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  1. Aug 24, 2014
    10x times better than the first, both technically and...everything else. If you liked the first (or even if you didn't like it that much), you will like this. 88/100. 15 hours for a good explored playthrough.
  2. Aug 21, 2014
    Awesome graphic textures and atmosphere, pretty good performance, a good story, a fairly long campaign, and retains the gritty Metro feel that was present in the previous game.
  3. Aug 14, 2014
    Awesome game very thrill to play ,graphics is so good i give 10 for this game very horror don't miss it,guns are massive shot but very hard to play awesome
  4. Aug 6, 2014
    It's not a perfect game, but... when I started - I just played as long as I reach the end. No matter what's bad in this title, above all, last times there wasn't too many games which keep me longer. This one have this "something" what makes You want to finish it. Not long, that's true (and yeah, a bit too short) but in 101% worth it. For me one of the best gaming experience from loooong time.
  5. Jul 27, 2014
    They took everything I liked about the first Metro and added to it even more I like. The only reason I don't give this 10/10 is that again it is very linear and at times inconsistent. You should own and play this game it is an excellent game with high quality art: characters, environments, weapons, voice acting, music, sound effects! etc. Great controls, pacing and atmosphere etc. I am nearly shocked how great this game is in comparison to how bad STALKER was--considering the guys who made and worked on this game with the 4A engine. Then again they must have had learned a lot their experience with STALKER--a game with horrible controls and inconsistency everywhere. I played this game for the first time on Ranger Hardcore mode, which was indeed very difficult but manageable. The harder difficulty settings did not seem so thought out. Secondary weapons were rendered useless and certain methods in the game like replacing mask filters inconsistent--like having to take the mask off to replace a filter (nonsense), poor extra step to make things "harder" were just a hindrance to slow the player down.

    With certain factions of enemies it only seemed reasonable that there would be more variety and cross between factions, which there wasn't. Enemies were pretty much divided which was unfortunate, otherwise there would have been more interesting diversity and crossing between creative ideas in the game. There were mutant creatures, human enemies but no mutant human enemies...spirits or ghosts but no mutant ghosts or human-ghost enemies etc. and though I see no reason to have explanations for things who or what or how the "dark ones" were is still up in the air, an evermore interesting mystery which was never answered (and probably should not be answered). Some things are better left a mystery. If somehow the franchise is expanded on it would be a mistake to not experiment with blending more ideas and directions in the game or book. Had they already done so I would have given this game a 10/10.
  6. Jul 25, 2014
    Хорошая игра.Красивая графика,убойная атмосфера,весь мир живёт.Играть интересно.Всем советую
  7. Jul 22, 2014
    This is an amazing game. It follows suit with the first one in that it has an awesome plot based off of the Metro books, which are very good as well. The graphics are beautiful, the enemies have been reworked and upgraded since the first one, and the gunplay is nice, tight, and seamless. The survival elements also give the game a different challenge. You can easily become immersed in this game; the characters are fleshed out and you actually care about them. I just finished this game 10 minutes ago, and it left me teary eyed. In all my years of gaming this is only the second game that has been able to conjure up so much emotion. You won't regret playing it, seriously one of my top 5 games now. Expand
  8. Jul 19, 2014
    A Fantastic Sequel of the fantastic Metro 2033! Better graphics, better story and better monsters! 4A Games really did hear from the players and made a better version! BUT the Ranger Mode kinda made me angry how much companies want money from our pockets, a simple mode as DLC!?! If what Deep Silver and Koch Media say is true about Day One DLC, I would turn a blind eye about it :/
  9. Jul 18, 2014
    One of the best first persons shooters I have ever played. Amazing graphical fidelity paired with a spectacular art design and a well executed story. What more could you want?
  10. Jun 24, 2014
    This Is a Game that Is most definitely worth playing. i thought this title was unappreciated and overshadowed by games like Bioshock: Infinite. The atmosphere was phenomenal and always kept me on edge. The AI could be dumb sometimes but overall was okay. The weapons in this game were outstanding as well. Each gun had a very distinct feel and firing all of them was great. The story was the best part of it it all. It never slowed down, was paced really well and it all came together in the end.

    When I heard that they are redoing this game and it's predecessor for next gen consoles I got so excited because these games are worth playing again and te fact that Metro will look better than it already did Is just icing on the cake. If you haven't played Any of the metro games go out and play them right now. Totally worth your time.
  11. Jun 22, 2014
    Metro: Last Light is frankly one of the few games that i found to be great coming from 2013, i mean i dont think it deserved game of the year but it definitely serves as a nominee or a runner up, It takes everything great from Metro 2033, like its atmosphere and gives it great graphics and better gameplay, the only thing that pushes it back from such success that it deserves is the specs, you need a new computer (or new parts) to run this on the minimal settings with some frame rate issues. You may wish to buy it on consoles as its probable dumbed down to be runable on them (or wait for the redux on the new consoles) Expand
  12. Jun 22, 2014
    I have read all books of metro and i can tell you that this game is as good as books. I have never played a better game for a long time. Charming atmosphere, beautiful graphics with one of the best story lines ever. Gameplay is awesome like saving and collecting every ammo you can also stealth mechanics are really great which i enjoyed and other great stuff im lazy to mention now. I hope they will ever creat something like that once again. Expand
  13. Jun 7, 2014
    So we play this game and it is Damn awesome one of the best in the first person shooting category its graphics are Great with a great story and Awesome guns which is what we need .
  14. Jun 1, 2014
    World class shooter. The atmosphere presented in this game is unique in many ways. Once the story picks you up, you just have to play it all the way to the tough ending. The areas outside will give you the chills... as will the tunnels... as will all the freaks and monsters you'll meet.
  15. May 27, 2014
    I was surprised how much better is list light as first part. Really good story again, amazing graphic of course and more scary moments when you can piss in your pants. Play this game at night and you will appreciate light and light will be your best friend ;)
  16. May 6, 2014
  17. May 5, 2014
    If I were to decide on which game to buy and I had ''Two'' options, to either buy ''Bioshock Infinite'' or ''Metro: Last night''.. honest decision is I'd pick Metro: Last night, as it brings a pretty good atmosphere from their previous game which didn't really feel Immersive at times, but this game is a major Improvement, the stealth mechanics have been fixed and the graphics are outstanding, and so is the idea of Filters with the Gasmask, the world design is superior and beats any other games that're slightly similar, Metro: last night is the very definition of a good game, so get up, rush your ass down to your local gamestop/game and say ''Shut up and take my money'' to the worker holding the game. Expand
  18. May 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Украинские игроделы уделали всех! Такого качества продукта я не ожидал не только от них, да вообще не от кого!
    Если попрововать в связке с 3d vison, то просто отпад!
  19. Apr 29, 2014
    Metro Last Light is my absolute FAVORITE game on my PC or my PS4. I've beat the campaign 3 times, and played every single DLC at least 3 times.

