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  1. Nov 15, 2010
    Very good game. No glitches, lagg or anything. The guy who said that it's too hard and gave it a 6 should quit gaming. I finished the game in 8 hours and found it difficult but far from impossible or too hard. I agree that A.I isn't the best because you can easily "fool" them. It only takes common sense to manage well your ammo. Great experience, one of the best single players in a long time.
  2. Nov 5, 2011
    A must buy!

    Can't understand ppl who is not into this game, if they like RPG and singleplayer. It has a decent story line. It has AWESOME graphics, even with low settings. It has good alternative enemies, and weapons. Cant wait for LAst light to come out.
  3. Apr 11, 2011
    This is a great game, but has the fact that you need a super computer to run, besides that the campaign is great and is also very interesting, Its not won of those games that you will replay over and over again because it is a very long game and has a lot to it. So if you have a super computer I would definitely recommend this game
  4. Aug 30, 2011
    This game is worth playing simply for the astonishing world created, and the incredible atmosphere. Any fans of post-apocalyptic games such as Fallout have to play this. it is not beyond criticism however. It is a FPS, plain and simple. Arguably more could be got from this if it was an rpg and allowed more exploration of the world, as it is rather restricting of what you can do and where you can go, but such is the nature of many fps's. A criticism I would raise is that the incredible atmosphere created early on is not capitalized on, since you spend lots of your time shooting hordes of other men. Another criticism would be that it is too short, far too short, especially as it is linear and the actual playing sections are fairly short. Still, I am really looking forward to seeing where the sequel takes this idea next. Expand
  5. Jul 13, 2012
    Metro 2033 is a very atmospheric first person shooter/action game but unfortunately this game is hugely hampered by bad presentation. The visual effects of this game is quite impressive especially the lighting which really created a very realistic dark underground environment. The texture and character models are also great as well. The animations are also very well done and feel very smooth. The story is decent enough but the problem with the presentation is the most levels you run through just feel like fillers rather than any actual meaning. And most characters are so generic and pointless most time. you feel like they are there just to progress the story. The pacing of this game is also a little off most time since it just feels so full of pointless fillers. Gameplay wise, the difficulty of this game gets very inconsistent. The stealth mechanics is so broken that you will found some levels brutally hard. I personally just do not enjoy this game that much. if you are looking for a thriller FPS experience I would recommend Bioshock 1 and 2 instead. Expand
  6. Aug 15, 2011
    This is a pretty good game, I can't remember whether this game has any background music, but I haven't encountered any annoying music, so if it does have background music then it's likely good enough to feel natural. Graphics are great as long as your system is powerful enough to support it. True most of the environment are ugly destroyed areas, but that's where the story is set. In the busier areas, random NPCs have weird and sometimes funny conversations in the background which adds to the atmosphere. Sometimes it makes it hard to focus on the one voice you care about, but for me it actually makes it feel more real. I've heard people complain about the lack of ammo and basic enemies not dying from a full clip of ammo, but that's a huge exaggeration. The lack of ammo is part of the setting and on normal difficulty at least, basic enemies die with 3-4 shots as long as you actually hit them in the right places (some will die with just 1 shot), spray and pray will not work on most enemies which I think is a great thing. I've also heard people complain that alerting one enemy alerts all others in the same area, which is a stupid complaint. When one enemy is alerted they tend to start shooting or shouting for help which will obviously alert the others who are within hearing range, if the enemy triggers an alarm, they may alert others who are even further away. I know from personal experience that if the enemies are separated far enough and are not within hearing/alarm range of each other, alerting one group will not alert the other group. I've also heard people complain that most people won't speak to you, which I actually prefer to the situation where everybody will speak to you. It makes more sense to me that if you go up to a perfect stranger and start talking to them they're not gonna talk back because they don't even know you.

    The story and areas are mostly linear (some areas have multiple paths), which is not necessarily a bad thing. I haven't finished the game yet, but so far I feel like the overall story is decent. It does have some executions problems like random people who helps you out with only a little explanation as to why (no I did not skip any cut-scenes). It also has some bugs like enemies running through support columns to pounce at you. And in a few cases enemies pouncing through me and then attacking me from behind when I've put my back towards the wall specifically so I don't get attacked from behind. I'm also a bit divided about picking up weapons dropped by enemies. It doesn't really tell you what the dropped weapon can do, so for the most part you have to rely on sight to guess whether or not it's better than your current weapon. In some cases it's a weapon you've never seen before which makes it even harder. I'm divided because on the one hand it's annoying to have to rely on sight, but it also adds to the realism because if you find something on the ground it's not likely to come with a manual explaining what it does. I'm also a bit divided about the fact that you can't seem to save manually and have to rely on autosaves. It makes for annoying situations like when you're trying to go stealth and have mostly succeeded but then make a mistake towards the end. But it also makes me a lot more careful about what I do and makes me think about the big picture more. In other games where there is a quick save, if I come across a situation where I need to make a really difficult shot, I can just quick save and reload as often as needed until I make that perfect shot. In this game, you generally can't do that because between that really difficult shot and the autosave there's probably 10 somewhat difficult shots that you need to redo. It makes you a lot more careful and it does frustrate me at times but the feeling you get when you finally get it right is really satisfying.

    Overall I'd say that so far the game is worth the $30 I paid for it on steam.
  7. Nov 20, 2011
    This is the best storyline-driven game i have ever played. it just draws you in with the incredible atmosphere, and extremely creepy and depressing setting.
    I understand what people are saying about this game not being polished enough, however. There are very fixable issues with it that just infuriate me as a gamer - such as many items (specifically air filters) not being pickup-able.
    This should have been caught in testing, and is pretty annoying. Other things like when the kid is on your back in "child" seem like bugs, but are not - even so the input lag on "child" is beyond annoying. Should have been left out.
    If you can get past the obvious faults, this is truly one of the best first person shooters ever. It is not supposed to be call of duty - and if that is what you are looking for then look elsewhere. It is a deep plotline thriller, which tries to really get to the heart of what it would be like after a nuclear apocalypse. I have never played a game with more deeply moved and disturbed me at the same time.
    Give this game a shot!
    As a sidenote - you absolutely need a cutting edge system to play this game, and if you do it will reward you. The DX11 textures are totally amazing - even on low settings. However, to play this game on high settings you basically need 2 graphics cards, or 1 $500 graphics card. Not the designers fault, but the price of entry is pretty high.
    Loved this game, i can't wait for the sequel!!!
  8. Jan 15, 2012
    Metro 2033 is the most unoptimized, sluggish game I've ever played in terms of graphical fidelity. Crysis runs better than this, and I have a pretty good rig. It's a fun game, but boy does it eviscerate GPUs.
  9. May 10, 2011
    The game promises a story driven post apocalyptic FPS experience and this is also what it delivers. It looks good, has a thick atmosphere, especially in the Stations filled with men women and children trying to sort their lives as good as possible. Dirt, hope, doubt, despair and death are present at any moment. You can choose which weapons you want to play with and in a lot of levels if you want to go all John Rambo or more Sam Fisher. Granted the checkpoint auto save system has its obvious downsides. Repeating big parts of a level again because an enemy spotted you without obvious reason can get frustrating and running out of filters for your gas mask in the middle of the level without the chance to refill them sometimes makes you end up loading the whole level again, but who can see post those downsides can have a fun and intense experience.

    If you are searching a good fps, enjoy linear levels which still often offer some kind of choice how to handle them and do not get too fast frustrated by the checkpoint system Metro 2033 is a solid and fun game for you. 8/10.
  10. Nov 8, 2011
    The thing I liked most about this game was the environments. The atmosphere, lighting, and level designs came together for an immersive experience. Having said that, the rest of the game is very mediocre. The plot, game mechanics, and UI all work, but none are very interesting nor do they seem fresh. Overall, not much stands out, it is neither terrible nor great, just mediocre. I got it on sale for about $20 and I think I got my money's worth. Expand
  11. Sep 21, 2013
    Overall a pretty good story-based shooter. It's a very well unified game. Game play is blended with environment almost seamlessly. Attention to detail and attempts at realism are relatively impressive and a compliment to the player's intelligence. The game feels a bit like an art house movie, though with considerable input from the player.

    Although I've played the game through only
    once, I doubt that the replay value is very high. The game is very linear, and although there is exploration you end up doing the same thing each time. The game has some rpg elements, and it's too bad it didn't have more. It would have made sense to add dialog options for example. The animations could also use some work, especially for some of the enemies. When they come at you the frame rate tends to drop too much.

