• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Feb 23, 2010

Generally favorable reviews - based on 56 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 56
  2. Negative: 1 out of 56
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  1. 93
    The cannon may be the final argument of kings. But the Total War series is undoubtedly the king of the real time strategy genre - and Napoleon: Total War could very well be Creative Assembly’s crowning jewel.
  2. Visually stunning high-strategy from the masters of the genre.
  3. Total War is a come back for the Total War series: after the uncertain step of Empire, we now are in front of a wonderful game, one with great gameplay. Walking in the shoes of Napoleon is a dream for every strategist and being able to do it in such a game is fantastic. Multiplayer is the icing on the cake.
  4. While the game retells the campaigns of its namesake in somewhat linear fashion, developers The Creative Assembly have retouched and introduced a number of new gameplay mechanics that create a much more intricate experience than any Total War game to date.
  5. Napoleon: Total War doesn't redefine Total War but that was never its intention. The bottom line is that Napoleon: Total War is a must have for all who like those dashing battles of the 19th century.
  6. Whether or not you can forgive CA for 'pulling a Valve' is up to you, but please don't blame the game itself - this is a worthwhile experience and well worth the money in reality, if not in principle.
  7. Napoleon: Total War doesn't topple Empire: TW, but the new setting sets you back in the Napoleon Wars. The game is really worth a look.
  8. Games Master UK
    More totally brilliant Total War as the strategy stalwart delivers arguably its strongest showing. [May 2010, p.76]
  9. 89
    Napoleon is an enjoyable addition to the Total War franchise but it's not as a big a game changer as previous sequels. While Napoleon and his armies were probably every bit as terrifying as Mongols, Vikings or Barbarians, the scope of this sequel is a bit more limited.
  10. PC Zone UK
    Tightened engine. [May 2010, p.78]
  11. SEGA made good use of the experience made with Empire to improve its RTS formula, resulting in a more effective gameplay. Although Napoleon: Total War has its shortcomings – even with the AI – it still manages to keep the player involved throughout, thanks to its thoroughness and rather accurate historical setting.
  12. Napoleon: Total War may not rewrite history, but its subtle gameplay refinements, tactical variety, and new multiplayer campaign do more than enough to offset the litany of legacy issues hindering this otherwise impressive strategy game.
  13. With huge campaigns and multiple gameplay options, you won't be finished with Napoleon until the next Total War game is released.
  14. PC Format
    It's a far tighter package than Empire was. [Apr 2010, p.98]
  15. Napoleon is a game of land battles, continental conquests and European power struggles. This was an incredibly rich backdrop that inspired numerous writers and composers, one of whom is Beethoven and is featured in game’s phenomenal soundtrack. That I happen to sink a minimum of three or four hours every time I click on the icon is another reason why it’s an enjoyable game.
  16. Despite the lack of artificial intelligence and the more closed campaign structure, Napoleon: Total War has dozens of small and big new features, nice multiplayer options and a new approach to the series.
  17. Even when the graphics aren’t up to date anymore, Napoleon: Total War is a great add-on to one of the best strategy games ever. Especially the drop in battles is very exciting.
  18. Napoleon Total War is a great RTS game, an incredible homage to the real french emperor. With great gameplay, and several game modes for single player and multiplayer, it's a great addition to the series. But it relies heavily on the basics of Empire Total War, so it feels a bit held back due to the lack of real improvements.
  19. If you are looking for improvement and advance in the Empire: Total War formula, Napoleon is not your game. But if you are looking for a great RTS gameplay and an amazing on-line experience –skirmishes- this is your game.
  20. This new chapter in the total War saga brings a new level of historic detail to the RTS and turn based strategy games, polishing a lot of flaws of the recent Empire. Although the much more detailed and intriguing campaign and the new online campaign features do not suffice to not make it look like a huge update rather than a brand-new game. An awesome update, but we should expect something more from a full release of the franchise.
  21. Napoleon: Total War it's really similar to its predecessor Empire, for better of for worse. Built on a much shorter temporal span, it changes the perspective on the management section of the game while many little improvements on almost every aspects make this the best chapter in the series but the lack of innovation inevitably lowers overall evaluation. Suggested to all strategy lovers unreservedly.
  22. 85
    Drop in multiplayer campaign battles add a human element to proceedings. However, the freeform campaign mode feels limited in only offering four nations to choose from.
  23. 85
    We can say Napoleon: Total War covers all the needs of strategy fans.
  24. This Napoleonic strategy game isn't as revolutionary as its namesake, but it still improves upon previous Total War offerings.
  25. Napoleon: Total War is what Empire: Total War should have been. The bugs and freezes are gone, the loading times are strongly improved and the battles are very entertaining.
  26. Napoleon: Total War is an RTS that sets itself apart from other games in the genre with a highly intelligent AI and a much greater focus on tactics and strategy.
  27. 85
    New features help give the game a little extra spice. I especially like being able to force other nations into becoming protectorate states and demand they fight in my wars with everyone else.
  28. Even with its smaller scope and its similarities to its year-old predecessor, Napoleon is a better, more polished game.
  29. It’s the best game covering the Napoleonic Wars, but not necessarily the best game of the Total War series. But the multi-player mode finally makes an old dream come true. But it’s still a shame that Empire: Total War did not get any of the improvements.
