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  • Summary: Mr. Bree+ is a hardcore sidescrolling adventure/platformer, fully challenging and enriched with great visual and musical aspects.

    It's about 60 levels of pure challenge, revealing along the progress, the dark past events which tells the story of our hero, householding family pig, Mr. Bree.
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  1. Feb 5, 2014
    It does not pay off to judge Bree the piggy according to your first impressions. You see, you'll start enjoying this minute steak from the pig meat not before you choke it down. However, beware, it has some separated meat in it.
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  1. Aug 21, 2014
    Regarding @koeraaw3e412wek review, the game crashed on Windows 8 but after an easy tweak of running on Win. 7 the game runed smoothly. This is a great game, it draws its inspiration from Super Meat Boy and is tons of fun, there are unlimited lives so you will die... A LOT, but there's no penalty and you will go back to the last checkpoint you passed by in the level you are playing.

    It requires some skill to beat it, you will need a lot of precision to collect all the special Puzzle Pieces that reveal a whole new level page (The Slaughter House, 5 pieces = 1 level unlock), so you have 30 conventional levels and 15 to unlock, having to fight a quite nasty final boss that took me quite some time to learn its patterns and how to dodge all of his attacks until I managed to execute perfectly my jumps.

    I highly recommend this game to every 2D platformer enthusiast who loves a challenge, the games has pleasant aesthetics, great musical score and responsive controls (I used an X360 pad). For $3 you can't go wrong, just make sure that you set it to run on Win. 7 if you happen to play on Win. 8 and go make some bacon on those traps! (Hmmm... bacon)
  2. May 17, 2014
    Almost worst game I ever seen and played. Non stop crashed. Please don't compare this to Super Meat Boy. It's different class. Why this crap need windows vista/7/8.x. Better game like mr. bree+ works on my old C64! Expand