    Still, I recommend this one, and I'm definitely getting the sequel.
  12. Dec 13, 2012
    This is a game I debated on getting for a long while before a purchase. I ended up buying it on sale from Steam. Overall I really have liked this game. The developers have created a great atmosphere with the ambiant noise, textures, and suspense. The fact that you are constantly low on ammo is a challenge that more games should adopt. I find the games today are just too easy... sometimes even on the hardest setting. This game is different in that it is just challenging enough to keep you interested without throwing you into a rage. The biggest downside to this game is that it is not optimized. I find my GPU runs hot even when it shouldn't, my FPS does drop from time to time, and I have had a few soft crashes. These issues are not enough for me to stop playing but are annoying. With these issues fixed I would rate this a solid 8 or 9. I'm really looking forward to the sequel in 2013 because now that they have more financial backing the game will definitely be better. Expand
  13. Oct 19, 2011
    I'm a fan of RPG games and shooters. Metro wants to be a mixture but the RPG part really is sad. Ok, you really feel knoiw what you are supposed to feel: lonelyless, fear of the dark, etc. but the atmo is really not thaaat good. it's a fair middle class shooter and if you loved stalker you probably gonna like his game. i hated stalker, mostly because of controls and because you didn'nt feel to belong into the storyline. it's not really "bugs" that make stalker and metro a "middle class" game, it's more that sometimes you don't know where to go because the game didn't tell you properly or you reach a station (shelter/base) and you leave after 2 minutes because the story continues not caring of what you wanna do. after all i don't really regret buying it, but if you payed more then 10 bugs you got screwed, since the game surely has the capability of beeing a cool shooter but does not take its chances. Expand
  14. Dec 4, 2011
    QUite a masterpiece. although i could never understand as to why the demand for graphics is very high, because the game definitely doesnt look better than games with similar graphics requirements like Crysis or Witcher 2.
    the story line is excellent.
    Makes me very happy that i speak Russian, it is so much better in russian.
    it is similar game as STALKER series, athough the storyline is
    much better in terms of organization and completion and it is not an open world Expand
  15. Nov 6, 2012
    For once a first-shooter game with challenges even on normal. and the Ranger Hardcore makes it almost realistic. Great game with beautiful graphic and a great story-line.

    I want to read the book it's based on just from playing this game.
  16. Nov 4, 2011
    Great game, but save system kills exploration, and exploration is key to getting "money". I would also love to try different approaches to the maps, as you can sometimes get through them several different ways, but having to replay the last 10 min kills that idea too....
  17. Vio
    Nov 20, 2011
    Metro 2033 is the FPS with the best atmosphere and the best AI I have yet played. The graphics themselves are music to my high end PCs ears. The sound is amazing adding to feelings of claustrophobia and possibility of attack from any direction. The only thing that annoyed me was the difficulty in getting enough ammunition. Did I like it? OH YEA!
  18. Jun 2, 2012
    I'm not sure if my review is biased because I love the book (which I read first) but I definitely found this game a wonderful experience, and after the first playthough I replayed it with Russian voiceovers, which definitely added to the atmosphere of the game.
    The immersion was really strong and the game was able to scare me a lot during the gameplay, also the graphics are very nice and
    do the job of creating a melancholic and fearful apocalyptic world very well. I just wish they where better optimized to play better in a mid range system like mine.

    I could give it a 10 but I wanted a bit more freedom, I was imagining to be able to explore abandoned stations and other places I read in the book and not to be that story restricted to where I can go or not. I also expected it to be bigger since there are a lot of events from the book that I wanted to experience in game as well.
    Also the sound system failed completely with dialogs in my setup of 5.1 speakers and I had to configure the system in stereo to be able to hear the dialogs, as I found out it was a common problem with that setup and I just don't understand why they never released a patch to fix that.
  19. Nov 29, 2011
    Yes, the game is pretty and extremely pretty at that. The game however wants the player to go and explore and find ammunition or weapons to help the player on their journey. Metro 2033's level design is opposite of open, its as linear as Call of Duty, making finding ammo and weapons as easy as following you're A.I. companion. The games atmosphere and story are very good, It's is very easy to get sucked in to the experience. Expand
  20. Dec 22, 2011
    Fantastic graphically and sound wise. It really pulls you into the world. However it is quite short and has no re playability incentive apart from achievements. It is also Steam activated DRM so you can't sell it. Don't think I will be playing again so only buy if you can get it dirt cheap.
  21. Dec 22, 2011
    The environment/atmosphere is outstanding. It is detailed, realistic,supernatural, scary and sucks you into the story that accompanies it. The human characters and the 'mutants' are well modelled however the one thing I was expecting but didn't come across is the presence of zombies. I would imagine if there are mutated animals (ie: monsters) there will also be mutated or 'infected' humans too (ie:zombies), but zombies are missing from this game . What a shame :/ The AI characters that help you to progress with the story can act really dumb sometimes. For example, in one of the missions ('Lost Tunnel') your AI buddy Bourbon tells you to waste the guards in the next room while he hides and waits behind some crates (hmm.. rhyme). To take down the guards you can either use stealth (by throwing knives) or go 'lock and load' and fill them with lead (although you are strongly advised to NOT waste your ammo). After successfully achieving the objective, nothing happened. I walked back to where Bourbon went to hide and he was still there, with no intention to continue with the story/mission. Have I done something wrong? After a few minutes of me running around and trying to find more ammo among the guards' dead bodies, Bourbon realised that the area is clear and it is safe to move out. Also, this game doesn't use the kind of AI that follows you around. It's the opposite. If you stray off to some other tunnel to find some ammo or another gas mask, you may have a difficulty locating your AI buddy. However, there is always the objective notepad which you can have a look at in case you are lost. It has a compass that points you in the right direction. But what am I doing, this is supposed to be a mini-review , not a guide... I just read few reviews on here (MetaCritics, literally, just now) and some people say it's not very realistic and that the gun physics suck and things like that. Well, all throughout the game you are reminded how precious the ammunition is (it serves as money too). That implies you are better off using knives (against human enemies anyway). Of course there are situations in which you can only use firearms but even in those cases you should always use single shots to incapacitate the enemy. Note that it usually take 3-6 bullets to kill an enemy, depending on the type of ammo you are using. The point I am making is that the game encourages the player to use stealth to accomplish tasks, therefore guns weren't given much attention to by the developers. Some people have to understand and appreciate what this game is about. It's about survival. Not, wasting resources (i.e.: ammo). (We do that enough in the present. Maybe that's one of the moral points the game is making. How humanity kept wasting resources until it wasted itself.) I played 9 hours straight and still haven't completed it so I can say I got my money's worth (bought it for à Expand
  22. Aug 20, 2012
    A very underrated shooter, this apocalyptic FPS focuses more on story and environment than just running and gunning found in other games like CoD. Admittedly, this game is very linear and the voice actors' Russian accents are laughably bad in pretty much all cases. However, the story is very engrossing, even with the terrible voice actors. The weapons are kinda tricky in the fact that there are tons of random upgrades you can get for a particular weapon at any point. However you can find the best guns in stores across the cities you come too. I think the main thing with this game is the fact that it's fairly slow. Your not given much more than a quest to leave your home and family by a total stranger to start your journey and it takes a bit to ramp up. Furthermore, this game got zero publicity, making it a relative unknown on the FPS market. I bought this game for 5 bucks on Steam and I would have easily paid 20-30 dollars knowing what I know now. And with the sequel coming out later this year, it gives FPS games a different feel from all your CoD and Battlefield games. This is a thinking person's FPS game and I really enjoyed it in the end. If you let the game engross you in it's story and atmosphere, you won't regret a second of playing it and you'll easily want more from this series. While it's not perfect, there are very few FPS games out there like this and, for the tons of sales this games has on the various sites like Amazon and on Steam, it should be a no-brainer for anyone who likes FPS games but aren't into the guns-a-blazing style that most FPS games turn into. Expand
  23. Dec 27, 2011
    This game was fantastic. The atmosphere, the stealth, the immersion and the combat were all amazing. I don't have many words to describe how satisfying the ending was. What has been annoying me here is far too many people complaining about how the game was "too hard" I played this thing on Ranger Hardcore on my first run through. No Hud , No hp bar, no real inventory, you get nothing and you die in 1-2 bullets, All you have to do is plan your attacks and realize you don't always have to fight. No single person can take 4-6 guys all with guns on their own. Seriously if this game is too hard for you go back to playing COD on your Xbox. Expand
  24. Jan 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, let's start:

    The good: amazing graphics, great atmosphere, great voice acting, great story, innovative gameplay
    The bad: ridiculously hard, stiff controls

    Let me explain: the game have awesome graphics, it's very dark, indeed, but it's also very beautiful. What do I mean with "great atmosphere"? While playing, there was ocasions that I felt bad for the people on the metro, it's a game, but you can see that they suffered a lot, sometimes you see wounded people, blood on the walls, dead bodies, blood pools on the ground, anyway, sometimes you really feel that you are part of the story. And why "innovative gameplay"? Simple, your money on the game is your ammo, so, you can't shoot everything that moves, even with an AK-47, you have to aim a lot before you shoot, expecially when you have 20 bullets on the magazine and no bullets left to reload. Sometimes you find people that sell bullets, so you can exchange the ammo that you don't need to get more ammo for your favorite gun, and I think that this is great, each time you shoot, you loose money, so you must think before you act.

    Now the bad:

    The game is hard, like, REALLY hard, if you play on the Ranger difficulty, you die with 2 shots, it's hard to find ammo, and even harder to find Healthy Kits. Sometimes you go to the surface, and you need Filters, that is also hard to find, so, if you don't read about the game on the internet, you may find yourself trapped on the surface, with a gun without ammo, and 3 mins. to find the exit.
    The controls could be better, I don't know how to explain, but they are a little stiffy, you press a button and your character move suddenly, but after sometime playing you get used to it

    The game have 2 different gameplay styles:
    - Sometimes you play inside the metro, so it's very dark, and other times you go to the surface, it's very bright, but you have to run because you die if you don't find new Filters for your Gas Mask.
    - Sometimes you face humans, and the gameplay is focused on stealth, hide on the shadow etc. And other times you face the mutants, and the gameplay focus on survival, you have to kill them before they catch you.

