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  1. Nov 20, 2010
    They've managed to catch the "Hot Pursuit" spirit and looks, in fact, sometimes it even looks like remade NFS:HP2. However, the gameplay department has nothing to do with the NFS franchise. It is about ridiculous power drifts that take place easily, and unresponsive cars that have a hard time turning. It should have been called Burnout: Hot Pursuit, because it does play like that.

    As a PC
    game, it's a weak port. Graphical options are resolution, shadow detail and motion blur on/off. It does run well on mid range computers, but it has unexplainable stutters even on powerful rigs. Oh, and IT DOES NOT SUPPORT AA.

    If you liked Burnout, this might be the charm for you, if you are a hardcore Most Wanted/Underground fan, skip this.
  2. Nov 19, 2010
    Nice Graphics and that's all. This game has some gorgeous scenery but the gameplay is so fail that I don't want to play this game anymore. When you brake the car to pass through a corner, it goes drifting like nuts and you don't have any control over the car. Every car feel like trucks because they all so damn heavy, and especially on the straights, it appears to have some kind of delay when you press the button to go to the right or left, if you just slightly press it, the car doesn't turn, and if you just press the button, the car goes too much. And there is no sensitivity to change on the options.
    And there's more, all cars have the same way to control, like the guy said before, it has absolutely no difference between a Crown Victoria and a Lamborghini.
    I would think two times before buying this game.
  3. Xyz
    Nov 19, 2010
    And I thought that NFS Undercover was the worst of the series... man was I wrong... But that's just my opinion. To be realistic: if you liked NFS 1 and 2, and I mean the real NFS 1 and 2, made years ago, you might enjoy this one. This one feels just like those oldies (sure, and goldies), but in this day and age this is just weak. Sure, graphics look great, but that's about it... So, if you want some 80's arcade style gaming with improved graphics and online features, go for this one, but if you want Need for Speed the way it was in Underground or Most Wanted the only thing you can do is pray... Expand
  4. Nov 21, 2010
    Pro: "omg shiny"
    Con: Everything else.
    Every car handles just about the same, the only difference is the top speed, the AI is horrible, power drifting at 300kph is ridiculous, there is no fun, the game just repeats itself time after time.
    It's for the 10-12 year old young ones... You don't need to watch your start, the game does it for you, you don't have to change gear, it does it for
    you. They could have just come out with a 2 hour long cut scene, it wouldn't made any difference. Expand
  5. Nov 24, 2010
    Given the history the NFS series has come along with, I found this to be a very disappointing title. All of the previous titles have tried to afford players as much flexibility in their gameplay as possible, within reason, namely in regards to how different cars handled and performed, the differences imposed based on whether the car was front, rear or all-wheel drive and in driving assists such as traction control, ABS and the like.

    This game has none of that. In fact, it provides a worse experience by doing some things that will undoubtedly only annoy some gamers, both casual and serious alike.

    Examples of this include an incredibly poor acceleration model; sometimes your car will simply fail to speed up reasonably for no apparent reasons, while at other times it will pelt forwards like a rocket taking performance enhancing drugs. Drifting is also an integral part of any race you take part in, irrespective of the track surface you're driving on or car you're using.

    You don't get points for your drifting in this game, though, and it serves no purpose other than to get through sharp corners; but that's where things go completely wrong. It's the only way to get through sharp corners. You can't not drift; the game will automatically enter a drift state provided you are on what the game constitutes a turn, and to make matters worse, drifts follow a certain (and by certain I mean very high) degree of autopilot-esque gameplay.

    You can almost simply engage a drift, ensure you're going through a turn at the right angle and then hold in your accelerator at full-throttle. Once the turn, that which the game considers to be the turn, is complete, your car will automatically straighten out for you.

    To make matters worse, there is no manual transmission in the game; no option for it, either.

    Making matters worse is that there appears to be no true variety between the cars. Within a class you're looking at as simple a set of factors as losing some top speed to gain more acceleration, losing some turning for better drift angle (and subsequent speed through a drift) or having greater turning but worse speed retention during a drift, Whether a car is front, rear or all-wheel drive has virtually no true impact on anything besides off-road handling.

    Ultimately, I'm left very disappointed in the game. Given Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit's gameplay and then the shift to unmodifiable cars in Hot Pursuit 2 but still the facility to use a manual transmission and cars that actually felt like they differed from eachother, this game leaves everything feeling exactly the same all the time, which makes for a wholly monotonous driving experience.

    It doesn't help that you more often than not feel like you're doing exactly the same race all over again in single-player.

