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  1. Aug 24, 2013
    I would like to say that I am happy with the Feywild expansion, and to an extremely small degree i was.... for about 45 minutes. The reason the honeymoon was over at around that time is because PW has taken the worst feature of their Star Trek Online game (easily once one of the better f2p titles out there if ST or even scifi is your thing)and dropped it in: staggered, tiered annoying unlocking system. Run around in the new area for about an hour and you are done, until tomorrow. Absolutely terrible because the rest of course is great: all new visuals, environments etc.

    Avoid this game and by extension this title at all costs; mired in the f2p depths where they simply don't have the resources yet to add tons of content or release it at once this may be worth a look later on as it ages If it manages to last.
  2. Sep 16, 2013
    The nickel-and-dime fest continues in the Neverwinter expansion, with its wildly overpriced expansion content. This MMO's income model is based on making the game so inconvenient that you either stop playing, or shell out money to avoid...well, being intentionally inconvenienced. The alternative to endless grinding, or constant losing in PvP battles, is to buy your way to victory/power/convenience. Before the expansion, Neverwinter was already an insultingly shallow MMO, that had stripped the D&D rules out of a D&D product in favor of weird "PvP balanced" classes that all basically function the same. Now, in an attempt to return "role playing" to this so-called role-playing-game, we have a new campaign system that requires grinding/item collection to an extreme. Forced-grinding the same content over and over has never made for an engaging experience, except for a small subset of compulsive gamers who thrive on such things. The whole Neverwinter MMO experiment is an abject failure, and we can only hope it has not destroyed the Neverwinter brand entirely...we may yet hope for some future release that returns to the real party-based RPG that fans remember. Expand

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