    The graphics in this game are top of the line. Better than Crysis 3 on PC IMO. Attention to detail and the lighting system is what sets this game apart from the rest.

    10/10 no doubt. Best game.
  20. Apr 28, 2014
    Absolutely outstanding game. I am playing with full graph settings and the beauty of the game is a joy to behold. Gameplay is fine, the story is well presented. Only the AI could have been a bit smarter.
  21. Apr 24, 2014
    Good in every way. I still think a linear story with decent length and content reflects most sincere attitude from a dev. I hate open-world or branch structure-focued which is in its nature very repetitive and wastes much time to explore meaningless gadgets, although some people call it freedom......
    Metro last light is very linear and is just like an interactive movie, but with decent
    story length more than 10 hours. There is no side mission to distract you. You always feel progressive when playing but not in a haste way. It gives you a very balanced tempo, every time after intense battle, there is a distinctive refuge for you to have a deep stretch. In the refuge you can wander, listen to other's conversation, trigger funny mini scripts, improve your weapons, and then go on your journey.
    The atmosphere is like The Last of Us, but more dark, muddy, creepy, polluted, and with advanced game engine, it immerses you. I think the game is very optimized. Using gtx 760 to play at ultra setting is without any glitch and still has margin.
  22. Apr 18, 2014
    Best experience with nice rig and some high end gpu, at night with headset and you will get in the world of Metro Last Light. Hours will pass and you will still want to search for more, few games keep me playing them for hours no end and even after finishing them going back to the start and setting difficulty up and chasing achievements.
  23. Mar 31, 2014
    This game has everything that a FPS should have- an excellent story,loads of shooting action,bit of stealth and a few features that makes you feel more involved in the game (such as wiping the blood off your mask etc). The game is worth the time and money you spend for it.
  24. Mar 27, 2014
    The 0's in this are a lie, meta critic is a lie in itself without needing to try to. It's too easy to write a negative review without needed to prove you own the game, so you end up having people that give the game a low score for the sake of it. Which defeats the purpose. If hey gave it a bad score but could link to own the game, then that's a different story and I respect that opinion, anyways onto the game
    Metro returns underground for a fascinating sequel to what I thought was easily better then most of the game that came out last year for me personally. This game has everything that made 2033 great and expanded on it in new ways. How new? More mutants. More guys with guns more weapons and more of everything. It essentially was my personal game of the year
    Without spoilers I can not go into the story,but for the most part it was well done and had some memorable sequences.
    The gunplay which was a huge criticism of the first game has been tweaked and feels better then ever in terms of how the guns feel and all that. There are also several new upgrades to weapons and the store system is in my opinion improved along with the return of the military grade bullets made it a blast to shoot people. But why shoot when you can stealth? The stealth has also been improved in this game with a light indicator on your watch to tell you how much time is left on your gas mask and if you are in the light or not. You can now also either kill people or knock them out, which leads to some interesting sequences later down the game but for spoilers I can not say.
    The world is also more vibrant now, if you thought 2033 was very brown and grey then this game is also very brown and grey but with some more colours in some sequences to make it stand out.
    The amount of new mutants in this sequel is also great as you now have to deal with light weakened spiders, giant shrimps and many more as well as some old friends who always want a bite of your flesh. The same can also be said about the humans who the Ai in this game is not quite as realistic but still nice, though some may disagree.
    There is also a degree of imagination that comes into play here because of how you can walk into a room full of dead people and imagine what has happened to them, kind of like being with Khan
    Speaking of khan he and several other characters are back form the original plus several new people who are also very interesting
    One final point is that this game is sad, and that they try to drown the sadness in boobies and strippers, but this game is rated R18 so no problems there
    Overall there is soo much done right here it is really hard to not recommend it. You should buy this now, right now and prepare for the time of your life
    On a side note, please play 2033 before as you would have a better understanding of the story
    - everything from 2033 is here and improved
    - better guns and stealth
    - new and interesting mutants to come across
    - a more vibrant world with some cool affects
    - new and interesting characters that are funny and cool to be around
    - new and improved shop
    - story is a blast to play through
    - Generally scary and has great Atmosphere

    - Some may not like the sex scenes and Boobies that are present in one part of the game
    - I really wanted to play a 20 hour campaign (which means it was so great I wanted more)
    - Some sections the Ai do disappoint
    Playtime main game + Dlc: 22 hours
    Main game in one play though 13 hours but an extra 3 for playing certain missions again, but I can always replay again and again, and I will
    Dlc review is gonna be a separate review took me 6 hours but same as above
    Stay tuned for more review by me :)
  25. Mar 20, 2014
    Out of nowhere, Metro Last Light became one of my favorite games. I thought Metro 2033 was ok, but had too many bugs and other problems. In Metro LL, all that is fixed and improved and the game is simply incredible.

    The graphics are outstanding. This game makes screenshots look like drawings. Very sharp, detailled textures, great lighting and shadows. Rain drops run down your gas mask
    (until you wipe the mask) and sunshine reflects in the rain drops. There's a really great atmosphere in the dark places, because of the realistic lighting. Even your watch is a light source that reflects off walls... and it displays your local time! Talk about love for details, the developers showed a lot of that. The character animations look better than in any other game I've played. I often just stopped to look at the beautiful surroundings.
    Surprisingly, the performance is also really good and the gameplay is very fluid without any loading times for textures or something like that, even on my average PC. The graphics engine is very, very well optimized.
    The highest graphics settings (especially SSAA) make little visual difference and require a lot of performance, so you can run the game on normal or high without missing anything.

    The sounds and music support the graphics perfectly. When you're standing in a warehouse and it's raining, you can hear the rain falling on the corrugated iron and it feels like out of a movie. The music is sometimes slow and sometimes fast and always great, especially the guitar tunes.

    Metro LL is oozing atmosphere. I was totally immersed in the game the whole time I played. I don't think there are two places that look the same. The environment keeps changing as you go through the story and it always looks great and fits the dark theme perfectly. Some of the locations will certainly give you the creeps. The levels are usually very linear, but often with different routes. Last Light is relatively short (about 15 hours), but that's much better than a longer game with repeating levels and content. These 15 hours will probably be among the best you've spent in a game and I already know that I'll play it many more times.
    During the game, you will also meet one of the most awesome and strange characters, but I don't want to spoil anything.

    The game also runs natively on Linux and it's probably the best Linux game available so far.

