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  • Summary: Medieval 2: Total War boasts an impressive array of new graphical and gameplay enhancements, including the capability for a massive 10,000 dynamic characters to be taken into battle at any one time. On top of this, The Creative Assembly have implemented a fully redesigned multiplayer mode that offers a dynamic multi-battle campaign bolstered by an unprecedented level of visceral combat choreography that reflects the brutality of medieval warfare. Set in the most turbulent and bloody era in European history, Medieval 2: Total War allows gamers to lead their armies across the battlefields of Europe and the Holy Land before discovering the Americas and doing battle with the fearsome Aztecs. Medieval 2: Total War offers a vastly enhanced terrain model to create new graphically rich environments portraying breathtaking cliff top castles and enhanced settlement features that are unique to each civilisation. [Sega] Expand
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  1. Positive: 39 out of 39
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  1. An exceptional game that brings history alive with enormous flair and clarity.
  2. Mesmerisingly challenging... If there's another wargame that blends geopolitics with tactics this brilliantly, or portrays war so memorably, then I'm unaware of it... The new king of wargames. [Dec 2006, p.56]
  3. While the slightly glitched real-time battles may not be all that much different from Rome's, and naval battles and new multiplayer options are still conspicuous by their absence, there's simply no way that any selfrespecting strategy fan can spend this Christmas doing anything other than rampaging across the world on a whirlwind of medieval conquest.
  4. The gameplay and graphics are really very good and the value is through the roof here.
  5. 88
    It's true that the developers really missed an opportunity to rework the interface but the graphics upgrade and new campaign options are more than enough to satisfy the legions of Total War fans.
  6. 85
    Medieval II: Total War would’ve easily been much more memorable if it wasn’t for a few questionable balancing and AI issues that sadly knock its spot from receiving a better score. It is still the most rewarding and exciting Total War experience though.
  7. There are still some strange artificial intelligence quirks in both the turn-based and real-time aspects of the game, and it appears that the Total War franchise is starting to steer away from more casual players who would prefer a little less realism in their game. Still, Medieval II presents a great challenge.

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  1. Positive: 80 out of 97
  2. Negative: 6 out of 97
  1. Aug 15, 2010
    A game that will make you feel like conquering the world. Out of all the total war games this is a personal favorite. Updated graphics bring units to life on the battlefield. Finally the player is able to recruit new units and buildings without a general present in the settlement. Ai is amazing for the most part on the battlefield however total war games have allways had issues with the Diplomacy option. This game is no different. You may get rejected for no conceivable reason when trying to be diplomatic toward another nation. This is one of my small gripes and nothing really serious is wrong with the game. Expand
  2. Jul 31, 2014
    Medieval 2 Total War. Sure, doesn't sound as interesting as a game like, for example, Final Fantasy or Battlefield 4, but don't let the name be the game. In truth, Medieval 2 Total War will probably be one of the best military strategy games you have ever played. What is it? Medieval 2 Total War is a game where you get to build a mighty kingdom, through economy, diplomacy (if necessary), and - wait for it - ... brute force. This isn't like Clash of Clans, Good Game Empire or Game of War: Fire age, I'm talking about legitimate conquest: capturing cities, castles, and spreading your empire across Medieval Europe. Some categories that determined the score were:

    Graphics - I have a not-so-great computer, I'll admit. So I was surprised when I saw that Medieval 2's graphics were almost as vivid and real as they would have looked like in real life. No joke. They're that good on a medium-low level computer.

    Battles - I would have given it more had it not been for the max of 10 points. Here's how battles work: When you engage an enemy army or attack an enemy castle or town, you go into battle mode. This is where you engage the enemy army and try to kill them all, but here's the catch: YOU get to command your own army, instead of throwing armies out there and not get to see them fight, or get to see them fight but not have control over them, like in Clash of Clans. And once you get the hang of the simple controls, it'll make you feel like a true general. But wait, there's more! When you attack a castle, you get to fight the enemy army - in a castle!

    If you love strategy games but find them dull or lifeless, and want more in your games, I strongly recommend that you try out Medieval 2: Total War. It is truly a masterpiece.

    Creative Assembly, great job!
  3. Sep 8, 2013
    I am always surprised people prefer Rome Total War to this game. It has everything Rome had and more, so how can it be worse? It is really a very similar game but just in a different era and has a better campaign mode for sure, as well as some fantastic expansion packs and and larger campaign map. It was and still is my favourite ever total war game. Expand
  4. Aug 2, 2014
    In case you ask, I believe that the "Total War" games are everything that a strategy game has to be to be considered perfect. Its graphics seem a bit outdated 8 years later, but back then were outstanding. The turn-based campaign is gripping, you are free to follow your strategies to conquer others, by war or diplomacy, and react to some world events. The whole thing with the Papal States and the Crusades or Jihads is very challenging, as are Black Death, Mongols, Timurids and America. There are many features that you 'll certainly enjoy. And, of course, the battles are exceptionally designed. You are free to use your own tactics exploiting strategic points and resources. If you are a fan of strategy games, try it! Expand
  5. Jaz
    Feb 24, 2013
    Great game. Has a few faults but they are minor ones. I prefer the strategic aspect of the game, its combat can be tedious and the controls aren't perfect. But there is nothing better out there after so many years. Expand
  6. Nov 2, 2011
    Definately has to be one of the best strategy games I have ever played. Now I know what you're probably thinking; "why an eight then?". First of all, the gameplay offers a massive choice of nations and units each with their own traits, but accessing all of these factions can be a slog at times. The mix of battles, diplomacy, family traits and strategy AI create a truly realistic and immersive game that offers an infinate number of choices to your next move. However, sometimes the game can become a bit taxing to less motivated players (not that I'm complaining) and the AI during battles can often glitch. Whilst these glitches are mostly minor, they nevertheless break your immerson in the game and can be quite annoying when your soldiers glitch about instead of doing as they're told. Nevertheless, despite all its weaknesses, Med 2 is still a briliantly crafted game, its strategy mixed in with impressive graphics and cinematic music will keep you wound up in the Medieval age for hours. Collapse
  7. Apr 20, 2012
    I find this game to be the most frustrating game I've played in my entire life. Why? Among others, there's the fact that:
    1. Units tend to
    disobey your orders ALL THE TIME when in battle
    2. economy totally sucks in this game. it's vague, unpredictable and just plain irritating
    3. unit damage doesn't make any sense. it's impossible to tell if your archers are doing any damage in battle, or that your cavalry is actually DOING SOMETHING. there is no such thing as a total HP meter to see if you are actually winning or not. too annoying!!!
    4. the AI in campaign maps tend to attack you for no freaking reason at all. last time i played, suddenly the Roman Empire just decided to attack me for no reason, along with the Danes and the French. their behavior is beyond idiotic
    5. you will be excommunicated for the most simple things. too frustrating
    6. conquering lands takes FOREVER. it's too much of a struggle to just take a single freaking city
    7. the overal battle system is complete crap. automatically resolving battles is NEVER in your favor
    8. you cannot choose every faction by default. this game wants you to complete the 50 hour campaign of 5 factions before you can play as the race you want. why not just make every faction playable by default??
    9. building stuff is lineair and does not have any depth. you build a tannery to get leather armor. you build a fletchery to get archers. you build a stable to get cavalry. this DOESNT feel like i'm building a city at all. it's lame
    10. the overall repetitive gameplay. conquering other factions requires you to do the same things 50 times over and over again
    i can go on like this for a very long time. please, don't buy this game. it's really bad

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