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  1. Nov 13, 2011
    The Good: The game is beautiful, the environments are detailed and realistic, the storyline is interesting, and the voice actors sell it well. The game does a great job of immersing you in the world and making you feel like a part of it. That is, until you get to the combat.

    The Bad: The game chews up GPUs on the higher settings, and has some graphical tearing on mid-level systems.
    The game is very hard, even on normal difficulty. This wouldn't normally be a complaint, as most modern FPS games are not very challenging. I actually like seeing a game that presents a challenge. The problem here is that it is too hard due to a lack of realism. First, your enemies can take a lot of punishment. Too much in fact. I shot a guy in the head point-blank with the shotgun three times, and then he turned around and killed me. I get that the developers wanted you to shoot somewhere else, because they put a helmet on him. But helmet or no helmet, if you take a 12-guage to the face you're not going to shrug it off like someone spit on you. Second, all of the enemies you fight are like navy seals on crack. They have extremely good accuracy at range, and can even hit you with the shotgun from 40 yards off (if you try to shoot someone with the shotgun from more than 2 feet away they won't take any damage). They also have a nasty habit of being able to shoot you through boxes and cover, while your guns cannot pierce cover. Third, they always know where you are, and they will surround you and wait for you to come out. If one see's you, they all have a homing beacon for where you are until you die. There are several situations in the game where you have no opportunity to flank your enemies, and the only way through is straight ahead. You better hope you have grenades if you find yourself in this situation, otherwise you're probably dead, because the navy seals don't miss. Another huge flaw unrelated to combat, is that the game chooses questionable times to save checkpoints for you. At one point I had to restart a level, when the game chose to save a checkpoint for me when I was at no health and bullets were heading toward me. Load, die instantly, repeat. The game is very appealing for many reasons. I tried really hard to like it. However, the aforementioned flaws make it unplayable. 4/10 for good graphics, good story, good acting, and poor gameplay. Expand
  2. Feb 2, 2012
    Very linear gameplay which was totally unexpected but nethertheless the game is very easy to play and I happily churned my way through it and all the experiences it has to offer. The graphics are obviously amazing, in particular the lighting. I have some gripes with the decisions you make in the game and that they are very slapdash and not particular obvious , given that you have to meet so many subtle goals to achieve a good ending I felt a little bit cheated. The weapon physics are great but the enemies are rediculously powerful and great use of a little kid in a game!
    All in all a great experience well worth playing and enjoying , just dont expect anything revolutionary.
  3. Aug 28, 2010
    Beautiful game. Although it is very short and linear. But that's not always a bad thing and it's especially not a bad thing in Metro 2033. It has an amazing story, fun gameplay, and cool weapons. However i still want the DLC for PC. It's been a few weeks and still nothing.
  4. Oct 11, 2011
    COME ON! I just payed $5.00 for this game and I got ripped off! This game has got to be a sad joke. As others have said, the AI is bad... But I think it's just way worse than just that. The gun play is just retarded! Gunplay is really the only reason to play an non-RPG FPS, especially a zombie FPS. There is no reaction to bullets by zombies or whatever the poor CGI f*** they are. The gun sound effects are straight ghetto. The gun graphics are weak, guns shoot with no reaction, no pop, no zing, no fun whatsoever. When you hit the creatures, poor CGI, zombies, they just fall vertically and land vertically with no attempt whatsoever to conform to their environment. Holy sh**, the developers of Zelda on Super Nintendo had more respect. It took me 5 minutes to want my $5.00 back. This game is just awful. The mouse scrolls horizontally too fast and vertically too slow with no adjustability. The graphics are mediocre to ok, but the game play mechanics and limited point of view are just abysmal. This is a brain-dead experience designed for brain-dead people. Please save your $5.00. I would play Doom 1 right now for WAAY longer, before becoming hopelessly bored out of my skull. That's sad. That's really really sad. PC Gamer usually has more tact than to rate a game like this 77%, never go below the 80% rating from PC Gamer. This game is an unholy bloody outrage. When I am motivated to write a review, a game is either A: a total travesty against humanity or B: a great game that deserves acclaim. This game is the former, 100%. If you listened I just saved you $5.00. Expand
  5. Nov 30, 2010
    Blown away, I had heard so many mixed things about this game from magazines and pod casts I was a little apprehensive about purchasing it, how ever. not only have I been pleasantly surprised by It has far surpassed my expectations.

    The game looks incredible and the world feels claustrophobic and alive; yes it is mainly scripted actions but some of the set pieces are up there with HL2
    and COD:MW.

    A must for anyone with a love of shooting out light bulbs too. not since the original splinter cell have i enjoyed creeping through the darkness so much. Everything I wanted Stalker to be and more.
  6. Apr 10, 2012
    Metro 2033 is a great game that comes with some unfortunate baggage for the PC version. It's poorly optimized, chugging on even good systems when the action gets intense, and the FOV and mouse options never feel quite right. That being said, the rest of the game is pretty damn good. The atmosphere is spot on, you really feel like you're part of an underground society sheltering not just from mutants, but a lethal, poisonous world as well. The weapons and gadgets fit the theme as well, particularly the gas mask sections which add a sense of urgency to your time topside. You'll probably like this game if you enjoy STALKER or other post-apocalyptic games, though this is more linear and story driven than most. I struggled on scoring this because I really enjoyed Metro 2033, but the technical issues are pretty bad. Expand
  7. Mar 18, 2012
    A friend of mine told me to get this game when it was on sale for for 5 dollars. Looking back I would have paid 60 bucks for it. I've played through the game about 10 times now it's a great game to play it's fun and the story is good. the people that a complaining about normal obviously don't use there ammo or health cause I had easily had full health and tons of ammo by the end of the game. Even on ranger hard difficulty I found myself having more then enough ammo and health to get the job done. The story is not in your face and in doesn't force you through cut-scenes. However you still feel like your in "the story" and have a purpose. This is a great game I just hope the sequel is just a good. Expand
  8. Dec 16, 2010
    The AI is awful. They always know where you are and there are literally 12 at one time. The game says at one point "meet behind the hotel" and you turn around and see the same grey-scale post-apocalyptic ugly buildings every where. And because of the plentiful enemies and the lack of supplies, the auto-save nearly ruined the game. Also the characters faces were awful looking. None of them moved at all. This game fits every rehashed boring post apocalyptic motif. The plot is uninteresting and not nearly as original as everyone raves about. It isn't worth more than the 7 dollars I paid on Steam. Expand
  9. Nov 27, 2012
    This game is a fantastic narrative fps. Is it perfect? No. But I rated it 10/10 because it does what games should do, provide an incredibly fun gaming experience that sucks you in and makes you lose track of time. Some reviewers (*cough* ign *cough*) cited the unforgiving stealth sections as a negative. I found this to be extremely fun and rewarding. Yes- one mistake and the guards are all alerted, there is no "Oh it must have been a rat/the wind/my imagination" system. Which I found great. It made everything much more tense. In short, if you don't have this game, pick it up. Expand
  10. Aug 24, 2010
    A perfectly good game ruined by one of the worst AI's I've seen in a major release in 10 years. Yes the system requirements are steep, but it is pretty. I don't know any games with interiors this good. I was sort of shocked how far down I had to turn settings for it to run acceptably on a 460 GTS. I also had horrible sound issues. I can't complain about the price since I got it from the THQ pack on Steam. Almost no replay values past the two endings. More of a horror show than a horror game. Although it does have more in common with Stalker the movie than the Stalker game does. Expand
  11. Oct 27, 2010
    excellent graphics engine, immersive story, albeit pretty linear. ChrisP needs to stop crying so much, this is a good game, and I'm not "industry" or a fanboy. Just a PC gamer with a high end computer and an appreciation for new games with good or better execution. Metro 2033, wins.
  12. Jul 2, 2011
    This is the most atmospheric game I've ever played. Every single room, character, and environment is amazingly detailed. This highly under-appreciated game deserves your full attention. While the masses enjoy their superficial BioShock's the truly enlightened will adore Metro 2033's artistic and technical brilliance. Some games are meant to be played and tossed aside, but Metro 2033 is meant to go deep into your soul and evolve you into the next level of gamer. So yeah, I liked it. Expand
  13. Apr 22, 2011
    When I picked up Metro 2033 I wasn't expecting anything extraordinary, just something to kill the time.. Boy was I wrong.