    It should be clear by now that Metro: Last Light is a fantastic game and I highly recommend it. If you haven't played it, switch off the lights and go play it now.
  26. Mar 18, 2014
    After purchasing Metro: 2033 almost a year ago and never actually completing the game due to its poor optimisation and constant frame rate problems, I was sceptical about buying Last Light. However, I can safely say after completing the game just minutes ago, Metro: Last Light is well worth your money and one of the best titles I've played this year.

    I'll start off by saying that this
    game is probably at the peak of any list for 'most atmospheric' games, and I genuinely felt like I was in the Metro tunnels myself when playing it. With the gorgeous textures, lighting, animation and sound effects, it feels like a horror movie at times, you cannot beat the theme of this game. Although I was forced to play with PhysX off, 'normal' textures and low anti aliasing (even using a GTX 780), the game was still amazing in terms of visuals. Compared to Metro: 2033, the optimisation seems much improved, although there were times I had major frame rate drops and I did have to follow some YouTube tutorials to fix things like field of view and switch the game to DX9 for better performance. Inside tunnels and 'smaller' areas I was getting around 60-100fps, but outside in the stormy weather conditions it could drop to around 30-40fps, still playable however.

    In terms of the storyline, this was also surprisingly captivating and beat my expectations. The game does follow directly from Metro: 2033, so it's worth either playing that game or at least reading up/watching gameplay for what happened at the end of it. I won't spoil anything, but I can at least say the game captured me emotionally and I ended up playing Metro: Last Light through the night, that's how eager I was to find out what happens with the story. There are many storylines for FPS games that are often repetitive and tedious, but this game with its creepy atmosphere and incredible immersiveness will not leave you bored. The game also offers multiple ways to approach each mission, whether you go in all guns blazing or use stealth. I'd highly recommend taking the stealth route though, you'll save on ammo.

    As far as negatives go, there are a few issues with the game. As I mentioned earlier, the game does cause frame rate drops and will definitely eat up your GPU if you're playing on PC. I own a GTX 780 myself which is a very expensive GPU, and even I struggled at times to run this, so I feel sorry for anyone using a lower end GPU. The game also felt at times like it was too easy. I played the game on 'normal' difficulty so I wasn't expecting it to be impossible. However, at times I was standing right in front of an AI enemy and apparently I was completely hidden from sight. There was also an abundance of ammo laying around as well as gas mask filters... not once did I run out of equipment or ammo. Last of all, I would have also liked to see some additional settings in the options menu. For such a highly graphical game on PC, it stupidly lacks things like a FOV slider, or a button to turn off motion blur... in general the settings lacked so much depth.

    Overall the game is a definite buy if you're an FPS fan or just want something to immerse yourself in for around 10 hours. I definitely look forward to another game in this series, hopefully with better optimisation next time!
  27. Mar 17, 2014
    This game is awesome: great visuals, top-notch gameplay, super responsive controls, immersive story and universe, tons of achievements, high replay value. Just got glued and intend to replay to get the alternate ending, more achievements and complete the various side missions that came with the DLCs. A must.
  28. Mar 16, 2014
    Beautiful and Deep history...waiting next game from 4K games. Great Stealth, solid gameplay. A great mixture of dark fantasy(not horror). If wanting some good FPS or Stealth(if you prefer), Metro all way up.

    One of beatufiul good looking game up to now, great texture, on max settings its really amazing.
  29. Mar 16, 2014
    Как я только запустил игру,мне сразу всё стало понятно, (в плане геймплея).Иногда в игре были проблемы с физикой И.и.Игра очень атмосферна, есть хорошие и плохие моменты.Графика айс играл на ултра настройках всё понравилось, только бы полигонов побольше.С сюжетом тоже,всё ясно и понятно только я не увидел в игре развязку.ставлю девятку, только из за физики и багами со стрельбой.
  30. Mar 11, 2014
    Escribi una critica mas larga, pero no me la acepto y la perdí... Así que Simplemente sublime!!
    En todos los sentidos, sus errores no alcanzan para quitarle brillo al que para mi es el mejor FPS que he probado desde el Half-Lif 2 (salvando las enormes distancias obvio), porque me hizo rejugarlo incansablemente... Buscando el final bueno, aunque son muchos requisitos para desbloquearlo,
    juro que los voy a logar!!

    Saludos y jugarlo y discfutarlo en PC...

    La jugabilidad pulidicima! Los gráficos bestiales (dicen que iguales o mejores que Crysis, no lo probé por sus bajas notas) y un apartado sonoro enorme, con sus fallos minimos, pero enorme y muy variado...

    Un 10!
  31. Mar 4, 2014
    I accidentally stumbled upon Metro 2033 in a sale and instantly fell in love. Since then I have been waiting impatiently for the sequel. I just got a chance to pick up and play Last Light over the weekend, and I love it as much as the first, although for different reasons. I'll try to be as vaguely specific as possible as to not spoil the first or last game for anyone, but you should be able to look up what I'm talking about with the details I've provided.

    I will start off with probably my biggest disappointment, and something that nagged me the entire game, something I had a really hard time coming to grips with: if you gathered enough moral points from the first game to get the alternate "good" ending, that did not carry over to Metro LL. In LL, it is assumed you got the standard, or "bad", ending in Metro 2033, the ending you get if you collect no moral points. As someone who tried very hard to get the moral points and get the alternate ending, the plot for Metro LL went on as if I did the bad ending. People talked to me as if I did the bad ending. The little one talked to me as if I did the bad ending was particularly painful. To someone who didn't want to do the "bad" ending in Metro LL (and didn't!), this bothered me the whole game. There are certain points in the game where they really tried to make you feel guilty about the "bad" ending in Metro 2033. This was especially irksome because I went through the work to get the "good ending". As a programmer I understand how much extra work would have went into essentially programming two separate dialogue and paths through the game based on choices from the previous game, but I somewhat feel that if you go through the trouble of building in a moral point system to encourage players to really think about their decisions, you're sort of throwing out all your work if you ignore the influence of the player's decisions in the next game. Again, this may not bug you as much as me, but as someone who really gets into games, this bothered me.

    Other than that, this game had mostly positives. Probably the most positive was learning about Artyom before the nuclear war, and the general fleshing out of the Metro universe.

    Probably the most improved aspect of the game in my opinion was the stealth gameplay. The addition of a takedown as well as the easier stealth maneuvering (on normal mode) really made the game more enjoyable for me. I'm a stealth gameplay novice and I could never seem to get the sneaking around down in Metro 2033. I had no problems this time around. Perhaps this will seem like less of a challenge for some, but this really improved my gaming experience.

    Another thing I enjoyed was the morality points system. I play games to enjoy the story and interaction, and I feel like the morality points made a lot more sense this time around. I still played through with a morality point guide, but things like trying not to kill people and exploring to flesh out the story get you moral points this time around. It is, what I think, the moral point system was supposed to be: try to make moral decisions and try to learn as much as you can. I felt like Metro 2033 had a lot of weird ways to get moral points that I would never think of on my own. I feel confident I could play through LL again next time without a moral point guide and still get the good ending because the point system makes much more sense than it did in Metro 2033. YMMV, of course.

