol xD) if you get flanked you are screwed though. No hope for you. The sniper has an auto spotting mechanism built into their bipod which is handy (but again if you are flanked you are dead... also it makes you stand still for the easy counter snipe). The demoman has the mask that makes you a walking tank with double the health. It definitely helps you get 1 kill unscathed After taking any sort of damage you can't see and its better to just remove the mask though. Makes you slow as hell though and an easy target for the 1 hit kill headshots. The pointmans ability has a single magazine of ammo that does more damage. The ammo kicks like a mule though so you can't abuse it really. The specops ability to do the really hazy wallhack (with a 2 second delay) doesn't really help you do much other than lay down your point streaks and tell where the enemy is coming as a general direction. No class is seemingly OP - it all boils down to the situation and what you like to play with.

    Next I will address the "wall hack aura" that is cause for much controversy:
    This aura only appears in certain modes. It will be the thing that gets you killed the most. So after killing someone I usually keep tight eyes on corners - sometimes people rush and it enables you to get the drop on them even though they should have had the drop on you. I don't really like it atm - will probably play modes with it turned off most of the time - but it might warm up to me. I can definitely tell there is a lot of psychological warfare that goes hand in hand with it and I am not against any of that at all keeps things tense and keeps you thinking on your feet.

    Comparing it to 2010:
    In 2010 the score chains were 'chained' to stronger score chains... The top players basically learned how the spawns worked and would spawn kill to cruise missile. There was even gentlemens agreements that once someone starts laying down you let them get to cruise missile before entering the spawn and making them flip/ sending down your own strikes. It was how the game worked. In this game though you can't chain your point streaks at all. The smoke nets you almost no points. Meaning you have to do an offensive if you want to chain points towards your next streak other than resupply which only nets you 100 pts - Usually what I end up opting for though because the splash damage on the point streaks are abysmal ^^ you have to REALLY get a good hit on the enemy or they REALLY have to be bunched up to get multi kills. Even the apache is weak. It can be shot down easily with a semi auto sniper. All in all - the point streaks are not what you play the game for like in 2010. They won't help you very much and don't really serve you that well. In fact I would argue the most useful point streaks are the level 1 offensive for each class. So the UAV, radar jammer, a mobile spawn point etc. Also - spawn killing is improved 10x over. I will not lie and say it doesn't exist - but it's MUCH harder to achieve than in battlefield 3 or Moh 2010 ( I can't say i've played cod to know how bad it is for comparison ). When you are being spawn killed the best thing to do is to either sit there and not spawn - or to just quit out. No shame in it imo.

    The melee system is a panic system but the reach on it is impossibly short and there is no homing in or lunge. There is a recharge delay after 2 swipes so if you miss one of your two - you can expect to be dead. Your pistol is still a more viable "OH SHI" moment weapon - the pointman is the one you don't want to make go "OH SHI" though - that shotgun is undeniably the best secondary for CQB. The Fireteams system is better than BF3 squads imho - he is your man for everything and you don't have to chase after him HOPING he will drop ammo. You just take it from him. Great for the "no mic" lone wolf bunch that don't really wan to go around with you as a team. I would type more up - but I've hit max character limit. 9.5/10
  2. Oct 23, 2012
    OMG! Compared to MOH2010, Warfighter is a huge success. The graphic is awesome and gameplay improved a lot -- fast paced but different from COD. And gun models are perfect!!! Good job Danger Close! This is exactly what we want!
  3. Oct 28, 2012
    Its a good game with a few rough edges. It is only being hated because it doesn't have some sort of bombastic single player. If you don't care for single player then you are in luck as the multiplayer is a nice Blue versus Blue take on FPS and looks brilliant on PC. I also love the nations section as it is sort of being part of something greater, which you do not often get in some FPS games that are more often than note generic US v Russia games. So why people are hating on it is beyond me, its a good game.

    GET: If you are mature and light tight action and good graphics with tons of customization.