    That's what I have to say about the game, even with the difficulty and the controls, the game is awesome. If you don't mind dying countless times, and running to find more air or bullets, you should try this game
  25. Jan 21, 2012
    I LOVED THIS GAME! The story, setting, environment, etc. are all amazing! I cannot stress how amazing I found the game. I loved it so much I recommended it and even bought it and sent it as a gift to some of my friends. They all said the same thing, that they loved it. I really wish that they had made it into more of a sandbox, but it's still awesome as it is. I also liked the realism and how they used military grade ammo as currency, so you had to choose between a gun with good ammo or to spend it on gear and have crappy ammo. I also loved how above ground that you had to wear a gas mask and had to use filters that slowly ran out, and that it's not like some games where your gear deteriorates, but instead when you get shot, it slowly cracks and your filters aren't as effective. The only thing I did not like about it was that when I was above ground, I was low on filters and my game auto-saved just a few seconds before I died, but eventually I got out of my problem by using a few tricks so I didn't have to go back like an hour or so to when my last save was. I also thought that it should have a multiplayer. But other than that, it was awesome! I even bought the books and preordered Last Light because it was amazing. So if you want a new and exciting experience, buy it! Expand
  26. Feb 9, 2012
    I think this is one of the best story lines that I've ever played. At first the graphics seemed to be really rough on my video card. The game just doesn't run smooth on my video card on some cut scenes. However, i cannot take away the fact that the graphics are just astonishing. There is so much detail in every mission, not to mention the character detail is outstanding. Now it is time to explain the bad parts of the game. First of all, the AI is incredibly difficult on any difficulty higher than "normal". I played on "Ranger Easy" the first few chapters. I found it very dissapointing the AI could fire 3 rounds into my cover and once i killed them, they only had 1-5 bullets. I later switched to easy because of the difficulties of completing one of the missions and found the game to still be a bit challenging, but easy enough to entertain me. I did not like the fact that the AI on harder difficulties could fire "Through my cover". I also found it amusing that i could empty a mag point blank into a bot and them get right back up and hit me with a few bullets to end my mission. That problem could be changed by lowering the difficulty though. The one thing that made me really upset to see is the ending to such a great story line go up in flames. This had to have been the worst ending a game could have. I cannot ruin it for people without the game, but it is rather disappointing. I'll also add that the levels are completely linear. Now, this is not a big issue because the game still sucked you right in. I hardly even noticed. I wish they could have added many more rooms/lockers that you could check for collectibles and pick-ups for. This is me critiquing, so it is a rather harsh review. To sum this game up, it is one of the best games I've ever played. I got it for $4.99 on Steam Sale. It is $19.99 on Steam currently. I think it is definitely worth $19.99. If i might also add: To the people who gave it 1/10 for a rating, most of your explanations are utterly stupid and there should be no reason you are allowed to bring the score of this game down. I found the one that said "I paid $5 for this game and after 5 minutes i wanted my money back" very entertaining. Any gamer knows you cannot judge a game in the first 5 minutes, especially this one since it builds up rather slow. The one that mentioned that this game was obviously made for consoles and gave it one star. I agree, they did make it a console game, but they did a fantastic job turning it into a PC game. Expand
  27. Oct 22, 2012
    this game WoW the graphics are outstanding, but who cares ( i do by the way ) anyway the game is difficult i barely beat it on normal ok it is hard the gameplay is good some times its weird ( kid level ) there are 2 endings the good and bad ending i think the bad one is also good but ok voice acting is triple A the main problem is the ai is dumb and the guns feel weird i would recommend this to anyone except the people who play cod for a living Expand
  28. Mar 9, 2012
    I played the game before reading the novel, found a lot of access, but does not affect the quality of the game, the scene of the game is very commendable, and a detailed picture of the lives of the people of metro
  29. Mar 19, 2012
    This is single player First Person Shooter game. It is set in a post apocalypse Russia. This is not a typical game for its genre, but is one who give some importance to realistic situations, like gas masks filters and low quality ammo. The game also focus in almost all its content on stealth gameplay when possible. You are fighting against some kind of demons or monsters, and you have to make your way from one point to another by the subterranean metro system of destroyed Russia. Aiming is a little bit difficult in this game, but it is compensated by the beautiful graphics it have. Artistically speaking, this is a dark game, you are constantly moving in the dark in the post apocalyptic bloody metro tunnels, which are full of surprises, creatures and supernatural mysteries. Even on easy this game can be difficult, and you will occasionally get mad by some glitches, like the inability to find filters for your gas mask. You will fight with assault rifles, shotguns and pistols and several original pressure pumped weapons. You have a flashlight.....wish you will have to manually charge their batteries at least once every few minutes, so try to keep it charge, you don't want to be in those tunnels with a discharge flashlight battery. Expand
  30. Mar 29, 2012
    Metro 2033 is truly a masterpiece in terms of storytelling and atmosphere. They are so good that I dare to say those are almost an art form. Also, without spoiling anything I must say details in Metro 2033 are adorable. As soon as you start to play game you can feel Metro 2033 is from a different culture which I think we should consider ourselves lucky as gamers. We should do this cause Games like Metro 2033 give us a very good opportunity to experience creativity and uniqueness instead of stereotype games. Beside itty bitty gameplay difficulties, Metro 2033 is flawless. Like I said earlier I' haven't seen and enjoyed such atmosphere for a long time. Metro 2033 was huge relief for my hunger. Congrats to 4A Games. Expand
  31. May 3, 2012
    Eines der Atmosphärischsten Spiele-Welten die selten zuvor mit so viel Liebe zum Detail eingefangen wurde ! Die Welt ziht einen Förmlich in die super erzählte Geschichte hinein, und man wird sehr stimmig bei der Sache gehalten . Man erlebt Artjom sehr hautnah und authentisch . Es macht einfach ''spaÃ
  32. Aug 26, 2013
    Only problem with this game is that its short it could be longer, gameplay is really nice, upgrading your weapons is rewarding and fun, exploration is fun, combat is fun, graphics are amazing, awesome story, really great game/
  33. Jul 20, 2012
    Don't listen to the low reviews. This game is one of the best shooters I own and I love playing it. It runs beautifully on any system (I first played it on a laptop with integrated graphics and it ran at or above 30 fps on low definition which still looked good). The enemy AI is a little dumbed down but that doesn't take away from the fun. As to the AI always knowing where you are, in some situations you have to use stealth. You have to watch where you walk, step on broken glass and they hear you. Shoot out the lights and they won't see you unless they have a flashlight or night vision. Yeah it's linear but that's what the FPS genre is. 95% of FPS games are linear. I don't see why people have a problem with this, who cares if you're going in one direction? The controls work very well even if it's a console port. All these people complaining that it's a console port need to get over it and realize that it's still a fantastic game. This game was well worth the $5 I paid during a Steam sale and honestly I think it's well worth the $20 price tag. 8/10 because there isn't much replay value due to a lack of multiplayer. Definitely not a disappointment though. It may not be a blockbuster title like Call of Duty or Halo, but it is still a great shooter that shouldn't be overlooked. Expand
  34. Mar 25, 2013
    This is a awesome game, and best of all, you can choice if the peoples will talk russia or english. And that makes it more realistic. It's a fun game, you never get bored of it. It's really well done. The weapons are little like in the Fallout games. If you buy it, you won't regret it. Game on and kill those radiation monsters.
  35. Sep 27, 2012
    I expected a different game, unfortunately, is a game too linear with default steps, very detailed graphics but heavy even for recent vga, un-installed after two hours.
  36. Apr 6, 2013
    This is one of the best game I have ever played. The last time I said this is when I finished Half-Life2, but even HL2 didn't manged to get a 10 out of me, in many respect, I believe Metro2033 even exceed HL2's accomplishments.

    Metro has some of the best graphic engine I've seen in years, IMO even Cryengine couldn't compete with the 4A engine which Metro 2033 uses. The lighting and
    texture are extremely well done, volumtric lighting and fog effect are also very good, it makes the whole world looks extremely convincing. The sub-surface scattering effect on character's skin makes people looks much more believable, unlike in some other games people tend to looks like plastic dolls.

    The story is also it's strong point, since it's adapted from a sci-fi novel, but it has a little twist of it's own while still retains the feel of the novel. I bought the novel after finishing the game, it' will definetly gives you a new perspective on the story.

    Combat and AI seems a bit strange and unresponsive at first glance but after I know more about the game, I understand the clumsiness I feel during combat is also part of a story setting. You are not a superhero, you are a survivor in a post apocalyptic world, trying to fighting off monsters and fellow humans while carrying a sort of equipment and ammo, of course you don't move and shoot like a Call of Duty character.

    In conclusion, all I can saying is Buy this game, play it, if you learn to appreciate it, this will be one of the most immersive gaming experience you will ever have.
  37. Oct 7, 2012
    Exelent !!! Ce jeu est tout simplement magnifique, l'histoire est tres bien agencée, le jeu est bon dans tout l'ensemble, ambiance effet de lumiere, creature, personnage, animation, doublage etc !
  38. Jan 8, 2013
    The game right off the bat seemed amazing, I very much enjoyed the story, voice acting and the graphics, however.... the biggest part of the game is completely broken, Combat. Unfortunately playing this game on easy is like playing most games on hard, the human enemies know where you are at all times and will even shoot you within 1 second of you trying to poke your head around the corner, and while you take massive damage from their attacks you feel like they take maybe 1/3rd of your damage.
    The combat seems to be somewhat designed for stealth only when it comes to fighting humans, I say this because if you kill someone with a gun the entire map will immediately be zoned in on you and shooting you, the only way to stop them is to kill every last one of them, rush to the end, or die.
    The problem is, even if you play stealthy you are still punished in combat, if an enemy finds a dead body (which you can't move) then every enemy on the map is alerted and ready to kill you, even if you are hiding in a pitch black area on the map they will see you.
    If you play like an assassin in the dark there is immediately a few things you will also notice, the first is the lack of checkpoints, you will find yourself making one small mistake after the other and lose all progress and have to restart, the second is that silent weapons can be very unpredictable sometimes they kill in 1 hit sometimes they don't and sometimes in the case of the throwing knife they will just bounce off the enemy, at which point you must restart the mission or kill every last enemy for the next 25 minutes.

