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  1. Positive: 16 out of 26
  2. Negative: 1 out of 26
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  1. Medal of Honor is more than just a reboot of a storied franchise. It takes the FPS genre to a whole new level.
  2. Even if Medal of Honor needs a little bit to get started, it starts to be great fun after the first few missions. It also combines a great atmosphere with an awesome gameplay.
  3. MoHs singleplayer-experience can't match Infinity Ward's masterpiece, but DICEs Multiplayer part countervails that little shortfall pretty well. Bottom line: No Must-Have, but a good shooter nevertheless.
  4. Medal of Honor is a great title, a realistic and epic take on the war in Aghanistan, but is too short, just 5 hours for an incredible experience, that will push you in a breathtaking journey in most dangerous valleys of A-Stan. It also has an interesting hardcore single player mode, and a well made multiplayer, but it's not as good as the ones in Bad Company and Modern Warfare.
  5. While the multiplayer has its cons, it definitely has potential to be built into something more and I wouldn't be surprised if downloadable content releases soon. The single-player campaign is enough to hold anyone through a gripping story with non-stop and fast-paced action and a trio of compelling characters.
  6. 81
    A worthy experience, thanks in no small part to the sense of urgency that comes from the story being plucked straight from the world's headlines.
  7. Paying tribute to our brave men and women in uniform-who often go through situations that are unimaginable to all of us sitting at home with controllers in our hands-is a great thing. The step that EA has taken towards establishing a precedent for exploring topical subject matter in a video game may be a small one, but it's still important. But almost everything else about Medal of Honor, while enjoyable, makes it hard to shake the feeling of playing just another military shooter.
  8. The Single-player part is inferior to the big combatants in the genre in almost every aspect. Though the pacing is right, the sounds are superb and Medal of Honor presents a solid shooter-core, the missions are repetitive, the AI is non-existent and the scripting is extremely bad. Finally: And if anyone can clarify what the incoherent story is all about, I will award him with a prize. The multiplayer-part is a whole different issue that we will deal with as soon as the servers for the retail-version go up.
  9. Maybe moving the Medal of Honor series to the present day is the right commercial decision, but to compete with a saga like Modern Warfare you need to develop a more compelling gameplay experience. Also the game is incredibly linear with just run and gun action for all its campaign, and the multiplayer part is good, but maybe not great enough to make this a real contender for Call of Duty.
  10. I can understand why DICE didn't want to build a multiplayer too similar to that of Bad Company 2, but the current approach has turned the new Medal of Honor into a hybrid that won't be able to attract the fans of either Modern Warfare or BC2 in the long run, because it doesn't have any good incentives.
  11. Sep 19, 2011
    Overall, Medal of Honor is visually and aurally outstanding, but it needs much more polish on gameplay, scripted events, character/scene transitions and narrative construction before it's ready to really run with the big dogs.
  12. Dec 13, 2010
    MoH's inventive and thoughtful sections are undermined by its desire to mimic other games it just can't beat.
  13. 75
    It's a mostly well-built title with seemingly good intentions, but it lacks the weight -- whether it's in the narrative, campaign length, or feature set -- to seem like much more than a quality diversion.
  14. The short length of the single player is a little disappointing, as it is a good time.
  15. The strain of realism that should run through this title is simply too weak to provide a point of leverage, and whilst the game is certainly admirable in many respects, it simply doesn't offer the kind of experience once associated with the franchise.
  16. Medal of Honor offers a cohesive campaign and fierce multiplayer competition for those who don't mind a little bit of tarnish on their first-person shooters.
  17. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jan 13, 2011
    Good news: This is not Call of Duty. Bad news: This is not Call of Duty. Interesting environs and fast paced action can't hide more than a few story holes and the overall stupidity of opponents. [Issue#197]
  18. Oct 27, 2010
    It won't be remembered for breaking any moulds in the first person shooter genre and probably won't spark up everyone's enthusiasm since it's not as good as Modern Warfare 2. Instead Medal of Honor should be looked at as an alternative to the hyperactive Call of Duty series and be played by people who want to have a more reasonable interpretation of a military experience.
