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  2. Negative: 31 out of 118

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  1. Oct 5, 2012
    Heavily scripted, plays make no sense most of the times, and only shines in a few spots (ignore the garbage reviewers say about looking `realìstic``, thats absolute bs, that`s marketing $$ talk), still enjoying the fact that there's no real competition out there for it. Oh and the GM talk, roflmao, what a joke. Gj 2k, this will be my last copy.
  2. Feb 25, 2013
    Very disappointing that the PC version isn't supported by 2k and is missing a lot of things that come in the console versions.
  3. Oct 31, 2012
    Wow, something told me not to buy this after last years fiasco. But I put some faith in 2k Games to not make the same mistakes they did last year........and they did. Bugs and crashes right off the bat, especially in My Player mode. Enjoy waiting like 6 months for a patch and very horrible customer support like this did MLB2k12 and NBA2k12. This year I was smart and bought a physical PC copy that I will be getting a refund for. Fool me once......well you know the rest. Expand
  4. Oct 4, 2012
    This game is the worst waste of money that you can waste. Don't buy it, it sucks. Play the last year's one because this one is a waste of 60$ that you will never get back.
  5. Oct 13, 2012
    This game feels like nba live. heavily disappointed and a big step backwards from stellar 2k12 and 2k11. I like my 2k just fine without jay z. on HOF defensive play is crap. As i have said this is far from a 2k game. this is like something EA games would make.
  6. Nov 1, 2012
    This game is absolutely horrendous so far compared to 2k11. Menu layout is extremely poor, actual attribute customization of your own player doesn't exist. There's just a ton of useless fluff appearance stuff. Actual controls in the game are also complete garbage. Why combine bounce pass with the same effing button as dribble moves. Which leads me to passing in general. If there's a way for your player to pass it straight at an opponent instead of to the guy you want the game will do it. All the extra cut scenes and little music videos are also not needed. I want to play the game not watch a bunch of extraneous **** Dunno what crack the official reviewers are smoking. Expand
  7. Nov 1, 2012
    DO NOT BUY THE PC VERSION IF YOU WISH TO PLAY ONLINE, EARN POINTS, ETC YOU CAN'T EVEN PLAY A FRIEND ON ONLINE....WTF 2K The PC Version of NBA 2K13 is currently missing the following features and modes included in the console versions of the game. Click Read More to see what they are. Game Modes MyTEAM Preorder All Star Weekend (dunk contest, 3pt contest) Game Features MyCloset for MyPLAYER VC Currency System (the game uses the console Collapse
  8. Jan 6, 2013
    For me, the biggest problem in this game is the lack of attention to keyboards' users. Some things are impossible to do with a keyboard. It is a PC game, why do I have to use a controller to play well, and not my keyboard? If I want to play to a game with a controller, I buy a console.
  9. Aug 6, 2013
    Scripted game, it's frustrating to play something like this, bad controls, A.I. it's poor, teammates do stupid things all the time, only good things in this game are the dream team and the graphics.
  10. Mar 26, 2013
    2K needs to stop treating the PC gamers like a red head step child. This game is just a bone thrown in for some extra income. This developer does not care, please stop paying for roster upgrades and fixes that never come or show up at the end of the season. Except for the new control, I think last years patched version is better.
  11. Oct 2, 2013
    game is a joke, pure arcade game no simulation what so ever. it is aimed for kids who like science fiction basketball not to basketball fans. very bad release. nba 2k12 was much better in terms of gameplay and the best player winning the game using basket ball strategies. i remember i had so much fun using the wizards to play against top ranked users online using miami and lakers. it was fun, with nba 2k13 and 14 there is no intelligence in the game and no tactics required. with the score reaching 100 and 130 points per game of 6 minutes a quarter that is crazy thats a joke not basketball Expand
  12. Jul 3, 2013
    In a basketball game (or any sports game), the AI is extremely important. I can control 1 player out of 10 players on the court at any given time. 9 players are 100% controlled by 2K13. This is where the game begins to fail. Those 9 players are just stupid by default. If you're playing superstar mode and you can only control a single player, sometimes you just have to sit back and watch your teammates do some really dumb stuff. Then the next trip up the court, they try the same dumb things. Rinse and repeat. It just sucks the fun out of any single player experience you can have with this game. Its a shame because some of the career management and menu interfacing is nice. None of that matters when the gameplay is bad though.

