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  • Summary: In the near future, terrorist factions known as "The Syndicate" are becoming increasingly successful in creating havoc in the world. They are trained mercenaries, specialized in sabotage, kidnapping, destruction and espionage - and there seems no way to stop them. Now, the worldpowers have reacted by forming anti-terrrorist guerilla squads known as the Global Assault Team, who have a mandate to track down and dispose of terrorists any way they see fit, anywhere in the world. You are a rookie member of the Global Assault Team with only one mission: show terrorists it is time to set a New World Order and restore freedom... Play all missions in the singleplayer mode or battle it out online or on a LAN in this next-generation tactical shooter of epic proportions. [Strategy First] Expand
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  1. The single player game was frustrating. Multiplayer ran slow at times, but was much more enjoyable.
  2. If only the developers had spent more time polishing the single player mode to have a real story with in-game cutscenes and such. If only the single player had a mid-mission save system, or at the very least if it didn't take so long to reload the level every time you died.
  3. Its individual parts are pure hit-and-miss, but if you overlook the misses and get on with killing bad guys, you'll have a good time. [July 2003, p.82]
  4. A game that simply attempts to cash in on the success of "Counter-Strike" and the "Rainbow Six" series by copying their themes, but it ends up falling well short of the mark because of its terrible graphics engine, its ill-conceived design, and a campaign that takes only a few hours to (nearly) complete.
  5. 20
    With 12 missions of choppy, impossible to play through graphics, enemy AI which is apparently psychic and sound that is just plain bad, New World Order isn't a game you want in your library... or home... or state.
  6. 20
    The single-player mode is a painful and sometimes laughable experience. Multiplayer fares much better, provided you can find people to play with online, but there are much better titles out there to choose from.
  7. Horrendously bad. It makes you realise how spoilt we are with modern masterpieces like "Raven Shield," which combine realistic counter-terrorism with addictive gameplay and produce enjoyable scenarios for single and multiple players.

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  1. NatS.
    May 1, 2005
    I wish I had visited metacritic before I bought this unplayable mess of a game.