  19. Medal of Honor's balancing act combines two developers and game engines. Lofty ambitions on both fronts are ultimately let down by very little desire to redefine the game's range or bring out the best from each engine's particular set of talents, but it's undeniable that both single and multiplayer have their individual merits.
  20. The single player campaign is a lot of fun with some great moments sprinkled in. It's really short though and some bugs crept into the product that made it a little annoying. MP Summary: Multiplayer looks good from what we've seen and could challenge Modern Warfare 2's throne if supported by EA and DICE over the long haul.
  21. PC Gamer
    Dec 13, 2010
    The new Medal of Honor is an unoriginal duck hunt laden with compromise. You've played this before---and better. [Jan 2011, p.64]
  22. 65
    Medal of Honor's real problem may be Danger Close's inability to commit to a particular direction for the game.
  23. Jan 15, 2011
    Medal of Honor doesn't become the current image of Electronic Arts – probably the most "humane" of all videogame corporations. Danger Close Games' debut reminds of a time when EA was a gloomy assembly line churning out soulless yearly sequels and movie tie-ins.
  24. A decent multiplayer component gives the score a boost, but for the most part, Medal of Honor is held back by the developer's unwillingness to take risks with the franchise.
  25. PC PowerPlay
    Dec 25, 2010
    Medal of Honor is just following the crowd, with no true identity to call its own. [Issue#185, p.70]
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 536 Ratings

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  1. Oct 13, 2010
    Not a CoD beater but definitely close. This game is about realism, not arcade shooting. The SP is action-packed but short, with only 5 hrs ofNot a CoD beater but definitely close. This game is about realism, not arcade shooting. The SP is action-packed but short, with only 5 hrs of gameplay. You are in the War in Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban forces in actual operations that took place in 2001-2005. You are a Tier 1 Operator, a unique brand of soldiers who are sent into the most intense action. You'll go from stealthy sniping missions, to full out warfare and cave raids. The game delivers its best in its multiplayer. In this MP, you actually require a bit of skill to do well. You can't just run in and start shooting everything like in CoD. You'll be dead soon and will hate the game for it. The MP runs of an exp-based system where earning points awards you with new upgrades to your weapon such as sights and barrels and types of ammunition. There are a few maps out right now, but more will be out soon. Graphics and visuals can go from dull and average to absolutely stunning and attractive, depending on the mission. Audio is amazing. Voice acting is spot on, and music delivers a punch. Overall, this is a successful solid reboot of the series. If you need a break from the arcade style of recent first-person shooters, then go out and get yourself a copy of Medal of Honor (2010) for a more realistic take on gaming. Full Review »
  2. Oct 15, 2010
    Not nearly as entertaining as its brethren MoD franchise and was almost astonished when 3-4 Hours later the credits where rolling up myNot nearly as entertaining as its brethren MoD franchise and was almost astonished when 3-4 Hours later the credits where rolling up my screen. In the very short time it took to play through the excellent atmosphere and scenery I felt mighty let down at the sheer single player experience at the end. I feel almost robbed having bought it.

    Personally I'd wait for it on the budget line next time round.
    Full Review »
  3. Oct 12, 2010
    Medal of honor is a game that suffers from its desire to be "better" than its competition, despite copying nearly all of its game mechanicsMedal of honor is a game that suffers from its desire to be "better" than its competition, despite copying nearly all of its game mechanics from these games. It's a game that is weaker than the sum of its parts, and DICE's effort in multiplayer seems half-assed compared to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It also attempts to mimic Modern Warfare 2, but it doesn't implement the gameplay mechanics nearly as well. The single player campaign is ok, but the story is uninteresting and feels like a completely separate experience from the multiplayer, rather than all one game. My recommendation? Skip or rent, you won't be playing this for very long. Full Review »