    This game could have been so much more then it is, if only the combat wasn't so terrible.
  39. Jan 22, 2013
    I really don't understand the positive reviews. I really REALLY wanted to like my game, but I keep forcing myself to come back and play it, and just can't seem to finish it, because it's SO bad. The game relies on stealth, but there IS no stealth - as soon as you kill anyone (even with a silent pistol, even if they were alone) or are seen by anyone, EVERY enemy immediately knows where you are and begins shooting at you with their god-like accuracy. Even if you sneak away, they all always know where you are. Even worse is the writing - the individual characters' writing are fine, but every situation in the game feels COMPLETELY forced and makes NO sense whatsoever. "You've never left the station, but now I'm going to give you a gun and you're going to go on a quest." Why? "Alright, let's split up; you go straight through the building full of vicious mutant dog things that want to kill you, and I'll take the safe route going around the building" Why!? "We've never met you and have no qualms with you, but if we see you we'll shoot you on sight." WHY!?!? The overall plot seems cool (something to do with psychic mutants), and I want to know what happens, but all of the plot in GETTING there makes NO sense whatsoever! [UPDATE] Well, I encountered a bug that made it so I couldn't jump or uncrouch, even after reloading (yes I tried both crouch and crouch-toggle buttons). Then the game saved right as there were a bunch of bullets flying at my head, so when I reload I die instantly. At this point I gave up on this terrible, terrible game, and just watched the ending on YouTube. I'm glad I did, because it looks like I didn't miss much. Expand
  40. Dec 6, 2012
    I'd actually give this game a 9.5. It has a few flaws that have been pointed out plenty... And despite said flaws its one of the most engrossing, immersive games I've ever played. On ranger mode, I feel as though I'm down in the Metro myself. The graphics are fairly decent as well and the story is an incredible journey even if the ending and overall goal are somewhat disapointing. Buy this game, its well worth the bargain deals you'll find it in and is much better than the vast majority of **** on the market now. Expand
  41. Dec 13, 2012
    Over all the combat is quite bad..
    For me it was always a struggle to find out how bad the AI was made, i could for example not stealth very effective because the guards would have night vision, and flash light on at the same time so you would not know.
    I could climb around on a roof and shine 3 guards in the face with my charged up flashlight with out them getting alert to
    From hard and up in difficulty is very very dificult. It should be one shot one kill if you aim right, because that would be realistic right? .. no no.. 3 shotgun blasts in the face, guard still stands. Kills you with 1-2 shots as soon as he turns.

    I also wanted the full experience so if its all going on in russia it should be in russian in my opinion. But you will miss alot of the "none important" people are saying in bars, weapon dealers, stations. Because its not subtitles which upset me quite a bit. It seems like a game that was slapped together in 2 months time, they even spared expenses on the sounds and used sounds from CS. ALOT

    The only good things i have to say is the landscape was well made and the atmosphere is really taking you in (you will know what i mean when you step out of the metro first time)

    I dont see how the hell, many of the top critics is praising it so much, i guess more was spend on greasing hands than on the actual game. It seems like it.
  42. Dec 26, 2012
    Are you confused as to what to make of the reviews? Metro 2033 is very cheap, and for that alone you're probably better off buying it. This is an incredibly linear FPS experience - you will rarely be able to make decisions, very little interaction is allowed between the environment and the player, and perhaps most frustrating are the weapons and resources. There's a lack of them. If, like me, you play on the highest difficulty, you'll find yourself scarce with ammunition, and seldom able to buy anything in the stores. AIs in this game are frustrating, with stealth very difficult to utilize. The game passes far too quickly, and the plot becomes predictable. I may be a little pedantic, but if you're sick of the typical post-apocalyptic linear, "you're the special one", kind of FPS, then you won't have made much of a mistake walking past this game. There were some enjoyable moments, but they were drowned by very long scenes and gruesome AIs. Expand
  43. Jan 12, 2013
    Great game, cool graphics, great story since it is based on one of the best apocalyptic novels, great stealth mechanics. The only bad part is shooting people (Not monsters) feels like shooting a wall.
  44. Jan 25, 2013
    A pretty good story spoiled by some very poor mechanics, with hind sight I wish I had not thrown away good money on this and just got the book instead.
  45. Mar 31, 2013
    I got this game for free from the THQ facebook page, so the logical reaction was "eh it might be good for a small bit of laughs" wow was I in for a surprise. The next 2 days were jam packed of this game, from my view point of a harder difficulty level (I played on the second hardest I believe) It was very challenging. I actually felt like it was a post apocalyptic world! Low ammunition, limited gas mask canisters, harder to find money. I actually found myself keeping ammo and trying to conserve it so I would be ready for whatever was around the next corner,I even jumped a good bunch of times from scary ass that was all over the place, if I had one tip to give to you, it would be to play this game with good quality headphones, the sounds were amazing, immersive and enjoyable. And then there's the story, oh man the story is amazing with multiple endings that even today's games don't have, I think it had 3 or 4 different endings depending on your play style and difficult moral decisions made in the heat of critical and pivotal points in the story.Overall an amazing game, I could run it on my laptop, it didn't cost me a dime, and it was an unparalleled experience in a game for me, the story stuck in my head for days after thinking about how people see things, and wondering what those other endings were. I HAD to play this game again too! Wait what? A free, single player game that has a ton of re playability?! Yes. You know what I'm done telling you why this game kicks so much ass, go get it! it's worth every cent, if any, and it offers so much. Top 10 material my friends. Expand
  46. Apr 5, 2013
    I was on my guard before playing this... the developers were giving it free if you liked on facebook their page... I saw good reviews and decided to try it out even if resume shortly, was a free facebook game lol.

    How good can be a game sold 50$ and now free for a short period of time...
    They say time are hard, many company close doors, which THQ, was part of.
    Don't fool yourself,
    this game may be 5$ on steam right now, but it worth the 60$ if you like this linear storywise kind of game. It brings you to another world, which is terribly horrible in this one...Having to live in sewers, never seen the sun, nor breath fresh air. Having to defend tunnels daily by some dark creatures. The graphics are amazing, the voice acting are such incredible, you'll live this game. Expand
  47. Aug 20, 2013
    Metro 2033 has great graphics and detailed environments, the world is believable and maybe the best since Bioshock 1.
    The storyline is interesting and creates much atmosphere.
    The combat feels unique and includes aspects of survival horror.
    On higher difficulties (Ranger Mode) this game is the ultimate challenge for the player.
    Almost no other game I have played was such a great
    experience, but be warned Metro 2033 is not a game for everyone. If you have been playing Call of Duty all day, this will feel strange Expand
  48. Jul 3, 2013
    Excellent graphics, enjoyable gameplay. Poor animation. Now after the last light, we can say The first part of that was interesting and high quality. Stels was hardcore, but it gave the game a reality and of interest
  49. Aug 5, 2013
    This game is like a good movie with a great atmosphere. A movie, that took me 15 hours to play for just 3.5€ (Steam summer offer). For this price (and even somewhat higher) I can fully recommend this game.
  50. Jul 7, 2013
    Story The story is based on the russian best-seller Metro 2033 (you might see that book in the game's decors), and from what i read of resumes, it's a kinda good adaptation of it.

    Also, the story is not like some stories where it's "we killed the monsters, they were 150 and we 5 but it's ok, nobody died", already at the start there are guys who die as example when Artyom starts his
    travel, they're 4 in the trolley, only 3 will reach the destination. And we see many characters and each of them having a certain personnality, something you don't always see in games.

    Gameplay You play the game as another FPS, with guns, knive, etc... But that's not all, you also have some interactive moments where you need to press fast a key to do some actions for example, mostly saving yourself. Said like this, it looks a bit like the other FPS, but it's not. It's not always easy to survive in the future You always need Gas Masks on you if you go to the surface or in radioactive areas, munitions are something you'll lack (especially in Ranger difficulties) if you don't aim for heads, you hesitate between using normal bullets or military ones, more efficace but used as money in the metro, you should always look for munitions or mask filters on corpses or secret caches. But thanksfully, you're not often alone, there are characters that helps you and fight with you in battle. Also, it's not only killing others, as there are different ways to finish some missions, such as remaining in shadows. For the Difficulty, it's not too easy but not that hard (except in Ranger Hardcore ^^") and the two ranger difficulties Ranger Easy and Ranger Hardcore offer a new way to play the game Forget your green weapon's viewfinder in the middle of the screen and ATH, forget the abundant munitions and gas filters, and good luck with what remains ;)
    But there's a little problem about the Gameplay, when you have finished the game, except trying again in Ranger difficulties, you don't have anything to do, as there's no multiplayer or cooperative mode, what could have been really nice, surviving with one or more friends against the mutants and bad guys.

