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  1. Oct 26, 2012
    New Star Soccer 5 is currently the newest release in the series published by New Star Games. There are a few things that make this newest release much different from the previous games, one being the completely new match engine. There's also an online account system, along with a free to play option as well. Players who choose to play free are limited to three matches per day, however it gives anyone curious about the game a chance to try before they buy. They also dropped the player database from the game, stating that maintaining such a database takes far too much work, and would require extra licensing as well. With all of the differences aside, let's talk about gameplay. In New Star Soccer 5, you take control of a player of your choice. You choose your appearance, your position, and even which team and league you would like to play in. Despite there being "no real players or leagues in the game," there are enough of both to keep the game deep and fresh. Once you get into the actual game, you will notice how truly the deep the game is. It literally keeps track of everything you do in-game; every win, loss, draw, pass, assist, goal, etc. Your player has a certain set of skills that can be upgraded. The better your skills, the better your player is going to perform during each match. Along with this, you can buy different equipment or goods (NRG drinks, beer, enhancers) in order to improve your skills for a certain amount of games. Keep an eye on your energy bar, as that will tell you how much stamina you have for the next match. Doing things such as shopping or improving your relationships with various people will drain your energy, so be careful! During each match, you have full control over your player. Depending on your energy, your boss's happiness with you, and if you have an injury or not, your player will either play the whole much, be a substitute, or not play at all. While in-game, you play a regular match of soccer. You have to pass, intercept, assist, and score for your team in order to win. At the end of every match, you get a match score in which you will be graded by your performance. The better you do, the better your relations will improve with your boss, your team, and your fans. Your skills will also increase by doing well in a match. After each match, your teams stats will either increase or decrease depending on how they performed. You will either move up or move down in your league, which is vital considering the last three teams get dropped after each year, and the top three get to move up. The main goal of the game is to simply progress and lead your team to victory. Do well enough, and you can become team captain. This lets the player make more decisions, such as picking team formations during a match. Team captain isn't easy to achieve though, as you have to get your star rating up. Star rating is the total of all your relations with your people. Throughout the game, you have to maintain positive terms with your boss, your team, your fans, your friends, your girlfriend, and your sponsors. You can spend energy in order to improve these, but generally they can be improved (or decreased) depending on how well you do during a match. In conclusion, New Star Soccer 5 is a very deep game with tons of aspects to it. I couldn't tell you about every part of the game, so you'll have to try it for yourself. All in all, I feel it is a great game, with tons of content that will keep you coming back for hours and hours. For only 15 dollars, this game is a must-buy. Expand

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