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  • Summary: The game involves players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment. The player takes an avatar that can destroy or create blocks, forming fantastic structures, creations and artwork across the various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes.
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  1. Jan 17, 2012
    Games like Skyrim or GTA love talk about open worlds, but it seems, that so far only Minecraft has truly embraced this principle. (…) This here is your story, that you simultaneously write and experience. All at your own pace.
  2. Nov 21, 2011
    Meanwhile, Minecraft, with all its flaws and quirks, has already joined Super Mario Brothers, Wolfenstein 3D, and Tetris in the pantheon of games that prototyped an entire genre.
  3. Nov 23, 2011
    Minecraft is a masterpiece, a seminal title which will be played and studied for years.
  4. Nov 25, 2011
    Minecraft is a masterpiece. A game that you must try.
  5. Dec 15, 2011
    Now that it's finally "finished," Minecraft stands as a remarkable achievement - not only a well-rounded gaming experience, but a chance for players to experiment, explore freely and reshape their environment to an almost ludicrous level. If you own a computer and haven't given Minecraft a try, you're missing one of the most unique experiences of this generation.
  6. 90
    A sensation, and rightly so. This is a game that makes you both happy and creative.
  7. Jan 29, 2012
    A must-play title - as much a part of videogaming as it is anything else. [Issue#118, p.102]

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Score distribution:
  1. Feb 4, 2014
    This game is one of the best games of all time. It provides so much variety that constantly people are coming out with mods and texture packs to make this game great. And they update it occasionally too to keep the gamers playing the game and to have new people start playing. Expand
  2. Nov 23, 2011
    Truly an amazing game. You can put in hours upon hours and still have fresh gameplay. I totally recommend you on getting this amazing fantastic family friendly game that has no curse words at all! Expand
  3. Oct 2, 2010
    The game is truly a wonder of game-design. It features simple, intuitive, and interesting mechanics easily learned on the fly, yet it features an emergent depth of gameplay. The graphics are lo-res, yet charming, and reminiscent of old style 8-bit games, with a 3d touch. For the price, this is one of those games that you will not regret ever getting as before you realize it, you'll have spent hours and hours digging "just one more tunnel. " Expand
  4. May 9, 2013
    I don't understand the negativity towards this game. This may be the most inclusive game I have ever seen. There is something for everyone. If you like surviving in the wild, there is the survival game mode. If you like building, there is creative mode. If you like building complicated machines and working with wiring, there are modpacks such as Tekkit and Voltz. If you like PvP, there are hundreds of Hunger Games servers, Search and Destroy servers, etc. If you like playing Call of Duty or Battlefield, there are servers for that as well. There are maps made for RPG play too. Anything you want to do in Minecraft, you can, so go buy this game as it is much less expensive than most other games. Expand
  5. May 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What to say about Minecraft...its...interesting
    While certainly not a technical marvel, or a ground breaking, blockbuster, Minecraft is certainly omnipresent with modern gamers.
    Most like a "sandbox" mode from some games, Minecraft lets you break and place blocks, build a shelter, explore and mine. But not just that, you can build anything you want, nobody telling you what to do, or a block limit, just pure simple creativity.
    With Its 8-Bit graphics and music, Minecraft is like no other game ever created. However, it's whole idea gets boring after you defeat the final boss, the Ender Dragon. You've explore all the caves, mined all the ores, brewed all the potions, and now you just defeated a goddamn dragon. It gets old after that, unless you find a server you like, or install one of the vast majorities of mods.

    Its also overpriced for what it is, $30 dollars seems a litte steep for this, but its still a great buy.
    Be warned about Multiplayer though, greifers and spammers still exist on the plains of Minecraftia.

    Overall, I would buy It if you want a nice, little indie title to play for a while.
  6. Dec 12, 2011
    A very fun game at Beta when Notch was developing it. Went downhill fast after 1.0 (full release version). Put it this way, the game was worth it in BETA, not so much in it's current state. The Full Retail seems rushed and not complete.

    BETA - The Beta was fun, building large complex structures is great, especially in Multiplayer. Singleplayer gets old real fast, unless you're into building stuff out of the world stuff like a 1 to 1 scale of Middle Earth and have no life.

    Full Retail - Like I mentioned, feels very rushed and incomplete. While the Beta was fun and full of anticipation, the Full Retail adds little while adding what seems to be 'a lot' on the surface. In other words, inconsistent.

    Here's hoping that Notch will continue supporting the game, because the Retail version isn't the minecraft I enjoyed in Beta.
  7. Jun 6, 2014
    They are wasting my time, as a server owner, trying to get all my plugins ready for the UUID change, they have been planning this for over 2 years now, and it takes 2-3 months, and there is no update still, the community is also falling in the gutter. Expand

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