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  • Summary: Murders... Dozens of horrific murdersЕPeople are leaving the town in panic. The police are bending over backwards to catch the criminal; the military are putting cordons round the town... but nothing can stop the maniac. New people are found dead every day. Horror and death reign over the town... You wake up and find yourself in a mortuary. The room, which you are in, is in a mess. Dead bodies lie scattered all around you... What am I doing here? What happened in the room? You cannot remember... The answers await you at the end of your journey... Midnight Nowhere will immerse you in a world rich in atmosphere. In this suspenseful, story-driven adventure you will solve numerous puzzles and battle creatures of the dark to reveal the ultimate mysteryЕPrepare yourself for the most thrilling experience in a stunningly beautiful 3D world of suspense and horror! [Buka Entertainment] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 21
  2. Negative: 9 out of 21
  1. The best title of the year to come for the exciting and morbid horror genre. Midnight Nowhere is a fine and classic example of what gaming should be – stimulating, playable, refreshing and real.
  2. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome which was a very unconventional ending – this one will leave you with your jaw dropped and mentally revising the interwoven parts of the story for a while.
  3. While possessing a solid visual and audio presentation, its gameplay suffers from bizarre puzzle design that is far from intuitive. Although a streamlined interface help to make interacting with game environments easy, the unusual puzzles make it difficult to progress through this intriguing game.
  4. Unfortunately, having to battle the interface made the game tedious, and I lost interest about a third of the way through.
  5. The game is rift with technical glitches, interface issues, obscene content, and frustration instead of fun. It is not the worst game I have ever played, but that is not saying much.
  6. The foul language, twisted humor, nudity, gore and violence are beyond what most gamers will appreciate, unless "Postal" is your idea of fun. When compounded by the obscure hotspots, redundant puzzles, archaic control system and strictly linear gameplay, the audience for which this offering would be a treat becomes really small.
  7. Unfortunately, the best part of this game was uninstalling it and using the disks for coasters while taking a big gulp of Pepto Bismol.

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  1. UserSg
    May 14, 2005
    This game involved too much on 'password' inorder to proceed with the plot, so if you are not the sort that like to read letters, memorize numbers just to get a door open, then do give this game a skip, it involved a lot like this which i can testified but if you like those dark creepy atmosphere with a few good plot and don't mind chopping a head off somebody's( yes, there is a chance...), just give it a try but only purchase if the price is right. Collapse