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  1. 45
    More importantly, it feels like an old, forgettable game risen from the grave. With a little more depth, a little more polish on the visuals, and some better character balancing, it could have been one of those "simple but fun" games like Katamari or pulling lint out of your bellybutton.
  2. It's doubtful you'll find six other online players but you can set a trap and invite six of your friends to play via LAN. It will be the last you ever see of them. Make sure you take their keys.
  3. The game's poorly implemented design, clunky interface, Stone Age graphics, and horrible sound effects combine to form a product that is impossible to recommend to anyone.
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  1. LuisV.
    Jul 21, 2005
    I never imagined the in a time like this such a despresivel game could be made.
  2. TroyR.
    Jun 8, 2005
    I'm only giving this game a 1 cuz i too liked the name. Stay far far away from this title. I am boggled that this title has a May 2005 release date. When i played it i felt like i flashed back to at least 1995 or earlier. Were all the develpoers caught in a timewarp. Very poor game, managed to get stuck in the tutorial missions. Got fed up and uninstalled in after about 15mins of frustration. Full Review »
  3. StrategyWorst
    May 13, 2005
    nec·ro·ma·ni·a n. An abnormal tendency to dwell with longing on death. It only makes sense that a company like Strategy First would release this relic. A total waste of money. I'm giving it a "1" only because I liked the title. The game is dead alright. Full Review »