    DON'T GET: If you are an offline/single player campaign person and do not have any patience.
  4. Oct 23, 2012
    The graphics and realism in this game are unprecedented. Just wow! Storyline is well tied up and multiplayer beats CoD, being much more immersive. This is a real jewel that few were expecting.
  5. Oct 24, 2012
    Absolutely fantastic game! The graphics are downright incredible when max settings are turned on. The game has both an excellent multiplayer suite and a really fantastic campaign. Although I somewhat enjoyed the campaign in BF3, the campaign in MOH easily surpasses that experience. It seems that many gamers are not always huge fans of cut scenes, but I feel like these cut scenes really added to the experience and helped me to become more emotionally invested. Don't listen to COD fanboy haters. You really need to pick this game up. Also if you are not a fan of Battlelog system, you can access multiplayer from within the game menus. Don't get sucked into any of the negative hype, Medal of Honor: Warfighter really is a great game. Nice work Danger Close! Expand
  6. Oct 25, 2012
    I think the one thing EA about MoH failed at was to explain to it's purchasers what the game is. If you played the last version, well you should know. This game IS on the Frostbite 2 engine, but that doesn't mean it's going to be the same time of game as Battlefield 3 is. (just think back to all the games that utilize Unreal 3 engine)

    This game is best described as EA's competition
    to Call of Duty. Some people think Battlefield 3 is. No way, Battlefield 3 is in no way like CoD. That's what Medal of Honor Warfighter is for. Battlefield 3 is very expansive and more like an open world battlefield (and vehicles). Whereas this game is much more along defined paths, but with a decent amount of nooks/crannies to flank opponents.

    I like CoD, but I think there is room for many types of FPS/TPS. Of one type is MoH.

    It's got great graphics. Not perfect, but it's also a different style of game. It's not an expansive map, it's on a smaller scale like CoD. I play the game at ultra settings, so the game looks really good. Again not perfect, but very nice. Thus like CoD it is a game where you have to traverse either fast and risk getting killed, or slowly and surely. It's alot like CoD, but also got it's own flavor. It's hard to quantify, because BF3 is such a different experience that most games default to 'more like CoD'. Because anything that's not like BF3 is more like CoD. The gunplay is good. Though I've only used a few, they seem good. I can deal with the kickback of guns, that's what they do. But also I realize that not all guns are the same, there's lots of different classes with different guns and unlocks to customize the gear that needs to be unlocked, so it's still early for even those that hate the kickback to rail on about all the guns having too much. Unlock some more guns, try different classes, as well as the attachments, and you might find more guns to your specific type of play and desire.

    So when I say CoD is similar to it, it's because it is. But again it's also quite a bit different. So the people that are saying it's not CoD and those that are saying it's like CoD are both right. It is both like and unlike CoD. Doesn't seem to be quite as demanding on the gfx card. Close but not as much. (of course that's without any new nvidia drivers). But I'm easily getting 60 fps with max settings with a GTX 670 and an i7 920 @ 4ghz. So it's very playable. I'm getting the impression about the destruction elements that these are going to be reserved for later games on the Frostbite 2 engine, when more and newer/better graphics cards are out and installed in the user base. While the Nvidia 6XX and the ATI equivalent probably could handle it, most people are still using Nvidia 4xx and 5xx (and ATI equivalent) tech, so I can understand why the destruction isn't there. Plus it makes more sense in a BF series than a MoH series as people would just clear the buildings and every map would end up 'open'. Still would be nice to have some, but I can understand why it's not there. I'd expect BF4 to possibly finally do what they wanted on this note and really up the destruction.

    Again having played both the beta on 360 and now the PC version, the two graphically aren't even close to each other. The PC version on ultra is vastly superior to the 360 beta. While I haven't played the PC version of CoD, the 360 version is laughably inferior compared to PC MoH on ultra settings. Huge difference.

    This review is about the multiplayer, not the single player. While most people trashed the single player of CoD and BF3 for being short, it seems most are saying MoH is short as well. So things are pretty equal, except without some of the better unique moments seen in the others. You can use your 360 controller or obviously KB+M, or even a hybrid of 360 controller in place of WSAD on the keyboard and mouse for precision and quick aiming. Overall this game is fun, it's a shame people are dragging this game's score down because of

    a) They somehow incredibly got the idea that this game was going to be like BF3 (how I don't know)
    b) Those that thought that, generally hate CoD, and thus don't like this game
    c) Bought a game known for playing multiplayer and yet hate on the barely used and cared about SP and just like it's peers, its a short campaign
    d) are playing the game at lower than ultra settings and don't think it looks good

