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  1. This game was beautifully done, fun to play, and gorgeous to look at. With only a few minor quibbles such as the darkness and the movements into 3rd person, I really loved this game
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  1. Aug 6, 2012
    There's a lot to like about this point-and-click game. Excellent ambience, nice graphics, good audio (if laughable accents, but done with humour), good music (one piece is lovely and haunting). And it's puzzle after puzzle, which generally fits into the story nicely. And the story is good too, as you'd expect. So far all good, but unfortunately the old UI makes it more annoying than it should be for experiencing today (2012), somewhat showing it's age, which is a shame, since The Haunted Carousel is similar but manages things much better and scores well even a few years later. The biggest bug-bear is the inventory, and how to use it inside the game. It can be quite annoying and tedious, it is easier to write everything down on a notepad beside to keyboard. A dual-screen of inventory-puzzle would have been much better. Most puzzles are good, but from time to time, you look at one, know how to solve it, but also know it'll take a while getting it all from (again) the inventory, so I just looked for a walkthrough to get pass it. And finally, the viewpoint goes from 3rd person, to fixed screen, to pan screen, inconsistency is never good, make it one type and keep to it. Still an enjoyable game, worth playing even as an adult, and passes the time quite nicely. Played with someone who can write things down would make it an enjoyable experience. Full Review »