    Metro 2033 ended up being one of the greatest video game experiences I have ever had, the atmosphere is by far the most immersive and interesting in any video game made to date, the game play and shooting elements are superb, most notably the stealth aspect of the game
    which is just amazing, the enemies act just how you think they would in real life situations, if you fire a shot in the darkness and hit somebody their friends will turn around and fire at the same spot in the darkness you fired from and not instantly knowing where you are even if you move or hide behind cover, which many stealth games seem to suffer from.

    The only disappointment from Metro 2033 is the fact it isn't longer - not that it's short - I just didn't want it to ever end.
  14. Apr 25, 2011
    I think this is one of the best FPS games I`ve EVER played... The atmosphere created involves you in a way that you forget all the world around you... I think the history is quite intrigating (including the fact that there is an alternative ending based on your final actions) despite being very original. The graphics are STUPENDOUS, I just can`t play it on the highest video options even with an I7 820QM, 8Gb of DDR3 RAM and 1Gb DDR5 Video Card... It`s just amazing and the price is quite fair. Congrats!!!!! Expand
  15. May 26, 2013
    Metro 2033 more than makes up for its linear gameplay by making the world extremely rich and detailed. The sounds and sights of the tunnels and the post apocalyptic surface world are amazingly interesting and beautiful. Stepping out of the metro and into the open world for the first time is stunning. Also, the survival horror feeling is strong, light mechanics and the gas mask fogging up on you adds a very realistic edge.
    Despite its excellent delivery, I had a few minor issues with the game. The greatest one being mouse issues. When I make a perfect circle on my mousepad with my mouse, my aim in game is more of a very wide oval. This irritated me very badly, and I was forced to change settings in my Razer software to compensate. Second, the combat was rather simplistic, especially against the human AI. Could have been better is all.
    Overall, game loses 2 points from a perfect score for irritating mouse issues I could not change in game, and a combat system that could have been spiced up.
  16. Nov 11, 2010
    Well, this game had great potential! The storyline is interesting, the graphics are amazing and the A.I. SUCKS!!!!!!!!! While there are certainly other things that could have been improved, the game would have been much better had you been able to survive the firefights. Probably I just suck, but the fact that I had it on Easy and STILL could not get away from the bots is a bit ridiculous. On easy, it would still take over a clip to kill a monster (for those who have played, the biomass spawners were the worst...), and the scarcity of ammo, unless you found every little stash, was quite annoying. Now I wouldn't complain about these things if I didn't have the setting on EASY, but when there are 6 difficulty levels, the bottom one should be a piece of cake. Besides that, the AI use ESP, or something! I will use an example that occurred when I was sneaking across the front lines into enemy territory. A car comes down the tunnel, and you must hide in the shadows as it passes. When it reaches the end of the tunnel, it sees a bunch of dead bodies from a previous battle (you have a choice of fighting or sneaking in this level, I ended up fighting). Instantly, the car reverses up the track, somehow knowing I am hiding in the shadows, and starts firing from a machine gun turret, even though THERE IS NO WAY THEY SHOULD KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I AM!!! Issues like this happened again and again, and it really got annoying, to the point where I almost didn't finish the game. It was a challenge just to kill someone silently, because, EVEN ON EASY, one shot head shots were near impossible. If it took two, the whole base instantly knew you were there and exactly where. In addition, the auto save screwed me over more than once when, while trying to run away from the crazy smart AI, I tripped an auto save, and thus every time I reloaded, I was in the middle of a firefight. The only solution was to restart the map. So, if you can handle the graphics, this game is a beautiful game, and quite interesting to explore (what little of it you can). However, if you are looking for a good shooter where you can feel like you're playing with normal humans and creatures, not mensa candidates, don't waste your time. It has little replay value, not a great number of weapons, and is more annoying than fun. You litterally watch more cut scenes than play. Expand
  17. May 18, 2011
    Great game. Excellent story and well acted. Some of the cut scenes were a little on the lengthy side, but they are bearable. Must have first person shooter.
  18. Jan 5, 2011
    Excellent graphics, but otherwise a completely linear game with confusing and poorly designed game mechanics. The difficulty curve is like the EKG meter of someone being revived with a defibrillator. Mostly easy with a few hard spots and one incredibly frustrating escort mission. There's a stealth element that in some areas simply does not apply where you can be perfectly hidden in shadows and monsters just leap around the corner already attacking you. Managing weapons and ammo is rather awkward and takes a while to get used to because of their hybrid old school-new school weapons system where you can collect and trade weapons like STALKER, but have no inventory. Instead you have dedicated slots that can only hold certain types of weapons kind of like Half-life. The damage balance is completely out of whack. The first weapon you get is a revolver, and it can do more damage at any range than a shotgun can do point blank, as well as reload faster. Also, while you can sneak right up behind someone, you can't simply take them out with a backstab. You'll swipe at them with your knife and have to hit them like 4 or 5 more times. However, if someone is shooting at you from 30 feet away, you can chuck a throwing knife at their torso and kill them instantly.

    There's really not much room for exploring. There's 2 or 3 sections where you can do a bit of exploring, mostly to find supplies, but the rest of the game is pretty much straight linear. For about 1/3 of the game you're being towed along by NPCs. And they like to introduce and explain interesting aspects of the game universe that are then chucked into the trash. Like they'll have a mission where you have to deal with a weird anomaly, or navigate through a room full of ghosts, but you'll have a guy explaining what's going on and what to do. You think it's a tutorial for something later, but the stuff never happens again. The stealth element of the game is nearly as bad as there's probably only 3 or 4 parts where stealth even helps.

    Finally, there's no saving other than the autosave. This means that if you start a mission and find that you didn't bring the proper equipment or enough ammo, you're pretty much stuck. As mentioned, this is a linear game, and once you load another section you can never go back to where you came from. And because of the awkward weapons management, at some point you might drop your favorite gun when it runs out of ammo in favor of one you have ammo for with the intention of picking it back up, only to walk through an open door and have the screen fade to black and start the next mission, losing that gun forever.

    In conclusion, this game has a lot of problems and limitations for someone spoiled on quality shooters like Fallout, STALKER, Call of Duty, Half-Life, etc... however it has some of the best graphics I've ever seen on my computer. If that's enough to hold your interest, and if you have a system that can play it at high quality it might be worth picking up if you find it cheap. I just wouldn't count on ever playing it again.
  19. Sep 3, 2011
    Nothing more than an average quality fps. Not much of a story, just save your home station, thats it. You can't interact with much just the odd door and a couple of ammo crates, people and monsters just walk straight through you. Graphics are quite underwhelming, the people look quite good but the environment is daubed in poor low res textures (don't be fooled into thinking because a game uses dx11 it should automatically look good). I was expecting the game to be scary but it just wasn't i'm not sure why, just wasn't. Perhaps because the enemy isn't very tough or difficult to defeat. I won't knock the game like others have for being linear because it's set mainly in the Moscow Metro system so is hardly going to free roaming. Expand
  20. Jul 20, 2011
    When i first got the game I took note of how it was based off of a novel, after this, since im obsessed with games that have amazing stories, had to buy metro. After I had gotten to play it for a bit i noted how great the atmosphere was. It gave you a realistic feel of life in the metro. The gameplay had it's ups and its downs but for the most part it was quite enjoyable and challenging. I spent around 19 hours on the game. The visuals were just beautiful as well. Now for the bad part...As often complained about the AI is amazingly...How to put this, Retarded. Sometimes it will give you a good laugh though. You will see an enemy instantly take cover and be watchful and protective, only problem is the take cover at the wall your facing, not even in cover from you, like, kind of...right in front of you. Also don't go to it expecting the amazing story the book had, its way off. Some characters aren't included, some fates are changed....Common stuff like that. Another great thing i forgot to mention is the voice acting, its amazing.Great game to check out and it's only 20 bucks on steam. Expand
  21. Jan 4, 2011
    I'm afraid that this is one of the many great games that just happen to be misunderstood. Be it due to the close-mindedness of the reviewers, of the public, it hurts this great game. Alas, all these "western" (I don't mean western as in wild west, but as in western hemisphere) shooters have given a lot of people a "template" of what a shooter should be, and they are disappointed when they see some game trying to break the various taboos. It surprises me that a brainless and common shooter that is Modern Warfare 2 could ever have a score close to Metro 2033, a unique and truly original game. What many people don't realise is that in these "eastern" shooters (STALKER and Metro 2033 being the most important representatives of this group), you are not a killing-machine, these games strive for realism. And realism means shooting a person wearing heavy armor with a shotgun having no effect ("real" shotguns are *very* weak against armor, let alone makeshift ones). Realism means that enemies don't just "forget" you're there if they don't find you in a certain period of time after they have seen you. In real life, if you screw up in stealth, there's no going back.