    If you knew what to expect from this game, and don't have a hate fest for CoD, and don't care much for SP portions of FPS (me I NEVER play the single player campaigns of online multiplayer shooters)...then you should like this game and find it quite good. Torn between giving it an 8 or 9 (because it takes a great game to be 10), but since everyone is hating on it because they thought the game was something else when clearly it wasn't going to be BF3, I'm going with 9.
  7. Oct 23, 2012
    I am a HUGE FPS gamer that was incredibly disappointed with the 2010 MoH and was apprehensive about picking this one up...boy am i glad I did. The class system is great, the graphics are beautiful on max settings. Very fast paced, the gun play feels better than CoDs, fireteams is great. Overall feels like a very polished multiplayer experience and I can't wait to check out the single player missions!! 9/10. Expand
  8. Oct 23, 2012
    As far as the gameplay, it definitely takes some getting use to. Especially if you are use to BF3 like me. After a few games though I was really enjoying myself, but I did have a good partner to buddy up with, which is a must for victory and high kill rates. Graphics wise there are aspects that looked better in BF3 and other things that looked better in MOH. -Plant life looks better in MOH
    -Indoor lighting was better in MOH (almost a Metro 2033 look and shine to the lights!) Red dot receptacle & mussel flash also has a more realistic look and glare to it.
    -Structural and gun textures I give it to BF3
    -Sunlight glare also to BF3.

    Sounds were kind of a hit and miss for me and my 5.1 headphones. Some guns sounded too hallow, other were right on. But bullets sounds where amazing. You can hear them whizzing by you head very clearly and gave you a sense of rush and adrenaline. Foot steps also sounds much more realistic than BF3.