    Graphics The graphics are really impressive. No problem with that imo. With those graphics, it's kinda like if you were in the game, especially when you play with a 1920*1080 screen and graphics options to the maximum (and that you overload your computer power like this).
    Just, be sure that your PC is decent before playing it or reduce a bit the graphics options.

    Conclusion :

    A cheap game with really nice graphics with a nice story and a good difficulty. Also, it includes a good way to play the game differently and that's really nice (even if it's hard).
    The only problem is the lack of a Cooperation/Multiplayer mode.
    So, a good game that i recommend you to buy.

    Rating 4/5
  51. Oct 20, 2013
    Graphic & Sound: Nice detailed graphics and good sound which helps to build up tension.

    Story: The story tries to be serious and epic but fails. Every guy talks like he's tough but you don't buy it. Voices and monologues are repetitive. It seams like a bad patchwork of ideas.

    AI: The human AI is incredible accurate at spotting and blind at the same time. They can pinpoint me in pitch
    dark corners but don't realize if i kill a buddy in front of them. If one enemy gets alerted, everyone is and knows exactly where I am. This is one reason I stopped playing the game after 5 hours.

    In some games auto save helps the story but not in this. It was just annoying!

    I can't recommend the game
  52. Mar 17, 2014
    Metro 2033 has an interesting story, nice music and stunning visuals and can be very immersive at times. Unfortunately, the game also has many problems.

    Technical problems: There are bugs with the default configuration that you have to bypass before you can properly play the game. Enabling Vsync strangely improves the performance quite a bit and the default field of view is way too
    narrow and has to be changed in two config files. Aim sensivity is also messed up: It's too high for scoped weapons and too low for iron sights. It can be adjusted, but there's no way to make it good for both.

    Save games: The save locations are bad and there's no way to quick save or anything. Auto saving at fixed locations makes the saves a lot smaller, but the spots should be chosen carefully. I had to reload a chapter at least twice, because the game saved in situations that made it impossible to continue.

    The AI is pathetic: When one enemy notices you, every opponent in the map is locked on to you like an aimbot. This makes stealth play almost impossible. The enemies are even trying to shoot you through walls from points where they absolutely can't see or hear you, that's how hard they cheat. They also have unlimited ammo, naturally, and wearing a helmet means they can take several shots to the face.

    Game mechanics are poor and not properly explained: Pressing reload too long will load your military grade ammo (which serve as the game's currency) into your weapon and literally makes you shoot money at your opponents.

    Many of these problems (bad config, save system, dumbed down game mechanics) are typical console problems, so we once again have a very poorly adjusted port.

    I initially stopped playing as the first few levels are very poor and frustrating, because of the terrible save points, as mentioned before, and the AI of the human enemies is super bad. I eventually continued and finished the game and I'm glad I did. I don't want to spoil anything, but the game really gets a lot better in the second half.

    After all, Metro 2033 could have been great, but it's just good, because of the many bugs and oversights.
  53. Mar 13, 2014
    This game has a fantastic immersing and well designed environment, very detailed and creepy. The storyline it's good, but nothing astonishing. I like the fact that we are in a post-apocalyptic Moscow where every bullet, air filter and med-pack are essential to survive, so we have to be very careful with our limited resources. Except for the voices, the sound is pretty good. All the environment sounds and the beasts roars are scary as hell. The main problem of this game it's it poor and bad designed combat. The enemies and beasts knows exactly where you are, even if they haven't seen you and takes a huge amount of ammo to kill them in all difficulties. Also, they have a excellent precision at long distances with any weapon, which is very unrealistic. Apart from that, the game is very lineal, you can't explore anything, which is a pity due to the excellent environment design. To end this, I want to mention two details: Artyom is very boring, you can't see his face and doesn't talk and the graphic system is really bad optimized, so, if you don't have a very good computer, you will be suffering lag everytime.

    To sum up:

    The best: extremely innmersive and terrifyng post-apocalyptic Moscow.

    The worst: the poor and bad designed shooting combat.
  54. Sep 30, 2014
    Believe me, I really wanted to rate this game higher because I was so intrigued by the gritty atmosphere and setting, so much so that I read the novel just to delve into Artyom's psyche and backstory a little bit more. The story, characters and setting were all solid, and the game had so much potential, but it's unfortunate that the game has more than a few significant issues that really hamper the experience. The game is poorly optimised, the AI is lacking, stealth is kinda broken, mouse controls feel clunky and slow. As a result of all this, I can only see Metro 2033 as nothing more than a somewhat decent game, a flawed masterpiece.

    Overall rating - 7.3/10
  55. Sep 1, 2013
    A ok game, definitely not mediocre, but i had the sense that it was rehashing some scenes from Half-life 1 and 2 (and some episodes), in a very "meh" way.
    The graphics settings though are horrible, no way of customising them and the game is not optimised.
    The gameplay is very linear, and doesn't even try to hide it. More like train ride.
    If you are into this sort of thing, you'll enjoy
    As for the so called "beauty" of it, yeah it has some nice directX effects, but it is like looking at frozen garbage bin all the way (with some rare exceptions).
    Storywise it was quite promising, but they didn't bother to flesh it out.
    It ends up having all those story elements just to fill the empty space between shootings.
  56. Nov 14, 2011
    At times I love this game, and at times I hate this game.

    The atmosphere is incredible. The narration is great. Good graphics. Not the scariest game I've ever played, but still pretty creepy.

    The voice acting and animation is poor. The minimum allowed mouse sensitivity is still too high (I play at 700 DPI). The vertical sensitivity is less than the horizontal sensitivity... very
    annoying. The gunplay could be better. The character movement seems stilted. Expand
  57. Dec 4, 2011
    I would give this game a 7.5, but it is impossible. So, the game looks awesome, it has an awesome atmosphere, the story is good, and it feels a bit like Half-Life 2 only darker. The bad thing is - AI is not very good, voice acting is not the best. It's a linear game, but that's not a bad thing. It is also interesting and fun, and when you are tired of Call of Duty, then you should try this one.
  58. Mar 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't think anyone is against the fact that this game is beautiful, it looks gorgeous and is very atmospheric, especially visually. I also, storywise got to understand Artyom, and like him, better and better, I think he is introduced very well, and I like the small voice overs inbetween the tubes and stations and such that you visit. Horror wise, I think the first time you get to see those nosalus or W/E they call them, they can look like something out of a horror movie, but in the end they look like overgrown pigs with more humanoid form. Not the most scary I would say. At the point that I am at, have to find some explosives in one tube and bomb another tube so the monsters cannot get through then do something else in a different tube (its a while since I loaded up the game) I haven't really found the shadow people to be all that scary, I'm hoping that comes later, but atm it's not scary at all.
    I like the story of the game and how it is presented, I also like the gas mask mechanic, but I do feel that bullets aren't really all that scarce, if you loot every corpse for bullets you will soon have more than enough.
    I dislike the stealth mechanics, I was supposed to stealth through some station and save bourbon, in the end I decided that a frontal attack was probably more fun and rewarding for me... It was, however the story didn't like that choice, and even though I had cleared out the station of people intent on harming me, the story still decided to say that someone else helped me and that more people were following right behind wanting to gut me... That, I guess, is the only misstep so far for me, otherwise this is definitely a great game that I enjoy, its beautiful, atmospheric (I can almost smell the steam, the damp tunnels and the fear when walking in a tunnel like that only with a flashlight), the gunplay I like but the sounds could be better imo. All in all, and especially with the pricing these days, it should be in any gamers collection.
    Yes it is linear... You are walking around in TUNNELS for the most part of the game, it is difficult to expand a tunnel to encompass flanking when your fighting in a tunnel only wide enough for a train to pass through. Granted even in the city of Moscow there are a few invisible walls, I didn't find it to be burdensome at all, sometimes limitations are key to giving a great experience. I will give it an 8/10, since it DOES have it's faults, but it is a good enough game to warrant buying and especially these days when you can get it for less than 20â
  59. Sep 26, 2013
    Ironically, not even close to as sprawling and open world as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. Too slow paced to be a Call Of Duty game, and simply too boring to bother sitting through. Metro 2033 has its share of problems that compound as the game goes on, it suffers from a very slow intro-sequence that merely suggests you later come back to that exact same point in time. Though the mutated creatures are interesting, they don't vary much in appearance in one area, so you often spend time in the tunnels fighting bat-things, up top fighting rat things, or later fighting tall weird things. I could never understand how they made such a combat oriented game, play like a poor man's scripted first person shooter. The guns are clunky, the aiming is slow, the gas mask obscures your view for no good reason and isn't interesting from a realistic perspective. The visuals may be gorgeous, but they don't help the fact that this game is all over the place, its narrative is poor, its far too scripted to be entertaining, monster fights are over before too long, half the setup in some areas of the game devolve into shooting other humans, stealth sections were poorly done, and I didn't care for the ammo/ money system. It was far too easy to re-install S.T.A.L.K.E.R. over this game. I didn't care for the atmosphere, it felt like it was borrowing just a bit too much from some other game I've previously mentioned. It never hit mainstream appeal, so thank goodness for that. At least I realized that a beastly computer alongside some fantastic graphics aren't all that make up this game. I consider Metro 2033 more of a tech demo than an actual game, much like Crysis. Expand
  60. May 4, 2013
    A very atmospheric and immersive FPS, but it's not without issues. Graphics are top-notch, but the engine is unoptimized. I got some slowdown even on my monster of a PC. It's unacceptable when I can run more graphically advanced games at smooth framerates but experience slowdown with this one. The aesthetic is very bleak. The game basically consists of 3 colors... grey, black, and radioactive green. This isn't a bad thing. It sets the mood very well. Music and sound is also great. Gameplay is fairly standard FPS with some stealth elements. I wasn't a big fan of the stealth sections to be honest, primarily because the enemy AI seemed a little random as far as detection is concerned. Levels are very linear. I can't say I'm a fan of the "3 gun types" inventory system, but I've seen worse. Here's to hoping that they fix the issues in Last Light! Expand
  61. Mar 7, 2012
    Good fun on first playthrough but not much to offer past that. Levels are linear and you find yourself being pulled along by the game when what you want to do is stop, take a breath and look around. That said, the visual and sound design are very good and has some fantastic (quicktime) sequences, the atmosphere is excellent, though I wish the player was awarded more freedom.
  62. Jan 18, 2013
    I played this game in the original Russian language, while reading the first (in the series) book "Metro 2033: No Escape" by Dmitry Glukhovsky. I must say, what i really liked about the game is its mood and atmosphere; what i didn't like was its shortness: why not make it longer, deeper, more involving? There are quite a few parallels with Stalker games (and the book by Strugatski brothers "Picnick on the Side of the Road" of course) which are mentioned briefly but never explored. Why? So much chance to deepen the game is just brushed away! So much of the Moscow Metro area is left unexplored (you cover about 5% of the metro stations in game). Why?
    So, while the game is well-paced, and yes - linear, it leaves many aspects of two good novels untouched, unexplored. I finished the game in 10 hours on normal dif. What else can i say?
  63. Jan 14, 2013
    The atmosphere of the game is amazing! Graphics aside from the faces are great! Story is good as well. The game is very likable. But.... There are serious issues with the game. on "normal" setting the enemies are unrealisticly tough, One shotgun shoot to the face will kill your enemy up close. Yet it takes 3!!
    also, majority of people you meet are little more than mannequins, who won't
    speak or react to you in any way. Which is kind of bad, becasue it takes away from the experience. Overall, I wanted to give to game a higher score.. but the shooter part, which the game is. Isnt up to standards. Expand
  64. JnD
    Oct 6, 2012
    I wanted to give this game a 10 because of it's visuals and atmosphere. They were able to pull off sort of a Half-Life / F.E.A.R. mix, with a unique spin on things. Where the game started to fall apart was in the A.I. department, and the mechanics on how combat worked. To compare, Crysis Warhead offered very smooth game play, where this was a little stiff. The closest games I can think of as far as how movement feels would be Oblivion or Skyrim. Nothing against those games, but for a base FPS; moving, shooting, and aiming are critical. Having said all that, it's nowhere near bad enough to ruin the game as many seem to suggest. Where Metro shines as bright as the Sun is in the stunning visuals you see throughout the game. The models, textures, post process effects, lighting and atmosphere are outstanding. If you have a machine that can handle DX11, I can't think of a better game that fully uses that technology. If you can look past some rough edges when it comes to the A.I. and combat, this game is well worth buying, and playing through more than once. Expand
  65. Nov 8, 2014
    Now i could make a long review on how great or poor this game is, however in order to do that the game has to work.
    However this game does not work so the score of 0 should fit this awful product.