    And all the original features this game adds to the world of mainstream gaming - the gas masks, the pneumatic weapons, the use of ammunition as a currency, a morality system based on pretty much all of your actions, all combined with a truly fantastic engine with graphics that impresses you even if you're unable to play on anything but "low". To do all this deserves praise.

    Now, to address some of the negative critiques this game has been getting:

    1. The only way to go about things is run'n'gun, and since that's very hard you'll die a lot - Completely and utterly false. This game is meant for a tactical approach, not running and gunning. 2. All the weapons are underpowered - Not true. These are makeshift weapons we're talking about, and even if you get a pre-apocalyptic weapon, the ammo you use is still makeshift (except if you go for military grade which is also used as currency). If you use an AK47 with military grade rounds, trust me, it won't be underpowered.

    3. The levels are very linear - this one is partially correct. But for a story-based game, that's not a big issue. And not all the levels are linear, but you often won't have the will to go and risk getting killed for the sake of exploration. Why do so many people complain about linearity here, and nobody complains about it in games like Call of Duty.

    Since I'm tired of writing, I'll just finish with this. Metro 2033 is a pioneer of a new sort of games, just like STALKER is. And while it will be somewhat underrated now, I believe that people will eventually realise it's true potential.
  22. May 15, 2011
    Game is beautiful. Graphics is near perfection. Plot is short and simple but interesting. Weapons are exactly, what they should be ( there are no fabs, so you won't get your new polished H&K Assault Rifle straight in action ). Everything else is on its place as well. Level design is dark and tight, because unused tunnels are mostly dark and tight. With good piece of hardware this game is pure pleasure to play. Expand
  23. Sep 3, 2011
    I loved this game! Graphics are great, story is good. You are actually involved in the "cut scenes" which keeps you in the game mentally. My only 2 complaints are:

    1. It's way TOO SHORT!!! I beat it in 18 hours. I only paid $5 bucks for it, so I can't complain, but had I paid full price I would be really upset it's such a short game. Of course, that was playing on Normal mode. 2. No
    multiplayer or replay value. I gave this game an 8 and knocked off 2 points for my complaints above. Graphics are AWESOME with Direct X 11 on my GTX560. Expand
  24. Jun 23, 2011
    One of the better games i've played. VERY innovative and different from any other FPS i have played. The graphics are intense, the story is immersive, the action is brutal. All in all a great game. This survival horror game stands alone on its own. I liked it so much I played in through 8 times and beat all difficulties and got almost all steam achievements. Sadly what lets this game down is the play time is fairly short which is disheartening and it lacks a Multiplayer. I would easily loved to see a Nazi vs Communist multiplayer. Also the human enemy AI is a bit unintelligent at easier difficulties. Metro 2033 definitely deserves and second look and once you play it, you will yearn for more. Expand
  25. Sep 1, 2011
    I paid for this game only 2,50 euro on steam sale.... really! Best 2,50 i have ever spent in my life. I would pay the full price for it, its worth it. The only cons are lack of multiplayer and not so great AI, everything else was done flawless.
  26. Oct 18, 2011
    Now don't we all think that the Resident Evil theme is a little worn out? As much as the Call of Duty series too? The graphics are great, the gameplay is good too. I'm just one that is so tired and worn out with the game themes that are played on too, too, much. And this is exactly what this game represents. I believe that "Life" itself is scary enough, to have a game try and scare me. Maybe after living half a century, and playing video games for nearly 35 years, I've experienced quite a bit in life. I enjoy seeing "fresh" titles, and this obviously isn't one of them. Kill, kill, and kill some Expand
  27. Apr 2, 2012
    Great story, awesome atmosphere and good depth. A variety of weapons are offered as well as multiple endings to the game. The levels are linear (and so what?) and still fun to play. Just because a game has linear levels doesn't make it bad. I had a huge blast playing this game and becoming immersed in it. The stealth portions and sound were a little annoying and the framerate chugs at times but is still worth the pickup. Expand
  28. Dec 22, 2011
    This game has a nice detailed enviornment, good voice acting and a nice story. The only thing I don't like is how they made the shooting. On most shooting games, I have no trouble aiming and shooting. But something about the way this game is set up makes it difficult to shoot. This is probably better on console, but everything else is good about this game. 6 out of 10 is what I think this game deserves. Expand
  29. Dec 9, 2010
    A very interesting story & a hauntingly beautiful game. The first thing that will strike you about Metro 2033 is that the incredibly well crafted game world is beautiful but yet quite somber as you would expect it to be in a post apocalyptic world. Some of the most beautiful things in the game are also some of the most deadly such as environmental hazards. I really enjoyed the story which pulled me in like a good book and had me wanting to find out more about what was going on when the game would only really hand out tidbits now & then.

    The gun play in the game is thoroughly enjoyable although I think some of the AI could have used a bit of work as AI soldiers occasionally make odd decisions. I did find that it was nice to have the choice between using stealth in some areas or just going in guns blazing (the later was often the more difficult option). I see most of the low review scores are from people with performance complaints, so people should keep in mind this is a Direct X 11 game and is meant for Next Gen hardware so a 2+ year old computer is going to struggle especially if you have a lower end CPU.

    If you have a mid to high end computer and are after a good Single player FPS with a fantastic story and beautiful engine then this is the game for you.
  30. Jan 28, 2011
    Eines der besten Spiele die ich je gespielt habe...Sehr spannend und super Atmosphäre.
    Nachdem ich das Spiel gespielt habe möchte ich auch unbedingt die Bücher lesen( und das als Lesemuffel)
    Wenn ihr auf düstere Ego-Shooter steht holt es euch
  31. Oct 11, 2011
    You guys must have terrible graphics cards or you bought the wrong game because this game has top of the line graphics and the story is pretty neat. It isn't really a game designed for the console and the levels are pretty challenging. It scares me sometimes.
  32. Jul 16, 2012
    Other than being a tad to the short side, Metro 2033 is a very fun game. It's a lot like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, but has a better feel to the controls, and gameplay is a lot more solid. The graphics (depending on your configuration) can range from average current graphics to beautiful Crysis-like graphics. I got this on sale from Steam for $5, but it's easily worth $20.
  33. Nov 14, 2011
    well i bought this game on sale dirt cheap, at that price i found it very enjoyable, i like its idea and style, also the stealth system people complian about does work it is just extremely difficult and will have you loading your save up time after time, but remember this game is not produced by a massive studio, and it is really meant to be a old school fps where you have to think your own way past situations, for £3.50 i cant complian but for the full 15.99 price it probably wouldnt be worth it which is why im giving 7 becasue its replay value is pretty much nill becasue you can do it again but it doesnt have that same creepy whats next feel Expand
  34. Mar 14, 2011
    The main focus of this game seems to be atmosphere so if you play games for this reason set the difficult to easy, smoke a bowl and enjoy. If you want great enemy AI, balance rpg elements, and well paced gameplay then this is really not the game for you. I wanted to love Metro because I loved the first STALKER but this game tries to be too many things. I only enjoyed a third of this game. If you buy this game expecting a hardcore gaming experience you will be disappointed. Expand
  35. Dec 19, 2010
    I enjoyed some aspects of the game. The story was intriguing and the gameplay was decent, but I found myself frustrated time and time again. I found that they barely give you enough to get by, but sometimes you have to look for it... The auto-save is a terrible feature that has put me in a number of bad situations. All too often I found myself in what felt like a no-chance scenario and after many, many, deaths I found my way out of the situation. I was surprised to find that it ran so well on my outdated system. Expand
  36. Dec 26, 2010
    Every FPS fan should pick up this game. The attention to detail reminds me of when I first played Half-Life 2 and went...holy effing crap...I was a little upset to hear that a reviewer from X-Play claimed Fallout 3 has more depth than this game. I found Fallout 3 to be extremely repetitive and unbalanced, and boring with a crummy story. This game has none of those short commings, and the length is well balanced too. This is game is really polished and deserves your attention and your $ Expand
  37. Dec 17, 2010
    Should have been game of the year in many ways, this game is pretty great, a must have for any serious gamer who appreciates solid single player and immersive story.
  38. Jan 3, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Such potential, but this game was obviously incomplete...
    -Amaxing DX11 rendered backgrounds and scenes. -High quality sounds (except voices)
    -Innovative usage of equipment
    -Decently designed missions
    -Nice story
    -Some moments that can actually scare you! Havent been this immersed in an environment since doom 3.
    -Realistic reloading. I like that it takes some time to reload your guns. Not all people are bill drill experts.
    -Character models suck...I mean the people look really bad compared to other modern games
    -Enemies lack enough movement animations. The only mob they spent a lot of time on you only interact with a couple of times (gargoyle like demon).
    -Very linear game, I knew I wasnt buying Fallout, but I got Contra.
    -Too many slow points mixed with a few overwhelming combat scenes. Should have been more smaller encounters.
    -Never fight a mixture of enemies, they are all the same within a given area (except 1 case).
    -Really bad AI. Stealth modes are so black and white, you either are stealthed or EVERY enemy knows where you are. Allies are idiots, the only good help you will get is in the defense of one station.
    -Voice acting is meh...but the voice audio is so much worse. You cannot hear the NPCs without cranking the volume. -Can only interact with certain NPCs
    -Some items can only be picked up under certain circumstances (filters, masks)
    -Holding keys for commands? We have keyboards, there needs to be much more options for button mapping. Game was clearly designed for consoles.
    -SPOILER: Story of 'dark ones' felt useless...was too vague throughout the game yet came to a head in the last 10 minutes of the game. Kinda like when a publisher has to cram it all in to the end of a book (coincidence?) Game could have totally done without them.