    In general I give the game an 9/10. It's map layout has close, tight corners similar to BF3 CQ, but with a different style. If you like BF3 large open maps with many vehicles stay way. If you like non-stop action, close quarter style, hand to hand combat its a great shooter to add to the collection.
  9. Oct 23, 2012
    Warfighter is one of the best shooters of this year, the Campaing may be a bit short, but it's way better than Battlefield 3 Campaign. The Graphics are Amazind, Sound of Guns are great, and the Multiplayer is Awesome.
  10. Oct 25, 2012
    Can't believe the haters out there.. just proof the shooter genre is full of brutish punks that only like what they already know. I feel bad for the developers who see these scores, because really this game is RIDICULOUSLY FUN!! Graphics are awesome, but for me it's really the pace of the action and how the design encourages buddy play... and the mix of classes and support actions you unlock during play. I'm guessing that a lot of the idiots giving this game a 5 played one match and thought they saw all there is to it... No, there's a ton of progression here...weapons, new skins, mods.. very cool. And seriously.. How many developers do a beta/demo and actually listen and improve stuff with a day 1 update?? If this were another publisher, there'd be a patch a month after launch.. Maybe. Thanks Danger Close and EA, you guys did awesome and clearly care about what you do. Lovin it Expand
  11. Oct 25, 2012
    moh is its own unique game not battlefield or cod, so people shouldn't compare the two. This game requires skill in the mp department the maps are fairly made, lots of customization for guns(50+ camos)
    5 game modes each using different parts of the map making for a fresh experiences in each one.
    Im rating this game an 8 but ill give it a 10 simply because of the ridiculous low ratings
    that but hurt people seem to give. Single player is fantastic with good visuals and extremely solid voice acting, coupled with an innovative way to breach doors its really stellar. Expand
  12. Oct 26, 2012
    Lets start by saying that the game is unbelievably beautiful and it stands out along with the battlefield 3, its stunning visuals is not the only thing it brings along a perfectly told story line , which brings along personal and military aspects, but deep through this brilliant game is some flaws, the main problems that you will face is texture popping and some linear fight scenes and on top the battles take place in a map that is to set up...... but over all i love the game and it is beautiful and fun game and it is worth going and buying :) Expand
  13. Oct 26, 2012
    This is a great fuking game.We waited and for damn sure it was worth the wait. Greg, and all you oaks there at Danger Close that brought us this. Well fukin done!
    Yeah single player little short...too fukin bad, play it again!! I'm having a blast its everything and more that I expected. The MP customs are just out of this world....You oaks go and give yourself a pat on the bag and these
    fukin moaners, next time they moan about something great they'll moan without balls because I would've cut them the fuk off before then. Expand
  14. Oct 25, 2012
    m playing only MP. It's awesome. I've had a bad time for the first couple of hours of playing it, because it was really hard to adapt after playing BF3 for so much time. But I waited with my opinion and now I'm sure - this game is awesome! People just expect it to be a new version of BF3 without vehicles, but surprisingly it's not. It's really something different. Mechanics is different. Recoil control is different. Those are just to different games. You will have tons of fun, but don't expect it to be easy at start, just because you are good at BF3, and don't expect you will be rushing alone and killing everyone without any help, because you will have a bad time. If you really want me to compare this game to any other it would be CS, where fearless rushing and killing everyone alone is reserved only to best players. Expand
  15. Nov 1, 2012
    This game, like many other hidden gems, often puts off people with the patience of a squirrel, where I think the majority of the unfairly negative reviews are coming from. Most people expect it to behave like Call of Duty and when it doesn't, bail. Mindless if you ask me. It takes time to learn a new game. Once done, this game is an absolute blast and has several things going for it most PC shooters don't have anymore: dedicated servers, leaning, crouching, realistic ballistics (recoil, bullet drop)and far fewer bunny hopping, rage spewing, quick scoping 14-year-olds out there to spoil the fun. There are more weapons and attachments in this than any other game EVER. This game is seriously fun, and despite the professional reviewers out there who are crapping all over it (because of blank envelopes stuffed with cash they were handed by Activision, I suspect) it IS DIFFERENT. It is unique, not "seen it all before". Any reviewer who says that has to have either played it for only 4 minutes or is on the take, one of the two. Expand
  16. Oct 26, 2012
    I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign and find the multiplayer to be fairly fun as well. The only thing that was slightly disappointing for me was fact that the developers didn't fully utilize the frostbite 2 engine for its destruction capabilities. Otherwise, I find that this game worth my time and money.
  17. Oct 27, 2012
    Not sure what the general beef is with this game in the media. I predict this will be a "sleeper game". I can't help but think Black Ops 2 has everyone on the payroll... The battle log interface is legit, gameplay is butter smooth as is the interface. Don't knock it until you try it and keep in mind reviewers are reviewers, they aren't always gamers. It's better than MW3. Reviewers once said EQ2 was better than WoW... Expand
  18. Oct 28, 2012
    Have been playing for about three days now, mostly multiplayer. I started off getting really frustrated with the maps, gun play etc and pretty much rage quit after the first hour, was going to uninstall even. But had another go, and as weapons are unlocking and the attachments are made available its opens up and I'm totally loving it now. I play these games for gun play mainly, it needs to feel like the actual weapon, ballistics etc, and they have nailed it here I think. The weapon customization screen and models are perfect as well. Sound is fantastic by the way, best shooter for that.

    I really dig how they have represented all the spec ops teams around the world, you can see the effort DC have put in here and I like this realism factor (ok its a game i know, but they haven't made it over the top like other games which I think is a plus).

    The graphics, I've got everything on ultra (i7, 470, 8gig) and its easily 60fps. Some of the textures are a bit washed out in places, but other scenes look amazing so its had to call. Overall the detail in the levels is really good, a bit more destructibility would have been nice though, but it does exist.

    The maps are a mix, some I love and others seem a little unbalanced. Hopefully a map pack or two coming down the track. Grenades are very had to predict, would like the warning to work a little better.