    Now i will end this review, since i have already spend more time on this review then these eastern european lessers on testing this product.
  66. Sep 10, 2012
    I'll give this game an eight, because I personally value story above gameplay. Metro 2033 is a post-apocalyptic FPS with survival horror elements. First off, the attention-to-detail is astounding: the amount of work that went into every tiny detail of the environment really helps draw you into the world even if it makes the linear levels somewhat confusing to navigate. The story is quite well-done, although the inconsistency of the almost-silent protagonist can be jarring; the main character, Artyom, briefs each mission beforehand in the form of a diary but goes completely silent once gameplay resumes. The game also has the makings of quite a good atmosphere but never really takes full advantage of it, being quite creepy at best but never very scary. The gameplay is Metro's weakest point: I'm sure I don't need to go over the AI problem and gunplay, just scroll down to one of the hum drum 0's down there. So quick summary; good story, interesting atmosphere, average gameplay, linear levels and great attention-to-detail. Expand
  67. Dec 5, 2012
    Can't buy filters at Polis and they throw me directly to the surface to die. -2 for not thinking about such an obvious storyline bug. Also -2 for needing a supercomputer to play it at the lowest setting. A grenade explosion gets me from 50-70fps to 15fps. WTF?
  68. Nov 9, 2011
    My score is based on the fact that this is an Indie game. A really great Indie game. The story follows a book, which I haven't read because it's not translated in English, and is actually a very interesting story. Different twists throughout the game kept me guessing as to what might happen next. The shooting works really well and there is a keen attention to detail in the game that some will appreciate and others will find annoying. The game is very immersive and draws you in exactly like a good book would do. Like others have said the enemy A.I. is half stupid at best and full stupid at worst. Play it on a harder difficulty because anything else is too easy. Payed $5 USD for the game and it was fun for a week or so. In my mind that is a good purchase. Graphics are top notch if your computer can handle them. All except for some of the hair models. Yes I said hair. The character models literally look like they have plastic hair that is glued on sometimes. Can't wait for Metro: Last Light to come out next year. I will definetely be buying it on day 1. Expand
  69. Apr 25, 2013
    Whats there to say about a game I barley can play, The story was interesting, the atmosphere was cool but ive seen it done before, game startles you at moments, but the pc version is a mess. The game crashes, theres bugs hear and there, and theres no fix at all. Im not buying metro last light because of this.
  70. Nov 15, 2011
    first off the grafxs with dx11 cranked all the way up wow (until you go out side) the lvls are cramped but its called metro so what do you think its going to be like . I found the game quite hard but do able .. it is a very intense ride with some creepy bits , its dark down there monsters want to kill you people want to kill you.. performance for how good it looks its not bad for me i keep msaa off and dof it will run and look real nice
    i would score it higher but the small lvls and liner gameplay get to me
  71. Nov 29, 2011
    Enjoyable game with a good atmosphere and great graphics, but there are a few issues that I do not care for. First, the game engine seems to make the player jerky. In other words, the movement is not very smooth. Some of the section of the game seem a little more difficult as they should be, such as running out of ammo at critical times. If you catch Metro 2033 on sale, I think its worth the money. Expand
  72. Apr 24, 2013
    Yes, game is linear. Yes, game does not offer characters to really have a relationship with. Yes, the main character (you) cannot talk during the game, only talks in cut scenes. Yes, the game has not weapon customization, but a few weapons to choose from. Althought above 'missing features' the game is: still very enjoying to play even if you know some enemies will pop-up after 3rd time play.
    still has a story that could depict the future earth if we are truly so stupid to think war solves problems.
    still.... only the small world that is heavily scripted, creates the immersion if I compare this with
    games like Skyrim, I rather have Metro 2033. The reason is simple: the action moments are very compact, good scriptted action after good scripted action. In skyrim, you have to wait and see what happens. Usually skyrim gives another boring fight. THAT's why so many people like me like Metro 2033.

    I am not giving a 10 because it can still be improved.
  73. Dec 28, 2013
    My favorite FPS shooter right below BioShock. Metro is incredibly unique and has one of the most polished feels I've ever experienced. You know an FPS is good when you literally have enjoyment from just shooting the gun itself, even if it's not at a target. This game is just so interestingly fascinating and has it's own entire style. The game length is perfect as well, just the right time for the story it tells, which is very cool to follow as well. Has some great humor in some parts and a very fair learning curve. Great balancing as well, it really makes you feel like you're surviving off the bare minimum. Despite people's complaining about graphic issues, this game is almost flawless. I've come across a couple bugs, and as long as you have a good computer, you'll have no problem running this game, which is absolutely beautiful by the way! If you're sick of half-assed FPS's that just want money (CoD comes to mind), get this game, it will give you hope for the FPS genre yet. Expand
  74. Sep 21, 2013
    I enjoyed the story and I wish there was more of the supernatural events that occur near the beginning throughout the game, after the first 1/4 I bought Last Light, but as the game went on I hope I don't regret the purchase, 2033 had some very drawn out parts, particularly the combat, which features retarded AI that takes away any fun; I found myself playing through parts to view the cut scenes and get to the atmospheric areas, ie. the safe areas, they are beautiful, I found myself just standing to listen to the music at some points.
    YES IT IS LINEAR. Get over it. BOOKS are rather linear too; you don't read a book that tells you a story from page 1 to 300 and get upset you can't flip around as you choose. I think one needs to realize that, it's not open world; and it does a good job at telling that story and utilizing elements that could not be found in multiplayer.
    Cons: AI is retarded, sometimes they just walk around in circles or get stuck in a path. A little drawn out, 10hrs to play, but only 6hrs had me "hooked", most of the combat I did not enjoy due to the AI. No save feature, sometimes the auto save would save when my mask got cracked, so I'd have to restart the whole level, huge piss off. There will be scenes where you will have to look on youtube to figure out what to do, judging by the comments on the videos, I am far from being alone here. Even though it's linear, there are 3-4 places where you will ask yourself "wtf does the game want me to do?!!?"
    Pros: Features not found in other games, like the gas mask and creative use of cutscenes. The ending is quite interesting, abstract and dream like. I questioned my "choices", I wondered what some of the cut scenes were all along. (I wish the game had MORE of those and less combat).
    5/10 Rainy day game, 10hrs to beat. Will not play again. Get it on sale. I'm hoping Last Light solves all these issues, I look forward to the atmospheres I will find there.
  75. May 5, 2013
    This has to be one of the best games I've ever played! The atmosphere is the best I've ever seen in a game and the story is so...good. There are a few bugs here and there but it's nothing that will keep you from playing the game. The game is not very long but the first time you play it it will take 7- 10 hours would be my guess, but you could probably complete it in 5 hours in you rush like hell. If you haven't played Metro 2033 then go play it!!! Can't wait for Metro: last light!! Expand
  76. Jan 18, 2012
    OK I just finished this game and it was pretty good. Like most people have said the ending left a bit to be desired. But it was scary enough and enough action to make it a good game. Other than the ending the only complaints I have were the walking and running were a bit odd in how they were designed and when an human enemy died....well...let's just say you aren't that vocal when you die lol. Also, there were a times when it took too many shots to kill someone or something. All in all though for $5.43 (total off of steam) and playing for about 27 hours ($.20/hr) it was a great bargain and worth the time to play it. Expand
  77. May 17, 2013
    For the reason at the bottom of this review I'll go post this on the x360 page too.

