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  1. Jun 10, 2013
    Even last year’s Bang Bang Racing, which is far from perfect, is better than MMR EVO. Here is hoping that one day a talented studio would come and properly revive the concept of micro machines racing.
  2. Jun 3, 2013
    Don't get fooled by its funny and nice graphics, Mini Motor Racing EVO can be cruel and harsh. Its arcade driving style is flawed by questionable design choices, which perfectly suit games like these only on mobile scene.
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  1. May 5, 2013
    Has great potential, but ultimately fails spectacularly due to some idiotic game design decisions.

    The game has a weird handling model, but
    as it's a cartoony RC game it's forgivable and something you soon get accustomed to. The visuals are nice enough and there is a wide choice of cars.

    The main problem with the game is the AI competition, which is vastly unfair. Races will turn out one of two ways: either you get away cleanly, or you will get smashed into by another car and a huge pile-up will ensue while another of the AI drivers gains a huge advantage.

    Collision physics are laughably bad, with cars sticking to one another and the scenery, and very iffy collision detection means that you can easily collide with objects that are nowhere near you. Traffic cones are apparently made of solid iron, and running over a stray tyre can flip your car entirely.

    More alarmingly, the AI is shockingly bad at actually driving around the track, but hell bent on making your life a misery, deliberately targeting you to stop you from succeeding. The slightest touch on your car will send it into a spin or into some scenery, while it takes a huge amount of effort to spin out an AI. Even if you do manage to spin out an AI, its car will magically recover and overtake you before you have the chance to get away.

    So, the game degenerates into a restart-fest, because unless you get away cleanly from the start line, there is almost no point continuing the race.

    Tracks and environments are varied enough, but earnings from race winnings are so meagre you will end up grinding the same ones over and over, and make no sense. 3 laps round a beginner track? Have $250. 7 laps round intermediate? You only get $175.

    Not to mention that certain car upgrades are vital to win, but when they double in price each time, there's little incentive to play through the same races over and over to earn enough cash. Car not fast enough? Have a speed upgrade, at $4000. Enjoy your 20 races of $200 to get there.

    Bugs abound too, with cars regularly disappearing through the floor and nitros being wildly unpredictable.

    This might be worth a couple of dollars on a mobile phone, and entertain for an hour or so, but this kind of game is just insulting to PC gamers, especially priced at $10. Even the Steam Workshop support won't be enough to save this one, as it doesn't matter how many tracks fans come up with, if every race degenerates into an ugly crash fest unless you can get away quickly enough to dominate and never see another car, it's not a racing game, it's just a really poor attempt at a crashing simulator.
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  2. May 9, 2013
    This is bad, I mean really bad. Even if it looks decent, the controls are terrible. If you're trying to make a turn, you're going to have difficulties with that, since if you hold a direction a bit too long, and you'll spin out, or just slam yourself into the closest wall, and yet slightest tap doesn't cut it, so you have to hope you hit that 0.1ms (exaggerating a bit) long sweetspot. Plus the fact, that you lose like 4/5 of your speed when you even slightly scratch the wall is really annoying. I really couldn't play more than few minutes of this game, it just feels terrible from the start, and learning to decently drive in that game is a waste of time, since you're probably not going to find another person who's willing to go through that hell. This is bad, I do not recommend it at all. Full Review »
  3. Jun 14, 2013
    The game is really good. This game is not to be realistic. Portal and Team Fortress levels are so funny. I have to play