    I enjoyed the filter system a lot more in LL (gas mask filters were much more plentiful), and I liked the minimal HUD system (no readout of remaining ammo in clip, etc). Limited ammo reserves for the Thiar were a pain because I love that gun, but overall I enjoyed the other upgrades to the weapon system (carrying a pneumatic weapon and shotgun weapon, for instance).

    I enjoyed some of the more adult content in Metro LL, but not all of it. At some times there was bouncing and other movement that looked unnatural and was distracting.. in a bad way. I am no prude, and I love vice and debauchery as much as the next guy, but I am on the fence about sex in video games. I feel it can add a lot if done correctly, but it can be in very poor taste and distracting if not done correctly. I feel like there was some of both in LL. 4A definitely deserves credit for trying because in today's gaming landscape it's still a risky move. Some of the things were pretty over the top by US standards (though, they would be just after primetime television in some European countries), and the ones that were done tastefully added a ton of value to the game (when Anna talks about "feel[ing] alive", for instance).

    Overall, I really enjoyed the game play of Metro LL. Ignoring the decisions of the first game will always be a stumbling block to me enjoying the game fully. I just hope there will be another Metro game that continues the moral ending of Metro LL.
  32. Mar 1, 2014
    A great, highly polished FPS. Beautiful graphics and amazing game play/story. A must have for FPS fans, you will not regret it. You can pick it up on sale at the Humble Bundle Store, so get it cheap while you can!
  33. Feb 14, 2014
    La continuacion de un libro fabuloso
    si te gusto el Metro 2033, a que
    esperas necesitas este juegaso.

    Buena historia,buenos controles,
    graficos sorprendentes y un
    physx que te dara unas fisicas

    A matar mutantes!!
  34. Feb 11, 2014
    Its really great game. best fps game i have ever played. Metro Last Light has great Story. its heart touching. and also musics and graphics awesome. it makes feeling we are actually living in metro.
  35. Feb 6, 2014
    The intense and unique atmosphere brought by the dark metro seen like never before along with a great written storyline and apocalyptic landscapes of the ruin of Moscow makes of this game a truly masterpiece.Graphically this game looks amazing.Also sounds can be very creepy at some points.Metro Last Light and 2033 are not just two simple FPS games, they are pieces of art.
  36. Feb 2, 2014
    This game is literally EPIC ! Wayyy better than Metro 2033. Locations are great and much more diverse than it was in first game. Soundtrack is awesome, voice acting is great with 2-3 exceptions. Graphics are......speachless. But what is truly breathtaking in this game, is lighting. Best I ever saw in a game. I was o-O" The end worth every minute spent in the game. Don't miss this gem !

    Respect developers ! Buy this game and support developers that a put soul in their games and not only desire for money.
  37. Jan 17, 2014
    Anybody who has actually played this game and given it a score of 6 or under is probably a little insane, or they didn't get enough love from their mother when they were young. This game, as well as Metro 2033, get the highest score I've ever given out --- a 9. I can't give it a 10 because as pointed out, some of the AI is a bit off and there are a few inconsistencies ... plus I would have loved to see a "lean" mechanism for stealth. Still, for atmosphere, story, immersion, shooting mechanics graphics (awesome detail),etc. it would probably rate a 10. When you stop and consider the budget and the conditions under which these guys worked under, especially in Metro 2033, you just can't help applaud what they've been able to create. This game will suck you in, chew you up and spit you out and the larger gaming companies could really take note as to what makes a game good --- and it isn't MONEY. I ran the patched version for AMDs with the FOV tweak, I crashed 3 times total in the game and experienced no other bugs, maybe I was just lucky but this game was actually the least buggy game I played in 2013. As far as I'm concerned, this is my GOTY for 2013 ... yes, easily over bioshock infinite. You really have to wonder about who is slipping who money when it comes to "critic" reviews, because they rarely seem to have a clue. Expand
  38. Jan 16, 2014
    This is definitely the Ultimate First person shooter Experience.... We Wait for Call of Duty for a lot of time and what we get is garbage...... this is the only game that gets you involved in it... the story is just too well made... can't say much about the graphics and sound... etc its well.... good enough . you should prepare yourself for this one..... i was very disappointed to finally finish the game.... just too stunning. a Must play for all gamers Expand
  39. Jan 13, 2014
    Great game. I liked Metro 2033 more, but this one is also good.

    +graphics,gameplay, atmosphere, story

    -too many cutscenes

    Next Metro game need more open world/sandbox exploring of the ruins of Moscow.
  40. Jan 12, 2014
    I have been playing games for many years and in a world of dime a dozen fps games, the metro series does not disappoint. The characters and story is fresh and sucks you into the world that has been so beautifully crafted with wonderful attention to detail. I loved playing every second of last light and is definitely part of myall time greats. I eencountered one or 2 bugs in the game regarding cut scenes and stalled Ai, but they can be forgiven due to o everything else being great.

