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  1. Jan 11, 2013
    Probably the best Millennium (so far, since I haven't played 4 and 5 yet). The story takes an unexpected turn with Marine going to help people in danger of becoming a werewolf and a mermaid. Both artworks are stunning by the way, especially the mermaid. With a very emotional ending and a plot that goes off the beaten path (both literaly and figurately), this is a game I recommend.
  2. Mar 19, 2013
    Millennium 3: Cry Wolf, the third chapter in the series, is LONG. And that's a good thing! In reviewing the previous installments I've stated the player can choose not to do side quests and still have a great experience, and while that's still the case here, I highly recommend taking the extra time for them. Marine and her friends have a LOT to do, but the plot is engaging enough that it never feels tedious. All the previous user options are available, production quality is as high as ever, and the iPod-worthy soundtrack raises the bar even higher than Millennium 2. The character artwork is beautiful, and there are a couple of new "masculine" additions in this installment I find exceptionally... appealing... even if their personalities leave a little something to be desired... (it's intentional! and it works!) Again, the characters and their stories are what make this series stand out: they grow, especially Marine and especially in this chapter. Expand

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