    In short, dont give in to the hype; the graphics are amazing if you can run them, but this game was simply not ready to be released. If you can get it for half price, grab it, because it cerrtainly has some amazing redeeming qualities that make it a must play...just dont go around telling everyone it is worth every penny.
  39. Jul 6, 2011
    Good game, worth the money. It is short and linear but on the other hand the graphics and story are great and suck you right in. My only complaint is the mouse movement, its feels real cheap and doesn't flow like a FPS should.
  40. Oct 13, 2011
    I was going to say originally that I thought this was an 8. Now after another hour into it I cannot say that's accurate. The auto save system sucks so bad. Example: game autsaves before a big battle(there is no quicksave or even regular save option, it does aut saves and that's all). Before you start to fight though u might want to charge your weapon, your light and take your gas mask off. You go into the fight and get killed. Every time you die and start the area over you must repeat all the prep work you want before you enter it. After a number of times doing this(im playing on 2nd to hardest first run thru) it just sucks. Monster animations while attacking can be bizzare, they can walk right thru you? Game is choppy even with medium settings on a good computer, there's no excuse for this crap. Expand
  41. Nov 9, 2011
    This game runs really poorly, and the gameplay ishonestly the worst part of the game, however the environment and story are really well done, however if you want a post apocolyptic nuclear wateland game, go Fallout.
  42. Oct 16, 2010
    This is a perfect game. When I saw the game on the internet I thought that it was a cheap ripoff of STALKER, but I was wrong... Terribly wrong. I played Metro 2033 demo and I didn't think that a game could be so good. The first few hours are the most fun but the last two chapters are rather boring. Metro does have a few drawbacks. These are: time needed to complete the game (too short), a few extra weapons wouldn't hurt (not enough weapons) and last and most important - IT DOESN'T HAVE A MP. Everything else is just perfect. The Ranger pack is exciting especially the HARDCORE mode. I wish I never bought the game because it almost turned me into an addict, and it didn't had a multiplayer mode. I wish they made a expansion (nothing to do with the BOOK Metro 2033) and put a Multiplayer there. To sum up this is a great game so if you are want to buy this game but.... BUY IT!! Expand
  43. Sep 12, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can't under stand why people say bad tings about this game Metro 2033 is he best game i have played in my life and i have been playing games sins i was 8. it have a great story and game play but the story cud had been longer thats why i give it 9 So if you like first person shooter and like some scary story metro 2033 is something for you!! Expand
  44. May 21, 2011
    I was initially put off by the system requirements, having to downgrade detail to "medium" struck my pride of having a brand new system and all. Started on it up again recently, realized that the graphics was pretty neat even on medium, and that it ran fluid, with huge fps fluctuation though, but still good.

    What I initially saw as a clumsy plain fps, soon become a rich intense
    post-apocalyptic world experience with different gamestyles and solid gameplay. One of the best FPS experiences I've had since Halflife era. Expand
  45. Oct 16, 2011
    I enjoyed it a lot and it is was a great steal for $5. It is not overloaded with RPG elements, but has just enough to add to the realism of the game. The atmosphere and storyline keep you interested and the monsters are incredible since they never feel familiar. They always keep you on your toes and can scare the crap out of you. I think the biggest problem is just getting into it in the first place. The perspective is a weird first person that takes some time to get used to; very hard to describe. Also if you have DX11 enabled make sure to turn off DOF for significant performance improvement.

    It is well worth trying at least.
  46. Apr 27, 2011
    I caught this on steam for 10 bucks. It's not worth 20. The gameplay is very bland, an FPS with a tiny upgrade economy thrown in. The complaints about AI are valid. Shadow cover and silencers are in the game, but it's all blown as soon as you kill the first enemy in the area.
    It does have pretty good art and graphics. The monsters are very ugly and even a little scary. The use of suspense
    isn't overdone like an annoying horror movie, though. The storyline is interesting but the ending is kinda meh. The amount of content is about right for the price. Buy it on sale, beat it over a weekend and move on. Expand
  47. Oct 25, 2010
    OK first let me say it is a very rich subject matter with a wide range of detailed play. The down side is its glitched to the point you want to shot yourself in the head. It seems to never move in any direction the limited story line and falls short of top performers but I still liked it and would play again sometime. I wish I could give it more but its just not there
  48. mpr
    Jun 2, 2011
    Astounding! The game is short and linear, but the immersion is incredible and it's totally addictive: after a few minutes I couldn't stop and just had to play the game till the end: 12 hours straight of pure awe and excitement.
  49. Oct 16, 2011
    Understand that this game has flaws. Bad AI, outdated feeling controls, various glitches and bugs. They are flaws that only float on the surface of an amazing experience. The mission that the game developers set out the accomplish by creating their game is fully realized. The world is built with painstaking detail to environmental and what most call "atmosphere." What I mean about atmosphere is that when I played this game I felt immersed in the world and situations. Like in a book, in retrospect, I forget that I wasn't really there and the experience was being feed through a computer screen. Deep stuff, right? but really this game will mess with your head with its amazing immersion, awesome art style and graphical power and tense situations. You can really tell that the creators put a lot of love into their project. For instance, I was amazed when I beat the game that the credits were less than a minute long. These guys worked hard and it shows. Play it Expand
  50. Nov 28, 2010
    I think that metro 2033 is impressive game I have ever had from 2001-2010, has a amazing story, but unacceptable controls (for new comers). And horror feelings.....for the first time which was good. I think its a bit short, but for the maker.....long. the best thing was its fun to play, and its quite too easy by the way, the weapons are sooo cool. If there is an other DLC, I would totally buy it..... overall this game is quite amazing for me. The bad things that I have seen in this game is the Karma, I think most of the people will not understand whats going on for the shining if they are new to Metro 2033... and it too hard to know whats going on, for me, when I saw the first shining, I'm confusing rather i lost life or what. By the way.... there is no reasons for these karmas to bring you to the good ending. Its my feeling so don't complain.... Expand
  51. Jan 20, 2011
    I have to say the game is definitely astonishing because of its atmosphere, story and game play. I have finished the game on hardest difficulty and the game was challenging and fun. I am on my 2nd run on Ranger Hardcore and I think I will read the books! The only down point would be the stealth mechanism.

    To be honest, I believe the game is underscored by the reviews. I think It deserves
    at least a 85. But I should say that my comment is based on recent play. Maybe there were a lot of fixes with the patches. Expand
  52. Sep 6, 2012
    [Metro2033 / Steam PC / Score 8] This is a very solid FPS. Play as Artyom - living in the Metro below Moscow in a post-nuclear world - destroyed and contaminated. Go on missions from one city to the next and shoot mutant creatures along the way. [You must play this if you are an FPS dog] Released 2010.03 and played 2.5 years later. [DRM] Steam only. Thank goodness there is no GamesForWindowsLive on this title.