    Easily one of the worst aspects of the game, to me, is that somehow the developers completely broke the relation of the bumper-camera to the width of the car in comparison to the previous games. This results in far more collisions with things that players of the previous games will be confident they should have passed, which makes true near-misses and proper navigation through streams of cars a headache rather than a fun/exhilarating experience.

    The damage in the game is also incredibly lackluster in complexity. You have multiple 'lives' within your damage bar to use to try and stay in the race; this amounts to three crashes. To make matters worse, a bug exists with the physics behind said crashes; you can total your car entirely by ramming into the backside of another car, while you are at full life, even if there is as little as a 20km/h difference between you. On the other hand, if you collide with a traffic vehicle at anything ranging from 40km/h to 300km/h, you again stand a chance to 'crash' instantly. However, if you simply brake for a split-second before colliding with oncoming traffic, often even if you are traveling at 300km/h, you will miraculously survive the experience with minimal damage.
    This game has merit in its graphics, but has poor sound and worse race-intro animations that you have to wait to skip. Gameplay wise it feels monotonous and generally boring in single-player.

    If you're a teen that just wants a pretty arcade racing game in which smashing other people off the road or into oncoming traffic/obstacles is your thing, then by all means go for this game. On the other hand if you want a serious racing game where you need to be strategic about when you hit other players and when to back off or try and get a lead, avoid it, you'll only leave disappointed; there is no 'realistic' damage in this game, and if you crash your car you have multiple lives of sorts to use before you're completely written off.
  6. Nov 22, 2010
    I was waiting for something like this, an old-like NFS, and it's seems that EA listened to me. AWESOME graphics, scenery, cars, crashes, EVERYTHING looks gorgeous. The only thing that I can regret for, is the "impossibility" of change things, such as graphics, driving helps, etc. But I think they will fix it, with some kind of patch. But in spite of that, it's a great game. Congratulations EA!
  7. Nov 24, 2010
    I wish EA did spend all the money they used to buyout all the game reviewers out there for actually developing a quality game.
    That's why piracy will endure forever EA.. because it's our only defense against false advertisement! And that's why the corporations hate it so much, because of the "Try before Buy" option..

    The NFS series went downhill since Most Wanted and the main reason
    for me are the unneeded changes in the already perfect driving engine. This one have utterly unresponsive controls, boring arcade features, frustrating time trials, cars in the same class have zero difference in handling, and repetitive gameplay. Expand
  8. Dec 2, 2010
    Flashy, loud, fast paced, and annoying. The game has many flaws. Graphics are bad and I really hate how the AI works. NFS titles don't rely on how well you're lapping, but rather, a AI will decide to overtake you and somehow get +100hp and zoom by you when you're at top speed. It's annoying. The story is really just dumb for lack of a better word. However, there is a nice car selection and there are some exciting times. I would recommend this if you find it for $5--$10 for a cheap thrill. Expand
  9. Nov 20, 2010
    Enjoyable, challenging, LIGHTNING FAST! A gorgeous racing game packed with LOTS of action, and offers a very reactive control scheme. Finally an enjoyable NFS up to its name! Considering Burnout Paradise was the fastest racing game full of action, Criterion Games proved themselves again in making the newest Hot Pursuit. Extremely detailed graphics in terms of cars and the world itself, lots of cars, very enjoyable game modes and missions, The sound effects are simply BRUTAL. As an engine kicks in, as you wreck another car, the speed feeling blows your head off! Ever wondered why is there a Bugatti Veyron in NFS - Shift, while you can't get it to top speed? Forget this. Hot Pursuit offers very open and long roads in various environments, so you can blast your way through them like a tornado with nitro. I did not enjoy the last 4-5-6 Need for Speed games, but this one seriously worths its price. Fantastic, awesome, rapid, adrenaline packed game. Well done, Criterion! Expand
  10. Dec 13, 2010
    Again, EA and Criterion show how much they care about PC gamers: no DLC, no LAN support, and only another **** facebook clone to show for it.