    But to sum up some of the best, intense fire fights I've ever played in in FPS.
  19. Oct 29, 2012
    A really good game if I may say so, action and tension.
    on a really good level. Graphics & Sound & dubbing of the characters are very well done. What is a given is not always definitely the German dubbing. The multiplayer is a mixture of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare third but something to get used to, but otherwise TOP 10/10!
  20. Oct 29, 2012
    (Multiplayer only review!!!) Am glad I didn't wait for the reviews before getting this game! It's tense, exciting, visceral and hard to master. The recoil and real feel of combat in MOH2010 is back, perhaps not quite as well done here, but still the best around, better than BF3. Doesn't look quite as polished as BF3 with some of the avatars in some light conditions, though the environments are just as good, and sometimes (in sunlight conditions) it looks photoreal and is unsurpassed. The maps are smaller than BF3, sometimes you can't climb on/over things you hope to like you can in BF3 and was a bit disappointed about this, but here is the real crux of the game. It's the only game where you better watch your buddy's 6! It requires you to be on the ball and careful, so don't even mention COD in the same breath. This is an amazing experience which will reward team play like no other. the precision is amazing. Within these smaller maps you really experience almost non-stop the infinity of possibilities of combat in 3D! The many decisions you make will mean the difference and run and gunners will not like it so much! I have had no probs with collision detection. The user interface is a bit confusing, also the nations, VOIP, team member nationality / squad choices, but not poor and archaic like Ghost Recon FS. Buy it if you are up for a challenge, this requires skill and you will find your time rewarded! Highly addictive and not fantasy like BF3. Recommended. Expand
  21. Feb 7, 2013
    first i played cod black ops 2 becuase the review said this game is tarrible but after i played mohw i now know why a lot of people saying that battlefield and medal of honor are batter than call of duty i dont get it why this game get just 55/100 it should have get at least 87/100 i think that cod black ops 2 is good but this is way batter that bo2.acually i didnt like so much battlefield 3 so i thought it will be the same but i was wrong buy it you can find it on amazon for just 30 bucks Expand
  22. Oct 29, 2012
    single player review: I don't understand all the negative reviews, i found this game to be action packed and a lot of fun to play! took me about 9 hours to beat in hard mode. I completely enjoyed the story line and the realism with the plot which makes you wonder how the world really is. If you are a veteran MOH player then this game is well worth your time!
  23. Oct 30, 2012
    Awesome Physics Effects In The Game Makes Like Real World Military Operations.
    The Game Has Some Crashes Due To Scratching Sound Effects, But That Can be Ignored.
  24. Oct 31, 2012
    The multiplayer was often called generic, yet it actually features one of the most unique mechanics in a first person shooter of any genre
  25. Nov 1, 2012
    The single player campaign is ultimately where this game shines, and while it may not be a diamond, you can definitely tell that Danger Close put some effort into it. There will be times in the campaign where you sit back and go "Wow", and there will be times where you just want to bash your head into the screen, but that's what makes it a good story. My only wish about the campaign is that I would like to have seen it be longer, and I am hopeful that there will be DLC for it in the future.

    On the multiplayer side of things, there are a few *minor* launch bugs, which Danger Close has stated they are working on, and I'm sure they will resolve them. However, for the sake of this review, we will focus on the multiplayer *intended* aspects. The biggest downside of Medal of Honor: Warfighter's multiplayer is simply, it's trying to do TOO much. It's trying to grab the CoD crowd (let's be honest here), trying to recruit some BF3 fanatics, and it even takes some lessons from Homefront. The problem is, when it tries to bash these ideas together, they don't work seamlessly. While the gameplay ultimately doesn't suffer because of this, you can definitely tell that it's intentions were not as clear and defined as a shooter today needs to be.

    Another unfortunate downside is that the unlock system is not made clear. While in a game, you can tell what you're unlocking right on your in-game screen, which is a nice little feature, but why? There appears to be no rhyme or reason for the choices of unlocks that Medal of Honor: Warfighter gives you. I may be missing something here, but I have yet to find a solution to this question. Ultimately, it doesn't bother someone like me, however - as I'm in it to unlock everything anyway, and I'd imagine most other people are the same.

    Some good notes is that FINALLY a game has done party play appropriately. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but go play BF3, or even COD:BO and try to join a game as a party. Most likely, you will not only be in different squads, you'll be on a different team. That's not fun when you're trying to play together. I have YET to be tossed into a different team, let alone a different fireteam while using the party system here on Medal of Honor Warfighter. Not to mention it allows you to pretty much get your entire platoon into a party, and manually setup fireteams as you need them. Major thumbs up.