    [Challenges and Mechanics]
    This is an FPS and the opponents are tough - so stick to basics. If you enjoy reloading the game then just run out into the open - the AI has got a good head shot. There is a tiny RPG element which allows for commerce to upgrade weapons and purchase ammo in the cities. However all upgraded weapons can be found eventually and soon after having sufficient purchasing power - Kind of Pointeless ! Ammo is plentiful but limited - just don
  53. Jan 2, 2011
    O jogo é realmente muito bom! Os gráficos, a história e o combate são excelentes.
    Este é um jogo que difere da maioria dos FPS atuais:A Munição é limitada, logo você tem que ser muito preciso quando for atirar. Além disso, o nível de dificuldade
    é altíssimo, os inimigos não erram um tiro (sem falar dos monstros que aparecem toda hora!!!). Há muito tempo que eu não jogava um jogo desse nível(o último foi o HL2). A tensão é constante, os sustos também. Recomendo este jogo para quem está na busca por um FPS desafiante, com excelentes gráficos, enredo e história! Expand
  54. Oct 12, 2011
    This is such a wierd game its actually quite hard to rate it. Pros: Great PC technology demo. Nice story behind it Atmospheric at times Negatives A very linear tunnel based shooter where you almost feel the game would be happier as a movie, very little freedom of choice whatsoever. I could tell the story behind this was probably very good but the game crippled it. Had to work on feeling any immersion because it was just so linear. Expand
  55. Jan 20, 2011
    Metro 2033 is a linear, story-driven shooter that incorporates elements of survival and stealth. Ammunition and gas mask filters are in short supply which leads to a lot of tense moments as you struggle to complete a level having expended all supplies. Scavenging supplies from corpses and caches is essentially for survival. The gas mask is a bit of a gimmick but it does make for a sense of urgency in the above-ground levels as you struggle to find spare filters whilst choking and nearly blinded by your fogged-up mask. The "ranger" difficulty levels eliminate the HUD so that you have to stop and bring up your inventory screen to check how much ammunition and supplies you have left. This adds to the challenge and immersion.

    The stealth-oriented levels see you infiltrate hostile bases alone. You can choose to avoid detection by taking out enemies with silent weapons and carefully turning off / shooting out every source of light and using night vision goggles to find your way around. You can also choose to mount a frontal assault but this technique often leads to failure as you are quickly swamped by waves of enemies. The stealthy weapons include throwing knives, silenced guns and hand-pumped pneumatic weapons.

    There are just a few gripes I have with this game. Firstly, there are issues of weapon balancing. The availability of a silenced scoped assault rifle early in the game renders the other stealth weapons relatively useless. Also, there is a particularly powerful type of enemy in one of the later levels which barely flinches after twenty shotgun blasts at close range but will drop dead from a couple of arrows fired from one of the pneumatic weapons!

    There are also issues of availability of supplies. Gas mask filters may only be purchased at the first marketplace one comes across in the game. One might reasonably expect that they can replenish their short supply of filters at any of the other markets throughout the game but this is not the case. Another odd thing I noticed is that it is possible to open a supply chest and pick up six magazines to yield only three rounds of ammo. Apparently those who made these stashes only remembered to load half of the magazines they left there - and those that they did remember to load only had a single round in them!

    The lack of a multiplayer mode is a shame. The game would have benefited greatly from a co-op mode similar to Left 4 Dead. Hopefully this will be incorporated into the sequel.

    It pushes the envelope as far as graphics are concerned but I have to say that reports of the game being highly demanding are greatly exaggerrated. By tinkering with the settings the game ought to be playable on any computer less than about three or four years old.

    Overall, the game provides a very rewarding experience for any fan of linear shooters. It also provides many novel gameplay elements to maintain the interest of those who might otherwise be bored by such linearity. I have already put well over thirty hours into this game and I'm not tired of it yet. Given that the game has been on almost perpetual discount since release I'd say it provides excellent value for money compared to most titles out there.
  56. Feb 5, 2011
    I played this game with everything maxed out except anti-aliasing on a HD6970.. and wow... the graphics were breath-taking!!!! ... The storyline, voice acting and immersion were incredible... and at times I really felt like I was playing the character as intended.... some parts were scary... some parts would have me fight for my life, at times I felt remorse or fear for allies and enemies... and it really painted a realistic picture of a possible future....

    In all that said there were also draw backs to the game as always...
    easy mode was actually quite hard... I wouldn't play it on anything higher unless you've gone through the game at least once... ammo could sometimes be hard to find.. and gassmasks running out of air was annoying... though besides the dlema it also added a more realistic feel to the game... it wasn't like a standard FPS where everything was laid out for you on a silver platter...... also I wouldnt even recommend playing this game on xbox or playstation......

    My final thoughts... for $29.99 this game is worth every cent for an immersion and experience you will not forget easily... the biggest draw back to the game is that you really NEED a decent PC to run it in all it's glory.. and not alot of people can do that.. but if you can max it out your in for one hell of a ride!
  57. Feb 14, 2011
    When first starting Metro 2033 I was anticipating a dumbed down, crummy port from Xbox 360, to be honest I have never been a fan of console ports; It usually means the controls are useless for PC.
    However I have been pleasantly surprised by Metro the controls felt perfectly fine and even though I am not really an FPS player I was able to kill something quite easy.

    My main reason for
    buying Metro 2033 however was the story and it's a good one. If we would ever look at a post apocalyptic Moscow it would look like this. The story however is a little too short but the many ways of playing certain levels still calls for a replay once or twice.

    The weapons are responding exactly like you'd expect from a piece of crap constructed with materials lying around (bonus points for that). (un)fortunately the AI is so stupid that it's still quite easy to wipe a whole army of enemy soldiers with just your AK-47 type weapon.

    Overall I'd say this game was worth my time and money for the great atmosphere it had and the great attention to detail both in the weapons and the usage of flashlights/night-vision.

    Bad points were the AI and the short story, but if the developer learns from it's mistakes in this one, the next may be a brilliant game.
  58. Feb 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One hell of a game , i played this game 6x ,third time was the best , and played on ranger hardcore , if you want the choice at the end of this game ,play the good guy, its really amazing to play two endings, the auto shotgun is a beast , and the volt gun, buy lots of ammo , to do this sell the first volt gun , sold both volt guns , keep the third volt gun or auto shotgun,its up to you, never had so much fun playing this game, the scenes are amazing ,story is great , best game i ever played , never has one game cover all the bases , there is a price for this game , robust system , 8GB of ram ,GTX 470 SLI, if you want to see the eye candy in METRO 2033, and played it in all its glory , 34 fps at max settings , this is the price , any thing less is not acceptable . Expand
  59. Mar 20, 2011
    This game is absolutely stunning in almost anyway. The graphics are beautiful, the levels are intriguing and absorbing, the monsters look creepy and sound great, and the sound all around is just awesome. The only troubles I have found with this game is how long it takes to kill enemies and how annoying it is to find an adequate amount of munition. Doing my Normal difficulty setting play through it would take 10-20 rounds from on weapon to kill an enemy. Maybe I just suck but I think that's quite ridiculous when it's only on Normal and there's more than difficulty settings. Other than that, this is a solid 9/10 Collapse
  60. Mar 8, 2011
    This is one of those games that you will either be blown away by all of the attention to detail and atmosphere, or hate because of some minor flaws and unforgiving game play. It's a fine example of a story based game done good. While the story moves you along a general direction, there's plenty of room for doing it your way with the weapon choices and tactics. The game requires an extreme efficiency with your items on the hardest difficulty which I love. The only cons I can think of are: it is quite a resource hog, and I had an issue with my filters disappearing if I would use the load from checkpoint option sometimes, that was frustrating. Overall I really enjoy the setting and game play for Metro 2033 I wish there were more creative and unique titles like this out there. Expand
  61. Mar 14, 2011
    Best looking game currently available, period. If you have an Nvidia card (and let's be honest that's what you SHOULD have if you take graphics & gaming seriously) then you HAVE to experience this gem and all it's PHYSX glory.
    ATI **** can deal with it.