    Sorry, EA, you're the ones making us not buy your games. And don't BS us with the piracy excuse, your support is just abysmal.
  11. Nov 20, 2010
    first off, it is the most anticipated racing game this year. but I had to hestitate because of Assassin's creed brotherhood. fortunately(?) PC version is delay to Feb, 2011. so I just got it. it's been about 4 days since I have played. graphic seems to improve better than previous hot pursuit EA game. control, all other stuff is similar. but it's not why this game is so shine. it actually added the functionality of social network. I think it is great idea especially for PC. since console boxes have already this kind of function long time ago. I guess that EA was listen to customers what they wanted for the game. photo, post (twitter like) is brilliant. updated news also gives me what's going on recently. multiplayer mode offers various racing options which I like to play it more than ever. only thing what I concern is that there is no detail video settings. so I can't really adjust for optimization. other than that, the game is unbelievably near perfect. so far I haven't found any bug both for single and multiplayer mode. I think that this is what we want. Thank you EA to bring awesome game. Expand
  12. pxd
    Nov 19, 2010
    Same as Xyz, that's about it. (Only the cars model looks a tat bit better, everything else is crappy.)
    No proper driving physics, just slam your break and you drift like 'OUTRUN'.
    Soul-less. Most Wanted is far better. Even the lacklusters that came after Most Wanted is better than this. There is nothing to get you engaged.
    BORING~ voice over, ESPECIALLY the first Police Intro, she's
    like yo nanny rushing the scripts.
    Take it for a casual ride. Not a worthy buy.

    **PS: No settings for graphics, and the graphics looks YUCKS with no reason, unpolished product, and lame Interace/transition design, boo.
  13. Nov 21, 2010
    Although I can mostly agree with Xyz, I just need to correct one thing: This Need of Spead Hot Pursuit being already an insult to some of the other incarnations of NFS in the series I hereby wish to clear the name of NFS 1 aka "Road & Track presents the Need for Speed" from a wrong comparison with this piece of arcade console port.
    In Road & Track presents the Need for Speed one would
    use manual gear shifting skills to maximize your control over the vehicle, keep it to the road and help braking. This NFS Hot Pursuit does not even have manual gear shifting options. The reason there for is that it does not have a physics engine that could take advantage of gear shifting. You can't control any option like ABS braking or traction control. You can't adjust any steering parameter besides assigning axes. I have learned how to drive a car better thanks to NFS1 by avoiding any contact with borders and other vehicles and brake and shift in a controlled and synchronized way.
    NFS Hot Pursuit will teach you nothing about driving a car, not even avoiding deadly objects. It is a different game than NFS 1, it is not back to the roots, it is arcade to the max, it is a port from consoles to PC, it depicts cars but you can't actually drive them, you make the float through some scenery. The mechanics feel like they were generated by the generic arcade racing game generator program, clearly aimed at those who were still unborn when NFS1 hit the shelves and haven't played many racing games before this.
    This is not a classic!
    A waste of beautifully rendered scenery!
  14. Nov 23, 2010
    I am having a hard time even finding the pros of this game. Graphics, well with no AA option no matter how beautiful the scenery is or how wicked the car is, the jagged edges ruin it. Without any customization options, it just killed over half of my gameplay time. I used to spend over half of my game time cusomizing my ride and admiring its unique looks in the previous versions, and NFS Underground series and mostwanted were simply the best . Gameplay is weak.. the cars turn horribly .. not responsive at all and when i keep the key pressed a little longer the, car just goes out of control. I think it will take time for me as i have been playing DiRT2 a lot lately. Expand
  15. Nov 25, 2010
    This game is a total disappointment. I have to admit that the graphics are okay, but the game-play is very bad. I could only play this game for about 2 hours before i got bored. I think EA doesn't afford to pay an extra team to develop a story line.

    Oh and did i mention that you can't travel from town to town on the streets by your own ? You can just select on a map to which race you
    want to participate. Looks like i still have to play my old NFS Most Wanted, it never gets old. NFS Hot Pursuit got old before appearing on the store shelves. Expand
  16. Nov 11, 2011
    "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit" is a great racing game with clean, smooth graphics and solid gameplay. However, the controls are kinda buggy for PC and if you're not playing online there really isn't much to do with the single player. If you want a solid racing game, NFS: HP might be your best choice....for now.
  17. Dec 18, 2010
    Racing with weapons? Yes please. This is another adrenaline packed Criterion game. Great graphics, cars, online multiplayer. It's got the lot, at the right price. However, sim fanatics will hate the fun beats realism concept, so they they should definitely buy something else.
  18. Dec 29, 2010
    Dudes who do a racing game with no manual transmission are completely dumb, dude. You're driving a Shelby GT500 @ 70mph, pull the handbrake and the car don't even drift. It completely stops in one second. There's no simulation! Long live NFS Porsche Unleashed.
  19. Feb 2, 2011
    The graphics are good, but that is the only good thing about it.
    The car-control is horrendous, it feels like you're driving a semi-truck on ice, and there is no difference between driving one car and another. There is nearly no difference between driving on tarmac and the dirt-road in the shortcuts. The voice for all the menus is annoying, when you select cars it feels more like a car
    advert than anything else.

