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  • Summary: Napoleon: Total War defines a new standard within the genre with exciting characters and a cinematic narrative, mind-blowing battle sequences and an unrivalled mix of turn-based and real-time strategy. Take command and lead your armies on land and sea over three campaigns: Italy, Egypt and Mastery of Europe. The seamless mix of objective-based missions and sandbox experience makes this the most complete Total War experience to date. Napoleon features fully integrated multiplayer modes and a complete set of online functionalities: Steam achievements, gameplay bonuses, uniform editor and voice communications. Advanced weaponry enables new tactical options and even more exciting real-time battles on an epic scale, while the highly detailed environments and improved battlefield buildings guarantee a realistic recreation of famous historical battles. [Sega] Collapse
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  1. Positive: 49 out of 56
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  1. 93
    The cannon may be the final argument of kings. But the Total War series is undoubtedly the king of the real time strategy genre - and Napoleon: Total War could very well be Creative Assembly’s crowning jewel.
  2. Napoleon: Total War doesn't redefine Total War but that was never its intention. The bottom line is that Napoleon: Total War is a must have for all who like those dashing battles of the 19th century.
  3. SEGA made good use of the experience made with Empire to improve its RTS formula, resulting in a more effective gameplay. Although Napoleon: Total War has its shortcomings – even with the AI – it still manages to keep the player involved throughout, thanks to its thoroughness and rather accurate historical setting.
  4. But if you’re willing to accept them, along with the awful AI and the linearity – the most controversial two aspects of NTW – then you’ll probably accept this game as a sequel worthy of the series’ reputation and a proper mise-en-scene for France’s closest call when it came to winning wars.
  5. Hardcore Total War completists are unlikely to be disappointed. [Apr 2010, p.128]
  6. Open a fine wine, break out the stinky cheese, and dig deep into this rewarding and challenging game.
  7. 40
    While the strategic level is an admirable attempt at something halfway between the elegance of Civilization and the historical specificity of Europa Universalis, it doesn't have the benefit of letting a human player take over. Here, once again, the game falls apart when it breaks out of the strict scripting of the story-based missions.

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  1. Apr 21, 2013
    This in my opinion is the best of all games in the Total War Do not have a variety of units as large as those of Rome and Empire, yet it has very different variations. The combat animations are excellent and exciting during a fight you feel inside the scenario, the action, the bangs, the shots, it's just exciting, not to mention the presence of epic Napoleon Bonaparte. Expand
  2. Oct 13, 2014
    Copy and pasted from my steam review

    Vive l'Empereur!

    Napoleon: Total war is an excellent strategy game the redeems the series for the
    sins of Empire. The ai is much better in Napoleon then Empire and bugs are much less frequent in Napoleon. Napoleon also has fantastic historical battles, which have never been my favorites to complete in the past. The campaigns, all 4 ( I'm not including Waterloo because it's one battle with cutscenes) while being more restrictive then in the past, are great fun, and present a challenge when set to very hard. The graphics are fantastic if your pc can handle them, but the game is a system hog and if you have a lower end pc you should rethink purchasing until you've read up if you can run it decently or not. Multiplayer is great, with very little connection issues and the introduction to the series of a multiplayer campaign.
    Overall Napoleon:Total war is a superb strategy game that deserves a place in every strategy players liabrary.
  3. Sep 17, 2013
    This game was pretty good on launch and definitely a lot better than Empire Total War was. I really enjoyed this game. A lot of new units with the new feature where units automatically gain back their losses through replacements when in friendly territory was a definite plus. It cut out the micro management of having to select all units in a stack and click the replenishment plus button or actually moving them back to a city to retrain them like in older titles. Plenty of good things to say about vanilla Napoleon Total War, but I can not leave out the modders who have done an outstanding job of providing endless replay ability with new mods still coming out today. This is a win win for any total war fan, so definitely pick up this copy and enjoy for yrs to come. Expand
  4. Jan 27, 2014
    This a vary fun game but if you are looking for a good single play don't get this one in the Total War Series. Empire Total War beats it on single player. Napoleon's smaller map, less factions and having less freedom then Empire Total War. Empire kills it on the single player. How dose it have less freedom? Lets say you play Prussia. when I play a campagin, I want to do change history. When I first started to play this game I jumped in as Prussia and started off with wanting side with France and get an alliance with them. Nope. The game won't let you do that as Prussia to side with France. it might as well commends you to get an alliance with Russia. you have to do what they did in history. that what kills it most for me.

    On the outer hand online battle in this one are way better then in Empire Total War. The graphics are way better, there are more maps to play on and there a lot more units to use in battle.
    So you want a vary good online get this one but if you want a good single player Empire Total War is the one to go with
  5. Mar 31, 2013
    Napoleon Total War is good game, that's for sure. Graphically, game is superb. Explosions are beautiful and soldiers are fairly detailed (at least better than how Empire total war was), but that means you won't be able to see what Napoleon total war has to offer if your PC is not good, so keep that in mind. Napoleon total war is pretty similar to its predecessor Empire total war, but adding more features into game, such as cold/heat attrition makes invasion more challenging and stronger rebel forces requires you to put more attention toward town management. Also, this game have overall better multiplayer experience than its predecessor. However, game's scope is only limited to Europe; don't get me wrong since it is still wide, but it feels narrow because its predecessor had very large scope, stretching from America to India. Also, game is very heavily focused in five factions Britain, France, Austria, Prussia and Russia. Each have unique tactic and unique units, but when it comes to more "minor" faction, such as Portugal, Spain, Denmark and Sweden, it is very lacking. First, you can't play them in campaign, and second, their units are standard. I hope there were more depth into each factions, not for all but at least faction you can play in custom battle. Although it is better than Empire total war since it had exactly same looking unit with just minor differences in stats. However, this game is more fast paced for better multiplay experience, so line infantry and cannons in this game have phenomenal reloading speed. It's minor issue if you just want to enjoy the game, but hardcore historians may feel offended by this. So, game is pretty good, but I can't help but feel this game is standalone expansion pack of Empire total war. If you are more singleplayer-centric gamer, you may want to pass this one since it's not that different from Empire total war. However, if you just want to break free from bugs of Empire total war, want to pursue Napoleon's ambition, or just want to jump into wonders of total war franchise, this is game for you. Expand
  6. May 10, 2012
    This game has the greatest campaign of all the Total war series but it's actual meat which is the battle's is lacking. The Multiplayer is crap unless you play with trusted friends who play honestly and don't abuse the game. The game's multiplayer is EASY to abuse and camp. The historical battles are epic and the story mode campaign was amazing. From Napoleons campaign in Italy, Egypt and Conquest of Europe this game gives us a great drive to accomplish what Napoleon did. The campaign map introduces winter/desert attrition and tactical terrain. Campaign, 5/5, Battles 2.5/5 Expand
  7. Sep 29, 2014
    Does not launch and the support refuse to do anything or bring money back. Typical fraund.
    Does not launch and the support refuse to do
    anything or bring money back. Typical fraund. Expand

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