    This was my favorite game of the past 2 years, cannot wait for the sequel. Go buy it now.
  62. Apr 24, 2011
    This game is sadly underrated and didn't have that great of exposure, if you like SOLID single player experiences then this game is for you. Metro2033 has a interesting take on apocalypse of humanity, and it all takes place in Russia's underground railways in 2033, where everyone lives deep underground, the surface is poison and former "humans" roam the surface as grotesque mutants... The take on how weapons and items work in a game is simply unique, such as a Pneumatic Rifle in which you have to pump a handle manually every 5-6 shots otherwise its like shooting paintballs at enemies. Or a flashlight you have to handcrank for more power, simply essential to be on top of your game, otherwise you find yourself fighting mutants in the dark because your flashlight ran out of juice.. constant maintenance of your weapons and items could turn a player away, thats only if you're a baby when it comes to little "quips" that people complain about...people complain way too much that a game is linear, HELL What game isn't linear and allows 100% exploration???? WHAT GAMES HAVE YOU PLAYED THAT HAD FULLY EXPLORABLE AREA IN which you could do whatever you wanted and change the pace of the game?????? UNLESS YOU'RE PLAYING GTA or MAFIA II, there hasn't been a fully sandboxed FPS game in a longtime, unless you count Garrys mod but there is no story, just sandbox. The game mechanics has fails in the form of small glitches, faulty AI detection, hiding in shadows is almost useless...also invisible walls, varied bullet penetration in objects, or none whatsoever, like shooting through wood is like shooting kevlar... and hit detection on "human" AI gets annoying unless you have high grade ammo...bullets are almost like rubber when shooting their heads...besides that, Metro2033 is a very unique and engaging single player FPS with a decent story, albeit a short one, but definitely worth playing...I give it an 8 due to some poor game mechanics. Expand
  63. May 7, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is one the best games of all time, the world is gritty and real feeling, this apocalyptic Russia will draw you in and seize you until you finish the game multiple times. The gameplay is realistic and you actually feel like your trying to survive, you will usually run out of ammo in weapons, and if your complete ammo stocks run out then we can say your screwed with your knife. This game actually kind of reminds me of Bioshock without splicers and plasmids. The mutants are primal and aggressive, and they will make you shoot like crazy. The human enemies will send you running to cover and watching your back, and the Dark Ones will send chills up your spine. 4A games outdid themselves. Expand
  64. Dec 26, 2012
    I got this game as a free facebook promotion. But free does not a good game make. It's a last gen 1st person shooter with a terrible premise and filled with terrible generic Russian accents. It's based on a post apocalyptic world that values only ammo. For some reason there are "higher quality" rounds that are not used for ammo but used for currency. This is an interesting idea, but the very idea that there are rounds of ammo that are being conserved for monetary use is ridiculous. Ammo is ammo. And the very idea that so is good that it's not actually used is absurd. Further, gameplay is bulky and uninspired. The stealth gameplay is boring and clunky. Options are limited as far as combat. Plus the arsenal just isn't useful. It's a terrible game, even if it is free. Expand
  65. Sep 4, 2011
    IMHO the best singleplayer FPS ever created (my first FPS was W3D :D ). Fantastic atmosphere , story ,gameplay, everything ... and i don't know what is more beautiful , graphics or music...
  66. Jun 1, 2011
    An absolute masterpiece of a game. The single most immersive game I have ever played; the graphics are absolutely beautiful, the characters are memorable, the gameplay is a breath of fresh air into the now long suffocating FPS genre (a la: Call of Duty, Halo, etc). The only thing to ward anyone off of this game would be its somewhat unrelenting difficulty at times, or specifically, one part; an escort type mission (If you've played it youll know what Im talking about).
    That single part of the game is the only negative thing I can think of about this game. The shooting mechanics are great, the stealth mechanics, while maybe not at the level of Splinter Cell, are reasonably good for a game not entirely bent around stealth.
    I love the use of military grade bullets as not only currency, but also as useable ammunition for your weapons, on one hand you can kill 20 enemies with just one magazine, on the other, you might not be able to buy as many new weapons, med packs, or suits the next chance you get.

    I hear alot of complaints about the A.I. I personally never found the A.I. to be particularly smart or dumb, they were just your standard industry A.I. which suffered from all the industry standard issues; intelligence is no easy thing to program, and it shows; not just in Metro, but any game you will play, probably for the next 20 years or so.

    As far as the guns themselves, the lower quality 'Metro made' weapons all look exactly that; thrown together with whatever spare scraps of metal are lying around, and pack an accompanying less than satisfactory punch, and even somehow manage to sound as cheap as they look. While the guns you will obtain later on are increasingly powerful and both look, and sound it. I specifically love some of the more creative home-brew guns found later on, the pneumatic rifles and such.

    The story progresses at a perfect pace, allowing both the story and gameplay to unfold simultaneously and without interrupting each other. It keeps you interested, and you feel like there is a reason behind every action you must take, and are given choices throughout the game on which actions to take.

    The graphics are absolutely stunning, given that you're playing it on PC, and you have a PC capable of running it at its max settings. 4A did a great job of either building the game for PC and porting it to consoles, or porting it from consoles for the PC, as it plays excellent on PC. The world is incredibly atmospheric, both in the Metro and in the destroyed wasteland that lies above.

    Is this game for everyone? No. Absolutely not. People used to more run and gun games like Call of Duty (since 4 at least), Halo, Medal of Honor, etc, will likely not enjoy this type of game, though if played on the lowest difficulty, it could be played similarly. Likewise, people who play ARMAII and Operation Flashpoint type games, will likely consider the game to still be too frantic.
  67. Jun 10, 2011
    The power of that game is its color and beauty. Weak side of that game is much more complex. At first - a game concept, which delivers a bunch of different mini-games followed one after another thanks to a poor idea behind the game. Second thing is absolutely brainless monsters although most of them are pretty tough. Third one - you can not explore anything - even the biggest locations, they'd been built there like a decoration stuff (even people). Overall game is good, it's interesting and has a lot of fun-scary moments. Worth to buy (i'm looking at the steam price now - June 2011) but not expect that Metro 2033 is a kind of a masterpiece. 7 of 10 Expand
  68. Mar 20, 2012
    Blown. My. Mind!!

    Dark Tone, a great story tighter than a chestnut corset, deep immersion, crushing loneliness - a beautiful story and campaign crafted wonderfully and excecuted expertly. Having said that, one must always control their **** shooting libido when you play such a good game. For instance if you intend to get this game for PC (which I whole-heartedly recommend): get a powerful
    PC - this game maxed out will eat your GPU for breakfast. I have a powerful gaming laptop built by the proud albeit sloppy hands of the caring folk of PCSpecialists, sporting a gtx580m and I've had to put on a significant over-clock to get this game to run properly. Also stealth is pretty buggy as well, along with a lot of elements in the game. But hey these are easy to overlook with an otherwise functional game which does such a great job of pulling you into its story and atmosphere. Congrats to you, 4A!! Expand
  69. Aug 11, 2011
    Pros: Nice Story, nice setting, beautiful environments, especially those underground with poisonous gas or something popping out and also the outsides, pretty good mutant enemies and human enemies, decent assortment of weapons and weapon mods .

    Cons: Heavy on any System, Rats the size of a small car, flying rats the size of a small car. Buggy AI sometimes, lack of interaction with
    majority of NPCs Other Comments: this game is one of those games that does not require multiplayer to sell, in fact I think having multiplayer would ruin this franchise, would have wanted more places to explore. Expand
  70. Aug 22, 2011
    Excellent single player shooter. Mesmerizing graphics and story telling. Difficulty is pure exellence and there's a variety of options available. The only thing that keeps this game from a solid 10 is the fact that it's so linear. Buy this game, you won't regret it, the immersion is unbelievable!
  71. Jan 27, 2013
    If you are at all a fan of games like Half Life 2 or Bioshock, I need you to stop what you are doing, go to the nearest Wal-Mart, sift through the Bargain bin, and find this Dirt-Cheap.

    You will not regret it.
  72. Sep 19, 2011
    Pure masterpiece. Once again Russian developers are showed their skills in creating games. I like story, I like graphics and most of it I like atmosphere of post-apocalyptic Russian metro. The only little bad thing is AI but it's not so terrible.
  73. Sep 17, 2011
    Really enjoyed this one. Got from Steam for $5. Well worth it. Would pay $30. Excellent graphics and great game-play made this short experience truly memorable. Its has a limited re-playability but that can be said for most FPS games. The attention to detail, the mood and overall atmosphere are top notch. Played straight through with not one single crash or noticeable bug (quite rare these days). In many ways it's more superior than the S.t.a.l.k.e.r series, due to its visuals and slightly varied game-play. A fun game! Expand
  74. Oct 15, 2011
    Great action game! There are few options to play some levels - "Rambo", stealth, hidden and mercy. Good rush I got on "expert". English voices are terrible indeed - so I assume the horror rank of game is pointed exactly to it.
  75. May 27, 2012
    It's ok. It's a pretty well done game as far as graphics go looks good. The game is so linear though it's almost a rails-shooter. The game was optimized for consoles, PC game after (common with nearly all modern games). To make the game play better you have to go into Appdata/loca/ directory and edit the user.cfg file and turn on Vsync, POV etc. One thing that's frustrating is the AI and shooting. The enemy AI is pretty bad, humans are frustrating to fight because they're pretty dumb so to compensate their accuracy is set to 90% and they wallhack lol (well I guess all bots do). Fighting humans can be quite frustrating at times, and there's too much of it IMO. The monsters are well animated though, I just wish there were a bigger variety of monsters.