    Overall, the game is pretty freaking bad, I regret deeply spending money on it. If I had had a chance to try it out first I would never have bought it.
  20. Feb 21, 2011
    Finally NFS has gone back to its original style! The graphics are decent, sound is good, loading times aren't too bad. The Races and Cop chases are sufficient. Going as fast as possible in Freeplay mode is good fun. The gameplay is ok but needs tweaking. There seems to be an unresponsive steering delay which gets you into crashes, it can be a huge task trying to avoid oncoming traffic properly. Drifting around corners can be a bit tricky, the cars seem to power slide and tire squeal a bit excessively. It would be great if the driving dynamics was more similar to Grid. The game deserves a 9 but I gave it a 10 because this is how Need for speed games should be like.. driving Lambo's at high speed down long country roads. The game is called "Need for Speed" after all ;) Expand
  21. Nov 27, 2010
    On my dual GTX-580's this game is godlike, it forces you to pick certain cars which is a turn off, but the free ride and the spike stripping the PO-lice make it so worth getting...

    I wish I had Spike Strips.
  22. Nov 25, 2010
    I loved the original Hot Pursuit, so I looked forward to playing this game. Most Wanted was fun, but it took too much configuring to get it to look OK on a widescreen monitor. Everything else in the series didn't interest me all that much. They all seemed to be "Fast and Furious - The Game". This is not a racing sim by any stretch of the imagination. This is an arcade type racing game. For that I'm greatful. I don't have to worry about banging a $250,000 sports car against a guardrail. At first I was mostly sticking with playing the street racers, but it's just as much fun to get behind the wheel as a cop and take down the criminals.

    As per normal for the NFS series, you get a real sense of speed, and I find that I can finally handle the corners better than ever. This may be in part because I finally gave up on my Logitech gamepad and (stares at shoes) bought an Xbox 360 controller. I hate to say this, but it is the best gamepad for Windows 7. You plug it in, and it works.

    You can't tweak the cars in this game, which is a half point against it. However there are quite a few cars available and they do unlock at a good rate. The EMP, and Spike strips are fun to deploy in the Hot Pursuit modes, but here timing is everything. (I actually managed to run over my own spike strip.) The game runs well, but the lack of graphic settings is another point against the game. Even at 1920 X 1080, the lack of an anti-alias setting is sorely missed. I've completed one race on line and there was a very slight lag. Not Black Ops lag, but there was some none the less. I still enjoyed it, and look forward to playing it more, once I get used to the maps. All in all, the game is great fun, and a worth while purchase for anyone looking for an arcade racer.
  23. Dec 1, 2010
    Just wanted to express my disappointment about this game. I expected NFS not Burnout. Constant over-steering in corners, unstoppable catch-up AI and a steering that's reacting so slowly that one might think they brought this game out just to annoy people. Cant say anything against graphics and sound. Also haven't had any technical problems. But the contrast to SHIFT is just immense. Cant recommend it to any racing gamer. Expand
  24. Dec 21, 2010
    This game is great, the socially connected online features that Criterion has created brings real innovation to the racing game genre. The game modes are solid, but it's Autolog's friends comparison engine that really brings the game to life. Competition can become intense as you attempt to shave fractions of seconds off of your friend's times. Almost all of the negative reviews on here fail to mention online play, or Autolog, which was locked out of the pirated version so I presume the majority of poor user reviews are from pirates who are only playing 60% of the game. Buy the full version, play the full game and see for yourself. Possible contender for game of the year. Expand
  25. Dec 22, 2010
    Apart from the sulky reviewers that either cannot drive or expect human like behaviour from the AI, this is an excellent game if you are looking for fast paced fun. It really comes into its own when you have friends and play as cops v racers. Yes it has some issues, what game hasn't ? Scenery is nice, cars handle arcade style, not sim, so anyone can drive. If you can't beat the AI on this, play something else ! Just wish they could add proper wheel support, which criterion and ea are just too lazy to incorporate. Works great with 360 controller on PC. Servers can be apain to connect with friends, as it regularly drops someone, but that is a minor set back. Playing this with friends is the way to go, and single player will hone your skills. Beautifully rendered cars, but no unique handling features apart from the odd weight difference. Expand
  26. Dec 23, 2010
    If you are looking for the NFS Most Wanted/Underground type gameplay, then this is not for you. If you enjoy the burnout series, and/or the first few need for speed games, then this will be great for you. I will say that in normal races it plays like standard burnout, and would only merit a 6/7 for me. however, when you go into the more innovative game types such as Hot Pursuit, the game completely changes from normal racing to the best racing game i have ever played. I will also say that i got this game expecting it to be like previous NFS games (car modifications, etc.) , but i was pleasantly surprised to find it different.
    People will say that it is not like the rest of the NFS franchise, and it plays more like like burnout. I agree with them, but this does not make it a bad game. Overall, the best racing game i have ever played.
  27. Dec 25, 2010
    NFS games of late have been poor to say the least, however this game has exceeded my expectations.
    This game has a good variety of game types and excellent graphics.
    The online multiplayer is great and is suitable for all variety of racers.
    The best thing about the multiplayer is that if you aren't comfortable using the high powered cars you can race the slower cars and race against cars
    of a similar spec. E.G. you cant be in a subaru Impreza vs a Bugatti Veyron.