    If you have some time and a nice rig that you can run it on maxed out, then I'd highly recommend last light, it is a roller coaster ride and will keep you begging for more
  41. Jan 5, 2014
    Currently, Metro Last Light is the best game I have ever played. Everything flows good and it is such an addicting game. The game has a great story, a variety of weapons to chose, and a great atmosphere that sends chills down your spine, but there is some cons of this game. The game is very short, with me beating it within 8 hours, which kinda sucks because its such a good game, but there's DLC for the game which adds more campaigns to it, and that's awesome. If you're into stealth First Person Shooters, then you should definitely pick this game up, you won't regret it. Expand
  42. Jan 3, 2014
    Great atmosphere and awesome storyline. The shooting mechanics have improved greatly from 2033 although there are some parts where you'll find yourself completely out of ammo. You'll be forced to melee in stupid scenarios but that's the only issue I had with this game. Not worth removing a point because the overall game was outstanding.
  43. Jan 3, 2014
    This game is the greatest game I have played since Half Life 2. The story line really makes you feel for the main character, you'll find yourself sitting and listening to what people around you are saying, regardless if it's a cutscene or not. The cutscenes are all really informative and add to the story. Tons of depth, fantastic gameplay, and excellent combat. 10/10 and really wish I had bought this game sooner. To enhance the game's experience, play this at night and be sure to turn the brightness down in the game. Play the game on the hardest mode possible, even on regular difficulty the ammo is too abundant and you could easily play through the entire game guns blazing. Expand
  44. Jan 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Honestly? It's a fantastic game. The developers have created an immersive, creepy atmosphere accompanied by likeable characters (the few you meet) in a hostile environment. With danger lurking around most corners, it's important to stay on your toes as if you are caught unaware you may end up, well, dead.
    As for the story line, to match the atmosphere it is also very immersive. You get to know your character, and even though what he finished in Metro 2033 was wrong, you don't know that until the end of Metro: Last Light. The entire journey is enlightening and when it all ends it is truly heartbreaking, knowing that you'll never get to play as the character you've learned to like over the course of two games.
    All I can say now is that if you are looking for an immersive, atmospheric game that will surely creep you out (and even scare you), look no further than Metro: Last Light.
  45. Dec 15, 2013
    Excellent game. Fantastic graphics, sound and voice acting it top notch, controls are easy to pick up and master, great weapon customization system that's a huge improvement over the first game, and the story keeps you going. The atmosphere Metro: Last Light has created is one of the best post-apocalyptic settings I can ever remember (fallout 4 I hope you're taking notes). I can't for the life of me understand why people would give this a 0 rating, besides just being a troll. Picked it up on the steam black friday sales for less than $10 and couldn't be happier. Expand
  46. Dec 11, 2013
    Pretty impressed, actually. The game has the right combination of atmosphere, ideas, scare and balanced difficulty that makes it fun to play, plus I liked the plot and the characters. The only thing I didn't like is how tough combat sometimes gets, if you're not very careful and let enemies storm on you, you get quickly overrun, it's impossible to see the attacks and fight back because your vision gets blurred and cracked, your character just isn't capable of running properly, and you get killed off in moments. The weapons aren't helping because they are excruciatingly slow to reload and on some monsters it's like shooting void, but I think that's intended. You just have to be careful in fights and aim good, or you're fried.
    Overrall I wouldn't call it a work of genius, but it exceeded my expectations, it's one of the few games I actually replayed after I finished it.
    p.s. And it has sex cutscenes!!!
  47. Dec 8, 2013
    I was not sure how good Metro Last Light is gonna be but believe me I am not disappointed! This is great game, I would say class of Half Life but with better graphics. MLL is really dark and can be quite scary but not in that fake way like Dead Space series. This game will make you feel like being hunted enemies are strong, fast and love to jump on your back. If you are fan of post-apo and FPS games, this one is for you! Expand
  48. Dec 8, 2013
    Really cool setting and interesting characters. The gameplay is really fun and shooting is an absolute pleasure, great graphics and soundwork all around. One of my top 5 games of the year
  49. Dec 7, 2013
    Amazing graphics, atmosphere, sound, and storyline. Some of the best I've ever experienced for that matter. If the game were less linear, and the AI a bit smarter, I would have given it a 10.
  50. MrZ
    Dec 7, 2013
    This is an awesome story-driven shooter. The story is compelling, and the game play unique. If you're looking for a game that will give you a good story and some FPS action, this is definitely the game to buy. After playing it, It is now one of my favorite games. I would most certainly recommend buying it.
  51. Nov 16, 2013
    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Great game, graphics, story, everything. I can find no fault in this game at all.
    You should defo try this game. Also Metro 2033 is also brilliant and you should really try that one first just to lay the grounding. Unless you've read the book that it. But 2033 is well worth a play.
  52. Nov 13, 2013
    This is a great game. Don't listen to those rating low because it's on rails, so what. The combat is great, the story is nothing amazing but relevant. Just lock yourself up and play in a dark room with headphones on, its really nothing short of a top notch gaming experience. Gameplay is weak at the start due to the backstory slowly being revealed, but picks up great after the 2 hour mark. I did enjoy the "on-rails" segments though, as you can listen in on hundreds of conversations and interact with many objects for some entertainment.
    And for those criticizing the game because it is on rails. Not all games should give players complete freedom, considering this game is following a BOOK, it makes sense that exploration elements are limited. The devs are focusing on creating a strong engrossing story driven game and there is NOTHING wrong with that.
  53. Nov 13, 2013
    THE BEST FPS GAME OF 2013. This game finally changed the landscape of FPS games... Every graphic, every sound, every gameplay, and the story are well-crafted to become unique...
  54. Nov 11, 2013
    Great game, a true masterpiece, if you are looking for a FPS like COD, this is not for you, but if you are looking for a deep and fantastic story then this is the game for you, the only issue i have with it is the fairly easy difficulty, it is far easier than 2033, which I feel is not a benefit to this game, part of the gaming experience should be the feeling of beating a challenging portion of the game. Otherwise a solid 9/10. Expand
  55. Nov 7, 2013
    Just buy and play this game, definetely a good game. I would rate it 95 even if the quality is not high end as Bioshock Infinite or Games like that. It managed to create an awesome atmosphere and gameplay. I had a lot of fun with this one.
  56. Nov 6, 2013
    The developers of this game have paid much attention to details. Graphics are simply amazing and I'd say among the best you can get at the moment. It also supports 3D Vision, making it even more immersive. Combat/gun play, feels very organic. Sound effects are great. Sneaking (including silent take-downs with melee or throwing knives) instead of just shooting is possible too most times.
    can't say anything bad about this game, except maybe that sneaking was too easy. If you liked Metro 2033 you'll like this too. Expand
  57. Nov 6, 2013
    I gave the game 9 and that's only because i never give 10, but this game just get it and you are on for a ride that you'll never forget, ever, true art on all levels
  58. Nov 5, 2013
    The gameplay and graphics are good but not special. The great thing about it is the story which is immersing and intense. The atmosphere is dark and pure terror. This alone makes the game worth buying.
  59. Nov 4, 2013
    This is the most beautiful and immersive first person campaign I've played in years. Plug in a controller, sit back in the couch and enjoy this game on a large TV. Highly recommended!
  60. Oct 29, 2013
    The game has proper story. The ending is quite powerful, but leaves some question.

    I really like the concept of the game, especially about how damage can damage your mask, and how you can't stand for long in open terrain and have to search for filters and better gas masks. This game would be so much better if it is open terrain, and have random weather effects, as opposed to scripted
    weather effects.

    The weapons of this game are great, though some of it are useless. 90% of the fight are done indoors in close range, you will never use those long rifles, in my opinion. The mods used to the weapons are also good.

