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  • Summary: Morning's Wrath is a Classical Adventure/RPG game. The emphasis is placed on a strong storyline and intellectually stimulating game play. Players guide the main character, Princess Morning, through a series of locales containing tasks that require the completion of puzzles and the use of 24 magic runes to create countless spells in facing a host of enemies. Expand
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  1. 74
    A good game that could have been even better. There was a lot of story regarding the Leowyn left untapped, which could mean another game is in the pipeline, which would be nice; there’s a nice blue print for Ethereal Darkness to work with.
  2. Morning’s Wrath is an indie RPG with Ultima-style graphics, Diablo 2-esque gameplay but a compelling central character and a solid story.
  3. Hack, slash, repeat. Clumsy but functional. [Dec 2006, p.118]
  4. Painfully clunky and predictable, but put another way, it's also nostalgic and deeply charming. [July 2007, p.90]
  5. It is a dated game and it shows, but I believe RPG fans can have a good time, if they can look past some flaws that can be frustrating.
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  1. TomV.
    Dec 22, 2005
    I quite like this game. It doesn't have top notch graphics, little in the way of voice overs, but it still has something many modern rpgs have lacked, a rpg feel and not a gamepad console adventure feeling. One of the few pure rpgs I've seen in a while. Expand