    Among the best atmosphere in a game so far, it's somehow linear but in way that makes you feel more free than how you actually are, in this game you actually cares about your weapons and stuff, you can feel every bullet you or your enemies fires, you have to fight against various kinds of threats,
    enemies, time and fears in an environment that really sucks you in, it's a mature and tense experience able to drag a bit of the scary kid out of everyone no matters age or experience, kids you are warned.
    Complaints about a narrow FOV are just nonsense from beginners, this game is supposed to give a good amount of claustrophobic feeling and is pretty damn good at it, complaints about weapons "feeling" lets clearly understand who played it with a controller and who didn't, usually mouse and keyboard doesn't have a rumble pack inside, actually a controller is the best way to play many games and many PC gamers have to realize that mouse and keyboard weren't planned to play games while a controller, yes. The sounds are creepy and relaxing at a right pace, the graphics looks really good but are heavy at higher settings on non high-spec or old machines, the AI is balanced and challenging, if you walk on glass or alarms, no wonder they will hear you and suspect something is going on, in a reality in which everything can kill you the fact they set up traps an get immediately alerted is quite reasonable, it's not about "you" but everyone and "everything" could be there.
    Many of the few complaints I've seen here among the negative reviews seems to come from beginners or people scared by this game that are actually searching for other reasons to mask their feelings and to "punish" the game...childish, there are people simply giving a 0 to this game due to the fact they haven't understood this game or they've thought it were something else, NO, it's not Call of Duty, it's a damn immersive experience and it NEEDS a more narrow field of view than other shooters for kids, it's an engaging, immersive and amusingly punitive hard-core experience for mature "minds" regardless of physical age.
    Few "here and there" and the fact that on PC it has heavily requirements to be pushed to the limit would require a little lowering of my rating that would approximate more a high 9 than a 10 but the fact that there are people giving out 0-4 not being able to roam the configuration menus or not reading all the hints the game gives out lead me to round this up to 10 just to balance this unfairness, a good game getting bad rating from bad players is something that drives me mad, when I realize that a game is not my kind and or I don't have enough skill to play it, simply I don't drop crap on it giving a bad rating and blaming as a fault of the game itself.

    The short version is: I've played it on the 360 a first time and decided to replay it on PC to enjoy better graphics and sound lately while waiting for Last Light, by my point of view it's a masterpiece and never gets old, every serious gamer should not miss this experience.
  78. Nov 25, 2012
    A game that oozes atmosphere with it's immersive setting, complemented with high quality graphics and sound effects. Metro puts in place a solid story that works but the gameplay is where Metro 2033 falls short. Getting the gameplay right is essential which is why I'm giving this only a 6 despite all the other niceties. The stealth aspect is completely broken and the gunplay isn't exactly stellar. A lot of the time, I found levels to be dull and tedious. There are a few innovative ideas here and there that I like, but it doesn't cover up the mediocre firefights and stealthy bits. Expand
  79. Mar 14, 2012
    If there was better optimalization of the game i would give higher. Captivating story told through the game. Certainly one of the best single player FPS i have played recently. You can choose to play stealth style in some places and it was entertaining to find a way around. Characters fit the story and fulfill their roles there was nothing much breaking there. All in all well deserved 8.
  80. Apr 4, 2012
    Very good shooter. This game is based on a book, and it's story quality shows. Good graphics and sound, very well achieved Ambient.
    Highly recommend it.
  81. Nov 4, 2013
    Very nice game, not an RPG or even an FPS for that matter since you can sneak past most of the enemies, its a story telling game were you get to be in the shoes of Artyum, a man forced to face hell to save hes people, I'm not going to say more but i highly recommend.
  82. Aug 6, 2012
    An entertaining linear, FPS, story-driven game for a price around $15 USD. Entertaining story. Entertaining gameplay: expansive and creative difficulty options, rewarding stealth gameplay, variety; some gameplay issues (ex. gas masks seem to run out too quick). A well done linear FPS, overall. Seemingly poor programming/not an optimized game -- seemingly low frames per second even for high end machines, but still playable. Pretty environments. Not exceptional AI, but its good enough. Game doesn't really feel finished. Expand
  83. Sep 18, 2013
    After 3 years of almost ignoring this game, Steam had a sale and got it. FLIPPING AMAZING.

    Is easily the best FPS story shooter since Bishock 1 and is WAY better then Bio Infinite. (also better then its successor Last Light)
  84. Jul 27, 2014
    I liked this game for all the reasons I hated DOOM. Unlike most horror games where they rely on cheap thrills there was more development here placing the player into the game-world. I rarely felt like the thrills and chills were cliche, there was typically a reason for enemies to be where they were or for the player. The game was linear and short but this is forgivable because the quality was good and they did hint at the book they were promoting throughout the game. This didn't bother me so much because it was just something present in the background throughout the game but not pushed on the player so much. There were many times where I felt I was on a theme park ride being projected from one sequence to the next as the linear progression developed from one chapter to the next and I often felt like I was rushing through to keep the story going. I had a similar experience with their sequel Metro: Last Light. This game is definitely worth playing, I'd suggest playing normal mode and or hardest, then going back and playing it on the easiest setting just to go trigger-happy. Unfortunately there are no dev kits for this game series--which would be really cool to further support the developers by recycling assets for more playing time. Like a movie you can only play through the game so many times before it gets old... the assets in this series would be excellent for some zombie survival genre or horror knockoffs by fans. Expand
  85. Apr 17, 2013
    This is a fantastic game that requires stealth and knowing when to fire. I found that when I was running into trouble I was shooting when it was far better to hold my fire and conserve ammo. The story is VERY well written, the voice acting is remarkably good and the immersion is unprecedented. This is NOT an easy game even on normal. I can only imagine how rough it is using Ranger mode. I am very impressed and enjoyed it so much I pre-ordered Last Light which I NEVER do.

    I am convinced that those who gave it negative reviews simply dislike that they had to THINK rather than just run and gun like COD, Battlefield and a whole host of other marginal FPS games.
  86. Jun 1, 2013
    WHY THE HELL DID I MISS THIS ON RELEASE!? What a totally awesome experience! Those guys at 4A did one hell of a job! Others have already said the good bits so my advice, if you love gripping and immersive horror shooters, GET THIS GAME NOW!
  87. Oct 7, 2012
    Very good game, and also, very frightening. It does take a bit of skill to get through, even on difficulty 'normal'. The design is very nice, and if you are out after a scary game, this is the one you're looking for ;). The thing keeping this down a bit is - I think this was mentioned in another review - the lack of exploration. There isn't much space to run around wherever you want. But to counter that -- You don't want to run around and explore in this game! You want to finish the task you've been given, and complete the quest. So for anyone looking for a scary game, this is the one. Expand
  88. Oct 14, 2012
    This game is extremely good regarding graphic and atmosphere: you really feel like a survivor in a after-bomb world, trying to survive against mutants, communists and nazis.
    You can count on several weapons, upgradable with silencers, scopes, ecc. The story itself is enjoyable, and longevity is good (about 20 hours on Hard).
    The bad? You can't quicksave, human enemies are extremely
    deadly even from afar, mutants aren't as scary as they try to be. Also, you'll die much, very much, from human fire: keep it in mind.
    If you can stand a game which wants you to work hard for every inch of progress, paying you off with beautiful scenery and atmosphere, then get Metro 2033.
  89. Jun 23, 2013
    Linear, linear, linear. I thought we were past this by now? Yes, tunnels can be linear but why can't I barge through a wooden barricade or cut a wire fence to find an alternative route? And when I'm in the open, why the hell can't I climb up a wall or pass through some trees to avoid a boss fight?

    Some aspects of the game are quite good but, for me, it was overshadowed by the distinct
    lack of choices and the limited size of the maps.

    On a positive side it looks pretty good. But there were plenty of areas that looked like they were low resolution textures, which I found quite disappointing when I spotted them. It's not as bad as Rage though nothing could be THAT bad.

