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  • Summary: MONACO is a single player or co-op heist game, in which players assemble a crack team of thieves to infiltrate and loot the ridiculously wealthy denizens of Monaco.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. May 1, 2013
    This is the second time in a month that I’ve been completely bowled over by an indie project that I’d never even heard of, created by people whose games I’ve never played. I can think of no better indicators that no matter how bad SimCity turned out, no matter how disappointing the gameplay in Bioshock Infinite, no matter how familiar any Call of Duty, no matter whether the next Xbox is always online, it’s a perfect time to be into videogames.
  2. Apr 26, 2013
    Monaco handily captures the Ocean's 11 flair for fun and action, but it runs deeper than its heist theme, presenting a challenge for hardcore fans of strategy and clever design.
  3. May 29, 2013
    If you meet along some trustworthy cooperative kleptomaniacs, a virtual world of Monaco will become your next home. This stealth multiplayer game loves its dollar bags the same way you do.
  4. Apr 25, 2013
    This arcade-style take on stealth takes a careful balance of planning and execution, and even if it’s not quite a perfect crime, it’s still a pretty darn good one.
  5. May 7, 2013
    A simple yet addictive crime caper whose fun factor and hilarity both increase as players are added, Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is an easy recommendation.
  6. Apr 24, 2013
    To date, there aren’t a whole lot of games like Monaco. There’s action oriented isometrics like Trap Gunner and strategy heavy games like Frozen Synapse, but Monaco succeeds in blending the two playstyles together effortlessly. Even if you aren’t the type who plays nice with others, Monaco offers more than enough content to help you channel your inner thief.
  7. May 1, 2013
    Theoretically Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is a great game. In actuality, your mileage may vary.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 35
  2. Negative: 3 out of 35
  1. Feb 27, 2014
    I spent 180 hours on this game: this speaks for me. Very good game, in my opinion as good in solo than in multiplayer (new PVP maps are terrific). Wonderful team of developers, very active and attentive. The level editor is amazing, so the quality of the workshop maps is excellent. New contents are also added regularly (a fourth campaign is coming). My favorite game of 2013, definitely. And 2014? Expand
  2. May 16, 2013
    I don't give away 10s left and right like some users do,and i also doesn't expect a game to be perfect in all aspects thats impossible.After finishing the game with my 2 friends i have to say Monaco is a best coop experience i can imagine.These days games rarely require player to think and plan,and Monaco early missions can be beaten by just running around collecting coins but late missions is where this game shows it's teeth planning ahead,thinking and cooperation between players is a key to success here and thats amazing.Game may have a simple graphic but i can't imagine it having crisis-like visuals because it would broke gameplay mechanics completely.Missions are balanced mostly for coop experience and for multiplayer i give this game a strong 10 it's simply a best coop experience to date,however for singleplayer game is just so so and it can become boring after few first missions. Expand
  3. Apr 26, 2013
    For an old school gamer like me, this game is an amazing reminder of what game's were like at the dawn of video games, and how far they have come as well. The single-player game is good, but the game truly shines in coop play.

    Up to 4 friends running around laughing and shouting in vent (I'd love to play this like we used to play Goldeneye on the SNES, but alas, employment options have us all over now), running around in panic from a missed alarm or some angry guards while trying to grab all the cash you can is amazingly fun.

    I haven't gotten far in the campaign or tried all the classes yet, but even the early missions are hilarious and chaotic with friends, and buying it via Steam was a snap. The game screams for custom levels in the future, giving it even more appeal and longevity.

    A heartfelt thumbs up!
  4. May 18, 2013
    I've been waiting for this game to come out for a long time now, and I must say, it did not disappoint me. Even though most of my friends don't play video games, I was still able to enjoy this piece of art. It's pretty hard to keep track of everything that's going on at first, but once you do understand how the game works, it's just plain awesome. The last few levels might be a little TOO hard though, but not impossible. The story is surprisingly interesting, too. I didn't really expect much from a story about 8 abstract characters with no names. But you really get sucked into the story, and the ending is so rewarding. Expand
  5. May 14, 2013
    Monaco is chaos, beautiful and organised chaos. I originally played it co-op with a friend and we had a great time trying to pick the perfect combination of characters to crack the missions. We thought with four of us it would be even easier, we were wrong. While four players gave us a wealth of skill it turned the whole thing into hilariously crazy and usually fatal attempts at the missions. Expand
  6. Apr 28, 2013
    I'm liking Monaco quite a lot, but it's not perfect game by any chance. There are couple of gripes I have with this. First of all enemy AI. It's just ridiculously stupid and scripted. Guards patrol the area in semi predictable ways, I like their pattern and figuring them is a bit of a challenge which I like, but when they eventually see you, you just need to break the line of sight with them and then they just quit, they don't search the area where you went missing, or even look behind a door where I'm hiding even though I obviously went there but they just barely saw me in front of the door so they can't, it all feels just too scripted and it sucks out a lot of tension that a stealth game should have. Also, Monaco feels a bit too much coop heavy and in single player some of the classes are just way too underpowered to face many of the situations. There's nothing wrong with making coop game, it's perfect here actually, the best coop experience I've ever had, but if putting in a single player with no means to get any traits of other classes some of them just become a bit pointless, of course you can survive with all of them, I've tried but you can't do it really sneaky and stealthy like you should be able to in a sneaking game. Overall I really like this game, it's a great game but in terms of tension, AI and balance it falters a bit too much for a stealth game, it just feels like a 7 to me. This isn't the definitive stealth game some may have been expecting, but definitely pick it up if you have couple of friends you can play on your couch, you can play this locally with 4 players, even on PC and even on the same keyboard which is really rare these days. Expand
  7. Jul 20, 2013
    Overrated silly game. I agree it has cool looks and remembers good games of old times but this one is not. The multiplayer is bad, usability is bad, I didn't like the classes either. Collapse

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