    The enemies are only divided to two types mutants and humans. The humans are lousy shooters, the mutants put up a much better fight, not to their skill but due to their much better durability and the lack of your ammunition. I can tell that the challenge of this game is not to kill your enemy, but how to kill your enemy with as low ammunition as possible, hence one of the game's advices is "Try stealth approach"

    Stealth approach is also rewarding. Violent approach is NOT easier, because ammunition is really hard to get. This game gives two options, but heavily favors the stealth approach. I don't like that. But in the end, a great, near-perfect game.
  61. Oct 28, 2013
    I dont quite understand why anyone could give this game low ratings, the storyline is immersive and interesting, the stealth is fun (although at times a tad bit easy) the combat is good on ranger mode but feels too easy on regular, and the game is highly addictive. I have heard some say they are angry its not free roam but this is a ridiculous reason not to like a game. Half life wasn't free roam and open world and i loved it. Plus metro isn't S.T.A.L.K.E.R so stop trying to make it be. One word of warning though, THE SPIDERS ARE FRIGGING RETARDED. aside from that its a great game especially in today's age of generic shooters. Expand
  62. Oct 27, 2013
    I rarely write reviews, but Metro last light has compelled me to do so. I hope perhaps one other player may play this great game as a result, or one of the developers (who labored in awful conditions apparently to make this) takes heart that someone else really appreciated their efforts. It isn't perfect, but it is really worth taking the time to play. Its' greatest achievement is giving you an incredible sense of play, the metro world is so rich, not since the original bioshock have I enjoyed being in a game world so much. Wiping rain off you gas mask, pumping your flashlight to charge, and other such features really make you feel as if you are in this post apocalyptic future. Characters are good, with a few good twists, and the bad bits (falling into water, mutants a bit lame, so balance issues) are far outweighed by the good. Give it a go! Oh, and for me it was unplayable until I found the vsync option. Expand
  63. Oct 26, 2013
    This is one of my favorite 2013 games.

    PROS: Amazing graphics, varied environments, good story and spectacular atmosphere. It actually makes you feel that you live the life of a metro citizen.

    CONS: Some AI issues and stealth problems

    This is a must own game
  64. Oct 25, 2013
    Okay I'm gonna level with you guys I was holding tight to my controller because its so scary really I have never seen a game this immersive and after the disappointing review from IGN I wasn't expecting much well I was wrong and for the second game by a Ukrainian developer I hope metro becomes a full fledged series.
  65. Oct 22, 2013
    Definitely a must have!!The story is great graphisms are awesome I want more!!!!!
    A long time I wait for a game like this one I hadn't take so much pleasure from Half Life 2!!!
  66. Oct 12, 2013
    I finished this in a week. It is the best looking PC game I have and I didn't mind that it railroaded me everywhere. I played through on Ranger mode because that is the way it is meant to be played and it really is a great experience, so far my favourite game for 2013.
  67. Oct 1, 2013
    Just as a preface, how you could possibly give this game a "0" or a "10" is beyond me: it has both very good points and some (mostly minor) detractions. Limited minds see in black and white, I suppose. It neither merirts a horrible or perfect rating, but in my opinion, it does FAR more things right than wrong. It is one of the better single player first-person shooter experience I've had in a long time.

    The graphics on a high-end machine are superb. The best FPS I've ever seen, even besting Crysis 3. Gameplay is really a lot of fun. Only bad point is the story is extremely disjointed an really hokey in some points. I don't know if there was something lost in translation, but some of the dialogue is really corny, and full of non-sequetors. Some of the technology and plot devices are pretty unbelievable, but this is post-apocolyptic video game, so I'm not going to quibble.
  68. Sep 26, 2013
    Just when the I thought the graphics of Metro: 2033 was insane; Metro: Last Light does one better. Don't be fooled by the people who complain they can't get 60+ FPS with max settings. The developers have really pushed the graphics to next generation and it shows. The AI is vastly improved (still room for improvement) and the compelling story of the game continues. This game is a must have.
  69. Sep 23, 2013
    A phenomenal game the vastly improves on many of the flaws from the last game. The graphics are some of the best I've ever seen and the atmosphere is the best post-apocalyptic atmosphere ever. The story is also amazing. An excellent game.
  70. Sep 20, 2013
    TLDNR: A prettier HalfLife 2 with a grittier ambiance and much more mature/adult content.

    Metro: Last Light was an impulse purchase for me, and I started my game experience rather dubious about its prospects. I had read reviews saying "inconsistent difficulty" and "poor AI", but also "strong story".

    The tutorial and first level or so didn't impress me, but dear lord does the story
    and intensity ever ramp up! My first playthough has been on Hardcore, and it's earning the name. The gameplay is intense and immersive. It's been a long time since a game has raised my heart rate like Last Light does.

    Involving, mature story with adult themes and lots of background detail.
    An amazing amount of custom voice acting and animation.
    Although linear, has solid level design and no "infinite bad guys".
    Intense "survival horror" combat mixed with standard CoD type combat.
    Pretty good enjoyable stealth implementation.
    Oh my God, they're not kidding with the "Mature" rating! NOT FOR CHILDREN


    Not particularly innovative in gameplay mechanics. Experienced FPS players will recognize everything that comes along. Familiar isn't necessarily bad, though.

    Quite linear. More like CoD than Bioshock. Personally this doesn't bug me, but several other reviewers have complained that the world isn't sandbox. It's not that kind of game.

    In order to get my heart thumping, the game does occasionally throw multiple strong and fast opponents at me, while I have poor visibility or sight lines. Some may call this "inconsistent difficulty". Personally, I find the intensity and challenge to be a positive quality.

    Had to turn off "Advanced Physics", it was lagging the game out. If you're having massive slowdown, turn off the Advanced Physics option in the GamePlay menu!

    TLDNR: A prettier HalfLife 2 with a grittier ambiance and much more mature/adult content.
  71. Sep 18, 2013
    Great game, great sequel to Metro 2033, although it does not quite live up to it's predecessor, still better then Bioshock Infinite.