  30. But if you’re willing to accept them, along with the awful AI and the linearity – the most controversial two aspects of NTW – then you’ll probably accept this game as a sequel worthy of the series’ reputation and a proper mise-en-scene for France’s closest call when it came to winning wars.
  31. Not brave or bright enough to wow Total War veterans, but the battles and improved multiplayer save the day. [Mar 2010, p.80]
  32. Pelit (Finland)
    Napoleon: Total War is remake of the Empire: Total War. Both games have same weaknesses and strengths but the Napoleon version is more polished of the two. [Apr 2010]
  33. Napoleon is a great gift to fans of the genre. If only at least some of its innovative ideas would seep into Empire.
  34. Multiplayer mysteries aside, Napoleon represents a healthy step forward for the Total War series.
  35. Being Boney represents a more linear, but more accessible, experience for would-be European dictators.
  36. The improvements implemented in Napoleon: Total War, both technically and in terms of gameplay, put the series once again in front of all competition.
  37. The grand battles and deep strategy will keep fans busy for months and the multiplayer allows for intense combat though all of the game modes. A confusing interface and some occasional AI issues mar an otherwise enjoyable, tactical experience.
  38. Even though Napoleon lacks the feeling of freshness and contains pretty bad voice acting, it is still an impressive strategy game with fantastic gameplay and superb scale.
  39. This is the least innovative entry on the franchise, but The Creative Assembly introduces enough new things to justify Napoleon as a new game and not a simple expansion.
  40. Napoleon: Total War may have its flaws, but it offers the best of the strategy genre, giving you access to both turn based and real-time play that fit together seamlessly and will keep any armchair general firmly placed in the command seat.
  41. games(TM)
    Hardcore Total War completists are unlikely to be disappointed. [Apr 2010, p.128]
  42. Napoleon is a fantastic addition to the Total War-franchise. The realism remains at the top of the genre, the new campaign is engaging and the new additions are very welcome. The only real problem is that the AI sometimes lacks.
  43. Napoleon ultimately feels like the more successful younger brother to Empire. It fundamentally shares its DNA, for better and worse, but has learned from its mistakes, and has stayed trim and buff.
  44. AceGamez
    Open a fine wine, break out the stinky cheese, and dig deep into this rewarding and challenging game.
  45. Total PC Gaming
    A fun-filled if not quite essential addition to the Total War series. [Issue#31, p.44]
  46. 79
    Napoleon: Total War adds a few important changes. The new reinforcement system and the multiplayer definitely add to the game. The lack of freedom and different factions may detract from the replayability though. You wouldn’t be making a wrong decision to buy this game, but it’s stagnation more than revival after Empire. The next game will have to prove if Total War can be brought back to (new) life.
  47. The linear nature of the main campaign and the occasionally confused AI, often ruined the experience for us.
  48. 75
    Good enough. The stronger AI is nice, though the absence of overseas trade, national evolution, and the naval aspects are noticeable. Perhaps this is the streamlined game that Empire should have been, but 40 dollars and one year later, Napoleon should be more generous than it is. As it stands, the game is a decent addition to the series, but not essential.
  49. Napoleon: Total War is difficult to pin down. It asks me to overlook several significant problems that materially diminish the game, and I cannot recommend Napoleon without attaching a boatload of conditions and caveats.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 541 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 64 out of 541
  1. SteveM
    Feb 25, 2010
    It's still the same broken game as before. They didn't fix anything. They just removed the features that didn't work. It's still the same broken game as before. They didn't fix anything. They just removed the features that didn't work. Diplomacy didn't work so they took out most of the factions and made it France vs everyone else. The AI couldn't figure out the whole naval thing so they took most of that out of the game too. The battle AI still sucks. This is the EXACT same garbage as E:TW was. Don't fall for it like I did. Full Review »
  2. Apr 21, 2013
    This in my opinion is the best of all games in the Total War Do not have a variety of units as large as those of Rome and Empire, yet it hasThis in my opinion is the best of all games in the Total War Do not have a variety of units as large as those of Rome and Empire, yet it has very different variations. The combat animations are excellent and exciting during a fight you feel inside the scenario, the action, the bangs, the shots, it's just exciting, not to mention the presence of epic Napoleon Bonaparte. Full Review »
  3. May 25, 2012
    Well, CA, was wrong when making Nappy a full game. This game excels barely on single player. On to graphics, the effects and terrain actuallyWell, CA, was wrong when making Nappy a full game. This game excels barely on single player. On to graphics, the effects and terrain actually look better, but the models don't really look good as expected, the soldiers look "shiny", and their faces seem all the same, just with different mustaches and beards. The campaign drop-in battle addition is actually pretty cool and interesting, though there's really something; CA forgot to improve the A.I. It's dumbed out as Empire's. The campaign is still fun, but when fighting in real-time battles with A.I., it's not really fun. Napoleon is basically Empire, with fewer factions and a new title screen. This game only excels in multiplayer. There's no dumb A.I. that puts its cannons behind hills, or any exploitable stupid act they perform. If you're that guy that doesn't play singleplayer (specifically, the campaign) at all (like the Prince of Macedon), this game may suit you. Although, beware of noob players. Full Review »