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  1. May 16, 2014
    This DLC is basically a scam. Ranger mode was hailed as the "Way it's meant to be played" and is locked behind a pay wall. That's not the only bad part, either. Ranger Mode itself is flawed. If you want the real experience, you play on Ranger Hardcore mode ( there is a separate "Ranger" mode which i didn't play). In Ranger Hardcore, you lose every single piece of your HUD. This is where the problem is. There is no notification for quicktime events. There no way to see how many spare filters you have. You can't see how much ammo you have for your weapons. You can't see how many bullets you have in your magazine. You can't tell if you've accidentally loaded Military grade rounds into your rifle until you've fired it. You can't tell what grenade you have equipped. At first, I thought "Okay, maybe Polis Rangers are just idiots and don't know how to look at bullets." Then I pressed Tab. In normal mode, when you hold in Tab a screen pops up and you can move your mouse in a certain direction to select which grenade/claymore/throwing knife you want. You can also see how much ammo you have. So in Ranger mode i press Tab to see if anything happens. Nothing comes up on screen. Then i hold tab and move my mouse around to try and select a different grenade. And i hear the sound that the game makes when you change grenade types. So i tossed a grenade, then i pressed tab, moved my mouse around aimlessly and then i pressed the grenade throw button and i tossed a throwing knife. I mean, is this seriously what you did for Ranger Mode? All the overlays are there, they're just invisible. Seriously? How lazy and broken is this mode? The only way to see how much ammo you have is to go to a vendor in a town and buy some. This mode could have been fun, instead it's completely flawed and lazily put together. A complete waste. Expand