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  • Summary: The golden age of console hockey returns with NHL 07, featuring gameplay innovations that make players feel like they are actually on the ice. Featuring an unmatched level of freedom and control, NHL 07 allows hockey purists and casual fans alike to feel like they can play like a pro. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. A sturdy series well rethought, but it needs a gamepad. [Dec 2006, p.114]
  2. 80
    The controls are tight, especially shooting, if you have a USB control pad. Ditch the keyboard. We would like to see the checking system tweaked a bit so players aren't so magnetic. Great puck physics make for exciting, organic goal scoring.
  3. If you've got the time to master it, there is, as ever, about a year's worth of play to be had. [Dec 2006, p.99]
  4. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the versions of NHL 07 not made for the next generation of consoles offer little in the way of new content.
  5. While we aren’t impressed with the changes (or lack thereof), with the price reduced to $29.99, current-gen gamers are still getting a great game, and for half the price of the 360 version.
  6. The action can be hard to follow, but fans will appreciate the realism.
  7. 40
    Even at $30, NHL 07 on the PC is overpriced. It's a budget title, plain and simple, almost exactly like last year's game with a minimal effort to include the new Skill Stick.

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  1. Apr 1, 2011
    my god this game is terrible
    im **** tired of ea sports making good games for the xbox and then porting them to the pc like theyd port to a
    im f'in pissed

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