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  • Summary: MotoGP 3 delivers the most significant upgrade to the MotoGP franchise yet, establishing an all-new game-play mode and expanding on the highly acclaimed GP circuit racing. The addition of Extreme Mode brings street racing to the title, allowing players to race on city streets around the world or as a rider on the MotoGP circuit. MotoGP 3 features 16 new tracks in Extreme Mode along with 16 new bikes. The races in Extreme Mode will span urban streets in Japan to the country roads of France, set at different times in varying weather conditions. [THQ] Expand
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  1. Moto GP 3 continues Climax tradition of superb motorcycle racing games and gives the PC possibly the best racing game of the year for the platform, ironic considering it’s not a car game.
  2. Crisp, sharp, bike-racing fun. Could use more real-world marques though. [Oct 2005, p.96]
  3. The new extreme tracks are a welcome addition, and the game looks as good as ever. The AI drivers are a bit too harsh when it comes to collisions and ramming the player off the track. [Nov 2005]
  4. The Paris Hilton of motorcycle racers: rich, pretty, but a little too easy. [Nov 2005, p.72]
  5. Unfortunately, the PC version of the game doesn't have the same online support and tight control that made the Xbox version so great, but at $20 it's an acceptable alternative for racing fans.
  6. It's damn fast, damn detailed, and with the added newbiefriendly Extreme Mode, it should ensure the bike game market is cornered for another year. It's doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it is does make it go round very, very fast. [PC Zone]
  7. an arcade game masquerading as a simulation. [Dec p.63]

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