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  1. 81
    Combining hardcore roleplaying with deep combat, and throwing in a Counterstrike-esque multiplayer mode, this sort-of-budget game has more longevity than most full-priced, big-name-studio games. If you can get past the ugly fa├žade, Mount and Blade: Warband is well worth a look.
  2. Exciting multiplayer battles make Mount & Blade: Warband a strong addition to the open-world role-playing game.
  3. Mount & Blade: Warpath can be a very overwhelming game given the sheer amount of complexity, but gamers who stick with it and get past the steep learning curve will have a good time.
  4. Better graphics, gameplay and new multiplayer modes makes this Mount and Blade Warband a must buy for everyone likes its predecessor. Now we just have to wait for the loads of great mods will come out in the next months.
  5. Mount & Blade: Warband blends together a solid single player campaign with some roleplay elements and huge multiplayer battles. Nonetheless, it would be much better suited as an expansion pack of the original game instead of a stand alone title. Some problems with the map balance in the capture the flag mode and some repetitive dialogue and quests don't let it achieve excellence.
  6. Warband is an exciting experience, that will really make you believe to be "inside" this game. At the beginning it can be disorienting, but its force is in its possibilities. Many hours of gameplay await you in this game, with an axe and an horse.
  7. 100
    For those that stick around, however, Mount & Blade Warband remains every bit the gem of a game that its predecessor was; more so, actually.
  8. A hugely ambitious and imaginative, but still very roughly hewn, simulation of medieval combat.
  9. Pelit (Finland)
    An expansion pack to the original game that adds many improvements such as better graphics, new quests and of course multiplayer which is the biggest new feature. The multiplayer supports up to 64 players in various game modes, from simple deathmatch to more complex siege mode, and it's very enjoyable. The singleplayer mode doesn't feel as finished as the multiplayer because it still has some bugs and unfinished features. It also doesn't have enough new content which is why it resembles the original Mount & Blade too much. [June 2010]
  10. I played this game for hours, and I still can't stop playing. I fought big battles, conquered castles and cities and nearly forgot about the weak graphics. Too sad that it doesn't look better.
  11. 80
    Although there is still room for improvement, Warband's excellent combat system, respectable multiplayer and a lifespan that will prove to be a total timesink means that the game is well worth the USD$29.99 price tag on Steam. Fans of the action RPG genre and medieval games in general would do well to pick this one up.
  12. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Great improvements to the original game make the new Mount & Blade just the best in middle-ages fight simulation. Finally, we can ride the horse and crush opponents' heads online. [Issue#191]
  13. Warband is a huge improvement over the original game, but we'd have to wait for a sequel in order to see anything really new and exciting (aside from multiplayer I guess).
  14. On the one hand, there are the open world and the freedom to do what you want to do, on the other hand, the world is lifeless. It's a great game for some people, but the opposite for most.
  15. 80
    All in all, Mount and Blade: Warband is a great game, even despite its flaws. The overall concept is satisfying, and with a more heavyweight publisher behind the team at TaleWorlds, this is one game that could be absolutely great.
  16. PC Gamer UK
    Mount & Blade's new multiplayer is a brutal blast. It's a shame the solo side didn't get more attention, though. [June 2010, p.98]
  17. Warband doesn't offer much new besides the enjoyable multiplayer, but what it does offer makes it the best version of Mount & Blade so far. If you haven't played Mount & Blade before, you should definitely play Warband.
  18. Warband extends the gameplay with new features and multiplayer antics, and the hardcore enthusiasts will be able to overlook the flaws; it is the best medieval horseback combat and real time strategy kingdom building sim role playing game on the market. But then, it's the only one, and the execution of Warband never quite lives up to the excellent concept.
  19. PC Format
    It's the presentation and numerous glitches that let it down. [June 2010, p.101]
  20. PC Zone UK
    You'll be having Duke Nukem flashbacks and shouting "I've got balls of steel" in no time. [July 2010, p.84]
  21. Warband is not just a great expansion pack that makes this medieval "sandbox" even more enticing. By adding multiplayer, the developers cemented the game's cult status.
  22. If you haven't played the original Mount & Blade, go a head and pick up Warband. If you already have M&B, you may want to skip it.
  23. Nevertheless, Mount & Blade: Warband is not a single-player title and the campaign is nothing more than a bonus for when your Internet connection isn't working. Otherwise, you will find yourself again connected to the official servers, slashing and hacking opponents from all-over the civilized worlds, cursing for being unhorsed or jumping with fear at the sound of an arrow.
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  1. Duh
    Sep 29, 2010
    You might ask yourself whether Warband is worth its money. The answer to that are your personal preferences, since there are a lot of greatYou might ask yourself whether Warband is worth its money. The answer to that are your personal preferences, since there are a lot of great things in the game, but also things that will anger you till you tilt, especially because you will - at that point - know that the game has a huge potential which seems to be not used. The PROs include The best fighting system there is. You are in control of your attacks and blocks, the direction, the timing, the distance and the speed. The fights are intense.
    Amazing battles sizes not only in the singleplayer, but also on the multiplayer. No not only 64 as falsely proclaimed in many reviews, there are servers that offer room for up to 222 players. The Singleplayer mode is in Vanilla limited to 150, but by using the MBW Battle Resizer the only limitation is your hardware. I play with a battle size of 700.
    The SP world. Kingdoms rise and fall with or without your doing. This war-torn country of Calradia does not need a player to function :-D.
    The multiplayer. You will hate it for crushing you (I have no clue how so many people can be so good). You will love it for the excitement, the rush of adrenaline when being faced by a group of enemies, the joy of making a kill - finally, and the tactical thinking.
    A great community. It is a must for anybody buying this game, to use the forum. Otherwise you will never get the full potential out of this game. The Mods are the true jewels here. More on that later.
    The developers put a lot of effort into fixing bugs and improving the game. Since the release in March there have been 6(!) official patches i know of, that fixed bugs, rebalanced weapons, added new game features, etc. . The game was playable from the beginning, it just got better.

