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Generally favorable reviews- based on 69 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 69
  2. Negative: 2 out of 69

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  1. Mar 22, 2011
    Stunning!! Just played it and still looks great even though it is now more than 6 years old. Immersive and innovative gameplay, why don't they make more of these types of games anymore?
  2. Jun 19, 2012
    The best space-tactic game I've ever played. Believable physics and AI, graphics are very nice for a game from 2005. Ships try to run away if they're getting pounded and if they're about to blow up they evacuate which, afaik, has no in-game purpose, but it adds a very nice touch. Reminds us there are living beings on board and that war isn't nice, even if it's a very pretty war in space. Gameplay reminds me of a star-trek episode. There's usually so much more to do than just "shoot stuff and go home". You get to scan things, solve puzzles, make decisions... and the actual combat is very good! You get to target subsystems, prioritize them, assign repair crews, try out different weapon combinations and board ships with commandos! Overall, very good game, heartily recommended for anyone who likes scifi.

  3. Apr 7, 2013
    Some people complained that this game was all too classic, without new rivaling ideas I couldn't object more! Yes, the plot is classic, and that's a way I love. The rest is really well laid out, an epic story, many different aspects, sometimes not explained well enough, I agree there. It is too bad that the creators apparently did not have the time to release more patches because some things are unbalanced and a little random. If you can forgive that, you'll have much fun with this game. AND there are some game guides out there that can help you get over the first difficulties. Also, the graphics are still something to catch your eye, even today (I discovered the game only recently). In any case, Nexus sure captured me, despite the (for me forgivable) flaws it unfortunately has. BUT they are "merely" technical in my point of view. Expand
  4. Jan 16, 2014
    Everything about this game is top-notch.

    The only reason it gets a 9 instead of a 10 for me is because at the highest difficulty it can be far too difficult.

    Other than that, it is a crying shame this game is not more well-known, and that the sequel is having such trouble getting a release.

    This game is fun, playable, AND makes you think. It is truly a problem-solver's game.
  5. Oct 25, 2011
    I really love this game, Great strategy behind it, Compelling story. Really decent graphics for a game of its time. Wish it had a skirmish build, but I understand it is a story Driven game with goals other then just pass space conquest. You can get a ton of mods for it off of Mod DB which helps bring more return playability after the campaign is over. Rumor they are making a Nexus 2 as well so Look out for that title I hope they keep up to the name of the first Nexus an do not ruin it by trying to make it a Sandbox style Space game, Keep to the core of what made this game compelling an fun, please. I like the interface a lot the weapon use,repair tree, selecting to give more or less power to certain systems. The capability of single shot control of your weapons systems, or being able to switch the mode from Defensive or offensive like different Alert statuses depending on battle or recon scenarios. Only thing I find lacking is the non support for a higher Resolution for wide screen monitors with a 16:9 ratio you can not run 1600x1200 so you have to run under a lower resolution an lose a giant part of your screens viewing capability. An they have not patched this issue nor does it seem they ever will. Wish a Mod programer would address this an make a 1.2 Game Patch for enhanced graphics/resolutions. Maybe some day... cause of that I give this game a 8, cause of mechanics on options. Other then that the game is a joy to play, being able to customize the build out lay of ships is fun an brings a curve to the strategy of how to play each mission to the fullest capability your ship can have in different scenarios. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 24
  2. Negative: 1 out of 24
  1. Overall however, we're rather taken with Nexus. Its mixture of tactics, mouse-control and combat-orientated gameplay is suitably different from both "Homeworld" and traditional space-combat games like Freespace, delivering something unique and yet familiar enough to appeal to fans of either game. [PC Zone]
  2. It's delicious to watch. Nexus' whirling space charts and system-spanning ships slip past spiraling asteroids, fend of the shadows of "Homeworld" and make your head spin. [Christmas 2004, p.114]
  3. The first couple of hours of the game are fantastic, as you're introduced to the universe, the ships, the stunning battles and the interesting gameplay, but for the average strategy fan, the realisation that the game is all about increasingly complex micro-management of your ships and crew is something of a let-down.