    Another issue with the game is the "momentum". There are times when you just cant make a shot. It is literally impossible to make a shot and you expect not to make a shot. This usually happens when the score gets too far apart. The winning team gets bad and the losing team gets better. It happens every game where there is large separation and it can be expected. The game is deeply scripted. Even online, the game makes sure the score stays close regardless of skill level.

    This is the best NBA game you can get right now but that's more because it doesn't have any real competition. Its starting to sink into that Madden mindset where they dont feel the need to improve the actual core game. They just add a feature every year.

    I hope i'm not the only person who doesn't care about 2K14's mouth animations. Show me some improved AI!
  13. Aug 22, 2013
    The game is absolute and utter crap. Piece of PC version ofcourse. Playvision dont work, opponent jumps like crazy and get every ball, tactics most of time dont work so its very fckin hard to do some play. Opponent AI is retarded, also your team mate AI is uber retarded. My carrer is simply said bad and full of crap and yes broken like all in this crap game. Online play lags as 1 out of 10 online matches will not lag. Game cant remember some settings so You must always turn them on. I have played all basketball games and I must say that 2k every year make crapier basketball game and they dont even show some desency to make patch to fix all they do. Expand
  14. Sep 14, 2013
    I have been watching and playing (up to a semi-pro level) basketball since I was a little kid. NBA 2K13 is not an accurate representation of basketball. Dumb-as-rocks AI, false mechanics, a joke of a physics system makes this game infuriating to play. Below are a few negative points:

    -The PC version is missing many features that are on the console.

    -MyCareer mode feels like a 2K let
    a 10 year-old kid decide everything about it. What kind of a sick coach would put in his 6'3 point guard to guard Tim effing Duncan for 10+ minutes? The kind of coach that is in NBA 2K13.

    -AI feels retarded at many occasions. They take dumb layups, leave men open. Man this AI is stupid!

    -One simple thing: JUMP SHOT MECHANICS ARE FALSE, 2K! In real life, if you spent any time at all after you've reached the end of your jump before releasing the ball, that is a LATE RELEASE, not a perfect release like this game thinks it is. Every proper shooting coach will teach you to release before you waste any energy. Maybe the 2K staff needs a shooting coach?

    -There is a button for bounce passes but the game might choose to dish a bounce pass even if it would be a stupid thing to do (and you did not use the bounce pass buttons).

    -Physical mechanics are a JOKE. Sometimes players feel less athletic than sloths. It does not take anyone a full second to start sprinting or change direction. That is the case in NBA 2K13, when I press forward and sprint, my player takes a full second to initiate a long dribble and starts running.

    I lack the energy to bash this game any further, I've just played it for ~50 hours. This series should've come a lot further in the last 4 years. I do not think 2K14 will be much different.

    On the bright side, very good presentation elements and control scheme (if only the players did things realistically).

    CONCLUSION: I doubt anyone in 2K payed any attention to the important details. They got it to work and said "that should do it". That's what this game feels like.
  15. Oct 7, 2013
    [spanish] Realmente lamentable que 2K subestimaran a tal punto a los usuarios de PC, con este juego que no tiene ni un tercio de lo que trae en las consolas. Modo Online Un Asco!
  16. Nov 1, 2012
    DO NOT BUY THE PC VERSION IF YOU WISH TO PLAY ONLINE, EARN POINTS, ETC YOU CAN'T EVEN PLAY A FRIEND ON ONLINE....WTF 2K The PC Version of NBA 2K13 is currently missing the following features and modes included in the console versions of the game. Click Read More to see what they are. Game Modes MyTEAM Preorder All Star Weekend (dunk contest, 3pt contest) Game Features MyCloset for MyPLAYER VC Currency System (the game uses the console Collapse

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  1. 92
    Thanks to the online features that work flawlessly, the magnificent commentaries and perfect gameplay, as well as the variety of historic rosters and Olympic teams, NBA 2K13 is undoubtedly a classic hit in the sports games genre. [February 2013]
  2. Jan 29, 2013
    NBA 2K13 is very smart game that offers so many tactical possibilities.
  3. Dec 12, 2012
    Gorgeous, immersive and packed with game modes, NBA 2K13 is one poorly designed keyboard setup away from b-ball glory.