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  • Summary: Choose from three warring factions; the Milagro, Neuropa, and Rimtech are competing CorpoNations, each with its own technologies and research capabilities. Build bases, research new weaponry and unit types, and engage the enemy on three different levels simultaneously! [TalonSoft]
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  1. With its catchy graphics and refreshing gameplay ideas, it turned my skepticism into a full-fledged, addictive gaming experience.
  2. What it lacks in storyline depth and musical variety, it makes up for in addictive gameplay and detailed battle animations.
  3. 80
    The real standout feature that sets this game apart is how players must manage their forces not only on the planet's surface, but also in the asteroid orbit above, and in the deep tunnels and caverns below.
  4. Fun to watch and play, but unless a patch fixes the AI it is only a game for big fans of mecha or RTS games, as that bothersome element makes it that much less enjoyable.
  5. Need an RTS fix? Giant Fighting Robot fan? Look no further.
  6. All in all, Metal Fatigue is a great variation on an all-too-common theme, and will surely provide hours of high-energy robot-smashing fun to anyone willing to see past its minor flaws.
  7. The gameplay is solid, but there is very little supporting it, and oh so very much holding it at bay.

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  1. Aug 28, 2012
    One of my favorite games in childhood, and its really a remake worth, or a sequel. I love the way how you build your robots, fight with them and maybe shoot of the arm of another robot to pick it up for you own and continue the fight with it. Expand

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