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  • Summary: Nation Red is an ultra fast infinite play arena-based shooter providing an exceptional close-quarter battlefield experience. Fight thousands of zombie mutants and their bosses in frantic bloody gameplay. [Steam]
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  1. A surprisingly moreish zom-bomber. [Dec 2009, p.109]
  2. Nation Red is not as simplistic as Legion of Man, DiezelPower’s previous creation, but it’s still dull and unimpressive.
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  1. Positive: 25 out of 36
  2. Negative: 4 out of 36
  1. May 26, 2011
    I can't fault this game for support, the devs are on the Steam forums daily checking for problems or keeping us up-to-date with what new features/changes are coming with the upcoming patch. It is the best supported indie game I've seen on the Steam forums!

    The game is a top-down zombie shooter and fast-paced play but lots of fun too. I've put a lot of hours into this game and it never gets boring, the constant updates which include 4 player co-op, weapon upgrades, perk upgrades and new achievements, etc. keep the game fresh.
  2. Sep 6, 2012
    I would like to recommend this game to everyone who has 3 more friends ready to hit it. Of course you can play with strangers online, but it's just cooler to form a team and see how far can you get. Survival mode of this game is one of the most intense and interesting cooperative online play that I experienced. The game seems to be inspired by Crimsonland which I love very much. I still think Crimsonland is better in it's simplicity, but Nation Red provides more fun because of 4 player survival coop. Great thing about this game is that the developer is very devoted to it, patches and improvements continue to be made and players' opinion is really being heard on Steam forums. For the price tag this game has it provides so much fun that I would call it a must have. Expand
  3. Jan 3, 2012
    Nation Red is a much needed reincarnation from the likes of Crimsonland and Smash TV. It stays true to it roots, so don't expect a big story or traversal to the likes of Left 4 Dead. It is an arena shooter that sends you back to the arcade days. We have come to a time where local highscore tables are dead, the game however offers you online friends leaderboards and achievements to still be able to chase score goals. The support the game received is unmatched by any other developer, not even Valve. When the game came out it was somewhat clunky and had a tiny featurelist, but what felt like 200+ updates, each taking community suggestions into account it became the best of its genre. Now take the low price into account and it is a no-brainer if you are even slightly interested into this style of game. If it's the best of its genre, then why isn't it a 10? 10's and 0's are the furthest of the spectrum and I could not think of a single game that would deserve a 0 or 10. So yes, Nation Red is near perfect at what it is and I can only recommend it to everyone who likes chasing scores. Expand
  4. Nov 3, 2012
    Nation Red is a zombie arena shooter, technically well done, there are many different types of weapons and explosives, turrets and other types of buff. Every level up,while gaming,you can choose perks,temporary or stable for the duration of the fight. There is multiplayer, but the single campaign is short about an hour.
    However, there is survival mode, free play and barricades for hours of fun; Includes tutorial.
  5. Oct 18, 2010
    Nation Red is NOT just "another zombie shooter". We have the "Resident Evil" TPS series, yes. We have the "Zombie Shooter" top-down shooters too. However, Nation Red is way too different from those games to be even compared to them. This is my first review, but I'll try to make it as good as possible. The Positive Points of Nation Red are : ---> "Upgrading" your character. This is a feature that you'll find in every single RPG. As you level up, you can choose new PERKS. These guarantee your character improovements. There are virtually INFINITE combinations of perks, each combo will probably provide you very different game play. ---> Infinite Replay Value. Currently (And you'll see why I said currently later on), there are 4 gamemodes: "Free Play" - Play an infinite game, leveling up while choosing carefully your weapons. "Barricade" - The only two differences are that you have the support from Barricades and Sentry Guns to help you killing zombies, and that you have to stop enemies from reaching a certain point. "Survival" - Free Play with absolutely no drops. You get to choose a weapon in the beginning, but that's it.. There will be NO MORE WEAPONS, NO MORE POWERUPS and NO PERKS. "Missions" - 18 missions at both day and night with great objectives. From killing X number of zombies to protecting a VIP. ---> On-line/Local Cooperative Games - The Co-Op 2-players and 4-players games are the best part of Nation Red. All the 3 previous modes are available for Co-Op. By focusing on playing with friends from the Steam