    So, the game ok. But for mew it was a disappointment and certainly not worth $60.
  90. Mar 6, 2013
    I beat this game in 11 hours. That's not my gripe- my gripe is that I was hoping the game would end after 4. There's nothing novel introduced after the first few levels- you've seen almost all the bad guys and used almost all the guns. The levels are very straightfoward, as is the plot- there is no excitement at all. In fact, you have the same objective ("Reach Polis") for about 75% of the game; the plot lost me for the rest of the game. The game has some challenging elements with its shooting- but only when you're shooting other people. When you fight mutants, you use the same strategy- fire while backpedaling. At least while fighting people, you have to take cover or use grenades. So, to summarize: a bland storyline, bland gameplay, bland character choices. Expand
  91. Dec 13, 2012
    STALKER ripoff with a stronger plot but very linear. It has some memorable moments but the endings are awful and unrewarding. Definitely worth checking out for the strong atmosphere and unique (albeit occasionally ridiculous) storyline but only worth one playthrough.
  92. Dec 28, 2013
    An underrated gem if I've ever saw one.
    This game is dripping with atmosphere like an overweight bus driver drips with sweat in the middle of summer. It's pouring with it.
    Your journey through Metro tunnels and brief ventures across the surface are some of the tensest, most unnerving moments is gaming I've ever come across.
    Now, this is not a horror game but the atmosphere and amazing
    sound engineering will keep you sweating and on your toes. There are no "booga-booga!" moments but you'll holding your breath as a huge horde of mutants are chasing you down a tunnel while your flashlight battery is dying and your gas mask filter is running out. Metro 2033 is very good at toying with your 'fight-or-fly' response. In this game, you forget what you know about gaming and start relying on your instincts. Very immersive.

    There are a few flaws with the game though. Weapons feel under-powered and lack of feedback on whether you actually hit your target takes the satisfaction of gunning down enemies. Stealth is plain broken. You'll have a heck of time trying to sneak around. The English voice acting is also bit weak, but really, play it with Russian voices and English subtitles. The Russian Voice acting is way, way better.

    All this is forgiven when you see what the game does right, like pacing of the story (which is very good), the mechanics of your actual equipment like cranking a dynamo to keep your flashlight battery charged and the mysterious, hidden karma system.

    This game is not for everyone. Some people will be confused by a game where Russians are shown as humans, with all their flaws and virtues, instead of mindless cannon fodder.
    Sure, it is no for everyone, but it's almost like a Tarkovsky film, dense and filled with obscure meaning, but once you open yourself to it, you will find a rich, unique experience which is seldom found in gaming.
  93. Dec 19, 2012
    Great FPS game with interesting world and story and amazing atmosphere. However, there's couple of flaws: stealth mechanics are bit clumsy and seem superimposed, and while the game is very beautiful, the engine still feels rather badly optimized.
  94. Jan 4, 2013
    bought this game 75%off otherwise could have been a waste of money , first the good.. storyline mainly a stole from enemy at the gates movie brought from 1942 to 2033 is ok, graphics are exellent , the bad , your pc fan will overload to cool down the cpu and videocard, gameplay revolves around finding bullets whic are extremely rare u have to strip every corpse you encounter to find 3 bullets in one. the ugly realism stops when you shoot your enemy you precious bullets only work half the time the other half you seem to be shooting blanks sometime you can empty your inventory shooting at an enemy point blank with not a scrach , while it takes him only 1 or 2 shots in normal difficulty to make reload the game. final thoughts great graphics running on a poor unexiting engine that makes you give up the game quickly. Expand
  95. May 19, 2013
    Metro 2033 is set in a dark and bleak world. Where humanity is at it's last and in hope of surviving from the mutant hordes and other people. This game delivers a good setting where no other video game took, underground in the Moscow Metro. After the war, which has not much been told of. The surface of Moscow and the rest of the world has become irradiated with toxic air, requiring you to wear your gas mask at all times. You will need to look around for filters, to continue breathing and living. But at the same time you have to be aware of mutants that roam the surface. It's story is well told in it's well done setting and atmosphere. Graphically it looks good but not good at the same time. It's combat is not that well caught up to now but it's fine. Though stealth is a huge problem and broken, don't try to go on that approach. You will indeed have to scavenge for ammo at all times, even in the surface. But in the metro, the air is not toxic in most areas. Those are the only spots which you may breathe without a gas mask. The game also delivers a well told story starring a man named Artyom, who survived the great war and retreated into the Moscow Metro with the others. Metro 2033 almost has it's own mystery behind it, that makes you wonder what all the fuzz is about. But it feels as if only half of the mystery is only answered, leaving it at the center of satisfaction. Overall, this game may not be for everyone. If you are looking for a fresh atmosphere, cool setting, and a well told story. This game may surprise you. It may be worth it. Expand
  96. Feb 5, 2014
    A great game very different from what someone would expect from a first-person-shooter. The atmosphere is original and top notch, the graphics hold up pretty well and the firefights are exhillerating. Something from the atmosphere of the first Gears of War, FEAR and a lot of darkness.

    The drawbacks are that it has a steep learning curve and the AI is problematic. Also the game could use
    some puzzles or smthing like puzzles because of its nature. The story and universe are incredible, though I expected a bit more info up till the end.

    Overall, the authenticity is there and except from a few problems, I can't wait till I get my hands on Last Light. The PC version is far superior to the console version.
  97. Jan 8, 2013
    Really good gameplay, a great atmosphere, it just feels a bit rushed and strange to play is all. Also, this thing will eat your graphics card alive, be sure to ask your local supercomputer company if they have rentals.
  98. May 19, 2013
    metro 2033 is just epic!!! this is a super amazing game. the game has a lot of problems, and because of that it doesnt get a 9 or a 10. ill start with the good parts. the strongest aspect of metro 2033 is the atmosphere. 4a games just nailed this. this is one of the best atmospheres i have ever seen, and it stands with the best, like bioshock. listening to peoples conversations is just great and touching. the people talk about the future, and what was before the war. the NPCs disscussions are just amazing!!!! this really gives the game a big part of its atmosphere. the voice acting is also great. some of them arent so good but for the most part its great. the game is really sad and grim. this saddness is really present in the game, and you can really feel it. lighting effects are really spectacular. the graphics in general are great but the lighting is just amazing and really helps the atmosphere and gameplay! the game draws you in really really good. if you didnt understand this until now, the atmosphere and the feel of the game is super awesome. if your looking for awesome atmosphere and story this is the game. this is one of the best in this department!!!! the game is really immersive, because it does little things to take you in. for instance when your out of the metro stations and tunnels you need to put a gasmask and change filters every few minutes. this makes the game really imerssive. another example is that you need to charge your flashlight by hand. all this little things make metro so appealing. the story is amazing as well!!! the story talks about survival and about how humans never stop fighting. overall the story is really great. the locations are also really varied as well. though a lot of the game is undergroung, the locations are much more varied than other games. in the game you also stop in metro stations that are like villages. they are done fantastically. again, THE ATMOSPHERE IS JUST AMAZING AND THE GAME IS SUPER IMMERSIVE!!!!!!!!!!! though the atmosphere is great, the game has a lot of mistakes that take it down. first of all, the human AI is crap. the AI is really bad and stupid. it will run near you, not understanding what to do. the mutants AI is ok though. another big issue is that HUMANS HAVE WAY TO MUCH LIFE until they die. i understand giving the animals a lot of life but human take way too much bullets!!! another big thing is that the game has way too much glitches. there are a lot of them. one of them is enemys falling through walls after they die. there are more glitches besides this, and while its not gamebreaking, its still pritty bad. the stealth system is crappy as well. throwing a silent knife and missing can alert everyone exactly where you are. the gunplay isnt particularly bad, but its a bit old. the biggest problem with the gunplay is scopes. aiming down sights with scoped is annoying and doesnt work well. the problems of crappy stealth and mediocore gunplay make some fights a bit annoying. some levels feel like you should be stealthy, but its impossible to do it. if your caught you use the gunplay, and the humans take so much bullets that it can get a bit annoying. this moments occur in my last complaint, which is difficulty jumps. i dont mind a game being hard, but in metro 2033, there were weird and annoying difficulty jumps. there werent too much of them, but some of them were really annoying.

    with all its flaws, metro 2033 is super awesome!!!! if you think about buying this then you should buy it if you want atmosphere. the gameplay here can be better so you shouldnt buy it for the gameplay only.
    THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. Jun 10, 2014
    This game's extremely short, but my mere 8 hours of experience was awesome.

    Very, very atmospheric and beautiful.

    The only "con" I can find with this game is its seemingly awkward combat mechanics (against the mutants).
  100. Apr 1, 2013
    Ive tried a couple of times to play metro and the shockingly poor combat keeps stopping me, the way the AI knows where you are and can hit perfectly from like 100-200 metres away yet you struggle to hit someone 10 metres away is soo annoying. there is no stealth.... you creep up and put a silenced gun to the back of a enemy's head and fire.... The guy lives and turns around and shoots you dead in 1 -2 shots and if you live the super soldiers all know where you are and your dead again.

    The sound is good, i liked the breathing effect when you have the mask on although the cheesy Russian accents are bad.
    The graphics are pretty good, but hard to believe i get a better FPS on the new tomb raider on max settings than on this
    The story seemed ok, i was interested but the combat has ruined this for me... i may try again but at this moment i feel its a waste of my time

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  1. May 30, 2011
    Your enjoyment of Metro 2033 hinges on your willingness to let a game batter you into submission.
  2. 4A Games leaves you no choice but to engage with the gameplay of Metro 2033 because of its dark tone and great story. Hardcore gamers looking for a unique experience in PC ultimately will be rewarded by this atmospheric and fast-paced shooter.
  3. Novel and videogame join to compose a very interesting proposal in the saturated first person action genre.