    I do like the environment, the story is decent. All-in-all it's an ok game, I wouldn't spend more than $20 on it though.
  76. Nov 11, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm another one of those mercenary types that picked this up for $5 on Steam - what I should have done is spent the money on a box of nails, and hammered them into my feet _because that would be more enjoyable than this game_. Let me explain myself - I only ever play games in the hardest possible difficulty, in this case, Hardcore mode. There are a number of glitches & game mechanic inconsistancies that render the game unfair in some cases. I don't mind linear gameplay ("on rails" indeed), I don't mind a small weapon set, I don't mind ammo being in short supply, I'm even willing to overlook the cardboard cutout NPCs in the game. The atmosphere of the game makes for a strong enough story & the locations are generally pretty interesting. Tip: play the game in Russian, with subtitles. Much better than the accented english. How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways: 1) Get the HELL offa my lawn! (aka out of my bounding box). When the game is full of creatures that only have melee attacks, it is utter rubbish that they are able to occupy the same physical space as you while attacking you. I've got my back up against a wall, but due to the limited peripheral vision of the gas mask or NVG, I can't see the little turd standing where my feet should be unless I look straight down. 2) Stealth? This has been mentioned a lot - the enemy soldiers are either total idiots, who fail to hear a nearby body hit the floor, or have some sort of radar, detecting you in the dark or at distances where _you_ can barely see them. It's particularly galling when you have worked to extinguish every light source, and are crouched behind cover in near total darkness, and some idiot with a rusty POS assault rifle nails you. For a game which touts stealth as an option, it needs to be much tighter than this. 3) Inconsistant application of environmental effects - one stands out in particular, when encountering a Fascist patrol in the street in the middle of a major wind storm. The constant buffeting of the wind throws off your aim only slightly less than that idiot kid on your back a few levels previous. Despite being crouched down behind a burnt-out car, the Fascists were easily able to drop me in two or three rounds. Funny how many headshots they get when that's all that is exposed. 4a) Pop-up cover effects - the number of times I moved into an item of cover, be it sandbags or a burnt-out car, only to magically pop-up into the line of fire, was astounding. Seriously, if it's something to hide behind, make sure it's not readily climbable. 4b) Terrain hangups. It's 2011, we really shouldn't be seeing games where we get stuck on terrain like we were playing Doom. 5) Ludicrously low amounts of ammo - I KNOW this is supposed to be a feature of the game, but am I really to believe that every enemy is down to his last 1 or 2 rounds of ammunition? How about the off-duty guard I just popped with a silenced headshot? What was he going to do when the enemy attacked, use harsh language?! This is simply unbelievable, especially when combined with how much ammo the NPCs are able to throw at you (or at the mutants in the case of friendly NPCs). 6) Pathetic melee weapons. You know, if I'd had a hatchet, machete, sharpened entrenching tool etc that did just enough damage to give the demons a moment of pause, I wouldn't have worried so much about running out of ammo. It would have been great to have the pistol dual wielded with a close quarters weapon - whack the beastie when it gets too close, then have a half second to take an aimed shot. That's a weapon rig that has worked fantastically from Napoleonic times all the way up to the Vietnam police action. Tunnel rats, anybody? As it is, the knife is pointless and the bayonet barely better. It does knock back a mutant for a second, if you can time the attack well enough. 7) Librarians. Why establish a ruleset for non-aggressive contact, only to break it on a seemingly arbitrary basis in Hardcore mode? 8) NPC movement. Pay close attention every time one of your companions turns a corner when walking. Awkward, isn't it. Look, I think I've gone on enough here. I'd love to see the correlation between user score & difficulty settings - if I'd gone through on a lower difficulty level, then the numerous glitches would have been less fatal. As it is, for me this has been one of the most unenjoyable gaming experiences of the last decade, worse even than Far Cry 2. FC2 was just irritating with it's continual respawns, but Metro 2033's glitches & unfairness constantly reminds me that I'm playing a game. That ruins the atmosphere even more than the toxins in the world upstairs. Expand
  77. Dec 15, 2012
    This game is one of the masterpieces in game industry: very interesting alternative story, that has lots of common with book of the same name, but also has its own vision on events depicted in book; interesting gameplay with drops of stealth and other interesting elements; ost - marvelous.
    I really love the game and will buy sequel with no hesitation.
  78. Dec 7, 2011
    This is really awesome game with perfect ambience and story. However, the game is very short, but after beating the game you have a feeling that after reading a good book. Thanks to developers for that game. I hope the Metro Last Night will be much better !
  79. May 28, 2012
    Whoever doesn't rate this game a 10 out of 10 is insane. This is a masterpiece. The only considerable flaw is that on easy to hard modes it is too hard to kill enemies and to be killed. Unrealistic, basically. BUT, with the addiction of the ranger difficulties, this problem goes away completely. It's an entire new game in ranger hardcore. This is one of the best games ever.
  80. May 24, 2012
    PROS: Beautiful graphics. Amazing atmosphere. Balanced difficulty. CONS: Short length. Terrible A.I. Laughable voice-acting. Poor characterization. Linear level design. OVERALL: A creepy game with gorgeous graphics but some of the worst artificial intelligence in years. Although the journey is interesting, it doesn't last long and the voice acting and characters are as forgettable as they come. Play Metro 2033 for the atmosphere and visuals. It has little else to offer. Expand
  81. Apr 18, 2012
    A great adventure, nearly as good as HalfLife2 and very atmospheric. Great graphics and sound. Only a few small things (like empty gas filters on high difficulty and too low FieldOfView) stop it from being truly great. ~20 hours of gameplay. If you liked Half Life 2 or STALKER, You will probably like this game too.

    Gameplay: 3/5, Complexity/Realism: 3/5, Story/Setting: 5/5, Graphics:
    5/5, Sound: 5/5, Balance/Refinement: 2/5, Controls/Interface: 2/5

    WARNING: Even if you buy this as a DVD, you WILL BE FORCED TO USE "STEAM" TO PLAY. Also, if a friend happens to have just used his account on your computer, the game will link to that account when installing without warning you!
  82. Apr 21, 2012
    Do you love scary games ? Then this is a damn good one, this game is what i call a jewel of the games, it has excellent graphics and animations, it even have the NVDIA PhysX, also all the location will have a great atmosphere which will make you feel like being there yourself, sounds is very good, i just got in mind the part of the city, with the winds and rest of effect, let's hope the sequel of this game will be as great as this, or even more, if it will ever come out. Expand
  83. Apr 30, 2012
    A fantastic effort by this studio to deliver something a little different. Graphically stunning 2 years after release. Very linear but that's not a bad thing. It tells a story and your along for the ride. Weapons have poor mechanics in what seems a deliberate effort to add realism, as parts have been scavenged after a hard life underground. The voice acting is fine and the atmosphere is terrific. Definitely worthwhile at current pricing Expand
  84. Jul 17, 2012
    Super game. How did this go under my radar for so long. Have signed up to Metacritic just to write a review. I'm not normally a fan of linear games but Metro (two hours in) Is a beautiful and immersing game to the point that I already feel engrossed in Artyom's tale and the hopeless, brutal & merciless world of post apocalyptic Russia. I love Stalker and Fallout but this game, immersion and story telling wise, beats them hands down. I am already looking forward to the sequel and I've not yet even finished the game. If only it were an RPG and I could enjoy this for countless hours more... Expand
  85. Jul 25, 2012
    This was a frustrating game for me. No way to save the game means you have to redo entire stretches of the level since the last checkpoint until you reach the next checkpoint, then it auto saves. I am reasonably good at FPS games, but I was dying a lot in this game! The game gets really dark, at one point I had to see a shimmer of a silhouette move to identify where the hell the enemy was. Also, sometimes you will be wondering where the hell the enemy is shooting at you from! The night vision goggles don't help much in some circumstances, and your vision goes to hell and back if you use it when scoping in to shoot someone in the dark.

    The story is interesting though. BTW, I was stuck in one level, took hours to progress and *puff* crash! Latest save game lost! I have to redo the whole level again which I will not do. Perhaps in the future, I will lower the difficulty to easy just to see the storyline through as it was getting interesting.

    It got so frustrating, only the storyline was dragging me through! Game play is linear, but I didn't mind as the story was good.