    If you are into story heavy FPS, get it BUT 1st play Metro 2033 or it will get confusing with references to the past game.
  72. Sep 17, 2013
    A vast improvement over Metro 2033. Runs great, perfect gun play, full controller support, improved gameplay, more realistic facial expressions, and naked boobies. The game is not perfect, but it's damn close.
  73. Sep 16, 2013
    This game grabs you from minute one. I have experienced a very polished gameplay. everything you do feels the way you want to. So if you are into shooter/survival stuff, this is your game. Then there's the story which is just very interesting in my opinion. Often stories in games bore me, this one didn't. So in general this game is a must have. However, there are few things that could have been made even more interesting.
    1. Length. I finished singleplayer on normal in 16 hours. That could have been a little longer.
    2. Choices. The game would have been even more cool if you had a little more freedom regarding movement, places to explore etc. and the choices made in game that could lead to different endings.
    But hey as long as it lasts, this game will enjoy you to the max.
  74. Sep 12, 2013
    It is a long time since a played a shooter this tight, this beautiful, this deep, this engaging, this immersive and this atmospheric. If you like playing games get it now, if you like shooters get it yesterday.
  75. Sep 10, 2013
    YOU MUST GET THIS GAME.IT IS A MUST. For the year of 2013 it is by far the BEST GOOD-LOOKING,STORY TELLING, POST-APOCALYPTIC GAME. YOU MUUST GET IT. You will not regret your decision~
  76. Sep 10, 2013
    "4A Games and Deep Silver has pushed the boundaries of a modern survival horror shooter. Highly detailed story telling and engine that pushes most advanced GPUs to its limits, highly recommended to those who wish to seek an adventure through the claustrophobic and dramatic tunnels of Metro." -the-epikninja
  77. Sep 8, 2013
    Like what they did ours, Class AAA game, a very worthy, but the revelation did not. Shooting better than in the first tube, but still so so sad AI opponents, a lot of ammo, money, too (that does not fit into the created world), NPS constantly shake heads and hands as heroin addicts during the break-up Of pleasant much more colorful world of surface plot, lots of fun, is not empty dialogue between NPCs that for me personally was the main highlight of the game in general. Some of the dialogue monologue (not related to the story line) lasts for a minute or more, each in its own interest, as tells about the hard life in the subway, on the personal experiences and the loss of its residents. It is in these more fully disclosed game, actually begin to sympathize, to experience the people living in the metro, forgetting for a while that they are stupid jerking their heads and opening their mouths at random bots. Expand
  78. Sep 4, 2013
    It was actually pretty difficult for me to not give this game a perfect rating. Aside from a few sexist moments, bugs, and "stand around and wait for the person guiding you to stop talking as he blocks the doorway" moments that keep it from achieving that score, this game is brilliant. First off this game is absolutely freaking gorgeous. This is one of the best looking games to date running on a high end PC, like mine. For a linear game it builds such a terrific dark and desperate atmosphere. Every moment is tense and exciting, and stealth is rarely done better. Stealth has been drastically improved since M 2033 to the point where stealth-ing the whole game is actually an option now (save the scripted moments). The world is unique and the story is gripping original and interesting. Combat is fun and fast, although the AI on lower difficulties can be brain-dead at times. This game is easily a contender for my choice at GOTY and i cant wait for more Metro. Expand
  79. Sep 3, 2013
    Metro Last light is atmospheric, dark and keeps you in suspense. It's also a improvement from Metro 2033 which was unpolished and sometimes frustrating. Practically every aspect is an improvement from it's predecessor.
    The AI is smarter and stealth isn't as frustrating (melee kills are quiet, same for silenced weapons).
  80. Aug 28, 2013
    This game does shooting, story, and visuals perfectly, but has some problems with AI behavior and difficulty. The ranger mode was too easy and many enemies behave like they have a down syndrome. This definitely took away some appeal, but every game has its flaws. It’s hands down the best linear shooter I ever played, so it deserves a perfect score. If the difficulty was ramped up and AI behavior was more realistic, I would give this game 15, it’s really good. Expand
  81. Aug 27, 2013
    I have been really enjoying the game and pretty close to finishing it. The attention to detail in the level design is just awe inspiring. I haven't felt so drawn into a game until I started playing this.. especially in the swamp area and at night! Have a gaming headset on with 7.1 with the lights out and trust me.. you will feel like something is around the corner wanting to rip your head off and to me.. that's pretty cool. I enjoy the characters that you meet and the plot is pretty nifty with the different factions. My only complaint so far is the stealth combat in regards to the AI. If you stick to the shadows and pop head shots with a silencer.. you can pretty much take out an army without any problems. Over all I highly recommend the game. Expand
  82. Aug 26, 2013
    Great game and more importantly a great sequel.

    Does it have it's imperfections? Sure. But it more than makes up for them with a great storyline, immersive environment and realistic action. Ranger mode seems to take things to a new level since Metro 2033 and it was that much more realistic and nerve wrecking at times. The moral choice system is as subtle as in the first game which
    only adds to the replayability of the game.

    My only complaint: I wish it was a lot longer. Not to say that the game was short, I just liked it so much that I wish it kept going :)

    We need more games like this!
  83. Aug 24, 2013
    After finishing 2033 I new I had to get Last Light and I did it was the most amazing story ever I spent my whole day playing it almost cried at the end.
  84. Aug 22, 2013
    Great game, one of the few times I think I actually like a sequel better than the original. Even some of the DLC has some good play time to it, and they kept Ranger mode in.
  85. Aug 20, 2013
    Metro 2033 was a good game; Metro: Last Light is better.
    The visuals are outstanding, even on low the game still looks great and better than most other games.
    The plot is good but you maybe won´t understand everything if you haven´t played Metro 2033 or read the books.
    Fighting in the game feels great, even if the stealth part feels a bit silly.
    Many levels are designed open and you
    can choose different ways to proceed and there are more variations of different and unique weapons than in Metro 2033.
    There are some survival aspects in the game, you still have to search the areas in the game for bullets, weapons and filters for your gas mask. Surviving the world of Metro: Last Light on higher difficulties like the Ranger Mode won´t be an easy task.
    The world the game presents you is full of stunning environments and creates a depressing atmosphere which can not be described easily.
    To keep it short: This is not a game. This is a experience.
    And everyone should have experienced it!
  86. Aug 15, 2013
    Positives: This game legit scares the crap out of me the way the Deadspace titles did. The environment just sucks you right in and is very immersive, and the plotline is fantastic. Combat mechanics are ok enough not to hinder with the story. Monsters are terrifying and tough. Ammo is limited and precious. Graphics and attention to detail are incredible. The game is a great balance between plot development and combat. Overall very well done.

    Negatives: Just like the first Metro, very linear gameplay. I do understand that they want you to feel like nowhere is safe to stay and you need to keep moving, but Fallout accomplishes this and is still open-world. It was also just a very short game. I felt like I got to the end very quick, maybe 8 real hours of gameplay time if you drag it out. Lastly, I hate that your actions from the first game have ZERO impact on this one. I saved the dark ones in the first game, but you have no option to play the storyline as that outcome in this sequel.