    The CONs
    The singleplayer lacks a tutorial. The game is very complex and especially the character creation is too complex for newbies. Later on you will be happy for the amount of choices tho. A mission to start off with was added, which helps a little on getting into the game.
    No big questline. You can roleplay the squat out of this game, but you will have to create your story yourself.
    At some point the game becomes repetative. Its after getting started, gaining power and before starting your own kingdom. Overall the Vanilla Singleplayer is missing something to keep it interesting.
    Sieges are the biggest flaw in Vanilla SP. The AI sucks here and the possible choices - really opposing the general game theme - are basically nonexistent. It is a pity that the multiplayer siege options werent implemented into the SP.

    The conclusion:

    The Vanilla game has highs and lows. 30 Bucks is acceptable for it, but its not a great deal.

    HOWEVER Mount and Blade: Warband is a long term investment. This is due to the huge modding community of the game (Forum!). You dont like the graphics? Get Polished Landscapes. You dont like the Battlesize? Get a Resizer. You dont like time period? Download a total conversion, which plays in the Renaissance or WW2. There are even mods solely dedicated to the Multiplayer. F.E. You dont like to always have to choose from the same troops and equipment? You want to customize your character? You want to change your skills? Get the CRPG mod and play it on their servers, which hold up to 120 spots for players. This ever growing amount of mods add amazing things to the Multiplayer and the Singleplayer and thats why the game is in my opinion worth the buy. You will get not only 1 game, but you will get a growing number of games. Therefore a tip of my hat to Taleworlds and their modding community.
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  2. Oct 8, 2011
    I was pleasantly surprised when I picked this up for under ten dollars during the sale out of curiosity; the combat in this game matches thatI was pleasantly surprised when I picked this up for under ten dollars during the sale out of curiosity; the combat in this game matches that of one of my favorites of all-time (chronicles of riddick) and adds a plethura of weapons into the mix. The world is huge and there is so much to do; I'm already coming up to the 50-hour mark (about half was spent in sp, half in mp) and I feel that I'm barely halfway through the single-player campaign. If you're interested in a game of this type, get it, it's the only one. If you're interested in it because it looks good, get it, it is Full Review »
  3. Jul 15, 2011
    This game all comes down to personal preference, You will either love it, or hate it. Personally, i loved it, this is my definition of a freeThis game all comes down to personal preference, You will either love it, or hate it. Personally, i loved it, this is my definition of a free roam RPG. But it is not only an RPG, it feels like a strategy game also. There are so many elements to the game its rediculous, this is what makes the game fun. HOWEVER, i have encountered numerous bugs in the game, the quests can be really annoying, and there are pretty bad consequences for losing a battle. Also, the graphics aren't the best, and the game seems a little.. stale, that is where imagination comes in however, unlike other games such as Dragon Age: Origins, you do not follow a guided storyline, you kindof make your own, and that is what i really like about the game. Full Review »