    The game had potential but make it a little "accessible"! Its the new buzz word nowadays!
  86. Dec 19, 2012
    Game is wonderful, can get really scary at times, make you curse at the top of your lungs as well. Game can be quite a challenge at times, and has some brain teasers in it which is always good. Granted at times the game does have massive fps drops even on my fairly solid rig, but the game is still loads of fun. Best part of the game is that it makes you question your morality and question justification for prejudice. Solid game, 9/10. Go buy it on Steam, CAN'T WAIT FOR LAST LIGHT! Expand
  87. Aug 26, 2012
    If I could choose an exact score for this game, it would be an 8.6, but hey I rounded up... I thought the game deserved it. :) I'm going to keep this short and to the point. Metro 2033 isn't quite like anything I've ever played, this game stands out on it's own, but for some reason it's hard to say exactly why. It does an great job at making you feel like part of this gritty underground in a world that's gone to hell and the settings you find yourself in are absolutely gorgeously detailed. The one thing everyone will agree on, Metro 2033 has very impressive graphics.

    The pacing of this game is really well done and there are definitely some scary moments that sent shivers down my spine. Missions on the surface (above the metro stations) feel dangerous and have a sense of urgency, mainly because of your limited air supply.

    The sneak element of this game is great as well; you can blow out candles and lamps, use silencers to take out enemies so you don't alert other nearby patrols, or go in guns blazing. The latter is probably a bad choice as the enemies can be difficult and well fortified. You have a device on your watch that will show you how well hidden you are, simple enough... but effective and fun for those that do like to sneak.

    At the time of writing this, the game is on Steam for 20 bones. I can safely suggest this game to any FPS fan that loves a good post apocalyptic shooter with a survival horror element mixed in. It's done well, and I think this is a highly underrated PC game.

    Some people may criticize this game as being too linear, but I'm okay with a game that pushes me along in one direction, as long as it does so with a little style and grace... and I feel Metro 2033 does just that.
  88. Oct 8, 2012
    the graphics are amazing for the year, and the back round? cant be better, the gameplay is indeed not the very good, its hard to save ammo and money, not many weapons avilable, and the whore at riga station stole all my money before i learned how to save and load. but... the voice acting was wonderful, the story is amazing and the graphics combined with all those things make you feel like a part of the story and of the post apocaliptic world of the underground metro of moscow, even the minor details like basic talk between NPC'S and even the way the enemy soldiers talk to one another. it feels so real i played the game from start to finish without stopping , it felt like a couple of hours but i've played it for 18 hours without stop. i just cant wait for the next game, just cant! Expand
  89. Dec 4, 2012
    I admire the gloomy atmosphere of the game. The world of the game combines the relationship with our world and something absolutely alien. It shows how our world could be look alien. The game is just beautiful and art work is great. My score is 9 because I received "PhysX error" at first start of the game, and I had to reinstall PhysX myself.
  90. Jan 5, 2013
    I bought this game for the graphics and the atmosphere, which I got. The gameplay simply isn't up to standard though, shooting enemies feels like shooting at a brick wall with a cap gun. Strange A.I and awkward difficulty changes don't help its situation either. The game does mange to raise its score because of some nice realism features and its great atmosphere.
  91. Jan 14, 2013
    A true masterpiece, I have a powerful PC, running the game on high settings smoothly, It's beautiful, immerse, and most of all realistic. This game has the best stealth combat I've seen in a game since MGS, when sneaking around hostile humanoids, you're usually forced to avoid trip wires, traps, and noise making, the game always forces you to mind your surroundings. Anyone expecting a call of duty shooter will be disappointed, most guns are inaccurate, ammo is scarce, and you die very quickly. For those reasons you must try to avoid enemies, or sneak up on them and dispatch of them unaware. But the combat is never unfair, if you get gunned down by a pair of enemies, its your own fault.

    The best part about the game is probably the constant spooky atmosphere. Just looking around several times I was wowed by how well the tunnel systems are lit and laid out. Encounters with ghosts were probably the best parts.
  92. Feb 7, 2013
    Fantastic post apocolyptic experiance with horror and stealth aspects plunging you deep into a underground world with homely warmth and a above ground world that hates you
  93. Jan 29, 2014
    I'm glad I got this game mostly free with Humble Bundle. I CANNOT stand Checkpoint saves. Stupid console clone. If it had been made from the ground up on the PC, it would have had a much better interface and the ability to save at will.
  94. Dec 20, 2011
    Awesome ambiance/atmosphere (which is the reason you should buy this game) then, decent story, so-so gunfights, lovely monsters.
    Arthom (the main character) is one you will not forget soon, even if he is not that charismatic, the game is and that renders the hero charismatic too. kinda.
    The lifetime is poor (you can finish the game in 5hours, maybe even less if you rush), but the game is
    really intense and you can find it at a really low price now on, its really worth your money. Expand
  95. Jun 8, 2011
    A great story, beautiful graphics and interesting characters make this game worth getting. Unfortunately, the bad gameplay mechanics bring it down -2 points.
  96. Sep 9, 2010
    I started this game with not so much expectation, but i was surprised on how great of a game this is! It holds a great atmosphere and manages to give a real feeling you are in a nuclear holocaust Russia, when played on the highest graphic settings the game shows some great eye candy, only the human faces look sterile and dead in their eyes... I enjoyed the overall length of the game, not too short, not too long...

    The game does hold some flaws, the enemy A.I can be considered idiotic, from enemies who will take cover next to your ally or take cover just in front of you... The amount of weapons found in the game are meager and nothing to write to home about. The strongest rifles can be bought at stations but since this is a nuclear world and money does no longer exists, bullets have become currency, but you need every bullet you can find to survive so getting that nifty sniper rifle is not happening any time soon. The creatures also seem to have a strange way of attacking you, they charge and than seem to go straight through you, making you go nuts on where the heck they are! A disappointment for this game is there is no multiplayer component at all! This could have given the game a allot longer lifespan...

    But overall its a great game to enjoy if you have some money to spare, and looking how the game ends, expect some DLC or a part two in the future...
  97. Apr 1, 2013
    Ive tried a couple of times to play metro and the shockingly poor combat keeps stopping me, the way the AI knows where you are and can hit perfectly from like 100-200 metres away yet you struggle to hit someone 10 metres away is soo annoying. there is no stealth.... you creep up and put a silenced gun to the back of a enemy's head and fire.... The guy lives and turns around and shoots you dead in 1 -2 shots and if you live the super soldiers all know where you are and your dead again.

    The sound is good, i liked the breathing effect when you have the mask on although the cheesy Russian accents are bad.
    The graphics are pretty good, but hard to believe i get a better FPS on the new tomb raider on max settings than on this
    The story seemed ok, i was interested but the combat has ruined this for me... i may try again but at this moment i feel its a waste of my time
  98. Oct 31, 2010
    Great game! I like the gloomy atmosphere and the totality of how they perform on the story. Through many small clip several times and stories during loading. But get 8 points instead of 10 because of stupid AI and few weapons.
  99. Dec 23, 2010
    With Metro 2033, forget about FPS/RPG mix, or sandbox and tricky puzzle, here we are talking simple horror survival FPS, with some good/bad alignment for alternative ending and stealth/shotgun choice to make at some point. We are also talking about a nice story (despite the fact I do not like the normal ending), with interesting characters and a very immersive environment, where the life of those people is rendered in tiny details. The graphics? Top notch of course, but you need a good gear to get it. Still, while the underground is pure awesomeness, I found the exterior graphics just so-so, fallout 3 like, forget about S.T.A.L.K.E.R and the sequel. Hopefully you don t go up often, as the main character say himself, underground is your real home and it is not safe at all up thereâ Expand
  100. Mar 20, 2011
    This game is absolutely stunning in almost anyway. The graphics are beautiful, the levels are intriguing and absorbing, the monsters look creepy and sound great, and the sound all around is just awesome. The only troubles I have found with this game is how long it takes to kill enemies and how annoying it is to find an adequate amount of munition. Doing my Normal difficulty setting play through it would take 10-20 rounds from on weapon to kill an enemy. Maybe I just suck but I think that's quite ridiculous when it's only on Normal and there's more than difficulty settings. Other than that, this is a solid 9/10 Collapse

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  1. May 30, 2011
    Your enjoyment of Metro 2033 hinges on your willingness to let a game batter you into submission.
  2. 4A Games leaves you no choice but to engage with the gameplay of Metro 2033 because of its dark tone and great story. Hardcore gamers looking for a unique experience in PC ultimately will be rewarded by this atmospheric and fast-paced shooter.
  3. Novel and videogame join to compose a very interesting proposal in the saturated first person action genre.