    Overall, I loved this game and I am stoked for the next sequel.
  87. Aug 14, 2013
    Absolutely Stunning, Story was awsome,hidden good endig achieved and the graphic and gameplay. I have no words to describe how awsome is this game but i'll remember it for very long time. Best game of 2013 (i was thinking about Bishock Infinite but this game is more atmospheric and mature)
  88. Aug 12, 2013
    I have to say, i was in tears when i finished the Single Player campaign. Graphics? Superb. Gameplay? Addicting. Atmosphere? Survival-horror in the best of the genre, breathtaking. But the storyline brings you to somewhere that you keep feeling, after playing, that if they release the sequel just two or three months later Metro Last Light, it would still be perfect! Masterpiece.
  89. Aug 6, 2013
    Awesome. The gameplay is fun, The visuals are amazing and beautiful, The story is pretty good. However the English voice cringe worthy and I recommend Playing it in Russian. Also the immersion is amazing, It sucks you into the game. Definitely worth buying.
  90. Aug 4, 2013
    Besides some "western" touches, 4A Games delivers a very special and almost flawless game which proves that Eastern European development scene is here to stay.
  91. Aug 3, 2013
    Wow... one word to describe thiis title? Incredible! The graphics are wondrous, the gameplay is solid, and the attention to detail is stellar. Never before in a game have I been able to just walk over to a man telling stories to a child and been captivated myself. This is what so many games nowadays lack; the ability to interest you with ambient details. The game successfully conveyed to me what was going on, even though I had never read the book. Metro LL also does a spectacular job of immersing me and is able to frighten me at certain times too! It is quite good at evoking emotion from me as well. This game is seriously a masterpiece, a non-stop fun and immersive experience from beginning to end. Do yourself a favor and play this game. Expand
  92. Aug 2, 2013
    This game is fantastic, i love the game play and story line. everything about this game is just survival and it plays its part very well. all the guns and different ways you can customize them. 10/10 no doubt
  93. Aug 1, 2013
    Metro: Last Light is an atmospheric first person shooter. It looks fantastic, except for the facial animations, they are sometimes horrible. Metro: Last Light is one of the games with the most atmosphere, without being a real horror game. You can go to the metro and listen to all persons. That's just wonderful. Also you have these horror moments, when you walk in a dark environment and the music says just "If there is now jumping a monster in your face, you'll scare the out of you". Damn, that's so great. You can stealth, so you don't have to kill your human enemies. But there are these parts, where you just shoot all the monsters. The KI is not really good, the weapons are nothing special and the game is a bit short. You have to play Metro 2033 to understand everything. Metro: Last Light is for me one of the best games 2013. Expand
  94. Jul 31, 2013
    Metro: Last Light is an excellent example how to provide a gripping well paced narrative, an above average shooting and stealth gameplay experiance, placed in gritty yet pretty enviroment. Does the game have its fair share of mistakes and misgivings? Yes, but for a game that had half the budget that most AAA games, this is a game nobody should pass on.
  95. Jul 31, 2013
    A great game with epic music and end. A great Story based (not like!) the books which is much better than Metro 2033 in my opinion. Have fun with this game, especially if you play with a Gamepad, a Headset and in the dark!
  96. Jul 27, 2013
    Metro Last Light is an FPS shooter with linear gameplay and Metal Gear-esque combat, set in a post-apocalyptic world with the human race divided; it comes with a strong story, slick combat, great graphics, and AMAZING ambience make for a breathtakingly immersive atmosphere that pulls you in and doesn't let go. It's not an open-roam game like Borderlands or Fallout 3, but from the beginning it's clear that's not what it sets out to do. Have you ever went on the Disneyland Pirates of the Carribean or Indiana Jones ride where you experience various visual and audio stimulus and it makes you feel as if you are passing through a movie? That's the best way I can describe Metro, though you feel like you’re actually in a movie navigating the gorgeously grim cinematography, fighting monsters and humans alike, strolling through vibrant pockets of civilization this paired with some really cool mechanics like having to crank charge your flashlight after extended use, swap out a cracked gas mask, or occasionally wipe blood off it these all culminate into a very memorable experience that is a welcome breath of fresh air from the achievement-laden, progression-fueled games of today; Metro on the other hand, focuses its attention on storytelling through its gritty realism and quick-pacing. I'm not a huge FPS fan, but I couldn’t help but love this game, I blasted through it in a bit over a day! Expand
  97. Jul 26, 2013
    It is difficult for me to come up with a meaningful "Your Score" metric for this game. It is a game that I will recommend to anyone I know that games, yet it is a game that has really screwed over my time to play it through twice for over a week now...

    The reason is that it looks beautiful, when it plays it also plays beautiful as well, and that's the real issue here.. Can you play it
    with real settings and get a good experience? I was able to when I got over the "maxed settings" stigma. This game looks and plays incredibly well with all the video settings "lowered".

    I didn't even buy this game on release because of the poor reviews listing it as too linear. I cannot stand linear games. But this game is just a tad -more- linear than Deus X 2 was and I didn't even notice that aspect until I had finished the game, simply because the presentation will sweep you away if you just allow it to.

    That said, you will have to get under the hood. You will have to tweak config file settings. You will wish your PC was better (I went out and thew down $1000 just to play this game through again on better settings!). And you will be annoyed.

    But when it's all said and done it will be totally worth it. [[[Just know that even though I did a serious upgrade and overhaul from 560ti to a GTX 760, I am still playing Dx9.]]]

    I play too many games to waste time, and I must also say that I don't even care about "Half Life 3" now that I know another studio can replicate that level of awesome.

    Would rate this a 6 or 7 due to technical issues, however I would and did bump it up realizing the technical feat that this was for 4A after reading the article "Jason Rubin: Metro: Last Light is the "triumph of an underdog".

    Thanks 4A.
  98. Jul 25, 2013
    Improved gunplay, epic scenery, great graphics and the need of weaing gas mask on surface make it a great atmospheric game. Story is great, you travel in underground as well as on surface to change the fate of humanity. There is not such an epic level as library in Metro 2033 but when the game starts building scaryness in some parts you will want to pass theese places as fast as you can just to get away from it. A very well made sequel. Expand
  99. Jul 23, 2013
    The world of Metro is dark and intense as always. Had a great ride!! -1 for the huge amount of dialogue time compared to actual gameplay time. To be fair I gotta say the story was interesting after all so I can live with somewhat longer dialogues. The graphics still seem to resemble part 1 a lot but still everything is really pretty and nice to look at :D. Atmospheric, cinematic fun at it's best.... I personally enjoyed that being stealthy often times actually is a viable option to going in Rambo Style. 8.6147952/10 :P Expand
  100. Jul 21, 2013
    Atmosphere is brilliant, music too, the level design and so the graphics are simply amazing, unless you stand next to some points and watch it too much time.. (yes I like to explore and watch everything in a game!).
    I would have give 10, but because of the I.A and because of the no-liberty, I gave a 9.
    As well as the Ranger Mode who need to be payed..

Generally favorable reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 60 out of 71
  2. Negative: 0 out of 71
  1. Sep 10, 2013
    Metro Last Light improves on several of the originals shortcomings but also has a few of its own. Mainly the artificial intelligence needs lots of work otherwise Metro Last Light with its hybrid of quality action and engaging storytelling would maybe have been one of the best games of the year.
  2. 80
    I do not recommend this to arachnophobiacs and story-lovers. Nonetheless, the game's atmosphere is so thick you are going to be just blown away. Furthermore, the game has outstanding battles. [Issue#231]
  3. Jun 23, 2013
    A mostly triumphant return to form for this unique series. [July 2013, p.86]