    Finally, looking at the bread and butter of MoH:W is the nations aspect. The one thing we all saw when watching those commercials. Unfortunately, I have to say it's pretty much a gimmick. The thing here is that you first start by choosing your soldier. The options are limited, and few. For myself, I ended up choosing a SEAL, though I was looking for an Irish soldier. No such luck. After selecting your soldier, you need to choose a nation to fight for. I, of course, selected Ireland. It didn't do anything for me really, other than putting the Irish flag behind my soldier. You go into multiplayer, win some matches, collect tokens, and you put them into your nation for a bonus, and to increase your nations rank. Doesn't really tell you why you're doing this, and really there doesn't seem to be a point. There are some bonuses you get for day after day putting tokens into your nation, but so what? When I was watching these commercials, I was hoping for - well for instance, USA vs Russia playing against eachother. But, as I've come to see, all nations fight with all other nations, and there's no real in-game mechanic to differentiate. Now you're probably reading this review and saying "He gave it a 9, but he had all these downs to give it, why?" Here's the thing folks - no shooter anytime soon will change the way shooters are today. This game is a good game not because of what it does wrong, but because of what it does right. You have a community that cares for the series, and a developer that wants to make it right for that very community. I absolutely LOVED the campaign, I may even end up playing it again. The multiplayer doesn't do anything NEW, per say, but it doesn't do anything badly either. If anything, the one thing that multiplayer could have done better was develop on the nations aspect, and that would have set it apart from the other shooters out there today. Having said that, it is still a breath of fresh air when it comes to the shooters we have today. It's pretty much taking a deathmatch-ish game, providing some cooperative aspects, and it does it well.

