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  • Summary: Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring

    Sir Melvyn Bromsby, a rich tycoon, is about to make an important announcement concerning his future business affairs, when all of a sudden a shot rings out… A baffling murder, dozens of witnesses and a mysterious silver earring combine in this Sherlock
    Holmes mystery in which you play the most famous detective in Victorian London and use your impressive array of skills to solve this intriguing affair.

    Sherlock Holmes: Awakened

    A series of unexplained disappearances and macabre events lead Sherlock Holmes to discover a strange and dangerous sect that worships the dark god Cthulhu. Your logic and reason will be pushed to their limits during your investigations until you reach the final “dénouement” crafted in the true spirit of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels.

    Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis

    Become Sherlock Holmes as you embark on a thrilling adventure filed with suspense and intrigue. The master thief, Arsène Lupin, is on the loose and has challenged you to prevent him from stealing five priceless objects stored in prestigious locations all over London. This is the beginning of an extraordinary game of cat and mouse, packed with exciting puzzles where renowned landmarks are magnificently reproduced. Rise to the challenge and confront your Nemesis!

    The Mystery of the Mummy

    Following the death of Lord Montcalfe, his daughter Elisabeth calls upon the great Sherlock Holmes. Holmes must use his impressive powers of observation and brilliant insight to reveal the mysteries concealed in the Lord’s somber manor. Holmes will then discover the terrifying secret behind an arcane plot involving an ancient mummy.

    Dracula Origins

    In an epic adventure that will take you to faraway lands, travel through London, Vienna, Cairo and Transylvania as you immerse yourself in an incredibly realistic journey filled with thrills and suspense. Take on the role of Professor Van Helsing, the celebrated vampire hunter, as you attempt to track down Dracula and put an end to his evil path; a path that is driven by the horror of blood and the longing for eternal love. As your adventure unfolds, challenge your mind and test your nerves while you encounter numerous puzzles and riddles, each carefully created to help shape your experience.
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