Community, the On-line Co-op matches are EXTREMELLY addicting. Get a friend and go explode some zombies! ---> Community Support - Ever had to post something on the game's forum and wait for days to get an answer? This doesn't happen on Nation Red. SnowBrigade, the contact from Diezel Power on the Steam Forums is, by far, one of the best developers when it comes to listening to the community. In fact, we can literally say half the content we see on Nation Red now is from suggestions players have given through time. There are threads and more threads with suggestions. ---> Steam Leaderboards - There are leaderboards for EVERYTHING on Nation Red. Most kills, most time survived, most points, most experience, most kills in a certain period of time...So many I can't actually memorize them all! ---> Available in Several Languages - Nation Red is available in English, Deutsch, French, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese! And some of the translators are the players themselves! ---> Create you Own Maps - Although Nation Red doesn't have an editor, it's very simple to create your own map! All you need is a 3D Modeler and some other stuff I don't understand about! But I assure it's very simple. ---> Achievements - No need to explain this one. Because deep in our hearts, we're all achievement whores. ---> PhysX - The game's quality only became better when it migrated to the PhysX physics system! ---> Great Graphics, Great Performance - Although some players had problems with crashes and low FPS, that's NO MORE! In the last update, Nation Red developers apparently fully fixed those. ---> Think Fast or Die - If you want to do this while you drink tea and have someone massaging your back, DON'T! Nation Red is all about thinking fast and running and killing and running and then running a little bit more and then dying, because we all die no matter how good we are. Zombies are better. ---> Classes - You can choose your perks, your weapons, your character and, in the next update, you'll be also able to choose classes! CLASSES! Those have advantages and disadvantages. Great for 4-player Co-Op. Hell, that's a lot! Now, The Negative points of Nation Red: -> The game presents some bugs. That's due to the constant updates with HUGE amounts of new content. Developers have to divide their time between fixing previous bugs and creating new content. The latter generates more bugs, but these are always fixed in the next version. (For that, I got -2 from 10) Final Conclusion: Nation Red is way too cheap for it's quality. It's worth at least 3 times it's price (9.99 Dolars, on Steam - Expand
  6. May 4, 2012
    Nation Red is an arcade style top down shooter game that combines zombies, power-ups, and perks all into a high action, all thriller fun extravaganza in short bursts. Yes, the concept may seem repetitive at first thought (and it is), but the beauty and fun comes from actually participating in the craziness that takes place. The music is some kind of metal derivative, and I quickly muted it in the settings, as I can not stand it for very long. You will develop favoritism for certain weapons, and also predilection for perks that suit your play style or power factor. There are missions, but they are basically variations of the other game modes that may be played at your leisure without attachment to the game's horror plot. Surely, because of its nature, Nation Red may not be a game you spend consecutive hours playing, and may be best if picked up at short intervals and breaks. There are many statistics that the game keeps track of for you, including a leader board for comparative and competitive reasons. The developer's are very much involved with the gaming community via Steam, and update the game often. I find that playing for longer than one hour at a time, Nation Red gets repetitive too quickly, and as I've mentioned before, it is better enjoyed in shorter periods. The player's character seems to glide and slide around the maps, which is a bit of an imperfection. These movements do not look very well done. Each of the game modes feel and play different from each other, which adds to the already existing amount of replay ability. While there is fun to be had with Nation Red, it simply becomes too repetitive and dull too quickly. The longer you play, the less you will feel like playing, and when you do play, you will be playing it for less time. It is a coffee break style game, and most of your enjoyment will come from fifteen to thirty minutes playing sessions. Anything more than that will rapidly wear out the game, and your interest in it. There is really not much to it. Nation Red is a simple and basic experience. Expand
  7. Dec 17, 2012
    Isometric "zombie" survival co-op. You unlock skills when you level up but it becomes a hassle since you can't pause properly to select them in multiplayer. Too shallow and too few maps/gameplay modes. Ugly, repetitive, and frustrating to control. No redeeming values that I can think of besides the fact that it is playable. Expand

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