    If nothing else, head to a friends house and try this game out. It is worth the play.
  26. Jan 29, 2013
    OK I cant believe this got such a poor critic review. MOH is all about the single player campaign which I knew before I bought it. Campaign blows cod and BF series out of the genre as far as storytelling and realism. You feel like these characters are the REAL PEOPLE, not just cheap liberal voice actors. As far as the multiplier component, although not bad, is why i have BF3. I have played most shooters and this series is hands down always the best at keeping it exciting. I always get bored with COD. BF campaigns are a joke. ARMA is fine but the graphics...piss poor. GOOD JOB DANGER CLOSE!
    Controls-5-6/10 (This could have been better)
  27. Nov 11, 2012
    Before I tell you why this game is the better shooter per this day and deserve 10 points on my scale, let me tell you why most people flush it in the toilet.
    Its about taking time to get to know a game and learn it. I think that the reviewers out there have SKYHIGH expectations about this game because it's being developed by danger's close. I am the kind of gamer who likes the different
    games because i've grown tired of CoD and BF. And thats because there's no variation in those games. But in MoH:WF you have full customization on guns and solidiers, every class have a special ability, and there also is a correct running mechanism and LEANING mechanism which works very well. I think the most wellcome'ed thing about the game is the special abilities. This have been developed to have a solution for nube-toobs without taking the noobtube away from the noobs. For example Spec Ops-class have an ability called "Scan" wich gives you heat-vision through walls for just a sec and give you better control for the situation, this way, the nubetube is no longer in court and judged by the more experienced gamers. The only "neg" I have to report is the maps. They're not bad at all, but they're confusing at first and not as good as the old MoH2010 maps. But in terms of gameplay and fun a clear 10! Expand
  28. Nov 14, 2012
    great single player mutiplayer is fun to play Warfighter is a huge succes The Graphics are Amazing, Sound of Guns are great the dlc looks good to . As far as the gameplay, it definitely takes some getting use to
  29. Dec 4, 2012
    este juego es al estilo de battlefield o porlo menos en video y sonido si le falta mas aun en cuanto a juego en linea pero es buena historia siento que juego una pelicula es cargado de adrenalina pero si creo que le falta mas misiones par ajugar
  30. Nov 18, 2012
    The Single player is fun. Its good mindless entertainment. The SP alone would rate about 7. The MP is what makes this an a 10. The MP is a good change of pace from other modern shooters. Guns have recoil, and you die very quick. The sound and the atmosphere is very good. This game is a very tactical shooter, you must learn to control the recoil and firing from the hip will not work. Do not buy this game and expect an cod clone, it isnt... Expand
  31. Oct 23, 2012
    Well i see that the "wishers" arrived at this party as well, if you dont own the game or played beyond beta please find a new hobby, people come here to try and make informed decisions based on other gamers and trolling, fanboyism and flat out just writing for the hell of it continues to ne the rabies of Metacritic and i wish only confrimed owners/users could enter. I have read a few great user reviews just want to further support what i feel are facts and toss in a few of my opinions in as well. As you notice there are no reviews by critics on the left side and well thats because E.A did what is not very common and keep this game out of the hands of mainstream critics until the day of release or after = no day 1 reveiws and that was worrysome to me but i was already invested so sit , wait and cross fingers was in full effect. For those looking for innovative or unique single player campaigns which wiill exceed 7 hours (being generous) well look elsewhere if this is the main focus of why you want to buy this game, the game isvery generic in terms of hold handing and the way single player fps missions do for the most part in this gen = Objectives which take little strategic elements and heavily scripted and "been there done that" mode of run gun and shoot guy when and where they tell you = triggers cutscene/next mission. I was very disappointed but not shocked that it would be a linear exp but disappointed none the less because the trend is single player is more of an after thought to what has become a dominant mp pressence in fps genre now-a-days and breaking from that mold is asking too much when this is the safe way for devs and publishers to design and pump out games Godspeed due to lack of content so often th mp will have to fill in the gaps and we will come back to that to see if it can have a good enough formula that will make many fps gamers ok with such a lack luster campaign. but because the industry views us gamers as buying games that are creations of this design as votes in the poll of what sells well they wont change much of anything especially when sometimes games can also have record sales year after year using this trend. I cant take away from the fact that yes the game does look sometimes gorgeous / stunning and no body loves destructable enviorments as much as myself so the explosions, lighting and backdrops can sometimes just make you want to stop for a moment and look around just to take some of it in but there are also moments that will not be so pretty/less detailed and borderline drab city but thankfully those very far and few. Some of the guns are the best i have seen yet but some are "who the fck designed these ones" but the optics almost picture perfect, they sound great and imo as "realistic" as it gets in a video game and the sounds of explosions will rumble on your subwoofer in grande de force so visually and sfx are anove average and sometimes very much so. The gunplay doees feel worthy and to this day i would like to see a heavy "kick" factor w/ high powered sniper rifles or hmg's , althought recoil is present i would like there to be more of it in certain classes of guns which i mentioned which is just my personal taste and can be fixed w/ a patch easily if decided to do so. Here is where it gets tricky. The gunplay and pretty solid gameplay is only as good as the A.I and if the A.I is rather "unaware" than it can have the effect of dumbing down the elements that feel good because whats the sense of having the best compond bow money can buy if one is only going to hunt tree sloths with them. MP, well lets just say that imo the mp does not have enough strengths to forgive the sp and linear maps in a campaign ok i get it but bottlenecked and linear do not belong in mp and only certain fps designers can bring forth a winning formula for the ones that have success w/ linear mp maps. It also dumbs its own brilliance down because the fire teams are elite but the maps leave much to the imagination in respect to utilizing such elite ops tactically , the layout is very unforgiving at times especially for those who want to strategically dominate oppo's rather than bottleneck them or get bottlenecked by. The mode are meh but i love the HR mode. Yes i have small gripes w/ the twitter feed esq H.U.D but im running out of letterd i can use,lol. For sp i suggest renting and for mp well i also suggest the same, try it b4 purchase is a strong recommendation. The game seems to try and climb upwards but only to get kicked down by its own foot. The recipe was there but the ingredients did not come together as good as the menu suggested hence not leaving a sour taste but the craving you sat down with still being present. not a bad game just more of the same so a solid 7 Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 30
  2. Negative: 6 out of 30
  1. Dec 2, 2012
    Plot holes, broken scripting and offensive self-contradiction makes Warfighter one of the worst games we've played all year. [Dec 2012, p.85]
  2. 60
    Common military shooter with minor technical bugs shows all the elements we have seen before. We've expected much more from the legendary Medal of Honor series. [Dec 2012]
  3. Nov 29, 2012
    Due to unreliable scripts and other technical issues, bland and chaotic storytelling and stupid AI I played Warfighter strictly out of obligation and not for fun. Decent (but unbalanced) multiplayer is not enough to put other label than 'mediocre' on a game that was supposed to be a major hit. [13/2012, p.36]