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  • Summary: Mobiloid is a robot-building puzzle platform game. You can build your own robotic vehicles and control them through the game world. Use the mouse to drag modules together to create your vehicle. Use keyboard to control the vehicle. Collect modules like wheels and rockets as you go along.

    Build your own fully functional robotic vehicles and use them to slide,crawl, roll and fly your way through a large interconnected puzzle-world.

    Collect components such as wheels and rockets and join them together - change the setup at any time during play to solve the puzzles at hand.

    Infiltrate the mysterious factories of the Mobiloid Corporation.

    Level design is Metroid-inspired, ie. folded on itself and progress made by exploration and power-up.
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  1. Mar 3, 2013
    One of the best games i have played in 2012. Certainly the most refreshing one.

    A huge (very well thought) map, with access limited only by
    the currently obtained parts for the robot or your ingenuity.
    Involves puzzles, shooting flying, sliding and whatnot :D
    A customizable robot as a main char.
    Nice graphics.

    Loving it!