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  • Summary: Become the "Champion Road Racer" by conquering numerous racing events, all carrying rewards such as: cars, tracks and high performance upgrades. The game challenges the driver to dodge traffic, police and natural elements in high speed and high style... true NFS style! Evade any cops encountered, as getting busted just might end your career. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. Killer aerial shots, intense chases, and a rock-infused soundtrack make for a heart-pounding ride. [18 Oct 2002, p.124]
  2. The sad thing is that even when you use high res modes such as 1280*1024, you still don't get anywhere near the feeling of a true photo-realistic ambience...All things considered, NfS: HP2 is one heck of racing experience.
  3. The game has an all around solid polished look, and still manages to retain a steady frame rate without any slowdown.
  4. Overall I’m disappointed by the physics of this game.
  5. It certainly is a good arcade-style driving game, but it's nowhere near as fun as the PlayStation 2 version.
  6. The ability to be the cop and call up backup such as the chopper and spike strips is a noble attempt but just not enough. They are fun to use but a few tweaks do not make a game.
  7. While it's great to see it return to the PC after a three-year absence, it doesn't reach the heights of previous editions. [Feb 2003, p.67]

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  1. Mar 20, 2013
    Absolutely brilliant, moddable Need for Speed game. On PC with a driving wheel, it was amazing to drive around and run from cops chasing you, to T-bone other cars so they would get booked by the ever present police. With this game you could either play as a racer, or a cop; and this simple detail is what made the game so fun.
    The police were completely balanced, the helicopters dropped flaming (or smoking, rather) barrels in your path, calling for backup made another two police join the pursuit, and calling for spike traps spawned police and a spike strip in the middle of an avoidable road, if you knew the shortcuts.

    The game had progression and you would earn money to unlock better and better cars, it didn't have an overly-aggressive customisation system, like the newer NFS titles, you picked the colour of the car you wanted to drive, and they were all gathered into 'classes', that you would only race against cars from that class. (Balanced also, mind you, the slowest car in a class could match the fastest car, if you were good enough.)

    Playing as police was extremely fun, there were police-exclusive cars, whose speed and handling were near the top-rated car in each class, and you could ram into the racers to subdue them from damaging or just making them stop next to you. A skilled police officer could slide horizontally infront of cars to make them stop (a good racer can get out of this maneuver, but that's my secret and you can catch as many racers as you want in police mode, as 'on patrol' they keep spawning, and you get face against random cars, they take different shortcuts each time, it never gets old (and it's a very good way to learn the tracks.)

    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 had a wide selection of tracks to choose from, from Italian winding, hilly roads, to flatland perfect-for-speed demon straights, the library takes you from the mountainous alps, to the american woodland and you can race across the world in as many of the 2002-era exotic Opel Speedsters, Porsche Carreras and Lotus Elises as you want, not to mention the inclusion of many people's favourites, the Dodge Viper and Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

    With Hot Pursuit 2 having open resource files, you can edit .ini files of any car to make it have as much (or as little) speed as you want, give each car 1kg of weight and watch them fly off the highway, or replace any car texture to whatever model or make of dishwasher you find on the internet.

    This game gives countless hours of enjoyment and fun and earns from me a solid ten out of ten.
  2. Nov 16, 2011
    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, I love this game, and not just because of childhood memories. I've never played the console version of the game, so I can't make that comparison, but I'll say the PC version is no doubt the best NFS game I've played, and I've played everyone to date that was available on the Xbox or Xbox 360 (Besides The Run) including some of the older PC titles. I'm actually ashamed of the newer games butchering the Need For Speed franchise by catering to larger audience by putting in explosions and on foot sequences, which is totally not true Need For Speed. I mean, I think all was going well for Need For Speed up until Undercover, which took the series into a new direction in a bad way. Hot Pursuit 2 features 3 basic modes plus multi-player (which doesn't appear to feature cops at all). There's Hot Pursuit which is a non-story based career mode, where you complete challenges in increasingly faster cars, including circuit, knockout and point to point races. Timed challenges and then Be The Cop where you must ram and arrest a minimum number of racers to succeed. Best of all, unlike the newer games, you don't need to place first, eliminating a lot of the frustration. If you're having trouble getting first, no problem, you can pass with 3rd. Worth mentioning is that in Hot Pursuit mode, all of the challenges have cops somewhere, whether it's the AI or you. There's then Championship mode, which is basically the opposite, a bunch of races with absolutely no cops anywhere. Then there's just the plain race mode, where the game's points system comes in. You gain points both for playing in the custom races mode, or by completing challenges in the career mode. You then spend these to buy new cars and tracks for race mode. In Race mode, you can choose Single Race, Be the Cop, Knockout, Tournament and Free Run. Most of which you can toggle settings like police, traffic and number of racers. However, there is a lack of the "Time of day" option, which was featured in previous games. A couple of tracks take place at night, but most take place during various times of the day, which is disappointing. There's also a new wanted system, as you are in a race and get in multiple pursuits, you will get more stars in the next pursuit. And these affect how the cops behave, not only increasing the pursuit length, but the cops will begin calling in backup including an extra cop to pursue, helicopter and roadblocks/spikestrips (all of which you can use in Be the Cop mode). Also, unlike previous games, there's a larger variety of cop cars, as the majority of the game's cars (but not all) have police variants. All of the cop cars are the same however, they all have this very generic logo and black and white finish, and same lightbar. Luckily though (best part about the PC version, most likely) is mods! Download new skins including mods that make the cop cars headlights flash and even entirely new police cars. Beware however, I would recommend only using skins or modified versions of the cars already in-game. I have seen many issues with downloading entirely new cars such as Dodge Charger for example, which isn't already in game, which usually results in you having to re-install the game. There's also modded tracks and more, all of which are fairly easy to install assuming you can follow instructions. Anyway, that concludes my review of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. Buy? Yes. Sad thing is this game is nowhere to be found, probably only way is to pirate it and send an apology letter to EA. Excellent game, buy nao. Expand
  3. Nov 1, 2013
    This game isn't all that great. Porsche Unleashed is much better. The graphics are nice but the tracks and races are boring. The two cons are that some races are way too long and get frustrating when you're just about done and crash, and the tracks don't have enough stretch to go fast. What's the point of simulating a 500hp+ car when there's not enough room to max it out? Just when you're about to pass 200mph there's a sharp turn and you have to go back to 80mph. I found that very disappointing. Also there's a chase camera which is underdeveloped, it hurts your eyes when you play in that mode. The cars never get damaged and there are no ramps to jump off. Play Porsche or Underground instead. Expand
  4. Aug 4, 2013
    Najslabiji Ned for Speed ikada, grafika okoline odlično izgleda, ali sama fizika vožnje je loša, i ne tako velik izbor automobila........................ Expand
  5. Nov 28, 2013
    Going to good graphics, Moderate to excellent cars, moderate realistic car damage and good driving physics. but has a bad gameplay and bad police chase that can boring the player. Expand

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