    Finally they have made a good NFS game.
    10 / 10
  28. Jan 4, 2011
    I think this game is good. I don't play too many racing games, but as far as games like DiRT 2 and GRID goes, this is right there next to them. A lot of people are giving this game bad ratings because of their own PC limitations and ignorance, and that's pretty stupid. Nvidia's already confirmed to be releasing a patch that will allow forced AA through inspector, and ATI users already have CCC patched which lets them do that. If you know how to open up your GPU's graphic options from the desktop, you can force any type of graphic options you want, which makes the argument "This game doesn't support any graphics/AA/etc!!!!" null. And it'd be pretty lol if you fell back on "Well it should have been in the game anyway!!!!!". You can't turn the low-category/starter cars on a dime. That's the deal with every racing game and it's an effective system to encourage the player to upgrade. Delay issues are purely individual-based and are not widespread. This game has fantastic graphics, fluid and intense gameplay, great sounds and music, and I'm having a great time playing in it. The only reason I can't give it a 10 is because I don't play too many racing games and because I haven't played the game for at least 100 hours yet. I don't recommend listening to anyone who says that you can't change your graphic settings such as the amount of Anti-Aliasing, that cheaper/easier-to-obtain cars should have perfect handling, or anything else that they nitpicked. This is a great game, and even though I got it for free, I'd pay full price for it. Thanks for reading.

    4GB RAM
    GTX 480 @ 1GB
    3.4GHz Phenom II X4
  29. Feb 22, 2011
    Game is awesome!!! Graphics are great!!! game play is awesome both single player and multiplayer..The only drawback is the no chat in game or lobby...
  30. Mar 22, 2011
    I've set up the account just to make a review for this game... I'd say it's an epic product if you are playing it on an older machine like mine (core 2 duo 2.13///2gb of 'mystery' RAM///8600GT). I am playing it on 1280x1024 with HQ textures on and it is perfectly smooth with some odd shortcuts where the game goes down to 15-20 FPS.
    As for the gameplay, it is the true meaning of words Need
    for Speed, if you're looking for some cheap simulators go play toca race driver or gran turismo... It is a pure speed-based game. Just like the HP2 from ~2000 it is about getting to the finish line 1st.
    There are two storylines, one - the racer and second - the cop; after 2 days of 5+ hrs of playing im not half way through the ranks, but have unlocked almost all events.
    For the game physics, its the 1st game where I noticed it takes time for the driver to turn the god damn steering wheel - stop whining about it, its the way it should be. For the drifting part - find an explanation of words 'Need for Speed' somewhere on the internet... this game is about pure speeeeeed
    The 4 'weapons' are IMO a funny solution that replaced the tuning progress.
    Overall, game features something new, like undercover, but much better (well yeah UC was a fail), with a wide variety of cars, rapidly unlocked one by one at the early stage the game allows you to test all of them on different tracks... and dividing cars into 'series' is a perfect solution separating all BMWs and similar from Veyron and Koenigseggs.
    If you are not after realism and some crap simulators but looking for a game that introduces something new to the market i'd deffinitely recommend it to you.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Jan 29, 2011
    Intoxicating. [Jan 2011, p.104]
  2. Jan 12, 2011
    Criterion Games hits the old and trusty NfS-Series with a welcome and refreshing blast from the past. It offers fast and furious oldschool-action, plenty of mileage and an overall good ride. A lack of modes, some rather bland racetypes, the always present rubberband-A.I. and a lack of challenge bothered us. But overall we liked what Hot Pursuit had to offer. A lot!
  3. Jan 12, 2011
    NFS Hot Pursuit will not reinvent the genre but it is great fun and perfect for quick races inbetween. If you aren't the competetive type however the game starts to lack soon.